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Friday, September 29, 2006

It's Mine...ALL Mine...

Yeah, I know - I'm wondering wtf is wrong with me when I'm ecstatic about coming home with this little (albeit heavy) gem. I trotted into Home Goods last night and got this $150.00 pot for $79.99 and also walked out with a bunch of other items (i.e. Silicone bakeware, Yankee Candles, etc.) for CHEAP. That started a whole kitchen shopping spree - Le Gourmet Chef was next on the list for Barefoot Contessa sauces, Serendipity 3's Frooozzzeennn Hot Chocolate and a quick visit to Starbucks for Chocolate Espresso beans (Kahlua Krunch ice cream is on the menu this weekend). Not a shoe store was endangered during my trip to the outlets.

As I reasoned with Roomie over the cost of said Le Creuset pot, "Not only will it be fabu for cooking, but it will last 20 years and should someone break into the house, one can use it in self defense".

I don't think my reasoning sunk in. Eehhh. Whatever. Now to find my next piece.

**Should you be inclined to perhaps purchase said Dutch oven referenced herein, you might want to go through FatWallet first - gives you 6% back if you first go through **

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lys Does Brunch!!

Yes, you heard me right. I know Bec is about fallin' over in her seat, but this gal hosted a Southern Living At Home brunch party Saturday morning and I'm about wiped out.

Here was the menu:

And - the best part

SANGRIA!! Lots and lots of Sangria… Sliced fruit and wine in fabulous pitchers and cute stemless wineglasses from Crate & Barrel. Needless to say, good food, good booze, good conversations, Shadow behaving (except for the time she tried to steal some of the bacon on the d/l) - IMO, I'm guessing that the brunch was a hit!!

Now - I highly recommend any of those recipes and a little 411 - the Lemon/Basil eggs - I skipped the Lemon oil - still very tasty! For the Breakfast Pizza - I used a cup or so of the mascarpone cheese and let the pizza crust cool first before putting the cheese on it - and Boboli Pizza Crust - 2 snaps and a twirl babyee! I'm also going to add a little cooking link love to the side. For those that want kick azz recipes, y'all need to check out Sarah (Yes - the Pink Shoe Diaries Sarah) over at The Pink Shoes Cookbook

I thought Roomie and my dad were going to keel over in shock. Now - here's why - back in the day (like 8 years ago), my ex-fiancé idiot, Mark, would swear I couldn't cook. As I was inclined to believe him on 99.9% of the crap he said, I wouldn't even ATTEMPT to cook. Bec smacked me out of it one day and I started to learn - baby steps with some mac & cheese, occasionally some pasta dish and over the past few years I've sharpened my culinary skills a bit, thanks to the Food Network, Everyday Italian, Nigella Lawson's old show, and Paula Dean. I've learned that while Nine West may be my weakness and Starbucks is my vice, my kryptonite of late has been Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, and Le Gourmet Chef. I now can trot through the grocery isles and know how to kick a vanilla bean into shape and the differences between mascarpone, asiago and fontina cheeses. I know that I made out in the non-divorce by getting custody of Mark's set of Henkels cutlery. Chiffonade - no problem. Fresh basil & mint are ALWAYS in my fridge. I lust after a Le Creuset Pan more than I used to fondle the Coach Bag that I absolutely was obsessed over last year. I've realized that the importance of cooking with good tools & ingredients is so much better than some of the crap that I've been used to. And I realized one other thing… My ex was beyond wrong - this wench CAN cook.

Now want some other scary news…

Yesterday - I bought a Le Creuset teakettle to replace the p.o.s. one from 5 years ago - for $29.99. The other day, I came home from Tar-Jay with a slow cooker/crockpot for $18.00. Tonight, I'm bringing home THIS in Red for $79.99 rather than the $150.00 price tag.

Home Goods - I *heart* you!!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Life Soundtrack Per My Ipod...

