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Friday, October 31, 2008

A Little Halloween Shock...

I was going to write about a decision that's facing me, but I figure we'll leave that for tomorrow or Sunday. Let's talk about the nasty trick the universe has played on me, shall we?

I've been waxing and focusing on the latest drama I've had with Mr. Wiggles and his brethren. Shadow has located one and gutted it appropriately. I defeated one that came through the pipes in the bathroom and sauntered across the clean tile like it flippin' belonged in my house. (Last I checked, they haven't paid rent and I'm not throwing those suckers a Welcome (to my) Home soiree). Last weekend, there was one that attacked me IN MY CAR and I raided his funky behind only to find it deader than a doornail the next day. So I thought we had the situation handled... until last night.

Now, mind you, I drive a little sassy Cougar and, yes, while it's had its wear and tear, there is a SMALL hole in the floorboard from my stiletto and much driving. It makes it interesting when a gal goes through a puddle and I often giggle that I'll have to "Flintstone It" before too long. But I love my car and that, my friends, will not change.

Now, last night, I'm driving home and chatting on the phone as I feel something AGAIN run across my foot. WHAT THE EFF?!?!?!?!?! I figure it's my pants brushing against my flats or something and then, 5 min. later, there it goes again - from the other direction. Oh. Hell. To. The. Effin'. No!

I'm told "Go get the RAID again and spray the car". My response "Doh - the residual RAID smell isn't so hot with my perfume, ya know??" And I stop at Costco and do my little dance thinking maybe there is a spider or something in the pant cuff. One thing about Florida falls - they bring out the bug patrols. I look through the floor and NADA. I'm seeing things and I'm jumpy. Granted I had a tough day yesterday so maybe its the fatigue playing tricks on the mind, I think?

Well, just to be safe, after I picked up my groceries, I got a can of RAID for the car (seriously, WHO does that but one that is not dealing well with the massive amounts of Palmettos infesting us like the plague) and after putting up the groceries in the house, I come back down and get a little spray happy, hoping that I'll have gotten the other azzhat that is in my car and he'll perish and we'll bury him on the pavement and it's over and done with. So I trot down this morning to my car with a big azz bottle of FEBREZE (hey - it says it makes anything smell fab and might defeat the residual RAID, right?). My neighbor is laughing at me Febrezin' the car, joking about how I must really love that "Fresh Scent" and I told her the truth. I'm waging a battle with Mr. Wiggles' cousins and while they won A battle, I'm determined to win the war. She nodded knowingly, remarking that she's got the same problem and they are especially bad this year.

Well, I look on the drivers side, hoping for a present (or two) and find NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. Well, it's my mind then and I'm just stressed. I laugh it off, Febreze the drivers side and call it a day.

I am driving home tonight and, like clockwork, I feel that damn thing near my left foot. AGAIN. And I promptly freak the hell out. And remember that I have the RAID can in the trunk. I stop, look around and find NOTHING. Again with the mind tricks. Again, I realize that I could be overreacting. I figure, eeehhhh... go to Barnes & Noble, get a coffee and come out to the car and what's on my dashboard but TWO of that damn azzhat's cousins, just sauntering around like "Take that bitch. We own this joint!". And, this time, I am sure I amused some people in the parking lot because that crap was on and poppin. I am telling Mr. Wiggles-ette to get the eff off the dashboard or I will raid his azz quicker than he knows (he runs and hides in the vent). His co-hort in crime attacks me from the PASSENGER side, putting my beloved Kooba and my coffee near harm's way. OH. Hell. NO! Well, as the damn co-hort sprinted out of my car and ran under the wheel like it was going to go back THROUGH the hole, I quickly ran to the trunk, grabbed the RAID CAN and then I saw it - ANOTHER ONE sauntering TOWARDS my car from 4 spaces over. Apparently the Palmetto patrol put out an APB for the bitch who RAIDS her car and I was under attack. My father, on the phone, is laughing hysterically at my dilemma as the RAID and I joined together in our fight and that bug didn't get NEAR my car as I'm spraying the pavement.

And then my conscience hit me as I raced home before that other bug came up from the engine vent. As I sprayed down the Drivers side and the dashboard, I felt a sense of guilt for that bug that might not have been headed towards my car, but perhaps just towards the grass. Did I have the right to RAID him in his own home - the Barnes & Noble mall parking lot? Who am I to kill something that had a right to live? (Hold off PETA - don't send my membership kit JUST yet)

Then my father snapped me out of it as I remarked about the 12 years of Catholic guilt clearly dealt me in. As he reminded me that I have a walking bullseye for Mr. Wiggles everywhere, I vowed then and there that while I live here in Altamonte, the war is on. And, word to the wise, RAID and I will win Every. Single. Time.

