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Thursday, May 31, 2007

This Used To Be My Playground...

Watching this has lit that fire - if you love Freestyle, you'll get a kick out of watching what goes on "behind the scenes". By no means am I asking you to sign up, nor is it an advertisement for the site - just a trip down memory lane.

Seeing Corina, Sweet Sensation, Noel (Reese - brings back some memories of a certain someone, don't ya think), and, of course, my boy George Lamond joking around, really brightened this workin' gal's day. And, even if you don't like freestyle, you might get a kick out of the 80s flashbacks or just a little "insider's backstage pass".

I love the chaos before a show - the energy, the excitement, seeing familiar faces, and the feeling when I would see the fans' faces as they sing along to their favorite songs - I just can't describe in words.

Sometimes, I really miss that world.

You can check out the Preview HERE...


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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Friends: A Bit of Clooney...

Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Remember This: Rick Astley…

Much luv to Perez for finding this gem! I remember Mr. Astley from back in the day and to see him performing this song recently and to hear his voice which, imo, is much better than back then, I can only say, in true Reese fashion, *swoon*

And yes, Reese, I’ll stop calling him Howdy Doody…

Here’s Rick Astley – Circa 2006 with his 1987 hit, “Never Gonna Give You Up”…


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Ok.. Now THIS is Scary...

It's Memorial Day Weekend which, to the inner shopping diva reads "Sales, Sales and more Sales". However, this is the first year which I did not want to partake of any of the shopping madness. While I know there are things that I would love for the apartment, seriously, I don't need anything right now. I have coupons for some of my favorite stores, but I don't want to use them. I have some beauty things I was dyin' to try last week, but do I want to go to Ulta? No. I don't even want to visit Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks.

The only thing I wanted to do this weekend is relax and do nothing. Yes, you heard it - nothing. No work, no conference calls, my cell is off and its just me, the cat, my gorgeous sunny apartment, and Mr. Tivo. Yes, people - I'm in hermit crab mode.

Probably my urge to laze about is due in part because I have to work next weekend. Not to mention for the past few months I have been burning the candle at both ends. Plus, the weekend after next, I have a brunch and I signed up for a cooking group. Not to mention, knowing that JZ's album is about a month from hitting the stores & 'net, I know my weekends are a luxury which I won't be partaking much of.

Someone call the doctor - I think I lost my shopping mojo... My wallet, however, is a very happy camper indeed. And the TiVo...

(AND NO - I still haven't watched The Good German yet - perhaps tonight when I make dinner...[Italian] Onion Soup Gratin. Just not in the mood for barbecue either - I'm still not a southern gal.)

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S&TC Memories...

Charlotte: Imagine, being blind and not being able to see a beautiful day like today. Can you think of anything worse?

Anthony: Stonewashed jeans and a matching jacket.


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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Just a Kitten at Heart...

So, last week I picked up one of those laser pointers "for the cat" but seriously - I don't know who is amused more. When I had a few people over for dinner last week, SL got Shadow started with sitting in a corner before the laser came out and she would chase it everywhere. This weekend, when I was in bed I hear a "MEOW" and it's her, waiting for her damn laser toy - again. So now, as I write this, guess where Shadow is again - in the corner.

I hope that these batteries last for a while...


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Friday, May 25, 2007

Applebees...I'm Wise To Your Kung Fu...

Applebees has been advertising their new Bruschetta Burger pretty heavily. So much so that this gal has been wanting to stop by Applebees for a bit of take out. However, in light of the re-emergence of my inner chef and my financial commitment to less dining/take out, I'm thinking, "Seriously, Lys- how HARD can that burger be?".

Well, the commercial says it's italian bread, a bit of pesto, fresh mozzarella, a sirloin burger, with bruschetta and fresh basil. This isn't rocket science people. So, after a quick trip to Costco, I got the ingredients necessary- pesto, the bread, the sirloin & the fresh mozz. (And the new Clooney DVD, but that's not vital to the success of this burger.. I think). The basil was provided courtesy of Ms. Aerogarden. Bruschetta mix was left over from last night's dinner soiree. One smoke filled apartment, use of the panini press and new Le Creuset pan and you have this little lovely. The results.. utter bliss.

