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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Setting Goals - Stiletto Style...

Have you ever said "If XYZ happens, then I'm going to [do something]" as a sort of reward for putting up with the grief that you had to endure? Well, without going into TOO much detail, let's just say that I remarked to Kar, Meowmix and SL that if a certain situation played out a certain way, this gal was just going to bite the bullet and buy her damn Loubous. I mean, I put up with way more grief then a gal should EVER have to put up with.

Sadly, as predicted, that situation is drawn out longer than an episode/season/year of American Idol and there would be no Loubous for me. However, the universe is consoling a gal because in my ShopStyle email today (love them! Seriously love them!) I heard about a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti pumps in my size, my style - classic, were marked down from $545 to

wait for it

wait for it


AND to boot, I could get cash back for it AND free shipping. Granted they are final sale and all but if it doesn't work out - up on Ebay they go.

One might think that apparently the Universe also feels my pain. I'm still gonna get my Loubous, but I just made a different goal for me to achieve that milestone.

Aren't these gorg? :::le sigh:::

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Growl, Growl; Hiss, Hiss...

Round V: Ring the bell.

In this corner: Wiggs who is, quite frankly, tired of taking Shadow's crap.

In the other corner: Shadow who thinks she still rules the house.

The casualty: Lys who tries to play referee, constantly telling Wiggs that "She's gonna kick your azz!" and looked at Shadow and said "Watch your tone!" as Shadow volleyed yet another hiss at momma's direction. [And when her hisses get vicious, Wiggs comes over as if to protect me from the evil cat. Little does he know that I have put up with this for 10 years. I'm pretty well versed in the level of Shadow crankiness).

I have to say, quite frankly, I'm seriously sick of it all.

But, funny story, the clothes that cannot be dried via dryer need to be hung in the bathroom. Well Shadow has made that her new resting ground, sitting among the various items, hiding one might think from Wiggs.

Wiggs thinks that Shadow's playing hide - and - seek and, the other day, finally barked as if to say "Bitch, please!" and chased her through the laundry. Shadow looked back as he was catchin' up to her and saw his little pug mouth open as if to nip her (like puppies play) and screamed bloody murder. The look on their faces was classic. I'm still laughing at seeing that happen.

What did I do - outside of scolding Wiggs with "Bad dog - you can't nip Shaddy!" and consoling the princess with "Shaddy, he has little puggy teeth. He can't hurt you, you big fraidy cat", I had to say that all with a straight face.

Needless to say, it's happened three more times since and now I'm just debating if I should pop some popcorn and watch the fights unfold ala Roman Gladiator style.

My money's on the dog because he's pretty daggone fed up.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Facebook - Why Do You Tempt Me So...

You know it seems like everyone and their fam is up on Facebook. I've heard from a number of friends I haven't spoken to in ages, seen grade school pics of myself (Mat - have you seen them?!?! I'm MORTIFIED!) and just have been horrified and delighted all at the same time.

One of my close friends from, gosh, when I was 6/7 - well, she's on there and it's been cool to reconnect. There were some other friends who I hadn't talked to in ages and the memories are flooding back.

And here's where it gets interesting... for a lark I did a search to see if A. is on there - nope. He's far from computer literate -that's a given - and I didn't think he would be up on MySpace let alone Facebook. His college BFF, Bri, isn't on there either but I didn't think he would be. His wife pretty much rules the house with an iron fist and she should - he's the personification of dog (thankfully I always thought of Bri like a 4th cuz twice removed). I'm sure Bec or Meowmix have a word or three re: Bri.

Well, out of the blue a name came to me. I thought "Damn, wonder if Stad [A.'s other college shadow] is on here" and lo and behold he is. Now Stad and I got along 90% of the time. He was always trying to act like A. but not in a bad way. He was a good kid. I haven't sent him a message because, quite frankly, I don't know if I'm ready to hear what A. is up to and Stad was known to gossip worse than a woman. However, my curiosity is killin' me.

So, I ask y'all - what would you do?

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Poetic Justice...

