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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Boredom Strikes….

Its Wednesday and with Friday fast approaching for some reason, I am not feeling "energized" nor looking forward to the weekend. Maybe it’s the ominous warning that was on the news this morning about "tropical storm, Katrina". C'mon people - it’s a storm. Up north, unless your blizzard ranks over 2 ft. of snow, 'pshawww that ain't nothin'. For a tropical storm, that should be a blip on the radar for Central Florida. It is not a hurricane. My cat is NOT hiding underneath the bed. The grocery stores' shelves are still stocked. There is no need to panic people. And when is the storm "due to make landfall" - Tomorrow & Friday. What a way to kickstart a weekend.

However, one positive upswing announced today during our quarterly staff meeting is that our overtime was "erroneously excluded" from our paychecks and somehow it will be included in our next paycheck. However I don't believe that I have a good amount of overtime racked up to make a substantial dent in my "exploits in shopping". Ask me again on the 31st. Maybe I'll have something pleasant to report.

But I guess, this weekend I have something to look forward to. Putting together my chaise lounge that is still propped up against my desk and collecting dust. With all the boxes that they shipped this in, I swear my apartment looks like a QVC shipping facility. See, there is a good reason why I invested in tools when I got my first apartment. Someone please call Bob Villa.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Lets Hug It Out Bitch....

"Lets Hug It Out Bitch".... I never really got the catch phrase that seems to drive the popularity of HBO's latest hit, Entourage. That was until last night. During a bout of insomnia, I was able to pop in the first DVD of Season 1 and roared with laughter through all 4 episodes. Being that I am a recovering publicist myself, I sympathized with Debi Mazar's portrayal of a publicist who doesn't tolerate the b.s. while trying to keeping her client happy, even at the expense of some of the members of his entourage. I also loved Jeremy Piven's dead on portrayal of the "typical Hollywood agent". For those that want the real scoop on the inner workings of the Hollyweird machine, you should check out Assistant Atlas's blog. He doesn't hesitate to pull back the layers to reveal the true wheelings and dealings of the movie industry.

Being that I am home sick today, what's on the agenda?? Why Disk 2 of course ;)

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Highs & Lows...

Today was a day of ups and downs. I was supposed to get up early to take care of some errands, but silly me, I took a sleeping pill which meant that I would not arise from my coma until way later than anticipated. So as I'm cursing the morning I figured some shopping was in order. That is where it got pleasant - I got a $70.00 pair of jeans for $6.43. Yes, that's right $6.43. There was a huge sale, and armed with the option of buy one, get one 1/2 off, a bunch of items marked down to $9.99 AND a coupon for another $50.00 off, I got over $290.00 worth of clothes for, *drum roll please* $109.00. Happy with my bargain finds that would make my friends proud, I depart the store for my coffee fix and MY CAR STALLS!

I remain calm, start to pull over and there is a red light. I start the car again and we go a bit down the road and I hear "Putt Putt Putt" as it starts to stall again. I figure that my gas I have another 20 mi. til I HAVE to get gas but lo and behold, there is a Shell station there. That is like finding gold at the end of rainbow for this Irish gal. So, I fill up my tank and I decide to do the most un-girly thing I can.... I check my oil!

I've had the car for 3 years, mind you, and was grateful to never have had to have to pop the hood, until today. So, I check my oil and its near the minimum mark. Not good, not good at all. I know I'm supposed to check my oil every 3,000 miles, however, I just got lazy and keep putting it off..and off... and off... (you get the picture). Do you know that my car takes 5W-20 and the Shell station only had 10W-30. Boy was I a pissed puppy. Then, like another sign from heaven, I see "TARGET". They have to have my oil, right? WRONG! They only had 5W-30, not 5W-20. Maybe it was the newly added blonde to my hair, or the fact that I just faced hearing the typical male "You put WHAT oil in there - are you stupid" that I decided against it and called Jiffy Lube. Jiffy Lube tells me that they are about 10 minutes away from where I am, and the nerves of stalling out again on the busy street again hits.

