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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Party Planning ...

One good thing about parties is the fun. One crazy thing about parties is all the overthinking planning that goes into it.

For big events, I often create spreadsheets with menu ideas, guest list, shopping lists, etc. but for the small events, I don't really think in planner mode. I should but, sadly, I don't. Then I saw these nifty little Party Prep Pads over at SeeJaneWork and I went "Hmmmmmm".

How do you plan for your soirees? Am I the only over complicated gal with spreadsheets? Should I enroll in Excel rehab?

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wha Da Hell - The Oh No They Didn't-April/May Edition

Things have really been irkin' me so, grab that coffee and be prepared to chime in to this month's (well April/May cuz you know I'll forget) "Wha Da Hell - Oh No They Didn't"...

  1. While doing a little search for some airline tix, I noticed that Expedia said that certain airlines have a fee for a SECOND CHECKED BAG. The guilty parties: Delta, United, US Airways (who shall now forever be decreed - US Azzways). Are you freakin' kidding me??? OK, it's bad enough that you rake me over the coals for every. little. fee., you are NEVER on time, you always seem to have people with attitudes manning your counters, let's not TALK about lost baggage and your planes have been shown to have "maintenance issues" (here's a tip - make your maintenance guys work for a change, huh? - tell them no shortcuts). There's a reason why I fly AirTran instead of Delta, United and US Azzways namely because of the above. Now, I used to prefer Delta over United and US Azzways but after reading that. Ummm.. Delta - you and I are going to have to break up until you get your crap together. Clearly, it's not me, it's you.
  2. The recent flurry of shark bite activity seems to be fueling the local media. We've had the shark attacks on the Florida coast (as we do EVERY year) and every night, every morning, etc. they keep talking about the man who was killed in San Diego by a great white. Around here, the local media is playing it up like "OhMiGod a shark BIT a person" much along the lines of a) it's an infestation or b) how dare they. Maybe someone should throw a reporter IN the water for them to get a FULLY accurate accounting of how the sharks are on the attack. Listen, I look at it as this. How would YOU feel if someone came into YOUR house just la-di-dahin' like they owned it and all that was in the house when really, it was YOUR house. The sharks LIVE in the ocean. It's THEIR house. They eat all that's in it and they can't see too good, ya know. They have to BITE to see if it's edible. And, no disrespect to the guy who got bit and died in Cali and my heart goes out to his family. However, I'm not gonna smack the shark in the nose or shoot him cuz the shark was hungry. Listen, there is a reason WHY I don't go into the water - because one look at my big Irish calves and a tiger shark will think "Mmmmmmm.. lunch WITH leftovers". Anywayz - the local media needs to tone that mess down because people need to be cautious in the water, but we also have to remember we don't own the ocean. The earth does. We're just guests in the fishies house. Sadly, the fish doesn't know better and, unlike a puppy who can be trained, I don't see Jaws being as cooperative.
  3. Buddy Dyer - you are on my radar again, and this time Buddy, it's not good. I've given you a pass lately and, while we're still not "buddies", I stopped sneering at your life-size effigy in City Hall's walkway. I stopped ridiculing it to my friends as how you were dressed up for various events/seasons/etc. I even, gasp, started to soften towards you after reading that fluff piece in Orlando Magazine about how much of a great guy you were blah blah blah. I thought "Maybe, Lys, you are just giving him a bad rap - he can't be ALL that bad if so and so are buddies with him". Then I got caught in the insane traffic this morning FOR NO REASON only to see we've got more construction again. Listen, I'm sure you have a thing for Tonka trucks and all but can we do construction on construction times for the highway - like ummm... not during RUSH HOUR. I didn't like being 28 min. late this morning because you wanted to let more construction go on. And do you know that many of those construction peeps are often NOT working when we drive past? It's either a movie set mentality with the hurry up and wait or they need an extraordinary amount of coffee breaks. I'm starting to see why Fred Flintstone must have worked for the FDOT back in the day. And if you really want to remind us transplants of traffic ala up north (i.e. Boston, Philly, NYC), you definitely achieved that goal this morning.
  4. To the cabbies protesting outside of City Hall yesterday - I hope you got what you wanted. But screaming "JUSTICE - We Want JUSTICE" so loud in my ear makes me think someone got arrested or was detained unlawfully or hurt. I thought y'all were striking over money, working conditions, etc within the City Beautiful aka Orlando. And to those on the sidelines SITTING DOWN IN THE SHADE - the purpose of a strike is to PROTEST not RELAX. I do see, however, that you were front and center marching during the video but sitting down all the other times I was outside or was looking down at y'all. Ahhh... perhaps that was the justice y'all were seeking. Jus' sayin'.
  5. SL brought up this issue for the HotDog people, and by that classification, I mean those that make the hotdogs and those that make the hotdog buns. Hotdog + Bun = Complete Hot Dog, right? So, to quote SL, why are there 10 hot dogs in a pack and only 8 hot dog BUNS? You are either going to have too many hotdog buns or too few hot dog buns. Because if you plan on making 10 hot dogs, you either need to wrap 2 in lettuce leaves or serve them bunless. However, my gal at work, we'll call her Samantha, countered SL's thoughts and stated that sometimes she thinks there should be two hotdogs in the bun because there is so much bun and so little hot dog. She has to compensate for the overabundance of bread and she won't have the extra 2 leftover hotdogs. Then again, as she said, there are never enough hot dogs. (I don't think the actual hot dog was on her mind by that point. Again, reference the name and that describes her to a T.)
  6. To the Oil Companies and State Senators: I'm hereby proposing that every person call/write/email their state senators and tell them that they are personally holding them responsible for the gas prices. Democrat/Republican - it doesn't matter. The senators need to figure out what the heck to do as the J.R. Ewings are laughing all the way straight to the bank. Hell, if the government can give us $600 per person to spend to "help the economy", why not REALLY help the economy and lower the damn gas. So, to make it easy for you - here's a link that gives you the phone/email/contact form for your rep. Be civil but be authoritative. You helped get them their job and, as The Godfather decreed "Someday, and that day may never come, [your constituent will] call upon you to do a service...". In Florida, Senator Mel Martinez and Senator Mel Martinez will be held responsible for the insanity of our government. It is up to them to communicate Florida's displeasure with the rising insane gas prices. And if that doesn't work, I say the government doesn't need $40 hammers (recycle the ones they have dangnabit!) and can start buying some oil or something to help its country out.

Again, like I said - just my opinions. I'm curious to hear your thoughts. Leave 'em in the comments.

