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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Listen To This: Alex Sayz "Shame On Me"...

Now THIS is something that should be pumpin' out the car speakers on the way to the shore, no? Check out this fabu track, "Shame On Me" by Alex Sayz that just dropped today - love love love! Brings me back to the days of WMC in Miami - this is gonna go places, of that I'm sure.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting Back To The Daily...

You know when you fall off the blogging wagon, sometimes it's NOT just like riding a bike? Then again, it's just a question of finding my inner voice that has been silenced by the chaos from the daily grind. I can't tell you how many times I say "OMG that is such good blog fodder" and then *poof* its out of my head quicker than a TV show getting cancelled. Not to mention that I have something huge going on in my life but I can't blog about it because I need to get ducks in a row. Egads - what is a gal to do.

So, yup - I'm trying to jump back on the wagon and make a go of it - and yes, I have some news to share. All in due time, lovelies - all in due time.


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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Patient Update...

Last week was CHAOS with a capital "C". After I posted about Wiggy and his diagnosis of kennel cough, he took a turn for the worse. Last week we had heatwaves that were crazy hot and the ac in the apartment was, again, on the fritz.

Wiggles started panting like crazy, wheezing and getting himself all worked up (dude - STOP chasing the cat!) and I tried to keep him calm, cooling him down with icy cold towels and ice cubes. About 1 in the morning he just collapsed, couldn't walk and I called the ER to see what their thoughts were. They told me to bring him in ASAP and, sure enough, he had heat exhaustion with the kennel cough. Thankfully they kept me calm because I kept feeling like I failed Wiggy somehow - one shot of steroids later to reduce the swelling in his throat (and over $160), they fixed him up and we were headed home. We won't talk about the buggy fight I had the in car (again - they attack) and I thought all was well with him laying in front of the fan resting. They assured me that the shot would take care of him for the night and knock him out. However, an hour later, he was back to the heavy panting and crawling into the kitchen to lay next to his water dish and fridge. By this time it was already 5 am.

I called his vet the minute they opened and they took him in first thing as I waged battle with the apartment complex to fix the AC yet again. Turns out the compressor unit had a huge leak so the house has been comfortably 65-70 all week. The head maintenance guy took care of it personally and for that I'm grateful. The vet called me at the end of the day to check to see if the AC was fixed as they couldn't release him to me unless it was. Thankfully it was all fixed (and, funny side note - I learned to open and close the air vents - I have 12 ft. ceilings - I didn't know that they were quasi closed. Thanks to SL, those vents are open more than a Dennys).

Wiggy has been working on getting better all week - he's still weak at times, still chasing the cat but he is getting better by the day. I've been keeping an eye on him all week. Even Shadow has been worried checking on him.

I'm happy to say that his personality has returned and, yes, school can't come quick enough. Last night he stared me down and let one go on the rug because I didn't take him out with SL and I when we went to Friendlys. Somehow I just need to remember that I almost lost him and be thankful that he's got a little feistiness in him - even if he does continue to chase Shadow only to give her kisses.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wiggs Update and Why I Will NEVER Kennel Him At Preppy Pet Again...

I'm a bit perturbed - let me rephrase - I'm SERIOUSLY perturbed. Wiggs is not the most graceful pug but, if anything, he's pretty damn healthy for a pug.

Until this week. When I got home from Philly, I picked him up from his kennel, Preppy Pet Suites in Longwood. I spoke to them last Saturday and they assured me he was just fine. When I picked him up, Mandy made the remark that he was "quite rambunctious". Fine - I understand that he's quite the pain in the ass and I was fine with it. He got home and I checked his bag to only find that most of his food was still in there. What the hell did they feed my dog? I mean, if I'm paying $160 for the pug to stay there, dammit, they will keep his diet as is. I tend to research what is fed to him after many food dramas and he's on a steady diet (sans the TooJays but that's occasionally). They took it upon themselves to feed him Cesars which is something that is on "clearance" at the supermarkets here and I don't know what the hell is in it. Their reasoning "He wouldn't eat his Chef Michaels" Sure he wouldn't - he's conning you for people food. If you leave it - he eats it. They could have told me this on Saturday and I would have advised them as such - not just "Oh he's just fine and behaving!" I had words with them and also asked that they please send me his collar which they neglected to put with his things (Note to Dana - I'm STILL waiting for it - please send it ASAP!). I was annoyed but not fully ready to break up with them yet.