I apologize for the pic quality, but I will be looking for all the parts to my digital camera this weekend, pinky swear! However, don't let the pic dissuade you from trying this burger which should be in your repertoire. And, add an ice coffee and you have something that is so refreshing yet satisfying. The freshness of the ingredients was just amazing and the complexities of flavors... Tyler Florence knows his stuff, people. I'm sold!

Now, remember I originally said that I was renewing my commitment to saving, I should know that going to Costco is truly temptation. The Applebees burger I would guess is around $10.00. By my Costco route, let's just say this burger was about $30 bux for the supplies that were not on hand (add another $20 for the Clooney temptation). However the fact I was able to make it myself was well worth that investment. Food always tastes better when it's homemade, don't you think.

Now, let's just hope the grill pan has soaked enough...


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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Current Shopping Obsessions: Home Edition...

My apartment/kitchen will ALWAYS be a work in progress, but here's a few things that are on my radar in the near (don't know HOW near but near) future...

Le Creuset has come out with a new line, Caribbean, and y'all know since I am a fan of *most* things tealish blue,
this had me going "Hello New Mortar & Pestle"...

Not to mention, Sur La Table has this Oval Le Creuset Pot that is MINE MINE MINE next month.. and it's on Sale Sale SALE (and there's cash back - but you knew I'd throw that in, right?)

These glasses from Pier1 are hotter than hot (I have more stemware than is necessary but hot damn people...

This rug from Macy*s would look fabulous in my living room...

This Spice Rack - Love at First Glance - I don't need all the pre-packaged spices that always come with many of the spice racks and the fact it measures out at 1/4 teaspoon increments signifies, at least to me, "BLOND FRIENDLY"

Trust me, there's more, but a gal has to leave a few things for pondering...

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dancing With The Stars, Finale Time..

Now is when we find out if Orlando's own, Joey Fatone, wins Dancing With the Stars (DWTS)... as you can see from the earlier post, I was watching the PCD concert so I'm glad I missed the frou frou stuff...

Voting yesterday was beyond messed up - I tried for over 40 minutes until I got through and then I heard on the radio this morning there was an "oops" to their "phone system". Hmm.. interesting. It seemed to only work when calling for Joey.. I wonder if Apolo & Laila had these problems (sorry - conspiracy theory at work here). Any way you look at it, all three couples worked hard for it and if any of them win, I'd be thrilled. I just would like to see Joey in the top 2. Plus - rallying my coworkers for votes every week was getting tiresome (to them *LOL*)..

I said I would refuse to watch until Heather Mills was voted off, and I'm glad I did (I still have an aversion for PR stunts in *interesting* taste - to deny deny deny, play the victim, deny again any participation in the show and then say "look at me" - you are kidding, right? Anyways, I'll stop ranting). To quote Lainey of LaineyGossip, the Ebola had to go.

So, it's 9:34 and I'm curious to see who wins - GO JOEY! Live Blogging Time...

