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Monday, June 30, 2008

Germs + Me = Hell...

Let's face it, I don't think anyone I know particularly likes germs. I don't think anyone really relishes the thought of getting sick or feeling like you are standing with your face perpendicular to a donkey's behind and he's kickin' his little heart out into your sinus cavity.

When my friends are here at work and they are sick, I gently remind them - "Get Thee Germy Ass Home! I DON'T Need to get sick." I know I know - I'm a heartless wench but, really, I am concerned for them [and me].

I woke up yesterday feeling like crap but knew that if I did a shot (or two) of Nyquil, that all would be well. Yeah, ummm... not. At 4:53 this morning, I felt it - the weight of what felt like a hoof hitting my right cheekbone over, and over - and, for good measure, over again. However, with my workload, sick is not an option so don't mind me if I don't take my own advice and haul my germy behind into work all while wondering "Crap - I forgot to pack my Sudafed; where the hell is my Dayquil; ugh! I should have had wine or something last night - wine heals everything, right?" all while pouring a Diet Coke in lieu of my normal coffee going "Hmmm... dammit. I wish I could have this with a touch of Captain."

Of course I think the stress of late has really not helped my immune system at. all. Oh well. However, one good thing - lack of appetite = looks great in hot dress for Philly. That's me - trying to find the rainbow in a bucketful of muck.

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S&TC Quote of the Week...

Miranda Hobbes: [at a bar, drinking Cosmopolitans] Why did we ever stop drinking these?
Carrie Bradshaw: Because everyone else started!

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Breathtaking: Christian Louboutin Loubounight Laminato Clutch

I balked at the price, of course, but found the Christian Louboutin Loubounight Laminato Clutch to be not only breathtaking but adorable. My fave detail - the clasp.

You have to GOT to read this part though. Our dear Christian did not forgo his trademark red:

    • A whimsical frame bag for evening, in ruched nappa leather with a signature
      high-heel clasp.

    • Silvertone hardware

    • Shoe snap closure with signature red "soles"

    • Red satin lining with leather logo patch

Stunning... so very stunning. One day my friends, one day.

[Photos & Text courtesy of]

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Archiving The Past...

In my weekly Bed Bath & Beyond "Cafe Beyond" newsletter, I quickly persused the topics and read a bit more than normal because they had one of the Iron Chefs with a recipe on there. I noticed that they had stuff for closet organization (one of my focuses as of late) and this lovely contraption: Slide and Negative Converter.

If you would visit, one of the first things you would see are lots of photo albums. However, in my hutch there are boxes and boxes of photos/negatives and slides from the past which all need archiving. I've said it would be one of my "projects" but some of the photos are destroyed (errant ketchup packets in a bag of photos - don't ask) and I think I have many of the negatives. To get them all reprinted would be a waste (and who really prints Kodak Disc negatives in these days anyhow?!?!?) and then I saw this.

Eventually, mostly everything will be digitized in my household but it would be good to have some of these slides and negatives archived so that they can be uploaded online. At this rate, I need to get a virtual assistant with my ever growing to-do list.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Leader of the Pack...

Let me state for the record, that I have NEVER been a fan of the pack mentality. I've always been one for independent thought and think for yourself. The term "lemming" and I have nothing - NOTHING - in common. I think that people, as individuals, can bring SO much to a situation and really have to smile when I see people moving ahead. Positive begets positive, people.

However, when I see grown women being followers (and not leaders), I wonder where their mindset is. I'm all for supporting one another but I am also for everyone having their own opinions and thoughts. There's a few people that I have to deal with on the daily that take the Pack mentality to a whole other level; that pack being either this



You get the picture. These women are grown but yet act like they are still in high school with whispers, nasty azz gossip, cold shoulder, ostracizing, "severe embellishment" of the truth (and heaven forbid if you even tell them they are wrong), and they can't seem to go a WEEK without being pissed off at their "hot seat of choice". And when someone is in the hot seat, life is VERY rough for that person and these individuals seem to revel in it. The next week - it's someone else's turn.

I have seen people I care about get hurt and, while sometimes it's my turn in the hot seat, I can deal with the heat just fine because I'm just as fiery and have a very low tolerance for bull*** (especially lately). However, in my concern for others, I worry about if other people that are in the hot seat can handle the searing hell that these characters have a tendency to dish out. Any way you look at it, it's abuse. Plain and simple.

There's going to come a time, very soon when a snark will beget a snark in return - and my snark will definitely set at least one on their ass. I just have to have my ducks in a row before I fire the return volley. But, with all the drama that has been circling this spot for the past 2 months, I had a deep thought this weekend.

I wonder - are we back in high school? Are our adult lives just a regurgitation of the junior high and high school mentality, just with better bags and shoes? Or are some people just regressing back to childish behaviors due to the stress that they bring on themselves.

I just don't get it.

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Fondle Worthy: Christian Louboutin's C'est Moi Boots

Now these would look great in my wardrobe... don't know what to wear it with but I'd find a way...

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This Pretty Much Sums Up My Week...

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sorry Y'all...

I'm still angry and can't think straight. Obviously, I need to really make some life changing choices and break it down into smaller attainable steps.

And, to boot, there will be a massive purging of my closet this weekend. Watch out eBay.

Thanks for the well wishes. Ill be back in force tomorrow - with a little shoe eye candy too.

(And, yes Kat, the countdown has commenced and sped up. Will shoot you an email tomorrow. Thx!)

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Quote Of The Day That Has Me Seething....

Re: me not being able to volunteer for a cause that I actually give a crap about due to the daily non-ending chaos:

"Well, [Lys], its not like you are getting paid for it."

*blink blink*

Oh hell to the no. I'm STILL furious.

I'll be back tomorrow a kinder, more complacent Lys. For now, I'm putting the "B" back in "Bitch" and don't want to bore y'all to tears.

That's all

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ahhh - More Flashbacks...

I was checking out YouTube and found a few amusing "blackmail" vids to send to friends and then I saw this one. Of course I was giggling because my gal Suz is in it (white outfit) but then I was thinking "wow - some of this looks familiar".

