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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Listen To This: Evacuate The Dance Floor - Cascada...

One of my fave dance labels, Robbins, gave a heads up about the new
Cascada release.  Check out her summer jam - Evacuate The Dance Floor.  When I heard it, it made me think of driving to the Jerz shore with the windows down and music blaring...

Should be one hell of a summer for this gal's iPod...


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Monday, May 18, 2009

Updates From Golf School Dorm Central And Why I Will Punch Someone In The Nose...

Over the weekend, there was a bit of an incident at the apartment complex which shall now be forever deemed as Golf School Dorm Central. There are so many golf students in our building that my neighbors and I have been losing our mind. The constant parties. The drunk screaming up and down the halls. The manly "bitch fights" outside at night. The scattered fast food littered in the hallways that brings the bugs. The multiple garbage bags of beer cans everywhere. This isn't even counting the spagetti and toilet paper in the bushes or the cat calls from each other's balconies. Seriously, it's enough to drive someone crazy.

We have a courtesy officer on premises and, while I do call him and have his number on speed dial, I still don't want to be the crazy old lady with the cardigan on the porch pounding my cane screaming "YOU G.D. WHIPPERSNAPPERS". I am trying to be nice (tho I wish Wiggy would lift his leg on a couple of them). Saturday night there was a scuffle about 3:00 in the morning. I won't call the courtesy officer past 1 am and figured it was more of their drunk shenanigans. See, the idiots in 312 are also "golf students" or, to quote someone in mgmt., someone who doesn't have to worry since mommy and daddy are footing the bill. One of them got drunk once and decided that since I took a parking space he wanted, then he had the right to call me the "C" word. My response was to berate him when he was sober. He's been respectful towards me ever since. Anywhoo - I digress. The point is - at 3ish, I heard the drunken b.s. coming from the direction of his apartment and the elevators. Eeehhh - Orlando's in the playoffs so I figured that it is what it is. That was until I heard *BAM* and it sounded like someone punched something pretty damn hard. Then more drunken b.s. Eeehh - whatever. I rolled over and went to sleep. I kept hearing bells in my sleep like the elevator opening and closing but figured that I was hearing things.

Crazy early Sunday morning, Wiggs is *poke poke poke* and doing his little "Mah I Gotta PEEEEEE" dance on the bed and making a mad dash for the door, giving me 2 minutes to get dressed. When he gets like this, I know there is no opportunity to roll over and resign myself to dealing with the early wake up call. I go to walk him and, as we get to the elevator, the door is opening and shutting, acting all crazy and I see what the *BAM* from the night before was: those sons of @*@*@* BROKE THE ELEVATOR PANEL - straight out punched it open Plastic and parts were scattered. It was a hot mess.

Now remember, when Wiggs first moved in, he had an insane fear of stairs and heights. He won't even go ON the balcony and trying to get him near the stairs - forget it. My guess is someone either dropped him as a pup from a huge height or played keep away at the college where he lived with his first owner who was too young to even take care of him. You can't even pick him up without him freezing and demanding "DOWN". It took six months of coaxing trying to teach him to trust me and that he no longer needed to hug the walls as he was walking.

Knowing that we couldn't use the elevator, I had to think quick and scooped him up, put him on my shoulder and trotted down the stairs. The dog had a massive panic attack. To go back upstairs - it was the same. Three times yesterday I did that, in the rain, etc. as I tried to console him and tell him what a brave boy he was. He would fight me trying to convince me that "Momma - we use elevator" but maintenance had already shut it down. There was no elevator and I kept telling him to be a big boy and trust me. It broke my heart to see him pawing at the elevator door, hugging it so I couldn't pick him up and make him walk up those bad stairs. Utterly heartbreaking - and the sounds coming from him, it was frightening - like he was hyperventilating.

I was PRAYING that I'd run into one of those fools from 312 because, even if it wasn't them - they are liable for the actions of their guests. In ONE day, by their dumb action of punching out the elevator panel and rendering it useless resulted in the undoing of SIX MONTHS of training my dog to trust me. In ONE day, my dog is now TERRIFIED to go outside should he fall while going down the stairs. In ONE day, their stupidity has affected EVERYONE in our building - especially the person on the second floor that uses a wheelchair, the mother of toddlers that has to now carry their stroller downstairs, plus her young children. Not to mention their utter lack of respect for their neighbors and our community.

