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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nothin' Like Sayin' It In Plain English...

This just SCREAMS me.... Question is - how many people would read the fine print???


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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I've Caved to the Brainwashing of an Infomercial. Not to mention, this product made Sur La Table, so for me, that's like branding it with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval...

Thank god I love cooking with Fresh Herbs... However, if someone sees me start researching Scientology - hide any Tom Cruise movies please...

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It's All In the Details...

It's no secret that when I was in my previous place, I was not much of an "entertainer". In fact, I was much more of a hermit. In this new apartment I'm inspired, rejuvenated and relaxed. I'm not worried about someone getting shot or one of my crazy neighbors going nuts or, god forbid, a lizard or palmetto bug joining the soiree. The apartment is so light and airy, it just screams for attention. Even the cat is looking for visitors. And with that kitchen, it's just begging for me to use it.

So, with that, I'm ready to start planning my Housewarming Soiree in April. I'll be doing a Southern Living at Home Brunch, followed by an evening of wine, friends and conversation the following weekend. I've got some loose ends to tie up (like buying a couch) and perhaps getting a few things for the apartment and, with the arrival of my new Global knife, I'm going to crack open my old Colin Cowie book, review his comments from a recent Oprah and hope that my soiree follows the Colin Cowie mantra - Effortless Elegance and Enjoyment. Like he said, its all in the details.

I have been a Colin Cowie convert for years - to me Martha Stewart can't hold a candle to his party planning AND he is sans rap sheet. I used to watch his show on the WE network before they cancelled it. I even got the ex-fiancé to tune to it regularly for ideas on Sundays after his football. One of the things Mr. Tivo so considerately did was tape Colin's appearance for me on Oprah and I finally was able to sit down last night with my ice coffee and watch with wide eyed amazement as I saw him use big ice cubes in champagne flutes for "Tequila on Ice With Lime". Everything looked classy to the superbly organized (albeit to the point of borderline anal) kitchen cabinets to the ideas of writing the name of the person who gifted the wine on the wine bottle, etc.

So, now I'm inspired and ready to get the house in order. And, once it's too my liking, you know that there will be pictures posted accordingly. Who knows... maybe even a pic of the tequila over ice idea...


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Monday, February 26, 2007

Home Sweet Home...

I SHOULD be in my new comfy bed sleeping, however, I wanted to catch up on recent internet activity. I've spent the past week + in SWFlorida for business (the trip that kept getting postponed over, and over, and over again). I'm happy to say, it reached a VERY successful conclusion today. I took a half hour or so to wander down their version of Main Street whose storefronts tempted me all week. I walked away almost unscathed, however, I did manage to secure a cute pair of sunglasses, a pretty snazzy red coffee grinder on sale from Starbucks, my home away from home, and a new travel mug just perfect for that early morning coffee.

On Friday, before I headed back to Orlando for a quick "regroup" and to check on the cat/apartment, I stopped by their Williams Sonoma and treated myself to this with my gift certificate from Christmas. Since I've been lusting after it for 6 months, I took Michelle's advice to heart and I'm only really focusing on the serrated, santuku and a utility/paring knife for now. I'm not looking into the set and I'm sure as I add to it, I'll do it online through Ebates, Mr. Rebates or Fat Wallet to get some $$$ back.

After a 4 hour traffic filled ride home today, I walked into Tuesday Morning on the hunt for my toaster only to find this and this. Do you know I had that slated to pick up for next payday at the full price. In reality, both cost me only $18. Sometimes Tuesday Morning has such great finds. I would have spent some more time in there if they weren't closing.

So, that's pretty much the update. It will be great to get back into the normal swing of things, work, home, furnishing the apartment, catching up on my blogs and enjoying the new mattress. Goodbye Aerobed, Hello Serta!

And one of my goals for this year - no more trips to places near "Alligator Alley". Tell me that's not ominous sounding name. As one of my friends remarked "What if you get a flat tire". Bec pointed out that I would probably beat any alligator silly for the benefit of new shoes & handbags. I have some crappy cell pics which I'll post this week at some point. First, this gal needs some serious sleep.

Hope you all have a fabu week!

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Still In SW Florida...

And here's the kicker, I get to go home tomorrow and then I'm back on Sunday for an early thing on Monday. Fun Fun Fun.