Yeah - it was familiar alright - it was filmed the day I was ummm.. sippin' a wine cooler beverage under the boardwalk when I was "pulled" in trouble because I was ahhhh.. fighting with a certain someone being a bitch to my then boyfriend and wound up with sun poisoning, a severe headache the next day and some amusing pictures.

Like this one after the fight. Behold the frosted hair that I cut off only to piss off my then boyfriend which got NO reaction - whatsoever.

Even better was OurBuddy finally figuring out 18 years later exactly why I was a bit *ahem* loopy that day finding out what I really was drinkin' out of that McD's cup. Guess I really was a better actress than I thought.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh Really, Mr. Talley...

While watching the season finale of Life In The Fab Lane, Kimora Lee Simmons' reality show, I heard the funniest line.

Andre Leon Talley, Editor at Large for Vogue, while at a fitting for Kimora Lee Simmons' gown for the Costume Institute Ball at the Met, remarked: "She's going to look spectacular because I never make a mistake"

Hmmm.. Mr. Talley - remember this dress blooper for which Jennifer Hudson is forever cursed?

Thought so.

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Obsessed With: Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Mauve Face Pallette

I've been in a cosmetics quandary for a while. When I was a teenager, I used to raid my mother's beauty products all the damn time. Eventually, she took me to Estee Lauder for my own cosmetics and that's what started my love affair with all things color. In college I headed the makeup department for all the theatrical productions and learned more about the brands and how certain things worked with other products.

Over the years, I would vary between brands - not loyal to any specific brand - just what looked good and I liked. I experimented. I tried to "narrow" down my "beauty" point of view (sorry - cheap jab at the Next Food Network Star and their overuse of "Culinary Point of View".) My friends would ask me to do their makeup before we'd head out and I rarely have an off day makeup wise. It's a talent, one that's definitely inherited from my mom.

So, when I moved to Orlando, after working with a brilliant M.A.C. makeup artist for a few client shoots, I really started to use their products. Their eyeshadow, Paradisco, makes my eyes look so brilliantly blue it's crazy. I used to use M.A.C. all the time with a spattering of Benefit and Maybelline (Shhhhh - don't judge. Their mascara rocked). Then I met Bare Escentuals and jumped into that pool with only my beloved M.A.C Paradisco remaining.

Last year, I became enamored with all things Bobbi Brown when I got her Stonewashed Nudes collection. I adored her limited edition kits and the product's staying power. However, recently thanks to some fabulous YouTube tutorial videos, I again started messin' around with M.A.C. and rebuilt my M.A.C. arsenal - tossing out all the old makeup from my early years.

Well, apparently my two fave brands must learn to co-exist because Bobbi Brown released a Limited Edition Mauve collection which will be mine by month end. I'm a sucker for all things mauve and this is no exception. Plus - I love how everything is so compact which makes my makeup choices for travel that much more simple. And then I hear that they might have a gloss that is like my beloved Chanel Metallic Vamp (which I can ONLY get on EBay - grrrr) and they have one of the gel liners that goes with. I'm so done.

I guess I will never narrow down my beauty brand point of view, but at least I can play nice in the sandbox with most brands. Each one brings something different to a table - but I'm enjoying playing makeup artist once again.

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S&TC Quote of the Week

Carrie Bradshaw: New York Magazine says Brooklyn is the new Manhattan.

Miranda Hobbes: Yes, but whoever wrote that lives in Brooklyn.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

What's On My iPod...

Here's a few tracks that are constant repeat on the iPod...

The Pussycat Dolls: When I Grow Up
The Roots f. Chrisette Michelle and Wale: Rising Up (live on Letterman)
Maroon 5 f. Rihanna: If I Never See Your Face Again.
and, finally: Madonna: Give It 2 Me
Now, I know it's a bit eclectic, but that's me. And while I've always loved The Roots, when I saw this performance on Letterman with one of my new fave artists, Chrisette Michelle, I had to watch. You have to see them perform live - true Philly neo soul at it's finest!!! Definitely makes me homesick.

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Lots to Do... Little Time To Do It In...

Needless to say, work's been kickin' my butt into overdrive. Sadly, my personal life has taken a backseat to the madness. So, this week I need to zap my happy behind into gear and here's my checklist to start the week:

  • Finally pick up my dry cleaning. It's been 2 weeks and I think they are going to string me up by the stilettos. I also need to drop off a few suits and a comforter that needs cleaning. Last time I tried to do it myself, I ripped it in the washer.
  • Return a dress that makes me feel like June flippin' Cleaver. To quote Meowmix "Return it!". Do I love the dress - no. It's cute but seriously, how many black and white dresses does a girl need. Plus - that money can be used to pay down bills.
  • Return a few things that have been waiting for 3 weeks for me to bring back, i.e. impulse buys which include a new cutting board (don't need it), a book that regurgitates the same mess on debt reduction (don't need it - I can just get the same info from my blogs, etc.), some makeup which I DON'T need. (well I'm too weak to open the jar and I don't need yet another brown eyeshadow) and, maybe, those sandals that I recently bought (money would be better in my bank account as I wait for them to go on sale.)
  • Work on the closet and figure out what needs to be put on eBay and start on Declutter Project 2008. I need to start rifling through all the stuff I have and evaluate if I REALLY need some of this stuff around here. I'm not always going to have an apartment that's 932 sq. feet. I need to pare down.
  • I also need to hang up clothing galore and get back into the whole "You have so many hangers - no buying NEW hangers - reduce what you have" theory. That includes stuff that doesn't fit and needs to be tossed, donated or sold. No mercy, my friends - no mercy.
  • Same for Jewelry - that whole jewelry box needs to be re-evaluated. I have a rule of one statement piece balanced with one minimal piece. Those that don't work - out out out!
  • Mail out packages that I've been meaning to send. I FINALLY returned the SW pumps from 2.5 months ago and I've had ShoeAddict's package on my desk that NEEDS to go out Monday before she strings me up by my stilettos.
  • Start cooking at home more. I actually cooked tonight and I forgot how relaxing it can be. Perhaps tomorrow I'll cook again.
  • Go to Costco to pick up some various necessities like Gas, Dishwasher Detergent, Laundry Detergent and some cheese. Sometimes it's better to pay a bit more when you are getting a better deal and there is no way in HELL I'm paying any more than possible for gas. Costco gas it is.
  • Toss out the boxes that I've kept "just in case" for "moves, etc." Listen, I don't really need to worry about keeping the original Cuisinart food processor box or boxes from my Nigella pots, etc. I'll package them mover style when I'm ready to move on out. Now they are taking up valuable space.
  • Clean out the car - something that is desperately needed.
  • Actually bring UP the new suitcase I bought 3 weeks ago and get rid of a couple others that are currently in my closet from touring days.
  • Work on my Budget/Personal Finance excel workbook. I've had my head in the sand TOO long and I'd like to get this done so I can get back on the PF bandwagon. I need to work on that FICO score quickly and the more I wait and play ostrich, the more I am only hurting myself.
  • Start planning the Philly trip. We've got the car and the airline tix - just need to start the party planning, the errand planning and all the stuff that goes into actually PLANNING when I go back home.
  • Speaking of Philly - this gal needs to get back on the workout wagon. I stopped due to the chaos and no more. I need to break out the pilates and hip hop abs dvd. So what if it kicks my butt - I'll be Philly ready in no time.
I'm sure I'll add to the list, but there's too much to do and little time to do it in.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Word to the Wise: Spam Commenters...

