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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year...

May 2010 bring you all much love, good health, prosperity and in the words of this fashionista - new Choos!



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Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays....

Just taking a moment to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season ~Merry Christmas from our kitchen to yours...


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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Update On The Stupidity That Is DirecTV...

I'm one for finding a resolution - I don't want to hear excuses or the blame game b.s. Let's just fix whatever problem we're having. I tend to apply that theory to everything in my life. Sadly, DirecTV doesn't subscribe to that theory and the amount of b.s. and lip service I've heard from that company astounds me - seriously, how did I ever tolerate them for 6 years.

I gave them a drop dead deadline to hear from them by close of business last Tuesday - when did they call - Wednesday afternoon. And the email they sent me was b.s. as well - advising to call one of their 800 numbers. Seriously - are you kidding me? First problem - they don't hit a deadline and then push it off on the customer.

I went through the holiday weekend thinking "Fine - I'll deal with the situation at the beginning of the week" because I have some serious letters that need to be sent to the FTC, FCC, Better Business Bureaus & the Attorney Generals of both Florida & California. Those letters take serious thought. Also, contrary to their "yes you need to send them back/no you don't need to send them back" mixed messages re: the converters, I have to incur additional expense, labor etc in shipping these converters back to them which entails inventorying of each converter, remote, access card, etc., writing another letter to their inventory control department, cc'ing their general counsel on everything, etc. In short, a basic "Here's your ****, don't ever contact me again" breakup letter - but, of course, a bit more legally verbose.

In my theory of "Let's just be done with this", as I was in the midst of preparing the requisite cranky "Trusting My Position Is Clear" letters, I made the mistake of actually taking their call Monday afternoon.

My reaction to the b.s. on their end - are you EFFIN KIDDING ME?

This service MANAGER - Rachel - had the nerve to tell me that DirecTV does, indeed, maintain the right to keep ANY credit card their customer uses and reserves the right to charge out at will for balances due. If you currently have them, know that they have this in the super fine print.

Even better - while I was paid through Sept. 15th, I am obligated to pay through Nov. 15th because while one of their CSRs from one of their many call centers in whatever country didn't follow procedure. To drive the point home, Rachel made the comment that they will charge out my account for the full amount. Well, then you'll be dealing with USAA again. USAA is wise to the b.s. and DirecTV is on their radar - not in a good way.

For the amount of trouble I'm having to go through to cancel each and every credit card EVER used with DirecTV - seriously, I should bill them an hourly rate. Thank god USAA is handling it on my end with the dispute and, should DirecTV try to bill again, then it's on. Not to mention, those letters are going out this week to the AGs and the appropriate government agencies and their converters will be shipped back. Should ANYTHING come up on my credit report - hell hath no fury. Also, as a sidenote - to the Plaintiff's attorney that's got a federal suit pending against DirecTV, don't worry, you'll get a copy of my letter as well.

Rachel - note for future use - when your senior VP of communications forwards you a blog post and email for answering - (a) note the deadline and (b) READ THE ENTIRE BLOG FOR FOLLOW UP POSTS. See, if you had, you would have seen that Laura and I had it worked out and you just blew it right up AGAIN.

As expected, DirecTV doesn't know how to correctly follow through ANYTHING (or you would have hit the deadline by Tuesday evening). Boo on me for actually (A) taking your call; (B) giving you a chance to speak and (C) for actually believing that you, as a company, could come correct. Guess after 6 years, I really didn't know you AT all.

DirecTV - EPIC fail - seriously, I do hope that Comcast and DISH TV teach you one hell of a lesson - especially in customer retention. I'm loyal to a fault and, quite frankly, I should have left you a long time ago.

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