I've learned a few things while I'm down here...
  • Don't go out after 10. If so, who knows who you will encounter....
  • Where we have to stay, the hotel I'm in is considered A+++ compared to the other one with roaches coming out of the coffee maker.
  • Don't piss off a Federal security guard.
  • Don't try to bring in any electronics into a federal courthouse.
  • Realize that your heels will also set off the alarm.
  • Fried Fish, while good, is not good ALL the time (adjoining restaurant in hotel is quite umm... interesting)
  • Harolds on the Bay is the BEST restaurant that I've been to in a while... I even splurged and got creme brulee. SO worth it.
  • Starbucks is next to where I'm working. Literally right next door. My boss' comment "We had that installed just for you - only the best". She cracks me up sometimes.
  • Dunkin' Donuts closes at 10.
  • The other dunkin closes at 6
  • And, there's a Williams Sonoma nearby. Guess where I'm going tomorrow.. yea!
Next Tuesday, my life goes back to normal but I'm so in need of a vacation. Again, I renew my motion for somewhere tropical... and I'm going to take some of the $$ and put it towards a trip to Philly. I'll publish photos off my balcony when I return home on Saturday.

And in other news, this judge in the Anna Nicole trial needs to be tossed off the bench. What a grandstander. This isn't about him. And while his ruling was okay, his grandstanding was disgraceful. Honestly, I know here are some crazy judges but c'mon now.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll be listening to "THE SECRET" On the 3 1/2 hr. drive.


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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Little Video Love...

This song was blarin' as I cruised down 75 in my little cougar to SW Florida... I'm not a Diddy fan, but this song is hot!!


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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Confession Time: I Am A Shoe Ho...

Throughout all the packing for the move, and uncovering boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff, I've realized that I have a confession to make. I am a Shoe Whore. I've embraced my Shoe Whoriness and I'm good with it. Don't get me wrong. I don't mean that in a negative fashion but I found shoes that were from my days on the show, my days workin' in the promotion/pr/clubs, shoes from touring, shoes from my days as a paralegal, shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes. Most of them black; many of them boots; many of them 3" heels or more. I'm drowning in shoes, people. And, I only have ONE, count 'em ONE pair of sneakers! (The high heeled pink wedge converse style don't count... )

So - with that, I've determined that, upon my return on the 27th... this gal will go through the gazillion pairs of shoes in her closet, bins, etc. and will dispose/repair or keep. No more sentimental 5" silver gorgeous ankle boots that I got for Las Vegas for New Years eve (and have YET to wear). No more shoes with that ugly thick weapon like heel. No more shoes that don't scream to the person I am now. Well, except for those granny boots. I did find another pair I had from a few years ago that I wore maybe twice. And, minus the patent, they really resemble the ones I got from Nine West. But, in case of heel breakage - neither of these will be on the chopping block.

However, in the interest of full disclosure, I used my Nine West coupon today and got these lovelies for my SWFlorida excursion tomorrow. Hey - at least they are not my typical black *blah* shoe, right?? And, to give yet another excuse - the website said they weren't available til the 22nd, but my NW Store at the Millennia Mall had the hookup and I couldn't resist.

When I get back though, my closet and I are going to have a LONG talk.

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This Week's S&TC Quote...

Miranda: They're starting to die on us.

Charlotte: Oh my god.

Samantha: Well, at least you weren't stood up.

Miranda: 35 and they're dying! We should just give up now.

Carrie: Well, on the bright side this could explain why they don't call back.

Charlotte: How did he...

Miranda: Heart attack. At the gym.

Carrie: See? This is why I don't work out.


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Friday, February 16, 2007

Can I Pout Now...

So, with the work trip looming (and mega hours ahead), I was so sad that I couldn't go see JZ perform tonight outside of Philly. It's his first show in years, and not only that but one of my friends from way way way back in the day is also on the bill and one of my boys is spinnin'. JZ has been mega cool about it knowing that I'm beyond stressed and told me "Hey - you can listen online", alleviating some guilt. Knowing my crazed schedule of late, he was beyond understanding when I told him I didn't have any time to do any promo. (and my friends will tell you, I'm a recovering publicist - when I can't do PR - I'm crazy busy)...

So - knowing I could at least hear the show tonight, I'm all excited. I'm out with my friends for a bit, took a moment to talk to to JZ before we hopped to the next destination and JZ tells me "Hey log into the station, use real player and you can listen live." He also tells me my gal Aub is performing at 11:30 and he's on right after. Aub has the most beautiful voice and is beyond talented.

