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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Garfield v. Odie: Round 2...

Sound the bell, the fight has started...

In this corner: Princess Shadow - Ruler of the Lys Householder [Obv. Lys is NOT the Pack Leader in Shadow's world]

In this corner, Sir Pees A Lot aka Mr. Wiggles.

Well, Princess Shadow has been in her luxury suite for way too long and, after reading all the excellent advice from all of y'all, I decided enough was enough. Every time I went into the bathroom, I would catch her tiptoeing to the door to take a peek at the pug through the gap so I decided that her bent nose was not going to be tolerated. Tough mama I am...

I scooped her up, brought her into the kitchen and put her down for the "Sit Down". Well, Wiggles should worry that he might find a horse's head in his bed, Godfather style because Shadow about lost her damn mind. It was hissing, back up, glaring, growling and just a funky mess. And then I have the sweet pug with this look on his face like "But Ma - she doesn't KNOW me yet. We're just gonna be good friends. I be nice - promise". And this dog is so sweet - barely a malicious bone in his body. He just wants to sniff the princess and be her friend.

She went into another tirade of grrrrrrrrr and hisss and whine and then I see her looking up at the counter trying to see if she can make it up and over to get away from friendly dog. Well, she couldn't and I know how she is when she feels caged in. Not willing to subject the pug to Shadow's potentially lethal claws, I told him to stay (which he did) and scooped her up to put her to bed. She started growling and hissing at me like I betrayed her. Give. Me. A. Break. Well, she got in trouble for the hissing (I don't allow it), put on cookiez ban (for an hour) and I figured "Forget this!" as she went under the bed. Then, after speaking with my dad it was doors open on the luxury suite and Mr. Wiggles went in there for one second and then came out and curled up on the couch. Shadow remained under the bed and refused to move only for a couple times to go in her box and glare at me and Wiggs on the couch. I didn't alert the pug to her presence and he was all sad with his stuffed penguin. I've noticed that when he gets in trouble, gets frustrated or is sad, he grabs his stuffed toys and holds them in his mouth like a security blanket. It's pretty sad to think what he might have gone through in other homes before.

Sleeping wise, Wiggs was a bit lonely so I let him sleep on the bed (I know I know - what the hell did I start!) That pug curled up ON me and started snoring, the toy cast to the side. When he did that, I heard "Grrrrrrrrrr" coming from under the bed where Princess Shadow was sulking. She could have shared - Wiggs didn't sleep on her boogie mat - just sniffed it and then settled on my legs. We had room for her - and her cookiez she hid in the bed.

At 5:30 this morning, I woke up to "Grrrrrrr" still emulating from under the bed and my alarm going off. Well, stupid me made the mistake of waking Wiggs up in my move to shut off the alarm (I'm not a morning person so I keep it on the other side of the room). Lazy momma I was, I told him "Shhhhh go back to sleep" and he whined in greeting me and then went back to snore mode. He woke up at 6:00 again with "Ma... Bark Park! Let's go Bark Park!" and I told him in a minute. Well, as I'm getting dressed and looking presentable (somewhat) at 6:15, I hear him whine again. Fine, pug, FINE! I begrudgingly wonder why he can't wait til 6:30/7 and I walk out only to see him glaring at me and lifting his leg ON THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!!

Now either the pug got confused by "Hey - INDOOR TREE = INDOOR TOILET" or he's really pushin' my buttons. Shadow was probably snickering at hearing "Mr. Wiggles - BAD DOGGY!" as I quickly threw his harness on, leash and cleaned up the mess with the resolve to Clorox the tree branch which he ever so conveniently christened when we returned. He trotted to the elevator all happy as he ran me ragged over hell and creation for an early morning jaunt. Talk about a curious pup.

Forget a personal trainer, anyone want to borrow Wiggs for a morning run?

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Round 1: Garfield v. Odie...

Well, it's been growl central here in the Lys household. Mr. Wiggles is sleepin' at the moment while Shadow is sulkin' in her "luxury suite" aka the bathroom and bedroom - refusing to come out and greet the new member of the household. When I brought her out today, Shadow gave a very direct and pointed hiss at the pup, warning of future hurt she will bring.

And speaking of the pup, who needs a personal trainer. This dog drags ME around everywhere. We have a routine - trotting around in the morning, heading to Bark Park for a long extended walk, and a walk in the evening - while he christens each and every. single. tree/pole/bush/fire hydrant/branch in his path. And, don't even get me STARTED as to his sniffin' of everything in Bark Park. What is with owners not pickin' up the dog crap?!?!?! I'm trying to comprehend not pickin' up after one's pet, but eeehhh...

So it's been an interesting couple of days - let's see how this week plays out.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Advice Please...

