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Sunday, August 31, 2008

To Those in Gustav's Path

We'll keep you in our prayers and send good thoughts your way.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Bampa Would Be Proud..

Well, he'd be prouder if I was a diehard Red Sox fan but that will never happen. I say time and time again, I'm a Philly girl and, with that comes the knowledge that there are only 4 teams: Eagles, 76ers, Flyers and, most importantly, Phillies. No matter how much our teams suck or having a rough spot, the devotion is tried and true.

Now, football and I are not on good terms just yet but between coaching explanations from Meowmix and Hotfessional, I think there's hope for me yet. Hockey is one of my favorites - something about the swiftness of the game and the blood and carnage of it all since I went to my first Springfield Indians game. Basketball caught on during March Madness during the Calipari days and when UMass was all over the map. My roommates banned sports from the apartment when I watched the 76ers spank the Orlando Magic and, since then, I rarely watched sports in the house until this year.

Baseball and I have been enamored with one each other since my childhood. I would walk into my Bampa's house and, nine times out of ten on the weekends, he would be sitting in his chair watching the Red Sox with a cold frosty beer next to him. When I went to California with him when I was younger, I went to a Angels game as that's the team of choice for my uncle. I've always said "Well, I prefer it live" and that hasn't changed. However, live is not an option as I'm in Orlando and not up north. Should I be in town, you know damn well I want to be at a game in S. Philly chillin' with my crew. I'm not all about the averages and stats but just enjoy the game itself.

So, today, I will be spending the afternoon watchin' my Phillies playin' the Chicago Cubs and praying for them not to lose. They've lost the last two games and I'm not a happy gal about it. Funny story - yesterday, I was callin' Rifleman about something and when he answered, I heard CHAOS behind him. Well, don't ya know, he was at the Phillies game at WRIGLEY FIELD. Now THAT is a Phillies fan, people. He's with his crew and who knows what debauchery Chicago is facing (sorry Kristabella!).

Let's just hope we don't see him or Ant doin' something stupid on the TV today. Better yet, let's hope they do. I'm thinkin' Meowmix might need some blackmail material and I need some blog fodder for tomorrow.

Now, please excuse me while I go watch Shane Victorino and drool a bit.

UPDATE: FOX REMOVED THE GAME! UGH! They have us watching the Tampa Bay Rays - WHO THE EFF WATCHES THE TBRAYS??? :::sigh::: To quote the local Fox guy, "Well, they are a local team and NY controls that". My response "Obviously NY doesn't know how badly CENTRAL FLORIDA TEAMS SUCK!" Yeah, I'm so not a staunch Orlando/Tampa supporter... And the game is blacked out. Oh well...

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Lovin' These Tracks...

You know me and music - I'm always lovin' a new track. So, this is what's got my focus.

I've been waiting for this video to come out for a while. It had a strong buzz, Ne-Yo is an amazing songwriter and the song "Miss Independent" is something that really resonates with me.

Finally, a video that really shows that the gals are, indeed, doin' it for themselves...

And, thanks to damn Perezelle, I've got this hit, "Push The Button" from The Sugababes on constant repeat on the iPod.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Taking The Night Off...

I'm a bit under the weather and I need to conserve my energy for the inevitable screaming at the TV as mah Phillies are playing Kristabella's Chicago Cubs tonight.

No offense to you Chi-town peeps but I hope my Phillies spank the Cubs. It might help me feel better *cough*

Or, they can just send Shane Victorino to Orlando ;)

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Making The Move...

I'm starting to get to know Social Media. I Twitter from time to time. I've been bad lately. I have a MySpace - both personal and professional. I also have a Facebook. Do I use them all - umm... no. But, in my defense, I'm learning.

In chatting with MB, he has been waxing poetic on all things FaceBook. Through Facebook, I've run across some seriously funny people I knew from back in the day, business contacts from my freestyle/dance days (or as Rifleman calls it "Techno" *insert eye roll here*), school peeps and more. Its like a more distinguished version of MySpace but without all that messy frou frou stuff. Even better, I can do alot just from my trusty, non-vodka laden blackberry. Sure, I can't blog on it, but who really wants to - I mean, seriously, that's what this spot is for, right? Not to mention, I do tend to keep things private - fear of all things Dooce keeps me in check.

So I wonder - what do you do in terms of social media?

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's ON Now...

Meowmix has put forward a dare of epic proportions and, I hate to say it, I'm faced with a challenge that even I don't know I can handle. I'm waiting for the terms and conditions which should be forthcoming in the morning and then I'll figure out how to blog about it. As it involves someone who could, quite possibly, come across my lil' home on the web, I dunno what can be detailed and what can't. It's still in the "discussion" phases.

Y'all know me - I can't resist a decent dare. How do you think I wound up with the tat that's on my spine?

Wish me luck... I think I'm really going to need it this time.

UPDATE: Still waiting to hear the terms and conditions. Meowmix was suitably distracted by something that was a bit more important. However, I decided that the challenge issued by her is quite possibly doable and the more I thought about it and chatted with one Ms. AuburnKat last night, I realized "Yo, I got this!" Meowmix sometimes forgets that I'm about as stubborn as (if not more than) her.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

My Weekend In Review....

Let's see - I did NOTHING pressing except my homework assignments, namely watching the Eagles trounce the Patriots (and try to understand the game) and watch my Phillies fight valiantly against those pesky LA Dodgers.

Here's my question - why did my male friends never clue a gal into the fact that there are some crazy cute boys playing for these two teams? It makes sports appreciation oh so much more fun, no?

Now, let's see, there's an Eagles game while I'm in town AND a Flyers game. Wonder if I can persuade anyone to attend a game with moi... I'm sure I can pick up a round (or two).

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Clarity, So Have It...

