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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Would You Prefer Hinged or Chained?

Well, Ty's party is next week and one of our usual suspects is yipping something about not being able to attend. Now, I think I've said before, Meowmix is a cop in the land of "Live Free or Die!" and when I do events in Philly, I normally beg, plead and whine for her to attend. See, not only do I get to catch up with my bff, but I have a bonus - security that actually backs me up. See, a successful door biatche is a gal who's got security watchin' her back in case there is some ear cockroach wearin' dude or a hot tranny mess screaming "CHECK AGAIN - I'm ON THE LIST!"

So, in light of OurBuddy threatening non-attendance, I've got one way to thwart that mess. He won't mess with Meowmix. So, a quick text to her of "Pack your cuffs, pls" was quickly returned with her brief retort "Both Pairs?"

Wait a flippin' minute - BOTH PAIRS?? SO, of course I inquire as to the "always prepared" figuring she'd make a remark about one pair work sanctioned and one pair pink furry cuffs for OurBuddy. Oh, no. Not Meowmix. Her response was: "Hinged or Chained?"

Turns out that most cops carry more than one set for reasons such as multiple suspects, a big guy (two cuffs linked together), ties for teenagers, etc. And Meowmix also remarked that the chained pair is more comfy. It's a whole side of policing that I never knew about and BR neglected to tell me. Of course BR differs with Meomix's opinion (as always) and said the multiple cuff thing is a personal preference for the cop but not all carry two pair. Those two always agree to disagree.

Either way, I can just see her asking one of her suspects, "I'm sorry but would you prefer the chained or the hinged cuffs this time?"

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You Reap What You Sow...

As I've said here, many trips that I've had as of late to Philly have involved get togethers, reunions, parties, etc. of friends from early years. One thing is curiously absent from many of these gatherings and that is The Show producer (who a friend of ours once 'affectionately' dubbed "Big Brother" and I now will deem BBB aka Big Bad Brother). However, BBB is often "too important" and "busy" to deal with things and he entrusts his handy dandy sidekick who I will forever refer to as "HenchWench".

Now, I don't have him on my press list. I don't include him on client things and I don't have to. Plus, by his behavior back in the day (and by that of his HenchWench now), I'm of the opinion that he has not earned my respect and will get no more than a dial tone or my famous "Don't mess with me" side eye glare. I have always given him credit for giving me the opportunity to learn PR, but, let's be honest, namely that's due to the one person at HIS office who took an interest in a shy kid and put [me] to work - not him.

BBB really doesn't speak much except through HenchWench and HenchWench is abrasive to the core. Let me tell you a bit about HenchWench:
  • She speaks without knowing the facts, attacks like a damn pitbull and is penny wise but pound foolish.
  • She doesn't see the big picture or how positive PR can assist with getting their goals off the ground.
  • She's quick to say that The Show discovered this celeb or that celeb.
  • She's quick to exploit push how The Show discovered a certain morning show host, movie star, choreographer, etc.
  • She's quick to erase others who worked/danced/helped the show if they 'offended' her (or BBB) or didn't kiss enough butt to be in her good graces.
  • She's quick to take assistance as she wasn't around during the show years but then bitches when she's not in control (micromanage much?)
  • She thought doing business with Lou Pearlman was wise.
  • She's quick to cry Copyright and Trademark but, as of today's date, I don't see the refiled papers that were due well over a month ago to the government offices.
  • And we won't even get into her lack of spelling prowess. MB was going to send her a dictionary once she was so horrible.

HenchWench really doesn't know us and, personally, I don't really care to know her.

We joke often about how she's the pitbull of the office and whines and moans about how everyone is not grateful, how we should lay our gratitude at the feet of BBB since, in her opinion, we would have never gotten to where we are without HIM. Our own work, blood, sweat, tears and determination mean nothing because, in her world, we were "nothing" without The Show and The Producer.

Hold up. Wait A Minute. Lets pump the brakes a bit now.

Let's be honest here. Speaking for myself, I pushed MYSELF to where I am today. I have noone to blame but myself if things don't work. I don't point fingers and go "but xyz project didn't work because [insert name from past] didn't help me get noticed. The same goes for many of the people from the show who have forged continued relationships with everyone and they work in entertainment, have families and enjoy success. Are you telling me that they don't deserve that success because BBB, I mean HenchWench, says so?

Recently, in addition to the get togethers, there have been a bunch of personal videos uploaded on YouTube and, as expected, BBB (or HenchWench) comes out of nowhere and pulls a temper tantrum because, clearly, if he's not making money - he's HenchWench is not happy. And, reading some of the jabber that they are trying to put on Wiki is laughable at best. To boot - HenchWench is even saying that The Show [was] among the first "Reality Shows" before the phrase "Reality Show" was coined. Oh puleaze.

