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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Goal Accomplished!

Finally, this gal has put together the new Coffee Table. 3 months later, but still - it looks amazing.. will take pics this weekend.

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What's the deal...

Does anyone else understand the draw of "King of Queens?" I just don't get it. Maybe I've just heard too many horror stories about that Leah chick and her "alleged" diva-esque ways ...

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Wacky Dreams...

You ever have one of those dreams that makes you wake up going "Huh?" This weekend, I had the strangest dream about A. that basically had me going "What the ...". I hate when that happens... For once though, I didn't wake up in a panic like something was wrong. Beyond peculiar...

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

This Week's S&TC Musing...

Carrie: Later that night I got to thinking about the x-factor. In mathmatics, we learn that x stands for the unknown, a+b=x, but what's really unknown is what plus what equals friendship with an x. Is this an unsolvable equation? Or is it possible to transform a once passionate love into something that fits nice and easily onto the friendship shelf? I couldnt help but wonder... can you be friends with an x?


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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Is Courtesy Becoming Extinct...

Growing up, I was always taught manners, etiquette & courtesy. Yes, even which fork goes with which (hell - my mom was big on that crap). Anyways, I digress. I've noticed that since my apartment complex has changed owners, the tenants moving in have taken a downturn.

We have a couple neighbors who are really sweet (and, of course, that nasty guy who took his kids out in the hurricane to show them the almighty power of Allah who hates the Americans and demanded that his wife not acknowledge or speak to anyone in his presence, is gone). The nasty neighbor upstairs who would sweep her bird crap onto everyone else's balconies is also gone. So basically, our building is normally pretty good. No super loud music. No rude door slamming. No moving furniture at 3:00 in the morning (most of the time).

First, I had a neighbor keep his door open as I'm in the car ready to get out - what is he doing but "reorganizing his front seat". Hello - mcfly - you see me try to open my door twice, and you refuse to be polite? Oh wait - I'm a woman. That's right - 5 paces behind. Man first. He won't last long when Roomie gets home. He sure as hell could yell at his wife though. She wasn't moving the baby fast enough for his liking and, I guess, chivalry is dead because he wouldn't open her door.

Also, as I came home from work, I went to get the mail and also getting their mail was a mother and daughter from another building. The daughter was about 16/17 or so and just so rude to her mother. When I went to the mail box, the daughter refused to move (she was blocking our mailbox) nor was she polite when I said "Excuse me". I had to say it twice and the wench decided to suck her teeth in at me. What does the mother do - nothing. The mother has a bag of groceries and is balancing her mail. Does the daughter help - no. Then an orange falls out of the mothers bag. The daughter kicks it. The daughter, mother and I watch it and it rolls, UNDER my car behind the front wheel. Do either of them retrieve it? No.

I give them 5 minutes as I sort my mail and they are still standing there and guess what - yes, the orange is still behind the wheel. I looked at both of them, put the mail on the car and bent down and grabbed the orange. It is covered in dirt and I said "Excuse me, but since this fell down behind the car wheel - I think it's safe to say it's for the trash". What does the daughter do - hand on the hip, head swivel and attitude sets in with a "What did you say?" like she's about to start some little hood rat crap.

What I wanted to say was "You heard me. You chose not to pick it up. You chose to be rude to your mother. You need to learn some manners before someone smacks the taste out of your mouth." Instead I responded, "This is trash and you should have picked it up for your mother!". The mother apologizes for her daughter's behavior however it wasn't her place to apologize for the little hellion. The daughter decides that a stare down is in order. I won on that mess. I'm tellin' ya - that girl was lucky she was a kid. That girl is also lucky that she didn't have my mother - my mother would have slapped her at the first inkling of disrespect.

I'm just curious as to when it became the norm to treat people, especially parents, with such disrespect? Is courtesy becoming extinct?

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Shatner's Giving Lessons...

Season Finale of CSI: Miami is tonight. Did David Caruso (Horatio Cane) take lessons from William Shatner. What is with the over pronunciation and dramatic pauses...

"Well, he's back ... now"

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So OVER Channel 6 Morning News...