And I think I need to invest in some more Febreze. Its going to be a long few months...

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ahhhhh... October 30th hits...

Justine (circa 1988) with one Ms. Kelly Ripa

Another year has passed. And I can't help but smile because I know our dear friend Justine is probably laughing from upstairs while watching the Philly peeps celebrate last night's win.

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 20 years since she passed. Justine would have been 38 today. The time passes but the memories are still vivid. And the more we're all coming across videos and pictures of her in them, the more you can't help but look at them and smile. We all say we have a few angels from the show watching us from above dancin' on the clouds, one of which is her.

I know I was definitely blessed from having known her.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

They Brought It Home...

The Phillies took the World Series by storm and much love to each and every player that brought home the FIRST CHAMPIONSHIP SINCE 1980!!!

God I wish I was home right now... I've been a fan since 1988, and I have never wavered in my love for this team. The Good, The Bad and the Eeeehhh - a Philly fan is a Philly fan. Granted, everyone was griping about the rain delay, conspiracy theories, drama and growling at the MLB commissioner and, to be truthful,I wasn't sure what the heck was going to happen tonight. One of my boys said "Tampa can still take it, ya know". I just looked at him like "Ummm.. highly doubtful" but I thought "Hell, we're starting the game from mid game with a tie. What the hell? If we lose, we're gonna be back in Tampa again."

All in all, I've seen MORE baseball in one month than I've seen in years and tomorrow, I'm going to be a bit discombobulated. You have to admit that Tampa played hard and played good but in the end, through the mound of guys on top of Brad Lidge and crew, the Phillies celebrated and it's mayhem.

No doubt, the City of Brotherly Love is enjoying some brotherly celebration of it's own and I'm sure the city is chaos. To quote the man who sealed the deal tonight - Brad Lidge, "This is us, this is our time right now. I don't care about that other crap - this is it right here".

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Northern Wench Status Is About To Be Revoked...

As much as I say I'm a "Philly Gal at Heart", I had to realize and accept the fact that I've been here in Florida for way too long. I've been here so long that, apparently, this afternoon when it was a gusty 55 degrees, I was shivering more than a Chihuahua and cursing the fact I didn't wear a coat this morning. Mind you, this morning it was 42 degrees and while I thought "Oooh - it's a bit brisk" but I didn't think twice about going to get my coat. I'm thinking "Eeehhh, I'm a northern gal - I can handle this."

Yeah, that was all well and fine until I went out for my daily 'Bucks run and went "BRRRRRRRRRR" and started fervently wishing for a warm coat, some toasty gloves and a snazzy scarf. Oh, and boots - must have boots. Clearly, my status as a gal who could once face the snows and freezing temps in the Northeast needs to be re-examined.

And, to start, I need to stock up on some sweaters or else I'm a goner for Philly.


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Monday, October 27, 2008

T Minus 10 Days...


You hear that? It's the sound of me officially freaking out. I haven't got a CLUE what to wear. I haven't got a clue WHAT to bring. I haven't got a clue WHAT's been planned and the inner control freak in me is freakin' out beyond belief.

Sure, I wish I had the "devil may care less" attitude, spontaneity and spunk that my fabulous friends have but for a person who rarely lets go of the control strings, this is tough for me. I'm always prepared and this disorganized drama is not good for my wee brain, ya know.

So, basically, tonight as I watch my Phils spank the Rays for ONE LAST DANCE as they clinch the World Series, I will be in my closet/room/whatever sorting through all the clothes, shoes and bags I have as I try to come up with *The Outfit* for Friday's soiree at the Bourbon, as well as what to pack for shopping on South Street and in King of Prussia, a few meetings I have to attend to and just chillin' out. Because, quite frankly, I must look fab for the pics and not look like I've been guzzling a bottle of Goose (not that I did last time *hiccup* but you know - it was all Jas' fault with his "Line 'em up!" stuff).

Fact is, I think with all the daily to-do around this spot, I just need to learn to relax... or a good massage. Thankfully, this time I don't have a "carry on challenge". Phew...

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

What A Day...

No, I won't go into the edge of the seat, oh my holy hell, he got a RUUUUUUNNNNNN diatribe whereby my Phils played until 2:00 this a.m. in Game 3 of the World Series, spankin' the Tampa Bay Rays. I won't wax poetic about how the game almost wasn't a go due to the rain in Philly and I sat through 3 episodes of some stupid Fox show while waiting for my Phils to take this game.