So I get a call today from Bec, who I haven't heard from in a while. I always crack up whenever we talk because she just tells it LIKE IT IS. One of the most down to earth, straight in your face wing gals ever! Even when we go out, if a guy tells me that he wants my number and tells me he can't give me his, she'll straight up tell him: "So, you're married, live with a girl or something?" Nothing is off limits.

Anywhoo - she calls me to tell me that she just was shopping in the Wal-Hell in Northampton and, lo and behold, who works there but my ex - the azzhat Mark.

Not that it surprises me - well, let me take it back - him WORKING surprises me because last I saw him 2-3 years ago, he was living back home with his mother - again - and still drinkin' and being a hot azz mess (and NOT in a good way). Mark and I were together for a good 6+ years, and I always joke that I dodged a bullet when I didn't marry him because he was an abusive s.o.b. He never liked to work, didn't pay child support for his son (his mother did) and always had a reason why he COULDN'T work. My family couldn't stand him, my friends detested him and it took me 6+ years to buy a clue, ya know. That was one of the lowest points in my history. Looking back, I shake my head however it made me strong and less tolerant of azzhats in my future.

OK - back to the giggles. So, apparently he's working at Wal-Hell and turns out that Mr. I'm So Proud of My Long Hair (when really it was like a daggone brillo pad) has gone bald - up top but still has a long ponytail in the back, like he's still a metal head. Wait a flippin' minute - he's rockin' THAT look. Talk about a fashion DON'T!

Well, at least he doesn't have his crowning glory anymore. Not aging gracefully, apparently from Bec's laughter and amusement. Normally, I try to not get snarky but if you saw the hell this man put me through, including a window that I went headfirst through, you'd giggle too.

Don't worry - I won't be visiting Wal-Hell anytime soon. I might not be able to stave off a fit of giggles.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

This Is Why iTunes is Dangerous For A Gal...

I'm watching a tribute to one of my fave singers, Ms. Patti Labelle, on ABC and they've had a number of artists singing some of Ms. Patti Patti's songs and now I'm searching for music by Chrisette Michele, Yolanda Adams, Brian McKnight and Wayne Brady - oh, and they had Big Daddy Kane. It was like a time warp back to 1990.

To quote Tom Joyner, [Ms. Patti] "takes us back to a time when song lyrics meant something". So very true. While I do like some of the stuff that you can hear on the radio - it's songs from back in the day that make me go "That's the jam!" When Chrisette Michele sang "New Attitude", I'm surprised I didn't dance around the living room. How I adored that song back in the day.

That sound of plastic screaming - yeah, it's the bankcard going "For the love of God, woman, HOW MUCH MUSIC CAN YOU PUT ON YOUR DAGGONE IPOD?!?!?!" But you know what, they are classics and I'll just drown out the apartment complex that is slowly turning into Frat Row with some GOOD music over some of that crap that I'm hearing on the daily down the hall...

Here's a clip of the performance that I hope they release for sale. It's a great theme for 2009 - if it was good enough for the 80s, it's still relevant today. Just without the big hair.


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Friday, January 23, 2009

Utter Randomness...

To quote Hotfessional, "Oh My Holy Hell Y'all". What a flippin' WEEK!