After suffering another bout of insomnia, this gal decided to catch the morning news... I mean, after all we had a shooting, a roving pawless bear and other major news stories to worry about - plus the morning commute. What does OUR news lead off with - "Boxers or Briefs - what couples should consider when thinking about fertility". What? HELLO - what is the point of asking Boxers or Briefs as the lead in at 6:00 a.m. Are they stupid? Then they follow with their idea of "big news" - Axl Rose and Tommy Hilfiger duking it out. One of the anchors tried to serenade the traffic correspondent with her rendition of "I'm Too Sexy". My ears wanted to BLEED.

Mind you one of these two anchors was the same one who, last week, thought wearing sequins was a good idea. Today, she just thought to dress like Carol Brady. Needless to say, I've switched the channel (and loyalty) to Channel 9 and I never thought THAT would happen. Obviously Channel 9 is a tad more concerned about what really can be termed "news" and less on a mans virility. And they do keep the off key singing to a minimum.

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Proud What Not To Wear Graduate...

As y'all know - I've been an addict of What Not to Wear for quite some time. So, whenever they are doing a show and I happen to see an item of clothing that is in my closet that gets a thumbs up from Stacy & Clinton, I beam like a proud graduate. On Friday, not only did I see my favorite coral jacquard suit jacket profiled, but also my Steve Madden Shoes. The ones I absolutely had to have. Some of my frugal friends didn't seem to see my side of the situation when I remarked "See - Even Clinton & Stacy would approve. They were worth the investment". Then again, I don't have that lovely $5,000.00 budget that the people profiled seem to get.

However, still - all in all - I've seen 4 of my outfits profiled on there. I must be on the right track, ya think?

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This Weeks S&TC Quote...

Carrie: It's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes -- that's why you sometimes need really special shoes!


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Absolute Gorgeousity!

Aren't these boots Fabulous? Spiegel sent me a link to preview some of their new fall items and it was love at first click. Ahhhhhhhh.. what a way to start off a week..

Plus - a gal can never have enough black boots, right?

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Is It Me or...

Is Rhianna resembling Beyonce more and more? One of those late night can't sleep issues, and her new video, Unfaithful is on - it's like watching an early Beyonce vid. Not to mention, Rhianna was discovered by Beyonce's boyfriend, Jay-Z.

Hmmmm.. the music industry never ceases to amaze me with their mantra "Follow the Formula"...

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Supportin' The Troops...

My friends know that I have a soft spot for the military. My dad was a Marine and both of my grandfathers fought proudly in WWII. I've been raised to respect our armed forces. So, after seeing the servicemen this morning at OIA, I got to thinking about my friends and family who have served (and are serving) our country. I wish I had gotten the soldiers' unit as there is a great website,, that sends care packages to our brave men & women fighting for our right to live free here in the US of A. Regardless of people's view on the war, we can't forget those that ARE overseas for us to maintain our blessed lifestyles. Now I'm NOT starting a political debate (nor do I care to), but those that are over there need a little cheerin' up.

Having perfected my lovely "Captain Morgan Chocolate Chip Cookies" for A. when he was over in Bosnia & Iraq (no booze allowed over there) and learning to send just the right thing for my sister when she was in Korea & Koscovo, I think a program like Sue runs over at is amazing. You have to be very careful to make sure that you follow the rules of the country to where you are sending items for the soldiers. The idea to send A. an inflatable sheep for his birthday from a group of our friends kinda got this gal in a bit of hot water (long story for another day). I don't advocate sending any questionable (even IF it is a joke) materials - the soldier might be a tad miffed.

Also, there is a site called where you can search by name, rank, branch, etc. and see exactly what that particular soldier's unit/etc.'s needs are should you wish to send a customized package.

There are so many people overseas that would love just a little reminder of home, whether it's a card, some Starbucks coffee, spices (heard that they are big over there), etc. so, if you can spare a little somethin' somethin' - please brighten a soldier's day today.

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Observations from OIA...

Well, the Roomie has departed for the North and, this morning, I made some interesting observations while at Orlando's International Airport...