That provided some good giggle factor for the day. We could sit here and give you the dirt as to what happened when, where, who, etc. - and what was done AT the set and people would be like "REALLY?" We could tell you stories of **rn Czar and a few other good stories that would make you go "Wait a minute - huh?" Yeah, real my azz. The stories are quite amusing. There was drama on the daily but seriously, it doesn't need recounting here.

If I was to follow the rules of Karma they would be getting bit in the butt by others. However, I think I want to hand Karma a bit of assistance and I'm going to put this character and HenchWench on blast. If they want to get into the nitty gritty all while holding fast to what they deem their "precious" commodity, fine. Bring it. But be prepared when there is a response from our end - and it won't be pretty.

See, it's one thing to pull the wool over our eyes when we're kids. It's a whole different matter when we're adults and can see reality.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ask and Ye Shall Receive...

I woke up this morning hella late. Well, truth be told, it's my own fault. It was one of those nights where I was up late chatting with MB and Jas, watching NCIS (the only way to counter all things The Show related) and just tossing and turning as my trip to Philly is really taking a toll on my psyche. I remember waking up and rolling over and the alarm - yeah, it knows not to bother me during those moods.

I woke up so late that while I was frantically trying to straighten my hair, select a decent outfit, and slap on some eye makeup, I started to pray "Please let this day go smoothly. I can't deal with the drama." Because, quite frankly, it seems that almost every day around here can begin and end with the "D" word. :::sigh:::

Well, I am happy to report that while I was late getting in, all is quiet, barely any traffic or stupid drivers, decent parking spot and the office coffee doesn't taste like swill. Not to mention, the normal drama has stayed far far away from yours truly and I'm heading out a bit early.

Kinda makes up for yesterday, just a little.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Never Fails...

This is the headline that greeted me from my iGoogle a short time ago:

Chief: Providence officer shoots, kills man

The first thought "Oh no - it better not be A!" and my heart was in my throat.
Of course, to be expected, the officer is not named in the article. :::sigh:::

He's a good cop but after being involved in a shooting a few years ago where a cadet was accidentally shot and then being on duty when a suspect shot a colleague of his, trouble seems to follow that guy. We won't even talk about Iraq or Croatia prior to him joining the force.

My heart always drops when I see a teaser from when it involves an officer being down, shooting someone or just involved in some mess. Needless to say, that's a news conference that I hope reveals that A. was not involved in the slightest.

No matter how much time has passed, the feeling is still there - just a little.


A. wasn't the cop involved in the shooting, thank god. Tho Meowmix and I had to giggle - when it comes to gun issues and Providence, we always think "What did A. do NOW?!?!?".

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away...

The weather, at least in Central Florida, is miserable at best. It rains on the daily. When I first moved here, 6 years ago - it would rain in the afternoons between the hours of 2-4. The rain would be quick 10 minute downpours and then life would go on as normal.

A couple years ago, the daily rain time transitioned to between the hours of 3-5 but that would be fine. I could still swipe a coffee and be back before it started to pour. The downpours would be about 20 minutes. Fine - life could still go on and I'd deal.

Now - it's raining anywhere between the hours of 2-7 and when it comes down, it's torrential downpours, with rolling thunder and lightening bolts. Even better is when it starts at 5ish and Mother Nature wants to mess with Rush Hour. Have you SEEN a Central Florida driver. OH my holy hell - they act like "OH MY GOD ITS A BLIZZARD!" and freak the eff out. So, whoever pissed off Mother Nature - thanks. I really appreciate it.

God sometimes I really detest hurricane season.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Confession...

My name is Lys and I'm a Stuart Weitzman Junkie...

I'm afraid of the time where I graduate to the big leagues - i.e. Gucci, Manolo, Choo and Loubou. My wallet is in shock. In the last 48 hours, I have not only scored a fabulous pair of red snake skin look peep toes, but also the shoe I've been coveting for the longest - the Stuart Weitzman Degadis. And, to add to that - the shoes that I thought were unavailable, the Vince Camuto oxford cut out suddenly became available. In my size. It's like the Universe is saying "You want it Lys, it's yours. You've been a good girl". Or, in the alternative, the Devil is tempting me going "G'head - spend money, Lys. You've been a good girl."

Nine West who? Steve Madden what? I'm now in the land of Weitzman, Camuto, Cole Haan and more. Damn you Nordstrom, SmartBargains and the outlets. And I've cash backed, couponed or scored deals on all. I mean, I do have to think of my wallet's feelings, right?Pictures forthcoming.

I'm heading down a dark dark road my friends.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Forgive Me Dear Internet...

