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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tis A Sad Day...

in the Lys household today.

I went to pick up three pairs of my favorite shoes that I dropped off at the local shoe repair shop here in Altamonte. I had dropped them earlier in the week and was excited to have my babies home. They've been in intensive care for some time - mostly because I wear the hell out of my shoes. There's no easier way to say it. Two pairs I wore all the time, my burgundy and teal peep toe NineWest pumps and one pair, my black and white spectator pumps from Steve Madden, was injured in a fall down the stairs during Project Hell Part III a few months ago.

When I dropped the shoes off the other day, I said plain and simple "I need the heel caps replaced, they need to be polished/shined and please make them look pretty". I think that was pretty simple, no? I told the gal about the heel issue with the spectator pumps and she assured me that they would find out what happened and could handle everything else with no problem and they'd be ready Saturday after 12.

Well, late yesterday afternoon, I guess they called my house but I didn't get a message today - namely because when I woke up, I went, did some errands and ran to pick up my babies. I get to the store and, after she wastes 10 min. looking around for the shoes with my ticket, she then went looking by last name and couldn't find them. As each pair of shoes was nestled in CLEAR bags, I told her simply, "They are red, teal and black & white STILETTO PUMPS", she would then pick up rhinestony gold sandals, black shoes, brown shoes with a "Are these it?"- all the while I'm ready to go "What part do you NOT understand" but I bit my tongue. Turns out, after 10 minutes and 3 times going up and down the shelves again and again, she saw them in the window of the shop and said "Oh we called you. He needed to know what you wanted to do and he needs to talk to you."

Obviously they aren't done. I told her I didn't get the message, she goes "Why not?" I got home from work and the movie and crashed - what the hell business is it of hers what the hell I did with my day? Then she had the nerve to ask why I didn't answer the phone yesterday AT MY HOUSE and I basically blasted her with a "Hey - I'm working during the day at XYZ. Do you think I have time to hold your guy's HAND and tell him how to do his job?"

See, he couldn't use common sense. Part of one sole was starting to detach - GLUE IT, DOH! He didn't replace the heel caps - they were the same. They were not polished. HE DID NOTHING. Not. A. Damn. Thing. So now I've wasted over 30 minutes of time on this idiot - and for what. Then she made a vital mistake - she told me that the brand of shoes that they are crap for shoes and they really weren't worth it to fix anyways. Mind you, I paid over $90 per pair for each shoe. But they are cheap crap shoes.

Wait a minute - I'm going to take this fashion tip from some girl wearing 4.99 platform flip flops, shorty boooty terry shorts, and her flashing underwear with some frog on her butt? (Excuse the judgement but this time I am mad). She tells me that patent can't be polished (OK, understandable, I guess) and that they are just crappily made.

I looked at her and then let it loose. I told her that I would gladly then take them to the Florida mall or bury them, I didn't know yet and, basically - I wouldn't be coming back. Her response "Well I could have him look at them again and you can call him at YOUR convenience. We're here 8-3." Now, I'm mad - really really mad.

Here's the REAL reason I am not going back - if I give a job to someone that is considered an expert in their field - they should be able to answer the most basic of questions, do the work and follow simple instructions. This guy waited until Friday afternoon to do so (they were there since Wednesday) and then was out Saturday so he couldn't have even DONE his work. They aren't doing a huge volume of business so I question who the hell needs their hand held and do I really want to give my business to such a shop. And I won't.

I spoke with my drycleaner after and asked them for a recommendation -their response "Wow - we send our stuff there for our customers." I told my drycleaner that knowing that, I obviously would not be having them handle my shoe repairs and thanked them for their honesty.

I haven't decided what I am going to do with the shoes and, while I'm frustrated, the gals at NineWest are trying to find me another pair of teal pumps. And, obviously, I'm not going to name the shoe repair guy but I won't be going back, nor will I recommend them either.

Thing with being the only "repair" spot in town or one of the few, it is not bad for business for someone not to listen to simple instructions. They are apparently too comfy in their niche and, if they want to continue doing so, fine. They just won't have my business. I have made more of an effort to be more understanding, but this really pissed me off. I shouldn't have to talk him through how to do his job and she shouldn't be running the shop because she, also, doesn't listen to instructions.

So that, my friends, is the shoe saga of the day. I was going to channel my inner Carrie Bradshow and rejoice over my old friends coming home. However, I have to either put the shoes down or get a second opinion.

And, perhaps, I just need to go to DSW and call it a day.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Taking The Night Off...

Heading out to see S&TC movie with the ever fabulous Fus. and Aud for some swanky Orlando shinding, complete with cosmos. Will be back tomorrow.

Have a fabulous evening, y'all!

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Philly,This About Sums It Up...

The plane tix are bought; the car is reserved and I'm still on the hunt for for a hotel deal. 4.5 days of chaos, debauchery, some work and fun is in store and I'm trying to be as organized as possible. Yeah, sure, it's in August, but still. A gal can never be too prepared (or is that a boy scout. Or is it a girl scout? Well, you know what I mean).

I'm only handling the guest list and door at the party and that leaves me the rest of the weekend to get some stuff done in Philly and, even better, get into trouble. And I even have the challenge of only bringing a carry-on bag, laptop and that's it. Yeah - ummm. We'll see. Have you SEEN my shoe collection - that, in itself, needs its own luggage. With the airlines cutting down on baggage allowances and me trying to be more conscientious of what I've got with, I think I've set myself up for one hell of a challenge in this one.

When I heard this song and saw the video, I thought - hmmm.. fitting theme song for that weekend (or a certain someone - I'll never tell). Plus - Adam Levine - HELLO! Hey - at least it replaced Danity Kane's "Damaged" on my playlist, k?

Maroon 5 f. Rihanna "If I Never See Your Face Again"...

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

G'Head - Laugh...

I'm not.

I finally have Outlook again (YAY!) I was putting on the Microsoft Office Professional onto the laptop - finally (we just bought 2007 so shush and don't tell anyone I was running a trial version okay) and decided to configure my Outlook mail to download all the mail on the PRFirm server - oh- well - since the crash heard round the 'net. There's 10k+ emails in there - many of which I can sort through and discard but hot damn.

Guess who's stuck here holding on the laptop because their cat chewed the innernet cord so that it won't stay attached to the 'puter on its lonesome. Yup - moi. All because my cat hates the laptop and, in a fit of utter Shadow evilness, she chewed off the little plastic tab that holds the LAN line in to the laptop (wireless doesn't really work around my house). And I forgot to use the new cord I just bought so I wouldn't have to do this.

*sigh* damn my lap is warm. And I only have - I dunno - 6K more to download. :::sigh:::

But I haz Outlook - I do I do. Now my blackberry will sync with my snazzy laptop. And boy there are some emails I have YET to answer. Oy vey!

I need a cocktail, at the very least. If only I could get up to get one. I should be sitting here for another hour or two. :::sigh:::

So much for going to bed early today.

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Flashing Back - Bad Fashion & All...

