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Monday, July 31, 2006

That's It... I'm Officially Perplexed...

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, between work, home, friends, family and other thoughts where even I hate to shop. Yes, you heard me right -this gal has hung up her black belt in shoppin'. So Over - So Gone as Monica would say...

That, plus I've got a couple confusing situations I need to think about and work out, this gal needs some "me-me" time. Forgive me for takin' a couple days off?

I'd blog about what's going on but its really downright draining to even think about it. All I can say is that sometimes your past will keep hitting you in the face until you deal with it. I know I, for one, am not ready so the past best take a damn number...

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Friday, July 28, 2006

The Ball is Rolling...

I’m beyond excited. JZ’s first single is done, sent over to me and I keep playing it going “Oh. My. God!!!" I’d like to say it’s a bias thing and I’m totally pulling the publicist role, but above it all JZ is not only my friend, but like family to me so to hear this voice come out of this man, DAMN!

As Meowmix says “THAT VOICE!!!” One night her and I were working at an event and she told JZ that she had to close her eyes and forget that was him because that voice just gave her chills. (Well, she went a tad more into detail, but we’ll keep it PG Rated, okay). Roomie, upon hearing the track yesterday, had tears well up while she was screaming "That’s a m***######g HIT! IT’S A HIT!!!!!!!” all while hootin’ and hollering, getting JZ on the phone to ask for his autograph *LOL*

So, last night as I was driving home, the track came on the iPod, prompting me to IMMEDIATELY roll down the windows, pop open the sunroof and look for the nearest exit to the Jersey shore. Then I remembered I was in Florida and that no, I’m not in a BMW convertible, YET! For now, I’ll have to settle with taking the Cougar to Cocoa Beach while playing that track on repeat. It’s that catchy, melodic and that good.

We've got alot of work ahead of us and his album is almost done. However, he better not charge me for concert tickets ;)

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Now THAT's an Idea!

Man is it so HOT this summer... Seriously... While I'm grateful I park in a covered garage during the day, having a whole weekend of shopping, etc. ahead of me to plan for Ms. M.'s bridal shower, this gal's lovely little Cougar is going to be more like the theme of Buster Pointdexter's "Hot Hot Hot!". Somewhat, I think that part of the guilt stems from all that Aquanet on the Dance Party set eons ago.

So, one night I saw this item on TV – just one of those random “AHA” type things that make you think Hmmmmm... Now THAT is an idea... They should have done that eons ago. So, should you be interested, check it out!

I might be thinkin' about getting one of those myself if I don’t survive the mall on Saturday.

*this post has been brought to you by PayPerPost. My views, as always, are my own*

Auto Cool Solar Car Fan

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

One Day....

This Little Beauty will be mine!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Great Inspirational Quote Site...

“I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be.” - Martha Washington

This site has quite a few quotes on it that I find very useful. I am the type of gal who will send out the Morning Quote of the Day or Daily Inspiration to those closest to me, hoping to life them up just a tad. One thing I refuse to do is remain negative. There is more than enough negative crap out in the world and why the heck should I add to it, right? I just try to look for the silver lining, wherever that may be, and try to find something positive to focus on rather than bring myself down to a crappy level. Maybe this site has a few ones for me to marinate on.

*This Post Brought to you by My opinions, as always, are my own*

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Nordstrom is My Kryptonite...

Well, I succumbed... Nordy's Anniversary Sale sucked me in and 10 minutes later I'm walking out ala Carrie Bradshaw with these lovelies... JZ is partially to blame - his reasoning of "Lys, listen - it's almost HALF off - you deserve those" rang true with my inner shoe wench and next thing I know, I'm trying them on in Brass, Chocolate and Oxblood (Deep Maroon) only to fall in love with how swanky they are on my feet. Shortly after I handed over the debit card, I realized that this is my first real "quasi" designer shoe purchase all on my own... These suckers better last at least 10 years!

I'd be more angry if I didn't look so damn cute in Burgundy ;) Ahhhh... now he better have a damn hit single because this gal needs more shoes!!!

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This Week's S&TC Wisdom...

Carrie, about her date: He's not that young.
Miranda: He's twenty-six. His generation has a totally different letter than ours.