Then, like another pot of gold, up ahead is a new sign as I'm turning to go to Jiffy Lube.... SHELL RAPID LUBE. Not only did the Shell guys do an amazing job switching out the oil, but they even were so kind as to not bust my chops that much for my remark that the oil hasn't be changed in a wee bit. Wee bit yeah right *LOL*. I even learned that here in Florida, the law requires that because of the hotter climate that 5W-30 be used in place of 5W-20. They even piped air conditioning in the car while I rocked out to my iPod. $40.00 later, I was off my merry way home with purchases in hand and my car not having the inkling to "putt putt putt".

How does the day end - we're racked with violent thunderstorms and this girl is paranoid about stalling her car out again. Now where is that DVD of Constantine?

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Monday, August 15, 2005

iPods - "Music is the New Black"

My buddy M sent me an
iPod shuffle, "just because", which speaks volumes. He's a great friend and truly is like my younger brother. (One of the few times I will acknowledge the fact that I am indeed older than some of my friends). But, thanks to M, my addictive personality has yet again taken hold.

So far I have downloaded some serious iTunage which, of course, translates into $$$$$$$$. I got the email receipt today and the first response was "Oh My God - I bought that much?". Then again, I did find some trax that I haven't heard in forever and a day. Some of my finds have been:
  • Black Eyed Peas - Monkey Business
  • Staind - Chapter V
  • Godsmack - Voodoo
  • Rihanna - Pon de the Replay
  • Sweet Sensation - Take It Like Its Hot
  • Brenda K. Starr
  • MPress
  • Brownstone

and, Bonus - it fits in my smallest purse and I don't have to worry about lugging around a ton of CDS. My music taste is very eclectic - I can listen to Staind, Cold and Godsmack in one instant and the next I'm howling away to some George Lamond, Wild Orchid or Pussycat Dolls. (while the windows are deciding to break of course). And if a freestyle mix is on there - forget it - I'm a lost cause. I also have a ton of MP3s that I got a while ago that have also made the cut. However, since it only holds about 120 songs, I have taken to "organizing" my tunes for the week and have too many to choose from.

M has started a whole new addiction and now I HAVE to get my iPod Mini - I just can't decide - Pink or Silver. In November, this gal plans to be relaxin' on the Lido deck on the way to the Bahamas with a tall cool beverage in one hand and my iPod in another. Extra bonus points - I save luggage room which means that my best bud will not kill me for bringing too much "stuff" and, if needed, there will be more room for "shoes" (or smuggled Captain Morgan - whatever comes first) ;) Now, what to do with that old walkman I have shoved in a box somewhere....

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Power of the Boot...

Ahhhh.. Sunday... the week has begun on a good foot (or in my case boot). I decided that work, again, was not an option and a day of shopping was in order. What the hell - its raining (beyond nastily may I add), there are malls to be had and so Roomie & I trotted out to the Downtown Mall to see what finds could be found... There is a story to the boot - no matter what you wear, a great pair of boots can transition day to night seamlessly. With the way I buy shoes, my roommate will swear I'm a distant relative of Imelda Marcos. There are shoe boxes lining my closet, outside my door (while I make room in my closet) and my shoe rack is full. I've started a new policy - buy a new pair of shoes/boots, I must donate one pair to charity or send a pair to the trash that I have beat to death. I absolutely love boots - brown, black, tan - send my way and I'm a happy gal.

Last month, I found these boots at Charlotte Russe and they did not have my size (surprise surprise). So today, to console myself from the events of last week, the Karma Police decided to toss a bone. As I was strolling down the hallway, I spotted a Charlotte Russe and voila - there were my boots, in my size in a gorgeous distressed brown leather color - and for $26.99. HELLO! $26.99?? Ok - yeah they won't last me a long time - maybe through a season or two, but still - hell $26.99 - where is the plastic?

So Roomie was looking at them with another expression on her face that spoke volumes like "Another pair of boots?" "Did you see this HEEL?" "Are you CRAZY".. all while going "EEHHHHH???" What the hell right ... its $26.99. What would have made the experience better - seeing "Buy 1, Get 1 1/2 off" like when I FIRST found these boots at the Florida mall.