  • Ladies, at 9:00 in the morning, city shorts, a tight ass shirt and these shoes are NEVER a good idea.
  • Also, if you are going to wear stilettos like this, please learn how to walk in them first.
  • If the shirt is tight and shows the belly & chichos, is a one shoulder spandex item and you are over 40, please give the shirt back to your daughter wearing the above mentioned heels.
  • Ladies - it's an airport, not a club (You'd be amazed at the number of people dressed for a club moreso than travel. How can THAT be comfortable.)
  • Please, for the love of God, if it is early in the morning, that's still no excuse for not combing your hair. Make sure your hair is at least combed and your weave is correct (if you should wear one).
  • Also, should you wish to wear patterns - if you are wearing a leopard print shirt, a tiger print bag and zebra shoes that is considered overkill.
  • I know some people have addictions, but what is the satisfaction of walking through the airport with an unlit cigarette hanging from one's mouth? Not to mention, said woman's tank top was half up caught in her bag and the woman proceeded to walk through the entire airport like that with her husband doing nothing to say at least, "honey - don't look a fool. Pull your shirt down". Trust me - one doesn't need to see the goods!
  • Slippers are for home - not for outdoors.
  • If you have packed too much, don't get mad at the rep who tells you that you will have to pay. Word to the wise, redistributing among the same suitase = same weight. DOH!
  • If you are in line, please be considerate for the people around you - which means if you are staring people down, that's rude.
  • If you are going home from visiting Disney, don't talk in a tone to your wife who is wearing a burka, get angry with the rep at the counter (who we later had to talk to) and THEN have the NERVE to glare at a soldier dressed in military fatigues on his way back to Iraq.

I'm tellin' ya, What Not To Wear would have a field day at OIA!

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Memo to CSI's Writers...

How can you end a season like this?? No, not the way one would think with Brass hanging by a thread after being shot in the line of duty, but by hooking up GRISSOM with SARA? Are You Nuts? I'd rather see him with the lady cop or Lady Heather or even Catherine for that matter, but not whiny Sara.

Roomie hasn't seen it yet. Boy will she start screaming...

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Season Finales...

Grey's Anatomy kicked off one hell of a Season Finale week. I'm not really going to go into a full detail but I was going to say - Sunday, you can't leave a gal hanging, wondering what the hell happened to Burke. So, hence, yesterday's 2 hour season finale. (Sorry 24 - which, by the way, their 2 hour finale is NEXT week). Boston Legal was set for tonight so, I decided to watch one of my favorite shows, The Unit in the other room while Mr. TiVo taped Boston Legal. Much to my shock and surprise, I find out that the Unit has two back to back episodes with the last one being the SEASON FINALE! Thursday is the season finale of CSI. The season finale of Bones is tomorrow. Not to mention a host of other shows all have their finales set for this week. And those shows mentioned above are all on my TiVo waiting for me to catch up. It's going to be like reading the ending of a book before even starting the beginning. ARG!

What is UP with these 2 hour finales... Damn Hollywood... I'm thinking I should send the studios my bill for the new Tivo to keep up with the flurry of activity.

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Beauty Product Recommendations...

There are some normal products that are always in my repoitre for those days when a gal wants to feel oh so pretty, i.e. Jonathan hair care products (the shampoo/conditioners are divine and DIRT - Haven't had to use hairspray in over a year), Bare Escentuals Foundation (for that flawless glow), M.A.C. Paradisco eyeshadow (for the blue eyed gal - I know I know - it's orange but used lightly, it makes those eyes pop!), Nars Orgasm lip gloss, and Faux Tan Self Tanner by Bare Escentuals (doesn't stink and doesn't turn you orange either).

On a recent trip to Ulta/Sephora (and reading Shake Your Beauty), I discovered two fabulous additions to my most recommended list:

I'll be needing an extra bag to come home from Vegas. Meowmix has selected the MGM Grand as the "IT" destination, and guess what's downstairs.. SEPHORA! I'll be shoppin'.. Cha-Ching!


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Monday, May 15, 2006

News Anchors, Take Heed...

I decided to watch the morning local news this morning and was shocked into Monday morning consciousness, thanks to my local news anchors.