Any advice from y'all on how to get a dog and cat to get along? I'm probably overthinking this but with Mr. Wiggles moving in tomorrow with Shadow, I'm a bit concerned. Shadow, of course, has a bent nose about everything as she's been the baby for some time but I'm trying to see if I can find a happy medium between the two.

Thanks in advance!! I don't want to have to track down Cesar Milan for some tips...

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays and All That Jazz...

While I sit here watchin' Shadow try to take down the holiday tree as my father is putting it up, I wanted to take a minute and wish you all a very joyous holiday season. Also, I'm sending thoughts for much warmer weather up Michele, SSG, Predo & Kimmy's way as I enjoy a very toasty holiday.

This time next year, we'll have a new addition to the Lys' family as Mr. Wiggles will be getting his doggy wish and moving in the day after Christmas.
May you enjoy this holiday with your family and friends and blogging will resume on Friday!
Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm A Snowbird, Baby, & Flying South...

So there's yippin' about all things Nor'Easter today (and they were even talking about how all points Seattle and Oregon are going to get slammed as well - sorry SSG, Predo & Michelle!) Want to scare the bejezus out of me - make me deal with snow and icy conditions.

I'm looking forward to 80 degree weather, a warm and sunny holiday season, the ability to NOT wear gloves, jackets and scarves, peep toe heels, light sweaters and wandering through UpTown Altamonte to enjoy the holiday season without having red face syndrome from the wind chill.

While I love my peeps up here in the North, I'm going to channel my inner snowbird and fly south, my friends. I'll be back up in Philly when it's warm.

And on a random note, I passed out early last night because, quite frankly, I'm exhausted (and relaxed). I woke up this morning only to open my eyes to the Philadelphia Visitor's channel on tv only to see BMIC (current) and Rifleman's (former) establishment on the screen, Ant behind the bar chattin' up a gal and Melis pouring a beer at her former job before she headed to my fave spot. Yup - they were talking about Manayunk. It was nice to see that place spotlighted. However, I'll be thankful to be coming back when the spot is finished as BMIC is the new owner and Rifleman, while he's still there, has other irons in the fire. Talk about a random thing to wake up to...

So now I'm off to squeeze the bizillion spices and other goodies I purchased for the holidays into my bag and figure out if I can have the front desk just ship my shoes tomorrow back to the office. I mean, I'm not going to wear those needle heels EVER again on cobblestones, let alone have them on my feet for a month. I have been in flats ever since, even if Rifleman says I'm "effin' short." I'll channel my inner munchkin and adjust.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Short, Yet Pleasant Jaunt...

Well, I took Predo's advice and just chilled around the city today. I slept in, caught up on some emails, etc. in my fancy lounger by the window overlooking the river and the Ben Franklin Bridge and then sauntered over to the Italian Market to pick up a few things for the holidays. I love getting the fresh spices from there and it's so much better than buying the spices at the grocery store. Along with picking up MORE coffee again and some chocolates for some people, I was pretty much shopped out. I also took time to reflect on the blessings that I've experienced over the past year and gave thanks for all that I've been able to experience.

Yesterday's events were pretty relaxed as well. After I landed, it was off to the Cherry Hill mall to find *the* outfit for the night's events. I just wasn't comfortable with what I packed. It was too late to stop by Justine's grave as the mausoleum closes at 3:00. Based on the conditions I heard we were to encounter, I decided casual was best along with something that photographed well. I've learned that you can't get a decent sweater in Orlando - everything there is so "Florida centered" so I figured it was better if I just bought that up here.

We had dinner at the Bourbon and sampled their new menu. Ant and BMIC made sure that a gal's cable cars were available and it was a fun evening. OurBuddy and CK kept us in hysterics, seeing Jo again after 20 years was amazing - she hasn't aged a DAY - she's still looking fabulous. Am and Laura were a fit of giggles all night and the other peeps there were too much!!! Loved it.

Tonight, I dropped by Amadas for culinary inspiration and some fabulous cocktails (don't worry - will disclose more on Cooking In Stilettos), chilled out watching peeps ice skate, visited Manayunk to see it all decorated for the holidays and am flying out tomorrow back to my life in Orlando.

Philly - while I'll miss you, I'll be back. Just make sure you have some spiced apple sangria ready for a gal please ...

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Oy Vey… Where To Begin…

In the interest of full disclosure, this blog post is being typed in advance from Seat 3A of AirTran flight 624 to Philadelphia… Yes, I have rectified the drama of all points yesterday only to be hit with chaos after chaos but, you’d be proud – no feathers are ruffled. They tell me they are postponing the flight 20 min. due to weather drama up north only to find that, like a temperamental child, they changed them back to the original departure time of 11:45. And, here I am just takin’ my sweet azz time, looking at InStyle, weighing the merits of purchasing Bon Appetit now or just wait til I return, lolly-gagging and chit chatting like I have all the time in the world. As I’m marching to gate 94, I hear my name “Lys C. – Paging Lys C. Final Call, Ms. Lys C. – please report to Gate 90. This is a final call for boarding.” I’m MORTIFIED! I never hear my name paged like the errant child who has gone astray. I apologize profusely to the gate keeper, the stewardesses, etc. I’m the bitch in business class holdin’ up the damn plane. Now that’s a way to make an entrance...