I'm heading back to Philly in November to see my crew and just chill. For once, we don't have an event to be at, just hanging out with good people, some good cocktails and good memories. And, lately, I can tell you - it's so needed. The last trip was good but we had drama to deal with and that energy was kinda funky. My life has definitely done a 180 this year, and for the good. I've made life changing decisions, met some fabulous new peeps, reacquainted with some old and dear friends and finally have a plan for the future. It's the biding my time part that drives me batty but at least I know where home is.

Anywhoo - I was talking with Meowmix the other day and mentioned that it dawned on me that while we booked the next Philly trip, I'd be traveling on the anniversary of Nick's death. That, in itself is a feat, because I normally keep to myself that day. As I mentioned before, Nick was one of those that got away too soon due reasons both in and out of my control, namely my stupidity and that damn fire. Not to mention, I have to confess that for the past couple of years I nursed my wounds after dealing with some not so stellar "characters" and finally started to look forward and not back.

Don't get me wrong - I think of Nick daily and still have the occasional tear filled nights, but I know he wouldn't want me to hermit myself the way I have been. As a matter of fact, if he was still here, he'd walk in my door and tell me "Lys, what the EFF is wrong with you." and then drag me out for a beer and a game of pool.

I also cut out some dead weight from the past that started to make me doubt myself, namely one friend in particular. I don't have time for those that don't recognize that friendship is a 2 way street - 50/50. Whenever I needed him, he wasn't there but when he needed me or another relationship ended, my phone/email/im would ring. And when I would even START to be interested in someone new, out of nowhere, Mr. Convenient would pop up and confuse my blond head. That was until I put a stop to it a few months ago. There will never be anything between myself and Mr. Convenient. I don't play on other people's terms. I play on MY terms. And I also don't have time for drama/games.

Anyways, lately I've been doing some thinking about what's in store for me in 2009 and I can't help but I smile. Fate has been good to me and I've come to see the power of positivity in my life. When I think positive, good things happen. People are put in my path that I would NEVER have dealt with on the day to day and I recognize that blessing, don't worry. And there's so much newness of it all that I'm afraid that if I grasp too hard and hold on, something will break. I just have to have faith that somehow, through this new found clarity that I have acquired, that things just will work themselves out.

All in due time, right?

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The Nerve Of Some People...

This morning, I decided that I was going to start going through the mountains of CDs that I've acquired over the years so I can add them to my iTunes and start figuring out what goes and what stays as I'm on Operation DeClutter (and I didn't want to figure out what 5 pairs of shoes I was going to relinquish custody of yet)

I grabbed an ice coffee and sat my behind in front of the CD rack and would go through each and every one of them. I would open them up, those that were still unwrapped (I had a lot of promo cds sent to me back in the day) would go on eBay, those that were destroyed would go in a pile and I'd make a note if I really wanted the CD to check the 'net/eBay/etc. to find it.

Well, as I'm going through my CDs, I noticed that many were either missing from the case (which a birdie was famous for borrowing and just leaving loose on top) or, even worse, in the wrong case or doubles in the case. i.e. Billy Idol was in my Rockell case, Brownstone in Brenda K. Starr. Seriously, it was unnerving. What's worse is that I noticed that a good portion of my clients' cds were empty but the cases were left. And we're talking some rare CDs from the 80s that you can't get without paying a pretty penny on eBay. Sure, I get annoyed and all but still - those CDs were mine. All of JoeZ.'s compilation cds that he was on in the 90s, empty or seriously damaged. My client's work on a Mary J. Blige CD - CD missing, and he won a Grammy for that work. Basically, my client portfolio has been raided, severely.

What really really irks me is a cache of one album that I busted my BUTT promoting - all those are gone, just the cases remain. What. The. @*@*#*#!@*@* Seriously? I mean, I have the CD on my iTunes but dammit, my name is in the liner notes and I want the full CD for my portfolio. (MB - you know exactly what CD I'm talking about). So I'll be buying a couple new copies from Amazon but boy am I fuming at the audacity of someone. Trust me when I say, should I ever see that person again, it's not going to be pretty...

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Amusing.. I Think...

So last night, after a chaotic week (hence me being away from the Google Reader and visiting y'all ), I went out for a couple cocktails with my gals K. and J. Now, I didn't get out til late so the ladies already started having cocktails before I arrived.

We went to this swanky hotel bar that was right next to the 9to5 and I was not amused with the bar's version of the Espresso Martini. I'm particular and the bartender just didn't know how to mix everything right. Sure, it had a kick but it really didn't need the Frangelico - at all. I like Heather's version at the BB instead. However, there was a bonus (and not just the lounge manager).

These shot gals were millin' about the bar with some promo of a cherry vodka cocktail which was slightly reminicent of some cherry stuff that Rifleman was trying to get us to try in Philly but I was too enamored of the Blueberi Stoli lemonade that Ant was mixing to even try the cherry stuff then. I should have trusted Rifleman's opinion (when will I learn -eeh) because the cherry cocktail ROCKED and I could tell at first sip that it would definitely mess up a gal. I didn't need that this week.

When I have a rough week, I watch what I drink because I don't need any issues. Plus, they were having some art show with some gal painting in the corner, a wanna be paparazzo milling about the bar, some hard core drinkers from MeetUp, Geraldo Rivera around the corner (yes, THAT Geraldo and per K., his nose was intact. The man is hella shorter than he appears on TV) and then a fashion show. One thing that was fun, the lounge manager who came over to chat with me about a few things. One constant - when I'm in a bar, lounge or club, I always wind up talking with the managers or staff about something, esp. in Orlando.