I will, however, tell you the story of why you can't let me into Fresh Market on a Saturday.

See, earlier today, it all started with my burial of Mr. Wiggles' cousin who perished in my sassy Cougar last night. He had been plaguing me for 2 weeks whereby I kept saying "Dammit - I KNOW THERE IS A PALMETTO BUG IN THIS CAR!!!" but that stupid smart bug would hide. I can see why cockroaches have lasted since the dinosaur age - those things are sneaky. However, when he showed his slimy little face last night, I was ready for him and, while he hid, I went upstairs, grabbed the RAID and let him have it. Today, I "buried" him on the pavement while I aired out the car and went to get my hair cut. As my hairdresser told me she loved my new perfume, I remarked "Well, see it's Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely with a dash of residual RAID". Apparently, she's used to the Palmetto sneak attack and understood my vow of refusing to tolerate those slimy rat bastids any longer.

So, after the new sassy short cut, I decided to do a little grocery shopping. And this is where I have accepted the fact that I cannot go into Fresh Market on a Saturday. See, on Saturday, Fresh Market has little "Sample Stations" and while I went in there for Pancetta, Arugula and Milk, I walked out of there with way more than that. I tried the Apple Cider - and bought that. I tried the Sangria and almost bought that. (It was that good but I'd need a big bottle of Sangria, lots of organic fruit and some big bottle of Pinot Grigio to replicate the cocktail and my wallet threatened to jump ship if I added all that into my cart.) However, I did stop by the meat counter across from the Sangria station and wound up buying a couple pricey things. I wouldn't have stopped there if I wasn't distracted by the booze on a Saturday afternoon. Then, by the bakery section, they attempted to talk me into a Merlot tasting but I moved quick lest I get tempted by the Cannolis directly across from the bottles of Merlot and Shiraz "breathing". Then, I encountered the Pumpkin Spice coffee station and I was a goner. It was there I "misplaced" the blackberry. Yeah, apparently you can't overwhelm the sassy blond or I'll forget everything and anything.

So, when I went back into Fresh Market $56 poorer to look for the blackberry and, winking at me like a certain VP Candidate, were the bottles of Sangria begging me to just "take them home". I quickly retrieved the blackberry and vowed that I would only shop at Publix on a Saturday and never Fresh Market. Apparently, I am an easy target for impulse buys.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

I Know I'm About To Poke A Bear...

I don't know about y'all but is anyone else just want this election OVER??? Ugh!

If I see ONE more negative ad, I'm about to go out of my flippin' mind. And it's tough when I have one opinion and my friends have another (*cough cough* MB *cough cough*) but it's all good. I don't claim to know all about the election, but I do want to know who is shadier than the other, who "allegedly" uses funds/workers/etc. for personal use *cough cough* Huggie Bear *cough cough*, and who is best for our towns, schools, state, and country. Oh, and I'd like to know who WASN'T yappin' with Jack Abramoff. That's always good to know, no?

We all have a right to choose and we have a right to vote. So, rather than vote early, I'll vote on my birthday and make my voice heard. And I'm sad I can't vote Jerry Demings for Orange County Sheriff (Yes, I said it!) Sadly I'm in Seminole County but after having the pleasure of meeting both Mr. Demings and his fabulous wife, [Orlando Police Chief] Val Demings and seeing what she has done for the Orlando PD, he's got my full support. Two weeks into Chief Val's administration, I ran into one of the Orlando police officers here at the complex and he told me how awesome she was and what she had done to shake up the "desk jockeys". Even when I met her, I got a little teary when I thanked her for actually giving a care not only for her officers but for the people she protects. She truly is the best person for the job (and y'all might remember many a battle I waged due to Chief Mike having his bike units walk along the highway ala Village People Cop in rush hour traffic!). So I hope Jerry Demings wins the election because he will shake up the "Boss Hogg" crew (as some of my cop friends like to call the Orange County Sheriffs) and make some changes for the better of those living here in Central Florida...

Other than that, I'm not getting any more political here at Just Because... well, until Buddy Dyer pisses me off [again]...

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chills and (no) Thrills...

This morning I woke up shivering like a crazy mofo. One hour of teeth chattering, cocooned in my bed and realizing that I should NOT have taken that flu shot when I had a sinus infection. Not to mention, apparently I grind my teeth when I sleep and have a hell of a toothache. Stress much?