However, with this pricetag - I will most likely be visiting the mall again this week to get them in Black. A girl can never have too many shoes, right? (or in my case - Boots!)

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Saturdays... blah....

As it is Saturday, I've decided that work is just NOT an option. I was supposed to go in for a couple hours but decided a marathon of A&E Crime Solver type shows and the DVD Set of Silk Stalkings was in order. Being that I rarely take time to "clear my head"... today was a good day to do so.

I have got to say, Rob Estes makes Silk Stalkings all that more bearable. I used to watch the show with my ex and, of course, he enjoyed the "eye candy" but I always liked the "Who done it" factor. Rob Estes was just a bonus ;) Maybe I should have just listened to my instincts back then, kicked my ex out of my life and maybe, just maybe, gone for the good guy instead.

But no coulda shoulda woulda for this girl. Instead in the words of Ms. Scarlett O'Hara, tomorrow is another day and I will actually look forward to working for a couple of hours and listen to "King of Excuses" off of Staind's new album and giggle about how much that resembles some of the "toxic" poison that once infested my life.

This week will be a MUCH better week.. Karma can't be that bad to a gal.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gilmore Girls...

My roommate "Marsha"* (as she wishes to be called) pointed out that I met my match in the Gilmore Girls. Apparently some writer is taking my quips and profiting off it... who do I sue ;)

Seriously - I'm more of a C.S.I. gal, but hey, sarcastic humor, intelligent (kinda) banter - all they need now is to put George Clooney on the show and they will have an avid viewer...

So.. for those that are interested.. check it out.

** Disclaimer - for purposes of this blog - the names of friends (and guilty parties) shall be changed to protect the "innocent"**

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Two things....

So, in my quick grouchiness about the Karmic Police... on the drive home I got to thinking about how mad I got at the earlier situation when if you really think about it... patience is key to all things. This was just a day from hell - things just didn't go right, we got some sad news this morning re: a co-worker... and to top it all off, I just let the frustration about the situation at hand get the best of me. I guess you could say that anger, on top of sadness, on top of anger does not make a good combination.. so I apologize for my outburst earlier... I guess I need to read Joel Osteen's book again, huh ;) (If you haven't read it, take a quick look - I highly recommend). There are some things in life you can't change, and, in this case, I just have to shrug my shoulders and learn to say "whatever". I can't change people's attitudes. I can't change people's actions. I can't change the past. I can only change my actions and reactions.

So... with that being said... I get home and I find two things that changed my train of thought - 1) the new issue of ELLE which shows that pretty pictures can lift one's mood for even an instant (even WITH J-Lo on the cover..) and 2) that I am able to participate in the Grammy song nomination process. So, I guess the Karmic police decided to "divert" my attention to more productive things...

Like how in the **** am I going to afford some of the stuff I saw in the magazine *LOL*

Have a good one!

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Karmic Payback?? Does it still exist?

My mind is racing and I'm not happy, people. You know the saying "What Goes Around Comes Around?". That is one of the mantras I live by. What you give out the world comes back to you threefold. However, I think that one person I know has a karmic account that is WAY overdrawn and the karmic bank police have not caught up with this individual and I, for one, want to know who the hell I lodge a complaint with. No matter what happens, this chick has more "get out of jail free" cards than anyone I know.

This girl, we'll call her Kristi, has just irritated me to the point where if I hear her name, I can feel a migraine headache fast approaching. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a very low tolerance for liars. I have a very low tolerance for thieves. I have a very low tolerance for bullshiate, to keep it simple.

To give you some insight, Kristi is a gossip - I mean, yeah we all gossip, but damn, this girl gossips beyond belief and, when she does so, she molds her gossip so, of course, she looks like the victim. Kristi deserves a damn Emmy for "Outstanding Dramatic Performance" for the crap she has put my friends and their family members through. She preaches the Gospel and acts "holier than thou", yet abuses the system in ways that I can't even fathom and then has the nerve to brag about it and shows her family how to also do it. To top it all off, after talking so much crap about the world, this chick expects to just show up in MY town (well not my town per se but you know what I mean) and I'm supposed to be happy about it??? HELL NO! I'm much happier when this witch is on the other side of the states. Hell if I could push a volcano button and send her off to Antarctica, I would. But even then, I have to think of the polar bears who might not be able to deal with her special line of b.s. either - PETA might term that "animal cruelty". Poor polar bears.... I digress...

