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Friday, August 31, 2007

I've Lost My Inspiration...

Something has been weighing heavily on my mind lately -

Seriously - I'm suffering some severe pangs of guilt over something I've been neglecting...

My Cooking.

When I moved into this place, I was obsessed with all things Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table, Crate & Barrel, Farmer's Market - you name it. I could cook like there is no tomorrow. However, more and more, I've found myself just feeling "blah". I pretty much exist - and cooking just wasn't on the agenda. I have no inspiration. I have no get up and go. It's just not happening anymore.

I'd like to say the usual defenses: "I'm tired", "I just don't want to clean", "Ugh - but I never feel like cooking anything anymore", "the kitchen will become so hot with the oven", blah blah blah, but I must face the harsh reality of the situation - I've become lazy.

I'm content to get take out, eat quickly and go to work on the PR biz, or briefly surf online while I delete all that is Michael Chiarello, Robin Miller, etc. off the Tivo to "get space". I forgot what cooking means to me - it's a time for me to zone out, forget about clients, cases, drama, bills, etc. and just focus the task at hand. I miss playing with my ingredients - the array of spices I bought "Just because..." (Fresh Market sells them in pouches which I promptly put in cute little Crate & Barrel jars). I miss looking at cookbooks like it was the latest issue of Vogue. I miss working on my knife skills with that knife set I HAD to have. I just miss it.

So this weekend, I'm going to take a bit of a field trip to Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel and check out Fresh Market and the Farmer's Market. I'm going to possible make Giada's Balsamic Barbecue chicken this weekend and a few other items and actually PLAN menus for next week. And I'm going to get this chaos under control. It's only fair to my wallet (and waistline). No more takeout. Well, except Starbucks....

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab...

I need intervention - from the crackberry. It conked out last night to where it won't even retrieve my emails. It even sent me a nasty email saying it won't. For the record, let me say it has NOTHING to do with me dropping it at the airport. Nor did it have anything to do with the shock of the NJClubCharacters that I took photos of. Nor did it have anything to do with the constant abuse that it gets from my email on the daily.

Sadly, today I keep finding myself looking at it in the hopes that it will miraculously come to life... to "take me back" if you will. And it won't comply. It won't retrieve email and now I have to go to the Crackberry aka AT&T Wireless store tonight to have it jumpstarted to get my email working again. They are going to laugh at me. They are going to know that jumpstarting this blackberry might actually make me be NICE.

But seriously, those instructions on how to operate this thing are in some other language that any normal blond cannot understand...


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To Quote Gwen Stefani...

If I Was a Rich Gal...

Since when does Christian Louboutin design handbags?? *fans self* OK - the price is outrageous but this gorgeous tortoiseshell clutch is quite a thing of beauty...


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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vacation in Review...

First of all, so much happened in Philly, I still think my head is spinning... While we didn't take a boatload of pics (outside of the club romp), well, it still was a spectacular and relaxing vacation. Here's the recap:

Thursday, well we already know about the airline drama, and Hertz gave me a car with "Never Lost" for free - you would think they knew I was blond. See, even though I've been going to Philly for YEARS, I get my happy behind lost every day. Can you imagine if I lived there - I'd be going to South Street to find my way back to 95 to go to Northeast. Anywayz, while I wanted to curse out the GPS system, eventually I grew fond of it's wise counsel.

So, Thursday evening, I picked up Reese at the airport and we were off to the Westin hotel in Center City. As we pull up, there is 2 cars in front of us, one SUV housing what appears to be a bunch of tour people and in a swanky car in back (not a limo) out steps 2 guys and Akon. Let me say first and foremost, Akon is short. (Well I was wearing 4" wedges, but still - shorty short short.) His entourage - not so friendly. Of course Reese and I basically did the "NYC attitude" where we don't even acknowledge that it IS AKON, even though his tour guy is wearing a shirt emblazoned with his name everywhere. And they were wearing more ice than Antarctica. That stuff could provide a hefty down payment for a house. Just downright scary that I'm thinking economical but let's get back to the story. Well, Akon believes in carrying some big ol' jug of some Fruit punch (Costco size) and his sneakers and doesn't carry ID. And he doesn't wear pants that cover his boxers. And the world was treated to a very detailed view of his derriere through his boxers. I think this almost scarred me as much as the couple in the club. ALL WEEKEND long we got to hear him croon "I'm Sorry" on the radio - every station was playing it, magazines had his name everywhere, seriously - I didn't like the guy then and I don't now. I know about saying when something crosses my path, but Akon doesn't count.