  • First up - Apolo - the speed skater guy - the one Meowmix has been rooting for.
  • Wait - Apolo shaved the chin fuzz - well, it's less fuzzy, OK..
  • The dance is the Paso Double (or however you spell it).
  • Something about his outfit reminds me of The Purple One - Prince. Or perhaps it's the pants. Yup - it's the pants. Straight out of Purple Rain but in black. Alrighty then
  • I wonder how these guys would rate in a real professional dance competition.
  • Perhaps I should have watched it from the beginning - just tivo'd over the Heather Mills parts.
  • My cat is watching intently - it must be the skirt she's fascinated by.
  • Scores - 10, 10, 10 = 30.. OH MAN! 88 out of 90.. I think they need to just hand over the trophy *sigh*. I have faith tho.. GO JOEY!
  • Joey and Kym are next...
  • Not another Paso Double, please... wait - I think it's the tango...
  • Tango with Star Wars??? You are kidding right?
  • Oh man I hope he calls into XL this week - Johnny & Crew are NOT going to let him live it down...
  • There's something about a man and Star Wars that makes a gal run for the hills (or at least this gal..
  • She is NOT dressed in a Princess Leia-esque custom is she?
  • I'm at a loss for words...
  • They ended up in a Star Wars POSE?? Oh. My. Lordy.
  • Again - at a loss... I think that's his daughter in the audience...
  • Judging time - I'm thinking it's not going to be 10s all around this time people.
  • Ok - judges' reveal the scores after break...
  • OH - COMMERCIAL And it's THE CLOONEY! Oceans 13 is coming people - June 8th!!!
  • Score time - 10, 10, and 10 = 30 - I'm speechless... It's 86 out of 90 .. it's so close people...
  • Joey's lost a ton of weight.. good for him. There is something to be said for dancing being a fabulous work out...
  • Next up Laila Ali & her partner, Maksim or "The one with the butt", right Reese?
  • Laila is the "last woman standing"...
  • Good for her.. finally, a woman who is not a "Skinny mini". A friend of mine who is a true fashionista said that its refreshing to see her just enjoying herself out there...
  • I have this urge to go to Miami - Mambo Time...
  • Thank god I'm not cleaning while watching, I'd be dancing around the house like when Baby goes across the bridge in Dirty Dancing...
  • They look like they are having fun... now that's what dancing should be.
  • Judging Time... All 10s?? I think it's highly possible...
  • The Judges were very kind... and they are right - she's very sophisticated and learns from criticism.
  • This guy who called her an amazon - does he know she can knock his butt out in a ring??
  • OK - score time... Maksim is foine, foine, FOINE...
  • Still no score.. hello!
  • Score Time - 10, 10 and 10 - I CALLED IT! 3 perfect scores... hmmm..
  • Conspiracy monitor going again.
  • They are showing those that support the celebs... That was Joey's daughter in the stands...
  • Shoot - this started at 9... Frou Frou stuff coming up *sigh*...
  • Can we just gag these hosts?
  • Lowest place couple leaving - LAILA & MAKSIM! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  • Part of me really hoped it was Apolo *sigh*
  • Oh the first four couples are returning.. lets see why they got the boot...
  • Paulina is stiff, stiff, stiff, Who is this Brian boyband-lookalike guy - who's the celeb & who is the professional dancer... Wait - I think the blonde was the celeb.. Leeza Gibbons - something just isn't right about her dancing to Destiny's Child - very stiff... ok - bring on number 4 - Some sports guy but it' cute though... he's trying. It's like you can see him counting "One Two Three Four; One Two Three Four"....
  • I'm sure more reminicing is to come.. with Heather Mills - where's the clicker...
  • Ahh.. the past champions are there, Kelly Monaco, Evander Holyfield and Drew Lachey - where's that John Hurley guy? Didn't he win the "dance off" or something?
  • I'll be TiVoing the rest - I think Apolo is getting the trophy - all in all, good season this year..

I could totally be wrong.. but my sink is calling so this gal needs to start cleaning.. Keep your fingers crossed...


I lied - I stayed glued.. it's 10:55 and the winner is *drum roll please*......


The Winner is: Apolo. I called it. and, with that, Good Night!

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Dontcha Wish...

It's been an "interesting" few weeks, let me tell ya. Between the stuff up north, work, home, etc., it kinda can leave a gal exhausted.

So tonight, Mr. Tivo decided that since it knew one of my fave groups is the Pussycat Dolls, Mr. Tivo was kind enough to tape their Manchester concert for moi. I will say that the PCD are great performers and, while some of the background gals did lipsync, the lead singer has a VOICE! She sang live for the whole show. I wonder what's gonna happen when she leaves the group.. anywayz, I still think the CD is solid, proof of which is shown in the number of "radio hits" it has spawned... Impressive for the first year out of the gate. Also, I noticed that Europe/Asia really embraces the American acts.. and then it hit me -

ASIA - EUROPE... JZ's new album coming out.. so I'm off on a google mission.. wonder if there are radio stations in Asia that play dance music.. hmmmmm

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

S&TC Musings from Samantha...

Carrie: Maybe I can't leave New York. I don't know how I'd do someplace else.

Samantha: Believe me, your fabulousness would translate


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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Flashing Back...

Last night I spent way too much time on the wonder that is YouTube and found some really great videos including this gem. Reese & MB might enjoy this little flashback as we all got to see it from the "nosebleed" seats but what seats they were right over Gwen & Eve's set...

So much different to see the TV Version but still brings back the initial flashback of energy and excitement. I just need a better gown for the next one.. ENJOY!


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Monday, May 14, 2007

Orlando - Time to Step Up...