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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Oh the Wonders of Ebay!

I'm in Savannah Heaven right now! One of my favorite Aaron Spelling dramas was the one that introduced George Eads to the female viewing audience (and MOI!), Savannah. Set in the south, Savannah followed the lives of three young southern ladies, Reese, Payton & Lane, all who had their lives wrecked by one dastardly Travis played by George *sigh* Eads. I forgot how evil he could get considering he's always the good boy CSI brat on CSI. And then he comes back as this character "Nick" after Travis meets with a tragic end.

Unfortunately they never released this on DVD until one kind soul put it up for bid, and with a swift click of a mouse, I received this glorious package in only a few days... Needless to say, I'm in heaven... all made possible by Ebay!! On to disc 2...

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Lottery Windfall...

PayPerPost asked if I've seen that new show WINDFALL on NBC. Well, I have not - and no it's not because Luke Perry's in it *LOL* Unfortunately, this show conflicts with my new obsession - BBC's HEX. Their other question got me to thinking - what would I do if I won the lottery.

So, in no certain order, I'd:
  • Pay off my debt;
  • Buy a house;
  • Buy my dad a house;
  • Get myself that Guccissima purse that I adore;
  • Put money in savings/investments;
  • Put some money in an emergency fund; and
  • Take my friends on a vacation and not stress when I do some shopping!
Seriously - I really don't put any stock in the lottery nor do I play, partially because in Mass, I used to see people take their state assistance and plunk a good portion of that on lottery tickets and cigs and not take care of their kids. IMO - the lottery is like the casinos - if you play for fun, fine. If you play expecting to win a little somethin' something - ummm.. you better keep in mind that the House Always Wins

*this post sponsored in part by My opinions, as always, are my own*

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Who Do I Turn This Damn Thing Over To...

One of my friends at work told me that I'm the "Go-To Gal" when it comes to getting things done. Well - someone please tell me who the hell do I turn this god-awful tiara over to then cuz I don't want the title.

One of my biggest problems is the word "NO". I have a hard time telling friends and family "No", regardless of the situation. I can do it at work (most of the time, stressing "If you need me to do A, B & C need to be bumped down to D & E status" or lately, "What's the timeframe") but when it comes to those closest to me, often I hear myself say "Sure" or "Mmmmm.. Okay" and then I run around crazed and frenzied trying to accomplish 200% in a 100% box, ya know what I mean - this gal is O-V-E-R-E-X-T-E-N-D-E-D. Some examples of what transpired in the past week:

  • A friend of mine has me working on a project of his which is cool, and he did give me 2 months timeframe, but it takes 2 months to write a proposal like the one he needs - so I'll add that to my list;
  • JZ is almost done with his solo album and now he needs a media plan, pr photos, album cover shoot, and god knows what else; and
  • D. tells me Saturday night at his soiree that I'm now celeb wrangling for not one but TWO magazines and, oh yeah, the other investor is a major bigshot so I really need to mind my p's & q's. Not to mention, he tells me that the mag is having another event where I get to play Door Wench in the next couple of months; and

There is no amount of Calgon that is helpful right now. That coupled with my 9-5 - fun fun fun!! Now, on the downside is that I won't see a $$$ from these unless THEY make a profit… how the hell does THAT work… And now my mom wants me to help with my brother's wedding planning (like I'm an expert - puleaze..) AND I've got a couple cases going to trial.. The trial cases - one falls ON My birthday so no fall vacation for this blonde *sigh*

Someone tell me where the Captain Morgan is, stat!

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Looking Back ... The Bahamas

As y'all know, Ms. Meowmix, Tra, Theresa & I went on a cruise to the Bahamas in November for my birthday. I didn't really blog about it because so much happened in a span of 4 days that I didn't even know WHERE to begin. We wound up sailing on Carnival and I can't rave enough. The ship was immaculate, the staff was always helpful and even our room was cute. We had this one steward who would make these towel animals which were hilar. I'd post a couple pics but then Meowmix will kill me.

Anywayz, I've never been on a boat in the ocean before, let alone to the Bahamas so this was a first for me. I have a deathly fear of sharks so I'm a big wuss when it comes to the ocean - my brother got a beatdown once when he tried to toss me in it in the Cape.