What's Your Soundtrack?
Here's how it works...Put your iPod or whatever music player you have on shuffle. The first song that you hear will be the song for your Opening Scene. Skip to the next song, this is your next category. Keep doing this until the end. Sometimes, the songs actually fit the scene, which is a little creepy. Like your iPod knows what you're doing....
  • Opening Scene: Shut de Do - The Katinas
  • Wake Up Scene: What About - Janet Jackson
  • Average Day: Flood - Jars of Clay
  • 1st Date: Won't Let You Go - Fergie
  • Falling in Love: Paradise - Fergie
  • Fight Scene: So Far Away - Crossfade
  • Break Up Scene: Bite the Dust - Pussycat Dolls
  • Back together: I Wish I Wasn't - Heather Headley
  • Secret Love: Voodoo Doll - Fergie
  • Life's OK: Extasy of Love - Natalia
  • Mental Breakdown: Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall
  • Driving: Losing My Ground - Fergie
  • Learning a Lesson: Breakin' The Habit - Linkin Park
  • Deep Thought: The Love Thieves - Depeche Mode
  • Flashback: Shut Up - The Black Eyed Peas
  • Partying: I'm Gonna Be Alright - Jennifer Lopez
  • Happy Dance: Here I Come - Fergie
  • Regretting: Boy Toy - Tia
  • Long Night Alone: Here I Am - David Morales (From Devil Wears Prada)
  • Death Scene: Cutie Huntin' - Luz Divina
  • Closing Credits: From A Whisper to a Scream - Mel & Kim

That being said, I think my iPod & I need to have a Come to Jesus Meeting and SOON! YIKES!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Dutchess Has Arrived...

Ok - I rarely promote music on this blog (tho - when JZ's album comes out, I will pimp that out because the tracks I'm hearing are *really* that good) but seriously - Y'all NEED to check out this album by Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson - The Dutchess.

I originally approached it with a bit of skepticism but, after listening to it a few times Monday & Tuesday, the tracks on here are phenomenal. Fergie really hit a home run with this solo effort. Fave tracks so far are "Finally", "Big Girls Don't Cry", "Losing My Ground" and "Voodoo Doll". Stacy girl can SING - I'm glad she finally got the forum to showcase those vocals!! Plus - you got styles rangin' from R&B to Reggae (Bob Marley's wife, Rita, makes a cameo on Mary Jane Shoes) mixed in with some hip hop/ pop plus toss in a little punk/Ska sound and capping it off with some power ballads that just rip your heart out. She opens up on this CD about her spiral downfall with drugs during the drama with Wild Orchid and, wow. Like I said - very impressive. I'm hoping she's one of the performers at the Grammys next year.

You can check it out here!
Quick note - if you get it through iTunes, you get 3 unreleased tracks as well.

When you see a gal bobbin' her head at the red light, yup - that would be me. This CD will be on repeat.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Premieres Have Started...


Two of my favorites start:

The Unit (Hooo-Rah!))


Boston Legal (Denny Crane, people - Denny Crane)

How happy am I???? Ahhhhhhh

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sex & The City Wisdom for the Week...

Carrie: I realized I was in the throes of an existential crisis. One that not even the sight of this season's Dolce & Gabbana strappy sandals could lift me out of.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

CSI - What Are You THINKING??

The fact that this @&*!*#*@* is on the show, let alone photographed in a scene with George Eads. I'm highly disappointed *sigh*

I think the day that show airs, I'll watch Grey's Anatomy.

Tho I am liking Georgie's haircut... too bad K-Dud spoils the pic.

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Coupons, Coupons, Coupons...

I've learned to maximize the dollar when doing ANY online shopping, and, after learning about CouponChief, I’ve really come to enjoy this site.

From their HotDeals of the day, to their fabu selection, in my opinion, CouponChief is a godsend. Some of my favorite stores to shop at online are represented here, i.e. Linens 'N Things (free shipping if you pick up at the store - I got my ice cream maker at a steal!!), Best Buy, Staples (my new file cabinet), Circuit City, Lane Bryant, etc. etc. The variety here is amazing. That, coupled with shopping through FatWallet has really helped with getting the most for my buck!!

More shopping, less guilt – that’s my motto!!

**this post has been sponsored by PayPerPost. My opinions, as always, are my own**

Choose from: coupons, coupon codes, coupon, promo code, online coupons, deal, etc.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Must Be Sick...