I run a benevolent dictatorship here at Just Because...

I welcome conversations, points of view, etc. in my comments and I cherish my readers - namely because THEY rock. They are people I could easily hang out with, chat with, have a martini (or three) with, go shopping with - you name it.

However, with that being said, one thing I don't tolerate is SPAM Comments. Sure I wax poetic about Cash Back and things of that nature but after I EVALUATE the service. If I decide to give props, I will. However, I won't tolerate those that decide to use my comment box to publicize their service. You could have sent me an email first. That's why the email note is to your left. My email is fair game. But, since someone decided to pitch themselves in my comments with something that was so generic and not even targeted, rest assured that an email from this *ahem* commenter will go in the spam box if I feel it's needed. Playa - don't play the game if you don't know how.

Rule of this land - this blog, Just Because..., is my home - so spam commenters -respect the wench.

That's all.

*jumps off soapbox*

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Be Still My Heart...Again...

Or As FB would say: "Shoe Porn"... The Pre-Fall season is starting to hit the websites along with some great summer offerings so here are some lovely shoe finds around the way for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to go to your local Saks/Neimans/Nordys etc. to fondle and try on. It will definitely brighten your mood a bit.

First up, Claudia Ciuti's Tamarindo

And for those that want a "flatter" version... the Tiglio

Fall is my favorite season and that means I can wear boots and booties (love them!). Oscar De La Renta has a gorgeous cutout shoe bootie that is so stunning I had heart palpitations

I'm a sucker for tortoiseshell prints so when I saw these Giuseppe Zanotti Tortoiseshell Pumps, you know I'm going to be a fondling fool at the local Neimans (and they are cheaper than the Loubou version from last year... )

I also am a sucker for teal. These have me intrigued for fall: Miu Miu Teal Elastic Booties

I find the heel detail on these Gucci Roma pumps intriguing.

You can't go wrong with Manolo Blahnik's version of the "Holy Grail" aka the Mary Jane pump. I found the turquoise snakeskin Manolo Mary Jane delish

And Manolo also switched it up a bit with their Burgundy Buckled Mary Janes

And, while I adore the Giuseppe Zanotti Bucked Pump

Your gal is going to be getting the look for less with the MUCH cheaper Guess Version - the Cabana Mary Jane Pump

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Inspection - Again??

I get home tonight only to find a letter to see that the complex is having another "inspection" of our fire alarm system. Da Hell? We were supposed to have this complete at the end of May and I get a notice tonight, dated June 20, 2008 of an inspection on JUNE 20, 2008.

Where is the 48 hour courtesy notice per Florida statute? Something smells fishy and I'm going to call them on it. I had enough of this crap with LBV years ago and it looks like I'm going to have to educate the new apartment manager.

Talk about pissing me off. Now I'm gonna have to lock up the ferocious kitteh and relocate her food and box to her "suite". She might just try to kill me.

Ugh! So NOT what I needed tonight. Azzhats - that's who is running the complex office.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Touch of Zombie...

I know I know... I've been M.I.A. but for good reason, I swear. If it involves the Clooney - will you forgive me? I scheduled posts knowing the impending hell facing me.

OK, there was no Clooney or celeb involvement, just work work work work work. I really haven't been able to spend time here or at CookingInStilettos or even at FashionistaPlus or Twitter or email, etc. because we had a big to-do at the 9to5 and I was workin' my fingers to the quick. My head was spinning, my couch is NOT comfy (I had to sleep there or else I'd oversleep when I'd have to be up way before the sun rises), I almost missed the M.A.C. Friends & Family sale and it was so crazed that people went and procured ice coffee for me so that I would keep sane. The last thing I wanted to power up at night was my laptop. Hell I was lucky if I could sleep without waking up every hour with thoughts of ".... did I file XYZ? ... I have to call so and so ... Crap - I still have to work on that report... "

Yesterday - my coworkers kindly brought my calmness remedy - an Iced Venti Caramel Nonfat Macchiato at 2:45. I didn't even get to SIP it until 6:00 as I was running off to an offsite location to set up part of an event. I came back to the office around 7:15 and I downed that sucker. Ugh! It was just utter chaos and, no, it hasn't stopped fully but there's a reprieve for a bit so I can catch my breath.

And, not to mention, I'm dealing with drama I can't discuss but I can get easily annoyed and when I'm dealing with b.s., oh hell to the naw. I have a low tolerance for anything of that sort and I read people pretty damn good so now that I have a few people's numbers and I'm watching them treat people near me like crap, well, I've been a bit cold. And I know karma will bite them in the butt in time but somehow time needs to speed up their roll.

When you take all of the above, I guess my face conveys everything and I look like hell. Know how I know that? Well, when I went into my neighborhood 'Bucks early early early this a.m. to get a java jolt before I headed into the office, I hear the gal go "Oh my god. Are you okay? You don't look so good?!?! Can I give you an extra shot - on the house of course." Jee thanks! I must have a touch of zombie pallor or something.