Arrogant – party of 1. Your comeuppance is ready. Yeah, I deserved that one.

So, in the interest of sleeping 2 hours last night, I decided to burn DVDs on the plane but only have enough battery life to charge 2 DVDs and not the 7 as planned. Yeah, procrastination, party of 1 – you’re late.

However, the cabin crew is amazing. We’ve got soldiers on this flight and they took care of them – upgraded them to business class and everything. Trust me, for stuff like that, I’d give up my seat. Those guys (and gals) put their lives on the line on the daily so they really need our support. Regardless on everyone’s stance on the war itself, let’s keep the people fighting it in our thoughts. My step-sis is headed over to Iraq soon so she’s getting extra good thoughts from me (tho I should ask my sister in law if Kath would like some Captain Morgan Chocolate Chip Cookies shipped over there too).

All in all – life is good – regardless of the bumps in the road. I can’t complain. Even if I did get attached by TWO, not one, TWO palmetto bitch bugs this morning. One was sauntering through my bathroom like “Bitch – come and try to kill my azz. I own this joint.” He learned that Raid mid-air will drop him like the vermin he is – dead. The second one greeted me in the car and I am happy to say I have a witness to the palmetto hit that has been issued on my head. My father, who arrived in town last night, witnessed it all. We will no longer call the slimy rat bastids Mr. Wiggles because, well, I’m adopting a Mr. Wiggles (more in a sec) and those slimy azz rat bastid palmetto bugs and I are at war. Shadow – no help. She got confused and let it live. It was just sittin’ next to her like an old pal when I originally tried to catch that slimy rat last night. She needs to learn that bugs are not her friends. Dogs will be.

Now – onto the Mr. Wiggles update. Mr. Wiggles, Shadow and I have a date on Tuesday evening for the “Home Visit.” I’m excited but it’s my first real “This is it” moment. I’m being judged on how good of a momma I will be to this dog and how NICE Shaddy can play in the sandbox. Mr. Wiggles’ foster mom is amazing. She and I chatted for a bit yesterday and it’s looking really good. Mr. Wiggles is just super lovable, wants to play, etc. It’s just to see how Shadow reacts and deals. Shadow’s a tough cookie. Some days she’s playful as hell – others you need to get out of her way or she’ll whap. She’s hard to predict. So I’m hoping that I can bribe her with lots of “cookiez” and “catnip” and she’ll be a happy kitty cat with Mr. Wiggles as they run off and play like BFFs that they will be. The Central Florida Pug Rescue has been beyond amazing. I have learned so much about the dogs, what to expect and Meowmix herself has been a huge help. I think my dad is going to be excited about the new “grandpet” to spoil but Shadow also will feel slighted so I have to be sensitive to her feelings as well. Don’t worry Mom – will send pictures…

So I’m hearing tonight it’s going to be a “Snowpocalypse” and some peeps are starting to cancel. I’m just going to take it easy on the cocktail intake but I’m going. I haven’t seen Jo in ages and I love catchin’ up with everyone. It should be a great time – love those cats. And, to boot, they picked one of my fave Philly haunt to hang at – even better. However, I guess with the snow and ice and blah blah blah – living in New Hampshire for all those years with 4 ft. of snow and ice and crap made me think “Yo – they are getting a foot – big whuppy wow.” Then my dad reminded me how I’ve been a Floridian for 6 years. I’ll shut up now. And the excuse of “C’mon – how OFTEN am I home. DOH!” doesn’t work when I’m there every 2-3 months. Hmmm.. I’m going to have to find a new angle.

So, with that, I’m off to burn show dvds (which are for my own personal use and not for sale blah blah blah my copyright lawyer can kick big bro’s azz if he wants to push it blah blah blah) so a few of us can have a giggle at our abuse of all things 4” stilettos, Aquanet, rhinestones and blue eyeliner.

Oh – and a note to Ant, BMIC, Melis, DJM and Rifleman – I made sure I was NOT on the DVD that I’m bringing. Homey is not THAT blond. I can screw up my airline tix but, I have to say, letting you see a clip of me with bangs higher than hell and lookin’ like an 80s imbecile (which I was and which I own up to) is soooo not happening. With my luck, someone would put that ish on Facebook and I’m a goner. So trust me when I say I have the tapes and they are not easy to find.

So, with that, I’m off to enjoy my merlot.

Lys – Out!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Clearly, I'm An Idiot...

Get your coffee and sit back as the story I'm about to tell you will have you crying - with laughter that is.

