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Just Because...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fashion Inspiration: Jewelry from S&TC Movie...

I was looking at Bag, Borrow & Steal the other day (Shhhh - just LOOKING 'k?? I'm perfectly happy with the Cole bag - just don't tell the bag I was looking at others and we'll all be okay). They had a segment on Sex & The City and I figured just for kicks and giggles I would take a looksee.

It was like heaven - a bizillion clicks later and I wanted to go through my wardrobe and figure out what stays and what goes. I am sometimes inspired by things I see which makes me run to my closet with a renewed sense of purpose. I haven't done that since the premiere of Lipstick Jungle (which is out on DVD on Tuesday - sqeeeeeeee!). Friends of mine that have gone shopping with me know that sometimes it's not for the "shopping" I go - but wandering through the stores inspires me to think of what I do have and how to switch it up.

There was one jewelry designer I have fallen hard for - MIRIAM HASKELL. I am a sucker for a good pearl necklace (multiple strands) and this necklace had me going "I'll go without new shoes for a full season!" Isn't it gorgeous? Her whole line is gorgeous - and inspiring.

One day, Lys. One day.
[Photo courtesy of Miriam Haskell]

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