As I told the complex manager today quite frankly I will not hold my tongue when I see any of those three fools. I'm pretty upfront as you all know and, as I joked with my friends, I will make those three azzhats cry by the time I'm through AND recommend that they move when the lease is out. If they don't like it, tough. I'll just whap them with my cane.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Giving Selflessly - Who Does That...

I know I've said a few times that I have some amazing friends. Well, one of them really has gone above and beyond and, while he never recognizes himself or what he does for people - it's time we did, right?

Let me tell you about CK. CK I knew from eons ago. He's one of the "nice guys" that any parent would be proud to call him their son in law, any friend would be blessed to have and family - fuhgetabouttit. He's loyal, caring and just fabulous. We won't even go into his "Joey Tribiani" impersonation *LOL*

I met him about 20 years ago on TheShowThatShallNotBeNamed. We kept in touch through the years. When I broke up with Mark for the umpteenth time, CK sent roses to my job on V-Day to cheer me up and keep my mind off of the azzhat. When I was contemplating moving here, CK encouraged me to follow my dreams. When I went through the typical b.s. with H., CK listened to me and gave me great advice. When I've been contemplating the next steps for my life, CK listened patiently and gave some great insight which helped me see that my decisions are on the right course. The man has been like a brother and don't even get me started on when I have a boy around CK and the boyz. That guy is vetted worse than a supreme court nominee. Oy vey! When I fly home to Philly, CK is always there with a hug, a cocktail and tons of laughter. CK is an amazing person - through and through. And, if you ever get the chance to hear his full story - you'd sit there in shock. He's gone through hell and back a few times but through it all, he has triumphed. Believe me when I say that the Philly crew is blessed to have him in our lives.

A few months ago, CK gave word that he was donating a kidney to a friend of his who was in dire need. He didn't even think twice - if someone needs something and he can help, so be it. The operation was put off a couple times due to complications but last week, CK gave a heads up that the operation was a go for Tuesday. So, I turn to you, my blog friends, and ask that you please take a moment out of your day and send good thoughts CK's way for the success of the operation for both him and his friend and a speedy recovery.


OurBuddy and CK

Chris - we love you!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Guilty of Idiocy: FedEx Longwood...

Normally, when it comes to shipping stuff, I have always preferred FedEx over UPS.  Downtown Orlando - FedEx moves quickly, efficiently and I have little to NO drama.  UPS - well, we have never gotten along - not in New Hampshire, not in Lake Buena Vista nor in Altamonte.  However, when I prefer UPS over FedEx - you know there has got to be a problem.

There is one driver assigned to the route that my apartment complex is on and it has been that way since I moved here.  I have had issue after issue with this driver and, sadly, while I make my displeasure known, the Longwood office won't do a damn thing about it. 

One of the perks of living here is that we can sign an addendum to the lease where we give the complex the power to sign for packages.  All he has to do is go to the office and drop it off. Easy peasy, I say.  Does he - NO.  He claims that they "aren't open".  They are open from 10-6 every day so that's hogwash.  This recent incident is the 5th time this s.o.b. has pulled the same "noone is in the office; noone is at the apartment" dance and, like I told the CSR at the call center in India or wherever, should I see that idiot of a driver, I'm going to have restrain myself from punching him in the nose.  The call center knows I've called to have stuff escalated and I know they give messages to the manager of the Longwood branch.  What does that spineless twit do - hand it off to a customer service rep. to handle.  He is "too busy."  I left a message for his regional boss to call me - crickets.  And the issue has only gotten worse.

FedEx Longwood once tried to tell me that the reason for the "strain" on the drivers' workload" is that they were "on the Disney route".  Longwood is NOWHERE near DISNEY.  I'm not that dumb - the Lake Buena Vista office has that route.  They've tried to tell me that the driver delivered packages to the office and I need to look again.  However, it was NOT delivered as both myself and the complex manager went through each and every package and *boom* it wasn't there.  I left a message for a call back first thing - which I got at NOON the next day.  The spineless twit had a CSR call me to tell me that it was delivered on Friday and to look again.  No, newsflash - it was delivered that Saturday morning, NOT Friday as the driver alleged.  What was in the package - fresh pasta that needed to be refrigerated from FoodBuzz that I was to test for Cooking In Stilettos and, lo and behold, it was on the s.o.b.'s truck for 3 days.  The ice packs were no longer chilly.  It was warmer than a monkey's butt.  Here's the kicker - when it was FINALLY delivered, the driver turned the box so it was hidden with the "refrigerate" and address labels facing the wall.  That afternoon, when I opened it up and saw the fresh pasta just ruined, I about lost my damn mind.  What does the spineless twit of a manager do - nothing.