Yeah, the 9to9 has kicked my butt, the constant Menagerie War is driving me batty and I just want a do-over and go back to the days where I could sleep late and not have to worry about "Crap - I need to get my azz up so Sir Pees Alot doesn't christen Shadow's blanket!" However I have a few things that are makin' me go "Hot Damn!"
  • We have a new Prezzie! I was very pleased to see the inauguration. Even better was seeing the pics from friends who actually went. One of my Philly gals, Suz, sent us a pic from her cell while she was working the event - she was one of the police officers that was providing the much needed security on the parade route. Don't mess with that gal - trust! Anyhow - I'd post the pic but she might kick MY azz for posting it - let's just say it made some people shake their head going "Only Suz!" She is in a YouTube video but to quote my dad "Suz was supposed to watch the crowd NOT watch the parade!" Again, only Suz.
  • While I'm freezing my butt off during this cold snap, I'm happy to think that in a month or so, I'll be spending some time here in Central Florida with some fabulous men - Shane Victorino, Brad Lidge, Ryan Madson, Cole Hamels - yup. This gal got her spring training tickets and I'll be watchin' my beloved Phillies spank some Detroit and Atlanta azz (Sorry Hot & Bren!). Now if only Rifleman and Ant could hook some gals up with an op to actually meet the guys. Guess I'll have to wait to go to Philly to do that.
  • Speaking of travel, this wench gets to go to South Beach for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival! I got my tickets and everything so you know I'm beyond stoked - even if it is for a day or so. To have an op. to see some great chefs and foodie peeps is awesome! Now if only I can convince SL to walk the peeing monster while I'm in Miami...
  • Also, there's a chance I might head back to Miami for a day or so at Winter Music Conference - not sure just yet. I've been focusing on the culinary world for my writing and not really dabbling in the music stuff like I used to. However, I got a call tonight from a former client so we'll see if I need to go to the Grammy reception for WMC and catch up with some old friends. Problem is that labels cut their budgets left and right and not as many label reps have jobs let alone travel budgets. I'm still on the fence.
  • One gripe - I ALMOST got my Loubous. They had the Mini Bout peep toe marked down 50% + IN MY SIZE this morning and some wench bought it and I couldn't check out with it :::sigh::: So close but yet so far. One day!
  • I finally started making some serious dents in my Google Reader. If I haven't been by yet, I will be soon. Like I said - it's been chaos. I just need to figure out Kristabella's comment system because I'm an airhead and can never remember what I was originally going to say when I read the post through the feeder and starred it for follow up.

Yeah, that's about it in a nutshell. Thrilling, huh? So how are y'all doing?

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The One Where I Get Grilled...

Well, SSG of Confessions of a (Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl has put together some great interview questions in an "Interview Me" segment so - it's interrogation time. And, somehow, I feel like I am stuck in the NCIS interrogation room with my life flashing before my eyes without Mark Harmon. Did I ever tell y'all I don't interview well - at all? Don't know if it's the law side or the PR side of this gal that makes me feel like I'm in the hot seat but either way, I'm nervous.

OK, here we go:

1) Since you are anything but "Just Another Gal" how did you come to choose your blog name and what got you started blogging?

I have to laugh - it was one of those inspired moments that I have every so often. Basically, I started blogging because I needed a creative outlet. I had been reading some great blogs for some time. My day to day didn't really allow for me to be creative. Plus I had gone through some drama and I figured it would be a spot for me on the web to just write about whatever I wanted - Just Because... (hence the name, Just Because)

The name, Just Anotha Gal - well that came from the fact that I'm NOT just another gal and it's a play on one of my fave songs "Just Another Girl" from Wild Orchid. Not to mention, I've learned that sometimes guys tend to forget that I have a different mindset than many of the girls they are used to.

2) Tonight you come home to your favorite meal already prepared for you, what is it and what will you be drinking with it?

A favorite meal - that's tough. I have a new favorite but I'd have to be at my fave restaurant to get it - which means I'd have to go to Philly *LOL* It would have to be the Bourbon Blue's Braised Short Ribs with Parmesan Polenta with, of course, my Cable Car Martini that Ant makes ever so well. (Hey, perhaps B. might let a gal have the recipe - hint hint). To quote Rachel Zoe - "I. Die." It's THAT good.

3) You wake up on a Saturday morning and have the whole day ahead of you with nothing scheduled. How would you spend your day?

Nothing scheduled?!?! Wow - let's see because I schedule EVERYTHING! Of course I'd have to take Sir Pees-A-Lot out to Bark Park and chill out for a bit. After that I'd probably head to the Premier Outlets to gawk at Stuart Weitzman shoes at deep discount, a bit of shopping at Saks Off Fifth, Neimans Last Call, Le Gourmet Chef and the Le Creuset Outlet. I'd follow that up with a dash to the Millennia Mall for a little Loubou fondling action at Neiman Marcus and shopping at Williams Sonoma. That evening, I'd probably head out to dinner with friends that night and just have a day of it.