One of the characters in this vid is Reese & my dear friend, CK, who we terrorize whenever we go to Philly (and yes, if Kelly had married him - she would have been Kelly Kelly :::groan:::. Can't tell you how many times we heard that one *LOL* and still do on the fanboards.) Keep your eye out - you might see him in a local movie theater near you - soon.

Also in the video is our dear friend Phil who has since passed. And, of course, everyone knows who she is.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There's A Giveaway Goin' On... [XPost]

Drop by Cooking In Stilettos today for a chance to win a copy of Bobby Flay's "Mesa Grill" Cookbook.

Yeah, I know I know - lame Blog 365 entry and, to top it all off, a shameless Cooking In Stilettos plug but drop by, say hello and enter to WIN!

You know you want to!

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Why Is It...

Some things that had me go hmmmm...
  • Why is it that PETCO runs canine education classes and not "feline education classes"? I mean - what if I felt Shadow needed some "education" and might enjoy, I dunno, interacting with other felines and trainers - kinda like a playdate for the kitty.
  • Speaking of the kitty - why is it that Shadow now needs a "Double Wide" scratchy box insead of the standard size scratchy box?
  • Why is it that there is every outlet under the sun in Orlando (Dior, Brooks Brothers, Stuart Weitzman, Neimans, Saks, Coach, Dooney, and on and on and on) but there is no outlet for Gucci, Tiffany or M.A.C.?
  • Why is it that you go to look at the new M.A.C. collection at Macy*s and the dumb bimbette at the counter stresses that NOONE has the new collection at all - it comes out this week. DOH - it's already online and at the pro stores. (The pro-store got the sale - I should know better)
  • Why is it that you can watch a few eps of NCIS and get sucked in like the vortex where you press the "Season Pass" button? I NEVER liked this show before - dammit - another law show to pay attention to.
  • Why is it that you can go to Macy*s Memorial Day sale and just shake your head at the crazy shoppers thinking it's a sample sale (More on that this week over at Fashionista+ Stay Tuned)
  • Why is it that only in my city can I run into one of the few people I EVER want to see and try to act like I don't know who the heck they are? Thankfully I have the blank blond stare downpat.
  • Why is it that I go into the Stuart Weitzman outlet and find shoe nirvana (Kimmy - I will go a week without new choos - promise), only to find one pair that fits. Thankfully it was on sale and I had a fabulous salesgal, Michelle!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fashion Inspiration: Jewelry from S&TC Movie...

I was looking at Bag, Borrow & Steal the other day (Shhhh - just LOOKING 'k?? I'm perfectly happy with the Cole bag - just don't tell the bag I was looking at others and we'll all be okay). They had a segment on Sex & The City and I figured just for kicks and giggles I would take a looksee.

It was like heaven - a bizillion clicks later and I wanted to go through my wardrobe and figure out what stays and what goes. I am sometimes inspired by things I see which makes me run to my closet with a renewed sense of purpose. I haven't done that since the premiere of Lipstick Jungle (which is out on DVD on Tuesday - sqeeeeeeee!). Friends of mine that have gone shopping with me know that sometimes it's not for the "shopping" I go - but wandering through the stores inspires me to think of what I do have and how to switch it up.

There was one jewelry designer I have fallen hard for - MIRIAM HASKELL. I am a sucker for a good pearl necklace (multiple strands) and this necklace had me going "I'll go without new shoes for a full season!" Isn't it gorgeous? Her whole line is gorgeous - and inspiring.

One day, Lys. One day.
[Photo courtesy of Miriam Haskell]

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Note to Self...

The Prime Outlets in Orlando will devistate a gal's wallet - namely Saks Off Fifth, Neiman Marcus, Cole Haan, Lane Bryant Outlet and Stuart Weitzman Outlet.

But what does wonders for one's mood: trying on Manolos, Loubous and Stuarts knowing that one day the Stuarts will be moving into a gal's home.


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Friday, May 23, 2008

Deep Thoughts: Can You Really Change The Past...

Here's something to ponder: will Moses be able to carve new sins into the 10 Commandments, the basis of sins that all Catholics are taught?

I know, I know - you're groaning "Lys, we're supposed to talk about Shoes, and Boys, and Parties and ohmigod-SHOES! It's a holiday weekend." However, this post has been in draft and daggone it - time to publish and clear my conscience. We'll go back to shoes tomorrow - promise!

Ok, let's have a bit of a refresher course if you will. During my 12 years at Catholic School - these were the sins that were taught:

  1. Thou Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me.
  2. Thou Shall Not Take The Name of the Lord, Thy God, In Vain.

  3. Thou Shall Observe the Sabbath Day and Keep It Holy.

  4. Honor Thy Mother and Thy Father.

  5. Thou Shall Not Kill.

  6. Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery.

  7. Thou Shall Not Steal.

  8. Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor.

  9. Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Wife.

  10. Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Goods.

My father mentioned in a phone conversation not too long ago that the Catholic Church is interested in amending the 10 Commandments. Namely, the Catholic Church decided to put a new modern spin on things and are including "modern" sins including pollution, genetic testing, abortion (like they didn't try to include this before - See Commandment #5), obscene riches and a host of others. To quote my father "What's next - Gas Prices?" In that case, Rome needs to take its happy behind to an oil field and figure out that problem, imo. If using too much fuel is a sin, they need to figure out alternatives. Like what does the Pope drive? Is the PopeMobile a hybrid?

Now, this one about the overabundance of riches. OK - so, let's say you are insanely wealthy, you contribute a ton to charity along with your time. Is it still a sin to be rich? Or are you absolved because you are paying the Church a huge tithing? Hmmm...

I think Verena von Pfetten at the Huffington Post summed it up perfectly in her post, "My Spiritual Journey: Thoughts On Sin" While I am a Catholic, I still have my issues with the Church - and one of them is based on confession. How can I confess to a priest who will then tell me "Say 5 Hail Marys, 10 Our Fathers and 1 Apostle's Creed" and *poof* I'm absolved. While I know they are priests and all, personally, I'd rather confess to God and do something in penance to make up for my sin. I've got enough Catholic Guilt to go around for eons. I'm more spiritual now then I was a few years ago.

My other issue is how dare the Church tell me what to tithe. That's between me and God. I know what the Bible says and God knows how much time I also donate and sacrifices that we make. What really got my goat back in the day was being told I couldn't be confirmed because my parents didn't contribute enough to the Church. It was not only embarrassing (because they contributed MORE than enough - my father just refused to use those damn envelopes so Father Huller could track everything), but it was infuriating. I think that's one of the few times I cursed out a priest - and Father Huller HAD it coming. If I could have, I probably would have put a banana in the tailpipe of his spiffy shiny new Cadillac too. So yeah, I'm a tad wary of the Catholic Church sometimes. While I may be Catholic and won't jump faiths, I do, however, reserve the right to speak my mind.