One thing I know looked fab - my makeup. I tried a few new things from M.A.C. that I got at the sale (15% off - SQUEEEEE. When does M.A.C. EVER do a sale? Seriously - when? NEVER NEVER NEVER). I tried their spray foundation (fabu), their concealer (hell I have raccoon circles that not even professional strength stuff can help), a couple new shadows, etc. Not to mention, I've found myself inspired by various looks I see around the way - whether it's makeup related or clothing or shoes or something. That's been one consolation - while I know I'm styled fabulous head to toe, that cushions some of the grave empty eye look that I have from being robotic. (Note: fall = light eye, dark lip. Just remember that, 'k? Trust!)

I just have to remember, silver lining through the clouds or some mess. Either that or there's a vat of Captain Morgan in my near future.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sex & The City: Quote of the Week...

Charlotte [to Big]: "I curse the day you were born"


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Monday, June 16, 2008

What About Your Friends...

Over the weekend, I went to see Sex & The City with some friends. They say that sometimes when you see a film a second time, you notice things you didn't catch the first time. One theme that I saw resonate throughout the film was the underlying theme of friendship.

At one point during the film, there was a part where the girls rallied around Carrie and it made me remember how through the years, my girlfriends have always done the same. I had to think if I was in that situation, what would they do. And, it came down to the same thing.

I whipped out my cell to send a quick "Miss ya" text to the girls and thought how thankful I was to have them in my life, even after all these years. Meowmix is always the voice of reason. Bec is one of my rocks. Suz is ready to jump at a moment's notice and the Divas - don't even get me started. These gals make me laugh, cry, and just shake my head in amazement at how great they all are.

Later on that night, Suz called me to check in as she got the text. She had just gotten out of a pretty bad crime scene and, even with what she was facing and the next crime scene she was headed off to, she still kept a positive attitude. Sometimes I tend to forget that both her and Meowmix really do see people on the worst days of their lives.

I really don't think I tell my friends how much their friendship means to me, but somehow they know. And, in thinking back, I recall how the ties of friendship bind. Sure we have all moved on with our lives but when the chips are up or down, we're there for each other.

Through all the major stuff in my life, from my broken engagement, Nick's passing, the move to Orlando, etc., the gals have always had my back. Meowmix has suffered one too many meltdowns with me when A. broke my heart for the umpteenth time. Suz and Bec were ready to toss Mark through a window when they got the call I was hurt and the Divas and Bec were there when Nick passed and I thought I was on the verge of a breakdown. They also celebrated the good moments, cheered me on when I decided to actually follow my dream in my move to Orlando and are championing me on with my recent decisions.

Every day I count my blessings for the fabulous friends I have. And, somehow, I know that no matter what I'm faced with, everything will be all right in the end. Men can come and go but its the friendships that will last the test of time.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wandering Soul...

I remember when I was young, I always had a fascination with Europe. I never knew why but I remember once announcing to my parents that I thought we should drive to Poland and go camping over in Krakow. Growing up, I went to a polish catholic school and we were required to take polish lessons frome grade 2 on. I guess I thought it would be neat to SEE the country where I learned to say "Go home and go to bed you old lady" (I thought I was brilliant - I know - far from). Through all those lessons I can only remember two things. The above phrase and the word for "Fish". Other than that - totally out of my head and no retention, whatsoever.

Even when I was getting in trouble from the nuns on the school yard for reading rather than being a social butterfly, I was obsessed with biographies and historical events, mostly Egypt history (still think Hatchepsut was the best. ruler. ever.) and World War II. Perhaps World War II due to my grandfathers fighting in it, but the history of Auschwitz really captivated me as I tried to understand how a person could inflict so much horror on a group of people because of their religion.

While I was in my teens, my desire to travel waned, but when I split from Mark eons ago, I ignited my passion for travel. Sure, I'd go to Philly on the regular but that really didn't count in terms of far and away. Thankfully, I was presented an opportunity to wander when I was doing PR and Vegas became one of my favorite destinations. Meowmix and I would escape to Toronto once or twice a year for various events but actually go to spots where I couldn't technically drive to wasn't until a couple years ago when I went on a cruise with Meowmix, Tra and one of their friends to the Caribbean.

Since then, I've wondered where else I should wander to. After I hit a couple personal goals in the next year or so, I know I want to actually "Travel". Straight up - break out a passport and zip around the world travel. (Note to self: Lys needs to GET a passport first. Perhaps that should be one of my immediate goals, no?)

I know that I want to go to Italy on some sort of a culinary vacation and, after running across a interesting blog with some seriously fabulous photos and travel stories this weekend, Poland crossed my path again - namely going to Krakow and visiting Auschwitz. Seeing the photos made me want to go check it out for myself. Egypt is still one of my "have to see" destinations. I remember Mark telling me once that we couldn't go to Egypt on our honeymoon due to the fact that he refused to muck about in sand. I don't think it's a popular honeymoon spot. Regardless, Egypt is still on my wish list, just not sure when it will be possible with all the unrest going on over there. And, of course, Puerto Rico is also on my itinerary - hopefully in the next year or so.

What are some of your favorite travel spots?

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Friday, June 13, 2008

My Confession: Impulse Buys Are Not The Answer...

Yesterday, I was telling my girlfriends:
  • No, I'm NOT going to get that Kooba bag I've been salivating after. even though it's on sale for 30% off at with cash back. I'm going to pay down a credit card.

  • No, I'm NOT going to get the Stuart Weitzman Degadis shoes I've been dreaming about lustfully for a year even though they are on sale at over 40% off at Nordys and I can get cash back. I'm going to behave.

  • No, I'm NOT going to get those Max Studio sandals I featured earlier. I'll wait til it gets closer to Philly before I buy them.

  • No, I have broken up with Bakers Shoes. C'mon - they make Jessica Simpson shoes. You know how I feel about them. Totally trendy. Definitely not long lasting.

My dear readers, I've failed you and failed oh so miserably. Here I am waxing poetic on the quality of shoes blah blah blah, going to pay down debt (even though my student loans are almost 70% paid off - hurrah!), trying to get the bills in check and I decide tonight to ONLY fondle the Max Studio shoes.