I'm just thankful that I'm sick now and not when I'm up north. That would NOT be fabulous. However, with my crappy insurance, I'm going to have to be at death's door to head over to the doctor.

I have realized that Nyquil works MUCH better than Tylenol Sinus and while I am not up for watching Game 2 of the World Series tonight, I will be crashing early.


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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On Deck For This Evening...

Big plans tonight, people. Big Plans. Yours truly will have her butt firmly planted on the couch watching her beloved Phillies spank the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 1 of the World Series.

My condolences to Rifleman who was unable to procure a plane ticket to Tampa to cheer on our team because he's playing responsible adult in Philly. However, Ant and Crew have descended on Tampa Bay and I hope they show those Tampa Bay Ray lemmings a thing or three about how NOT to piss of a Philly fan.

Ant - please note, I have spent any available bail funds on choos and Starbucks so you are on your own, kiddo!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Never Thought I'd Say This...

You know things are bad when my Monday Pumpkin Spice Latte is making my stomach beyond queasy and I'm ready to swear off coffee for good. I've been battling a sinus infection and everything just tastes funky. And tomorrow, one of my fave publicists is coming to town so I'm pretty much taking it easy tonight and relaxing with my NyQuil because cocktails are on the agenda tomorrow.

Good thing is that this bug couldn't have hit at a better time - pre-Philly trip. Which means that my jeans will look really good on me in about 17 days, not that I'm counting or anything.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a Numbers Game...

Craziness ensues so let's talk in terms of numbers...

2 ... coffees I had to double-fist one morning just to deal with the onslaught of stuff to do. Somehow I think I should have bought 3 before I headed into the 9to5.

6 days until the World Series - let's hope its the Phillies v. the Tampa Bay Rays... if it's the Phillies v. the Red Sox, too much trash talkin' will be had between my crew, my family and Meowmix.

14 days until that oh so fun holiday Halloween [Shadow will be going as, what else, a Philadelphia Phillies Fan.]

18 days until we vote which means 17 days until you all give me a wonderful b'day present - a New President.

20 days until I leave for vacation and get to see Meowmix and Reese!

21 days until I get to torture my crew (and they, in turn, shall torture me)

and, finally, 106 days until I move out of the apartment.

It's all about the numbers, my friends...


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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Overwhelmed by Shopping - Yup, You Heard That Right...

Back in the day, I could deal with crowds with no problem. Crowded nightclub? Check. Huge sale? Check. Busy streets and chaos? Check. Huge store with tons of people and choices? Check.

I find that since I've moved here to Orlando, when faced with any of the above situations, I tend to retreat and feel anxious, short of breath and want to get out of dodge, stat. Tonight I went to to the new grandiose Whole Paycheck Foods out by Sand Lake and it's culinary overload. All different sights, smells, and sounds that you can't find in the average Publix or even Fresh Market. The Whole Foods in Winter Park scares the beejezus out of me but that's only because of the crazy botox wenches in the "gas guzzling SUVs" that are racing to one of the many plastic surgeons on each corner that could make it an accident zone.

While in the new Whole Foods, there was so much culinary inspiration that I just want to cook like a fiend this weekend. And I can see how one can lose their paycheck in that store - everything and ANYTHING you can imagine you can find there - well, except cippolini onions which is what I originally went in there for. However all of the choices overwhelmed me a bit and I had to just get out of there.

So, I'm sure I'll be going back again but with a list of "must finds". And with a bit more cash... I will say this tho - I make a MUCH meaner arroz con pollo than Whole Foods does. Don't think I'll try that again.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Got Served...

OK, friends, I have to confess. My curiosity has gotten the better of me. I know Meowmix is planning something in Philly. I have a general idea of the overview of everything. However, knowing HOW RED I get and mortified I have been due to previous *ahem* b'day events coordinated by people other than Meowmix, I did happen to unleash the inner control freak's sleuthing skills to make a few *harmless* inquiries. And harmless, well, let's just be honest and say bribery attempts were made. And people are NOT caving.

For example, Rifleman is privy to something or, in the very near future, will be. My intuition is spot on and I can sense when he is doing his boxing imitation aka bobbin' and weaving. So, I send a quick text inquiring if a person could be bribed for info. Well, to be expected, Rifleman claims no knowledge so I ask him ever so bluntly "How many Cubans will it take for me to find out what Meowmix is up to?" The boy's response: "I don't smoke cigars. I have no idea what you are talkin bout." Remember that line in that movie How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days - "Bullshit"? Yeah, I'm callin' Bullshit from the rooftops, my friend, because, while I may be blonde, I'm not THAT blonde. However, that avenue is closed and he's not gonna crack no matter how much a gal tries.