So, after hitting a couple places, I get home at 11:30, log into the site as directed and ITS DOWN! It's down for Real Player, Windows Media and just DOWN!

I'm sure the club is packed and, being that people have been buzzin about JZ's return, the crowd is going to be hyped. It's times like this that I miss that world. Orlando is the home of boybands. Tell me a decent dance scene that O-Town pop culture has goin' on. However, in one of the clubs tonight I got to hear *cough* New Kids, N*Sync and *cough cough* H's former group (You laughin' yet MB - yes I heard *that* song - "how could I know because you never told.. you found out...")

I'm beyond pouting! *sigh*. If JZ puts it up on YouTube, I'll post it. I'm sure he's going to have a kick azz show but on the next show, I'm soooo there. Sorry JZ!

*** UPDATE****

Okay - the inner dork has surfaced and I FINALLY got the stream to play on Real Player however, it doesn't sound like they are streamin' the show live. Either they are pipin' in the club tracks over the radio until they hit the stage or not. Knowing most dance shows, it should start about 12:00 or so and go through1:30 with each act doin' 2 - 3 tracks. I'm still hoping someone videotapes it and puts it on YouTube.

Cancel that - it's a rerun of one of the radio shows and they aren't streamin' the show live. UGH! I'm back to pouting. JZ - get me a copy please *sigh*


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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Recent Update...

In light of the recent move and the crazed mood at work, this gal has not been able to get her kitchen mojo in gear. Yes, my friends, I hate to admit it but my cooking passion has taken a backseat to the "ugh - unpacking again", a big work project and JZ's new single release. Life has not stopped and the whirlwind continues.

Workwise - I could not find something that was vital for the big project that's taking me out of town for a week or so. Stupid me took it home during the move and it's MIA - more than Cheney during an important state matter or Buddy Dyer at Starbucks. Let me tell you, I felt like a heel and I'm still dealing with the fallout. I've been unpacking boxes like crazy, irritating the back and to no avail. It's M.I.A. So, I'm punting. I've gone through everything 3 times and have to call it a day *sigh*

JZ released his second single to rave reviews and it's getting airplay. Plus - he is doing his first show in eons Friday and I can't go. Not only that, the work trip is scheduled the same time and this time there is no moving of the date. *sigh* While I feel horrible, JZ cheered me up a bit by saying that it's being broadcast live over the 'net AND he's gonna have the video uploaded to if it comes out okay. Still wish I could go up to Philly, but no can do.

The kitchen is unpacked, finally - I found my last box of Le Creuset and did more dishes than I thought was humanly possible. Between dishes and laundry - this gal was looking for anything BUT something to cook and dirty up the kitchen. However, I'm finding myself in need of a good knife set and got sucked in on HSN where they had a killer deal and I've got some research to do. I was reading Cook's Illustrated (I think that was the title) at Barnes & Noble the other night and the knife set I've been lusting over, used by many of the Food Network chefs, wasn't even in the top 10 "must have". I've been dying for the Global Set from Williams-Sonoma but balked at the price tag (hello - that's the price of a good pair of Choos or a boatload of Nine West love! Priorities!!!). Now I know that a Santoku knife is a necessity and the knives I have now are best suited for darts rather than culinary exploits so *sigh* what to do, what to do. I'm thinking the HSN idea might be good for now, and who knows, down the road I could get the Global knives or just register for them whenever I decide to settle down or buy a house - whichever comes first.

And, getting used to the creaks and sounds of a new abode has been fun. I've determined that the icemaker is what sounds like shotgun when ice is dropped, that the blinds frazzle every so often and the ding from the elevator, well - that's a given. The fuzzball has been sleeping in the living room "guarding" the porch door with an eye on the front door in case of intruders. I think it's more to demand cookies in the morning like "Hey - I'm working - Pay Me!" but it's very peaceful (except when she falls asleep on the bed and it just so happens to be in the small of the back. GRRRR). I'm just not used to the quiet. Or the cold. Yes, I said it - COLD. We've had record numbers of cold snaps in O-Town and let me tell you - my apartment retains heat about as well as Britney keeps her underwear on. Maybe its the high ceilings but I'm constantly chilly. Reese's blanket that she made me for Christmas has been quite cozy! The cat even tries to steal it every so often. I'm going to have to check into my options regarding keeping the apartment warm - or talk to my neighbors to see what they do. I'm terrified to see the electric bill though.