The fashion show was amusing to say the least because my boy D. throws those on the regular and this was just sooo not there. A bunch of girls in bikinis that couldn't walk in heels, heavy heavy makeup and over teased hair from 2 seasons ago. It just was like a trainwreck. I applaud the girls for trying but the MC was the worst of all. Don't even get me started on the DJ. One guy asked me "What is that guy's job up there - he's not announcing anything" My response: "He's trying to get a piece. And one of those models will give it up because they think it's their big break. Sadly, they are mistaken." I don't mince my words and I can recognize a bad event when I see it.

What really amused me was the crowd milling at our table. Now we were right at the front of the stage and people were pushing from the bar to see the girls - not men pushing, but other women. And there were these TWO drunk girls pushing our table into J. So I told one of them to knock it off. And when I was hit with a alcohol fumed "Immmmmmmmmmmm sssssssoooooooooooooooo sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssorrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy" slurred from this girl who was wearing a flower in her hair, ala La Isla Bonita. Well, I cut my eyes and let her know that her behavior was very unacceptable. Her bitchy bad highlighted bobbed socialite friend, looking for a fight, remarked "You must be a tourist and didn't expect this event. I'm sorry but this is what we do here."

Excuse me? Did she just call ME a tourist - me, the champion of the locals live here philosophy? I didn't know whether to curse her out or laugh at her. I laughed and told her "No, I live here. I work downtown and I'm far from a tourist. I am, however annoyed at your rudeness in slamming the table into my friend."

La Isla Bonita slurred "Well I'm a local producer and this event is soooooooo disappointing. We came here for it and it was just horrible." I concurred with their opinion but left her with a thought as I do events. I told her that she should think twice before telling people that she's a local producer of these events while totally hammered because you never know who you will meet. And, of course, should I see her at an event that I'm working, I can assure you that La Isla Chick and her little "tourist branding" friend will NOT be on the list.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

When I'm Wrong, I Say I'm Wrong...

Remember that line from Dirty Dancing, where Jerry Orbach told Patrick Swayze, "When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong." Well, my friends, I have to admit that I was wrong.

I said Fay hits like a gal. I waxed poetic on how Fay ain't crap,remember the hurricanes of so and so years ago, what the heck is the news doing getting us all hyped up - for what. This storm moves slow, what's it waiting for? Blah. Blah. Blah.

Well, you know what, I was wrong.

Apparently, like the vengeful wench she was, she not only carried on the slow, subsequent torture but also is dumping so much water on us that I seriously wonder if my Cougar should be traded in for a canoe.

Yesterday, I woke up and there was no electricity. Hello - I have short hair now - must straighten it or I look like Big Orphan Annie. This morning - streets are flooded. Yeah, fun times, people. Fun times.

And they are saying "Be careful in standing water because there may be some critters up in there.". Critters as in Gators and Snakes. Snakes are meant for shoes and handbags, people - as are gators. Not to bite me on the ankle like I'm some KFC drumstick.

Of course, true to form, the 9to5 kept their doors open and I've decided - Dammit, I need a damn drink this weekend - if not two.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lord Forgive Me...

For I have bought new shoes, again.*

Specifically, I have procured the Report Signature Newbury Platform Sandal in Fuschia. I saw them in an ad and on The Shoe Goddess, remembered that post where I whined incessantly about that daggone Kelly Ripa dictating shoe choices, reverted back to my teen years and made the plunge.

However, in my defense, I got them online with coupons, cash back, free shipping & free returns.

I'm sure that Philly in Nov. might be too cold for these lovelies, but for the sake of fashion, I will take one for the team. Because, for one's birthday, one must be the belle of the ball and how can I not be with these gorgeous stilettos.

A gal has to note that these new beauties now catapults me into the 5" Stiletto club. That, in of itself, brings a whole new wealth of knowledge. Specifically, to my male friends who INSIST on saying they are 5'10, with these stilettos there is the disclosure I will be 5'10 so there will be no lyin' to this blond! I know a bunch of y'all are 5'8/5'9.

To quote Ms. Hotfessional, Oh My Holy Hell Y'all!

*Yes, I will have to sacrifice an additional 3 pairs of shoes to the eBay/Charity bin as a form of penance.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Now It All Makes Sense...

The best quote from when I was acting beyond idiotic about something this week...

"Lys, ummmm... when did you stop THINKING LIKE A GUY?"

I'm a goner. Clearly, I'm rusty at this stuff.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yeah, Ummm...

Thankfully the "hurricane" is not that - it's a bad storm. And, true to form, it changed its course overnight and is now heading at a slow crawl to Brevard and Volusia Counties. Sure, it's a couple counties over but still.

Schools are closed. Courts are closed. Government offices are closed. The 9to5 is open. The comfort is that the cat is beyond playful today so it can't be that bad. During the hurricane/storms shes normally playing the part of fraidy cat so either she's hopped up on catnip to deal or it's not that bad.

Eeeh - so I'm off to work. Fun fun.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Guess What Approaches...

The sky foretells of an ominous visitor - Hurricane Fay. Yeah, should be a fun night - in my 3rd floor apartment with NO FLOOR ABOVE ME BUT THE ROOF!!!

For some fun flashbacks, let's go back, way back to the beginnings of this here blog and revisit some of my hurricane "revelations" shall we?

I guess we'll be hunkerin' down for the evening. Dammit - where's my Merlot?

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Have I Got A Recipe Find For You...

As we're probably going to be banished to the apartments thanks to Hurricane Fay, I am going to be a cooking fiend.

Make sure to drop by my second home on the web and check out this fabu recipe for Creole Butter that I *ahem* obtained from one of my fave hiding spots in Philly - Bourbon Blue.

You can check out the post at Cooking In Stilettos. Trust me when I say once you try it, cornbread will NEVER be the same.

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Feel Like Torture...

Just pick up a copy of this.
I'm ready to drop kick this man. It works but hot damn.