I got out late and decided to check out the Altamonte Mall's Macy*s and I looked through the shoe department - found nothing. Looked at clothes, decided to go through my closet this weekend for meetings on Monday and Tuesday. I browsed M.A.C. going "Eeeh - friends and family is this weekend - I'll just wait to get a couple things with my coupon." And then I figured "Crap, why don't I just go LOOK at Bakers and see what they got. It's 5 minutes and this way I can see those gladiators up close."


Lys + Shoe Store = TROUBLE

I walk in, find a pair of sandals that are cute and only $19.99 - fine for something trendy that might not last and as they are getting my size, I see the gladiators. Eeeh - they are cute but I decided that I liked the Max Studio shoes better. As I'm waiting, I see one of the salesgirls with the gladiators IN BROWN and they are sharp - so damn sharp.

I immediately sent my salesgirl on a mission to FIND those shoes in brown. She said that they didn't have them in 10 in brown but she'd check, just to be safe. Like a sign from above, she comes out bearing the brown gladiators in my size. Needless to say, the $19.99 sandals were NOT going home if I was buying these new ones at full price. The gladiator wearing chick told me that she had been wearing them all day and they are on their feet like crazy and she wasn't crippled in pain. That's a good sign. I said "But are they WELL made?? Seriously - be truthful" and, having dealt with me before, she assured me I won't be disappointed nor will they be coming back..

Behold my new lovelies...

Someone is going to be in trouble when I get up to Philly... :::heh:::

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Haz Interview With Fabulously Broke In The City?

A few months ago, Fabulously Broke in the City [virtually] sat down and interviewed me during one of her Interview Spotlights. Can I say how honored I was by doing this? Seriously, check out that side bar because every blogger she interviews runs amazing blogs. For her to even consider me, wow.

Because I've been negligent on much of my blog feeds due to my head spinning ala the exorcist from Project Hell IV and OurBuddy's Jammy Jam, I finally sat down and caught up on all of FB's posts that have been in my Google Reader (it took a couple of nights because this gal can write!!!). Well, this little gem was there. I finally read it tonight and wow - just wow. I'm all teary. Thank you again FB!!! You rock!

And y'all who aren't reading her - bookmark Fabulously Broke in the City. You'll thank me - trust!

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The Art of the B.S. Meter...

One thing I've been pretty good about is listening to my internal B.S. meter.

Perhaps its from my training as a former cable cop and their stories of "No, I didn't tamper with my box. My 3 year old put birthday cake in the box and that's what opened it up to the Spice Channel. Honest!".

Perhaps its from the crap I was fed from various exes "No Lys, we're just friends. I'm not messin' around with her - honest."

Perhaps its from dealing with various people that have encountered my path. However, when it comes to red flagging people, I'm damn good about that.

Now, I'm also one who, if I have a problem with someone, I'll straight up tell them. I'm nicer than I used to be - but I still won't tolerate crap. If people want to act a fool then so be it - just take it elsewhere. I don't need to be a part of it. And if I have something to say about someone, I will also tell them to their face. I won't tell Tommy xyz and tell Suzy zyx. C'mon now. How old are we?

Here's the reason for my rant. Recently, a friend made a comment in passing which I took as genuine. I never really thought about it or tried to "analyze" it because I took it at face value and moved on, like I do with my other friends. If you tell me something, I say "OK" and that's that. No need for discussion or determination if you are telling me the truth. That was up until that person said something in passing to someone else we know that totally contradicted what was told to me. And immediately my ears perked up and I went "ARUUUU??" because, seriously, that made me play back all the other conversations that me and this individual had over the past couple of months whereby I want to say "Bullshit!".

Obviously there is something else bothering this person but personally, I just don't give a crap anymore. I'm done with drama and so be it. So, after discussing the situation with Meowmix, I figured - life is too short, I now have the real number of this certain individual and I will be watching them with one eye open. Which is sad, because I've known this person for a while but when the numbers don't add up, they paint a whole different picture. I thought we had all grown past this crap and normally I prefer for everyone to get along but in this case, I honestly don't care. I'm putting my hands up and saying whatever.

I will say this - by the person talking out of both sides of their mouth, I have bumped them down a few pegs in my book. Sometimes people need to remember that people talk and often the walls have ears. Just be straight up with people. It's much easier in the long run and that person will respect you.

Sometimes, what you say will come back to haunt you.

*jumping off soapbox*

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Obsessed With: Christian Louboutin's New Open-Toe Passementerie Pump

Do you think if I use The Secret appropriately, these suckers Christian Louboutin lovelies will be on my feet by my birthday...


Or, perhaps, Steve Madden might hear my wallet's cry for a similar shoe?

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Came First - The Chicken or the ...Pipe Bomb?

My father mentioned in passing that there was a new method of terrorism. In Connecticut, someone is pipe bombs in roasting chickens and leaving these chicken bombs curbside like a home grown IUD.

Now - before we get going, I first have to say that I am in NO way making light of what happens overseas. Hell, three guys from A.'s unit were killed by IUDs planted roadside.

What I am focusing on is this article that ran on MSNBC:

"SIMSBURY, Conn. - Authorities in Connecticut are wondering who stuffed a
raw roasting chicken with a pipe bomb and left it on a roadside. Simsbury
police Capt. Matthew Catania says a motorist noticed the chicken Monday morning.
He says the bomb was large enough to harm a person if it went off. The
road was closed while the Hartford Police Department's bomb squad came and blew
up the chicken."

Now, I don't think that Al Queda is going to come over here and start buying out Perdue to leave chickens roadside. So, in true Lys fashion, I decided to develop a theory applying the methodology that one can learn from three popular crime solving shows: CSI, Criminal Minds and NCIS.

Applying the CSI theory, one can deduce that it's probably a prank from some student exploring "What if". They'd fingerprint the inside cavity of the roasting chicken only to find that there are two suspects - one being the biology teacher who had an ax to grind with the town of Simsbury and the other being his intern who was sent to plant decoy chickens in the woods.

Applying the Criminal Minds theory, one can deduce that it is a male Caucasian who lived a sheltered life growing up, is angry at his mother, is about 5'7, has a pronounced stutter and is angry with the townspeople of Simsbury. He's also failing his biology class and the chicken is his way of manifesting his anger at his professor.