Orlando - it's time to step up and vote for your hometown boy, the one who is always pumping up Orlando, the one who STILL lives here (and so does Chris, I know I know - he's forever having a party somewhere *LOL*).. and who always shows hometown love... Dancing With The Stars' Joey Fatone! The amount of Fatone Foundation Celeb supporters in the audience was great - these performers are always coming the O-Town way when Joey throws a benefit - Deborah Gibson, Alfonso Ribero and Lance Bass. I know Johnny, Alex, Brian and the team at the XL 1067 are also getting the word out there, also thanks in part to one Mr. Chris Kirkpatrick who got up early *shocker* to work with the morning show and got a few plugs in to vote for Joey.

I do have to say, all four couples did amazing and it's a tough race. However Joey's got my votes. Let's make sure he's heading to the finals.

Time to vote for Joey Fatone on Dancing With the Stars!!! Vote online before 12 noon on Tuesday, please! You can vote HERE or you can call 1-800-VOTE4-05 (1-800-868-3405) before 10:30 tonight...

OK - my campaigning is over until next week...

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Small Fish in a Big Pond v. Big Fish in a Small Pond...

If you had a choice, would you wish to be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond? Stay with me for a sec as I explain.

As most of my friends know (and Bec & Bren might totally get), before I moved out to Lawrence & then Derry, where I lived I might consider more of a "Small Pond". Everyone there pretty much is 6 degrees of separation and stuff always gets back to you. I've had no desire to live back in that area, and especially with all the recent goings on in crime, etc., it's just not an option. I've always been one to be more of a "big city" gal.

Now, Altamonte is, by no means, a big city but it technically is a suburb of Orlando and that, to me, is a "Big Pond". There is lots of room for growth and exploration. There is always something new and exciting happening somewhere. While our crime rate is pretty high, I don't want to be coerced into moving back "home" out of fear. I prefer the fear of the unknown. And, somehow, lately, I've been finding my fear has been squelched by factors that really are too numerous to list. I've found myself in my little "bubble" way too many times to count and I, for one, am saying "Bring on the Big Pond!" Plus - who wants to bang their head against a glass ceiling, ya know?

Perhaps its the whole "southern" thing - where men are "in charge" and us little ladies need to just pipe down. Perhaps it's just my lack of assertiveness lately. Perhaps its the fact that I'm damn tired of things going stagnant and things need to be shaken up a bit. Before, I would just speak my mind and not think twice - now I've been more "quiet" than is necessary and, to those that know me, I'm not a quiet gal by any means.

So, back to my original thought - Bring On The Big Pond! I, for one, need some room to swim around :) And, plus - having lots of fishies to look at ain't so bad either.


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Sunday, May 13, 2007

The One With The Truth...

A little Friends Fun for the Week...

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Sex & The City Quote of the Week...

[Carrie is crying in a restaurant.]

Big: She's fine. Can you bring some extra napkins ... and some violins?


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Saturday, May 12, 2007

As I Can't Be There Tonight...

There's a freestyle show here in Orlando and, while I would LOVE to go, I REFUSE to pay $75 bux a head for a show... So, while I'll miss seeing George Lamond, Coro and all the others, you know I'm still rockin' to the music..

And, in honor of Keri, I figured she might enjoy this gem... Coro with "Where Are You Tonight"...

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What a Week...

So, we start off the week with a 3 alarm fire at the new apartment complex. I end the week with a voicemail from the mother re: my grandmother having had a "massive heart attack" in case I "even care to know" (her words). I called the hospital and, let me tell you, they are fabulous. My grandmother is undergoing tests so please keep her in your thoughts. I spoke with my grandmom and she's quite the feisty one :) Never realized how much I miss her. She told me she was doing fine and we made plans to see each other when I fly home.

My dad, for the past couple of months has been trying to convince me to talk to my mom, send her something for mother's day or even her birthday (in a couple weeks) and I was about to give the olive branch around Tuesday/Wednesday. While we could not enjoy a typical mother/daughter relationship after all I found out, at least we could have a cordial relationship. I don't hate my mother by any means - let me just say that for the record - I just choose to end the cycle of verbal/mental shenanigans and if I have nothing nice to say to a person, I just choose to not deal or give them the opportunity to hurt me.