And that's one other thing I told my father as he was scolding me for saying perhaps Moses DID have hallucinations. I'm not doubting God spoke to Moses - but perhaps he had a mushroom or three while he was staring at a bush and the flames could have been a vision/hallucination. [Yeah I know I'm going to hell or, at the very least, purgatory]. I dunno- I'm trying to give the scientists a benefit of a doubt on their hallucination theory. But as I told my dad, I am grateful that the Catholic Church doesn't really excommunicate people based on their beliefs or speaking their mind, unlike a couple faiths I know which are fond of handing a pink slip and a boot to the butt when you question their tenets.

So, should Big Brother of the Church happen to Google search this and find my opinion, I don't need a pink slip. Just understand that I'll follow the original 10 because pretty much, that's what you drilled into my head for 12+ years of daily catechism. I think that's what God wants us to pay attention to.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

*Blink Blink* What's That Again?

You ever hear/see/say something and the other person makes you take a step back and you just "blink" because anything else might warrant a "WTH" response from you?

Just a little tidbit of my week:

  • Today, I duck out of the office to the bank with a quick errand that consists of depositing cash into my account and, while I triple check it for accuracy, I still hand it over to the teller with the hope and belief that she will also count it. I get the fresh outta school teller, a young whippersnapper (shush - my new word, 'k?) who made a point of repeatedly sighing because I decided to interrupt her gossip fest with her fellow teller. (Note: I was the only customer in the joint so sorry - didn't know she'd be "busy"). I've had this chick before and she's famous for the sighs and eyerolls. Rather than actually - I dunno - count the money like the other tellers do - she runs it through the machine. It doesn't matter if it's $40 or $400, that gal will run it through the counting machine every flippin' time. So, I'm a bit grouchy and remark "Wow, I must be old - I remember when tellers actually had to *gasp* COUNT the deposits by HAND". She tells me how the machines are "more accurate". What I wanted to tell her was "No - you're just lazy". Instead, she got a *blink blink*.
  • Driving up to the garage the other day, I had a woman who - no joke - BACKED DOWN THE RAMP almost into my car. Reason: because she drove past this little tiny space that couldn't fit her honkermobile but she was determined to fit it in that teenytinyspace - during morning rush hour. I had 4 cars behind me and the wench kept backing up, all the while she's ignoring our honks that not only we couldn't move but she was about to hit me, whereby starting a domino effect. If I had gotten in the elevator with her, you know I would have cursed her the hell out. Instead I had to be satisfied with calling her a dumbass, blinking at her and then telling my co-worker about her idiocy while she trotted oblivious into work ahead of us but not close enough for me to have a "discussion." As my co-worker said "I know she heard you". Hopefully she'll think next time before she pulls such a dumb move.
  • I had to play Phone Stalker today with someone from another office. This wench will NOT call me back. She works weird hours and I've been stalkin' her for months to schedule something SO simple for my boss. Seriously simple. She doesn't call, she doesn't email - nada. I just so happen to get her on the phone today, repeat my reasons for calling (and I'm nice). She insists she's not familiar with the project I'm calling about. That warrants a *blink blink* because I've talked to her about it COUNTLESS times before and so I call her out on it - slightly nicely. That wench decides to cop a 'tude and tells me she's on a deadline. Sure, so am I but doh. So, I relished the fact of telling her to finish her deadline and then to CALL ME BACK TODAY. What she doesn't know is my boss is gonna call HER boss if this crap keeps up. Lazy azz. [Note she called me groveling about two hours later]
  • Picking up lunch, the man making my sandwich tells me "You know how dirty it gets back here? We don't get paid enough - we only get paid $8.00 an hour". Ummm.. *blink blink* I'm not really hungry for lunch today and I think that spot and I are about to break up now.

There's more as the day rolls along but for now, I'll just blink my little heart out.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Can See Clearer Now...

Some info was disclosed to me a short time ago and its given me a whole new insight into some people, motives and rationale.

What shocks me is how oblivious, for lack of a better term, I was. I guess I have been making more of a concerted effort to try to see the best in people. Perhaps I was wrong. Or maybe, I should just shake my head and watch said individuals with one eye open.


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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In Da YouTube; Spoiling Yer Moviez...

If you don't want a spoiler for S&TC the movie, then don't click on the tape.

I, however, totally spoiled it for myself and am looking to bring others down the same path with me. G'head - click click!

Forgive my lack of posting - my muscles are crying out screams of abuse due to a little DVD called Hip Hop Abs. Yeah - I know. One word - "MPs".

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Monday, May 19, 2008

80 Days or, in the alternative, What Do You Mean I Have To Pack My Suitcase - Again...

According to my nifty little Date Calculator, I have 80 days until I depart for the chaos that is my favorite city again.

This time, I'll be headed back to the City of Brotherly Love for yet another party, this time for who I affectionately deem my big brother (hereinafter - "BigBro" or "Ty"). He wants a party, he gets a party. Done and done. Guess the last party went well that we're ready to do it again. Yes, that's my wallet you hear screaming in the distance... 'Sarit. I can go without new shoes for a bit, no?

I get to play Door Biatche, again. This time with a list, clipboard and azzkickin' stilettos, flanked by two (or more) hopefully cute MPs from the base. This is in addition to the typical club security. (In the fairness of full disclosure, after being told about the MP security, I suggested to BigBro "C'mon, can you get a gal some eye candy please? I need something to play with when I'm at the door." I don't think he found that amusing. Hey - he's military. He knows how I am about MPs. I've dated a couple back in my time. That's all that will need to be said.)

We'll officially know if the location is a go on Wednesday, but it brings up a myriad of questions, tracking more people down from back in the day, compiling the guest lists, hunting down DJs and industry contacts, finding proper hotels (possibly for those out of towners (like moi) who would like a nice discount if possible? I'm just putting that out there). He's working on the sponsors as he knows I'm crazy busy down here. But it's fun and its a deviation from the norm. The party will be on a Saturday which is cool because that gives me some me-me time on Friday to do a few things that I have on the agenda. Friday night, I plan on having a quiet evening with some close friends just chillin' out at my favorite spot.

Seriously, I'm excited yet a bundle of nerves at the same time. Some reasons I can state, some I can't and I'm sure you'll understand. However, it brings up a whole new aspect that's been thrilling yet terrifying at the same time - branching out of my comfort zone. I started to do so on my last trip - making my own way, wandering around my streets, meeting new people out of my core group and just loving every minute of it. Also, I just hope this club can make a decent espresso or egyptian martini.

Not that I don't love the last venue we worked with (because I do and they are amazing), but the distance was the primary issue I heard. It was more Northeast than in the city. As I had to drive, I also made sure to take it easy on the libations but if I'm staying in Center City, I can imbibe a little and take a cab. Of course, all drinking is AFTER the Door Biatche has commenced her duties.

Now, I've got some heavy hitting work ahead of me - namely, I need to find one heck of an azzkickin' outfit that photographs well.

[Photo courtesy of]

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Sunday, May 18, 2008


I've blogging from the Blackberry so forgive me for any grammer/typos. I just have no desire to fire up the laptop. I've been starting my August Philly planning so my mind is scattered.