Tonight's regularly scheduled post has been interrupted due to a previously scheduled event. I have a soiree to attend. There is a glass of wine and a shopping invite waiting for me at the Stuart Weitzman boutique in Orlando.

Wish me luck - I need another pair of shoes like I need a hole in the head, but they are plying me with promises of wine and 20% off and who am I to say no, right?

Well, I could rationalize it with "But I'm JUST looking", right?

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Houston, I Think I Have A Problem...

This week, I've been making good use of my Williams Sonoma spice rubs and cooking a bit extra to make into other dishes during the week. Takeout just isn't my [wallet's] game right now.

Apparently, I'm starting to really enjoy cooking with spice so the other night I made a coffee spice rubbed steak which then turned into a spicy steak penne another night. Then I did chili lime pork chops with stuffing. Last night was a chipotle mole roasted chicken (which will be a spicy chicken salad this weekend). Each time, I had a small plate for the cat put together.

Now, before PETA gets all on my case about "how dare you feed that animal PEOPLE food" and start yipping cruelty to animals or something, let me tell you that in my house - if you don't at least OFFER Shadow a bit, she'll make your life hell the rest of the night. I'm guessing it's due to her being spoiled at my last apt. and my roommate definitely helped with spoiling her.

So, when I create a small dish, it's only a little bit and she doesn't normally partake. However, this week she's been attacking with gusto and when I was home sick today she even was pissed when I didn't give her watermelon. Earlier this week, when I grilled a plum with some turbinado sugar, she went nuts. Fruit & Cats = HUH?

My take is that she must have watched too much Food Network and just is going nuts for spice and people food. Or just thinks she's the kitty version of Bobby Flay.

I just hope she can handle the heat.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sometimes I Wonder...

* If Blog 365 even THOUGHT of giving bloggers 1 day of rest. If God gets a day to chill, shouldn't we all?

* If some people learn from their mistakes?

* If some people act rather than react?

* If karma always bites people in the ass?

* If the Universe sending me an invite to some swanky Stuart Weitzman event was rewarding me in advance for dealing with a couple particular azzhats?

* If heaven has Hagaan Daz Fleur de Sol Caramel ice cream? (One word: Orgasmic)


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

FW: Shoe Love: The Fabulous Flats Edition...

In keeping with the whole "Flats can be Fabulous" thing that I'm trying to apply... check out some lovely things I found.

Check out these new red va va voom croc Tory Birch flats for fall.

Oscar De la Renta has this gorgeous IKAT Ballerina flat that makes me give them a second glance.

Nine West has the MAE flat which can go well for either work or play.

These are something I would look at for casual -Cole Haan Air Bria.

Purple is going to be *the* color for fall. Steve Madden has a fabulous purple patent flat - the Salinas

What about the Peep Toe flat? Stuart Weitzman's Chit Chat is quite the rage.

One thing about Flats - they are easy to pack, always look chic and, if you have the right pair, are comfy as well. Now if only I could get over this "I'm Short" issue and embrace Flats 24/7. I think my feet might thank me.

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Instinct Says One Thing... My Brain Seems To Agree..

There's something to be said re: second sense, instinct, gut feeling, intuition - whatever you may call it. Normally it doesn't steer me wrong.

Back in the PR days, when I would have to deal with fans - I would be approachable yet also wary. Most of the time they were harmless and cool peeps but there were some that were just downright off their rockers. And, while I try to see the best in people, I also had a duty to protect and keep distance. If I wasn't approachable, my actions would reflect on the client and that's not kosher either. I think only a small handful of times that I lost my marbles on a fan and for good reason. Obviously when they got an inch, they'd push for 10 miles and that' when I would say "Hold Up Wait A Minute" and that would be the end of it.

Well, we've been dealing with some stuff for The Show and, while there are still fans out there, one in particular is starting to push my buttons. Normally I tend to ignore or nicely snap them into line but this one has every alarm bell ringing at full blast. This one fan is asking me questions I am far from comfortable responding to and pushing the privacy level. Obviously I'm going to stay silent but I don't understand how a fan, when they found out through the website of two of our friends' passing, they seem to be looking for gossip as to how they died and "Oh my god did you know blah blah blah". So now, I'm thinking "OK - I've been cordial to you TWICE and already you have pushed the envelope to a whole 'nother level"

Of course I could be evil and tell her that the one regular she's obsessed with, XYZ I mean XXX, is a p*rn czar but I'll let her read IMDB or Wiki for herself and act like I never saw her recent email.

Some people just always make me shake my head and go "WTH"

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Instead of Pimp My Ride...