To start off the day, the first thing that I saw was my home away from home - STARBUCKS! So starting off the day right with a nonfat iced venti caramel macchiato, we trotted off and about to do what Lys does best - shop! The shopping in the Bahamas is FAB! I drove Meowmix mad dragging her to Gucci. See, my mother told me that in the Bahamas, Gucci is 1/2 price, but she was WRONG! Same price as in the states so no Gucci for this gal, more like GRUCCI. I wound up picking up some handmade jewelry, some presents for friends and family and even wound up locating a Cuban cigar, granted it was 3 years too late, but I still won the bet with A. & Bri. I even participated in a local raffle and won a diamond necklace. And, to top that, I won it ON MY BIRTHDAY! Now that was quite the birthday gift (along with the coffee).

We went to Atlantis and I rode on this little boat and the views were breathtaking. The water was clear, the colors vibrant and the people were soooo nice. I just wanted to sit on a beach, relax and drink rum out of a coconut (rather tasty if I may say so myself - I had two!).

Meowmix & Tra were more the adventurers with Meowmix zooming around narrowly missing a three wave runner collision with 2 other tourists followed up with Tra & Meowmix having a near death encounter due to a strong undertow which tossed them like rag dolls. (It looked like they were goofing around from the shore, however it was more alarming when we heard what happened). Tra got cut by the rocks and it was just, wow, unbelievable.

That evening we decided to visit Senor Frogs, a local bar and that was out of control. We met some nice boys and leave it to me to get hit on by the ONE guy from POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA (Can we say Dukes of Hazzard, anyone! Ugh!) All in all, good night and I got a whopper of a cell bill because I decided to drive JZ & BR nuts with my tales from da boat, and BR asking me exactly how inebriated was I. I wasn't drunk dialing that badly ;)

The Bahamas are amazing and a place I KNOW I will visit many times over. Too bad they don't ship the rum filled coconuts here.

*this post was sponsored in part by PayPerPost. My opinions, as always, are my own*

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This Week's S&TC Wisdom...

Miranda: It's amazing. In a courtroom, reasonable doubt can get you off for murder. In an engagement, it makes you feel like a bad person.


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Friday, July 14, 2006

You Really Wanna Know??

PayPerPost asked: What do YOU want to blog about? Plus they want me to narrow it down to THREE. So, in thinking and mulling over the prospect - here are my choices (and things I already love blogging about):

  • Fashion, Shopping and Beauty Finds (You know with my lovely addiction to shopping and the eternal quest to find *That* shoe).
  • Entertainment such as TV shows & movies (Did you SEE Prada yet? Did You - Did You?)
  • Business and Money (Because, of course, this gal is all about saving the $$$, passing the savings on to others AND my efforts to find an affordable house to buy)

I decided against blogging about Music, but seriously - with my various client stuff I still do in that field, I didn't think it would be right to blog about that on PayPerPost. I do enough of my PR stuff elsewhere and this blog is MY spot to relax ;)

*This post has been sponsored by PayPerPost. As always, the opinions are my own*

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Aren't These DIVINE?

The Price tag, however, is not *sigh* Oh well... one day..

Damn You
Saks!!! *shakes fist*

UPDATE: Gucci Shoes - SO NOT cute. Took one look at them and responded with a HELL NO! If I'm going to spend THAT Much for shoes, Gucci, please make the platform look less like a gal that stepped into a vat of glue that solidified. I'll be considering the Michael Kors Runway Platform Shoes instead that are on sale at Nordys instead (at a 1/3 of the price, no less).

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Florida's Kinda Grown on Me...

One of my friends asked me if I enjoy living in Florida. I thought about it and answered, “Florida’s grown on me.”

5 years ago, I would have NEVER thought I was going to wind up in the land of the Rat. I was considering a move to LA to work with Reese & H. H. then told me that the group was going to work out of Orlando for a stint and would I mind flying down to work a gig for Disney. After repeated flights in for gigs in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, SeaWorld & House of Blues, plans to move to Cali where thwarted. Roomie’s housemate was moving out and 2 months later, I was an Orlando-ite as was the group.