Then, this week - I had something delivered that will be reviewed on Cooking In Stilettos - what does the same driver do - leaves a tag saying that noone was there and that he'd deliver it again, all while noting that there was noone in the complex office.  Newsflash - they were in the complex office - especially at 1:00 in the afternoon.  There's about 4-5 people in there at any given time.  I about lost my damn mind on the poor kid from India who heard me out and agreed - there's a big problem.

Here's the problem - the driver is a lazy fool who not only doesn't deliver the packages as instructed, but he leaves them on his truck for a day or two, depending.  He doesn't deliver at the time he says he does - the complex office confirmed that for me.  He lies to his manager who tried to tell me that I was wrong.  I'm sorry - I got to SOBE late because he "forgot to deliver" my cards in February and I had to take time out of my day the next day to go to the Longwood office first?  Don't play me!  I don't appreciate the Pass The Buck Mentality that occurs at the Longwood office and, when I had to go there today to pick up the package that should have been left at the office like UPS did with their package this week, I got nothing but bullshit excuses from the guy in the front who tells me "the station manager of course will call you back" but HE wouldn't take a message - told me to call the 1-800-FEDEX number and they would get the message to the station manager.  WHAT THE #*@*@*#*  What a bunch of lazy ignorant fools is my opinion of the FedEx Longwood office.  Clearly, the manager and the employees at the Longwood station are all the same - too lazy to do their job CORRECTLY so, therefore, hopefully the corporate office will finally open its eyes to the crap going on there and make changes.

Enough, for cryin' out loud, is enough.  And it really sucks when I have to tell people "if you need to ship something to me, please use UPS because FedEx in Longwood is a bunch of idiots."

Clearly, I've given them too many chances and now it's war.  FedEx Longwood - CLEAN UP YOUR ACT!


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Flashback Fun...

It FINALLY works *evil giggle* I'm a rebellious bish and so happy that I found this (Thanx Jas!)

Ahhh - yes, that's OurBuddy holding up the record but here's a little clip of Sweet Sensation performing on a certain show that will NOT be named...

I think it's time to go back home for a little R&R...

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bravo - Are You Kiddin' Me??

I caught the Real Housewives of NYC reunion, but had to watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey and, quite frankly, I have a few issues.  It's like Bravo cherry picks the worst of the worst and while the familial ties are tight and I like that better than some of the other cast interactions on other seasons, I don't get the casting of Danielle (hello - did you NOT learn from all things Real Housewives of ATL and Sheree's lack of divorce settlement?) who needs her divorce settlement to "survive" and reminds me of the plastic surgery gal - Catwoman or whatever.  OHHHHHH - let's talk about Teresa - "There's something with the economy so I pay cash" as she goes to pay for $120k in furniture for a house that you HAD to have built because living in someone's house is "skeevy" and you need a French chalet in quartz, onyx and marble.  Honey - you pay CASH?  C'mon now.  This gal was NOT born yesterday.  But then again, your hubby works "construction" and you think he's "delicious and juicy".  I'm sorry - I think my eyes rolled into the back of my head.  Not to mention you say you "aren't a stagemom".  Honey - YES you are.  Most definitely you are but whatever.  The only one I kinda think is "normal" is Caroline.  She's no nonsense which is common with Jerz girlz. 

So, IN MY OPINION, I'm thinking that it should be named Real Housewives - Soprano style... but it's a trainwreck that I'll watch again.  Hey - we're in a recession - a gal needs a giggle.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Throwback...

Seeing pics from Jen Lancaster's Pretty In Plaid book tour has me a bit nostalgic for all things 80s...

Forgive me for subjecting you to all things Aquanet, blue eyeliner and sometimes horrifying fashion, but I couldn't help it.  Plus - I just got word that George Lamond will be in OTown in a couple weeks so that also made me a bit nostalgic for some freestyle too.

First up... TKA when they showed up at Dorney Park (Kayel got everything branded *LOL* K - that will piss off BigBro, ya know)



Just for MB - a little flashback.  Dude - can you tell Gene "Batman, seriously?" 



A classic 80s track, a little Pseudo Echo to get the morning engines revvin'...



What's on your iPod this morning?

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ahhhh - Windows Live Writer - Where Have You Been All My Life...