Me, the anti-reality tv wench that I am, actually stomached the last 10 minutes of *gulp* Dancing With The Stars. From Willa "D-List" Ford to Harry "Well Preserved" Hamlin, I just sat there rooting at the last recap for Mario Lopez, Joey Lawrence, Emmet Smith and Jerry Springer (Hey - you gotta give the man points for trying, and not starting a brawl between Shana Barker and Willa Ford). Even worse, I actually thought about VOTING!!!! God help me... the apocolypse is coming. As Roomie said, "You Must be Sick if you are watching that!". She even heard me babbling something about Joey Lawrence's posterior. However, should anyone ask, I'll deny and say it was the Nyquil!!!

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Pass the Nyquil...

There's a nasty virus going around and my throat feels like it belongs to an Eagles linebacker, not moi!! So, today, I got to stay home, however it didn't feel like a day off. Way too many fires here and there between JZ getting interviewed tomorrow, JZ's song being included in an industry mag and they needed some info (which I hadn't yet gotten to since life interjected, ya know). Plus - staying home being tempted by the shiny new Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker box when I don't have the strength to form a coherent sentence, let alone make Chocolate-Hazelnut Gelato, makes moi not a happy gal.

However, I've determined Oprah is good for the soul and Nutella kicks ass (when I am able to eat)!! Tomorrow, it's back to the rat race because a gal could go stir crazy here. Or, at least, make homemade ice cream.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 - We Remember...

Regardless of people's political leanings, criticisms, etc. no one can deny that our nation was attacked on 9/11. They always say you can remember details about a significant news event that defines a generation - i.e. Kennedy's assassination, MLK's march on Washington, the end of WWII. Ours happens to be 9/11.

The morning of 9/11/01, I remember getting ready for work at my place in New Hampshire. I had just worked a few gigs the weekend before where we all had to travel to New Jersey from Connecticut and some of the band members were driving with me over the George Washington Bridge. One of the members, Tali, remarked on the beautiful buildings at night and I remember telling her "Next time we're on the east coast, I'll take you to the World Trade Center - they have a Sephora there!!" as we saw the glow of the building lights against the dark sky. The morning of 9/11, the band was at their home in Cali and I was back in New Hampshire.

I got a call from Meowmix telling me "Sit down and turn on the TV - you got to see this" as I saw video of the first plane hitting the WTC. Shortly after, the second plane attacked. Our lives changed at that very moment. We worked through the day with one eye glued to the TV for reports, barely speaking and in a state of shock. That night, I remember sitting in my living room listening to G.W.'s speech, and happy that we had a president who wouldn't take this attack on our soil lightly. That same night, I remember hearing Tali crying on the phone that we all were "just there!". The sound of her tears will never escape my memory.

A couple months later I had to travel to Manhattan for the premiere of a Off-Broadway play of a friend of mine and the first thing that hit me when I drove into New York was the acrid smell of jet fuel and death that hung over everything. New York has strived on like it always has, but it was forever changed.

Like I said before, I'm not happy with many of G.W.'s decisions of late, but right after 9/11 his speech stirred a nation - we would not take this attack lying down. To those that perished in 9/11 - in New York, in Washington, D.C. and in Pennsylvania and the soldiers that perished in Afghanistan, Iraq, and in the Middle East - we remember your sacrifice and honor your memory. To our men and women fighting overseas for our freedom which we all so freely enjoy, thank you.

In today's world of being so "politically correct", we're always afraid to offend this person and that person, but, in my own opinion, I believe in the words of the Pledge of Allegiance,

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all"

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sex & The City Quote For Thought...

Miranda: It's amazing. In a courtroom, reasonable doubt can get you off for murder. In an engagement, it makes you feel like a bad person.

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I Want My DirecTV...

In my apartment complex, we are not given much of a choice of anything. We are told what phone service to have, what electric company to use and what cable company can only service our area. It’s rather discouraging for this girl who is NOT a fan of price gouging.

When I first moved here, I had to use Time Warner cable (now Brighthouse Cable Networks). Being that I used to work for a cable company, I was wise to the kung fu of Time Warner and, during a standard hi-speed install, their idiot untrained contractor broke my laptop! I told that tech's supervisor that Time Warner could take a hike. When the company sent another contractor came here at 10:30 at night to harass my roommates for the cable boxes, which I had in my custody until they paid for the damage to laptop, that was the final straw. I can tell you - the company I used to work for (now Comcast) would NEVER do that. Time Warner - fuhgettaboutit!