*jumps off soapbox*

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Monday, April 28, 2008

NaBlaBlah - One Word - Part II

Drained... so very drained.

I get what I deserve. I stayed up all damn night doing some research for Philly and now all I'm looking forward to is a night of dreamless sleep...


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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Letter to My Neighbors...

Now, I love my apartment and all, the quietness one hears at night even though there's a busy street nearby - reminds me of growing up in a quiet neighborhood, and the fabulous people that work at some of my normal haunts.

My neighbors, however, are quite the eclectic bunch. And, after this weekend, here are some of my observations:
  1. To the Yahoo with Napoleon issues who decided to throw a temper tantrum when he got to the gate, only to flip his car around, almost hit the person in back of him during his illegal u-turn and then take up three spots parking while he took the ELEVATOR back up to the second floor: Yo, you obviously weren't in THAT much of a rush if you had to WAIT for the elevator rather than run up one flight of stairs. Also, don't get all "let me blare my wonk-ass wack wanna be mixtape hip hop" after I confront you about your whacky whack whack parking job and endangering the neighbors. Obviously, you ain't ALL that.
  2. To the gal downstairs that walked INTO me while I was getting OFF the elevator and wouldn't let me get OFF the elevator so she can get on: Learn your manners!
  3. To the old Bill Cosby wanna be that looked at my butt and started soundin' like a KFC commercial: There's a thin line between appreciative and lewd. You, Mr. CosbyWannaBe took lewd to a whole 'nother level. Now I'm taught to respect my elders and all but since you crossed that line, I obviously don't have to respect you. You pull that mess again, I will put you in check right quick - don't think I won't.
  4. To the two teens tweakin' in the PLAYGROUND and then actin' all suspicious like: You idjiots got a serious set of cojones - but glad to see you put that crap away when the Orlando PD who lives in the apartment complex rolled on up. Get yourselves to rehab and if I see you doin' that mess again on the complex PLAYGROUND where children PLAY you can rest assured I'll call the PD my damn self. And no, that doesn't smell like "weed' dumbazz.
  5. To the lovelorn neighbor on the third floor blaring Backstreet Boys and other sad songs: I'm sorry for whatever loss you have incurred but do me a favor - we're in the Orlando area. NOOONE wants to hear that Backstreet's back, mmmmmkkkkaaayyyy? Flip that dial, KThxBai!

Yeah - my neighbors can be quite eclectic, yeah, that sounds right.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

NaBlaBlah - One Word ...


I'll be back tomorrow with a much MUCH better post.


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Friday, April 25, 2008

I Promise I'll Be Good (Or Naughty...)

Oh these sandals are fabulous.
Obviously, I'm on shoe punishment for a bit, however, you know I'm scheming to see if I can pick them up at the King of Prussia Nordys when I fly up to Philly...

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fate Just Has A Way...

Today, as I'm going through my Google reader (ever so quickly because you never know who may be watching what may need to be done) and I noticed that Jen Lancaster, author extraordinaire (if you aren't reading her books can I smack you? Please? get thee to Barnes & Noble/Borders/Amazon STAT!!!) is touring 'round the country promoting her new book - Such A Pretty Fat.

Now, when she initially talked about the book tour and where to go, of course I had to represent O-Town and suggest my fair *ahem* city. Sadly, Orlando didn't make the cut. I don't know if it was the Disney rat, recent influx of Polk County-Esque Yahoos who seem to be roaming the streets or just the fact of "Ugh - Orlando? Are You Kidding" that her publisher didn't like but I understand. Trust me when I say as a former publicist, Orlando sometimes doesn't hit the radar - "Family Friendly", "Boy Band", "Disney", "Theme Parks", "Vacation" blah blah are often used to market Central Florida when they should be talking about some of the lesser known things on the radar - namely Outlets, Fabulous Malls, Total Wine, STARBUCKS (hell - it's me playing marketer - deal, okay?) and other little quirky things that make Orlando tolerable. Many of the little things just don't interest the tourists which, thanks to my tourist phobia, suits me just fine.

Now, OurBuddy's birthday soiree is coming up fast and furious on the radar - May 9th to be exact. Today's post on Jennsylvania talked about the book tour and, like a lightbulb going on over my wee little brain, it clicked. Out whipped the mouse and a flurry of clicks later lead me to this bit of info from her website:

Friday/May 9
1 South Broad St. Suite
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Wait - did I see that right - Philadelphia, May 9th? That silent scream of joy that only your dog/cat just heard was me realizing that my schedule actually allowed me, without even thinking about it, to be in Philly when one of my favorite authors is doing a book signing. SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Now, OurBuddy will have to understand if I'm a little late showing up to the soiree. I mean, after all, it IS Jen Lancaster. Not that he would understand but I hope he would. Then again, he also was a bit shocked to hear that I've turned into quite the little chef too. Eeeh. Oh well. I'd ask him to go but somehow I don't think Rome and crew has read Bitter is the New Black. They should, absolutely, but somehow - I just don't see them *getting* it, ya know. (Rome, Jas, Ty, CK - Love you guys and all but seriously - I can't fathom it!)

This, my friends, has made me quite the happy gal - I just hope that Ms. Lancaster doesn't think I'm totally stalker-esque. Perhaps if I visit bearing wine - that might help. Kristabella - advice, por favor?

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Advice to Ponder From Larry Winget...

Well, YouTube offered up this FABULOUS interview with Larry Winget and Matt Lauer. So, do me a favor - grab that coffee and take 4 min. out of your day and give him a listen.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Diet Confession...

I've been countin' the calories over the past few weeks in anticipation of OurBuddy's soiree. Let me tell you - a Philly cheesesteak can kill one's diet for a month (but it was sooo worth it at the time - I mean, if you are IN Philadelphia - get an authentic cheesesteak, right?).

However, I have learned one thing - Administrative Professionals' Week is NOT diet friendly. Between the lunches, ice cream socials, catered breakfasts, freebie donuts, etc. I'm really trying my hardest to be good.

And one thing that will make you think twice before even entertaining the thought of possibly going up for an extra scoop - finding a pit in the maraschino cherry. I just wish they gave us complimentary Starbucks for a whole week. That would make me a very happy gal!

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Things I Don't Understand...

-MTV Programming
-The Hills

There's more but my brain is rotting from the annoyance that is Speidi (Spencer/Heidi). Its like a train wreck - you can't watch it without either wincing or wanting to reach through the tv screen and slap someone.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Techie Genius I Am Not...