So that's the update. Furniture purchasing is scheduled for April, after the work projects are over (and I replenish the bank account). My dad actually bought me the new mattress set and that's scheduled for delivery on Saturday. I got it cheaper than I would have at Costco, and that's an accomplishment, let me tell you!

Eventually, I'll be back to shopping, but for now I just need to keep adding to the growing number of empty boxes in the living room & dumpster. I'm guessing the valet trash guy has my photo on his dart board. Wonder if he wants a knife set to use for darts...

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And the Color Scheme for the Bathroom is...

Pale Pink and Taupe. I was inspired by the color scheme on Ms. Aguilera's dress from the Grammys. I think it would tie in nicely with the Taupe/wedgwood blue/teal in the bedroom and the Taupe/chocolate/teal in the living room and with the kitchen - deep red & ivory. So now, after the business excursion, I will be on the hunt for the right accessories for the bathroom...

Now to find the proper couch.. hmmmmm

Photo courtesy of


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Sunday, February 11, 2007

49th Grammy Awards...

I decided to unpack and watch the 49th Annual Grammy Awards - which, to me, is like watching the prom while wondering why one made the decision to not go. Even more aggravating was seeing one of the CSI guys on the red carpet and emitting yet another *sigh*. One day I will meet those guys... REESE??? Anyway I look at it, I had priorities and shelling out almost $400 a person for a ticket not to mention costs of airfare, lodging, shopping, etc., was not probable with the move and work, etc. Wonder what's going to happen for the 50th. Plus MB called me and after going with him and Reese 2 years ago, I'd have to go with the same crew - we had too much fun. However, somehow watching it was like looking in a fishbowl because my life is so different than it was back then. I constantly wonder if I made the right choice going from entertainment to law... or did I sell my soul. I'm just glad JZ finally joined NARAS. Maybe, one day, he will be up on that stage.