There have been good times and bad – the first hurricane was a killer – but it has taken some getting used to. I like being able to go without a jacket in December. I like not having snow on Christmas. I like being able to get to Miami in 3.5 hours (on a good day) and the Cuban food... YUM! The people are pretty cool and many are transplants. And the malls. Outlets, people, OUTLETS!

I’ll admit that the bugs bother the hell out of me (Palmetto is just a fancy name for roach, dammit). That, plus seeing my first gator sunning himself near John Young Parkway half out of a retention pond, I about freaked! There are times I’ll go tootling around Orlando and remark at how gorgeous places like Thornton Park, Windermere and Celebration are.

I think I’m going to enjoy living here – hurricanes, palmetto bugs, gators and all. Now if only that damn Rat would behave…

**Post has been sponsored in part by PayPerPost. My opinions, however, are my own.**

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The Door Bitch Exposed...

When browsing Barnes & Noble to order a book entitled Nice Girls Don't Get Rich (how appropriate after yesterday's revelation), I find out that there is a book chronicling the lives and woes of New York's premier Door Bitch, Thomas Onorato, appropriately entitled...Confessions from the Velvet Ropes.

I LOVE this quote: "If you are not on the guest list or if I don't know you or if I don't like you, you are NOT GETTING INTO THIS PARTY!"

No truer words have been spoken. Since I have yet another event on Saturday, I feel the need to "brush up" my bitchy skills… Clipboard please…

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ignorance is FAR from Bliss...

I'm on a mission… They say ignorance is bliss, but not with me.

I pulled my credit report from one of the bureaus and, while I paid Lexington Law a fortune to clean it up, there were some things that they repeatedly neglected to do and I decided to take matters into my own hands. They got fired a few months ago and I have been putting off getting my new scores. Yeah - no more.

See - this goes back to the days of my ex, Mark, and my non-ex, H. Both of which I wanted to "help". Both of which who ran up bills galore on my tab, etc. leaving me pretty much floundering to repay everything and neither one of them has manned up to take care of their responsibility. It could be worse if I had a child cuz I know that Mark would have been a deadbeat. H. is eternally waiting for his band from the 80s to have another hit album or whatever "movie" he writes to go all Napoleon Dynamite. Needless to say, I'd bet on hell freezing over first. So, knowing that I still have crap on my report from back in those days, I decided that Experian and I were going to have a little talk….

After Vegas, traveling and my recent expenditures, enough is enough. I resolve to pay down my debt BY my birthday. I don't want a 14% mortgage like a buddy of mine told me someone got. I'd much rather a nice 7% or 8% and refi in a couple years. I know it all takes time, but dammit, that is time I don't have.

So, with y'all as my witness - time to get into gear. This weekend I'm going through the shopping closet, bookshelves, and CD racks and putting things on Ebay along with returning items I don't want nor need (sorry, Lee moment), hitting up InstantProfitz, FatWallet, Dealbarbie and other online ops. Then I will take whatever fundage I can salvage and put that towards paying down my credit cards (many of which are not maxed, but damn close) and raising my score a bit, fighting like hell to make sure that the bills which don't belong to me *cough cough 2K cell phone bill cough cough* get put on H.'s credit report and the ones paid off are removed.

And to the lazy people at the credit bureaus - y'all think YOU can be bitchy - you ain't seen nothing yet. If I can cuss out Apple iTunes for double charging me $16.38, you think I'll be all peaches and cream with you - you must be in fairytale land. I'm a Scorpio - consider yourself duly warned.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

What A Deal...

First of all, seriously - that Geico lizard - he and I need to have a talk… Cute and all, but Geico - I don't like them...

I went to lunch with a buddy from work last week and she had mentioned that she not only banks with my absolute favorite bank ever,, but also has her mortgage, insurance (home & car) and swears by them on everything. Being that their customer service is top notch, I was intrigued..

Fast Forward to today: I'm going through all my upcoming bills (sigh) and I see my insurance payment through Progressive is due this paycheck. Yippee *insert sarcastic Toyota jump here*. Mind you - I've never had an issue with Progressive - they are nice, easy to work with and I'll forgive them for finding out about that 2004 ticket I got for speeding on I-4 (Hell - how was I supposed to know it wasn't 65 mph anymore but 55 and this gal was going over 70 - they should have a blonde exemption), but 155 a month hurts a gal, ya know.