OurBuddy - well, I won't even try with that one because that man is blonder than me at times. Reese, well she'll just laugh at me and won't divulge. [At press time, yours truly learned that Ms. Reese is, apparently, privy to the shenanigans that are about to ensue and, much like a political candiate, has endorsed them.] Jas and CK - much like Rifleman - will be closed tighter than a clam. I'm up the creek, my friends. The ONE crack I thought I might have just turned out drier than the Mojave Desert so I have to forgo the control freak issues and just leave it in Meowmix's hands.

Now, Meowmix I trust implicitly and that goes without saying. Not to mention, our crew also has my back 24/7. However, again, flashing back to incidents where there could be *ahem* entertainment or standing on chairs or blackmail footage and photos from the Show years and then some - ahhhhh can you say your gal is a bit terrified of payback? Remember, I have pulled a few pranks in my day that have been interesting.** Meowmix has promised classy but fun with lots of booze and no opportunity for me to glare like I've been known to do. How can a gal go wrong, no?

I think I need to re-find my sense of humor and learn to go with the flow. And, of course, Rifleman (or Ant) better have my cocktail ready because I think I will need more than one drink to kick this off appropriately.

** Let's see, we have the time that an inflatable sheep was sent over to A. in Iraq or there was the time I sent a dancing monkey to interrupt a client's rehearsal because one of the members had a birthday on Halloween. Or, there was that time I ... Oh let me shut up.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Like A Storyline Out of Law & Order...

Who hasn't heard about the Casey Anthony story unfolding here in Orlando? If you haven't, let me give you a quick synopsis.

Little girl goes missing, mother doesn't report it for ONE MONTH, blames a non-existent babysiter who is allegedly holding the child and gave her a "script" of stuff to say, gets arrested not once but THREE TIMES for forgery and theft, parents turn around and cajole the media left and right until the media started to get "too intrusive" (read not playing to the family), the police find evidence of decomposition in the car where Caylee was, etc. etc. etc. It's a big mess. Watch Nancy Grace - you'll get the history.

Well, the grand jury indicted her today and, IN MY OPINION [my blog, my home, my opinion] GOOD! If there is enough evidence to warrant an indictment, then my opinion (that word again) is that there has to be JUST CAUSE for her to get charged with CAPITAL murder. It is not "proof of guilt" but a finding and an accusation. She's repeated lied to law enforcement. She's shown herself to be a thief, stealing from her friend, forging checks, etc. She's had suspicious behavior from the get go and she needs to just start telling the damn truth! Now, I know she's a "mother" and someone's "daughter". Her lawyer made a point of saying that trying to make the jury pool sympathetic to her plight in yet ANOTHER press conference. However, I do not have patience for b.s.

To quote the news media, she showed more emotion today then she's shown during the whole drama. Protesters are having issues, some in support of her, some against her. You have people grandstanding for the cameras. You have attorneys that, imo, aren't out for the family but for themselves *cough cough* (and to that attorney, don't DARE tell the public that we need to "bless these people" even though they might not "pass a personality test from time to time". I'm really going to start thinking that this particular attorney has a Paris Hilton complex aka media hog).

In my opinion, the main problem is that we've lost sight of the most important thing - the child. That child needs to be found, alive or dead. The father can try to cast doubt on how, perhaps, there was "a different dead body" in the car or that it was "rotting pizza", whatever. I get that a parent doesn't want to believe that their child could have killed someone, let alone their grandchild. But what I don't get is why not just tell the truth. It's well beyond the "scared" part.

I think the first bail bondsman had a point - she's been lyin' from the beginning and now everything is starting to catch up with her. Let's just hope that the t's are crossed and the i's are are dotted and all paperwork and procedures are in order. If not, that gal is gonna be throwing holes into the whole case if the State Attorney is not careful.

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Ahhhh - the Joys of Living In Florida...

With every election, you can rest assured that something, somehow, someway will muck up an election - especially in Orlando and Orange County.

Check out this news article about people getting a letter telling them they can't vote on Nov. 4th.

Yeah, computer glitch, my butt. Every election, without fail, there is a tango of some sort. I'm just sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what's next.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm Heated...

I was watching Game 3 of the NCLS and my blood is BOILING. OK, people get hit with the ball, I get that. Like one player said, "It HAPPENS!"