When they pimped out that gal's car with a shoe closet in her trunk, I need a version of "Pimp My Desk" because I just found a plethora of shoes underneath them.

No wonder I can never find them when I need them.

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Warning: New Additions To The Closet...

Smart Bargains hit again with some fabu sales which took the edge off a bit of my dramatic disappointment with Nordy’s Anniversary Sale. Check out the two new additions that are making its way to my closet:

Cole Haan – Air Elly Mary Jane Flat

Vince Camuto Peep Toe Oxford

I’m such a sucker for an Oxford shoe, especially one that is dramatically different so we’ll see how it works out. If it fits well, it stays. If not, as I’ve never seen a Vince Camuto shoe in my life before let alone try one one, it’s going back with the quickness.

And, yes, I cash back'd that sucker. Of course after I purchase, I get a coupon - go figure. I'll save it for next time.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Not To Toot My Own Horn...

But my cooking must kick butt if a quick steak penne with a spicy red sauce gets attacked with gusto by not only yours truly but the cat wanted her own dish.

Sometimes cooking from the hip is the best.


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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Obsessed With: Stuart Weitzman 'Bouffant'

These gorgeous pumps have been on my mind since I saw them in person at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.
Obviously, I'm going to have to wait a few days because I'm on the fence with do I/don't I but I'm seriously contemplating getting them in Black. While the grey flannel are just as stunning, I beat on my shoes and leather is a bit more durable than flannel, right?
Either way, I'm going to tease the Nordy's peeps and try those suckers on - then buy them online with cash back. I've learned when it comes to Stuart Weitzman's - they NEED to be tried on.
They are stunning... and need to be on my feet for fall. I'm such a sucker for Oxfords.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

One Word To Summerize Nordys Orlando


Seriously, Nordstrom - there are more fashion forward people here in Orlando than the stuff you have available for your "Anniversary Sale".

I'm VERY disappointed in you, Nordstrom. Your people here are lacking. Your shoe selection, while diverse, is not totally up to par and your plus-size fashion is laughable at best.

I might just have to go to Palm Beach tomorrow.

I'm very sad this evening. :::sigh:::

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's [Nordstrom's] Anniversary...

(Remember that old Tony! Toni! Tone! track - Ahhh Good times. Good times)

Yup - it's about that time again. This weekend (well tomorrow) marks Nordy's Anniversary Sale and, while I was willing to look the other way yesterday in the interest of preserving my wallet's feelings, today I say "Tough Cookies." This is the only time I can get my products at the Super-sized versions that will last all year and, in turn, save me money and score a couple exclusives that I can find nowhere else.

Here's a few things I'm eyeing.

Philosophy Microdelivery Face Wash in the 24 ounce size (one 8 oz bottle costs $25 and I use it every other day. The other days I use the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Foam or regular)

Too-Faced's Tricks of the Trade Collection

Bobbi Brown's Cocoa Mauve Collection

Smashbox Socialite Beauty Collection

T3's Boost Travel Collection

M.A.C.'s Colour Form Lipstick

M.A.C.'s Colour Forms Pigment (I'm loving Pigments right now - oh the color is so rich!)
I'm a sucker for makeup brushes. I just bought one M.A.C. brush this week and that ONE brush was $30 (and it might be going back - still on the fence). For a bit more I could get 5 travel sized brushes

M.A.C. Brushes - Advanced
Now, more than likely, I'll probably return that brush I bought earlier this week, and allow myself ONE or TWO new goodies along with my standard fare and call myself happy. And if I'm REALLY smart, I'll shop online and get cash back as well. Hey - if they want to pay me to shop, who am I to say no? The sale starts tomorrow, July 18th so time is of the essence. Things sell out fast.

Make sure to check out the sale for yourself. You can find the link HERE.

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OK OK Joel Osteen - I GET IT...

Yesterday's Quote from the Joel Osteen One A Day Calendar (which I didn't read until today - oops):

"Quit looking at what's wrong in your life and start being grateful for what's right".

And to think, I was just thinking about working on a "Grateful" post ala Keri's blog for this week. So, with that, let me get crackin' on that while I scrap my rant post originally scheduled for tomorrow.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Temptation: It's A Part of Life...

It seems like on the daily, my email inbox is barraged with a influx of "SALE" emails. Every retailer that I can think of is having a "sale". Every retailer that I normally frequent is going "Lys, here's a coupon". Retailers that I do the cash back and coupon combo are even in on the game and my wallet is on the verge of saying "Witch - if you even THINK of whipping me out, I'll hit you". Of course substitute the apropos word in place of witch and you can feel the depths of loathing that is radiating from my wallet.

My USAA debit card - some days it works, some days it doesn't - because it's wearing out from use. And that's my go-to card for EVERYTHING. I just don't know if I can wait another 10 days for a replacement.