Being that I was a publicist for a record label, I needed my MTV and VH-1. Well, I looked around my neighbors’ porches, did some research, and chose to use DirecTV. I cannot recommend DirecTV enough – through the hurricanes, my TV barely went out. Yeah – there are problems when someone goes out on the porch and stands in the path of the satellite to smoke, but that is a rarity. The picture is crisp, clear and the variety is amazing.

I wish that this site was available when I was doing my initial research. PayPerPost recommended this for any research with DirecTV or Dish Network, and I think it’s amazing. As I am facing south, this gal has the DirecTV thing going on. My neighbors facing north have the Dish Network. Brighthouse is not a favorite around here. They charge a fortune just for basic cable and, during the hurricanes a couple years ago, they took weeks to repair the cable lines. In a time of rising cable costs for little to no variety – no thanks. I would rather pay for something that is economical and that gives me the power to choose.

If you are thinking about going satellite, check out Lots of information for you to peruse along with price comparisons. Moreover, you have the power of choice, something I am learning not to take for granted.

**this post is brought to you by PayPerPost. My opinions and thoughts, as always, are my own**

Dish Network or Direct TV

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Nine West - You're Killin' Me...

Here I am deciding what to do with the plethora of shoe boxes that are filling up my chaise lounge (I have to still organize that closet hell) and I find these shoes. I love the quilting detail.

Decisions Decisions...

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Sprint - Kiss Mah Grits!

I've been exploring ways to cut the bills and I finally got fed up when our phone service charges us to call 3 streets over - they consider it long distance. So, in order for me to call Kissimmee, I'm S.O.L. If I need to call Maitland, I'm S.O.L. We're under contract with Sprint for telephone service, no thanks to our lovely Apartment Complex and there is no way to opt out of it. I considered using my cell as a land line, but don't like that idea either. I have DSL through Sprint, so I do want to maintain that (plus I got a year contract). I have their high speed internet, but when I'm paying 60 bux a month + for a LOCAL telephone that we now can't even order pizza on because it's long distance, I'm tossing on those boxing gloves and zapping one right to the jaw.

One of my friends has been raiving about VOIP and Vonage. While I'm fearful to try it, I took the plunge, bought the modem and am signing up for Vonage this weekend. Not only that, but I got a rebate on purchasing the equipment, so I can tell Sprint to kiss it on the local service and only keep the DSL line for 50. Hmmm.. The VOIP + DSL = 75 bux a month - my regular bill is easily 140 +. Drives me INSANE! They even charge us hurricane recovery tax, tax for breathing, tax for looking at the phone - you get the idea - it costs more in TAXES than it does for the actual use of the line.

So, PayPerPost turned me onto this VOIP forum that I browsed around in today and I'm excited. They said they are not sponsored by Vonage, just shedding a little light for those of us that are *ahem* technically challenged. Maybe, just maybe, I will find this to be a positive experience. Plus - we can get a new phone number that ISN'T connected to any telemarketers or our old roommate. They are beyond friendly here and I don't feel like I'm having a blonde moment (well, except for when I'm reading all the acronyms but I'm sure I'll learn).

Seriously - check out this forum if you are thinking about going VOIP. If you do have VOIP, do you know of any tricks, ideas, thoughts, etc. that I should know so this gal can get a handle on this lovely technological world? Thank You!

**this post has been brought to you by PayPerPost. My thoughts, opinions, and commentary, as always, are my own!**

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kahlua Ice Cream, You Don't Say...

Well, today at work, it was business as usual - another crazy day, but this time with no Starbucks retreat in sight. However, our building had a nice little "Thank You" ice cream soiree for all its tenants and I took 5 minutes to run downstairs with a friend and check it out.

Well, I was tempted and fell for a Kahlua Crunch Ice Cream... ahhhhhhhhhhh - heaven, absolute heaven. Do you know that the major ice cream places don't make it for sale? I went about crazy. Basically, it's ice cream with a vanilla base (hey - too much Food Network for me), mixed with some espresso, chocolate chips and ground espresso beans, and some chocolate and Kahlua. *cue angels singing*

So, with that, I've decided - this gal is getting herself an ice cream maker and I'm going to learn how to make a low fat version... but, for now, check out this recipe. YUM!