4) You used to be on a certain dance show (that shall remain nameless) what was the biggest thing you took away from that experience?

So many things I took away from that experience - it's hard to say what is the biggest thing I got from being there. But, if I had to choose one thing, it was there I learned to come out of my shell, both personally and professionally. I was always a shy kid and hated being on stage - whether it was plays, pageants or recitals. However, it was on that set that I met some fabulous people, many of which I am still close with to this day, and also learned how the publicity machine and entertainment industry really works. It was a hands-on education that no school could ever teach and the people we had there are some of the best in the biz. All in all, I was truly blessed to be there and the experiences from being on there, both good and bad, helped shaped me into who I am today. Oh, and I learned the importance of all things stiletto there too.

5) Do you read magazines? If so what ones? If not, how do you keep up on yo' mad style skillz?

Ahhh - magazines. SSG - do you have a spy cam trained on moi? Yes, I'm beyond guilty of being a magazine pack rat. Let's take a peek at my coffee table reading, shall we. Let's see - we've got Gourmet, Cooking Light, Fine Cooking, Bon Appétit and other foodie mags. On the personal finance front we've got a couple issues of Money and Kiplinger's. For industry stuff, I often read Billboard and a couple music mags. For fashion/style, well there's People Style Watch, In Style, the occasional Vogue, and Figure (for the plus size gals). Occasionally, I do pick up a rag sheet i.e. US or OK or People (hey - Patrick Swayze's on the cover - don't judge!) but more often than not, I find that fashion and gossip are best served fresh - that being via blogs that I do keep up with pretty much daily. I have a number of fashion and beauty blogs that I read and, yes, I do keep tabs on Perez (even though he's pissing me off more often with some of the content). As for mad style skillz - awww, you are too sweet. Some of my *choices* are up for debate - let's just say I learned that bubble skirts are NOT flatterings... not by a long shot.


That was tough but much thanks to SSG for some great questions. SO, now let's get to the fun part. Here's where YOU come into play. Directions ...
  1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
  2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
  3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
  4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
  5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

SO GAME ON! C'mon, make me think of some good questions because, quite frankly, I'd much rather be on the other side of the interrogation table...

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Amusing, At Least To Me...

I about die laughing whenever I see this commercial for Weight Watchers. For a little lighthearted goodness to your day, click play.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Photo Speaks Volumes...

For the record, jumping on the bed to secure her spot was all Shadow's idea. No cookies were promised for this photo op to happen. It was peaceful for about 5 minutes until Wiggs thought Shaddy wanted to play "Chase". However, this one photo tells me that there is, indeed, hope*....
Yes they can!

(To respond to a reader question: Hope was NOT present for the Eagles, especially today. The reason I haven't crowed about them here on Just Because is because while I love my Eagles, I'm not as driven as I am about the Phillies. Plus, I'm starting to think Kendra from Girls Next Door conveyed the Jessica Simpson curse on my Birds.)

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

On The Agenda...

This is going to be a busy weekend for the Lys household. The pug has a "Playdate" with his pug buddies from the Central Florida Pug Rescue. We're going to attempt yet another car ride - this time with him having a special seatbelt. I've learned that they call him Mr. Wiggles for a reason - he wiggles out of EVERYTHING. Car rides with him and I are never good. He wants to drive and I don't want to channel my inner Britney and let him.

Later, I'll be heading off to the Florida Mall to fondle some Loubous I have my eye on (and I am threatening to buy if a certain goal is reached but as it's work related, I can't write about it here :::sigh:::), attend a Dior event at Nordys courtesy of one of the best makeup peeps ever, oogle a copper gratin pan that I want to add to my kitchen and then it's more errands and then reorganizing the kitchen.

Tomorrow, I'm working on the Cooking in Stilettos revamp, backing up the laptop (yes, FB, I paid attention), doing a couple things I had promised to do (and lapsed on), and making some care packages to send to some peeps. If I'm up to the challenge, I'm considering another trip to the outlets.