I've got one thing on my mind and that is prepping everything for OurBuddy's soiree. Sadly, I haven't had alot of time to focus on it and now its getting down to the wire as the party is a couple weeks away. One thing I have to do is convert some VHS tapes to DVD. Slight glitch tho - the remote for the DVD recorder ALSO seems to control the VHS/DVD Player. What. The. Hell. So this week I have to troubleshoot, switch out DVD/VHS players and play around. Keep your fingers crossed that I can actually hook up the right wires.

Then, I go to pull one of the main tapes that needs to be converted - except the tape SNAPPED. So, obviously we can't use that one for OurBuddy and I'll have to have it rethreaded and converted. (Yes, Reese - it was the BubbleSkirt Tape and, for once, I had NOTHING to do with that mishap.)

Finally, I'm online learning how to do all things YouTube, including archiving footage and let me tell you - it's a headache and a half. I had to purchase some conversion software too so we can upload some stuff as well. Good thing is that thankfully some show fans came through and put up some footage that we needed.

I know I work best under pressure but hot damn people. I'm going to need a few cocktails after this party.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Appearances Can Be Deceiving...

However, one thing that always lives on is a good John Hughes movie. Tonight, WE is running "Sixteen Candles." Even though I went to a catholic high school, it seems like high school was the same - public or private.

I always wanted to be like Sam with wearing the cool clothes to school, the fashionista friend, and, of course, Jake Ryan. I don't think we had a "Jake Ryan" in our school but, when I was a sophomore, there were these two football players - Jim and Joe (twins) who many gals crushed on. They were two years ahead of me so when they graduated, I don't think there was anyone in my class that I crushed on in my Junior/Senior year. That was when I was dating someone *ahem* older and realized that there was a much bigger world outside the four walls of Cathedral High.

Even the school dance seemed similar - right down to the row of "geeks" on the side, the wallflower gals and popular kids going to private parties after the dance. While I rarely rebelled, I do remember one "party" I went to with one of my friends who was a cheerleader. I just remember thinking "Are you serious" when I watched these football players getting trashed and acting a fool.

What's amazing to me is that John Hughes movies just seem to capture the feeling of that era where so many people can identify with the various characters. And, I don't think there will ever be another movie that captures the ideas that Sixteen Candles conveyed - that while we all may be in our little "groups" or whatever, we still all experience the same insecurities and misconceptions that kids share. And not everything is just as it seems.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Seriously, People - Don't Even Play Me...

Rant Ahead, indulge me please. KThxBai!

To the Polk County-esque folk that didn't know what a BURRITO was holding up the line in Pancheros, a Mexican food joint - may I suggest the pizzeria, Ginos, next door. We didn't need you going "Whai Hunee - whots that der - fish - no Isa take chiken" It was like absolute LOLCat speak. What. The. Hell. And then the wife kept going "Hunnneeeeee [in a whiney singsongy voice], should I get the Hot salser?" Seriously, lady - its SALSA. NOT SALS-ER! And why the hell you gotta ask your husband/boyfriend/clingy whatever if you should get it? Does he know if you can tolerate HOT food. And then the wench had the nerve to yip "Well I didn't WANT A burrito if it's all wrapped up!" Lady - that's what a BURRITO is. If you wanted a taco, say T-A-C-O. Better yet - get the hell out my damn city.

To the hot fashion MESS in front of me this morning at Panera's when I was going to pick up bagels:

A) Say thank you when I hold the door open for you. Didn't your mom teach you manners?
B) Don't cut in front of me when you see a co-worker and then look at me like I have a problem. I'll curse you out.
C) Don't think that you can wear a hot mess Ruff Riders/Baby Phat/whatever jeans AND jacket with stonewashed patterns all over it with the names of cities and states. I don't need a geography lesson in front of me. And, that tank top was way too small and way too tight whereby absolutely showing your tramp stamp and chichos in a non-flattering light. And then have the nerve to tell your coworker, "Don't I looookk FINNNNE" with a fuggin' head roll. Lady - seriously. Your hair was a hot damn mess -a kaleidoscope of reds, purples, brown and black that gave me a migraine, held up with a hot pink clip. Your tats were all over the place and the only gal that has tatted paw-prints on her cleavage is Eve. On you it just looked a hot damn mess.
D) Don't order a ton of pastries and then tell the counter gals arrogantly, "Well he [the coworker] is paying for it. Put it on his card" Yes, I know he said he'd pick up your breakfast but $40 worth of pastries is a bit much, no? And then get all huffy when they tell you he needs to sign the slip, forcing you to chase him down to the parking lot to come and sign for your "breakfast".
E) Again, don't look at me when I tell the girls when it's my turn, "I'm so sorry she's so rude - She obviously missed the seminar on Manners 101" and then think I won't curse your hot fashion mess behind out. See, I can get feisty AND make you look the fool in a hot minute. I may look all nicey-nicey, but I can come correct when needed.

To the idjiot register gal at Pancheros that looked at me like I had two heads when I said "Ok - those tacos are not put together correctly, you can't just toss them in a bag loose. Let's just put them in a bowl". She sighs, gets the bowl and then puts them on TOP of the covered bowl and goes "Do you want them IN the bowl". Obviously that was the meaning, or I wouldn't have wasted energy to ASK you.

Yeah, there are cocktails on the menu and the next person to get stupid will get a ass whuppin'. I ain't playin' today.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well today was the day of reckoning and my meeting with Dr. K. First of all, I cannot stress this enough - he genuinely cares about his patients. When I walked in, he was calling his patients making sure they were okay. Who does that? Not any of my prior eye docs.

Secondly, he fully examined the ulcer and, from all appearances, we caught it early and I'm healed. I'm still on contact punishment til May 7th and we have one more follow-up on May 2nd.

Talk about a weight off the shoulders. However, I learned my lesson.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Friday Can't Come Quick Enough...

Long day, Long week, Long month and, honestly Friday can't come quick enough.


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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tell Me This Is Not Chilling...

*heard today when yours truly calledDr. K's office to confirm Thursday's eye gouging appointment*

"Lys, we have been waiting for you to call. The Doctor would like to have a word with you - now."

After our *discussion* somehow I think Thursday won't be a picnic.


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You Can See What [We] See...

THIS was a pic of the arena on the night that JoeZ and FormerClient performed.

From what JoeZ told me it was a sea of faces and lights, people singing along to the song, etc. Last night, the video was posted to YouTube of the whole set. Joe even performed solo for a hot minute and, by all appearances, it was a good show. The people were singing along to the tracks, screaming and just having a good time. The energy translated and you can see it on the faces of JoeZ, FormerClient and the dancers as well.