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New Addition To The Shoe Closet...

Yeah, I caved. I saw these oxfords the other day and had a whole "had to have them" moment. You can tell I'm in swooning mode when I don't put them down, wander around the store with them in a fit of momma bear "mine mine mine" protection and don't flinch at the price. The color was rich and they are definite Philly shoes for November... (if I don't break my neck on those damn cobblestones - again.)

As a penance, I have to release two pairs from my shoe wardrobe but consider it well worth it as I truly adore these shoes.

Steve Madden Vulture in Wine Patent

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mission Accomplished...

I was downloading the photos from the trip this weekend (and sadly, I did not take many pics), however I saw this one and went "AHA".

See, I really DID hit my Carry On Challenge. Also, notice the Jen Lancaster book in the bag which I really didn't have time to read on the flight. Thank god for the big CH purse.

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Ain't That The Truth...

For once, a fortune cookie that makes sense. From last night:

"Traveling this year will bring your life into greater perspective".

So damn true.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Holli's Tale...

OK, so I promised y'all a situation that I was made privy to last week and, of course, names were changed to protect the identities of all involved. We're going to need a diagram/chart of all the players so grab a cocktail and hurry back. You are going to need it. I’ll even share my Blueberi Stoli if that helps.

Holli, an old friend of mine from way back when, is in a quandary. I know if anyone has some fabu advice, it's you guys. And I know that you will definitely have some thoughts/opinions that might help a gal because, clearly, my brain stopped firing on this subject as of 8:00 p.m. last night.

Holli called me late one night last week with the announcement "Lys, Azzhat [Holli's boyfriend] just got arrested for non-payment of child support!" Me, being the supportive wench I am, immediately made a mental note to break his damn kneecaps when I saw him next. I try to be nice but I've watched him hurt her over and over again. This isn't his first offense with the Child Support Coppers - more like his 3rd go-round. I am *not* a fan of Azzhat.

Now, Azzhat has NO redeeming qualities in my book. He cheats, is a pathological liar, a possessive s.o.b., mooches off everyone - basically a hot funky fried mess. He expects everyone to pay his way for everything, thinks he is quite the charmer (I disagree because I didn't fall for his mess when I first met his bald azz self) and just really treats people horribly. Me no likey. Not. at. all. And I had to vacation with that fool years ago. BLECH! He works in construction and makes (or so we thought) good money but can't account for his money whereabouts. He doesn't do drugs. He drinks but not enough to burn through the paycheck at a record pace. He doesn't appear to gamble. Therefore the money trail has everyone going "ARUUU?"

Now, for clarification, Azzhat and Holli have NO children together. Azzhat has 2 children from his previous marriage and it was his ex wife that had him arrested. Holli has one child from her prior marriage. Holli met Azzhat 2 1/2 years ago at a party and they have been dating ever since. He broke her heart when she found out he was cheating on her with some girl named Jane which he assured her was over or some mess. She took him back.

So, post arrest, I thought "Finally - he's done hurting her." That thought was quickly wisked away when Holli decided to get to the bottom of everything. All the stories. All the lies. All the phone calls. Holli investigates -that's what she does. She likes all the facts before she makes a rash decision. Well, during her "investigation", Holli met the infamous Jane who turns out was Azzhat's girlfriend of 2 years. Yes, you read that right - when Azzhat was with Holli for 2 1/2 years, he was also dating Jane two of those two and a half years. Overlap much?

Wait - it gets better. Holli goes to court with Azzhat with the plan that she and Jane are going to perhaps bail him out and yell at him a bit and tell him its over. Azzhat has two cell phones, one that stopped working because Holli stopped paying the bill and another one that was just opened through Jane's account. During the hearing, the judge threw the book at him (179 days in jail or $8k bail. Hope he enjoys his "vacation"). Well, knowing what could be on the phone, Holli, ever the investigator, gets him to open up that damn phone and turn it over to her since, as a matter of course, he can’t keep it in jail.

During this whole process, Azzhat tells her he wants to be with her and her daughter, they can be a family, here are his keys, move into his place, blah blah blah. What Holli didn't know is that Azzhat told Jane the same thing a few minutes later in the hopes that one of the two gals would bail his funky azz out. Even more comedy - Azzhat told Holli to take the titles to one of her vehicles and go to a loan shark to get the money to bail him out. Ummm.. WHAT?!?!? (I'm still red and fuming about that disclosure). Obviously, Holli did not do such a thing but you must know - it's not the first time she's bailed him out of jail and saved his behind. She also financed a truck for him back during the "good days" so that was a problem as well. If he's in jail, who makes the payments? He's already plummeted her credit report. So, not only has he soaked Holli for major money over the years as he did Jane, but now he had other women also paying for him for various things.

So, after he’s led away to the Big House, Holli starts going through the phone list. Not only were her and Jane "with" Azzhat, but there were, as of last count, 12 other women sleeping with that fool. 12 women and 2 girlfriends. One of the gals works AT Holli's job. Ummm.. That's a lot of lovin' going on, no? (And, as many disclosed later, no condoms were used. Can I get a WTF? Thank you). Azzhat was playin' the role of McLovin’ Da Gigolo. And there were 2 children in addition to his others that were born to other women, one of which resulted in a paternity test finding that Azzhat IS the father. (Quick - someone call Maury - noone knows about the other child yet if it’s really his).

I'm of the opinion that he kept Holli for the relationship, Jane for the childcare as he often left his kids with her and the other girls for everything else. Holli thinks he kept her around for the big ticket items. Azzhat seemed to prey on single women with children and had a couple bars where he would just mess around with everyone in sight. It also seems that Azzhat not only met women at the bars, his job, wherever, but also had set up profiles on all these dating sites i.e. Fling and others. He was clearly either (a) feeding a growing sex addiction; (b) looking for his next suga momma or (c) had a death wish.