Monday is my Sunday - chilling is on the agenda. Also, an intervention with the cat and the dog is in order. Sweet boy that he is, Wiggs tried to be friends with her yesterday and sniff her to give her a quick kiss. The princess turned into this raging, hissing monster growling bloody murder. My heart broke for Wiggs as he ran off and curled up on the couch with his toy, all sad eyed. Later, he tried to share his toy with her last night - again, she hissed. So he's trying - she's not.

What do you have scheduled this weekend?

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank Heavens for Google...

The computer is fixed and starting to behave appropriately. I was able to track down the culprit, get the correct fixer-upper and *poof* no more computer vermin. Halle-flippin'-ujah!

So, where were we? Oh yeah - '24' - LOVED IT! And, thank heavens for IMDB because I was able to deduce that not only will my favorite ice wine aficionado, Carlo Rota, be returning as Chloe's hubby/ex-hubby/whatever but also appearing this season will be "Operations" from La Femme Nikita - aka Eugene Robert Glazer. I remember him from when he'd be on my mom's soap. Fabulous actors coming on this season so should be a good season to watch.

On to the pup update: Wiggs is doing well. He had some health issues which we fixed up right quick. Currently, he's snoring on the couch snugged up with his fave penguin which he carries with him like a security blanket. The only dog that I know of that sleeps with his eyes open - go figure. The cat - so not friendly at all. She has actually been quite the wench lately. We're going to have to find a happy medium. Wiggs doesn't help by constantly going after her cat food but eehhhh - those two crazy pets will have to figure it out.

So all in all, nothing catastrophic. And how is your week going?

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Where Oh Where Has My Internet Gone...

I'm so mad at myself. I was doing a search and clicked on a link and *boom* I now have some stupid Fraud.spyware thing on my laptop that Norton *surprise surprise* can't fix. Wish I could switch to MacAffe but since this sucker is already paid for *sigh* I need to supplement my "protection".

So bear with me as I try to get things up and running... not that anything spectacular is going on *snort* outside of my break-up with Sur La Table. In my opinion, we're divorced and no chance for reconciliation. In their mind, they think they have a chance. They keep sending me emails, one of which was "How are you enjoying your order?" Like I even WANT to see that (note: Order done at other retailers. Sur La Table + I are SO over - there's not even a word to describe HOW OVER we are. Williams-Sonoma peeps even agreed with me that SLT seriously screwed up though Williams Sonoma was more than happy to take my $$$)

Let's go to a happy place - and one that doesn't involve me buying shoes or shopping at Sephora - those will come up later this week. OK, I have to ask - did anyone watch "24" last night? If so, what did ya think?

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brain: Empty...

Sorry y'all. It's been a rough week between the pug and the cat, both of which are sick, work kickin' my butt and trying to get my head to think a coherent thought. They refuse to get along (well, Shadow at least. Today she's walking back and forth in front of him and growling. He keeps looking at her sadly like "I jus' wanna play - promise.")

Perhaps I'll post later today but for now I'm off to take the pug to his vet and I'm going to get his records - just in case. I'll try not to take out the bitchy receptionist who tried to pull a fast one on me the other day (and you know things are bad when she's personally mentioned as one to watch out for in reviews all over the Internet). If I have a bad feelin', Wiggs is getting a new vet - stat.

What do you have on tap for this weekend?

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Guilty of Idiocy: Progress Energy...

Progress Energy, we need to talk.

I've been your biggest defender since I moved to Central Florida 6 years ago. I was happy to hear that you would be my electric company when I moved to Altamonte because, well, we had a great relationship. You were the first to respond during a hurricane, we rarely had any power outages, your customer service didn't suck and we got along. I didn't even gripe (that much) about you raising the prices on my bill during the "energy crisis" because I knew everything was raising.

However, my alarms went off due to the fact that when the gas prices went down, my electric bill didn't. And, for a single girl living in Altamonte, I shouldn't be paying $200 a month in electricity. Thankfully, with the AC off, it's now down to $100 but still, with AC at the most it should have been was $150 for a 932 sq. ft. apartment.