Things are still all willy nilly 'round these parts but thanks to Judy at No Fear Entertaining, I discovered the wonders of all things Window LiveWriter.  Finally, all those draft posts I have in my head I can finally get out and publish. 

The wonders of technology...

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Quest for Plaid (Or, In The Alternative, Why I Consider B&N Workers Book Wardens)…

Y’all know that Jen Lancaster’s newest book, PRETTY IN PLAID: A Life, a Witch, and a Wardrobe, or, the Wonder Years Before the Condescending,Egomaniacal, Self-Centered Smart Ass Phase is out today, right?

Well, having read all of her books, starting with Bitter is the New Black, I know that if it's penned by Ms. Lancaster, it will be hilar. And, I, my friends, will need all sorts of funny as I'm being stretched in 20bizillion different directions.

Pretty In Plaid seems to speak to me on a different level as it involves fashion, including that dreaded 80s fashion because I, like many of you, have been guilty of the charges of all things popped collars, aquanet, blue eyeliner and the like. Not now, of course (well - navy blue eyeliner from Smashbox now done tastefully, mind you) but still. It's fashion related and I need a book that will make me want to read and not zone out and have my mind race in 20bizillion different directions like it does the other 23.59 hours of the day, ya know?

So, this is an exciting week - Jen Lancaster's book is released; Colin Cowie's new line debuts on HSN and, to cap it off - Real Housewives finale AND Lipstick Jungle S. 2 on DVD (which my Tivo is excited because I can delete those 5 eps. I haven't watched yet because I haven't had time). Some people get excited about vacays - I'm excited about Pretty in Plaid, Lipstick Jungle, Colin Cowie and trash tv. Yeah, I know - shush - do not judge.

Last night, I was hoping that some "overzealous" worker started putting out the new books so I dropped by Barnes & Noble to do a little reconnaissance. I circled the store - nothing. Not. One. Book by Jen. NOTHING - what the heck?? I look again - NOTHING.

This could mean one of three things - people are catching up on their reading in anticipation of the release (it's Altamonte so I'll go with probably nope). They could be sold out (again - Altamonte - nope.) So I'm guessing the salespeople are hoarding the books so they can do a nifty display. Yup - probably. However, wouldn't hurt to ask, right? I mean, c'mon - this is the store that sold G. Garvin's new cookbook a MONTH before it was to be released. DOH!

Spotting a clerk nearby, I nicely inquire, "Do you have Pretty In Plaid" to which she snottily replied "No, that's out tomorrow - you'll have to wait. We'll get fined if we sell it to you early." Hold up - wait a minute. Again, let's remind everyone that this is the SAME STORE that sold a cookbook a MONTH before it was to be released? They know me here and know that when I check out - I check out big. Plus, dangnabit - I'm a member who has paid my dues. Sell. Me. The. Book. It's only going to be released in >5 hours for flippin' sake (if we were doing a Twilight stakeout and it could be sold at 12:01 a.m.)

But the Book Warden would not be swayed. She had about as much of a sense of humor as my 1st Grade teacher, Sr. Marie, at Holy Cross who pulled my ear as a child for talking in line. There was no pleading my case and no room for negotiation, no matter how savvy my litigation skills are.


Fast forward to when I'm in line waiting to check out with a copy of the latest Cosmo and another clerk asked me if I found everything okay. I told her of my plight and she said "No, we'll get fined if we sell them early." like they were Stepford Clerks or something. However, this gal was much nicer and I resolved that I would just buy it on release day and then Barnes & Noble and I would be done with our membership tango. I won't even talk about how I talked a customer into pre-ordering the Neelys' new cookbook and the Stepford Clerks had no idea who the heck the Neelys were. My theory was - the customer wanted it and if the worker was too stupid, then how am I going to stand idly by while a clerk's lack of action (or brain power) might lose the Neelys a sale. Again, I digress.

Apparently, karma smiled on me for helping the Lost Customer and not ripping out Book Warden's throat and letting this go. In my morning email was a coupon for 30% off a book from - wait for it - Borders. And, yes, they are holding a copy of Pretty in Plaid for me...
What are you doing still reading this post - go out and pick up a copy of Pretty in Plaid! Trust me, you won't be sorry.

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Monday, May 04, 2009

Wiggs' First Battle Wound...

