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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

G'Head - Laugh...

I'm not.

I finally have Outlook again (YAY!) I was putting on the Microsoft Office Professional onto the laptop - finally (we just bought 2007 so shush and don't tell anyone I was running a trial version okay) and decided to configure my Outlook mail to download all the mail on the PRFirm server - oh- well - since the crash heard round the 'net. There's 10k+ emails in there - many of which I can sort through and discard but hot damn.

Guess who's stuck here holding on the laptop because their cat chewed the innernet cord so that it won't stay attached to the 'puter on its lonesome. Yup - moi. All because my cat hates the laptop and, in a fit of utter Shadow evilness, she chewed off the little plastic tab that holds the LAN line in to the laptop (wireless doesn't really work around my house). And I forgot to use the new cord I just bought so I wouldn't have to do this.

*sigh* damn my lap is warm. And I only have - I dunno - 6K more to download. :::sigh:::

But I haz Outlook - I do I do. Now my blackberry will sync with my snazzy laptop. And boy there are some emails I have YET to answer. Oy vey!

I need a cocktail, at the very least. If only I could get up to get one. I should be sitting here for another hour or two. :::sigh:::

So much for going to bed early today.

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