So, just for ha has, I go to today and get a *free rate quote* and what do I find out - I'm paying too much for car insurance. I'm paying Progressive about $900 for a 6 month policy and USAA quoted me the minimum coverage (what I have now at Progressive) at $467, the standard (full) is $618 and SUPERIOR (full plus lots of bells and whistles) at $713. HELLO - what the ***** - that's ridiculous - I'm paying double that with Progressive..

So guess what - this gal is switching to USAA and not looking back… and with the money I save, shoes are most definitely on the agenda.

*this post has not been endorsed or sponsored in any way. All recommendations are mine and mine alone. Tho - seriously, they should look at me for a spokesperson - I'm better than that lizard and can Vanna White it, ya think*

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Have I Gone to the Dark Side...

Y'all know that I have a habit of reading Personal Finance ("PF") Blogs, and there are a few that I swear by on the daily -

So when a number of these ladies are buzzing about blogging, I'm intrigued. I saunter over to the website and basically, you can get paid for reviewing material from Advertisers... hmmm.. very PR-esque, non? And, you can choose your campaigns... hmmm.. very intriguing.

So yes, I signed up. Have I gone to the dark side - no. I'm going to be neutral - if I don't like it, I'll tell you. And if I do, oh heck yeah I'll tell you. I'll scream it from the rooftops. Life is but an adventure and if one stays in their own little niche and doesn't try new things, then how boring. One must try new things - how else would I know I could save money galore at ING, earn quite a fun profit at Instant Profitz OR that SoCo & Ginger Ale would be so tasty - (Thanks Sarah!) Now if only they would have a review on Nordy's, Bloomies, or Macy*s - now THAT would be very Lys-esque!

So - my fellow bloggers - should you feel up for an adventure - check out - I don't think you'll be disappointed :)

*This blog post sponsored by

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Seriously, Its Not You - It's Me...

I'm one of those gals who is on the go 24/7 and, in preparation for an event next week and to nurse some wounds, I've decided to take some "Me Me Time" and shut down the Cellie, Email and all other lines of communication, just for a couple days...

My family/Roomie/Meowmix/Reese and even the damn cat are aware of these moods - but, for some reason, some of my friends are not hip to my occasional snail/retreat shell episodes and I've gotten invitations galore for happy hours, shopping, excursions here and there and friends are blowin' up the damn cell...

So - y'all - please don't get upset because, seriously, it's not you - it's me... I'll be up and running Monday/Tuesday - promise...

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Open Rant to Buddy Dyer & the Orlando Police Department

I'm beyond heated today… very very heated… so bear with me a bit please.

Buddy Dyer & Mr. Village People Cop - ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE FRIGGIN SEATBELT CHECKS ON I-4 EAST! (Catch up Here and Here)

Seriously - is there a DIRECT NEED - are you THAT LOW - in the budget that you need that click it or ticket money whereby Mr. Village People and his little crew could potentially cause yet ANOTHER accident?

Yup - it happened again this morning where 6 of Orlando PD's finest wander through the flippin' highway DURING MORNING RUSH HOUR checking to see if we have our seatbelts on. 20 minute backup right by OBT. SO not necessary. Not at all. And here is Mr. Village People cop just wandering through the traffic with his mean old gaze while he has a friggin goofy redneck lookin' "look out" (We'll call him Roscoe) pointing out cars that might be good to pull over. 6 bikes lined up on the grass where the normal driver might not see. 6 cops wandering through traffic and pulling cars over at one of the busiest times of the morning. Are they insane? Give. Me. A. Break.

Orlando Police Department: Daisy Lynum and her profiling issue - I won't even get INTO that mess, but I had your back on that though. Buddy wouldn't even pay your damn OT and I supported your issue. When the Neo-Nazi dorks were here and y'all were mad at Buddy, I again was right there on your side. So, is it that much to ask that you PLEASE put this Village People guy in check and tell him ENOUGH before someone gets hurt, whether it’s a driver, passenger or even, god forbid, an officer. Really people - Stop with the bullshit please.