From all appearances, Azzhat preyed on the women's insecurity so that they would feel like they were nothing - stress NOTHING - without him. Holli is one of the strongest women I know so when I heard about all this, needless to say I was in shock. What’s worse is the many times she would tell him it was over, he’d go head over heels to win her back with this mentality of if he couldn’t have her, noone could. And Holli is a catch - so for him and his troll like mess to pull this ish, I’m astounded.

So, over this week, Holli had to put her own pain aside and deal with the others as they heard what Azzhat was up to. There were developments galore. Girls were calling her going "But he's NOT like this!" Girls were telling her sordid details and, imo, I don't think she should have had to hear all that mess but what do I know, right?

As of last call, Jane and Holli decided that Azzhat was to rot in jail and they weren't bailing him out. So now, Azzhat should be getting out Feb. 1, 2009 unless he gets some gal to "help" him out - again. And even worse, the girls whose numbers he was furiously scribbling down before he went to the big house won't take his calls either (for now because I think a couple of them want to believe that they are "different" and that "he's changed" and that "he'd never do that to [them].”)

Seriously, it makes Mark or H. look like they were stellar relationship material. And during it all, my heart is breaking for Holli with a whole "Now what". I know I lost my temper a few times but it was due to the fact that this guy just always seems to dominate every situation and he just treated her horribly. It's going to take time for her to deal with the situation at hand. I, however, want to wring this bastid's neck.

One of our boys, Rifleman, chatted frankly with Holli about the situation. He told her to let go of the phone, drop kick this jerk to the curb and learn from the experience. As he put it simply: "No Man should EVER treat a Woman like this!"

Somehow I think he speaks wisely.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

And The Pic Of The Week Goes To...

Saturday night, one of my boyz, CK, took some seriously funny pics that border on blackmail quality.

Now, I intro'd you earlier to CK with my boyz OurBuddy and Jas. Girls, let me tell ya, CK is always the charming one. Girls have their hearts melted when this gentleman walks in a room. Seriously - charming - he haz it. Puppy dog eyes. Check. Joey Tribiani's "Yo" - check. Well, I saw one of his pics and IMMEDIATELY sent it to Meowmix going "This is SOOOO blog fodder!". She protested. I ignored said protests and CK gave permission to post.

Here is Meowmix getting the shock of her life on Saturday courtesy of OurBuddy. Of course there are more photos but you'll have to ask nicely to see those *LOL*

Somehow I think Meowmix is bringing her 'cuffs next time.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's Your Stance?

Let me ask you this, dear readers.

If you had a choice of security and routine v. following your dreams - what choice would you make?

I'm curious to see what y'all think.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Can't Help It...I'm Back...

Oh how I can relate...

Fergie - "Clumsy"

Now: Funny Story. Meowmix will tell you that whenever I would be around A. or somehow something would happen and he would be involved - however indirectly -I would fall like a fool. We're talking at school in the snow, at a hockey game, in the streets of Boston, in Toronto during a phone call. You name it. It's like my knees give out at the mere mention of that guy and that's all she wrote! So I'm no stranger to falling. It never happened with H. (thankfully) and never with Mark. I thought it was a one boy thing.

Well, Monday I took a header in the middle of Market Street in Philly. I was coming out of the AT&T store with new blackberry in hand and wasn't paying attention in my 4" stiletto Steve Maddens. Philly streets are notorious for being uneven and *boom* there I went. Sure I'm scraped and bruised and my left knee hurts like hell but I think people on the Philly sidewalk were surprised to see me laughing.

Why was I laughing you ask? Well, because I was thinking of a certain someone when I went down for the count. Guess the Clumsy torch has passed.

I better stock up on bandaids.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who Needs Xanax...

Who needs Xanax when these three keep me sane (or, at the very least make me laugh til I realize what a fool I'm being?)

May I intro the characters known as OurBuddy, CK and Jas. Not only do they keep me sane, but they help me get into trouble - lots of trouble.

Not that I can't do that all on my own anyhow. Anyways - love this shot from Saturday.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

What a day. As I write this, I'm sitting in the terminal at Philadelphia airport wishing that somehow, someway the plane would be cancelled so I can stay one more day. For once, I'm not looking forward to Orlando.

However, life goes on and I go home with a plan in place for getting my life on track.

I'm a very lucky gal, indeed.


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A Moment of Silence...

The Blackberry has passed. I will be adopting its Red Cousin in the morning from my local AT&T store.

The blackberry lived a long and full life. I, however, should be flogged because I dropped it in the damn sink. Damn that Goose.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pass The Asprin...

Let's bullet this entry today because I seriously can't think straight.