OK - let's let go of the seriousness and I'm going to follow Kalisah's award show lead and liveblog the Grammys.
  • The Police - I have no words for that...
  • Seeing Mary J. win another Grammy brought me to tears, knowing that she's worked so hard.
  • I'm not a political person by nature, but I am starting to like the Dixie Chicks song. I think the people threatening them so just drop the b.s., ya know.
  • The fashion is "interesting". I love Christina Aguilara's color combo of pale pink and taupe. So old hollywood.
  • While I'm not a JT fan, I thought Justin Timberlake's performance was *spot on*. Beyonce.. eeh. What was that song - "Heard It All Before".
  • Prince still was rockin' the sexy. I wonder if his gal has to hide her makeup and shoe collection.
  • Plus - it's great to see Jennifer Hudson rocking the red carpet. Finally- a gal with curves in Hollywood. Someone call the media. Someone keep Rachel Zoe away from her (I keed, I keed).
  • Other fashion - lookin' dapper was Nelly Furtado, Timberland, Luda, Fergie but Will.I.Am - drop the earpiece my friend. For a second there, I thought he was rockin' one of the bluetooth headsets that drive me nuts when I see people wearing them in the clubs.
  • UPDATE! MARY J WON ANOTHER ONE!! Touching speech of how you don't appreciate what you have til you hit the valleys and the peaks of success and in the valley who you learn what you really are, same with success and how she believes in using success to build bridges and not to burn them. Good for her. Mary J. is one of those artists who you root for.
  • The commercials are killin' me - Lil' Jon & Jermaine Dupri for Heineken... *yawn*. Does Heather Locklear ever age?
  • Heartwrenching - Stevie Wonder - man lost his mom and dedicated his award to her. I'm glad he and Tony Bennett won.
  • Corrinne Bailey Rae - Overnight sensation in today's media makes me believe that she's been at this a while before getting noticed. Grey's Anatomy to Oprah to Grammys - You Go Girl! Very talented singer
  • So over the John Mayer/Jessica hype. Publicity stunt?? Nothing in that world seems real anyways.
  • John Legend - classy!
  • Natasha Bedingfield -she's still around? I noticed in the pre-show that the head of the Pussycat Dolls seemed a bit distant from her other "bandmates". Wonder if she's ready to break solo? She also seemed a bit focused on her dress and trying to work the train. While I love the PCD, hearing that they were up for a Grammy took me a bit by surprise.
  • Timbaland in the preshow seemed humble.
  • BTW - while I'm all for promoting music and the unsigned artists, this contest to sing with Justin Timberlake seems more "AMA" than Grammy ya know. I wonder what backlash this will produce?
  • While I love Shakira's vocals, is anyone else sick of "Hips Don't Lie"? I know she had to sing it because it was a Grammy nominated song, but hot damn people... Same routines as the other show...
  • Are the announcer & sound guy having issues???
  • The Dixie Chicks won.. umm. the gal has the mic.. *scared*
  • Ok -not so scared.. classy and the gals "made nice". I wasn't sure what Natalie was going to say and didn't want to hear the news in the a.m. with "issues".
  • Gotta love the seating at the Grammys... it's sooo political.
  • More commercials.. sponsor ones at that - Mary J. singing for Chevy (hope she got a car out of the deal - same with T.I. & Big & Famous); Dale Earnhardt Jr. is getting himself out there - did they give him a car too? and Heineken... wait - no celeb in the Heineken one.
  • Why are the "How I Met Your Mother" chicks introducing. Interesting choice of presenting...
  • Gnarls Barkley - and to think he was just known as Cee-Lo - peculiar but beyond talented individual. This uniform gear is making me apprehensive to fly if that's the pilot theme song (j/k)..
  • Good - JZ is watching too...
  • What in the blankityblankblank is Kayne wearing. Dude - it's the Grammys, come correct!
  • Good - they are poking fun at Kanye for not winning. Who the heck is Lupe fiasco? I'm so out of the hip hop loop. Good - Luda won...
  • They honored Maria Callas?? Hot damn... but it's going to Mary J. - YEA! I love the phrase that Terrence Howard used to introduce her "True Musical Royalty".
  • How tall is Mandy Moore???
  • Smoky Robinson - Does HE ever age??? It's like Lionel Ritchie. Must be something in the water. Even Natalie Cole looks young.
  • I loved the step routine. Not a fan of Chris Brown tho... thank god for Tivo... the little kids in the routine was adorable!!
  • Christina Aguilara looked flawless! The vocals were killer... I just hope she stays grounded and doesn't get all "Ms. Ross" in time. Not many gals have vocals like that.
  • The president of NARAS is on - and gotta give it up for NARAS - Music Education is important. It is just as essential as everything else that kids learn. Kids need a creative outlet. I remember when I had one. I was lucky enough to play the piano and could play pop songs by ear, but gave that up in the 6th grade... to this day I regret that. I think my piano was a bit more important than baton twirling, but I'll drop that fight...
  • I hate seeing how many artists/producers/industry execs have passed in a year. It's a reminder that one should enjoy life as one has it.
  • James Brown tribute - sooo fitting. James Brown was a musical legend. He paved the way for so many artists. While I hate the song, "Living In America" - too many DPUSA runs, still...
  • Rihanna looking flawless... intro'ing Luda... Luda's new song is! I think parents should take a listen. It's amazing the power in lyrics...
  • SO over James Blunt.. where's that remote?
  • JZ is now crowing about he votes and I can't vote the Grammys...
  • Just kidding - no alot of people that won are ones he voted for...
  • Still pissy that he can vote and I don't have voting credits.. need 5 more song credits...
  • Jennifer Hudson is rockin' the Cavalli....
  • Grammys should not be doin' this contest crap, IMO. I'm glad she got the chance, but damn.. still how many messed up deals is this gal gonna be hit with tomorrow - to quote a friend "American Idol meets the Grammys". Someone call Paula, Simon & Ryan...
  • That's all she got to sing - you are kidding me right?
  • Oh wait - she's back.. and they are doing his other "song". It's all about the promotion,,
  • She's on the Grammys - who the hell was her stylist... Fire her, now!
  • Mary J. looks better with the hair "Charlies Angel" style...
  • Dixie Chicks won Record of the Year...
  • That American Idolesqe chick won a car.. good for her. NARAS - let's not do that next year, please.
  • Can't TiVo thru the Peppers... oh well...
  • Stupid question - Al Gore as a presenter? His wife is hissed at by industry for her "rating the cd drama" from the 80s... Politics... it's all politics.. hope Tipper wasn't there..
  • I'm over the Geico/Caveman commerical.. played out.
  • Drum Roll... Album of the Year... DIXIE CHICKS! Don Henley presented and to quote JZ - the fact that they cried on the way up shows their humble. She got the mic again - "She's Ready to Make Nice!" She even called herself a loudmouth...