My ING card is hiding in fear in my apartment - for fear of me breaking it out again at the outlets.

My credit cards are not an option because I'm working on paying them off for Operation Fico Score.

Cash - what's cash? I have maybe $5.00 to play with - the rest is in my USAA account.

What that means is this: I CAN'T GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's like a fish out of water, my friends. All these sales are trying to tempt me with their siren song and as much as I DON'T want to open the email, sometimes I slip and click on the open link which opens up a whole other rash of hell for me because now I have to fight my shopping/reasoning side of the brain that says "But Lys - those shoes would look FIERCE in Philly. Lys, you need a smaller flat iron. Lys, you know you just need to check out Macy*s for their One Day Sale (which - by the way - appears to be EVERY weekend - c'mon now)." And don't even get me started on Sur La Table and Stonewall Kitchen, both of which are banned for me right now until I go through my kitchen pantry - and I so desperately want to try Stonewall Kitchen's Pumpkin Pesto.

I'm trying. I'm really really trying.


It's hard being good.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Too Funny NOT to Post...

[and, in the interest of full disclosure - due to the nature of this post, it could, perhaps, be deleted depending on my mood - so read quick kiddies.]

OK, as you all know, some of my crew are in Philadelphia and we all met when we danced on this *ahem* tv show a bizillion years ago.

I have a core group of people that I hang with and we often get together and chill out whenever I'm home and not a trip goes by where I don't hear something that makes me go "ARRRUUUUU?" Couple that with copious amounts of cocktails and incessant laughter and we're a pretty rowdy bunch. So, you can imagine that when we get together, often one subject comes up to "What about ***? Whatever happened to ***?" and we have another cocktail, laugh and go eeehhh.

Keep in mind that The Show Rumor Mill is a character all of its own. The Rumor Mill had Ty driving off a cliff, had me married WITH kids, and so many different rumors floating that when I would hear things I'd think: "Eeehhhhh," laugh it off and forget about it.

One popular rumor was about *** who we'll call XYZ so I won't have to keep typing *** because typing *** can be pretty damn annoying to do, let alone read.

XYZ was rumored to be an actor - pretty successful supposedly. Now *I* had not seen him in anything major but whatever. I had seen some of the former show peeps in movies and tv so I didn't think the rumor was total b.s. However, when the Rumor Mill divulged that XYZ was really an "actor", turns out that it was an "actor" of the *ahem* "adult" variety.

That rumor was met with some laughter, another round of drinks and "Really. Seriously?? C'mon now." It came up a couple more times and again was met with skepticism... until two weeks ago.

Both Reese and I run one of the chat sites for The Show and we got a disturbing email - WITH Pictures. I figured that, perhaps, XYZ got caught on an off day or it was an ex-girlfriend scorned and we dismissed it. Then, a week ago, I was watching tv and all anyone could hear was me going "EEEEWWWW EEEWWWWW EEEEWWWW! I *DON'T* Need to see XYZ like this. I'm scarred. I'm scarred" (Yeah I had a total drama queen moment but if you understand this XYZ character you'd understand my utter revulsion. While everyone was crushing on him, I called him a frog and a few other *ahem* choice words. Forget the fact that at 14 I crushed on him for a hot second. I like to pretend THAT never happened.)

You know my theory if things keep crossing your path, pay attention? My friends - I can say with full authority that we not only paid attention - but we have full blown confirmation of said rumor with a bonus.

Not only was XYZ an "actor", but apparently he's an "Adult Media Czar." Again, more emails last night. Again I did the "I'm ALREADY SCARRED! I do NOT need to see [XYZ] like that" and had nightmares and early morning calls while Reese played detective (and let me tell ya - NOTHING gets past her) and solved a mystery (with 98% certainty).

What I've learned from all this, well, besides seeing a few birthday suits inadvertently, - sometimes you *really* do have to believe what you hear.

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Blog 365... It's Getting Near...

I'm seriously considering throwing in the towel. I'm seriously considering just admitting defeat and that I'm down for the count and, then, much like the dare that put that tat on my spine, I refuse. I dig my heels in and pout like a petulant child muttering "Blog 365, you won't win. I won't let you have the last laugh".

How many have fallen pray to your "Blog for 365 days" and failed your dare? How many have given up and crawled away. How many, like me, have content but can't BLOG about it no matter HOW funny the damn thing is (and trust me - you'd laugh. I'm still roaring and shaking my head. I think Reese is still at the "blink blink" stage.)

Blog 365, I'm gonna find a way... Just you wait and see.


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Monday, July 14, 2008

In Need of a Refresher Course...