  • First things first - party went well. Of course, many peeps are at the shore and didn't go but that's fine. I "get" it. However, that one that lied and said that they weren't in town and I found out they ARE in town - yeah, karma will kick their butt. 'Sall good.
  • Secondly, my "errands" were miraculously cut in half. Those in the know will be happy to hear that I found a few contenders and am heading out to look at a few others.
  • I didn't get to go to the Italian Market this trip but since I'm heading back in November for my birthday, I'll go then. Meowmix is going to be quasi plannin' this sucker but let's just say it will be a small gathering at my fave spot and that's that.
  • Manayunk - my fave section - has a spice market and gourmet kitchen store. Are they trying to make me cry? Try finding parking in this section of town. As it is, I could always park at the Bourbon and walk up but they have the Parking Patrol aka the neighbors that scream when anyone parks near there.
  • I was in Manayunk "doing errands" and met a police officer that HAD MY NAME. How funny. Turns out he knows Suz as well and as part of the Big Cuff Debate, he said he carries one set but that's because Manayunk is beyond safe and he's on a bike. However, when he was working in another district, he carried THREE sets of cuffs.
  • I have a doozy of a story that I was made privy too. However, it's going to take time to write to protect the guilty. Let's just say that the whole weekend has been a constant ongoing revelation of "What the @*@*@*? Seriously, I mean SERIOUSLY?" among our core group.
  • Speaking of - my crew rocks. Jas, OurBuddy, and CK came out to support. I totally *heart* them. We all hung out later for a bit and it just really was too much fun. However, Jas has be drinkin' Goose straight and oh lordy - pass the aspirin.
  • One of my fave people ever, EC flew in from Florida for this. Love him. Also our gal Am and Heather were there. Those gals are too much. When Heather came out and said a quote that our old show floor producer would say, I about lost it laughing.
  • Catching up in Am's hotel room later, we found out a whole bunch of mess. OurBuddy was not so happy. That, in itself, made me sad.
  • I don't understand men who have this whole competition factor. Totally don't get it.
  • I was tres sad that Reese was not there. I totally understand but she was missed more than ever.
  • The club we were at - *ahem* - we won't go there. Let's just say that when they can't make a captain & diet I *ahem* wasn't happy. However, my bitchin' got me a Blueberi Stoli and Lemonade. It wasn't Anthony quality but it had to do for the time being. And the drink prices, seriously - I mean seriously? To quote Jas "I'm OFFENDED". That boy knows what a shot of goose should cost.
  • Our DJ, MM, that boy rocked a set. However, 4" heels and DJ booths are non-mixy things.
  • Oh - I learned one vital lesson: Don't drop your blackberry in a sink. Its still drying out and we've got the Morris Day OUOUOUOUOOOO issue again. It's back in critical condition but I have hope it will pull through.
  • Cab Driver saw me and thought "Ohhh - tourist". OHHHH NO. I opened my big azz philly talkin' mouth and schooled that mofo correct. The Westin and I are going to be talking at length about it. It was 2 blocks over - he drove for 8 blocks. WTF. I could have walked there quicker.
  • My co-workers are going to HATE me for the next month. My philly accent is back with a vengence. I said one thing last night and I had to take a step back. It was hella strong. When it's that strong, it can be annoying as hell. They'll deal.
  • I about died when a friend of ours got up from the table the other night and said "Lys, you are NOT going to Jersey!" Talk about throwing a gauntlet, no? The look on his face said it all. My crew - always lookin' out for a gal.
  • However, when it comes to lookin' out, sometimes they can be quite the blocker. It's hard to explain but it takes a while before I'll bring a new boy around some of these cats. I have a bunch of big brothers.
  • I love my city - seriously. It's great to be home. And seeing the signs laid right out makes a gal see the writing on the wall. I have so much clarity about my situation that it's giving me the willpower to head back to Orlando and deal with that mess and figure out whats in store for me in 2009.
  • Meowmix said it perfectly "You need to be where your heart is". Clearly, my heart no longer resides in Orlando.

And how was YOUR weekend?

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Achilles Shield - Saving Stilettos One By One...

Yes, I know - one of those ideas where you think - a heel shield to protect my stiletto? Why didn't I think of that? Do you know how many heels, specifically the right heel, of my shoes are forever lost due to driving?

Well, I couldn't resist and I ordered the black crocodile one. I'll let you know how they work. I'm going to take them on a test drive.

Ba dum bum...

"I'm here all week folks. Stay for the borscht"*

*I know, I know. Utter corniness. Blame it on the lack of caffeine.

** Pic courtesy of The Achilles Shield

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Because I Can...

I'm gonna channel my inner Kristabella (I'd link but I am on the bb and HTML is not my forte - luv her and give you the disclaimer that I've had a few. I'm out with Meowmix at my fave Philly spot and how cool is it when you come into a joint 3 months after you work an event and the crew knows your preferences, the DJ has you on lock and everyone has the VIP treatment in check.

A gal is blessed indeed. And that's not the espresso martinis. Trust.

And, one tip - Stoli Blueberi and lemonade will eff a gal up. Not that I know or anthing *cough* It was Bartender Anthony's fault *cough* ask ONE question and he has me as his damn guinea pig. Azzhat (but I *heart* him)

I'm gonna be a hot funky fried mess tomorrow at my meetings but damnit - my crew has me in check. I miss my city and Manayunk/Philly is my hiding spot. Its good to be home.


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Friday, August 08, 2008

Taking All Of My Energy...

I know, it's a cop out with the scheduling of posts, etc. but I'm crazed right now with the event on Saturday and all things Philly. SO, with that, here's something that's playing on overdrive on my iPod.

Keri Hilson - "Energy"

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Not Only Will I Toss Potatoes, But I Will Scalp A Fool Too...

Forgive me and let me rant a bit, will ya?

You know my whole positivity blah blah; be kind blah blah; turn the other cheek mantra. Well, the Irish/Indian wench in me is not only about to toss potatoes at a few situations, but I will scalp their azz too.

As I'm stuck on this horrible Pay Email blah blah b.s. thing at the Orlando Airport because they don't have WiFi by the AirTran wing, paying $.35 a minute to blog my happy azz out, you'll see why.

At 3:56 p.m. this evening, my beloved Blackberry was put in critical condition and we don't think BB will survive the evening. Turns out he has the Morris Day OOUOOULLEEEOOOOO typing by its damn self, non rollerball behaving, freeze when it damn well pleases virus.