Saturday, Wiggs had to go to the Vet's office for his monthly "butt squeeze" (where they fix his anal glands). Normally, its quick - we head in first thing in the morning, the techs know and adore him so they rush him in and once we're out the door, he's convincing me that "Momma - we really need to go to McDonalds" (I justify it as he's got his butt squeezed and it's not pleasant for him OR the tech - that's okay for a piece of sausage, right? Plus I need ice coffee). We are always told "No appointment - come early as a walk-in and we'll make it fast."

Sadly, this Saturday, it was going to be a long day. Not only was my LEAST favorite tech on duty (she's just nasty, cranky and mean - if I could bitch slap her I would. Such a bitter pill that woman.) It was also a busy waiting room as there were a couple other dogs hanging out. Wiggs, knowing that small dogs attack him (Napoleon complex much??), rushed over to a woman there with her pit bull and her retriever and Wiggs wanted to make instant friends. If there's anything he loves, it's other dogs. He even got all excited when one of those hotdogesque dogs came by and, once the hot dog saw Wiggs, it dropped on his back like "Look at MAH Belli!" and they were BFFs. One of the fellow rescue peeps came in with a new pug and those two were inseparable. It was cute. Now, sure there was the occasional "ARUUUUU" as the dogs barked and howled like they were singing campfire songs but it wasn't ear shattering. Bitter Pill would always look at Wiggs like he had NO social skills and, quite frankly, he doesn't. He knows sit, stay but if he sees someone that he can give a kiss or a snug to, he's off and running. And, yes, I'm a bad dog momma because - well - I kinda indulge him. He's around a cat who goes from hot to cold and is still not his friend. So if he can get a little dog interaction, good for him. As long as he doesn't pee on the chairs, we're good.

Well, one of the people brought their dog out who had a Elizabethan collar on. Knowing that the Elizabethan collar dog might have issues, I told Wiggs - NO NOSY! which, to him means, be nice but no sniffin' all over the place. Well, that other dog - we'll call him/her Bitchy, decided that they just wanted NOTHING to do with Wiggs and bit my pug on the nose.

Wiggs backed away in shock, like he was trying to process what happened and he was still wagging his tail. Clearly, he's the sweet one of the family. I see blood and start pulling him away, shooting the dog's parents a look like "WHAT THE @*@*#*#*@" You would think I would get at least an "I'm Sorry" after they asked - "Did he get bit?" HELL YES WIGGLES GOT BIT YOU AZZHAT! They knew their dog was a mean ass bitch and no warning? What. The. #*@*@*. Hello - your dog just tried to bite off my PUG'S NOSE!!!!

Sharon, the rescue volunteer, and I are trying to look at the battle wound and cheer up the poor pug who now is bleeding and has tears welling up in his eyes - Flying out of the office comes Bitter Pill pointing to me going "You - YOU AND THAT DOG NEED TO GO IN EXAM ROOM 4. NOW!"

Guess we got our azzes banished. Well, fine - Wiggs thinks he's in trouble due to her tone and, as I shoot Bitter Pill a look of death, I just pulled him away while grabbing some napkins to take a look see. 45 min. later, one of his techs comes in and apologizes for the delay. Thankfully the wound is just superficial but, as they said, they'd have put something on it but Wiggy would have just licked it off regardless. He gets his butt fixed, goes through his routine of giving her hugs and kisses like he always does and trots proudly out of our holding cell. He even makes friends with a little girl who only wants to pet him. What is Bitter Pill doing - shaking her head and giving me death glare again.

We won't even get into when I checked out and Bitter Pill acted like she was so put out to actually - I dunno - give me the flea meds but I will say this. Next month, if Bitter Pill is on shift, I'm going to request someone else. I REFUSE to let her talk to my dog in ANY tone and, quite frankly, I will set her on her #*@*@*#*# behind. I know my parents taught me to respect my elders but with her behavior to a DOG, she doesn't deserve my respect.

And if I EVER see those dog parents again, I'm going to also tell them to muzzle that mutt. Because if BitchyCollarDog ever goes near my pug again, it's ON. That dog can take his/her napoleon attitude and suck it.

Wiggs, however, has realized the power of the "Boo Boo" and, yes, while he got his McDs, he also whines to show me his nose and how he needs a cookie.

I've created a monster, I know. :::sigh:::

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For The LOVE of God...

Will the news media shut UP about Casey Anthony - seriously. Every. Single. DAY there's something about this woman and that case.

Be warned - I'm on my soapbox.