Reese & I checked out King of Prussia on Friday, and that mall you need a SERIOUS amount of time for which we did not have as we had dinner plans with our friend Rom & J. We wound up chatting the night away over some seriously fabulous cocktails (even free rum - yay - thanks to the promotions guy in the bar), great food (omelet with manchengo cheese - wow!) and witty retorts.

Saturday we hit up my mall of choice - Cherry Hill (love that mall!) and then I trotted around Center City that evening in search of Starbucks... which I found... near a competitor of the 9to5... Saturday evening, saw one of my boys I haven't seen in almost 20 years (again with the short exclamation - I'm starting to see my heels make me the towering wench) and then we hit up the club.

Sunday, we did a bit more shopping, went to lunch with our friend EJ and played some games at Dave & Busters. Reese had some serious hockey skills going on at one game (or was it soccer?) and then hit up a fabulous Italian Steakhouse, Davios, at the recommendation of our bartender. I even found out that there was a mall NEXT TO THE HOTEL as it was CLOSING! I literally ran into 9West to get those blue pumps but they didn't have my size. *sigh*

Monday, I had to go to my best friend's gravestone and caught up with JoeZ. for a few minutes. Wish it could have been longer, but it was a crazy weekend. Flying out, I was upgraded to business class and, brief funny story.

I'm in business class with about 3 others. I board and the steward wants to give me a cocktail. I didn't know that they were free. I told him Captain & Diet Coke -they only had Bacardi. Bacardi, for this gal, is scary. I could be dancin' on the seat by the time I'm done with the nip bottle but figured "what the hell". I was bringing home a cheesesteak, wrapped tightly in foil and plastic bags so as not to stink up the place, and I made a point to put the bag along with my carry-on bag in the very SMALL overhead compartment. Well, in walks this woman. She sits in front of me and, long story short, I just sat there in amazement.

Picture this: she's in her 40s, severely bad blond dye job (think Britney - during the recent drama), massive roots, white tank top, bedazzled jean gauchos and this god awful white scuffed strappy heels. She is just loud, obnoxious and telling her seatmate that she bought a 7000 sq. ft. building in Florida, she owns a big company and her staff is horrible, her payroll team is horrible and just nothing is ever done right. She also tells the guy that she wants to marry him off to her daughter because "she [the daughter] takes care of herself and isn't fat like all [the daughter's] friends". Wow. Okay. Where are my headphones.

Well, back to the story at hand. She's going to put her stuff in an overhead compartment but, rather than put it in the empty one above her seat or the one across, SHE SHOVES MY STUFF to the side and goes and puts her stuff WITH MINE in the very small compartment. You are kidding, right. I told her that she might not want to do that because I didn't want the steak smell to permeate the leather of her purse. I was being nice, even with the cocktail.

Blondie's response "Honey - it's an expensive bag - it won't smell like anything but what it is". I said "OK" and her snotty response was "It's really expensive -it's a Coach - I don't think you know how expensive they are". It was a $238 Coach bag. I knew exactly how expensive it was. However, I just nodded and smiled and said "I have no idea". Personally, that wench really had it comin' to her so I don't care if her coach bag did smell like cheesesteak. She was duly warned. Kudos to me for not cursing her out, right?

I did realize one thing besides the fact that vacations are too quick when you are having fun. I am truly a Philly gal at heart. That's my city. That's my home. How the heck I wound up in Orlando is beyond me.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Guess What... It's Back...

NO NOT the BACKSTREET BOYS! Sheesh - what type of a gal do you think I am...

NOOO.. it's Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte...which of course means it is officially fall and I'm a very happy gal indeed!