So, after all this, I told my dad, "Here we go again!!!" I'm not going to give into her victim drama. My grandmother is having the medical issues and that is what needs the focus. Telling the hospital to "not give [her] daughter ANY information whatsoever" was not necessary and, in my opinion - tacky. Also, telling the hospital staff to not let me call my grandmother, "OH BROTHER". (Obviously, the staff didn't put stock in my mom's drama and, ta-dah, I talked to my grandmother AT my grandmother's request.) Then after I got a heads up about some of the stuff my mother said about me, I said "Oh hell no!!!" So, any mother's day stuff I had planned came to an abrupt halt. To me, that's like rewarding a puppy for peeing on the carpet. She should know better. We're NOT going to continue this crap in front of my grandmother and, should she start, I will just ignore. My grandmother is the priority - not my mother's agenda. My mother also chose to NOT pick up the phone when I called 4 times. She chose to play the brat. I chose to go the high road. To allow her to continue her crap, it just wouldn't be right and it's not going to happen again.

I had a dream a couple weeks ago about my mother, and I told my dad then, "I think something's up with Grammie". Boy was I right. Turns out, she had heart surgery a week ago (which I found out after the fact on the voicemail) and this heart attack could be complications due to that. But, after talking with the hospital and knowing a bit about pacemakers that I pretty much had to learn for a matter, I feel comfy with the knowledge of these professionals and they told me straight out that it was not as dramatic as my mother implied. While it was serious, it wasn't "massive". I'm still flying home, and boy am I glad for that emergency fund.

I'm surprisingly calm, but it makes a gal think. If you can, call your grandparents and tell them you love them. My grandmom is a very strong willed woman - I guess I learned, in part, how to carry myself from her. I'm sure she'll breeze through this with flying colors. And, I'm not giving my mother an iota of tears. To me, it's just not worth it.


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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Little Energy for Wednesday...

This track has been playin' in my car since I got a copy - so check out the new vid for Daddy Yankee's track featuring Fergie "IMPACTO". If you like Reggaeton, you know this will be one of *the* summer songs.

AND - in other Music News... Grammys on February 10th - to those in the know, Better Mark Your Calendars!!!! It's the 50th Annual so you know NARAS is going to all out (and yes, JZ & Reese - y'all need to go!)...

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Obsessed With: Steve Madden's "Lezlie"...

It's well documented that I am a gal who loves a great shoe - something that just screams "LYS" and, as I just discovered, this. is. it! I love the linen/buckle one and you know this is on my "Pre-Order" list. I'll just have to forego 20 coffees over a 2 month period. I can do that. I'm sure I can...

I wonder if FatWallet offers cash back to Steve Madden... hmmmm...

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Monday, May 07, 2007

What's Your Address Again...

That's a question that make me think twice and,today, scared me to death. Ms. M. asked me that question and, when I told responded, she said "Your apartment complex is on fire". What the #*@?? You can see the news report here. (Take a looksee at the images - horrific!) While I often hear the fire trucks racing down to the neighboring condo community, I never hear about them here in my complex.

Sure enough, one of the buildings in my complex went up in flames. I raced home because, as my friends know, our complex buildings are pretty much right next to each other. We've got lots of work being done by new management and subcontractors are everywhere. Turns out it was the neighboring building to mine, right as you enter the complex. The entrances were blocked off by trucks and news crews but you know this gal knew the "backstage"entrance (aka the service entrance). Everything is roped off near my buildings and no parking was to be had nearby.

I'm sorry to say that the building roof collapsed and the 3rd Floor residents and many of the 2nd floor residents have nothing. The fire started on the first floor and, because of the wind, quickly spread into "inferno status".

As I was talking with one of the residents, she told me that it was started by, what else, an accident by one of the subcontractors. There are firemen & cops milling about looking for hot spots in all the nearby buildings. (One of the few times I'm NOT happy about the eye candy). Being that I live on the 3rd floor on the opposite building, I'm still cautious about something having been transferred to the roofs via the nasty wind that we're cursed with lately.

No one was hurt, thankfully, but after hearing about pets jumping off the 3rd floor balconies and many are missing, my heart breaks. They are saying over 100 people are without a home and nothing to come home to. So, the question starts with, "What can I do to help". I'm hoping that the Red Cross will be here. Also, one of my neighbors said that the building will, more than likely, have to be demolished. It was built of the old structure which was called Phase I (I'm hearing wood framing) and while I live in Phase II (concrete), this is not something I would ever expect. As for that subcontractor, I hope he will think twice before welding again (or be more careful).