Fast forward to yesterday - the heat index is unbearable - mostly it's 98 but with a heat index of 108-110. As Lesli can assure y'all, pugs and extreme heat is NOT good. So, I tend to keep him indoors. I'm still going through hell with the air conditioning drama here at the apartment (*ahem* Yo apartment management, perhaps we need a new compressor - stop putting a bandaid on a gaping wound, 'k??). However, he has a fan, steady supply of ice cubes and his new platinum fountain of chilled water. He's good. However his panting and hacking and wheezing had me wondering yesterday what the hell was wrong with him. He was up every hour on the hour moving across the bed to find a comfy spot. I even put in those "ice bricks" that you use with coolers under the sheets so he could lay on top of them. Still he was far from comfy and started dry heaving. Basically, it was a restless night for both of us and the cat who kept coming in the room to check on him.

This morning, I figured enough is enough and called his vet who, thankfully, is open 7 days a week (Altamonte Animal Clinic and Dr. Hart and Dr. Schnars seriously rock!) Jennifer, hearing the panic in my voice, told me that they would see him early this afternoon. First, I learned that he lost .7 lbs at the kennel - not good. In addition, after Dr. Schnars examined him, not only does he have a fever, but also a nasty case of kennel cough. $130 later from this appointment and I'm sure it will be more $$$ in 2 weeks at his follow up and my savings account is going "SERIOUSLY WHAT THE @@*#*@!" However, they take the best care of Wiggs and I'm thankful that they could fit him in today and catch it in time. They even advised that I present the bill to Preppy Pet for reimbursement but that just would never happen.

Preppy Pet, however, and I will NOT be friends and I think it's time that I have a bit of a come to Jesus session with them besides telling them that I will no longer utilize their services nor recommend them to anyone - ever! I entrusted them with my pug and this just is unacceptable. While I know that kennel cough can happen, it shouldn't have been this severe.

On a sidenote: what's funny is the look on the tech's face when I told her that Wiggs was at Preppy Pet. Granted he was there for 6 days but apparently it was 6 days too long and you know that face like that gal made to Carrie in Sex & The City when she brought up Aidan - yeah, that face was the tech's face at mention of Preppy Pet. Perhaps I'm not the only person that will be breaking up with them in the near future.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Forgive Me Internets For I Have Sinned...

It's been days since my last blog post.

So, yeah, you all are sick of hearing me say "Life is getting in the way" but, quite frankly, I'm going to keep saying it.  Lots of fodder over the weekend jaunt to Philadelphia but I really don't know where to begin.  So, since I have the day off to pick up Mr.Wiggles from his extended posh puggy vacay, I will have to upload photos with the appropriate snarky remark and hope that it translates.

Also, I have to say this to the Boston fans in the back of the house - send me to a Phillies game to cheer on my team and my team will spank the Red Sox every.time.  So now I have a new tradition - that being to watch my team in person beat my family and friends' favorite team into the ground.  Yeah I know - tres thrilling.  See, haven't you missed me?

Also, I have so much thinking to do after this trip - opportunity is just around the corner - it's a question of wrapping my head around the ideas and running with it - not just pulling my standard m.o. - that being ostrich + head + sand = Lys' usual way of dealing with crap.

Thankfully, SL took care of little Ms. Shadow but I think she'll be happy to hear her momma come home - at least for a day.  The Pug - that sucker better sing for me when he sees me.  I missed the two furballs.  I even called his little "daycare" spot to see if he's been behaving.  They told me he's been an angel - I think they are lying.  This dog kicked sand all over a blind girl doggie during his last stay - angel my butt.  This is Wiggs we're talking about.  He and I have had such a rough go of it lately where I was doubting my patience level or if he even cares to stay with me or move onto a new home.  He tends to last a few months and then get rambunctious and he's been misbehaving so much lately that I feel like he's a two year old and needs constant attention.  Perhaps its due to his history - or not.  Either way, he needs to learn "quiet/peace/calm the *@*!!* down"  As I told Rifleman, giving him up is not an option - he's with me for a good 10 years or so and somehow Wiggs and I have to pull a Tim Gunn and "Make It Work". 

Here's a story for you - Shadow's been getting him worked up.  He sees her and he wants to chase. When he's calm, he doesn't chase.  Well, her way of getting him in trouble - appearing the doorway of the bedroom, making noise, staring him down as he's laying on the bed and *boom* he's off and running. Often this happens at 3/4 in the morning necessitating me to get up and go get him and put him back on the bed only for her to wait 30 min. and do it again.  He also runs around the bed like "Momma get up!  Shadow play!" and one morning it was so hot, he got so excited and he threw up ON MY FACE!