Then I heard about THIS. Seriously, what in the blankity blank blank do you think I'm going to say. I have no choice but to USE you so I technically can't tell you to kiss it and break up with you via a post it note but seriously, a 25% RATE HIKE? ARE YOU FLIPPIN' CRAZY?

I have to really think twice about our relationship. Quite frankly, when your quasi new CEO is pulling down a salary and bonus that is quite sizable and you had a year last year that might have been the Best. Year. Ever. in terms of revenue (and, one could assume that it might give the execs either a really nice bonus or factor in future salary negotiations), I question the motives of the "rate hike" and the blah blah blah that your media person is spilling to the papers and such. I know people need to turn a profit but when does it go from profit to straight up greed?

Progress Energy - you are hereby on notice. I'm not drinkin' the kool-aid you are providing. Trust me on that. And, after my lease is up and I move, the energy company I have to deal with will be a huge factor in my decision because, quite frankly, I'm ready to tell you to bite. me.

We're already feeling the wallet pinch due to the costs of living in the Land of the Rat aka Orlando - namely low low low salaries and high high high cost of living. Please don't add to the financial strain that Central Floridians are dealing with by yet another "rate hike" and "economy" bull.

I just don't buy it anymore.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Round 4: Garfield v. Odie: Game On...

We have a feeding issue with Wiggs, namely, he's the world's pickiest pug. So much like Shadow, he likes wet food but CERTAIN wet foods and dry kibble, he's just not happy with what I've gotten him. I got the one prescribed by his foster Mom and he refused to eat it. I got another one that I thought was good from reading the ingredients - hell no he won't touch it. Finally, I expressed my concerns to the manager at Petco and he tells me "Try XYZ brand - ALL dogs like XYZ brand." Mind you this is the third $14 bag of food I've bought IN A WEEK! Let's not get into his rustling in the pantry and breaking out the chocolate chip cookies that greeted me last night when I got home from work.

Anywho, he has shown that he likes one type of food most of all - that being Shadow's cat food. Occasionally, I get her what is called "Special Dinner" which is her favorite Tuna and Mussels dish from a brand called Sheba. Most of the time she likes Whiskas but when she gets the Sheba, it's because she's being extra good. Last night, I happened to see a couple cans at Petco and picked them up for her, one of which she got last night.

Last night, she scarfed down 1/2 a can and left the other 1/2 for later to "snack on." When I walked into the "luxury suite" aka Bathroom, I saw it and put it up on the tub where I know SHE could get it but he couldn't. Well, leave it to the smart pug because I hear him shuffling around in the bathroom 10 minutes later only to see him trotting out WITH HER SPECIAL DINNER in his mouth. I knew all hell was going to break out then and there, but thought "Nahhhh... she might have been done already. Hopefully she doesn't know".

Wiggs and I went to sleep and my bed is so high that he needs help to get ON the bed and he doesn't get off the bed until his morning walk. If he did jump off, he'd have a hard time getting back on the bed so I'd know if he got into trouble.

When I got up this morning for his walk, he stuck his nose in her litterbox only to get scolded and out the door we went. When I got back, I had noticed that my laundry that was separated and on the floor to go into the washer was rustled and didn't look right. Sure enough, something was wrong, namely someone christened a pair of jeans. And I knew it couldn't have been the pug because he was in my line of sight every second since the night before except, of course, when we were both sleeping. If he did get off the bed, he couldn't have been back up on the bed when I woke up at 5 to see him snoring away.

So, by process of elimination, I was able to deduce that the guilty culprit had to have been Shadow hoping that he'd get blamed for the mess. However, since I didn't CATCH her in the act, I can only say that "allegedly" she was getting her revenge.

Needless to say, apparently it's game on between these two.

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Monday, January 05, 2009

The Neighbor Factor...

Remember how I mentioned that I had some new neighbors move in not too long ago. Well, to be quite honest, the honeymoon is over - so so so over. There are a bunch of college "rednecks" that moved in downstairs but I'll let them continue in their partying on a Monday night. They get a pass - they just moved in on Saturday.