Finally, applying the NCIS theory, its an angry male, about 5'9, is angry at the war and is hoping to piss off the reserve and bring them home. Because, obviously, we're having terrorists on our own soil. They'd also find bomb parts in the garage of a relocated Iraqi informant planted there by the local police.

Now, in all seriousness, I hope they catch the person who PLANTED the chicken bomb because I'd like to have a word with him about is obviously warped reasoning. Some people just never cease to amaze me.

And yes, I'm totally at a loss for blog fodder when I'm entertaining articles from MSNBC. Hell, it can go in my FBI file, right Kristabella?

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Love: At First Scrub...

Like any other gal, I love a good facial. Paying $80+ for one - notsomuch. And who really has that type of time? Certainly not I. I know while I'd love a day of pampering, it's just not an option with my workload, especially lately. Don't even get me started on my quest to find the time to get my hair cut.

Recently, I've found myself researching some new products online that I have to have and I can testify that the raves are warranted. Three products have been on my radar: M.A.C.'s Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, Philosophy's Purity Made Simple's High Foaming Daily Cleanser and M.A.C.'s Prep + Prime Microfine Lip Refinisher.

First thing's first, I started with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple's High Foaming Daily Cleanser (Currently only sold at either or Sephora. However, I heard on the d/l from a gal at Nordys that it will be released nationally at Nordys, etc. in August). I normally use Purity Made Simple daily (along with their microexfoliator), but a foam. Now this I had to try. Well, it left my skin squeaky clean and not dried out.

I followed up with M.A.C's Volcanic Ash Exfoliator which, from their website, says:

A highly effective, dual-purpose, foaming and exfoliating scrub blending natural
Volcanic Ash with fine sugar crystals from the islands of Vanuatu. Adds
moisture: leaves skin feeling soft and comfortably clean. Mineral-rich. Good for
absorbing skin’s natural oils. May be used on any part of face or body. Rinses
off with warm water.

It goes on like a mask but scrub a bit, rinse it off and I swear you will think you have been to Hawaii. Your skin just glows.

However, what's the point of having glowy skin and flaky lips? A gal must be smoochable at all times, no? So, the at-home spa treatment was followed with the Prep + Prime Microfine Lip Refinisher which, much like my beloved TARTE exfoliator, is compact, quick and simple.

I finished off with Hope in a Jar Moisturizer and M.A.C.'s Prep + Prime SPF 50 and I was off and about. The home treatment left me radiant and looking like I just spent a fortune at the spa, however it was better because it was home, on my schedule and the results were fabulous. The bonus: my wallet was tres happy because while I shelled out about $60 or less for the above, it's more than one treatment, that's for sure.

You know I'll be using these products on the regular. Try it - you might like it.

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How About A Little "I"

Auburn Kat did this little meme and, since, my brain is still on major meltdown, I figured "Why not?" So, therefore, here we go with a little "I..."

I am: frustrated that I really am not where I am supposed to be.

I think: too much.

I thank: my family and friends for their unconditional love and support, even when I am at my most nerve-wracking.

I know: that the decision that I have recently made is the right one for me.

I wish: that I can do what I have a passion for.

I hate: seeing my friends and family hurting.

I miss: those in my life who have since passed on.

I feel: excited for the future that is mapped ahead.

I shop: with way more restraint than I have in the past.

I hear: that dreadful air conditioner. (And sadly I think too many concerts and gigs is blowing out my hearing :( )

I crave: an ice coffee. What can I say - it's been a day so far.

I wonder: how the heck A. is doing sometimes. There are days when I miss him and days when I go "who was he again?".

I dream: about having my own successful PR firm, finding the love of my life and traveling the world.

I love: my family and friends. They say friends are family that we choose ourselves and dammit, I have chosen some good friends.

I care: about the small stuff too often. I need to let that stuff go.

I always: try to think before I act.

I celebrate: that I've survived what I have and try to enjoy life.

I sing: only if I will not break glass. Drat those nuns who yelled at me in the Second Grade and told me to pick a pitch - soprano or alto.

I cry: only when I absolutely have to. I'm always the strong one.

I don't always: have the tolerance for people like I should have.

I write: whenever I can, however, it's not as much as I would like.

I pray: in the morning when I get up.

I lose: my short term memory all the time lately. I'm starting to think I might have adult onset ADHD (or its a casualty of the 9to5).

I listen: to my iPod whenever possible because Orlando radio is lacking, IMO.

I am scared: of taking a chance and putting myself out there but in time, I know I'll do it.

I dance: on occasion, but it was a passion of mine.

I need: to jump back on the Personal Finance bandwagon and work on my FICO score.

I surf: the internet whenever I have a free second.

I dread: packing and moving.

I anticipate: what's in store for me in the near future.

I laugh: whenever I can.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blog 365

Is coming close to claiming another casualty. 365 days of blogging on no brain power?

Ugh! Just can't wrap my mind around a coherent post. Sorry y'all.

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Cha-Cha-ing the Night Away...

For those that saw the S&TC movie... these shoes.. you see them right there - the Gladiators that she wore throughout the film. Well, I am of the opinion that these shoes need to be in the closet - specifically MY closet. And now I've got a look in my head and its centered around a pair of cha-cha-cha sandals for Philly.

Well, my friends, let me display what I have found online that has me going "Hello Lovahhhhhhh"

When one is looking for something that is ummm.. a replica, you immediately know you have to go to the king of imitation (I'm saying it tongue in cheek so back down SMLegalCounsel!), where else, Steve Madden. So you must check out this somewhat wallet friendly pair.

This sandal from MAXStudio had me captivated the MINUTE I got the email from Piperlime. The fact I could possibly purchase it online, cash back that sucker from Nordys and go there to pick it up has me going "Hmmm.. possibly"

And Bakers threw their hat in the ring with their Gladys sandal, but, I have made it known that I'm not really a fan of too much Bakers in a gal's closet - call it my Jessica Simpson shoe paranoia (did you know they made her shoes - the ones that a couple Nordys people told me are allegedly so shoddy that they cracked in half and don't hold up to normal wear and tear). Hmmmm.

What's on your radar for summer shoes?

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Making The First Move...