Before I travel, I have a routine. 24 hours prior to flying out of Orlando, I assemble all relevant travel documents, check any upgrade availability and check in. That's mandatory. I don't need to be stressed before a flight because, as you might remember from trips past that a frazzled Lys is not one to be dealt with lightly.

So, this morning, I mosey about my normal routine of assembling everything with a quick cursory review. I called AirTran to redeem some upgrade vouchers (saving your gal some serious $$$ for fun), had a giggle with the customer service guy going "Lys, I have a note you do NOT like the first row - why don't we move you to 2A" and then I'm ready to check-in. YAY - I'm OFF TO PHILLY!

I type in my route and confirmation number only to see "Not Found."

I type in my route with my frequent flier number and, again, I see "Not Found."

I rush to pull up the email document and there it is in black and white:

December 19th - Philadelphia TO Orlando
December 21st - Orlando TO Philadelphia

Let me just say it now - children - cover your ears - SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!

What I've always feared about doing happened. What I put out there a couple weeks ago as in "I hope I don't book this tix wrong" has happened. I need to fire that assistant of mine - namely me - because, clearly, she's an idiot.

AirTran has been lovely about this debacle, only giggling once or twice because, apparently, it does happen to others as well. At least those of us guilty of said mistake should form some sort of support group as in "People who are not allowed to book their own travel because they need to invest in a CLUE FIRST".

Keep your fingers crossed that I'll be able to head to all points snowy tundra tomorrow. The cost of my dumb mistake is pissing me off because basically, whatever money I saved via cash back, coupons and online research is pretty much paying for the change fees and airfare for the new flights. :::sigh:::

Of course Rifleman/JabberJaw is laughin' his azz off because only I would be such a dunce whose subconscious apparently thinks she's livin' in Philly and is visiting ORLANDO! Somehow I think I'll be hearing about this mishap for quite some time...

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Food For Thought...

I'm headed to Philly in two days to go catch up with old friends, see new ones and just chill out. Other than that, I'm not super planned and I'm enjoying the idea. Part of me thinks I should be all "go go go" but the other side of me goes "Damn - I'm BARELY SCHEDULED - LOVE IT!"

So I'm thinking that I'm just going to chill out and wander through my favorite city, taking in all that I can and just letting life play out. My inner control freak is screaming "Lys - what the eff - are you short on coffee?" and the angel on my shoulder is telling the control freak that it needs to just stop.

And, while I was kinda irritated with a couple peeps and was planning on tossing a stiletto or two, after two raspberry lemon drops (SSG - Chambord + Lemon drops = heaven), I figured I'd let them out of the virtual doghouse and enjoy the time with them during the holiday season.

So, I had to wonder, when a gal stops trying to control the outcome of everything, is that when fate just taps you on the shoulder like a long lost friend and you have a moment of clarity...

Deep thoughts...

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Menu of Hope V Gives Back...

Cooking In Stilettos is honored to participate in Menu of Hope V. I ask that you please take a moment and click HERE to find out more....

Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Cherish It, For You Never Know When It Will Be Gone..

Yesterday, I happened to log into Facebook only to see a status from H.'s brother that their uncle had passed away unexpectedly. That sent me into a state of shock and disbelief. Not him. Not now. It's too soon. Their uncle was always so sweet to me, always full of life and laughter.

Today, I get a call from MB telling me that their auntie also is in critical condition with clots and a bad case of pneumonia... She was traveling on the way here to Orlando to go to her brother's funeral. They don't expect her to last through the night.

This evening, I find out from one of my industry peeps that a beloved freestyle artist, Sandee, has passed away...

Tis going to be a somber holiday, my friends.

So my Christmas wish is this - tell your friends and your family how you love them. Tomorrow is not promised...

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Someone's In The Hot Seat...

Let it be known that, until further notice, I have decreed that I am renaming Rifleman with the moniker "Jabberjaw".

Oh - and Jabberjaw - 'tis REALLY good when the crew knows I'm coming home when it was supposed to be a surprise to some *whap* Thankfully, this gal can think quick on her feet - but still. I'm still rockin' the glare and am debating which stiletto to lobby at someone's noggin'.

You are sooooo in the hot seat, my friend.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

The Quest...

So, as you can see, I decided to do a little holiday decorating around this joint - in the hopes that will help me get a bit more holiday spirit-y.

Another tip to get a gal in the Holiday spirit is some holiday tunes...

One that always used to work was this track.

Yeah, it ain't workin' - that tree is still in the box. No eggnog is made. I'm growlin' at the music video. I'm Scroogy McScrooge, my friends. Basically I have alot to do this weekend and the tree will be the culmination of the efforts of what I'm about to disclose...