To quote one man from my complex "Everything is replaceable except for life. Life cannot be replaced" as he was reunited with his chihuahua. How right he is.


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A Little Friends Fun to Start The Week Off Right...

Step AWAY from the Duck...


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Sunday, May 06, 2007

S&TC Point to Ponder...

Carrie: Men in their forties are like the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle: tricky, complicated, and you're never really sure you got the right answer.


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Adventure Awaits...

See, this is why I cannot read a Williams-Sonoma catalog. Because they have pics like this and recipes that seem very "blond-friendly". Next thing you know, this gal is thinking "Pan, check; ingredients, check - #*#*$ I don't have cherries" and then I'm off and shopping.

$77.00 later and many ingredients that have NOTHING to do with the recipe at hand, and I'm heading home. I even stopped to get a pan should I care to make Croque Monsieur (I put back the Le Creuset stoneware bean pot - so gorgeous but not in the cards this week) and Borders had a book of Julia Child's notes (a gal needs to learn how to make a decent Bechamel sauce, right?). My reasoning is that after slicing my finger last week, I need all the help I can get. Plus, Albertsons had a buy one get one free sale (including petite filets) so my freezer is packed (I'm sure former roomie is laughing because to me the sign of security is a packed fridge/freezer).

So, I'm going the domestic diva route today - I'm making Cherry Clafoutis, cleaning the apartment, doing laundry and possibly organizing the closet. And, for an extra bit of adventure, I might just clean off the TIVO..

But who is to blame for this burst of Florence Hendersonesque diva-ism - who else, WILLIAMS SONOMA! They started it - that recipe better be really daggone good.

Pictures forthcoming. For the recipe, see here. My finger is grateful that there isn't much, if any, chopping involved.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

100 Things...

I guess it's finally time for me to get around to posting 100 things, huh? Granted it's a bit late but hey - it was on my "I'll Get To It" list...