One of my goals is to get my health on track. I've been tracking what I eat on so its been a lesson in accountability. Every ice coffee, every piece of food that comes my way HAS to be tracked. And its shocked me. There are times I just don't eat and times I snack because I'm bored. That has to stop. I can't eat first thing in the AM because I can guarantee that it will NOT stay down. I get so sick in the mornings that breakfast is not an option until 9/10 am. The only way around it - bananas. I don't know why but its been like that for years.

Secondly - working out and I are not friendly. I don't have time to go to the gym. So I ordered some workout tapes from Amazon and they should be here by Tuesday. If I really have the energy, I might be able to unearth the Jody Watley one Paula Abdul workout vids. Shhhhh - don't judge.

Finally, I need to start taking better care of myself. I learned that with the eye scare. My goal is lose 20lbs by August 1st. I know I can do it - just need to get into gear.


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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Still Recovering...

Earlier today, I was saying that I didn't realize how much planning the whole Philly thing took out of me on top of my active work load until this week. I've been crashing dead asleep by 10/11 each night and, for those that know me, that's virtually impossible. I am worn the hell out. For a gal who normally crashes around 1/2 a.m., I'm starting to feel the creakin' in my bones. I used to be a night owl but no more. It was so bad on Wednesday that I even turned off Criminal Minds - that's NOT like me at all.

Today, I went out to lunch with one of my gals, Fus, and it was hilar. Between recounting what happened in Philly and her story about a certain person, it was good times. We don't catch up as much as we used to but it was fun. We work a couple streets away from each other but she's a workaholic much like yours truly so lunch is just never an option plus when we talk, we talk. An hour - fuhgettaboudit! Then I was off to go shopping in the Millenia Mall, only picking up a few things before I had to go grocery shopping.

The more I tend to think about what happened in Philly, the more I start to see that things happen for a reason. There was a reason for everything, the party, the fire damage to OurBuddys' spot, the renewal of friendships - hell even the heated bucket seats of the gas guzzlin' Impala (I still giggle over my remark "Why is my azz hot??"). Every couple of days, I'll hear from one of my Philly crew or I'll contact them. It's hard to believe how much I miss them all sometimes. One of my fave gals will be flying into Orlando in a couple weeks so we've got Martinis on the agenda. Not to mention, last night, I got the call that I'll be going back either Aug. 9th or Aug. 23rd - I'll know more by Monday. It wasn't the date I was hoping for but, yet again, everything for a reason as I have a job to do while I am in Philly - not just to goof around and bat my eyelashes, right?

So now, I need to recoup so I can be ready for Aug. - and that means I need to get my happy non-warm butt to the gym. And, I need to hold myself accountable for everything - finances, fitness and health.

And, I behaved - I didn't buy this. I was so tempted to even with the gals offering to knock $50 off the price. One day - just not this day.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

I Need To Remember...

I'm not as immune to Captain Morgan as I thought


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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nothing Like Some Good Tunes On The Speaker...

I'm one of those gals that, when I find a radio station I like, I stick to it.

IMO, the Orlando radio market sucks. Straight up - the only station I listen to is 92.5 and that's because my fave dj - Doc - is on the morning show. (I still am learning this country thang - shush Meowmix!) I stopped listening to Johnny and XL106.7 shortly after Doc left (By no fault of Alex or Johnny - I luv those guys - just not the station music choices). And other local stations make me go "Ugh!" Occasionally I'll try to check out the Tampa stations but still - nothing that makes me want to turn off the iPod/CD Player. Sure my clients get some radio play but on the personal level, I have trouble standing behind a station that seems to have lost its listener's focus.

When I travel, I always note my stations in the car. When I'm in NYC - it's KTU or Hot 97. When I'm in Connecticut/Western Mass - it's Kiss 95.7 (even tho I was ditched as their dance show intern because I was friends with someone at a rival station - booo *LOL*) or WMAS 94.7 (when my DJ buddies are on the air). When I'm in Boston/NH - its 107.9 or 94.5 when I want a little R&B/Hip Hop. And, when I was in Philly - normally the dial is set to Q102. Lately, in my frequency of trips, I noticed that Q just doesn't have the same UMPH! that it used to when I was younger - mainly it didn't have the dance trax that I enjoyed and seemed very "Clear Channel". You know how that is - when you hear the same song every 30 min. and wonder if San Antonio (Clear Channel's HQ) just has no imagination. The past few trips I've been flippin' the dial between Q102 and their new station, WIRED 96.5. I would listen to WIRED and noticed that it was like my Q of long ago. (Not surprisingly - some of the WIRED staff is from Q).

Guess what - this last trip - 99.5% of the time my station was on WIRED and, even better, when I got home and logged into the site, I saw I can listen live. Because, clearly, that's the shot in an arm this gal needs - decent radio and it's on my computer dial now.

If you love some good dancin' tunes, check it out at

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Be Still My Heart...

I'm In Shoe Ho Heaven...

I think these might be on the agenda for Philly in August, no?

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Maybe I Should...

Auburn Kat put this one out there and, still suffering from the post-Philly brain fry, here we go...

*Maybe I should... stop being such a night owl.

*I love the smell of... flowers, especially lilacs and roses.

*People would say that I... look unapproachable in a club and, while I hate to say it - mean. 'Tis the nature of my job. Plus, I'm not a club gal. I love dancing but can't deal with the drama that's often associated with nightclubs.

* I don’t understand why... guys feel the need to play games.

*When I wake up in the morning... I roll over and go "Ugh - do I REALLY have to get up?"

*I lost my will power to... deal with a few people from my past.

*Life is wonderful with... those I'm blessed with - friends and family.

*My past made me... a much stronger woman.

*I get annoyed when... I have to repeat myself three times.

*Parties are not... fun to plan for this gal.

*Dogs are... loyal and dependant.

*Cats... are loyal and independent.

*Tomorrow I am going to... try to catch up on my blog reading? Start eating healthier? Stop buying shoes?

*I have a low tolerance for... lack of a better term - bullshit.

*I fear... being in another abusive relationship.

*I wonder why I thought my life would be... like a novel.

*Never in my life... have ever enjoyed feeling the need to play the dumb blond to get my point across.

*High school is something that... I can gladly say "NEVER AGAIN!" Ugh people at my school could be horrid!

* When I'm nervous... I either flip into publicist/work mode or become quiet.

*Take my advice... if you are thinking joint finances and you are NOT married, think again.

*Making my bed is... not my favorite thing.

*I'm almost always... wondering what some ulterior motives are with certain individuals.

*I'm addicted to... ice coffee.

*I want someone... when I'm dating them, to see me for me and not, for once, try to interject themselves into my career. Two independent lives is my motto.

OK - if you are reading and want to do this, let me know in the comments!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So Damaged...

I heard this song about 2 months ago and it really resonated - because it's true. While I am NOT a fan of the group - this song just spoke volumes. They say that until one recognizes a problem, you are doomed to keep repeating the same pattern/behavior until its corrected.