I've pretty much been holding my emotions at bay but I finally let loose last night. I have made no secret of it that things have been pretty stagnant here and, when I find an opportunity to move on with my life to do something different, factors step in and, basically, block me from pursuing. Some of which, I know, is my own internal radar going "Wait a minute, you know that you can't volunteer due to XYZ" or what I've learned (and oft. suspected) blockage by others to serve their own needs and not for the good of my own interests. However, rather than let my anger go from a simmer to a boil, I've decided that I need to take my own interests to heart and chart my own destiny - rather than what one might chart for me.

In long talks with my family and my close friends, they've heard my frustration and they heard my annoyance with the status quo. Through their constant support and unwavering faith in me, I've made the decision to take the bull by the horns so to speak. I've thought long and hard this weekend and I'm going to break this barrier and the first person to try and stop me from achieving my goals will definitely see my temper. I know I have to stay in some situations only because of circumstance but once those circumstances are taken care of, I can move forward.

Now, I have a huge goal in front of me that I'm breaking into tiny pieces. Obviously, I can't detail it all here but now I have a bit of a plan (and a spreadsheet) in place, I can start to put things into play. I think once the ball starts rolling, it will begin to move fast and furious and I have to think "Lys, are you really prepared for this? Have you really thought this through?" and I can say with all honesty, I have.

Joel Osteen said something that when we stop growing and learning, we grow stagnant and I have to agree with that wholeheartedly. I've always said that when I stop learning, I get bored and, to tell the truth, I've been bored for far too long. I'm not challenged or inspired. And I am way too young to just accept the status quo and plod along bored and unchallenged.

Now, I'm off to go work on that spreadsheet while I figure out what's my first move.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Taking The Night Off....

Its been a week and I'm mentally exhausted.


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Friday, June 06, 2008

My Life - In Mosaic Form

OK, both Hotfessional and Kalisah did this so I figured I'd give it a shot...

Here are the Rules...
a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

1. What is your first name? Lys (wha - you thought you were going to get the FULL name? Methinksnot. No Dooce for me)
2. What is your favorite food? Iced Caramel Macchiato
3. What high school did you go to? Cathedral High School (Go Panthers!)
4. What is your favorite color? Teal
5. Who is your celebrity crush? George Clooney Eads. (Wha - you thought I was going to be predictable, huh?)
6. Favorite drink? Espresso Martinis
7. Dream vacation? Italy
8. Favorite dessert? Pumpkin crème brulee
9. What you want to be when you grow up? Publicist but, since that basically pulled up nothing but various PR stills for various celebs (and I don't want to be a Pussycat Doll), I did "Public Relations".
10. What do you love most in life? Family and Friends, of course.
11. One Word to describe you. Loyal
12. Your flickr name. JustAnothaGal. I got NOTHING under JustAnothaGal, but get Just ANOTHER Gal, oh yeah - a photo of a cluttered purse. SO me.

1. fleur de lys, 2. three heavenly words, 3. cathedral of learning, 4. Reminder Of A Honeymoon, 5. GEORGE EADS, 6. Espresso Martini, 7. Ravello - Country - Italy, 8. Pumpkin creme brulee, 9. Brand Building & Public Relations #03, 10. Village of Gorbio, Maritime Alps, Provence, 11. Love is..., 12. inside my bag

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

From Meowmix: Tips for the Ladies...

Meowmix sent me this email and, as I'm suffering from lack of brainpower for blogging today, I'm copping out and sending this out to y'all. May this make a grin break out on your face as you go "Hot Damn That's Right!"

Tips for the ladies in year 2008
  1. Aspire to be Barbie - the bitch has everything.
  2. If the shoe fits - buy one in every colour.
  3. Take life with a pinch of salt... A wedge of lime, and a shot of tequila.
  4. In need of a support group? - Cocktail hour with the girls!
  5. Go on the 30 day diet.? (I'm on it and so far I've lost 5 days).
  6. When life gets you down - just put on your big girl panties and deal with it.
  7. Let your greatest fear be that there is no PMS and this is just your personality.
  8. I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok? They know me here.
  9. Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself.
  10. Don't get your knickers in a knot; it solves nothing and makes you walk funny.
  11. When life gives you lemons in 2008 - turn it into lemonade then mix it with vodka. (Hear that Hotfessional and SSG?!?!?)
  12. Remember every good-looking, sweet, single male is someone else's ex-boyfriend!

Now smile and send to any girl wasting time at work, suffering from a hangover, or just suffering from work, that might need a reason to smile!

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Venturing the Impossible - Carry-On Luggage...

When I travel, I'm not a road warrior by any means. Sure, I have my packing list down pat and know that I'll wear mostly everything I pack but, like many women, I tend to over pack.

Who knows if I'll change my mind about that swanky dress and want to wear my favorite blouse. What about if I don't feel like wearing the CLWannaBe Stilettos and actually maybe, I dunno, want to wear my blue pumps. I'm a mess. And beauty products - let's not even go there. As Meowmix would say "G*Damn. Did you pack a flippin' CVS or something?" Listen, I'm prepared.

I do have the zip through security down cold well, mainly because I check my luggage. However, I'm sick of the baggage damage, the drama with getting there and waiting in line only to find out I have 2 minutes to get it on the plane to hit the 45 min. window (like the last trip!) and, really, the overbulkiness of what I bring.

So, in chats with Meowmix about the impending August trip and the recent changes on airlines about baggage allowances, etc., I'm attempting to bring ONLY a carry-on suitcase and my purse. That's It. As I'm running an event, I'd need a carry-on with allowances for a laptop in the front pocket so I can breeze through security with my laptop and clear Ziploc in hand. I need a carry-on with room for my stilettos (back to bringing either my CLWannaBes) and a pair of flats (don't gasp - I DO have them) and ample room for jeans, my travel steamer, flat iron (tho I need to get a thinner one now that I think about it) and all those do-dad cords I have to bring for the camera, laptop, etc.

As a plus size fashionista, well, let's just say that our clothes are not small. Not to mention, among my friends, I have a reputation to maintain and have to bring my A-Game Every. Freakin. Time. Bec has tried for YEARS to teach me to pack properly but I resist the teachings. I try to roll but it just comes out a hot tranny mess.