On board, along with the Secret Santa shoppin', the holiday bru-ha-ha, planning for Philly, soiree planning, etc., yours truly needs to "puppy proof" the apartment. Basically, I need to remove shoes and put them back in their boxes. Move low things high. Move Shadow's toys to a spot that she approves of. Why you ask - because this little gorgeous munchkin is looking for a forever home and Shadow and I would love to have "Mr. Wiggles" home with us.

Yes, seriously - that's his name. However he's cuter than ANY Mr. Wiggles I've ever seen.

Long story short - Shadow and I were at Petco last weekend and she was having her annual portrait with Santa Claus. Well, that Saturday, they happened to have the Central Florida Pug Rescue there and a bunch of little pugs were running around having a ball. Shadow, who is normally a big fraidy cat with dogs and is not a fan, met a little pug who she decided "wasn't so bad" and she was smitten. However, when she saw a gold lab type dog head over to her like a idiot because Shadow was sittin' with Santa chillin, I thought that was the end. In a normal world, she'd freak the hell out, hiss, growl and just start swingin'. However, Shaddy was not havin' that mess, withering him with a look that can only be described as "Bitch puleaze! You can wait yo' damn turn" and the dog got a cookie while Santa kept cuddling with Shadow. I couldn't figure out what was up with her calm demeanor, but it dawned on me - she liked the dogs - namely the pugs. Plus, knowing her attitude, she probably figured that the pugs around her would back her up since they were all the same size. Solidarity in numbers, right?

However, we can't have a dog here, I reasoned. I just couldn't get that pug that Shaddy was all BFF with out of my head. They were so great, so cute, so lovable and sassy. So I called the apartment complex and said "We can't have more than one pet, right?" Well, surprise surprise - we can. And not only can we, but it can be a dog and a cat.

I kept thinking "Am I really ready for a dog - it's a lifestyle change!" Well, your heart doesn't lie and the one thing that really stuck with me was "Yes!" I've had dogs before growing up and know they take much more work than a cat. I pestered Lesli with emails (because y'all know she's got the pug thing on lock with Noodles). I worked out my budgets. I did my research on the breed. I read. I picked Meowmix's brain because she rescues rottweilers and talked to her about the process and what the complications could be.

Throughout all of the above, I knew a pug was the right fit for Shadow and I. She's 10 years old, queen of her household, would love a friend that isn't another cat or kitten and we've got the room. So, I went to the website and the MINUTE I saw Mr. Wiggles' on there, I knew. Well, Central Florida Pug Rescue is phenomenal and I'm in the "Application" stage so keep your fingers crossed, please.

But seriously, look at that face - isn't he adorable?

So I'll keep you updated on my journey of adopting a pug. Also, if you care to donate to this amazing cause, you can donate right on their site.

[Photos courtesy of Central Florida Pug Rescue]

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Riddle Me This Batman...

Why do some guys gossip worse than gals? Seriously - it can drive me batty to hear that a bunch of peeps know something before I even have time to tell them - and when I trace the origin of the "chatter", the road leads back to this cat. Well, while I adore him, I know that this little birdie one day will find his butt riddled with buckshot if he doesn't behave.

Ugh! And don't get me started with the whole "Hot/Cold" issue this pup is also guilty of.


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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lots Going On... Don't Know Where To Begin...

This is going to be a random bullet point wrap up of the chaos swimming in my brain right now. Bear with me, kthx!
  • I know I've talked about how much I adore Facebook, but seriously - love Facebook. I've reconnected with not only high school peeps, but some people that we always get asked about whenever I head to Philly. I'm super excited for next week's quick jaunt to the frozen tundra.
  • Work is crazy crazy crazy. That's all I can say on that.
  • My $$$$ for the holidays got slashed - severely. The plastic has changed their limits. The bonuses, don't get me started. The bills got higher. Yeah, I'm not happy. However, I'll reallocate and figure it out. Plus - the holidays aren't about the gifts but the message behind it all. I'm a blessed gal - so there is nothing I need.
  • However, Shadow will be getting a little somethin' for the holidays - and she won't know what to do.. *evil giggle*
  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed for two big things right now that are HUGE for me - can't disclose just yet (fear of jinx) but please send positive thoughts my way - one's personal and one's quasi professional so we'll see.
  • Same for Ms. Bren - she's got something that will trump her appearance on Emeril if it works out. Show her some luv please.
  • Neiman Marcus and I have fallen out of love. I've realized that, clearly, we'll never be shopping BFFs. I'll forever fondle the Loubous, Manolos and Chanels when I wander through, but I'd rather spend my money at Nordys. However, I will partake in the eye candy that lines its aisles.
  • I realized that I really don't remember a good number of peeps from high school. Ask me people from Philly and the show, I'll know who is who. Ask me if I went to school with JoeSchmo, I'll be like "Huh?" "Wha?". Oh well - I'll have to find my yearbook. (Mat - behave). However, our 20th reunion is coming up so I'm still on the fence of going or not. I'm gonna need to be bribed with a couple cocktails to consider it.
  • Thank GOD it's Friday - and how are you?