Sadly, I think I said earlier, I have a habit of selling myself short - in life, in career and, most definitely, in relationships. I've taken a couple years from dating because I tend to gravitate to the same problem of dating azzhats. I don't know why - perhaps I want to keep repeating behavior from my first love, I don't know. Perhaps its a subconscious thing of thinking I would never meet another man like Nicky. Perhaps I'm just being my normal, obstinate stubborn self. I mean, c'mon. I am very picky. I don't feel like going head-first through another window in this lifetime. I had enough of that crap with Mark. I don't feel like dealing with verbal drama like I had with non-ex H. I don't want to deal with the available only when I am not available-ness I had with a certain individual who I choose to not communicate with. I just can't pinpoint ONE specific reason but I know I refuse to settle for anyone that happens to be around here. And, yes, my girlfriends joke that if I happen to perhaps like a guy who is not an azzhat - he might be *ahem* unavailable due to his predisposition to those of a different persuasion or religion. Hey - they won't let me live that down, but still. Also, as one of my gals, Malika, pointed out - I tend to assume that many of the people I encounter will bring some of the above behaviors to the table as well - whereby selling THEM short.

So in my decisions about dating have been lying dormant but this song made me think about what's going on in my psyche to have me push people away. I tend to do that when I'm wrapped in my shell and, if anything, that shell is cast away when I'm up north. If anything, this weekend has shown me is that I'm on the right path. I'm starting to get my "ducks in a row" and have a clearer view of what I do want and don't want in my life. By focusing so much on the negative, I surrounded myself with negative energy and I just don't have time for that mess. I also made the decision that I'm leaving it to the Man upstairs to put the right person in my path and just have faith. Plus - when it hits you, you don’t always see it coming.

Que sera sera, right?

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Philly - Top Ten Quotes To Describe Our Trip...

Here are a few memorable utterances heard on the trip to Philly. Please note that due to my brain fry-age, this list compiled by mostly Meowmix...

  1. "Why the hell is my azz warm?" [doh - heated seats Lys - don't you check out the car before you rent it?]
  2. "You are entirely the wrong sex for him to notice you need a drink." [Meowmix to Jas when Ant, the bartender, wasn't paying him a lick of attention. Obviously later on in the night, Jas asked me to procure his beverages as my cleavage seemed to get Ant's attention more than once.]
  3. "Do I look like your freakin' secretary?" [Meowmix to Jas; also Lys to OurBuddy when asked to return a call *LOL*]
  4. "It looked a whole lot better on the hanger."
  5. "Ummm, THIS is the defroster..... I can't drive but I CAN defrog!" [Meowmix figuring out what the hell worked in the Impala]
  6. "SHUT UP you stupid GPS! THAT is a parking lot." [As the GPS gets Lys lost - again.]
  7. "Ummm, Lys, we're not arriving, we're departing hunny???" [Obviously, in the airport I missed a lane. Guess, I can't figure out left/right yet - shaddup, I KNOW!]
  8. "OMG, my feet hurt!"
  9. "BODY SHOTS!!!!" [Hence why B., the co-manager, ran scared from Meowmix the next evening. We only know because his boss, S., blurted out that he heard something about craziness abounding and Meowmix someone yippin' about body shots.]
  10. "Please don't scare this waiter.....!" [Lys to Meowmix who, upon encountering Mark, received a "notsobiggirl" drink. As she also edumacated S., Meowmix likes her drinks vat sized. Philadelphia doesn't seem to understand that when it comes to her sombreros - kahlua and milk for those not in the know, size does, indeed, matter]

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Lesson Of The Day...

A gal must remember the old addage "A watched blackberry never texts"...


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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Leaving, Again...

Every time I head up north, it gets harder and harder to leave Philly. My friends, my heart and my peace are left behind every time I start heading back to the land of the Rat. It's truly nothing for interpretation - just how I feel.

Alot has happened both on this trip and the one prior where I sit here sometimes going "I am truly blessed." Some people have crossed my path, whether it be years ago or even a few days ago, where I sit back astounded by how amazing the people I hang out with are.

In Orlando, I am blessed as well - don't think I'm being ungrateful at all, just know that my crew in Philly are the ones that pick up the pieces and "humpty dumpty me" back together again whenever I fall apart (and Meowmix, while she's a NH gal, she's part of the Philly crew whether she likes it or not)...

So today I'll be heading on a plane back to Orlando going "Damn - when can we do that again?"

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Event Recap...

Last night's event went over swimmingly. Sure there were a few people who didn't make it and also some people who came out that we hadn't seen in forever. And, of course, our normal crew showed up - and they were having a great time. So much so, I have some photographic evidence of one that will be used to say "Are you feelin' okay - dude you were dancing". Most importantly, OurBuddy had a blast. While he's always smiling - he really just beamed last night. Bonus, I met some fabulous people - the Club Managers, Bartenders and Club DJ were so gracious, kindhearted and genuine. I definitely will recommend their hot spot to everyone. One of the best parts of everything, many people reconnected, some of which hadn't seen each other in 14+ years and friendships were renewed. All in all, it was a great event.

Today I have *off* from the norm and will be trapsin' around Philly looking at a few things. I'll also be doing something I always wanted to do - visiting the Italian Market down in South Philly. I've been dyin' to go to their spice store ever since I saw it on a television program. Also on the agenda - a fondling session at Crate & Barrel, Fantes and again, Sur La Table, a visit to my friend Justine's grave, a good ice coffee somewhere, a quick visit to Northeast Philadelphia and wherever the wind might take me. Meowmix and I will probably head out tonight with a few people and we'll have fun.

It feels so good to be home. It feels good to relax - and I can't really do that in Orlando, sadly. This is the one spot that I can let go of my cares and just be me. No worries about what people think or say, no worries about people's reputations or the small town mentality. This is my city and my Philadelphia never lets me down.

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Friday, May 09, 2008

You're Taking Me....

To the Point of No Return..

Woke up hella early on my day off today - was watching CBS The Early Show (which I NEVER do) and the ongoing live coverage of the funeral of the police officer who was gunned down in Philly on Saturday. As the city is crazed today, I figured I'd take the time and center my thoughts before I embarked on the chaos that is bound to be around every corner today.

Well the year they spotlighted for newscaster Maggie Rodriguez's prom was 1987, a year which is very memorable to many of those that will be attending the party tonight. 1987 was the year that I really started watching the show (I didn't dance on it til 88). 1987 is the year that my favorite genre of music (and a genre I still work in), Freestyle hit its stride. 1987 had some music that I still love to this day.

At the close of the show, they had special guest, Gloria Estefan from Miami and I thought that was the final *big* guest. Until they pulled away to a shot of one of my absolute favorite Freestyle groups, Expose, to perform live. Talk about huge memories.

To think, that is just the start of the day - and what a way to start.

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Because I'm Planning On Being Crazy Busy Tonight...