I've seemed to put aside my copy of The Secret and, after last week's debacle and every negative thing I thought about, let alone PUT OUT THERE, came to fruition, I said "ENOUGH". I had to reread the 100 Quotes from The Secret to go "Hmmmm..."

Since I was told to get my "head in the game" this weekend, I did. I didn't log into the 9to5 ONCE over the weekend. I worked on rejuvenating my spirit. I relaxed (somewhat). I cooked. I started to organize my place. I started to (with the help of a chart creation from the uber fab FB) organize my finances and I have a solid plan in place for jumpstarting my FICO score. I also put together a organizational plan for me to start my "Declutter '08" Project whereby I will start listing stuff in the next couple weeks either on EBay or a personal site - haven't figured that out yet. I even broke out the limoncello.

All of the above is really breaking down my big goal into little manageable tasks ahead. I also talked for a bit with Meowmix today which also centered me. Nothing like a telephonic slap upside the head, right?

And now, this week, I'll stop nursing my wounds and start getting down to business. Well, after I have another limoncello & lemonade.

And after I watch Bren from Flanboyant Eats tell Emeril "BAM!" tonight at 9:00.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bye Bye Weekend...

I decided that on Sundays, I will give myself permission to play hermit until after Philly. Therefore, Saturdays are for errands, catching up with friends and doing what needs to be done.

So, today - I puttered around the house doing misc. tasks like laundry, dishes, make the Cat her Sunday Pancetta, etc. and settled in to do some PR stuff. I took care of all the evites & invitations for Mr. M.'s Aug. event and realized that I only got through half of the tape yesterday and knew I had the remainder to finish.

I wound up archiving 10+ sections of the tape and the software shut down on me not once, but twice - and it doesn't auto archive so I had to redo sections over and over again. The last time I lost the footage I decided that I'd finish it up next Sunday. So, to give myself a bit of a reward, I'm going to break out the lemonade with a shot (or two) of Limoncello in it. And then go putter in the shoe closet because if I have to hear Stacey Q's "Two of Hearts" one more time, I'm going to rip my hair out by the roots.

Now if only to get set for the week ahead...

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Calm Seas Ahead…

Relatively quiet day. Nothing exciting - just basically did errands and tried to stay calm and stop stewing over the crap from the week. Since I am still in the midst of archiving these vids and prepping from Mr. M's event in Aug., I decided to make it a quiet night at home and start archiving to DVD.

I settled in, swiped one of my VHS tapes off the shelf and popped it in the VHS to archive. It’s a tape that EJ gave me eons ago that a fan made for him and the clips are priceless. On quite a few of them, Justine appears throughout along with a few other friends of ours who have passed and, while I’m 80s’d out, it made me count my blessings – regardless of what “comments” were made and kept me up last night going over and over in my mind what I did and didn’t do this week and what I’m going to have to do on Monday.

In particular, this clip made me smile. No matter how bad of a week I can have, somehow just seeing some of my crew – even if it was 20 years ago - makes me know things will get better…

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Get Your Head In The Game...

That was the phrase that was uttered at me yesterday and it has been playing over, and over and over again.

I have to admit - the last few weeks, I've been operating on autopilot, namely because I'm bored. I'm not creatively challenged and I'm at a crossroads with my life.

I have decisions that I have to make but it's such a huge one, that I need to break it into smaller, more management parts. I've got stuff happening at home; stuff at the 9to5; stuff with friends and so on and so on. My brain is overloaded and I feel like I'm torn in 20 different directions where I'm ready to retreat into my hermit shell and bark at the world: "Back away slowly and noone will get hurt"

And, quite frankly, my head is NOT in the game. I said when I first came here that if I'm not learning something or I'm not challenged, I'm bored. Flat out bored. Plus dealing with the other issues around this spot has exhausted me to where I want to blast Mary J. Blige's "No More Drama" from every computer in this joint. Some people thrive on drama - not me. Some people thrive on negativity - not me. And it's hard to keep my head up, let alone in the game, when both are being thrown in my direction left and right.

However, I'm stronger than the average bear and I will bounce back to myself and better after this weekend. I just don't think that people who thought I was down for the count will be prepared for the right hook when I've got my head "in the game".

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Calling All Shoe Detectives...

Since we are on the topic of shoes, the show, etc., I need your help.

I need to find the shoes profiled in this pic below (or something similar because I'm not rolling in dough like the wearer of said shoes is). This is from the Regis & Kelly High Heel A Thon this week in NYC. Apparently, Ms. Ripa apparently graduated to 5" heels and they are to. die. for. I just can't find them anywhere and am heading out to the Millenia Mall to see if they have something out there. I know you gals might have some suggestions so leave 'em in the comments!