  1. I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts on November 4th.
  2. I'm mostly Irish with a bit of Blackfoot Indian.
  3. My mom's family lives in Yakima, Washington.
  4. My dad's side lives in LA, CT and the distant relatives are in Ireland.
  5. Before I die, I want to visit Italy, Ireland and Egypt.
  6. I went to Catholic school from K - 12.
  7. It was there I learned to cuss worse than a sailor.
  8. I got disciplined in 2nd grade for reading on the playground.
  9. I guess it didn't work - I still am shy but I love a good book.
  10. We moved back to Western Mass from Connecticut when I was about 12. I hated it.
  11. I was closer to my dad's side of the family.
  12. I learned this year I had lived with them for about 1 1/2 years when my mother left my father as a child.
  13. I miss my Nana & Bampa. They were great people.
  14. I inherited my love of cooking from my Bampa. Unfortunately, it didn't make itself known until after he died.
  15. I consider myself a Philly girl however because of the time I spent there during my high school years. It was there I learned to look "outside the box", found my love of PR, embraced the chance to "get out" (because, those who live in W. Mass know that W. Mass is like a bubble and many don't escape) and Philadelphia is the ONE place I feel at home.
  16. I danced on a TV show, however I despised the camera and loved working behind the scenes instead. Yes, it was on "that show". Hey - my mother watched it first...
  17. Due to my early years in Philly, I discovered my love for stilettos and rarely wear flats.
  18. I'll probably regret it when I get older but hell, I have some seriously toned calves.
  19. I also met my first love when I was in Philly. We're still good friends to this day.
  20. Philadelphia & the Jersey Shore are two of my absolute favorite places. Las Vegas is one of the others.
  21. I always loved entertainment. When I was 4, my dad told me that I ran backstage at the Tony Orlando & Dawn concert. Apparently, even at a young age I thought I was entitled to watch shows from the best seats.
  22. At 12, I got to go to a concert and meet a pop 80s group. I became close with their family and lost contact with them around 92.
  23. Our paths crossed again around '98 and I handled their PR for quite a few years.
  24. I moved to Orlando to work with their record label.
  25. They moved back to Cali about 2 years later; I stayed in Orlando.
  26. IMO, entertainment doesn't really pay unless you are in the hub cities i.e. LA, NY or Nashville.
  27. I love my new city (Altamonte Spring) too much to relocate.
  28. I have little to no patience for the b.s. that entertainment can bring sometimes.
  29. According to my father, I also have no tact.
  30. I am trying to work on it. However, I'm not one to sugar coat something and will be open and honest about my thoughts.
  31. Some people just don't like that.
  32. I'm an avid shoe aficionado.
  33. Nine West and Steve Madden, to me, is my major addiction right now.
  34. Christian Louboutin, for me, is the holy grail.
  35. Yes, I watched too much Sex & The City. Is that a bad thing?
  36. I was engaged for about 6 1/2 years.
  37. I wizened up before it became a common law marriage.
  38. I didn't wisen up when he threw me through a window.
  39. The other love of my life died in 98 from complications due to burns received in a fire.
  40. He was 28.
  41. I regret fighting with him before he died. We didn't speak for about 6 months.
  42. I'm very cautious with relationships.
  43. Maybe it's that whole Catholic guilt again?
  44. Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite fashion icons. Hello - BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS - if you haven't seen, you must!
  45. I have a thing for DVDS, especially TV Series on DVD.
  46. Hey - its one of the things that I inherited from my ex-fiancee.
  47. Credit issues is the other thing I inherited from him.
  48. I'm working on getting my life back in order.
  49. I'm also working on learning to say "NO".
  50. That's how I wound up with finance issues.
  51. In college, I had one of the best drama teachers - Paul Norton.
  52. It was through work on the plays in college that I headed up the makeup department.
  53. Through that, I became a total beauty junkie.
  54. Sephora is one of my favorite stores.
  55. So are Williams-Sonoma and Pier1.
  56. At least I'll look great while cooking and my table will look fabulous.
  57. While plus sized, I still believe that a gal can be fashionable.
  58. I get that from my mother.
  59. She is a fashion diva, in a good way.
  60. We don't have such a great relationship. I'm closer to my father. Now, I know why.
  61. My father advocated that I get a college degree in something non-entertainment related.
  62. I opted for the most "non-cream puff course" at my college.
  63. That was pre-law.
  64. I do not ever want to become a lawyer.
  65. Nor will I date one.
  66. I probably just cursed myself.
  67. I purposely failed my LSATS by clubbing the night before.
  68. It wasn't a career path I did not want for myself. My family felt otherwise.
  69. I worked in cable in the security department working on investigating those who stole cable.
  70. However, I really wanted to work in the FBI. Somehow that dream got lost in the shuffle.
  71. Dating a military cop reinforced my preference for dating military or law enforcement.
  72. It has nothing to do with the uniform - for me its all about the honor/honesty of the person.
  73. And a good pair of biceps and great eyes doesn't hurt either
  74. My friends are like my family.
  75. Some of my close friends are in LA, Utah, Philly & the Northeast.
  76. Thank god for emails and cell phones.
  77. Only Reese and MB have visited Orlando so far.
  78. Bren, Bec, Meowmix, Chris & Ed need to get their hustle on down here. Yes, I'm callin' y'all out.
  79. I now live in Altamonte Springs, specifically, Uptown Altamonte.
  80. If my apartment goes condo, I'm sooo buying it, hence more working on my credit score.
  81. I have a gorgeous apartment with a big kitchen.
  82. The kitchen is what sold me on this place.
  83. So did the location - it's behind the mall. Hey - I'm a shopping diva at heart, albeit a frugal one.
  84. I have a cat - Shadow - who doesn't have a tail.
  85. She is, however, very vain. She loves the mirror.
  86. And my shoes. She will sleep with her paws in them.
  87. I'm a perfectionist.
  88. I also am a workaholic.
  89. I'm careful on my drinking. My mom's side has a predisposition to loving the firewater.
  90. I'm much fonder of ice coffee, esp. Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts.
  91. I'm guessing that this is due, in part, to my mom's drinking of ice coffee while she was pregnant with me.
  92. Or else it sounds like a great justification.
  93. I can't make coffee to save my life.
  94. I do as much of my shopping online and am a huge fan of cash back.
  95. Just read the blog and you will see why.
  96. However, if I keep it up - the mailman will go on strike.
  97. I'm at 97 and am at a loss for words.
  98. I am not such a fan of seeing movies in the movie theaters.
  99. I'm guessing that's because H. wanted to go to the movies CONSTANTLY.
  100. However, I will make an exception for George Clooney - have you seen that man. Va Va Voom.