I haz landed; I haz imbibed cocktail; I haz finally relaxed. I iz home. I love my city. (and yes I'm posting my Friday post early because I will be crazy busy this afternoon. I have a meeting with the club at 1; shopping with Meowmix and JoeZ at 2:30; get ready for party; Party set up at 8; Party start at 9:30; Promptly sit at bar with Jas, CK, Ty, Meowmix, HH and others and start kickin' back the cocktails. Yeah - so I don't want to anger Blog365... So, let's get a brief (yet amusing) recap of yesterday in bullets...
  • Left for airport on time (well 10 min. late but shhhhhh). Again dealt with crazy granny drivers and slow azz people on 436. What was a quick 20 min. straight shot turned into an hour neck and neck drive. Ugh.
  • Parked at the airport, shot up to the gate and the line was WRAPPED around the lobby. WRAPPED - all parents with munchkins all sleepy waiting to fly home to their life away from the land of all things Disney. Parents were NOT happy. AirTran was NOT moving - oh - and that was the line for those that checked in ONLINE and were only waiting to check baggage. Note to self - NEVER book an 11:29 flight again. Back to my 7 am flights.
  • 10 min. in long long non-moving line, clock tickin' like crazy prompted me to take action. I spoke with customer service idjiot, Maria, who told me that I should have been there earlier to check in baggage. Well smart azz Maria - if you were DOING your job to get the line moving and not having everyone in a standstill while you lollygag and do nothing - well, then, who's the dummy. Yeah - so for her to give me lecture on the 45 min. prior to arrival rule when the line is NOT moving at all and had not been for the 10 min. I waited in the wrapped line lobby - well then. She tried to wiggle her neck at me and get all stupid like we were in a club. I shut her down - and quick. Don't. Play. Me. She tells me to talk to her supervisor at the TSA drop off. Sure then. I will. And then she had the nerve to tell me WHAT to tell him. I told her I'd tell him she isn't facilitating the movement of the line. Tis only fair right?
  • Father with 3 out of control kids in strollers and wife being a wench and a half: Don't get smart with ME because I pulled someone aside to address about the line issue. Sure if I have to jump the line - I will. Why - because I had the NERVE to speak up while you did NOTHING. Nor did you try to discipline your kids running more rampant than the kids from that movie Overboard (Before Goldie Hawn taught them a thing or three about discipline).
  • Talk with supervisor, he tells me they will have to put me on standby. I told him that we had 2 min. to get my luggage on my flight before shut down - it would hit the 45 min. rule and while I was fine with standby, my meeting in Philly would NOT be. And I would have talked to him earlier if Maria didn't piss me the hell off. As he saw the line STILL not moving and realized he had a problem. Whatever. He grabs my ticket, runs to the computer and then comes back with "Ms. Lys, I'm sorry - you should have said you worked for [9to5], I've printed out your boarding documents and you are all set. Give me your bags, you will be on the 11:29 flight." LOVE HIM.
  • Even better - loved the smirky snarky look I shot Idjiot Dad while he barely moved and he heard me tell Idjiot Maria - "Thanks for the advice to talk to your boss. He handled the situation like I expected." Yeah I line jumped and trust me -it was with the utmost permission of AirTran. LOVE Them. (Don't love Idjiot Maria)
  • Starbucks - NO LINE - None, Nada, Nil. Got coffee and get to my gate. What do you mean I have to pay to upgrade. Girl looks at my ticket and tells me "Yup, policy changed. It's no longer our discretion". *sigh* OK. Fine. My A2B benefits only applied to standard seats, not biz class. See the amount of screaming children on the plane and pull a Beyonce - Upgrade Me Please while I hand over the card.
  • Philly - I can haz luggage? Please? Oh. My. Lord it took so long to get the luggage. SO long. 40 min. long. Fine - I'm not stressed.
  • Hertz - I can haz car? Wait a minute - they actually wanted me to drive a Brady Bunch Station Wagon - same make as the car that on the last trip, the doors spontaneously opened on the Ben Franklin Bridge - as I was DRIVING! Oh. Hell. No. - I turned on my heel quicker than a Marine and marched into the Gold Club office. I can haz sassy car please? She looks at the car, my rental record and says "Oh honey, how is an Impala. I would be scared too. I'll give you a nav system too."
  • Let's talk about the free nav. system. Ummm... Hertz Never Lost - thank you for getting me LOST to my hotel 1.4 mi. away. LOST - you kept telling me to turn right and drive into the economy parking lot when it should have been LEFT to the street. Hertz Never Lost Got Me Lost. (Say that three times fast)
  • Hotel - love it. Looked like a college dorm from exterior hallway. Inside the room - whole other story. LOVE it. WIsh the soda machines worked on my floor though. Wonder if they can make me some ice coffee...
  • Shot up to Manayunk where the party is happening and looked around. I think I like that place. Will spend some quality time up there on Saturday as well. Very quaint.
  • Meowmix - after getting her luggage - trotted out to the pick up area at baggage claim - AS I PARKED. Wanna know how she told me to find her - a text that said "Standing by cop with dog". Obviously she knows me too well - I always check out the cops. And he was a cute one - you would think she would talk to the cop and get his number for a gal. *sigh*
  • Went to Dave & Busters for cocktails and dinner tonight and caught up with Meowmix while watching her scare our waiter Jesse. Poor Jesse had NO idea what he was getting into - she asked for a mojito and was told "No". Asked for a Sombrero and was told "HUH?" so she told him Kahlua and Milk and it was like a lightbulb - oh ok. He brings over this big Captain & Diet Coke for me; small rocks glass of Kahlua and Milk for her - little Kahlua. She sucked that down in 2 min. flat and basically pulled an Oliver with "Thank you - can I have another and can I get a big girl glass?". Finally she told him to make a vat of it and keep 'em coming. He finally learned how to make her sombrero. Me, I was content with my captain. They can't screw that up by much (and I was driving)

So, with that, all is well in the land of Lys. I have pictures for y'all - will post on Saturday.

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Guess What

Its 7:30 and I haven't had a cocktail yet.

I know - lame azz post but I'm on tbe Blackberry waiting for Meowmix to get off da plane.

Lots to tell. Stay tuned!


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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

T-Minus 13 Hours and Counting...

Well, I didn't work as late at the 9to5 as I'd like, mainly because I had stuff at home to do. My co-workers were told basically "Don't call me unless you ABSOLUTELY have to!" I left the massive size bottle of Advil out so that should anyone have a massive size headache, they could help themselves and not feel the need to call for directions. I quickly checked the upcoming events and even prepped stuff for Monday.

Now, I'm home, relaxing while watching Criminal Minds and doing a mental run through of my wardrobe. I'll pack tonight,get Shadow all her new toys to keep her busy and, come 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, my happy behind is zippin' off to Philadelphia. On the plane, I'll be honing the guest list - just in case. Immediately upon landing and getting my wheels, I'll be shooting up to the club to meet with the fabu club manager, finalize the details and then it's off to Sur La Table and my best friend's grave. Meowmix flies in at 6:45 and until Friday, I'm taking the night off. Perhaps we can convince CK to come by for a cocktail or 3.