Without further ado - here's JoeZ and FormerClient performing to a sold out crowd at the Sovereign Bank arena in Trenton, NJ this past weekend.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Shoe Love...

I told y'all that while I was shopping "blindly", I decided that shoes would make me feel better, right? I have been in lust with a pair of coral Chanel pumps since I fondled them in Palm Beach. They were vibrant, gorgeous and oh so stunning. The price, well - you can figure it out since it's Chanel. Tho, I have to confess, I did seriously think of raiding the emergency fund but thought twice.

So, Friday night, when I was walking to LensCrafters, I passed by Cathy Jean, a fabu European shoe store that I sometimes shop in. And this shoe caught my eye. It was the same brilliant coral as the Chanels and it was stunning, felt very well made and I knew I had to have it. Sadly, they did not have it in a 10, but the gal was sweet enough to let me try it on in the Black shade and it fit like a glove. I ordered it and it should be here by next week.

Also, I finally caved into my ombre obsession. While I still heart the SW version, I decided to go a bit cheaper and get the Baker's peep toe ombre pump. It was $39.99 and it will be rocked this week for a big client presentation.

Clearly, Imelda Marcos needs to give me her title of shoe queen.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Road Bug Is Calling My Name...

[Indulge my proud publicist tendencies for a second please. Thank you!]

I've said for a while that I don't miss road life. The touring can be draining beyond belief and sometimes you only want your own bed. However, weekend gigs are a whole other matter - you hop on a plane and in a matter of hours you are at a gig, doing press, whatever. It can also be draining but, with the right clients, it's a blast and a half.

The bug bit me again last week when I went down to Tampa to catch up with JoeZ and FormerClient. But, as I remind myself daily, I have responsibilities here in O-Town and, of course, I had to work this weekend. Talk about making a gal cranky. I missed the Freestyle Music Awards last month due to work obligations and, again, this weekend, I missed another monumental event. JoeZ and FormerClient had a huge show last night in Trenton and from what I have heard kicked ass. They brought the house down and played to a HUGE arena - sold out, 10,000 (or more) screaming die-hard freestyle heads.

It's times like this where I go "Why am I in Orlando still?". The knife dug a bit deeper when I heard that some old friends of mine from back in the day were in attendance. I caught some backstage highlights on YouTube and, sure enough, there was my buddy JoeyC. from the show on there. I'm waiting for JoeZ to tell me that the video has been uploaded but I had to share a couple photos that were posted today, courtesy of my buddy Kenny over at

Check out my Favorite, by far, photo of JoeZ (well besides the one of him at his nieces birthday party with celebrity fan Barney but shhhh.. I didn't tell you about that one). He called me this morning with a recap of the show and, inevitably, it turned to wardrobe choices. He told me I would love this jacket and, normally, when a guy tells me I would "love" an outfit, I am not a fan of the choice. So, I'm thinking "Crap - I really need to talk to soandso about clothing sponsors" but, after seeing this, I have to admit I was surprised. Note: JoeZ -I like the jacket. I'll shut up now.

Here's FormerClient (the other good photo was a Beyonce pose but I figure if y'all want to see it, head over to Kenny's site for the photos)

And this photo of them with Kenny backstage is classic!

Times like this reminds me how I really need to be home. I'll just have to settle for the video for now.

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Spreading the Wealth - Revolution Money Exchange...

The Fabulous Mrs. Micah tuned me into a new little service that is quite intriguing - Revolution Money Exchange. Basically, from what I'm gathering - it's like an alternative to PayPal. Not bad, right? But you don't get charged a FEE to send money to other people. That kills me sometimes because when I send money to peeps or vice versa, Paypal is making a nice little profit off of yours truly. So this gives me options.

Per Ms. Michah:

No need for commitment, it’s just like Paypal. You sign up and then you use it or don’t use it as you need to. You still get the $25 without even using it once (though you’d have to link a bank account to claim your money). (A transaction fee applies for check withdrawals ($2.50 per check), check stop payments ($20 per check), paper statements ($5 per statement), ACH returns ($35 per returned ACH), and overdrafts ($35 per overdraft). But you can withdraw electronically for free.).

Now - up through April 15th, if you sign up, they will give you $25 towards your account, shoot a little money my way and then, should you want to spread the wealth, they will give you $10 for anyone that YOU refer. What are you waiting for - that $25 can go far my friends. Enjoy!

You can sign up here:

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

How She's Missed...

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think of my friend Justine. April 4th, 2008 was the 18th anniversary of her passing but often it feels like yesterday when I got the call that she was gone. I know on the listserv, we're asked often how she (and a couple others) passed, but it's often hard for me to talk about, even 18 years later.

Whenever I'm in Philly, I'll head to her grave and pay my respects. I will never forget the kindness she showed to everyone she met and how she helped me chill out and calm my nerves my first day at the show. It's pretty intimidating when I walked onto that set and saw people who often I just would see on the tv screen and Justine, sensing my discomfort, trotted over and just struck up a conversation. She was a wonderful person and, when we are at the soiree in May for OurBuddy's b'day, inevitably one of my friends will make a comment how Justine is there in spirit - probably dancin' her little heart out.

I've been checking YouTube pretty regularly so we can make sure to have those clips on there archived for the regulars. And, today, while checking the normal suspects who post show vids, there was Justine.

Somehow seeing this brings me back to that first day where two regulars tried to involve me into their spat and Jus came over to me laughing. Then, after giggling about Tina and Sal's ever present drama, it was like two school girls giggling away about boys, clothes, gossip and how my heels and hair needed to be higher.

She is missed - every day.

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Update About The Eyes...

Last night, I did go to the eye doctor. I headed out of the 9to5 and, upon entering the Doctor's office, Linda - his super assistant - took one look at me and said "You're the gal with the sore eye". I guess the redness was glaring through the Guccis. Oh well. As I was joking with her about Dr. K., I said "Am I going to want to kill him? Is he painful?" I didn't know what to expect because I don't necessarily like doctors. I've had quacks in my history that have prompted me to do my research before I walk in the office - less chance of misdiagnosis (i.e. Diverticulitis, according to one doc, is irritable bowel syndrome - really? Ugh!)

Dr. K heard my questions and he matched me zing for zing. He talked to me one on one, was a former military doctor and, when presented with the optometrist v. opthamologist question, he was frank about his experience and what they can and cannot do. Even my father, the champion of all opthamologists everywhere (as is my mom), was calmed down when I told him what happened and thought that fate finally gave me a decent doc. When told about my former doctor's refusal to give me a glasses prescription, Dr. K exclaimed "That's idiotic! You need a backup!" Apparently he's familiar with her because they all worked for the same district.