(Stop muttering the word Lemming MB!!!)

Photo courtesy of the Shoe Blog

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The Reasoning Behind the Skyscrapers...

One of the frequent questions/comments I get is "How the heck do you wear those skyscraper heels?"

My normal response is "I'm used to it - I've been wearing heels since I was 15."

At my high school back in the day we had to wear a uniform skirt but the girls had the option of wearing whatever shoes and tops/sweaters we wanted (within reason). Often we acted like the forest green/blue/yellow heinous plaid skirt was black and it was a fashion travesty walking down the halls. (One of these days I'll have to scan a photo from back then just to show you the fashion hell I was a part of). I was blessed in having a fashion plate for a mom and since we wore the same shoe size, so during my Junior/Senior years, I would "shop" in her closet (sometimes without her knowing - or finding out later - eeks!). The point is - I had a killer wardrobe for a fashionista in training.

Then, when I started on the show, most of the girls would wear heels (as one can plainly see from the recent clips posted on YouTube). One of the *ahem* ringleaders/popular girls often wore 3" heels. I remember when she "graduated" to 4" heels - and, like lemmings, many followed suit. When I bought stuff for the show, sometimes I would wear some of the pieces to school - namely the shoes. (We won't talk about the rhinestone incident - and I don't think I have photographic evidence of such, thankfully.) However, there was a time where flats were fashionable (around 89/90) but I had a height complex and wasn't a fan of flats. (I'm 5'5 but sometimes I really feel like I'm 5'2). Plus a heel elongates the leg and, you got to admit, they are a head turner. So, the heels/skyscrapers stuck.

However, with heels there's a trick to it. That trick is namely - break in the shoes. Wear them often. Bring shoes to switch out if needed. I always have a pair of shoes under the desk that are well broken in and sometimes have an extra pair in the car. I often have "emergency flats" that are available if needed. Stick with brands you know. There is NOTHING more horrid than a gal who's hanging out over the shoe (too small) or flopping out of the shoe (too big) and let's not even talk about girls whose feet wobble worse than Bambi learning to walk. When it comes to heels, I say Learn it. Love it. Live it.

Lately, they have invented shoes that are "more comfortable" and don't feel like needles stabbing you incessantly - Cole Haan is one of them. I'm also a fan of the wedge heel (within reason of course - those Stella McCartney Wedge Heels profiled on Shoe Goddess recently - ummm - that's a resounding NO). And, as a bonus, you have the lovely additions of Foot Petals and Blister Block - both of which are in my "Fashionista Fix Kit."

Now, if you still are going "Ummm.... Lys, I'll just stick with the little heels." I say Go for it. Own It. Rock it like there is no tomorrow. If you want to graduate higher, I'm cheering you on.

Just wear what makes YOU feel fabulous and enjoy.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Counting Down... Again...

One month, well, 31 days from today, I will be reprising the role of the door biatche in the City of Brotherly Love and dammit, you know I've got to start getting into gear. So much to do - the evites, the guest list, the wrangling and this weekend I'll be crackin' the whip. The 9to5 has me running on empty so somewhere I need to tap into my creative outlet and move it.

More importantly, this now means that 29 days from now, I'll be *ahem* hanging out with my immediate crew prior to the event at a certain new favorite establishment discussing all things important and fun while I'm relaxing with Espresso Martinis and causing trouble while I divulge some of the short and long term plans (which I still can't disclose here - dammit! Hate having to censor myself. Let's just say it's good news - trust.).

The true question is: Will Philly be ready for me to come home... even if it is for a brief moment...

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Blogging via BB tonight.

I'm sitting here with NO energy to change the dial and embracing my inner couch potato before I get back to the vid archiving project. The TV is on CW and I'm watching some show called "Beauty & The Geek" and, while I get the show concept, a part of my brain is going "Seriously? People are cool with being whiny **tches on TV? Da Hell?!?!"

Does anyone else watch this show? What do you think of it?

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Monday, July 07, 2008

The 80s - Revisited Under Duress...

A few weeks ago, I got some software that transfers VHS tapes to DVD so I've become quite the techie geek as I’m beginning to archive vids and transfer them to DVD for an event in Aug. and hot damn. The hair. The fashions. The Commercials [i.e. PermaSoft; Pizazz Color Styling Mousse; Max Headroom for Coke!?!?!] And I'm laughing insanely over some of the utter stupidity of some of our crew.