And - it's over.... now lets see what's on for the 50th! Glad the Dixie Chicks made nice ... Hey I couldn't resist...

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This Week's S&TC Inspiration...

Samantha: Well, let's just say it: you won.

Carrie: Was there a contest?

Samantha: Oh please! There's always a contest with an ex. It's called "who will die miserable."


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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bumping - Not Just for Cars Anymore...

Crime seems to be running rampant, and the robbers seem to be getting smarter by the second. So, with that, Divorce 2 Financial Freedom put up a great blog about the new "thing" in crime - Lock Bumping.

As my apartment key resembles that bump key, you can bet that I will be talking to the office about it. Plus - Altamonte's police alert came in my email today and one of the burglaries this week was in my complex. SOOOO.. ADT & I will have our "talk", the locks will be redone (even if I need to buy it myself) and as for the animal advice, yeah - attack kitty doesn't always do her job.

I'm scared to ask what these criminals will think of next. Imagine if they took all this time they spent thinking of these schemes to actually becoming productive members of society *sigh*. Let's hope the police are aware and, if they aren't, let's make them aware.

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Orlando's Own "Ugly Betty"....

In listening to Doc & Johnny on the radio this morning, I heard my boy Alex talk about how he was in the running to go to Hollywood for ClearChannel to appear on Ugly Betty and get the behind the scenes scoop. I rarely use JB to promote my friends' projects, but Alex is too cool not too. Those that go to happy hour at Antiquas or have seen Alex "the Papi Chulo" around town can also attest that he's just a great guy and deserves the chance to go to LA (with credentials, thankyouverymuch! *glares at AI stupid people*)

So - if you have some time and wanna show a little love, visit the
Ugly Betty page and vote for Alex (or your favorite DJ in your area but c'mon - it's Alex!). And, just maybe, you might win a trip to Cancun. And, you can vote daily!



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Feelin' Glamorous...

For a little video Tuesday, here's the new track by Fergie.... "Glamorous"...


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Monday, February 05, 2007

Remind Me To Buy Stock in Aleve...

First of all - if you plan on packing clothes in those lovely Spacebags - be prepared to do LOTS of laundry when you are using those. Basically - my new living room was a clothing sorting ground: Colors (light & dark), whites, reds, blacks and sheets/towels. I've done sooo much laundry that finally one of my closets is almost full and the other is getting close. And I haven't even gotten near the shoes yet. That's slated for Tuesday.

The kitchen is done, short one box of cookbooks. All well and good since I'm almost out of room to put those on my new quasi shelf. I even cooked this morning which was rather refreshing. It's great to have a stove that kicks butt over and beyond the one at the old place.

Dining room - eehh - the new placemats are there on the table along with the hurricane lamps I got a while ago. Along with 2 boxes of heavy books. Books that need a bookshelf. A bookshelf I don't know where to put. A bookshelf that will either go in the living room or my bedroom. Or, those books are going to charity. Still don't know where to go with the bookshelf.

Living Room is still a war zone. While I've unpacked over 20 boxes, set up 1 of the DVD racks, reprogrammed the DirecTV to accomodate for the extra satellite input, I've still got lots of stuff that needs a home, but I just don't know where that home will be just yet.

However, I learned an important lesson. See, the boxes are stacked 3 high and two rows deep. I've been looking for one particular item and I decided that enough was enough and that I needed to look in each and every box to see if this item was in it. As I'm standing in front of one of the row of boxes, I see one box at the very bottom in the row behind and bend over to open said box. What I heard next still is painful - a huge, loud CRACK followed by a very sharp pain in the base of my spine. The pain hurt worse than when I got my tattoo. And what does the cat do - YAWN as I'm hobbling in pain around the apartment. I remembered my father always said to not let it get stiff so I kept moving around and even figured that I needed to go grocery shopping. Right now I'm feelin' the burn, but not as much as I would be without the bottle of Aleve that I found in a box when I got adventuresome again.

And, guess what - I still didn't find what I was looking for. However, I did find that I had some interesting clothing from back in the day. And some very incriminating videotapes from the 80s. I'll need to find a spot to bury those.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

This Week's S&TC Thought...