Word to the wise, Grey Pinstripe suit and Navy Sequin top, not wise for a morning newscast. Hint of sequins, well, okay. A full on Studio 54 disco style shell underneath the suit, so NOT okay.

Also, to the other co-anchor, I appreciate your effort in matching, but when you have a white suit with black piping, adding a "Carrie-esque" fabric flower in black, black and white earrings AND a black and white necklace takes matching to a new level...

Someone call Clinton & Stacy from What Not to Wear... stat!

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

S&TC Thought O' The Week...

Charlotte: Did you know I read that if you don't have sex for a year, you can actually become re-virginized?

Carrie: And, I would imagine, quite frisky.


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Roomie's Quote of the Year...

Roomie's quote of the year to MB:
"Boy don't make me reach through this phone , slap you and make you anotha color!!"

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Red Tape....

You ever wonder if you are just working day to day to pass the time, never really following your true calling. I feel at this "crossroads" of sorts today, torn between entertainment and practicality. My passion for music sometimes trumps my passion for law. Don't get me wrong, I know how blessed I am and I enjoy dabbling in my first love (PR) when the time is available. Then I remember how much I detest Red Tape... like tonight..

I had finally gotten approval from my publisher to schedule an interview with two great musical artists and received nothing but RED TAPE from a venue that doesn't seem to have their crap together. I did the pitch, sent it in, followed up repeatedly to be told "Oh, Mr. Manager is out today", "Mr. Manager didn't submit his press list". "Mr. Manager will get back to you". Right - when does he call. At 5:30 THIS EVENING, (mind you - the event is tonight and at 3:00 the list was still not confirmed). He informs me that finally everything was approved, but photo passes only and no tickets to cover the show (read: promoter wanted the media to come out of pocket for tickets. Tickets were $97.00 a person for a small arena. HELLO - what are they - Madison Square Garden - I think not).

The best part - Mr. Promoter would select who was to be interviewed. I specifically went through the proper local channels out of respect and courtesy to be told, "Well, I know XYZ Magazine wants to interview so and so and so and so, but you might only get joe blow over here". HELLO - Joe Blow.. I don't think so. He has no relevance to the story at hand and I'm not going to feed his overblown jheri-curled juiced ego. (Mind you - Joe Blow/Jheri Curl Juice is also the "promoter" who hasn't had a hit in eons!)

SO, what does this gal do - whip out her cell and schedule the interview with one of the artists directly for next week, as well as call a couple leads on the other artist that we wanted. Forget the courtesy - if I was their publicist, I would be LIVID that some arena or promoter is micro-managing their press.

As for the show - those passes are sitting there and I refuse to go. It was the same show I saw up in NYC with my gal D. & Meowmix some time ago. If I want to see it again, I'll go back to NYC and see the show with a few others that rarely perform.

Forget Jheri-curl juice. His greed cost him the worst thing - positive press. Then again, he'll probably tell all the fans, "Want my autograph - $20.00". Nice guy, huh?

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Great Advice I Wish My Mother Gave...

Natalie Collins of one of my fave blogs gave this advice that I wish my mom would have given me:

Your heart will be broken into a million pieces more times than you can count. But it never hurts as much as it does the first time. And you will never know why some breaks hurt more than others. Or why you can walk away from some, and dwell forever on others. You will always have regrets, no matter how often you advise others that they are futile and energy and time wasters. And you will always wonder, ‘what if?’ If you don’t wonder, ‘what if?’ you aren’t human or real.”

How true... Great Quote Natalie!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


You know life is all about expression
You only live once, and you're not coming back
So express yourself
~Salt 'n Pepa - Expression

I happened to catch this video yesterday and the lyrics really hit home. That, combined with watching a couple shows from Oprah TiVo'd, one with P!nk and the episode "Women Living A Lie", it's shocking the number of people who lose sight of themselves to feed into someone else's image of them.

P!nk said "My definition of 'stupid' is wasting your opportunity to be yourself, because I think everybody has a uniqueness and everybody's good at something.'" Oprah says she defines "stupid" as "anything less than what is your true self—any time you have to pretend to be something that you're not, around guys or around anybody."