These tapes are over 20 years old and the tracking marks show it. Couple that with the insane amount of video clips that I had from one of my former clients back in the day. The copious amounts of episodes of NICK ROCKS, Solid Gold and Soul Train that were taped when I was a kid. And, while archiving the vids, I'm subjected relentlessly to a certain daytime talk show host and her big poufy hair dancing and pointing at the camera (even then she was an attention seeker). Here’s a good pic of the culprit and Justine (and yes, I haven’t located THAT clip of them with EJ and his lipsync to some Elvis song. I'm sure it's on one of the bazillion tapes I have strewn around the apartment).

Yeah – I won’t subject you all to it (yet) but that’s where my attention is tonight. It’s been so crazy I haven’t even had time to really focus on important things – like shoes, shopping and, perhaps, sleep.

And if I have to hear a certain song ONE MORE TIME, I swear my ears will bleed.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Taking The Night Off...

Hope you all had a fabu holiday...


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Saturday, July 05, 2008

How To Piss Off An Outlet Sales Associate...

Blogging via bb but thought y'all would get a giggle.

My pic is about to be posted on some outlet stores dartboard due to me telling a customer

"Ahem... Gucci doesn't HAVE an outlet - its Gucci. As for Dior, you'd be better off passing on going to Lake Buena Vista's Dior outlet. You are not going to save much. Just go to the Millenia Mall"

And per my father's request, I've been ordered to tell you my remark about a pair of SWs I found "If my foot is numb, does the shoe fit?"

Yeal, Cinderella's stepsisters were on to something.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

This Week's Shoe Crush...

Shoe Goddess gave me the idea of my MUST have shoe for fall... and if I have to sell plasma to get them, so be it.

Behold the Jimmy Choo Ember.

Oh - and if you haven't bookmarked ShoeGoddess, you should. This site keeps me happy with LOTS of Shoe *ahem* Pics :)

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Takin' It Back Old School Style...

Two performances that were put up on YouTube recently that had me howlin'...

Jody Watley

[Don't forget to check out OurBuddy dancin' his little heart out as well as Jas and EJ]

The Jets

[This was from WAY back in the day - shush MB!]

Good times, people - good times.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

7 Songs For 7 Reasons...

Reese started it, The True Urban Queen then launched the volley so now I'm off and running. I clearly am missing some brain cells as I attempt to do this but let's see what happens:

Instructions: List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your spring summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

"Rising Up" by The Roots feat. Chrisette Michelle ~ Nothing says Philly like The Roots and when you toss in one of my fave singers with, you know I'm gonna have this in repeat.

"Pocketful of Sunshine"
by Natasha Bedingfield ~ Shhhh.. Don't judge. It's actually the lyrics that caught me (and the video of her skydiving out of the 9to5 when she's hit her frustration level was classic!)

"Don't Stop Believing"
by George Lamond ~ What. You thought I'd just let a list skate by without a mention of GL? Ummm.. Not. Actually, he redid this song and I'm loving the track right now.

"When I Grow Up" by the Pussycat Dolls ~ Hey - it's a guilty pleasure. I actually like PCD. Shoot me.

"Closer" by Ne-Yo. That man can SING. Beyond Talented... way beyond talented.

"Be Okay" by Chrisette Michelle ~ With what I've been facing as of late, this song has kept me strangely calm. No matter what happens, I know that I will be okay.

"Love is Gone" by David Guetta ~ I heard this in Philly and I about blew up JoeZ's phone trying to find out who the hell sang the song, where it was, etc. That's one of the things I DETEST about Orlando - we get music late. Seriously, late.

Hey - do I get bonus points for not mentioning a track by JoeZ (only because I can't because it's not released yet) or another client ? :::teee heee:::

Normally, I don't tag, but this time I will (and damn - I HATE being limited by 7. I feel like I'm choosing a kickball team or somethin'). So, if you didn't get tagged and still want to play along, let me know in the comments and I'll drop by and visit...

1. Kristen of Diary of A ShoeAddict
2. Bren of Flanboyant Eats
3. Auburn Kat
4. Leslie of Pretty Random Thoughts
5. Kimmy K of I Have No Name
6. Michelle of Grown Up Girlie
7. SSG of Confessions of a (Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rockin' On My iPod This Morning...

One thing I love about my iPod shuffle is that I never know what musical melody I'm going to be zapped with in the a.m. This morning, as I'm shooting down I-4 after a MASSIVE traffic jam caused by cops yet again walkin' through traffic [sigh] was this track:

K7 - "Come Baby Come"

Now, for those freestyle heads, y'all know K7 was really Kayel from TKA (and, if I remember correctly, was also a DJ on Hot97 along with one Food Network Diva, Sunny Anderson). And, thanks to the wonders of YouTube, I found this K7/TKA performance from a show last year which has my favorite favorite FAVORITE K7 song of all time, "Zunga Zeng"

Now don't mind me. I'll be dancin' in my cubicle...

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