Final diagnosis - I have a corneal ulcer. It was caught super early and its at the top of my eye instead of in the center (which is a blessing and a half!). I have antibiotics that I have to put in my eye, an order to rest, a threat from Dr. K. to call my 9to5 to tell them to NOT strain my eyes, and an order to not even go NEAR contacts until May 7th. He's going to be kind and let me have my contacts in for OurBuddy's soiree but before then, he and I are going to be fast friends. I've got another appointment on Thursday afternoon and then I'll have another one in a few weeks. I've also been ordered to wear sunglasses outside for the next 3 weeks too. Apparently my right eye has some severe sun sensitivity which is common with the corneal ulcers. I've been joking that my eye is stressed out and work gave me a damn ulcer. Plus, when I'm sick, I listen to the doctor - I'm not messin' with my sight. To quote one of my gals "You only have 2 eyes, right?"

Well, he was kind to charge me a discounted rate yesterday. He knew about my crappy insurance plan and, knowing that I'll have repeat visits and the amount of money I was about to shell out, he helped me out. My $60 prescription - not covered. My glasses - not covered. I talked Lenscrafters into knockin' off $75 off the price of the glasses. For cryin' out loud, the woman wanted to sell me Versace or Brooks Brothers frames. First of all - do I LOOK like a Versace gal? I told her that personally, I found them tacky and a designer name on the glasses won't sell me. Plus, she was warned that a) I'm blind at the moment - i had NOTHING in my eyes. No contacts, no glasses, nada; b) just let me fondle and put things up to my eyes (I can see up close) and c) just let me shop in peace. I finally found a pair of frames that didn't suck but still it was $160 for the frames, $210 for the lenses. They were knockin' something off those suckers. And since my glasses prescription is gonna change in 2 weeks, they are going to go back and switch out the lenses too! Her manager, while he's an ass, should not come up against me. I heard him yelling at her for knocking some money off the glasses but that's okay. I told her that if he gives her grief - send him to me. I'll set him on his butt and quick. One of the other gals told me "Please, can you?!?!" Sure - I'm blind and sore which can make me cranky. Needless to say the manager stayed in the back.

Now, you know damn well that, since I was stuck blind in the mall for an hour waiting, I went shopping. I got a dress for OurBuddy's soiree (on sale), a gorgeous coral shirt for Philly, some MAC makeup (Lee - you were lyin' when you said my eye looked fine. Thank you tho!), my ombre shoes (on sale!), and found the shoes that quickly replaced the Chanels that I wanted in Coral. However, they didn't have my size and I'll order online and post later.

So, the eye issue was VERY expensive and being stuck blind in the mall shopping didn't help the wallet either. But this morning my eye is 10x better, I put the drops in this morning, got the stern "discussions" from both parents, popped on my glasses and am enjoying my doctor's ordered day of rest. I have to work tomorrow but today is a non-work day AT ALL!

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Having A Garbo Moment

It's no secret that I hate glasses. Growing up I was diagnosed with "lazy left eye" which meant that I needed to wear glasses or I couldn't see. It's gotten worse through time but that's fine. I wear contacts and, while it's taken some getting used to over the years, I much prefer that over the glasses as I tend to break or lose/misplace the glasses.

Contacts have been an adventure, especially living here in Florida by myself. They dilate my eyes which, after hitting it with sunlight, hurts like hell. I would have H. drive me to the doctor or wander around the mall for hours until dark. And, with my contacts - to show how blind as a bat I am, while my left eye needs a 4.50 lens, my right eye needs a 2.25 lens. My former eye doctor even told me "Lys, listen - you have pretty eyes and if you get glasses, you'll need such a thick lens in the left eye it will detract" and refused to give me a glasses prescription. Now I'm vain and I wouldn't wear them unless it was extreme emergency, but damn. I do know she's right though because when I did have a glasses prescription from my doctor prior, I went and ordered a gorgeous pair of Chanel frames for a trip that I was going on as my "backup" pair. When they came in, I sent those puppies back because, sure enough, it was a coke bottle lens on the left eye. I haven't looked back since.

Until today.

I also sleep in my contacts from time to time. I know, I know. Spare the lecture because I know I'm wrong. I hate not being able to see in the morning. I'm lazy vain. I wear contacts day in and day out. Yesterday, while at the 9to5, my contact in my right eye started bothering me but I dismissed it as perhaps I needed a new contact and made a note to switch it out that night. I removed it last night and went to sleep.

This morning - hell struck. Light hurt, my eye is red and ugly and oh lordy. As I didn't have glasses, I slapped a contact in and trotted off late to work after wrestling with the eye business. When my eye is that inflamed, there will be no makeup my friends. Let them see me in my natural state, I say - I'm sick. As I'm driving, SEARING pain hits. Now I have my sunglasses on but that doesn't help. The light is going THROUGH the sunglasses and burning my right eye. I blink, I squint, I'm a screaming mess on I-4, I'm in pain. I'm sure the morning commute drivers thought I was crazy but whatever. They aren't feeling the pain of red hot pokers hitting their cornea, I am. I rub the eye, I'm crying, I'm trying to keep it closed while driving slowly because, today of ALL days, I can't be out of work. Its a struggle but gloriously, I get to the 9to5 garage by the grace of God, and the garage is dark, my eye stops hurting, I can head indoors with my Greta Garbo sunglasses and resolve to call the doctor.

Next resort- track down an Ophthalmologist in Altamonte because they are going to have to dilate my eyes and I can't drive with that either. Call the wonderful ladies over at the Florida Eye clinic, make my confession about my eye issue and their initial guess: Corneal Ulcer in the eye. Their doctors are out today but they will squeeze me in Monday if need be. But, they want me in the ER today or at my normal optometrist and then call them on Monday with what happened. Apparently it's super serious.

OK, then I call she who won't give me glasses doctor who is at the Florida mall, quite a ways from my house. She knows of my sin of sleeping in my contacts and never judged me. Well, guess what, she's transferred to a new store IN TALLAHASSEE! Well, it HAS been a year and a half since my last exam so my bad for not knowing.

Next resort -call the JC Penny Optical office by my apartment in Altamonte and they were awesome. They are squeezing me in today. I also confessed my sin of sleeping in the contact to them over the phone and she said "We'll remove the contact, Lys and don't worry". YAY! There's light at the end of the tunnel.