No, you read that right - my face, my pillow - everything.  He just let one loose - Exorcist style.  Who was the culprit - the cat for getting him worked up and him for downing vats of water.  So I hope she finds a way to live with him because me and my pillow were at wits end.

Also, before I left I had to get a new water dish - in Florida, <del> Oversize Cockroaches</del> <del> palmettos </del> waterbugs *snort*  tend to love the dishes and I found 4 of those suckers in the internal housing of the animals $70 platinum fountain having a party on the carbon filter.  That fountain went in the trash so quickly I was done.  My dad wanted to know if I could salvage - no, I'm sorry - I'm not going to have my animals drinking out of a porous plastic "fountain" that has been doused in bleach.  So I went off to PetSmart before I left to pick up some "Vegas" style fountain for the cat - and let me tell you that putting it together almost killed me. You need a master's degree to put that crap together.   For the price I paid, not only should it have been pre-assembled, but also should have come with a cocktail (or three) Couple that with no sleep and I was one cranky ***** on the flight down.  Now that I'm heading  back to Orlando, I'm quasi-relaxed and ready for the week ahead.

Well, at least after I finish this Baileys - I clearly didn't drink enough on this trip.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Putting It Into Perspective... Or In The Alternative, Why Some People Better Step Back...

I'm pretty hush on the boy detail here and there's a reason - mainly I don't like to put people on blast. However, I saw something this evening that had me rollin' my eyes - mostly because I don't buy into girlie bullshit.

This is my opinion - If a guy is dating someone - he's DATING. There is no implied exclusivity unless it's fully discussed. Perhaps it's because I think like a guy but if I'm dating someone or hangin' around with someone, there is no "one and only one" unless it's discussed and cards are on the table. It is what it is. I also would never put my whole heart on my sleeve for all of MySpace, Twitter and Facebook to read. I also don't assume crap either.

Now there is a friend of mine who I do like to hang out with from time to time. He likes to hit me with the "I Miss You" and "Love You" and blah blah bullshit. My response, "Backatcha" because while I care for the cat, I don't know him well enough yet. Now, should he have plied me with tequila one night, I might have slipped but that was totally the Patron effect - nothing to be taken to heart for future use.

Now I know he dates like a rampant fool. However, there's a gal who he's been seen with quite a bit, but she's not the only one. I even joked with him about it because, quite frankly, thanks to Facebook, I can't keep track of his lovelife. Its amusing (or at least to me). Her, well, let's just say before she even started hanging out with him, she was giving me the death glares. I don't have time for that crap. I also don't have time for her "friends" to be giving me the side eye when I'm hanging out at a favorite spot with some others. Leave that sorority shit at the door. She's one of those girls that I probably would make cry after one of my "Come to Jesus" sessions. Seriously, what the hell are people thinking - or, perhaps, I just got too old for the drama. Now if Meowmix was with me, well she'd really have a ball and there would have been some words. Let's just say that August will be rather interesting...



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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blogging From 30,000 Feet....

Did you know that AirTran has wireless on their flights?  I just recently learned that and, sure enough, my flight this morning to Philly is GoGo enabled.  Yay!  The one bright spot because, as to be expected, it was a comedy of errors starting with my lack of "get up and go" last night after dropping Wiggs off at his Daycare for his "vacation".  I didn't rest last night because, well, with an early morning flight, I need to not oversleep.  As I had to work yesterday, things just totally fell behind.  So I cleaned my house, did laundry, worked on my closet - the stuff I can't do without Wiggs chasin' after me every 5 min.  I even had to put together a new automatic waterer for the cat so it was busy but not super crazed.  I didn't even pack until 4:30/5 this morning.  I figured, eeeh - casual at best.  However, yes, I did pack the Loubous in case I want to whap Rifleman or Ant upside the head.  I figure the red sole should conceal any spatter, right? (I'm kidding - well, at least with Ant.  *seriously praying that Rifleman lost the blog link*).  It's been one of those months.