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You Like Me. You Really Really Like Me

One of my fave bloggers evah, Michelle at Grown Up Girlie, gave yours truly a Superior Scribbler Award and I am beaming. Thank you so much! This definitely brightened up a crazy month, to say the least.

Like everything, this award not only comes with recognition but also responsibility and rules which I am more than happy to play by. Here they go:

1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Link me for giving it to you.
3. Link the originating post here.
4. Pass the award on to five more deserving people.
5. Post these rules for your recipients.

Now, to be fair, I had a few recipients that already got this award and, while I adore them, I had to count them out of the running. (Sorry guys but y'all are, indeed, superior scribblers!)

However, I'm proud to be in the same category as those excellent bloggers who keep me giggling on the daily. So, without further adieu and with a hell of a drum roll, the award for Superior scribbler goes to....

  1. Hotfessional - to quote, TKA in the tune, "Crash" "She needs no introduction"...
  2. SSG, the brains behind Confessions of a (Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl
  3. Predo, scribe of Spartacus Wore a Skirt
  4. Bren, the culinary wiz at Flanboyant Eats, and
  5. Kimmy K, the name behind I Have No Name.

Trust me, I've got a good 20 blogs I'd love to dole it out too. Hell, I'd dole it out to everyone on my blog roll [which I'd UPDATE IF BLOGROLLING WERE FIXED *cough cough*] who are some amazing people but, alas, I'm bound by 5. Thanks again Michelle!

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Giving The Blackberry The Wonk Eye...

Earlier tonight, I went out with a friend and I was laughing about how it's been "crickets" with a certain individual recently but I shrugged my shoulders and laughed it off. Quite simply, I just channelled my inner Rhett and don't give a damn.

Earlier today, I sent a text to this particular individual (no, NOT Mr. Convenient - soooo dunzo with him) and the text warranted no response. Well, when I got home later tonight, I got engrossed in my second new fave show EVER (sorry Criminal Minds got bumped to third place), Leverage, checked my blackberry, exchanged a few texts with Meowmix and got on the 'puter. As I was starting to chill out, I remembered "Crap - I have 241 emails, I need to download that crap and rifle through it tomorrow." I download said emails and my blackberry is nice and shiny clean, perfect for tomorrow.

Then this is where it gets weird. The blackberry keeps losing signal and I reboot it. No big. Until the red light flashes SOS, then Xs then GSPS, then SOS and I see the red star on my email/text folder. So, I check - and it's a text from said individual with something that made this gal think that either this person might possibly be guilty of indulging in a drunk text or it's a text resending itself from 4 months ago and the blackberry is sick. If it is indeed from said individual, this person apparently is a fan of recycling - their text phrases, that is.

Let's just say, I'm wise to the kung fu... It's either that or my blackberry is possessed...

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Monday, December 08, 2008

"Parking Wars" - A Gal's Guilty Pleasure...

Don't scoff - I actually have to laugh at this show. No matter how bad my day is, I can watch this and realize that in all reality, my life isn't that chaotic. It's like what I used to think about Jerry Springer before he had one too many "I'm a Hooker and Need to Tell My Spouse" episodes.

Parking Wars, an A&E reality series based in my fave city, Philadelphia, follows the people of the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) as they enforce the numerous parking violations throughout the city.

Here's where I get amused. Seriously, you know you broke the law - pay the daggone ticket. Granted, okay, some people do lose track of time and all and the meter can expire. It happens. However, when you DOUBLE-PARK, have so many daggone tix that renders you a "Heavy Hitter" or even park in a "No Parking" zone and you get your azz booted or towed, don't fight with the people at the counter trying to justify your "reasoning". Accept responsibility, pay up, learn your lesson and MOVE ON.

Some of these people just bitch to bitch and, for that, I have to thank them - it makes some amusing television. If you know you were in the wrong, deal. However, if you think you are that "entitled" to have the rules bent for you and think they should see your "vision", then grow the heck up. Hell, I think even Mayor Nutter listens to the PPA - as some of these guys on the show will ticket him, regardless of their personal opinions. The tantrums and excuses that people come up with are classic. Just downright makes a gal wonder what the hell are they thinking?

And to the wench on this upcoming episode cursing out the PPA guy going "You ain't a cop". Girl, puleaze - take it down a notch because if you keep up with that attitude, even the Philly cops might have to have a "Come to Jesus" meeting with you about who issues tickets and who the heck carts your "I'm never wrong" behind to jail. And to all those going "I'm gonna move out of this city - it sucks!" Please, for the love of god, do because I would hate to run into you when I'm in town. You might not like my opinion in the slightest.

For those that want to catch the amusement, you can catch Parking Wars on A&E on Wednesdays at 10.

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Breaking News: Coffee Update...