I can't begin to tell the number of times that various guys have been "offended" or "put off" because I refuse to dumb myself down to feed their egos. One classic example is my ex-fiancé, Mark. If I had to study for an exam, he would often pick a fight the night before and I would not do so well the next day because I couldn't clear my thoughts enough to focus on the exam at hand. H. - another classic situation. That boy would scream at me and tell me "how offended" he was when I would speak my mind at meetings or put forth an opinion regarding a client, etc. OK - so it's good to screw a client around because H. was making a dumb decision? I don't think so. A. hated when I would trump him on an exam because he would get a C and study like a banshee and I would pull a B+ or an A- with little to no studying and not really having to attend class. I could have gotten higher if I tried, but, in a weird way, I didn’t want to really make A. hate me. (Hell - I was young and stupid). A. tried hard but he would get so annoyed and often comment, "What do broads know anyways". Being that I was young and stupid, I would act like it was a fluke that I did well, but still, looking back, I should have just owned up to the fact that I had a better grasp of the material than he did.

I'm finding that often people want a person to conform to their way of thinking, their way of morals and their way of handling issues. I refuse. I've found that often when I'm confined to a box of sorts, even one by my own making, I feel stifled, annoyed and anxious. Lately, I've been hearing about how I should just basically take "what I can get" when it comes to a man, which, to me, is insulting. Why would I ever try to settle for just anyone? I'm picky based on my life experiences. Yes, I'm sure that people say "You shouldn't compare to the past". Well, if we don't learn from our past, our future will, most assuredly, be revolving door of the same life lessons until we get it. If I see some qualities that are not to my liking that represent past men in my life, you think I won't put the breaks on and say "Hold up - wait a minute"?

Also, to me, marriage (and sex) for that matter is a serious matter that does not need to be played with. I do not believe in divorce for myself and then remarriage. Now - before you get all riled up, what is good for others, may not be good for me and vise versa. I do not judge people on their life choices, however I'm finding lately that I'm being challenged more and more on mine. Let me tell you what happens when I settle. I settled when I was dating Jackie, only to find myself in an abusive situation where I had the crap beat out of me and lost my child. I settled when I was dating Mark only to find myself thrown through a window during one of our infamous fights. I settled when I let H. yell at me for the stupidest shit and didn't back down. So, riddle me this - why would I settle now after going through my previous life experiences? Aren't we supposed to learn from past mistakes. Every one of those men mentioned above wanted me to "dumb myself down" to make themselves feel better about themselves. What I'm looking for in today's day and age is a man who is confident in himself enough to let me be myself. Is that too much to ask? I know I joke about the rednecks down here and the type of men that I have met out and about, however my version of a redneck is not the stereotypical definition. My version of a redneck could be Jackie, Mark or even H. Men who need to belittle women to make themselves feel better. Men who need to control every aspect of their woman's life so that they, themselves, can feel in control. Men who have little to NO respect for women at all. That, to me, is a redneck. Someone who will not get with the times.

When some people I know express their opinions, I listen and when I speak with an opinion contrary to theirs, I'm told I "don't understand", am "wrong" or "that's stupid". Well, I could say the same, but I'm one to look at both sides of the situation and not take sides "immediately". Maybe that's a fault of mine. Maybe that's something my parents should never have taught me - to see both sides of a situation before rendering an opinion. I never proclaim myself to be an expert, but I do speak my mind and if people can't agree with it or allow me to express myself and my opinions, then whatever. We have a freedom of speech in this country and when did it EVER get to be that an insult and an insinuation to "dumb it down" whether it be to "fit in" or, my favorite, "get a man", is okay?

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Insomnia Strikes, Again!

Last night, I made a futile attempt to try to catch up on my sleep, only to be jolted wide awake a hour and a half later which was soon followed by 3 1/2 hours of catching up on the Tivo because I could NOT fall back asleep. Between the trial and the event, I think my body is revolting. It thinks it can operate on a couple hours sleep and its sadly mistaken. Needless to say, I'm going to try to make another attempt today.

Hopefully it will be sweet dreams of shoes like these and not dreams about "Oh My God - Did I file that" blah blah blah or "Did that release go to so and so". Calgon??