Let's just hope this party goes off without a hitch!

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fire Drill Time...

This morning goes a little like this:

Driving into the 9to5, I thought perhaps I should send a text to OurBuddy considering that the party is Friday and its now Tuesday - just to check in. About 5 min. after that thought departs my little peabrain, my cell rings and on the other end of the phone is a very sad and frustrated OurBuddy with a conversation that begins with "Lys, we have a problem". Oh no - now what?

Turns out there was a fire near the venue last night and the county had shut down all businesses affected through Monday for safety reasons, regardless of how minor. Thankfully noone was hurt but there was exterior smoke damage and the venue is shut down. Noone can enter. No exceptions - the county has ruled and we have lost without even a hearing.

In true publicist fashion, I think "Ok, we can handle. Let's resort to Plan B." Crap - that's right. There IS no Plan B for this sort of situation as, quite frankly, this was something we never anticipated as OurBuddy owned the venue and we pretty much were calling the shots. Oh Lord. I need coffee, stat.

Now we have to find a new spot to hold 200+ people? In a couple hours? And it had to be a spot where it was going to cost us nada with the promise that our crew and the people attending would definitely hook up the bar tab. (See, we all have a habit of enjoying cocktails and our tabs are pretty daggone high when we get together. Clubs/Restaurants and Bars make some serious bank off of our group.) And then that nagging voice in the back of my brain thinks "But, Lys, it's a Friday night, normally a busy night for most bars/clubs/restaurants - what makes us so special? Why would they care if a bunch of 30somethings want to party for a friend's birthday, reminisce and have an 80s flashback (or three - esp. with some people's jersey hair)?" No, I would NOT think that way - I would find a place if I had to cuss out a county person my damn self.

After doing some research online and drafting a quick pitch, I called one of the area taverns and they really outdid themselves. So, thanks to the generosity of a fabu club manager, we've got a room downstairs with a bar, DJ at 10 (tho we have one if they want to use him), and some genuine warm-hearted people. Plus we've got bar patrons upstairs to socialize with. And Meowmix has new security playthings should she choose to "play" (well before her normal security plaything shows up).

That's one of the things I love about Philly - they pull together when needed. If their neighbor's in trouble, they help. If they have something to lend, they do. Sadly, here in Orlando - you'd be hard pressed to find a club to help out like that, especially when it comes to an event like this. Then it was off to redo the invites, upload the new info to Evite and MySpace, emails to various people and viola - OurBuddy's Soiree is saved. Hurray!

So, that's the recap of my fire drill. Between that and the daily grind at the 9to5 today, there better be some cocktails on ice when I land on Thursday - I might even have an early morning cocktail on the plane. It probably would be around 5 pm somewhere, right?

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It All Comes Back Again...

On MySpace, I moved a certain someone down a few pegs - pretty much because they pissed me the hell off. We've been close off and on for 14+ years and it's the whole "in a relationship - friends don't exist" drama.

It bothered me for quite some time but it's who he is. However, whenever I'm in Mass., we hang out, have a good time and then it's back to our lives. 'Sall good. Now, I didn't even invite him to the whole soiree because a) Meowmix might drop kick him if he has 'tude, b) he doesn't really know my Philly friends except for one (and they are a bit protective - he might not make the cut!) and c) I don't want to worry about him all night - it's a 5+ hr. drive. Do I want to see him - sure, I do miss him; do I want to reward his pain in the azz behavior - ummm.. nope.

Anywho - tonight, as I'm logging in to my personal MySpace to read a message from someone about the soiree, I happened to look around my page, saw his pic regulated to the back row and went "ahhh - what da hell", tootle to his page, see a pic of him recently and go "Dammit!". I wonder what he's going to say when I tell him my future plans...

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Monday, May 05, 2008

A Donde Es Mi Nyquil...

Just the way I want to kick off Cinco de Mayo - not with a cerveza but with a sharp dose of Nyquil.

Here's the Monday I've been dealt today - giggle along if you must.

  • I woke up this morning alternating between a case of the chills and sweating profusely only to have the occasional dizzy spell. Drat - I feel a flu bug setting in.
  • I quickly followed that with a howl of pain as the new razor I bought cut the living daylights out of my ankle. I didn't know blood could be that bright red as it swirled down the drain. Nor did I know that a cut ankle could pump out that much blood. Three Band-Aids later, one ruined washcloth and multiple squirts of the Neosporin spray - I'm off and running to get ready for the day. (I didn't think Neosporin could sting - made me long for Bactine! - Ouchie!)
  • Back to the sweats and chills which meant no playing with the new Mineral Foundation from M.A.C. that I bought this weekend. Double Drats. Thankfully I don't always need to wear foundation but still need some rockin' eye makeup. I spent a couple hours last night going through tons of makeup deciding what lived, what died and what fun stuff I forgot I had. So, with a renewed sense of purpose, I dived into the revamped makeup kit determined to make a smoky eye as I could wear my contacts again. Yeah, no can do. Couldn't get the left contact in without realizing one month in my spectacles makes me severely out of practice to put that little silicone disc in my eye. I still wound up doing a quasi smoky eye only to have my eyeliner run quicker than a bunny runnin' from a fox. Whatever, that's what my shades are for, right?
  • Get out to the car, running 15 min. later than my normal 10 min. only to see 44 mi. available on the gas tank. Holy smokes Batman - I did forget to get gas, didn't I. I scoot quickly through traffic, get to the local BP only to stand there for another 10 min. to have the tanks NOT work. Whatever - off to Hess I run and put a quick $20 in the tank.
  • Now I'm super late for the 9to5, the cellie's blowing up from the office and I'm drivin' like a Northern gal - pedal to floor, my friends, pedal to floor. (Now if a cute state trooper pulled me to the side, that would make it a plus or minus Monday, right?)
  • I escape for a quick errands lunch, run to the bank and grab some soup only to feel all woozy again. Drats drats drats. I'm in flats the rest of the day.
  • Now - end of day and guess what - I'm going home to take some Nyquil.

So those having some cervazas tonight, please have an extra Corona for your gal. I'll be hyped up on meds trying to stave off this cold threatening to ruin my weekend. And, as y'all know, having the flu during a party is NOT fabulous.

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Sometimes You Just Have To Say "Oh Brother"...

I'm in a cranky type of mood...

Well, here we are, countdown to OurBuddy's soiree, and there's that elusive character from the background wondering why he's not on the list. We'll refer to him as TheCharacter.

Now, I'm a kinder, gentler Lys and I'm not a 15/16 year old kid anymore. If he shows up, I'll be cordial - I normally am. There will be no stiletto waving (I'll reserve that for someone else.) However, I don't need nor want his approval about anything I do in my life. A few years ago, one of his *ahem* friends made a point of telling me I should be grateful because if it wasn't for TheCharacter, I would have never met a long-standing client. I called her bluff on that one as I knew the client way before I met TheCharacter. That one remark pissed me the hell off and I reverted to feeling like a teenager when TheCharacter was calling my house to "talk to my parents". My parents, however, have never really put stock in anything that came from TheCharacter's mouth. Sure, I would get a show suspension and be told I need to "check my behavior" but whatever. I let it go. I'm not going to be controlled by someone like that. So that's my history with TheCharacter. I'm now in my 30s and things have changed.