I check my 9to5 benefits here and guess what, I have to go to SEARS optical, Wal-Mart or Target. WHAT THE HECK? As Sears is also in the mall across from my house, I call tell the gal my problem and she says "The earliest I can get you in is Tuesday afternoon". Tuesday afternoon - does she NOT know that a Corneal ulcer, left untreated can make me BLIND? IS she NUTZ? I express my issue to her and she comments, "Well I really can't squeeze you in until Tuesday. I'm sorry. Perhaps Lenscrafters, our sister store can". Dummy - your sister store is NOT covered by the inept vision plan here at the 9to5, I have to pay full price. She's like "Well that will be expensive but I can fit you in on Tuesday".

Oh hell to the no. Now the Vision Plan and I have to talk and have a come to Jesus meeting and they tell me "Well we are only for ROUTINE care. You'll have to speak to Blue Cross about the other.". :::Sigh::: Now a cocktail is needed.

My decision - I'll pay full price, go to JC Penny and the Florida Eye Clinic and add this up to the curses of the @*#*#*# benefits we are experiencing here at the 9to5 because, personally, an eye patch for me is NOT fabulous.

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Speaking of Former Clients...YouTube Digs Up Oldies...

YouTube unleashed a whole pleathora of video fun tonight on some other former clients, namely this one.. While many remember a bunch of their songs, especially this one:

it's THIS song that had me roarin' with laughter (sorry Ana!!!)

Oh I needed that giggle. MB, you got mail - feel free to forward *wink*

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Kickin' It Up A Notch For The Weekend...

While browsing through YouTube, I found this gem - FormerClient's video for her new single...

I have to say, while I loved the 80s version, I like this version more - perhaps because I've seen it performed live and she's got a voice and a half.


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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Deal Alert: JVC Camcorder...

Lately, since I have my nifty little digital camera, I've found that I've been wanting a camcorder. Its great for gigs for my artists, for rehearsals (so they can see where they are needing *ahem* a bit of practice), for events, etc. When I went to Tampa, the one thing we REALLY needed was a camcorder - sadly, my old one is brokeity broke broke and we were s.o.l.

For the past few days, I've been looking at THIS camcorder online. I love the blue color (doh - I always love unusual colored electronic gadgets and it also comes in sassy red). The reviews are good, it's reasonably priced (better than some places I've seen it) and HSN has it broken down into payments AND I can get cash back. Hmmm..

Shoes or Camcorder. Shoes or Camcorder. Tough choices here.

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Oh Shoe Fairy, May I...

I'm in love.. absolutely in love - with these Christian Louboutin Draponova lovelies. They say that nude pumps are the *it* thing for spring and these are stunning.

However, the price and I are not really on speaking terms, even if it is BlueFly.


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Would You Buy This? L.A.M.B. Darrel Pump...

I saw the Gold/Silver version when I was in Nordys last and, without seeing the tag, I went "Hmmm.. interesting" and then I saw the price tag. And then I saw the L.A.M.B. and thought "WTH?" Ok - yes, they look different but at $335? Which leads me to wonder how some celeb/fashion lines charge so damn much. You pretty much have to take out a second mortgage to buy some of their items. Then again, I am turning into a SW aficionado so I need to take a step back.

Would YOU purchase this if you had the disposable funds available over, let's say, a noted shoe designer such as Manolo, Gucci or Christian Louboutin?

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm A Goner. Thank You Criminal Minds...

I'm testing out something new in Blogger Beta. Trust me, if it works, will make things a bit more interesting around here (and I'll be more timely... )

It's been a crazed week and the one thing I was looking forward to tonight was Criminal Minds. I normally would say CSI is my fave show along with Bones and Cold Case, but above it all - definitely Criminal Minds. I never thought I'd like this show and fought my gal Paula about it. My reasoning "Ugh - it's Shemar Moore. I didn't like him on Young & Restless and sure as heck won't tolerate him now". She's been on me for 2 years to watch it, swearing it was as good as CSI.

Now, before those that are Shemar fans, just know that I just never liked him - no reason, just me being me. The man is fine and I appreciate but I look at him and think "Y&R". Blech! Not my soap. (I was more of an All My Children & General Hospital gal growing up.)

A few months ago, I happened to catch an episode totally at random. More than likely, I was online working on the laptop and didn't change the channel - total background noise. Well, during that episode, I saw Xander from Buffy. I saw Joe Montagna. I saw the storylines were scripted, well thought out and engaging. Dammit - Paula was right. I was hooked. I started looking forward to Wednesdays at 9:00, not caring that it was Tivo'd. I wanted to see it ON the night it aired and moved whatever I could to make sure I had that time free. Wednesdays at 9:00 are me-me time. And, even worse - I can watch Shemar Moore and think of him as a criminalist - not as a soap actor.

This weekend, I'm going to track down Season 1 and Season 2 of the series and try to find it at a good price. When I'm willing to give up shoes for a favorite show, yeah, I'm officially hooked.

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What Were They Thinking...

I'm virtual shoe shopping (because your gal wants that damn DVD this weekend) but I need to indulge my inner shoe ho. I'm still breaking in the SWs and got some nasty blisters from the "sensible" Naturalizer pumps from yesterday, but I'm trying to find a little inspiration - even if it is through the computer screen.

And then I saw these shoes.

Seriously - I know they are Chloe and all, but would you EVEN think about wearing these?

It's not just the high end cursed by this case of the "WWTT-Fugly Syndrome" Bakers, apparently, has jumped on the bandwagon. Check out the:

What do you think?

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Ahhhh To Be Young Again...

And NOW for the laugh... because I still wanna karate-chop Munchkin.

Gotta love Beaker...

Another fave muppet (besides the Fashionista - Ms. Piggy) The Swedish Chef

Finally - Ms. Piggy and Kermit have "issues"...

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The Audacity of Some Peeps...

So, in planning the soiree for our boy, he's opened the guest list - come one, come all (well those that he knows and and guests of those that he knows anyways). He wants to have a good time and rightfully so. It's his party and he can jam if he wants to, right? Cool - the more the merrier because this crew knows how to party (like rockstars as KimmyK would say).

Well, today, on the email listserv that a bunch of us belong to, some convo turns to the party. More people are wanting to attend and people are confirming on that list. Cool - works out well and spreadsheet is in play. I've offered to play the role of the crazy wench at the door and keep out the really nuttyones (and nutty meaning I want a cache of straightjackets at the door because we don't need ANY drama at the soiree) and all will be fine. After that I will be having cocktails and Meowmix and Suz can play police officer with the nuttyones.