Carrie: I tried the trapeze yesterday for that piece that I'm writing.

Charlotte: I could never! I have the most terrible fear of heights.

Carrie: Well, I do not. You've seen my shoes.


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Friday, February 02, 2007

Someone Tell Dorothy that the Tornados Were In Central Florida Today...

Straight out of a scene from the Wizard of Oz, today Central Florida faced a new hell - the tornado. Over 6 were reported and the damage is absolutely devastating. It's always fun at 4ish in the morning to hear this huge storm and at 5:00 a.m. to hear the radio saying that my county (and town) had a tornado warning (not watch) and that they were going to touch down. Along with the annoying BEEP BEEP BEEP was the lovely note that in an event of a tornado, get to the lowest floor, inside a closet and wait. Well - I'm on the 3rd Floor - the closing thing away from all the windows is the bathroom (which, by the way is big enough for a party) and so I pretty much shut the doors, closed the blinds (in case of glass shatter from the huge palm trees outside my apartment windows) and the cat and I pretty much camped out in the bedroom/bathroom til about 7 or so, only to hear that it was touching down in the town next to me and where some of my friends live. Scary, huh?

Well, in true Dorothy mode today, I am wearing my red "slippers" aka Nine West pumps and maybe, just maybe, if I click my heels three times it will all be just a bad dream.

To donate to those that were affected and lost everything, please visit the Red Cross. I'm not holding my breath for FEMA to help. Honestly - if I ever would meet the director of that agency, he would NOT like me.

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Obesessed With: NINE WEST

Have y'all seen the new line at Nine West? Jenny started the early morning "Must See" by posting pics of a new pair on her blog and right now and sooo not happy - well I am happy, but my wallet most assuredly won't be.

First of all - these are on my MUST HAVE list. How fresh for spring, right?

AND, let's not forget the matching bag...

These are in my favorite color combination - great for spring/summer and just scream "Lys". Casual yet chic.

And finally - I love these because of the unusual color. It's so hard to find a good purple pump.

Basically - I'll have to get rid of a few pairs to accomodate the new residents to my closet. Better yet - make that quite a few pairs. *sigh*


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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Word of the Day: Acrimonious...

Courtesy of Webster Dictionary:

Main Entry: ac·ri·mo·ni·ous

Pronunciation: "a-kr&-'mO-nE-&s

Function: adjective

caustic, biting, or rancorous especially in feeling, language, or manner

That was the term I used in my 6 page missive to my old apartment complex over the b.s. that I've dealt with in trying to leave. Now, as it is an "income controlled" community, many of the workers take it upon themselves to treat ALL residents in a manner that is oppressive, condescending, and just downright offensive. If I want someone to talk down to me, I'll go yip with Donald Trump. They do not appreciate a tenant who has a few brain cells that are on function capability and who realizes "I don't need to put up with this ish". Not to mention, their office hours - 10 - 6/12 - 6 on Weds and 10-5 on the weekend. Not conducive to someone who works. They also are slacking on the background checks as I said before and there are major issues in my old complex.

So, with that I dropped off the letter and the apartment keys, as well as faxed & sent copies via certified mail to LBV's manager - as well as her manager and the director of the former property owner. AND - to make my point known, it also went to the various state agencies that needed to be alerted to the happenings in the apartment from the mold in the vents & air conditioning systems and bathrooms to the shoddy workmanship by the maintenance team, lack of follow up by the leasing staff AND a few incidents that happened to me including someone alleging I never gave notice to my old complex to try and block me from getting a new place. What. The. $*@*#, right?

SO - get this - this morning I get a call from LBV's manager telling me that she got everything and will address it ASAP. She says the security deposit would be returned in 3 weeks, if anything, and I told her I'd docket it and, if I didn't hear/see anything in 3 weeks, her and I would have yet another discussion. The fact her person kept telling me that they would "invoice me" for the damage tells me that is their normal m.o. I think the letter plus my constant refrain yesterday of "there will be NO NEED of that" drove my point home of "Want to tussle with me - see what happens". Not to mention they invoiced one of my buddies who moved out before me so I'm wise to their kung fu.

Has the LBV drama ended - for now, yes. However, let's see if this gal is as good as her word. I'm not holding my breath just yet tho...

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