I envy people like Colin Cowie who can put things in packing envelopes and be so neat and organized. I know that should they do a bag inspection through TSA, I don't want someone grabbing my unmentionables and going "Huh - these might have bombs attached". I want to be one of those chic wenches that I often see breeze through the airports with not a care in the world.

If you go into my closet, you'll see luggage from trips past that have been well used and have seen their fair share of tour life. When I would be on the road to Vegas, my slut club gear alone could fill up a carry-on. Hey - we had 4 nights at the hotel and who knows who I would have met, right? (Shush Mike!) All of those bags, sans one, are far from carry-on size, even if HSN tried to say it was (and that sucker is heavy too!). The one for carry-on houses ONE pair of shoes along with clothes for perhaps one night.

Here's the problem. I'm going to be in Philly 5 days/4 nights. One of those nights I'm a door biatche (read: sassy club gear). Another night, I have plans with the gals. The other two - who the heck knows yet. And during the day I need to be presentable as I have a couple meetings I have to attend (and need to bring the requisite paperwork/files). And there has to be room for shopping.

However, I've given myself a break and said that I will, more than likely, be sending myself a little care package via priority mail from the hotel that way I can not worry about packing issues to get home. Perhaps I might send another package TO the hotel with the files and *ahem* a gift for a friend in Philly that, really, the TSA won't let me pack in my carry on. And also my big super size Principessa lotion that won't fit the Ziploc bag rule.

I've been doing my research online regarding luggage and resigned myself to the fact that I'd have to pay for a decent carry-on that will stand up to the wear and tear because, more than likely, its about to get a lot of use as I zip back and forth between Philly.

The other day while shopping for the *perfect* dress for one of the nights in Philly, I ran across a store that had the luggage that I was eyeing - Travelpro. I said "Eehhh - that's expensive, not this week even if it is an outlet". As I'm driving past I see ANOTHER Travelpro outlet store in the complex with the words "FACTORY SALE" Wait a minute - Factory sale??? Those puppies are easily $300+ for a decent bag and the Airline people use them. They have to be good.

I went in with a sense of skepticism because I also have rules for my luggage.

  1. It has to be durable;
  2. It has to house 2 pairs of shoes, easily;
  3. It has to be a cute color that screams "Lys"; and
  4. It has to look chic.
Well, I scored - and scored big. Apparently this bag used to retail for $480 and the other outlet store was selling it for $129. Online, I've found it for anywhere between $130 - $219. Guess how much I paid for it... g'head... guess...


Now that, my friends, is a hell of a bargain. Sure, I read that there are problems with the wheels but nothing that a local skate shop can't replace with some inline skate wheels but it zips around like a dream and its in one of my favorite colors - blue.

So, I'm now on the hunt to get the cute folders ala Colin Cowie (damn you Container Store) and a laptop sleeve so I can look like I have my crap together while breezing through Orlando International or Philadelphia International.

Do you have any tips for a gal on how to pack "light"?

[Image courtesy of]

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Obsessed With: Jimmy Choo Toyah

Ladies/Gents: I think I'm in love...

Look at the lovely known as the
Jimmy Choo Toyah in a sassy, sassy red.

To quote Meryl Streep in A Devil Wears Prada: "That's all."

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Monday, June 02, 2008

S&TC Clip: Classic Samantha

After having a really bad ice coffee today (the sugarfree hazelnut non-fat latte was ummm... *funky*), I remembered one of Samantha's lines from Sex In The City. This is one of the classic* scenes of S&TC that makes me burst out in laughter Every. Freakin. Time.

*classic meaning HBO version - NOT TBS watered down version. Meaning - possibly some objectionable content ahead so, don't click if you don't watch or would get offended by a S&TC scene. [yes, MIKE, tis not safe for you my friend]

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S&TC:The Movie: Quote of the Week

Carrie: Some labels are best left in the closet.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Opinion: Sex & The City: The Movie...

Many of my friends know that it takes ALOT for me to go to a movie. Pretty much, the movie has to be pretty daggone good (read: Clooney or I REALLY want to see it) for me to go. I saw way too many movies back in the day when I first moved here so I revert to the rule "I'm Movied OUT".

Well, when Sex & The City: The Movie was announced, I knew I just had to go. I was one of those girls who watched it from the beginning, laughed at the witty banter, marveled at the fashion, discovered a love for all things Manolo, Choo, etc. and just enjoyed the fact that these gals had a friendship that I also shared with my girlfriends.

I'm not reviewing or spoiling the movie, but yes, I was pleased with it. There were some parts I wasn't happy with - the obvious product placement/plugs (I mean, c'mon - Carrie Bradshaw - Bag, Borrow or Steal?), some of the fashion issues (ok - I'll spoil it but I detest the studded belt!) and some of the story flow had me going "Huh?" but I'm going to see it again and just really enjoy it.

Mind you, when we saw it, behind me I had this girl hissing at every. other. scene injecting her two cents where I wanted to turn to her and go "Lady - listen, obviously you don't like XYZ. Get over it - it's a freakin' MOVIE. They CANT HEAR YOU!". Obviously, the theater was pretty packed.

Let's talk about the fashion, not necessarily the movie fashion - that's been covered on other blogs, but the fashion of the people in the theater. People were there in COSTUME. I swear to god. One woman had on a sequined poofy black party dress; another was dressed like Samantha in a hotchacha red dress complete with bag and sunglasses (I wonder if she at least took them off during the movie). Outside the theater after the movie was over, I thought it was great that so many people dressed up to have fun and the fashion was definitely cool - until I saw the girl in the Flashdance sweatshirt, hot pink platform ankle strippah pumps over STIRRUP PANTS. I wanted to pull her aside and say "ENOUGH". That was one of the downers - I guess stirrup pants ARE coming back. *sigh* This gal wasn't old enough to remember them from the 80s so my guess is she got them off the latest trend pile. I had to think "What would the Budget Fashionista say?"

I did find myself tearing up at some scenes, laughing hysterically at others and just in awe of some of the fashion in the movie. So much so, I'm determined to find some new shoes to replace those that I am getting rid of. And my goal this week - organize my closet because, dammit, I need a fabulous closet again - not a cluttered one.

What did you think of the movie?

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