Well, back to the rant issue. One of the people on the list, we'll call her "Munchkin", comes up with the bright idea that it should be HER party too because HER birthday is May 3 and, in her opinion, it should be a party for ALL the peeps in May.

Her quote:
hey we all are going to be there and we can do as many bday as we want what is
wrong with that there are people at there that have the same bday or near bday
like i do with [redacted] i was not trying to start shit just wanted to ask i am thinking about coming so why not have fun and some of my friends what to come to

Yeah - punctuation is a challenge sometimes for that gal, but again, I'm trying to be nice. :::sigh::: I apologize for the 4 times that one might have to read to comprehend (because that's how long it takes me to read her emails sometimes. Ugh!)

OK, so let me get this straight. If I'm reading the run-on correctly, this is NOT a party for OurBuddy but should be a party for all those people having birthdays near the time of the event, including Munchkin?

Oh hell to the no - this is OUR friend's party for HIS "I'm still 20 and look gorgeous" party. When did the memo go out that it was for the 900 subs and for HER birthday too? So this means that we have to send out pitches to sponsors for OurBuddy and Munchkin's party? The surprise isn't supposed to be for OurBuddy but Munchkin too? Is she footing the bill for this? Is she doing the work for this? Is she doing anything BUT showing up at the door with a whole "HELLO! It's MY PARTY" bs? Sorry anger moment there. But you see where I'm going, right?

Here's something that she doesn't seem to get. Everyone from the show (and guests and fans and celebs) remember OurBuddy. Hell, he was on the show for well over 9 years. According to her, apparently she was a regular from inception to the bitter end but noone remembers her.

Now, I'm trying to be a kinder, gentler Lys or else I'd REALLY turn DoorBiatche on her ass, much like THIS, but I am making a sincere effort to be nice. I don't want to fan the flames because when you are dealin' with a listserv that is as huge as this one - one inkling of drama turns into an inferno quicker than Paris Hilton latchin' onto a new guy.

Thankfully, Reese is always the voice of reason. Here was her beautifully crafted response to Munchkin on the listserv (reprinted with permission):

You're seriously going to ASK someone to celebrate YOUR birthday at
HIS OWN PARTY?! Really?! Wow.

Balls of steel.

Reese is MUCH nicer than me. However, now, Munchkin will get whapped with my clipboard should I see her at the event. And, by the way, there will be no Munchkin name on the cake either - just OurBuddy's.

What would you do?

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Detective Lys At Your Service...

Or, in the alternative - Google IS your friend.

Party planning is in full gear for our boy's "20th again" soiree. While some aspects are pretty simple and I'm not handling the day to day, trying to wrangle stuff for his "surprise" has been crazy, to say the least. There were so many people that came through the show back in the day and trying to track down former guests has put my detective skills to good use. Oy vey.

However, it did show me that while my soiree planning skills were perhaps a bit rusty, I can still pull it off. Let's just hope everything gets here in time. The main thing that's in our favor is that it's from our hearts and people are recognizing that. Our friend is one of those people who is there for everyone and doesn't hesitate to speak his mind. He's a good egg, our Rome.

You would think that through all the details that I have charted on my little excel spreadsheet, I'd remember "DOH - Lys you need a HOTEL!" so guess what's on my agenda this week. Research hotels near the party spot because this gal doesn't want to have to drive if she doesn't have to. It would be nice to HAVE cocktails along with everyone else, no? Either that or I'm making JoeZ. drive.

Because, after this event - I'm going to need a COUPLE cocktails.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

300 Days...

Today it was a combo of 9to5 mixed in with a little entertainment calls during my lunch hour just to try and keep the skills from getting TOO rusty. All in all, success. However, it reminded me that sometimes I need to recognize that I tend to sell myself short and pigeonhole myself in a category that doesn't take into account all that I can do (and have done). I think that by letting the 9to5 get to me as badly as it did, it set me back a bit. Hanging out with JoeZ and FormerClient put things into a new perspective, much like my travel to Philly did in February - it reinforced everything that I've been feeling for a while. I need to make a change.

So, while I had to make some decisions here in the short term, now I have to focus on the bigger picture and the long-term goals. I know where I want to go, what I want to do, etc. Its just prepping the outline and the planning to get to that next level. And, by doing so, I'm pretty much "putting it out there" - a template for success, one might say.

I know that, come February, it's a whole new ball game out there and this gives me perspective. 300 days from today until I hit my goal. While it seems like alot right now, I know that, in reality, it's going to go by quickly. 300 days to work on the credit. 300 days to fix the damage that was done from back in the day. 300 days to go through the clutter and weed out what is not needed. 300 days to work on what damage I brought upon myself. 300 days to find a new place. 300 days to get everything in motion. 300 days until I really am *home*.

And, somehow, it doesn't seem that far off.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

And Back To The Day To Day...

Tomorrow it's back to the 9to5 but with a renewed sense of purpose.

Now, as Larry Winget would say, I need to shut up and stop whining and finish getting my life together.


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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sometimes You Can Go Back...

Last night was still somewhat of a blur. I really think that heading down to Tampa was the right decision because there were people there that we didn't expect to be there, DJs that have been off the radar that were in our path, and fabulous promoters. Good times, people. Good times.

JoeZ and FormerClient gave a kick ass show (as always) and they went on at 4:00 a.m. The crowd sang along to the songs and had a great time. Sometimes, that is the best feeling - when you see a fan singing along to their favorite singer/song. JoeZ and FormerClient adore the fans and really, I can't think of two better peeps to work with.

Also, when I'm with these two, there is MUCH laughter - flashing back to 5/6 years ago when we just laughed our butts off and got silly. I've missed alot being here in Orlando. However, Orlando was necessary because 6 years ago, fate put JoeZ and FormerClient in my path. I can't forget that. Everything happens for a reason. Even better was how everyone has changed yet the core stays the same - that's refreshing. It's like one stops and then picks up where they left off.

Here's a funny story - as we are walkin' to the club (the gig was in the hotel), who comes sauntering past us but Lil' Wayne and the Cash Money crew. I kept lookin' at that cat going "Is it?? Noooo". I just saw the grills of him and his crew and man is petite but seemed cool. And his entourage was flankin' him. Now the publicist in me thought "Hmmm.. that could be a photo op" but then I just dismissed it. But I had to joke that if Akon was nearby I was callin' Reese.

And when I first walked into the hotel - one of the bars had 80s night in full effect, playing Billy Ocean's "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car". Talk about a show flashback. I joked that if they even played "Crush On You" I would walk out the damn door.