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Monday, May 08, 2006

No Energy...

I've done 2 shots of espresso this afternoon and you know what - I have the energy level of ZIP! For once, I think this gal is going home early...

Hope y'all had a better day!

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

In Light of those shoes... this week's S&TC Quote...

Miranda: I had to walk all the way from the subway in these heels. My feet are killing me.

Steve: Why didn't you just carry them and wear sneakers like everyone else?

Miranda: Stop. You can take me out of Manhattan but you can't take me out of my shoes.


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Lessons from The Linen/Velvet Rope

So last night, I had to work an event for my publisher and, while I rarely ever work a door and just handle PR for the event and pulling in the Press/Celebs, I decided to work the door and help out... My gal F. also helped and, can I tell you, by the end of the night, those lovely 4" platform Steve Maddens that I adored and HAD to have... I'm convinced that they were made by Satan. It was a fabulous event and a great turn out, however, I'm sure for the next event it will go smoother. Meowmix and my other friends who have seen me in action will more than likely get a kick outta this list. Grab that coffee - its a doozy.

Some interesting observations from the "non-velvet" rope:
  • Do not, under any circumstances, tell the gal with the clipboard (Moi), "I'm on the list, check again". I checked already and cross referenced. Your name is not there.
  • When the person asks the gal with the clipboard, "Well WHO are you", she might catch you off guard (like moi) and respond, "I'm the Door Biatche and your name is NOT on the list"
  • When your name isn't there, don't try to make like you are all that in front of your girl like I'm the Bimbo, grab your cell, call the publisher, gesture loudly and complain that I won't let you in. Unless he comes down there to waive your azz in, my "NO" still stands. (And, for the record, he RARELY came downstairs in support of one of those idiots - when he did come down, its because his crew didn't give me your name).
  • When you are told the guest list closes at 12, DO NOT show up at 12:30/12:45 and try to tell moi, "I'm gonna call so and so". Go right ahead cuz I'm also saying "List closed at 12:00, boy you need to pay".
  • DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT think that when the "girlz" are a tad droopy dog (and I know I shouldn't talk), wear a dress like this or this and think that you look classy. Honey, that's just cheap. Oprah DOES say that support is your friend.
  • Also, showing ALL the goods is never a good idea. Why not leave a little somethin' somethin' to the imagination. I'm just sayin'.
  • Do not get me the list at 7:00 and then let your people keep sending me names up until 9:00. I had to redo the list again, and again, and again because, of course, the Door Biatche MUST have an alphabetized list. Makes MY life easier when I tell you, "No - you aren't on the list".
  • Do not come downstairs and tell the Door Biatche, "Oh - I got a couple more names". ARG! That will cost you a glass of wine for each name if you keep it up.
  • If a casting director tells you to be there at 9:30 for a modeling shoot - DO not show up with your man who thinks he's Brad Pitt (more like Joe Pitt) at 11:00 and try to tell me, "I'm with Such and Such Agency". So what. You were told to be here at 9:30 - do you want me to roll out a pink azz carpet and waive the regulations. The Door Biatche says "You're Late - you have to pay cover". Then, when Joe Pitt gets indiginant and remarks, "She's a model". So what - I've got 40 models milling about upstairs and, guess what, they showed up ON TIME. Obviously this chick's modeling call meant nothing to her or she thought she was Cindy Crawford. Punctuality shows professionalism.
  • DO NOT tell the Door Biatche when asked for your name that your with "So and So Company" or "So and So Records". When Door Biatche again asks, "Last name please" I mean LAST NAME. I don't HAVE you under a company. Not only that, I could care less what company you are with - That matters to my publisher, not to me. To quote Chris Tucker, "Do you understand the words comin' out my mouth - LAST NAME!"
  • If you still don't understand me when I said Last Name and hand me your dumb azz business card like I'm supposed to READ the name and you're actin' like the cat got your damn tongue, don't get offended when I toss the card on the podium with the other cards from others before you tryin' the same crap and say, "Last Name, Please". Not only that - please get your cards somewhere other than VistaPrint or on higher quality stock. Professionalism is everything.