What really frosts my cookie is that this girl talked about those that I care about and honestly, if she even said a word of that crap to me, I'd probably turn into a second grader and punch her in the nose, just to get her to shut up. (Even the visual thought is surprisingly comforting). She thinks the world owes her a living. She doesn't seem to have to pay any karmic retribution for her misdeeds, she continues along this path of drama and honestly, I refuse to put up with it any longer. I'm trying to do the right thing and hold my tongue, but at the rate that this is going, dammit my tongue is bleeding!!!

If this is one of God's tests to see if I can tolerate pain.. Lord, please give me the 4" heels instead. Honestly, I think that if I ever saw this girl again, I might revert back to second grade tactics.. I'm that close!!

And how was your day?

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Friday, August 05, 2005

No matter how much you look at it - the shoes still hurt…

It's Friday - Casual attire day. This means that in our office, we can wear black jeans and not get sent home for "inappropriate attire". So this morning, I get inspired to wear these black "oh so cute" 4" heel oxford shoes that have been sitting on the top shelf of my closet and haven't seen the light of day in oh, about, 6 months. They would be perfect with my fabulously cute ensemble (sorry - Paris Hilton moment), not to stuffy, yet not super casual and can transition right to happy hour after work. Viola! Multi-purpose at its finest.

In my flash of fashionable brilliance, I did not keep in mind that I would have to traipse through the office in these 4" contraptions that are laced so tight that it makes me wonder if men, by inventing high heels, were intent on driving women batty. In my inspired moment, I did not consider the fact that during my lunch hour, I would have to visit the bank 3 blocks down, as well as my daily StarHell (Starbucks) run. In my vanity moment, I did not think that I would have to run up and down stairs, both in the parking garage and also at the office. I will attribute all of the consequences of my actions of choosing the "oh so cute 4" heels" to either a lack of sleep, a Jessica Simpson moment, or that, due to my highlights, too much dye seeped into my head and is blinding me with cute shoe alerts.

While I'll be the first to tell you that, under normal circumstances, I run screaming from the idea of wearing flat shoes, right now I would gladly exchange my Oh So Cute shoes that I swear are fine pointed needles for a pair of ballet flats or, hell, even for my sneakers that only see the light of day when I want to run to the gym.

However, such is not the case, and at the end of the day I will stumble up the stairs to my apartment and put on my sneakers with a sigh of relief. Guaranteed, I will hear my roommate say "WHAT THE ****, you NEVER wear sneakers". And that my friends, will be my cue to put the Oh So Cute shoes back on the top shelf of my closet to collect dust until the next time I wish for some torturous pain.

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ok.. I caved...

My friends are always talking about "You should write a blog"... "Did you read so and so's blog"..blah blah blah.. so.. Voila! I caved... so I apologize in advance for any "offenses", "random thoughts" or things that make you go "Hmmmmm..." (Remember that C&C Music Factory Song???)

Thank god for templates because if I had to write the HTML for this, this gal would be freaking out, flipping through her "HTML & Webpages for Dummies" all while looking for some Xanax. I guess a blog can be cathargic.. for those "deep thoughts" which occasionally one can have... but then again.. that thought can go right out the window and succumb to thoughts of "Sephora... Sale...*insert cellphone ring here*...etc. etc. etc."

I'm a firm believer in the "Shiny penny syndrome". I'm sure a few might be able to relate. Have you ever gotten into a really deep conversation or thought process and, all of a sudden, you see this bright shiny penny which distracts you and every thought goes RIGHT out of your head. Like now, I keep thinking.. "What ever happened to C&C Music Factory?". See, cursed myself at the very beginning of my tirade.
Well the moral to the story is I will try to keep the thoughts and musings on track, but with the disclaimer that, if I go off on a tangent, patience is vital and I will get back on track.. eventually....

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