So this chick's lawyer is now filing some motion to change venue in the morning as the defense feels the jury pool is "tainted". YOU THINK? She also seems to think that she'll get a fair trial from a different county? Give. Me. A. Break. Her (IMO) MediaHungry parents (who seem to give "exclusive comments every. other. day - *growl*) have made this so "in the forefront" that she won't get "her version" of what her and her team deam "a fair trial" anywhere.

Now - let me state for the record, this is just my opinion but, quite frankly, I'm so over this case already. I feel horrible for her dad and all but when her mother, Cindy, makes a comment that she decided to go on a morning show because it was "more ethical" than Oprah. Yeah, she's a fine one to talk. Hmmm.. how interesting considering that her deposition tape was supposedly sent to Oprah's offices by the civil attorney that deposed her lyin' behind or so a news station mentioned one morning.

Oprah's people decided they wouldn't go through with the interview -my guess is because Cindy tends to welcome cameras everywhere and anywhere. I just want this woman's 15 min. of fame to be over already and justice to be done.

There are other children that are missing in Florida and, sadly, they aren't getting the type of attention this @*@*#$*@*@* case is getting. Enough is enough already.

*jumps off soapbox*


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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Obsessed With: Cole Haan's Spring Offerings...

I know we're in a recession and all but isn't this just perfect for summer? :::le sigh:::

Cole Haan's Small E/W Tote from the Biscayne Collection

The One Bag I REALLY want - even more than the Kooba Natasha is this

Cole Haan's Phoebe

And to go with either of my choices: The Cole Haan Handbag Hook

Yes, I know - I need Cole Haan rehab... One good thing to know - SmartBargains always tends to get them for a great price. Something to look forward to.

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Flat Irons Tips to Keep Hair Looking Healthy

Flat Irons for Hair

Flat Irons Tips to Keep Hair Looking Healthy

Flat irons for hair that are on the market today can deliver truly amazing results. Products like the Maxiglide hair straightener can detangle hair and preserve moisture, while the Infrashine hair straightener and the Bio Ionic flat iron can actually boost shine. While these are great products that won’t fry your hair like the flatirons of yesteryear, you have to remember that they can still cause damage if they aren’t used properly. Healthy hair is just something that is at the top of my list and, of course, I’m sure it’s on the top of yours too. After all, you have to admit that there is nothing quite as unattractive as fried, broken, and dull tresses. That just might warrant a What Not To Wear intervention with Nick and Carmindy in the lead, right? Whether your hair is extremely curly or can be straightened in a snap, here are some flat iron tips that will keep your hair looking its best.

Maxiglide Hair Straighteners

Tip #1: Turn Down the Heat for Curly Hair

For those who already have hair that is relatively straight, using a flat iron to smooth and straighten hair is usually quick and easy. Curly hair, however, can pose more of a challenge. Some flat iron tips you’ll find online will tell women with curly hair that they should turn the heat way up to get the results they want. (Hello - guilty as charged!!!) This isn’t a great idea, however, for women who want to keep hair healthy. Curly hair can be quite dry, and applying excessive heat can cause a lot of damage. So, avoid cranking the heat. Instead, make sure you have a flat iron made for unruly hair, such as the Maxiglide hair straightener. It’s specially designed to detangle curly hair, and it uses steam instead of potentially damaging heat to straighten curly, frizzy, and generally unruly locks.

Infrashine Flat Irons

Tip #2: Flat Irons for Hair Need Breaks Too!

I learned that today’s flat irons are much easier on hair than the products of years ago. The Infrashine hair straightener, for example, is touted for making hair look shinier and more conditioned. But don’t be fooled by that shine. You have to remember that using a flat iron every single day will eventually dry out and damage your hair. So be kind to your tresses. Give your flat iron a break on the weekends or over vacation, and give your hair a few days to recover.

Flat Iron Tips

Tip #3: Avoid Going Over the Same Piece Again and Again…and Again

Some flat iron tips will tell you to keep going over the same piece of hair until it is perfectly straight. Going over the same section five times or more, however, is a recipe for disaster because it is more likely to result in damage to your hair. (Yes, I’m guilty of this too!) If you’re using a good product like a Bio Ionic flat iron, there’s no reason why you should have to go over hair this many times. Remember, you want your hair straight, not dull and flat. Two, three, or four passes (at most!) should be enough for even extremely curly hair.

The Maxiglide hair straightener, Infrashine hair straightener, and Bio Ionic flat iron will give you the smooth, shiny, and ultra-straight hair you want. Just be sure to follow these tips to avoid damage and keep it looking healthy too.

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