Thank you all for your expert advice. I have to admit, I made coffee this morning and applied your techniques and tips. I used beans from the Italian Market, ground them fresh, and viola - coffee that doesn't suck!

Yup, my friends - miracles can indeed happen.


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Contest Reminder: Goodies From Antonios at Cooking In Stilettos...

Just a Reminder - today is the last day to leave a comment to win some goodies from Antonios in Philadelphia's Italian Market over at Cooking In Stilettos. Head over to this post and comment away!

Good Luck!

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Holiday Mail Call, Round Two...

Tis that time o' year, my friends... and since I faced my Post Office Box phobia once, I can surely do it twice..

Yup - you guessed it - Holiday Cards!

If you want a little holiday cheer and want to exchange holiday cards*, send your gal an email at justanothagal [at] gmail [dot] com with your address and intel** and you'll get a bit of holiday cheer in the mailbox. I'd send cocktails but you know with all those bans and whatnot, that can't be done. Just know that when it comes time to break out the holiday egg nog, just add an extra shot for you know who.

Happy Holidays!

*More legal mumbo jumbo: I can't guarantee that said cards may be truly politically correct. If you don't like Christmas (and I don't find a totally PC, non offensive card), please don't shoot me. Don't worry - no super religious cards. Just think of the blog and you already know my personality.

** Even MORE legal mumbo jumbo. Said addresses, names and information sent to the above email address shall be kept confidential and not released to any third party (in other words - I ain't gonna give anyone's information out to anyone :) Your gal has your back!)

[Photo courtesy of]

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And It's On - Again...

Yup, you guessed it - yours truly is headed back up north. Destination Philadelphia.

What's up with Round 5 you ask? Well our gal Am is putting together a little shin-ding for one of the gals from the show who hasn't been seen - ohhhh - since 1993. Yup, that's a long time. I, personally, haven't seen Jo since I want to say my last day which was in 1991 so I'm thrilled she'll be home for the holidays.

Originally, I was all "ehhh - I don't know if I can go" as it's so close to the holiday, my recent "Coffee Fund Crisis" etc. but when Am asked, how can I say no, right? Plus, it's going to be great to see my peeps even if it's for a day or two before the Christmas madness sets in (in the frigid temps, mind you - that's how much I heart these cats) and it's at my favorite spot in Manayunk. Bonus is that there will be torture for Ant and Rifleman, listening to Jay holler "Line 'em up", watching CK mill about the crowd as OurBuddy sashays down the stairs only to jump immediately on the dance floor. Plus I got wind that my gal Suz has the night off and, this time, I'm DETERMINED TO ENFORCE THE FOLLOWING:

1) DO NOT let Ant make me any mystery shots. I seriously do not remember some photos being taken at the b'day soiree. I love Ant dearly, but I'll make sure he's paid extra to keep that heavy hand away from the cocktails. Ohh - and Rifleman will NOT be mixin' my cocktails. That dude's another heavy hitter, even if he is all things RN.

2) DO NOT allow a bad pic be taken. I need a glam squad nearby - seriously. Dilated pupils does not make for good pics. Nor does hair that has been mussed by dancing or running around like a chicken.

3) DO NOT talk to the 9to9 before I head to the event - no need to be heated. No need for tequila. Just good times.

4) NO DRAMA. Like Mary J. said - leave it all behind. We're all there to catch up, dance, reminisce and have some good times. We're not there to squawk about Big Bro, copyright mumbo jumbo etc. (listen -that's directed at me, not anyone else! I'm guilty of getting cranky with the whole copyright blah blah).

Most of all, HAVE FUN! I love my crew and while I'm sad that we're missing two integral parts of our crew - Meowmix and Reese - they will be conferenced in somehow, via text, phone or whatever. We'll miss you.

And, since I'll only be there for two nights, the second day is for milling about the Italian Market, doing a little Christmas shopping around the city and, perhaps, dragging a buddy out for dinner at one of the restaurants I've been dying to try. I love Manayunk and all but I also want to enjoy a bit of Center City. Finally, Sunday I'll be flying back to Orlando where it will be on and poppin' for the holidays and no more Philly trips til, oh, possibly February/March.

What are you looking forward to this month?

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The One Where Ice Coffee Equals Christian Louboutin...

Tis the season to be jolly. For me, 'tis also the season to watch those pennies. So, while I was crunching my financial numbers and wincing repeatedly, one glaring cost kept coming up over and over again.

It's no secret that I can't make coffee. No matter how many times I try or new machines I get, the coffee I make still comes out tasting like swill. Not to mention, if I grab it at the 9to5, it's not as good as Starbucks aka 4bux. In talking with a co-worker and lamenting about the cost of living, lack of raises, inflation and how what was once a $50 grocery bill has since morphed into a $98 grocery bill, it's a surprise that some people can even function. As quickly as the money flows in, it quickly flows out. And when I starting thinking about where my money was leaking too, I had to focus on my coffee runs. Basically, my inner Suze Orman/Larry Winget/Jean Chatzky is freaking the eff out. And by freaking out, it means I have to admit a glaring problem - I just can't make coffee. And, those that can't make, buy. And by buy - yeah, I buy.