  • And if you are with some independent label, good for you and kudos for promoting music, but, reality check - you still aren't Sony, BMG, Warner Brothers or Universal nor have a distribution deal with the big 5. No need to have an entourage all wanting VIP and comps. The girl inside can handle your covercharge - pay at the door. You DO have expense account, right. OHHH.. that's right... Well then tell the hangers on to come out the pocket. Don't have them look to you like you are large and in charge. Tough love - you need to tell them that life in entertainment is not a free ride. They'll learn.
  • DO NOT suck your teeth in at me when I ask you your name like its a huge inconvenience, when YOU approach me going, "I'm on da list". 1) Lose the attitude. 2) Realize that I am armed with a clipboard and 3) One false move by your attitude havin' ass, your weave will be ripped out of your head and security will scoop you up and set you on the damn street corner. OBT is that way sweetie.
  • DO NOT approach the Door Biatche talkin' on your cell phone like you are Paris Hilton, and stick your finger in my face tellin' me to shush when I'm asking "Last Name". Not only that, don't try to step around me. My azz will block you and I will trip you if you even TRY to cross that threshold. NAME!
  • DO NOT get all pissy when I recognize a true VIP and bring them into the club before you. Didn't you see Studio 54? Many of those people paid a fortune for tables & bottles and are VIP.
  • DO NOT get into the wrong line when instructed. There is a line for VIP and a line for RSVP. Don't get it twisted.
  • DO NOT get pissy with moi when you are in the WRONG line cuz you don't seem to listen. RSVP is not VIP. Got it?
  • DO NOT get the Door Biatche your list at 11:00 at night sent to your assistant via blackberry with over 50 people on VIP, many with +6/+5. This is in addition to the other 30 which you submitted earlier (many with just first names, street monikers or "So and so from Chucky Cheese"). Here's my question for the +6 and +5 people who are so "VIP". Who the hell are THESE people to be rollin' entourage style IN ORLANDO??
  • DO NOT (and this is to one of the dumb azz promoters who did the above) leave your poor assistant standing at the door with moi at 12:35, FINALLY roll up at 1:00 actin' like Big Willie with YOUR OWN ENTOURAGE, tell the Door Biatche who was supposed to be done at 12:00 that I'm workin' until 2 cuz you have more people coming and have the audacity to say, "I'll Pay You Whatever your Rate Is". Boy you can't AFFORD my rate!
  • DO NOT tell your assistant to tell me that all these people are buying "Bottles" or "this is how its handled in LA & NY". DOH - I've done and attended events in those areas and, guess what, the good events are NEVER like that. OH - wait - in your Orlando mind it is. Damn DumbAzz Promoter.
  • DO NOT piss off the security team by acting big willie style. Security could give a rats azz who you are or who you are with.
  • DO NOT show up with underage chicks and act like you aren't Chester stylin' it. If you are over 30 with an 18 year old... dude, c'mon now. Why bring her to a bar? You ain't her daddy.
  • DO NOT drive 2 hours to go to the party and get biatchy when club security asks you for an ID and its IN THE CAR. Dummy - ID/Bar - YOU NEED THEM! Lesson to the wise.
  • AND FINALLY - DO not EVER, and I mean EVER say, "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM". I could care less who you are... Know why - I got the list. You don't and you STILL aren't on it.

Thank god F. was there - I had a blast with her and to mah girlz Ms. Assistant and her friend, the Jewelry Designer and Security Guy, John (and the cute bouncers).. and, for the record, Please NEVER let the Door Biatche wear 4" heels on a cobblestone street again :)

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Crazy Week...

I know - I know. I've been slackin' on my blogging, as MB has often reminded me. While this week was crazy at work, I also dived back in and got dragged back to entertainment. One of my clients has a big shin-ding tomorrow night and this gal will be standing outside in her 4" Wish they were Christian Louboutins with her clipboard going, "No, sorry - I don't see you on the list". "Oh So and So, we're so happy you are here, we have a table waiting for you blah blah blah". How embarrassing is it when my publisher calls me going "Oh that's awesome that so and so is going. Thank you for asking". NOOOOO.. I hadn't asked yet - I was planning on doing my normal going out with them and saying "Oh - this event I have this week - care to drop by"... but NO - these guys called to MAKE SURE they were on the list. THEY got proactive before I could nag. As I told them tonight when they found out it was my door, THEY TOOK THE WIND OUT OF MY SAILS! Don't get me wrong - I adore these guys, but still.. leave somethin' for a gal, right?