However, to aim at someone's head, specifically my fave, Shane Victorino? Ummm... that's not kosher, Kuroda.

Then, you have Manny Ramirez who decided that he wants to run his mouth in the 3rd inning with the Dodgers running onto the field ready to brawl like a scene from West Side Story? I never liked that guy when he was part of the Red Sox and I sure as HELL don't like him now. So, the 3rd inning looked like it was about to break out into a hockey brawl and that, my friends, is NOT kosher. [Personally, I think Shane should have pummeled Manny's azz but that's just me]. They took it way beyond the "Spirit" of the game, IMO.

Oh, to the interviewers questioning Shane Victorino about the beef between him and the pitcher, Shane said "It's quashed". Meaning - tomorrow it's fair play but he's not going to hold a grudge. Do you need to keep harping on the drama with every other interviewee? Was that absolutely necessary? Do you need such a soundbite that you can play over and over again for dramatic effect? What ever happened to REAL JOURNALISM? I swear we got the staffers of the National Enquirer & Extra working for ESPN. WTH? Not helping was some smart mouth Dodger going "Well, it went BEHIND [Shane's] head." Whatever. Let me shoot a ball at 100mph at YOUR head and see how YOU react? GRRRRR....

And let's talk about the bored celebs in the audience. Only The Fonz and Tiger Woods looked into the game. Ryan Seacrest and Jon Lovitz couldn't be parted with their blackberries. They looked beyond bored. Then again, I'm never fond of the celeb placement but it's L.A. - there are always celebs around. Whatever.

Dodgers, enjoy your win today because I think my boyz are going to bring back tomorrow with a bit of heat.

[Photo courtesy of]

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Just An Observation, That's All..

To the Philadelphia Flyers (and their owner):

I bet you are regretting having Sarah Palin throw out the first puck at the game last night since you lost the season opener to the NYRangers, huh?

I'd hate to be her in Philly today.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Clouds, Everywhere...

The funk that's clouding my head right now hasn't departed so I'm "detoxing". It really was a bad week but eeehh. All in the mind, right? So, I need to not let the daily b.s. get me down and just look forward.

Somehow that's easier said than done. :::sigh:::


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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Returning Back To The Fold...

Well, the Blogging fold, at least.

I took a couple days off from the blog because, quite frankly, things are getting toxic around me and I just needed to clear my head. Sadly, I can't really detail it here but lets just say that I'm not in a good place right now. Meowmix says the first step is actually admitting it and she's right. I am looking forward to Philly (Note: Countdown - T-Minus 28 days). However, as I was told today, even a vacation is only a temporary fix to a problem that is spiraling out of control and there really is nothing to do because people need to change and I can either deal or just remove myself from the situation.

It was suggested that I find perhaps some other things to "occupy" my mind - you know, volunteer opps., etc. However, when I go to get involved in stuff around town, I'm basically advised that I need to "focus" on the 9to5 - just in case they need me. I never really get a full vacation or a sick day because something always blows up around the time that I am out of the office and, while they like to remark that yesterday I was "stressed out", what pissed me off is the fact that I was PERFECTLY FINE until the said individual created the situation and, sadly, I did lash out at a bystander who also screwed up something. I feel horribly about that (because I do indeed have a conscience) but I also don't whiny baby tattle either. I deal with the person one on one. Eeehhh - whatever. But when things go wrong, no matter WHO makes the mistake, the blame game is cast and I should have "mind read" or "thought ahead" or PLANNED for someone to make a mistake and caught it pre-mistake. What am I, the fuggin' hall monitor?? Oh puleaze! I have kept my temper at a simmer level long enough and it's close to boiling over. I just don't know if I can deal with 114 more days of this nonsense.

But one thing that apparently cheered me up inadvertently - I wore red today because I was in an evil devil sassy "don't eff with me" mood and I realized - my Phillies are playing tonight and I subconsciously wore red in support. Now let's just hope I can focus on watching my Phillies spank the Dodgers AND the CSI season premiere AND Eleventh Hour (with Marc Blucas - SQUUUUEEEEEE).


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Monday, October 06, 2008

Why Is It...