Here's what hit my little blonde brain today:

I run to Starbucks during work about 4 to 5 times a week. That's my 20 min. of piece and quiet (and normally my "lunch"). So, figuring that it averages at $6 per run, let's estimate that at $30 a week. Therefore, one could easily assume that it is $30 a week which translates into $120 a month and, therefore $2400 a year. WHAT THE HELL??

Couple that above figure with runs to Dunkin' Donuts at night and on the weekend, on average about 3 to 4 times a week. At an average of $5 per run, let's estimate that at $20 a week which translates to $80 a month and, therefore, $960 a year.

Add those two up and you get $3,360 - IN FLIPPIN' ICED COFFEE?!?!!!

My Bampa once presented the simple premise of equating a massively high bill to something that gives me pleasure to demonstrate what it translates to. (Back then it was a ridiculous phone bill from calling my boyfriend at the time = how many Limited Sweaters - but trust, I got the point). SO, let's see what can I get for $3,360?

2 Jimmy Choo Riki Handbags

5 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes

6 Kooba handbags

10 pairs of Stuart Weitzman shoes

3.5 trips to Philly

and so on

Better yet - I could be earning ING interest on that $3,360. Therefore, with you readers as my witness, my coffee budget has been slashed from $50 a week to $20 a week (if that). I will have to learn how to brew coffee and, if it's still swilly - tough, I have to buck up and deal.

Tough times ahead...

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cash Back: A Refresher Course For The Holidays..

Well, the holidays are upon us and I've been requested to give a little refresher course in all things cash back and coupons to help you get a little extra something in your stockings.

As y'all know, I do most of my shopping online. I detest the malls during the holidays and, for those that know me, that's tough to hear. I have no patience in bad customer service, annoying customers or crowds. I'd rather mill about enjoying the sights and sounds rather than worry about that "perfect" gift. SO - without further adieu - this is how your gal shops.

First of all, I have to have a game plan. For example, let's use my mother (sorry Mom and NO this is not your Xmas gift - just an example!)

Over Thanksgiving, she disclosed to me that she has been using bargain spices from Big Lots! Now, should I decide to cure her of this bad habit (because I'm a foodie snob), I know I'd need to replenish her spice cabinet with spices from one of my favorite culinary stores, Dean & Deluca. My theory is if the Barefoot Contessa uses it, then the product HAS to be top notch. Good vanilla and all!

First step: Research to see if there are any coupons on, or . If there are, make note of the codes and maximize them for the ultimate savings.

Second Step: Research to see who has the highest cash back through (sometimes you get good coupons on here as well).

Third Step: Select your cash back portal to use. I only use four sites: Fat Wallet, Ebates, Mr. Rebates or CashBaq . There are others, but I've had the best luck with those four and, personally, I use Mr. Rebates and Ebates the most.

Fourth Step:Find the item you are looking for, purchase and viola! You will get cash back, ultimate savings and a nice little somethin' somethin' for you in March because it takes about 90 days for the available funds to be posted.

So to recap: the Cash Back sites to bookmark/sign up at are:
Happy Shopping!

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Monday, December 01, 2008

Closing The Door...

Well, I know I've yipped about Mr. Convenient aka "Mr. C." here a few times and, while I said I'd slam the door on his behind - I kinda didn't and kept it just a crack open - just in case.

Well, guess what - the door is slammed shut. Officially, nailed/duct-taped/don't even try to crack a window open shut. While there will always be a friendship, anything else is just never going to be possible (even if he starts his yippin' again. This gal ain't hearin' any of his mess).

When I was up north, I had time to reflect and think about what I wanted in life and realized that I've been doing this tango with Mr. C. for quite some time. The thought occured to me that perhaps we have too much history and I need to start fresh. Mr. C. and I have known each other for years (over 15) and it also occured to me that, perhaps, I kept the door open for Mr. C. just out of fear of the unknown. Mr. C. knew almost everything about my past and never judged me for it (or at least I don't think he did). He's seen me at my best and also seen me at my worst. When Nick died, he was the first one there for me and continued to help me deal with the loss (even when I drove him crazy). When Mark threw me through a window, Mr. C. was ready to toss his azz out of the club with nary a thought. When I moved and we lost touch, somehow Mr. C. and I found our way back to reconnect. However, our time has well since passed and I have to look back and smile. He's a good man, just not for me. What I want in life is so much different and the last place I want to be is back in New England (sorry guys!). My life is definitely somewhere else and I know my future is definitely brightly lit.

So, when one door closes, a window opens, right?

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