OK - that's enough rambling for this gal for a week! Phew - that was exhausting.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Quatro de Mayo...

I'm starting off the Cinco de Mayo (or Cinco de Mayonnaise as mah boy Alex would say) holiday right.. I had a little left over Jose Cuervo Golden Margaritas from last week's cocktail party and I have a confession. In my 35 years, I have NEVER had a Margarita. Why - they just never appealed to me. When SL & my friend Les told me that I HAD to try it, I figured I'd save it til the weekend. There was only one big glass left, but it was mine, ALL mine. And you know what - this stuff ROCKS!

I normally prefer my Cuervo straight just like my friend Albee taught me - no frilly stuff, no lemon, no salt, etc. but this was VERY tasty. And, since I got it at Costco - it was about $17 for a 1.75 l bottle. Not bad at all. And, what a way to kick off the holiday... my girls would be proud!

"Oh Bartender..."


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Fashionable yet Financially Savvy...

Like I've stressed here, shoes are not only my downfall but my passion. Spending $700+ plus for a pair of shoes is not, however, in the cards for this gal. Nor do I work in Fashion nor did I have any artists that might have been gifted the mecca of all shoe meccas - Christian Louboutins... I guess CL's would be the Manolos of today's Carrie Bradshaw. Either way, I've resolved that before I turn 40, one day I will have a pair of CLs... just not now.

Now - these two looks I love...

These Christian Louboutin Peep Toe Slides..

And here are my Nine West versions (minus the red sole)...

These CL lovelies made me drop in my tracks when I saw these and I HAD to have them... But NOT at that price...

SO, instead, I have these.. Nine West's version WITH the red sole..

Nine West definitely has the look for less. Tell me these shoes don't make a man drop to his knees... I rest my case..


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Thursday, May 03, 2007

OBSESSED WITH: Urban Decay's Primer Potion...

Living in Florida has taught me a few things - not only do you have to watch out for gators crossing the road, but during the summer, your makeup will melt, eyeshadow might disappear and foundation - who wears foundation in July/August - tinted moisturizer, perhaps but no foundation. Not to mention, my hair will always poof up by midday in the summer (tho not as much since I've been using Jonathan Product - thank god)..

I came across this little lovely a couple weeks ago and, after a long test run, can I tell you my eye shadow has some serious staying uumphh! Urban Decay's Primer Potion is like a little genie in a bottle making sure that the eye makeup stays until YOU decide it needs to go. While its a tad more expensive than I would want to spend, you only need a little bit! Plus the bottle looks very cute on a vanity...

Now, if they only made a Bare Escentuals that would survive in the heat and humidity of Florida's summer, I would be a very happy gal indeed..

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Couple Things On The Brain...

I'm a firm believer that if you have something to say, just for the love of God man - SAY IT! If we have a problem, let's get it into the open and all parties are satisfied. HOWEVER, should someone go behind one's back and talk a whole bunch of junk while smiling in one's face - oh. give. me. a. break. Back to the Dooce'd thing, let's just say true colors are more evident than ever and I, for one, ain't having it. Nosiree Bob!

In other news... I've made a stout resolution to my Personal Finance Goals. I'm holding myself accountable and that includes looking at all aspects of a gal's life. Someone told me that I tend to sell myself short and need to reach a little higher. I think that they may have a point. I had a rather refreshing chat with Meowmix Tuesday night whereby I kinda made the statement "I'd like to have the chance at having some aspect of a life". Does that mean I need to cut the work hours - most definitely. Am I a workaholic - c'mon now. Some people are addicted to alcohol, drugs, shopping, etc. - my vices are work and shoes. Not necessarily in that order and one of them has to be curtailed. I'm burnt out so much so that I need to breathe and if that means I need to cut back on hours, than so be it. However, my shoes get a stay of execution - I can't cut both out at once, ya know.

And - in other news.. DANCING WITH THE STARS VOTED OFF JOHN RATZBERGER??? Aw man - he tried tho - bonus points for stickin' it out unlike that one that quit prior to the show starting.

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