I spoke to 3, count 'em 3 different AT&T fools at different retailers and one wench had the AUDACITY to tell me to call customer service because it was against FCC regulations for her to even LOOK at my account if I wasn't in front of her computer screen. Ain't that a hoot. Well, Frances and I had a come to jesus meeting and I'll be doing the Julia Roberts "Remember Me" when I get back next week because that gal seriously should not be in sales. Her manager was nicer and, not only was she shocked at that FCC mess, but she was going to talk to Frances. Brian at another store said "WELL you can only get a blackberry in the ORLANDO area, nowhere else" and then tells me "But I'm out of the Curve." Fool - why did ya waste my damn time? Well, the satisfaction is I messed up his uber important solitaire game. Finally, I called customer service who agreed that the retail arm and the call center arm doesn't always speak the same language. Thankfully this fabu guy Brandon took pity on me and then connected me with LaToya who I thought was going to give me attitude until I told her that the phone wanted to start singing Morris Day and the Time Tunes with the OhEOhEOOOOHHH mess. Turns out that it's common in the curve and, guess what. My warranty expired in JUNE!!! JUNE! So now I have to come out of pocket $249 for a new curve that won't even tolerate that mess.

There goes Philly shoe shoppin'. But I will have a sassy red blackberry to match my red sassy shoes.

Wait - it gets better...

I get to the airport, sail through everything in record time only to settle in to board the plane at 8:30. Guess what - they cancelled that damn plane. Something about its stuck in San Juan. Sure I got a voucher for a free flight but now I've been up 36+ hours and they want me to stay here til Midnight? Oh boy.

Blackberry works intermittently - barely a charge - seriously in need of life support so I'm a bored azz fool.

I call Hertz to change my reservation and, true to form, the Philly wenches that work that counter are a hot azz funky fried MESS. This wench told me to call reservations and then hung up. I'm calling the local office - NOT reservations. Do your damn job. She hung up again. I called back, she picked a fight - hung up. Now, you know when I get to Philly her and I are going to have words, right? I don't play that bullshit. Not at all. She wants to step to me like a West Philly wench, be prepared when I school her on "***** don't play me. Sit yo' azz down". Finally some guy answered and when I told him what mess I just went through (which he was aware of) he goes "How can I help you Lys?" My response: "Can you smack that gal before I land because if I come up in there and see her on the counter, we're gonna throw". He told me he'd gladly sit her azz down and then he just did something so simple - move my reservation to 1:45 - something that reservations wouldn't have done anywayz - they would have told me to CALL THE LOCAL OFFICE.

Damn I hate lazy bitches. Seriously.

Now I'm swearing like an Irish sailor and I apologize but man I'm a mad fool. Obviously, because I just paid $10.69 to blog like this to clear my chest.

SO I'll be in Philly around 2:00 a.m.. No Cell Phone. Probably will fight a wench. And no sleep. Guess what that means.

Airtran better keep the cocktails coming cuz dammit - I upgraded and that ish is FREE. I need a damn drink.


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Barreling At Me Like A Freight Train...

Remember when you would stay up all night cramming for an exam. You think "I got this, no biggie. I can handle not sleeping." Well, my creaky ol' bones have screamed at me "Lys, you are NOT in college anymore. You made a BIG mistake."

This week, I've been pretty much running on empty - juggling the 9to5, some personal things and the Par-Tay. As it is, I don't really sleep well as my mind is forever racing. I'm thinking strategy, catch up, shoes, shopping, to do lists, etc. My mind is never quiet. Zen and I are non-mixy things. If I was to absolutely clear my mind, I don't know WHAT I would do.

Last night, that was it. I stayed up all night. Now, there was some umm.. distraction provided by Criminal Minds (even though I saw that ep. before - TWICE) and ummm.. the Nano, but it's my new toy. I wanted to download some TV shows for the plane. (Mad Men, Forever Knight and my fave ep. of S&TC as well as Parking Wars - shushhh - one of the show peeps is a meter boy, 'k??). Do you know how long those things take to download. Oh my heavens. Well, I went a little iTunes happy and also added some Godsmack and Staind videos. (Sully Erna. Hello? That little mug scares the ish outta me to this day. Still one of those celebs that rendered me speechless not once but twice and those that know me will testify that it takes alot for me to shut my trap. Voodoo is a hell of a song). Oh, and music - stuff I used to have but didn't after the Laptop Crash. So, yeah - instead of shoes, I have tunes. Wise investment, no?

And then, of course, Shadow has a 'friend' coming to visit her on Sunday to play "Wheeee - Lazer. I haz Lazer!" and give her some food so she won't think I'm totally a negligent mom. (And, PETA peeps, she has dry food feeder which she munches on ALL day, wet food daily due to her programmable wet food dishes, a water fountain, massive influx of cookies scattered, a tv for company, lots of catnip, toys everywhere and a brand new tablecloth to muss because, as we all know, that cat will go on a table just to rebel and piss me off -just because.) So, since someone is coming IN my house, I had to make sure it was quasi presentable which lead me to scrubbing floors at 3:00 a.m. And then there was more distraction courtesy of some show called "Black Gold" which had me totally hooked this weekend and it was Season Finale so I had to watch. And then there was packing to be had.

And packing was HORRID. HORRID HORRID HORRID. Took me hours to regroup clothes, pare down shoe choices, rethink makeup decisions, charge up the electronics needed, switch out purses and, finally, at 7:00 a.m. the suitcase was wheeled out to the door, ready for me to actually WIN my bet of Carry On Only for bags. The purse wants to kill me since it's stuffed to the gills with some more chargers, my 3:1:1 bag, makeup that didn't fit IN the suitcase (it was the makeup or the clothing steamer and since I wanted to wear my fave shirt that doesn't do well with ironing and only steaming, the steamer won), and Jen Lancaster's new book, Such A Pretty Fat - you know, if I don't want to WATCH Forever Knight or Mad Men or Parking Wars or S&TC. Fact is - my friends issued a challenge of not checking my bags, I accepted. They owe me cocktails. Done deal.