  • that Orlando drivers just cannot drive in the rain?
  • that whenever I see a car acting erratically, it turns out that 90% of the time, the driver is on a cell phone?
  • that Macy*s weekly sale doesn't thrill me like it used to?
  • that buying a coat is so damn expensive?
  • that finding long(er) leather gloves that fit is like finding the Arc of the Covenant in Orlando (and no, I know it's not at Holy Land!)?
  • that I can't seem to focus on one particular thing and my mind won't stop racing?
  • that I think I'm dealing with a touch of depression which will soon lead to the cranky, moody wench everyone around me despises?
  • that keeping the cranky moody wench side of me under control is more of a chore than ever?
  • that the fact I'm really leaving this apartment has set in and is starting to freak me out a bit?
  • that I'm afraid of what's in store for me in 117 days?
  • that I'm afraid to trust again, for fear of getting my heart torn into shreds?
  • that I am such a control freak that I have to anticipate everything that might happen and an adequate response for such thing?
  • that based on my control freak nature, I have some serious trust issues with people?
  • that, while we're on a control freak streak, I have to always be the assertive one? Why can't I just let someone else take the lead for a change?
  • that I have a severe case of self doubt when it comes to a situation due to something a "friend" once said many moons ago. I didn't think of the comment until this weekend and my insecurity demon raised its nasty blond head.
  • that I always tend to wonder if people have a motive behind everything they do?
  • that I hide behind business rather than just having fun?
  • that again, my inner control freak won't shut the eff up???
  • that I self sabotage whenever I seem to have the opportunity?

Yeah - it's been quite a weekend, my friends.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

That's Mah Boyz...

The Phillies are headed towards the National League Championship Series..

Sorry Reese, I gotta root for my boys as they (hopefully) defeat the Dodgers...
[Photo courtesy of]

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Can He Buy A Clue, A Gal Wonders...

So, in a total twist of fate, I have been playing catch up for a bit with some people from my past that have crossed my path again. It's been pretty cool, to say the least. Time does, sometimes, heal wounds. Granted that noone is perfect, however knowing how I *personally* have changed and grown up, I can look back and go "eeehhhh" and deal. I mean, c'mon now. I am not always the most pleasant person to deal with either so I totally get it. I was an utter witch back in the day.

However, there are some people who should be left in the memory banks, never to dust off. Those people - well, pretty much mostly Mark, I desire NO contact with AT all. And, I reserve the right to add to that list as needed. Other than that, I'm cool with most people from my past and have stayed friends with most guys I dated.

Now, here's a situation I've had to deal with recently. Remember how I talked about Western Mass and how some (NOT ALL) people just don't change? That they stay stagnant with the same cliques, same mindsets and no evolution? Now, while my family still resides in Western Mass, I however have never felt "at home" there. Maybe it's from growing up in Connecticut or my time spent during high school in Philadelphia but my heart and mind [and accent] screams Philly Girl. (Hence my weakness in the knees for Philly boys!)

Let's get into the main gist of today's missive, namely the boys in Western Mass ("W. Mass"). Growing up, while my first love was a Philly boy, there were other boys in my life from Western Mass. Mr. Convenient - a W. Mass Boy. Mark - a W. Mass Idiot. Fireboy was a W. Mass boy. And, finally, the Twins were W. Mass Boys. Note, all of the above boys are STILL in W. Mass.

Well, Facebook and Classmates have drawn some of the people from my past across my path and I realized something about the W. Mass boys I've dated. They seem to think all women are beyond into them and, after this week, apparently they tend to think that the reason I'm friendly FROM ORLANDO is because I want to get with them.

*cough* *sputter* *cough* *sputter*


Let me explain:

First case:

Fireboy ran into my gal Bec a few weeks ago and asked about me. Hey - he still sends me jokes and emails from time to time. No biggie. So, I shoot him a harmless email to say "Hey" since, of course he was inquiring. At least that way he can be nosy and ask ME and not make Bec uncomfy. (That was a tough situation back then - ugh! Let's just say SHE was right. He's an azz). Well, in his email, Fireboy gets a dose of diarrhea of the mouth and told me at length how he's "married now with a baby". OK, dumbazz. I KNEW THAT. Clearly I knew that because HE TOLD ME THAT BEFORE in an email last year. And in emails announcing that before his jokes. His emails that I never respond to because, clearly, they didn't warrant a response.

Now, while we were friends, that just made me laugh. I didn't want to get with him 7 years ago so why am I going to be jockin' him now - FROM ORLANDO? Umm... no. The man who, after we met, decided that he needed to get involved with a girl who was 17 instead of someone his own age?!?! Mind you, we were in our late 20s. Whatever, dude. Get a clue. (And yes, SSG - I stopped comparing all firemen to this idiot. This guy clearly had issues). I just laughed and moved on. However, since we had the same friends and would run into each other when I would be in W. Mass, I was cool with everything. Now, I know his wife has a mad case of the jealousy bug but give me a break.