Anywhoo - back to the across the hall idiots. See, the gal that lived across the hall from me, Vicki, was a sweet gal - no drama, no b.s., considerate etc. The new crew that moved in - notsomuch. Apparently its a couple roommates, one that reminds me of a skinny Larry the Cable Guy with his blond "Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife" girlfriend and a Snoop Dogg/PitBull wanna be, throwin' dice on the balcony with his crew. I had to laugh when SL saw the dice game and remarked "THUGS?" More like "Wanna be perpetrators". They get an eye roll - until now because I'm pissed off.

Now, before you tell me to be nice, I have hit my threshold. I am a pretty good neighbor and the people in my building, while we have some azzhats, they are few and far between. Mostly everyone talks to each other, respects everyone's living spaces and it's a great community. Well, these new neighbors - well, they piss me off. They are loud, annoying as hell, and, the piece de resistance - they keep leaving trash outside their door. Today, even though they KNOW that the trash guy does NOT take boxes - only bags within the confines of the trash bin, they won't use the trash bin (it's on the balcony - vital for that dice game, methinks) and leave the trash and loose trash outside in the HALL -not even in the door alcove where we all keep the trash. WTH?!?! And they keep leaving boxes and cardboard. And it's not the first time, trust me on that. Well the trash guy proved a point today with leaving the boxes (which are huge) on the hall floor face down, not even propped up and these damn fools WALKED OVER THEM LIKE THEY AREN'T THERE. Next time Mr. Wiggles wants to lift his leg on 'em, I might not be so nice and let him whiz.

Wouldn't THAT be neighborly...

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Calling A [Brief] Cease Fire...

Just when I thought it couldn't be done.... Check this out:

Yup, that's right - that's Shadow sniffin' out Mr. Wiggles. Earlier today, Wiggs got a little sick and we had to go out for multiple walks (oy vey - what a workout). I knew something was up when he wouldn't eat breakfast unless he could get a side of grass. So he's been resting and Shadow got super curious. She saw him curl up next to me and I think she knew he wasn't feelin' so great. She came over to the couch to "investigate" and then took off like a bat out of hell. Then, as he went over to his bed to sleep, she came out and sat under the tree. Then she started inching over. Next thing I know, she's stealthily approaching the dog and went in for the sniff. The dog opened an eye and did nothing. Now she's back in her room for a second but I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel...

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Everyone's Talking About Resolutions...

Y'all know the drill - everyone makes resolutions which, in my opinion, is giving themselves an easy out if they don't make it. For example, I could say that I resolve to cut back on my Starbucks runs. Ummm.. I tried that and it doesn't work. It's like when as a kid I would resolve to give up chocolate for Lent. That just never played out.

Instead, Single Ma over at Fabulous Financials talked about "Life Goals" and that is a way of thinking that I wholeheartedly support. I could say I resolve to "get out of debt" but I know that I might just shrug it off at the first sign of a sassy pair of shoes. However, I have a HUGE Life Goal this year that makes me think twice before I go shopping. Plus, with the state of the economy, I want to really build up that E-Fund because I've made a goal to buy my own place by 2010. (Plus - an apartment with these two monsters = chaos. Trust!)

I've also been inspired by various bloggers who have really taken the bull by the horns and either transitioned their blogs to WordPress (Blogger - I *heart* you but Cooking In Stilettos needs a new design and platform) so I've made a Life Goal to actually LEARN my HTML and programming, etc. I learned so much already from some fab bloggers like Hotfessional, Fabulously Broke, Single Ma, Erin Cooks!, The Chic Life, The Leftover Queen, and Chef B, etc. where I'm inspired to just go forth and blog. However, I'm NOT going to blog with BLOG365 HANGING OVER MY HEAD!! That about drove me nuts. Plus, a few months ago, I had dinner with some amazing food bloggers that has really made me reflect on how to make Cooking In Stilettos better...