Then, this morning my attitude got riled up because my stupid credit card decided to "unilaterally shut down accounts" and give us new accounts.  They say its "Bank prerogative", I think someone got hacked or had a security risk.  Either way, the fact remains that I was not privy to this.  Even worse is that I do not have my "new" card yet and guess what card is securing my car rental at Hertz.  Yup - the old one that they decided was not active.  Ugh.  So, I sat on the phone screaming at Ben and Colin in India - two absolute imbeciles who didn't understand the phrase "Don't you DARE touch my account!" and the language barrier with both of the idiots was beyond evident.  (Tribute - you get a big fat fail and, trust me when I say that you and I will have a come to Jesus meeting and you will hate me after it - of that I'm sure).  In this economy, credit cards are having issues, sure, but for me, a fab customer, a little courtesy is seriously in order.  Again - Tribute - FAIL!

Then I get to the airport annoyed as all hell to find out that my flight was delayed by 30 min.  Finally - I caught a break and went to Starbucks to chill out for a hot second, call Hertz in Philly and find out how we were going to fix this mess (they had me log onto my account at the airport and change out my cards.  Tribute - you SUCK!  Oh - and for that you owe me $5.00).  So, I figured, eeeh - I'm delayed - I got time.  Well, I didn't have time because AirTran decided that we were, indeed, going to depart at 8:46.  Oy to the vey.  Armed with my Starbucks, I jumped on the plane and *boom* AirTran has wireless Internet.  It is, however, too early to get a free cocktail.  Perhaps on the ride home.

So, when I land I plan on doing not too much this afternoon.  I have to stop by B. and Rifleman's joint to pick up tix to the RedSox/Phillies matchup for Sunday (Thanks Mel!), head to the hotel, mosey around Cherry Hill for a bit and then it's the Randori show.  Tomorrow, my dad heads into Philly and we have some family stuff to attend to and he gets to see my fave city.  It's changed a bit since my days in High School.  There is so much to do and not enough time in the day - so as if I don't blog sporadically enough, y'all now know that I might or might not blog while running around Philly.  It all depends on time.  I'll be back on Monday, pick up Wiggs on Tuesday and then life is back to quasi normal - at least until August.

Other than that, what do you have planned for this weekend? 

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

No Summer Break For The Weary...

Or, in the alternative, Wiggs is going to school...

No, you read that right - Wiggs is going to enjoy the majority of his summer going to training school.  I hit the end of my rope this morning.  Every day it's something - he's chasing the cat at 4:30 in the morning.  He won't do his business before work, often resulting in an accident in the house that greets me when I get home.  He's the complex police, often distracted to see what everyone else is doing and his ADD kicks in.  He tends to "puppy nip" people, not realizing his own strength, has been swiping TooJays fries from me and let's talk about his ambushing 3 year olds with kisses, scaring said child from ever petting him.  His social graces are lacking, to say the least and when I took a behavioral exam to see where he fell in the "does he need training or not" test, he got a D.

My dad, ever the optimist said "Brandy [my childhood St. Bernard] got an F.  He got a D.  See, there's hope".  Action was needed and I took matters into my own hands.  There are only so many "BAD DOG" reprimands a gal can say before losing her damn mind.

So tonight I spent some time talking to a dog trainer and Wiggs is going back to school.  I just wonder who's going to be trained more - me or Wiggs.  Our first class is June 27th and it's 3 flippin' hours.  Until then, I'm to keep an eye on the little monster and see where he needs help.  I feel less on the brink of a breakdown after talking with the trainer - he seems like the Dog Whisperer of Altamonte so this should be good.  However, he clued me in that pugs are VERY smart (and sneaky) so Wiggs best learn I'm wise to his kung fu.

Someone please send coffee - I'm going to need it.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Peaches & Cream With A Touch Of Arsenic...

Don't ask me why but I love this interview

Anna Wintour:  Behind the Shades

Watch CBS Videos Online

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Moving... In Stilettos...

A couple weeks ago, Hellfire aka Kar moved into her brand new home.  During the move, our friends J & SL made a joke "Will Lys be Moving In Stilettos?" 

Hardy Har Har... (for the record, it was sneakers, a Phillies hat and totally dressed down *LOL*) but the idea stuck. 

I've been beyond unhappy with the dorm situation along with a few other situations going on in my life and it's time to take action.  Those close to me know that I will be, indeed, moving in stilettos when the lease is up.

So bear with me while I'm torn in 20 different directions and will be posting but not as in depth as I'd like.  There will be SO much to disclose - just can't do it here on the blog - JUST yet. 

Keep your fingers crossed - the apartment hunt starts now.  Game on because not only does this Cooking In Stilettos wench need a kitchen that rocks, but a closet that is Loubou worthy... Oh - and some nice non-college age neighbors would be cool too.  Why can't a gal have it all, right?

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