Second case:

On Facebook, someone brought up one of the classes I detested and needed a tutor for - Economics. Well, that got me to thinking, I wonder whatever happened to Mick, my old Eco. tutor. Mick also had a twin brother, Tom.

Backstory on the Twins: I worked with both of them at my after school job. One summer during high school, I was totally into one twin, Tom, only to get my heart broken at the end of a summer as he wound up dating a couple girls from the job. Whatever.

In college, when his brother Mick was my tutor, things evolved and it was cool but it was COLLEGE. And it was way before I met A. Sure, through them I went to my first Frat party. They were the ones who got me hooked on Pink Floyd and The Cure. Cool guys. Eeehh - so was the past, right? Plus, we were FRIENDS first and that always means more to me.

Well, I pretty much put the Twins out of my mind until a few weeks ago when Economics came up and on Classmates, there was Mick. So I sent a brief "Hi! How the heck are you and Tom?" email. Totally harmless, generic and quick. I forgot about it until I had to log into Classmates to see if a gal of ours from college, Lisa, was on there and there was a message from Mick.

In the most blunt way possible it was that Tom was married with two boys (to someone I detested in High School, btw) and that Mick was dating a teacher in Connecticut. That was it. No "How are you?" No "I'm working doing XYZ". Nothing about their family who I was cool with. Just waving a big "MARRIED/DATING" sign. What. The. HELL??

I read it twice and went "Oh MY GOD! He's STILL dumb as a bag of rocks!"

First of all, I'm happy that they are married/dating/whatever - that is never the issue. I'm always wanting my friends to be happy. I just realized that while I am cool with staying friendly with those I've dated in my past, based on the behavior of the boys from W. Mass, W. Mass boys tend to freak out and think that I want a reconciliation or some mess. In their world, a girl can't be friendly. Shoot - I'm friendly to people. (Maybe that's the part they aren't used to - see above. I said I was a witch). Keep in mind that I rarely get back with someone after we've broken up because when you "Break Up", clearly, something's "BROKEN!" That's my thought process. I learned that after Mark and our numerous break-ups and random b.s.

So, after thinking about it last night, here's my response to the boys in W. Mass from my past. "Please, don't even ENTERTAIN the thought I'd want to get with you again - EVER. It's a bizillion years later and I've moved on - way past on!" It's amusing to say the least because if they knew me now, they would know that I'm not "That Girl".

Men *shakes head*

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sound The Horns...

I lost The Bet.

I know, I know. I was CLOSE. I was only *gasp* 36 days away from new choos. And, I threw it all away to find a damn hotel room in Philly. Apparently, during the time we are in town, everyone else is in town too. Who knew Philly was such a happenin' hot spot? And, do you think there is a hotel room NEAR where we will be at most of the time? Ummmm. No. There are no hotels in the Manayunk area and all the hotels in Center City and on the Main Line are booked. There is no room at the inn, my friends.

I'm okay with throwing caution to the wind and breaking the terms of the bet because, with some quick thinking from Rifleman and Meowmix, a hotel room was procured. Granted its a "little ways" from the spot we will be hanging out at but it could be worse. We aren't staying in Jersey and we are NOT paying $700 + a night for a room at the Ritz. Not paying $700 a night means - MORE $$$ for important things - like shoes and cocktails and shopping.

Now - on to more important things - like driving my crew nuts. Don't worry - I'll factor in adequate torture for Meowmix due to the fact I went quite a long time before I started to meddle... She'll just respond "I told you so!"

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just in Time For Halloween...

Remember how I told y'all that the Blackberry "died" during the Philly trip and I learned that Blackberry + Sink = NON Mixy Things?

Remember how I told you I procured a new sassy RED Blackberry in Philly, and shortly thereafter channelling my inner Clumsy gal and falling on Market St.

Remember how I told y'all that I could blog via Blackberry?

Well, yeah - don't pay attention to any of the above. This damn thing is flippin' possessed. Straight out possessed. For 2 weeks it does NOT work, won't download email, the battery dies like a mofo and I haven't had time to bring it into the Blackberry Doctor.

Today, it starts downloading over 800 emails from over the past two weeks - all of which are NOT on my server. WTH?? These are emails I've already dealt with, deleted, etc. All of which downloaded when the BB was on vibrate mode and it just sounded so daggone inappropriate.

Daggone Blackberry is psycho - appropriate for October, no?

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