Buddy - of course, in true weeble wobble fashion, won't do a damn thing. They've been pulling a Cheney again downtown - he's not been sighted in a bit… and today, if I had sighted him, we would have had a discussion. Even if his little nervous weasel lookin' security guard had issues. The damn mayor should have some power, ya think?

Next time I'm late for work due to Mr. Village People, trust me - the state troopers, OPD, and Mayor Weeble Wobble will be asked "Who reimburses MY time over YOUR stupidity" because, seriously - a 20 minute traffic lock up for an $80 ticket is just beyond asinine.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm in Love

I am beyond enamored with these boots. These boots are To. Die. For. and SOOOOO ME! The wedge. The distressed leather. The styling. Seems like his little vaca in the slammer did wonders for Mr. Madden because I'm quickly becoming a convert... Nine West, who?

Does Pilates lengthen calf muscles? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

I WILL have these by fall.. mark my words...

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

No No - That Wasn't a Question...

Miranda Priestly: The details of your incompetence do not interest me.

Meryl Streep is BRILLIANT, absolutely BRILLIANT as Miranda Priestly - The Devil Wears Prada is a movie that I highly recommend and will quickly snap up on DVD when it comes out. J'Adore!!!

I sat throughout the movie crackin' up or nodding in agreement, only to bug F & Roomie when I got agitated at Andi (Anne Hathaway) giving one of her male friends a bottle of Aquolina's Pink Sugar, my signature fragrance. And then that dumb azz goes and spritzs himself like he was going to la-de-da through the tulips or something. DOH - that's for a girl, not a guy. Tell me a guy that wants to smell like vanilla, caramel and spun sugar (other than Damian from Men in Motion in Saugus - now that guy - damn... Meowmix will agree he can smell like anything and I just don't care).

The fashion was fabulous, Stanley Tucci was the *perfect* Nigel, Emily Blunt was a hoot and the shots of NY and Paris were brilliant. Patricia Fields is a genius with showing the transformation of Andi from Casual Corner to haute couture and did you SEE the legendary fashion closet - all those Manolos, Choos, and Dolce. *Sigh*. I had this urge at the end of the movie to go shopping. (When don't I feel the call to the mall though). Anywayz.. IMO - fashion is what one makes of it. It may not have to be Prada or Dior or even D&G, but if you feel comfortable in your own style, revel in it.

I also had to agree that there are many bosses like Miranda in the world. Even though it was fashion, some of the lengths Andi had to go through to keep Miranda at bay reminded me of a few artists that my friends have worked with and a couple nightmare clients of my own... but that's a blog for another day..

That's all..

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Note to Self...

Bubbles + one of those foot spa thingies = Bubble Explosion!

On Friday, I woke up with a sore ankle, guessing it was a muscle pull in the middle of the night (hey - I've had one too many dance classes as a kid where my foot is never held straight and my toes subconsciously point)... Well, Friday night, this gal had one Jagerbomb (hence one too many) whereby lightly spraining my right ankle on the cobblestones of Church Street. The muscle from my heel all the way up to my calf is sore, tender and hurts like a bitch! All weekend, I was praying for the pain to subside and Roomie heard the constant refrain of "Ow Ow Ow" as I hobbled around the house. I remained housebound, only breaking free once for the yearning for ice coffee, forgetting that I need my right foot and ankle to DRIVE.

Well, today I had to work (why is that anywayz?) and had to hobble into work and, upon arriving home early, thought hey - there's a foot spa I got for $4.99 from Ulta eons ago. Let's break that out before I wrap my ankle in bandages. Even better was that lovely Lilac Bubble Gel which I thought, eeeh - what the hell. Why Not..

WHY NOT is the key term... I had bubbles EVERYWHERE. Even the cat wanted to investigate this pastel cauldron as the bubbles spilled up, over and out throughout the bedroom.

Note to self: Bubbles are not always a good thing. Even if they do smell like Lilac.

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Words of Wisdom from Carrie Bradshaw...

Carrie: Later that day I got to thinking about fairy tales. What if Prince Charming had never shown up? Would Snow White have laid in that glass box forever? Or would she have gotten up, spit out the apple, gotten a job and a health care plan and moved on with her life?

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