Back to present day. I do, however, hate to see my friends uncomfy. There are issues from back in the day that always surface when TheCharacter is around and he has a habit of turning an event into something about HIM when in reality it's about OurBuddy. Not to mention, the last time I went to an event thrown by TheCharacter, there was obvious discomfort from some parties. I hate seeing that. I can ignore the pink elephant in the room but others might not be able to.

My thought is this - how do I keep the peace between all parties because if TheCharacter shows up - there is bound to be drama. Not to mention there are a couple people who play both sides of the fence. I don't play that game. I've told TheCharacter before that I've gotten to where I am because of who I am. I've always shown credit where credit is due, but he's not riding any of our successes like he tried to when a certain someone made it big. I don't want him to try and take credit for something he's clearly not a part of anymore. Sure, we all met indirectly through him - but it's US that have kept our friendships going strong - not him.

I'm seriously going to need wine - pre and post party. Thankfully Reese and Meowmix will be there - both of them won't waste a second slappin' me upside the head if I start feeling bad. I just want everyone to have a good time, even if it's just for one night.

If TheCharacter insists on showing up - he might not like my response so much. Sure, OurBuddy will put him on the list but it will be conditional and, for once, we'll have the restrictions on our side.

One other thing that's bugging me - all the people who said they would do so and so for the party - the publicists and managers who were all over the idea of a gift for OurBuddy. Yeah, it's May 5th and I see NADA - Nothing - NIL. Thankfully I put a plan B into play but man that pissed me the hell off. Next time they ask me for a favor, I might have to say "Sure, maybe, well perhaps." Somehow, in the back of my mind, I knew some people would flake. Oh well.

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Sunday, May 04, 2008


I have to convert various videos to DVD for Our Buddy's soiree and can I say this is the MOST annoying thing I have ever gone through? I can't get the DVD recorder to work - the manual seems to be written in Greek and I'm sitting here going "UGH!" and this was rated one of the best ones to get and the easiest to work with.

Either that or I just need to dub VCR to VCR and tell him "Here ya go". I'm giving this 2 more hours and see what happens. This is difficult for me as I'm normally able to figure out electronics pretty quickly. Keep your fingers crossed this doesn't drive me insane.

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's the Little Things...

Keri over at Keri's Klutter has often blogged about things to be thankful for, no matter how small or large. I thought, as it's one of the main factors in the Secret, that I should start vocalizing 7 things I'm grateful for - on the weekly.

So, here it goes:

I'm thankful and grateful for...
  1. Besides my friends and family, those that I encounter that make every day such a joy, including my blog readers :)
  2. The gals at Dunkin' Donuts that had my coffee ready for me before I even walked in the door. It's always perfect. (Makes up for when Josh is there and the coffee is way too bitter and I have to doctor it up when I get home.)
  3. The ability to recognize when too much is too much and stop myself before I get to that point. (Today it was not going totally overboard at M.A.C. - even though I have to replace much of my makeup as it's too old and I heard a few things that skived me out a bit.)
  4. The ability to see clearly - both with glasses and now with contacts. (Thank you Dr. K!)
  5. The strength to deal with the daily grind at the 9to5 and not lose my marbles like I would have 2 months ago.
  6. The kitty who is snoring on the floor - plum tuckered out from way too much playing (wait til she sees the catnip scratchy box I got her for the week - she won't even miss me when I'm in Philly).
  7. The ability to fly to Philly to see great friends, places and experience the best life has to offer. It will be good to be home.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Crazed Busy But Okay...

I have a ton of emails and blog posts to catch up on so be prepared for the slew of comment luv and emails that I'll be sending this weekend - pinkyswear. Y'all are top priority. I know I've been a bit more quiet than norm, but I've been crazy busy both with OurBuddy's soiree and the 9to5. Things are developing fast and furious so I'm juggling 20 balls in the air. Next weekend will be scattered posts as I won't know if i can post daily - perhaps some celly pics via utterz or something so Blog365 doesn't penalize me.

Tonight, I did have a bit of comic relief chatting with OurBuddy (let's just say schedules got crossed). It dawned on me that next week (well from Thursday on), I'll be back in my city - Philly - and exactly one week from tonight, yours truly will have cocktail in one hand, and chattin' like a schoolgirl with some of my favorite people. Reese is flying in from LA, Meowmix is flying in from NH, I'm coming in from O-Town, our boy Andre is heading from Miami - basically people are coming from all parts of the country to celebrate OurBuddy's *20th* birthday. JoeZ will hopefully be there if he's not gigging that night and my gal Suz will probably start the call for shots upon arrival.

The other thing I'm looking forward to is seeing some people that we haven't seen in 20+ years. The blackberry has been buzzing like crazy and it probably won't stop for a while. It's going to be a night to remember - for all of us.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Haz A Button All Of My Very Own...

The Hotfessional (who I now luv more than my crack shoe savior, Ron) made me my very very first button.

Look to the left and you'll see it all new and shiny!!! Somehow that just makes Cooking In Stilettos that much more special (and you can now just remember as I somehow decided domains needed to be purchased a couple weeks ago.)

Thank you Ree!!!!! (And to those not reading her site - get thee to - stat!!)

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Pleasure & Pain...

If I wasn't on self imposed financial grounding I'd seriously consider this Alexis Hudson bag for OurBuddy's Soiree...

Secondly, you know those shoes I was pitchin' a fit about for having at OurBuddy's soiree? It got to the point where I was plotting calling my editor and publicist buddies due to their corporate office customer service (HORRIBLE!). However, their awesome district manager, Ron (LOVE him!) saved my behind and had these located and shipped ON rush. I get them INTO my office today, all psyched, rip open the package and slide them onto my feet. I break them in for 2 hours (sitting - shush, don't judge!) and then switch out as I was going to the 'Bucks with my boy SL. I get back and figure, sure, I'll slide them on and stand up. The view was MUCH taller than normal. They are supposed to be 4" stilettos. From their website:

A closed back open toe pump in printed patent combinations makes this shoe
shine. A 4' heel gives you that high off the ground look but wiht
a 1/2' hidden platform it lets you walk all day or night in comfort. Made in Brazil of the finest leathers.

Either someone in Brazil can't measure or they can't type (obviously that's true because of the spelling error) but those puppies were 5". 5 inches!! I even took a ruler to it. I'm either going to use them as self defense weapons or wonder if I should have a lucite platform in it instead of the coral. So, they have now been christened my "Hookah Shoes". And no, they are not being worn to the Soiree. Sadly, I think they will cripple me by that point and my happy behind will be in flats. But they are gorgeous. I just have to learn to walk all over again. At least they don't make my feet numb like the Weitzmans (which are going BACK!)

Ahhh.. how a gal has to suffer for beauty...

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