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Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes...

I'm in a crisis people. I'm slowing turning into Orlando's own version of Imelda Marcos. I think shoes, I live shoes, seriously - I have this obsession with SHOES! Shoes, boots, sandals, mules - hell - I'm even contemplating flats. I have three pairs of shoes that I plan my wardrobe around this fall - my Burgundy Michael Kors Platforms, my Steve Madden Pawla pumps and my Teal Nine West lovelies that give my brown tweed trousers some punch! Let's not go into my distressed brown leather ankle boots, or my knotted mid calf brown leather boots - and did I ever tell y'all I got the cutest Dior motorcycle boots (2 years ago but those suckers are gorgeous - damn my dining room chair for pulling the buckle off). And then there are shoes in a bin that need fixing, touching up, etc. And then there are my wedges that I've worn the hell out of, my sandals that will always look classic and my animal print heels. Yes - I have a problem.

So you can imagine my delight when PayPerPost wanted someone to comment re: this new site: While it’s a new blog - it pulled me in slowly - like looking for the gem in the jewelry box, I went looking for heels. While I'd like to see some nice heeled shoes or boots up there, I did see a few lovelies and I loved the feature about finding the current price. I think this site has potential, my friends. Just less Birkenstock, more Nine-Westish would be my preference. Like I need any more help with finding shoes *LOL*

**this post has been sponsored by PayPerPost. My opinions, as always, are my own**

Shoe Blog

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day of Highs and Lows...

Today has been pretty turbulent - a bunch of highs and lows... I'm on a ventfest - bear with me please:

  • JZ's song was played on the radio for the first time yesterday;
  • JZ's interview that we worked on for the past month and a half with all the coordinating finally ran this morning overseas;
  • Work was beyond crazy - beyond beyond beyond crazy - if I told y'all everything that happened, this wench would be in some serious trouble;
  • Shaddy faced off against a Palmetto bug at 2:00 this morning and was sooo kind to wake me up for the main event - hate those damn bugs - whenever it rains, they come up through the pipes. Needless to say - hairspray + bug - not a good combo for the nasty bug who went flushing down to never never land - Shaddy, however, stayed up for a while crunching her cookies while I tried to sleep with the light on - ugh!;
  • Got a stupid letter from a long time credit card company - they are raising my rate for "what was on my credit report" Nimrods - my credit card has never been late (for ANY of my cards), AND my credit report jumped 60 points since I got the damn card 3 years ago SOOOO where does that justify them raising my interest rate to friggin 29.74% I talked to more "managers" tonight than I care to recall - needless to say, ****** Bank and I are having a come to Jesus meeting this week - they will change that damn rate and fast - I can go from 0 - SuperBitch in under 10 sec. and when I am calm, they best be runnin - I'm thisclose to calm right now - mark my words. Not to mention - I get the notice yesterday - they sent it out August 4th.. .hmmmmm I'm thinkin' that they are going to be eating that little notice. Actually - yeah - there will be more to blog about -will keep you updated;
  • Friggin' H's cell phone bill is staying on my damn credit report (Note to self: Joint Accounts - NO NO NO - friggin' Verizon rep didn't put H.'s ssn on our account and now I'm the only accountable one - three years of having Lexington fight with them - nothing - Statute of Limitations, ran). H.'s wife better start trying to find a happy medium - make his broke butt get a jobby job. I ain't waiting for some damn movie to hopefully get on Sundance - pay up or shut up is my new motto;
  • I realized that if people are incompetent - two jobs for them - work for a credit report company OR work for the Court System - neither organization is picky;
  • I can text message, cross a busy downtown intersection in 3 1/2" heels, balancing a heavy handbag AND tray of full Starbucks and not spill a drop -Multi-tasking people - multi-tasking; and
  • Venti iced Pumpkin Spice nonfat lattes are out of this world, esp. when one is in a nasty cranky, volatile mood.

Let's see what tomorrow brings...

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

SHOP, Etc. Canned!

I'm sorry to report that, after the October issue, SHOP, Etc. magazine will be no longer. As I preferred this magazine over LUCKY, I'm highly upset that they decided to stop the presses. I guess the Devil who Wears Prada doesn't want us to find out where to get the Prada for cheap!

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Monday, September 04, 2006

There's A New Blogsite on the Horizon...