Another life goal is to really get into the kitchen and play more. I'm working like crazy at the 9to5 where I finally realized that if I continued at this pace, my life is going to pass me by. So I'm learning to take some time for myself. The only time I really don't let my mind race to work issues is when I'm chopping my little heart out in the kitchen. However, the pug will be playing personal trainer to help me work off all that cooking goodness.

I've also made it a goal this year to work on revamping the PR side of things and my writing. Thanks to circumstances that crossed my path earlier in 2008, I've learned I am damn good at doing Culinary PR so while the entertainment industry works itself out with all their recession drama (too many buddies of mine have been laid off), I'm going to learn all I can about the culinary side of things.

Finally, and this is a goal that might be contrary to some of the stuff above, I've resolved to buy my first pair of Loubous (with cash - not plastic!) Now, if that means scouring the outlets, the Internets etc. for the best deal - I'm game. However, I'm also making it a goal to pare down the closet, getting rid of stuff that I don't absolutely love and wear on the regular and the main shoes I find myself wearing are those that are well made. I have a number of pairs of shoes that I rarely, if ever, wear. So EBay and I will be BFFs for a while. Apparently, the Loubou desire has also infected Meowmix because on NYE she sent me a pair of shoes that she fell for and, lo and behold, they were red-sole lovelies. These are the ones I currently have my eye on.

Not a bad Life Goal list to work on in 2009... What do you have on the agenda for 2009?

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Round IV: Garfield v. Odie...

I about lost it - seriously lost it last night. Wiggs chased Shadow - Shadow tried to kill me - Wiggs kept trying to go after Shadow - it's ugly people. Its World War III up in the Lys Household. And it carried into this morning.

I'm guessing that apparently Wiggles had a bent nose at the attention Shaddy got so he decided that he was going to "hang out with the cool kid". Shadow got backed into a corner and came out swinging at the aggressiveness he displayed. And trying to pull her out from under the table to put her into the "luxury suite sans pup" was putting MY life in jeopardy.

Please send good thoughts that these two will learn to get along because I'm seriously going to lose my damn mind...

(and, as I'm writing this - Wiggs is chasing his tail, wiggling on his back and the licking - incessant licking - it won't stop. For the love of all things normal, someone please send Captain. Thanks in advance!)

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009 To Y'all...

I hope that 2009 brings you all much happiness, prosperity, love and peace. Remember, the year is what YOU make of it - so if you snooze, you lose.

I'm approaching 2009 with a sense of empowerment, even in the small things. For example, today was a lazy day - just the pug, the kitten and I chillin' out. The kitten under the bed, the pug and I either on the bed or on the couch - no growling or hissing at all - with the occasional glimpse of Shadow and Wiggs staring each other down. All is quiet and a great way to start off 2009.

Well that was until I went to the car and, staring me down from the backseat was one of those effin' Palmettos - or Mr. Slimy as he will forever be known as. Well, he scooted into the trunk and I couldn't get him quick enough. Boy was I livid. So, I grabbed the "Car Raid", went to the trunk and sprayed it down. Granted, yes, I know - I need to clean out the trunk and will this week but damn.

So now my trunk has that "Raid Fresh" scent and, as I started to back out of the car to head to get my ice coffee, I could have sworn I felt something on my back. It's ON now - death to Mr. Slimys!!! I put that car in park with the thought that obviously the Man upstairs wants me to continue my chill out day and headed upstairs minus Ice Coffee. I did, however, make a promise to myself that 2009 will be a Mr. Slimy free year. It's war, people, and I am positive that the new neighbor brought a bunch with them with their forever leaving loose trash outside their door. (Shadow gutted another one that apparently got under the door and left him as either a present for me or a treat for Wiggs - haven't decided which yet.)

Don't even get me started on that random group of people that moved into the apartment across the hall. That's fodder for another day - just think, Larry the Cable Guy meets Snoop Dogg meets Beth from Dog The Bounty Hunter.

Anyways - I wish you all the best for 2009 and I'm looking forward to what this year will bring, armed with a can of Raid, of course.

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