So, forgive me as I finish my last things on my "To Do" list. I'll try to log in from the hotel but my schedule this weekend is NOT making any allowances for downtime until, possibly, Monday a.m. before I zip back.

In interest of NahBlahBlah, I'm scheduling posts and promise that Meowmix and I will come up with a PART Deux to Top Ten Philly Quotes... More than likely, I'll be posting either on Sunday/Monday or via blackberry. Don't want to neglect Blog 365 or have the Blog 365 coppers lookin' for me.

Be good this weekend! I know I won't be.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Oh Travel Wise Readers, Can Ya Help A Gal Out?

As y'all know, my trip to Philly is tomorrow. As of 5:00, this gal will be makin' like a Flintstone and dashing for the airport immediately after the 9to5. That means that I'm packing TONIGHT. Of course I'm trying to hit the Carry-On Challenge and if you saw the normal arsenal I bring with, you'd laugh hysterically.

So, I turn to you, my dear readers, and ask - what are some of YOUR best packing tips?

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lord Help Me...

I need to buy a new iPod and Iz cofuzed. There is no semblence of order - just told "Find someone in a blue shirt. Blue shirt ppl keep running to back. Now I know why I shop online. Ugh!

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Monday, August 04, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite [Philly] Things

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Back in the days of working in Western Mass, my path crossed with quite a few people. Everyone I met has touched my life in one way or another. You never know if that kid you spoke to could turn out to be the next senator. You just never know.

During the *ahem* Mark years, a group of us worked for this guy who ran Selectrocution. Basically, we would hand out initials at the door to patrons, they'd send flirty messages over a board, we got lots of DiSarrano shots with our boss. We'd have to wear initials (mine was either "SM" or "FU" - go figure. I was a rebel). It was cool times.

We had a schedule - Wednesday we were at Geraldines, Thursday - Saturday, we'd be at Annies (where BR played the Roadhouse Patrick Swayze role), Sundays we had darts at Annies (again), Monday we'd be at Lemons, Tuesdays were our day of rest. It was a tough club life, let me tell ya. And we all held down day jobs so the energy was too much. I don't think I could pull it off now with my bone creakin' self.

Well, during the Selectrocution times, even if we weren't working that night, we'd still show up and hang out (and still - hello - DiSarrano - free DiSarrano? Did I mention FREE?? Thought so). Well, many a night, if we got bored we'd jet to another club on our list and hang out. We knew the bartenders and bouncers and why pay a tab when it got comp'd, right?

Often, I would run into this local band who played at Geraldines during the week and even then, we KNEW they were going to make it. Aaron and Mike had this whole thing of "We're GOING to get a deal" mindset going and they did it. They were always down to earth, fun to kick a cocktail back with and, yes, I was a mouthy wench even then. Their rise to fame was pretty well documented - Limp Bizkit took notice of these guys who got backstage with their demo, the boys got signed and Staind hit the top of the charts.

Fame has not changed them - at all. Definitely they are some hometown boys. Check out their latest video, Believe, filmed in Springfield, Mass of all places. Much of the scenery is so familiar as that was the route I'd take on my drives to Philly when life got too crazy. Make sure to pick up their album on Aug. 19th when it drops.

Staind - Believe

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Nostalgia Strikes...

I'm going to be banished to a life of Botox, granny panties, pancake makeup and sensible shoes.

No, don't shrink back in horror - it's the consequences of what I have just done.

What did I do, you ask? Ummmm.


You see...

Oh shoot - I'll just say it. I bought Rick Springfield's new album on iTunes. Yes, me - Rick Springfield's new album. That's okay - you can pick up your jaw from the ground. I confessed. Worse is that I'm all ga ga over one song from this album and the man is hitting the 60 mark.

For those that don't know all things Jesse's Girl - Rick Springfield used to be on my mom's fave soap, General Hospital and that man could sing. Sing sing sing I say. And much like a fine wine, that voice only improved with time when other singers (both current and yesteryear) sound like sandpaper on glass and their vocals have been scrubbed and fixed by all things ProTools.

I'm so going to bury my head in the sand.

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Meowmix Responds To The Great Cuff Debate...

Apparently she's not a fan of the furry cuff. After reading yesterday's post, she decided to respond in true Meowmix fashion - straight and to the point. No chaser.

Turns out that most cops carry more than one set for reasons such as
multiple suspects, a big guy (two cuffs linked together), ties for teenagers,
etc. And Meowmix also remarked that the chained pair is more comfy

The hinged handcuff is not as wide. Therefore, to put your arms behind your back, you have to have some flexibility. The hinged cuffs
also provide for very limited movement. Not good for your older perps, people with blood pressure problems, etc. Very good for your spry, agile perps who you can cuff in the back and they end up pulling their legs thru.

The chained cuffs
offer more mobility and give about an extra inch of play when cuffing behind their back.

For your super big guys that can barely get their arms back there, you string 'em together.

It's a whole side of policing that I never knew about and BR neglected
to tell me. Of course BR differs with Meomix's opinion (as always) and said the
multiple cuff thing is a personal preference for the cop but not all carry two
pair. Those two always agree to disagree.

BR also worked in a city with more than one officer on so there were always more sets of handcuffs. When I am on, I am the only one on.

Multiple perps means more cuffs are needed. We resort to zip ties for smaller wrists and too many perps. An underage drinking party, for example, often results in a row of zip tied kids.

Either way, I can just see her asking one of her suspects, "I'm sorry
but would you prefer the chained or the hinged cuffs this time?"

I carry the hinged cuffs on my duty belt as they are considered to be safer for us. I have the chained in my duty bag, should I need them.
And there you go folks - straight from Officer Meowmix herself. Feel free to leave questions in the comments. Perhaps I can entice her to guest blog.

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