Going into the hotel, JoeZ tells me to come up to the room and, what happens, I get detained by an overzealous security guard, Frank, who doesn't believe me when I say "I'm with the group. Honest". JoeZ and FormerClient had to come down and get me past the invisible velvet rope. Then when we headed into the club, we got stopped and all I had to say was "This is FormerClient" and the ropes were whisked aside, cocktails procured and into VIP we went and to the stage. And the stage was slippery as all hell. Again, detained by security and then two words from a promoter and it's all "This way." I got some pics that I have to upload later but all in all, it was a good night.

Yeah, I think I'm ready to go back to entertainment.

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Are You Kiddin' Me??

So here it is, 2:30 a.m.and we're in the hotel waiting to go down to the gig. I think that is the one thing that used to bug me about touring - the hurry up and wait. There is only so much planning one can do before you have to accept the inevitable and roll with the punches.

And, somehow, I missed that life too. Everything seems to be coming full circle and the more I talk with my Philly crew, the more I realize that I am needed to jump back into entertainment and finish what is left undone.

Don't mind me, I'm running on lack of sleep, lack of coffee and too much laughter - because this is what its supposed to be. Fun. When work is fun, that's when you know you are where you are supposed to be.

Really, there are no coincidences.

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Friday, April 04, 2008

It's Gonna Be A LATE Night..

That gig that I'm going to tonight for JoeZ and FormerClient packed a bit of a punch. I found out this afternoon that showtime isn't the normal 11:30/Midnight like a normal club gig. Nope - they hit the stage at 3:30 IN THE MORNING!!!! Oh. My. Holy. Hell. I about fell out of my chair when JoeZ goes "Lys, guess what time they got us goin' on. You'll never guess in a million years". As it was a casino nightclub, I suggested perhaps 9:00 p.m. because that's pretty much unheard of for these type of club dates. Yeah, ummm.. add a few more hours to that.

So now this changes my plans to quick nap after work, get ready and shoot down to Tampa for 10:00 to have a cocktail and catch up. I don't know if I'm going to make it to 3:30 tho, but knowing me, there's a chance as I haven't seen either of them in a while and I would feel horrible for NOT seeing their show when they are in my neck of the woods. Its worse for them though. They both fly out tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. so it means that they are heading out straight after the gig and sleepin' on the plane. Plus, last night they had a gig in Detroit so you know they must be tired.

I hope they have a 24/7 Starbucks in Tampa! This gal will need it. Gah, I'm starting to feel old now.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

And Tomorrow I Head Back...

I'll be heading back to the 9to5 tomorrow and, at the end of the day, yours truly is hoppin' in the cougar to head to Tampa, 2 hours away. JoeZ is performing tomorrow night at the Hard Rock with a former client, so I figured I best show my support and go yell at hang out with him and cheer them on. Sadly, there will be no cocktails for me as I'm still sick. Then, I am going to head back home, curl into my bed and take some Nyquil to wrap up the remainder of this sinus infection and play hermit this weekend.

One good thing about being sick - the insta-diet you are on. The only thing I wanted was Ice Coffee and Ice Coffee I stocked up on. Other than that, the appetite is pretty much non-existant. Hello favorite jeans!

What to wear, what to wear I wonder.

Update: This will give you an idea of what I'm going to be facing (in Tampa - NOT the 9to5) with a smaller crowd of course.

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Let The Countdown Begin...

Had some great chats tonight all while in the midst of planning the Party O' The Year (aka our boy's B'Day Soiree) scheduled for May. There are a few plans in the works and it amazes me that when I send out a pitch or an email, more often than not I get "Hey - yeah, count me in." or "Whatever you need." Our friend has touched so many lives and is often regarded as the glue that holds most of us together.

So, in the midst of thinking utterly mischievous minx on this, a flurry of texts and phone calls resulted in a new partner in crime for this soiree and it's a whole new ballgame. I'm rubbing my hands in glee over here.

The worst people can say is "Ahhh - Ummmm - No". The hardest part will be having to hit up what some have regarded as the "Mean Girl" during our tenure back in the day. That, in itself, will take some serious wrangling on this gal's part. See, she's *ahem* too busy to take a call so I'm trying to think outside the box to put this in her path somehow, someway. And then there are other people I have to track down and try to find. But, let me tell you - seeing our friend's face light up with all these faces from his past that brought him so much joy will be the ultimate gift.

I love myself a good planning session and we have a month to talk to liquor distributors, pitch press, publicists, djs, etc. and somehow take off the cape and go back to the 9to5 while saving my nights for more planning, pitching, etc. And then it's off to Philly for the big event.

To quote Cher from Clueless "PROJECT!"

This is going to be SO much fun.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Word to the Wise: Buggies Beware...

Apparently Mr. Wiggles didn't perish before giving his instructions to his cohorts to target this home. Thankfully I was home and armed with a big azz can of hairspray and a broom prepped for the wasp trying to pollinate (NO JOKE) the friggin' water sprinklers in the ceiling.

The other morning, I caught Mr. Wiggles' co-hort as he attempted to scurry to safety by the fridge. He didn't make it in time. And, I have a testimonial. RAID works MUCH better than Contact. And if my complex doesn't do something quickly, they are going to be seeing a side of me they don't like. My father was absolutely right when he said there were two. I guess the co-hort didn't think I'd catch him so early in the morning. HA! Guess it was my turn to say "HAI!"

Talk about having to put on one's big girl panties. The kitteh wanted to get the wasp but I didn't want her to be stung. The wasp survived and relocated to my balcony - in shock but still breathing. Mr. Wiggles co-hort, along with a nip bottle of Absolut and a shoebox cover, perished in the battle and there has been much kitchen scrubbing.

Buggies Beware. Y'all ain't welcome in my home. Sometimes I HATE spring in Central Florida.

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Sometimes The Humor Comes From Nowhere...

The sinus infection reared it's ugly head last night and I was out like a light (big props to Tylenol PM). Apparently my phone was Ms. Popularity and I missed calls, texts, emails and the conclusion to the CSI Miami ep from Monday. After I ran into the office to get a couple vital things done, I went home early and Mr. Tivo obviously wanted to cheer me up. It recorded the new CSI Miami eps and I about bust out laughing at the conclusion.

There is something to be said for David Caruso's over-dramatic acting. I needed the laugh. Now will Cassie and Eric just get together already and call it a day????

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Taking The Night Off...

This is one of those days where I do NOT feel like powering up the laptop. Not to mention the brain is still working on overdrive and there tends to be a sinus infection brewing.

Tonight I'm quarantined myself and taking the night off.



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