So PayPerPost is raving about this new site - - hmmmm... now, I *heart* Blogger and wouldn't dare think of hitting up TypePad or WordPress, as I'm still a newbie in this blog jungle, but, should I care to move my blog - would ProBlogs stand up to the challenge?

Well, I sauntered on over to and took a look around. It seems quite user-friendly (even for this gal) and they have a number of options - you could even upgrade to a paid blog and get lots of space. They even give you photo albums... hmmm.. I could use that feature quite well (once I learn how to use my digital camera)...

With the way Blogger's been running lately - it's something to consider...

**this post has been brought to you by PayPerPost. My opinions, as always, are my own**

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Yet Another Boot...

Maybe it's too many years in the 80's wanting to smack a few people at DPUSA, maybe it's watching MTV when my mom told me not to. Maybe I just love granny boots for how cute they are under jeans. Maybe I'm just flashing back but these are with a modern twist.

NineWest has these boots that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Forget Spiegel and their boots that I was intent on getting. Nope - these are it for me... I love the distressed leather, the look, the heel (I think I'm eternally short) and while I don't love the price, I'm hoping that there might be a coupon in the next Shop/Lucky magaines or something. Mark my words, these boots will be in my suitcase for my Thanksgiving trip home.

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PayPerPost Strikes Again...

Well, I have been working with PayPerPost for a bit, and it has been interesting. Honestly, there are days when I do not feel like doing research and have not been visiting as much - however, I got a nice little reminder last week for my research - a nice little PayPal visit to my inbox. I'm using some of that fundage towards saving to the new house/apartment in February (hey - every 2.50 or so counts, ya know?)

As I always say - my opinions are my own. If I like it - I will tell you. If I think it sucks, I will tell you that as well. One good thing about PayPerPost - they respect that. We are told that it is our choice what we want to blog about and they stand by their service. Can't ask for much more than that.

**this post is brought to you by PayPerPost. As always, my opinions and thoughts are my own**

blog advertising

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

This Week's S&TC Thought...

Mr. Big: Hey, have you got a light?
Carrie: I quit.
Mr. Big: Aw, we always used to share a cigarette together.
Carrie: We did a lot of things that were bad for me together.


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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Krush Groove...

I forgot how much I loved this movie... right back to an 80's time warp. TV-1 is showing it this weekend - between this and Beat Street - these movies featured some of the best Freestyle people of all time (Sal Abbatiello (Fever Records), Brenda K. Starr, Nayobe, Tina B., etc.) Yeah - I know that the core of the two movies is Hip-Hop (I mean c'mon LL Cool J - HELLO), but still.. ahhh.. memory lane. And it's always good to see Sal on film. The guy is a legend in Freestyle.

Ok - I'm going back to my movie now.

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The VMA's...

Is it me or does anyone else feel like the VMA's were severely lackin'? The best performances of the night (IMO) were Panic at the Disco! Fergie's "London Bridge" (Pre-Show) and Christina Aguilara. Outside of Pink!'s obvious snark at the "Stupid Girls" (including Nicole Ritchie who presented) and Sarah Silverman's Paris issue, I just wanted to yawn 1/2 the time.

Hype Williams' presentation was nice. PCD's offhanded "excited" commentary during their acceptance speech and almost forgetting Snoop who helped them WIN the damn best dance award was rather annoying and Chamillionaire's heartfelt speech along with pointing out 20/20's pulling his interview ruined his week but the VMA's made his year was refreshing. You rarely hear an artist thank the PR department of his label so that warms my heart a bit.

Also noteable: LL - someone get that man some blistex - if he keeps lickin' his lips, they are going to be mighty chapped. The Rock - still yummy!! He's transitioned from a wrestler to an actor much better than some former WWF/E Alumi (cough cough Hulk Hogan cough cough) and I thought for sure that Fergie was going to have a wardrobe malfunction when she was dancin' with Little Miss Sunshine!! Jennifer Lopez showed that you can take a gal outta the Bronx but the Bronx will forever live on in a gal - I thought she was going to jump that guy who jumped on stage with Panic at the Disco!

Other than that - it's 5 hours I couldn't get back if I watched it straight through without help of the TiVo. This gal is so ready for the Grammys!!!

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