So, this jumpstarted a trend and now my old life is about to hit me in the azz. I got a call from my mentor asking me to help her out with a release for a former client and, as I was talking to her, she remarked, "Is there ever a day when you are not crazy busy?" I responded with, "Well I DID learn from you!" Thank god she has a sense of humor. So, add that to my ever growing plate of stuff to do - by yesterday if possible.

That, coupled with work, reconnecting with K. and his family, and catching up with old friends has made this week super crazy. Just lets hope that all goes well this weekend with the event. I was told the dress code was "mad sexy" by the promoter. Cleavage, check. Heels, check. Attitude, double check. At least I'll be able to bat my eyelashes cutely at the bouncer and ask to have the idiot insisting that he's on the list and won't pay the lousy cover charge removed.

Snippets from the Velvet Rope coming up (well, maybe that should be linen rope or something - this IS Orlando after all)

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Monday, May 01, 2006

It's a Small World After All...

When I was growing up in New Britain, one of my best friends in the world was D. We hung out all the time. In the 2nd grade, I was convinced that I would marry her older brother, K., we'd be sisters in law and that the world would be just an amazing place. I have to laugh at that thought now.

One of my earliest memories is sleeping over her house once and K. would terrorize me with his KISS posters. Ugh! Her older sister was like that "cool older sister" that everyone wanted to be like. Amazing family. Sometimes, in my own way, I wished that I could trade out my mom for hers. Her mom was always so loving and caring and real. Something that my real mom was not.

Well, in 6th grade, my parents moved to Massachusetts and D. and her family moved as well. While I was in 8th grade, her mom passed from skin cancer. I think after D.'s mom passed, I looked at tanning differently then and, to this day, am always apprehensive about laying out in the sun. We were supposed to go to the funeral, but my mom doesn't deal with death well so I wasn't allowed to go. It was some time before our families would speak again. Then, over time, D. had developed some issues of her own and, while I tried to be there for her, time, distance and a whole bunch of factors just didn't allow it. Not to mention, there was always this "you weren't there" vibe between all of us.

When I went home a couple months ago, D. and her family came up in conversation. My mother decided to "tell me" that she ran into D.'s dad some time ago and he got remarried (which was awesome). I later heard from someone else that my mother acted VERY inappropriately towards him which I can attribute to her drinking. Any way you look at it, D.'s dad was great friends with my dad and I know my dad misses P.'s friendship. My dad is a good guy and knows that my mom has wackjob tendencies. I just hope and pray that P. knows that as well.

So, about a month ago, I was on and, just for the fun of it, typed in D. and D.'s brother's name. Don't you know - they both came up! I shot a note to both of them and no response. Tonight, I come home and there is an email from K. updating me on everything and the kicker, boy lives ONE HOUR FROM ME! He moved to Florida as well. I about burst into tears. Everyone is doing well. His dad retired, moved and is going to contact my dad. D. is doing awesome and is pregnant again, WITH TWINS. Between the three of them, there are kids to spoil. Just blessings all around.

I never really realized how much I missed these guys and, while I can get cranky with my mom for never letting us be there for the family, really I have to forgive her for it. I'm sure D.'s mom understands and knows that my mother was messed up back then. I'm sure her dad knows that (first hand).

So, I'm excited to reconnect with everyone. Sometimes, you never know the effect you have on a person's life. During my roughest hours, I can say that D. and K. were there during my parents divorce and that will always stay with me. I'm just thrilled that we all have a second chance.

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Riddle me this...

Why is it that I can make a petite sirloin with a gorgozola butter flawlessly but when it comes to making a simple fried egg, I destroy it like a kid with wrapping paper on Christmas day?

Deep thoughts....

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