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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Random Observations from a Jersey "Club"...

So tonight, we went to a club in Deptford, NJ which will remain unnamed... but according to all reports - it's a pretty hoppin' joint...

Now - I'm one to people watch... I find it amusing and wonder sometimes what possesses people to act a fool. Tonight, however, takes the cake... (and there are Photos)...

  • Is the Dance Club the new Strip Joint? Why do girls find the need to act like a stripper when dancing - especially when they are dancing with their other female friends because the men don't dance. Seriously. I sat there watchin' these gals dance on the banquette, rubbin' on themselves like there was no tomorrow, flipping their hair into their face or the gal behind them, one gal was grinding her pelvis into her female friend's face on the floor, and one gal decided that every so often she would put her leg up on the bar and thrust into her friend's butt (We'll call her Chick Without a Pole). WTH?

  • The men sitting at the counter that attached the banquette had the best view. AND they went home with all their money to quote our gal H. No dollahs for the gals. And the gals only needed a pole and their new professions would be complete.
  • Let's talk about the men who can't dance. You know what they do - around 1:00/1:30 they circle the dance floor, pickin' off who they "think" they will get with. Then the hyena approaches with his "pack" and tonight the gal sent him off packin'... Another guy could have been 20, easily. He looked like the geekier version of Prince Harry - how he got in the bar, dunno. The gal he wound up with, easily 40.

  • What about the older couple next to us. The man was EASILY 55, the woman, not much younger. Lady - I did not need to see your tongue explore Gramp's ear, nor see your tongue shoved down his throat. I know you are still having sex, and that's fine, but NOT IN THE BAR, NOT IN FRONT OF US. MY eyes are forever burned. (and I won't mention her humping of Gramp's leg. You can have that mental image, 'k?)

  • When we first arrived, there was this gal pretty much grinding into this guy or so we thought. Turns out it was another girl - well, she kinda looked like Da Brat. They then switched up with another female couple. Hmmm. Get a room is my best advice.

  • Back to Banquette Gals - they have this dance - it's called the "Rafter Dance". It's when they are up on the banquette and hold on to the rafters while tryin' to channel Demi Moore "Striptease". Disturbing on so many levels.

  • I now understand the term Tramp Stamp. There was one gal on the banquette shakin' her moneymaker so where even Ludacris would be proud. She has the spine tattoo, but not one with a whole lotta meaning - the one that you see everyone have and they flash it often. Hey - let me say for the record, I have a tattoo on my spine, but mine has meaning - and it's only at the BASE of my spine, not crawlin' across the back. So back to Tramp Stamp. This gal would make Heidi Fleiss blush. While dancing, at one point, she turned around and I hear "Seriously -she's got to be 100 years old". Picture meth face, but 1000X worse.

  • Back to disturbing - there was the gal who clumsily teetered onto the banquette and I hear Reese go "Shit - She's Going to FALL!". Hey Club - Liability issues - take out the banquette or have your bouncers bounce them right off it. If you don't, hope you got a crack legal team.

  • Speaking of Bouncers - guys - did you see the gal Britney Spearing it and dancing on the sticky, dirty, messy dance floor with NO SHOES. Gross. Seriously Gross. She should have been booted. BR booted my friend Kelly for that - even caveman style swung her over his shoulder and took her outta Annies years ago. Guess the bouncers don't care.

  • Jersey is famous for the "Gotti Look". You know the type - spiky gelled hair, thin "beard", often with a napoleon complex, fake tan and severe swagger. Guess what - we found the Deptford version of Carmine Gotti and he lives and breathes (and dances with boys but shhhhh don't tell noone).

  • Deptford Gotti had a special dance which is what I call the"Peacock Strut". Butt out, struttin' around left to right on the floor, looking this way and that. All he needed was the feather fan from Nelly Furtado's new video and he would have been on point.

  • Deptford Gotti's best dance partner in his mind - himself as evidenced by his dancing with his reflection in the the mirror by the DJ booth.

  • Note to the guy who swears he was Cameo's brother - first of all, please tell me it wasn't the guy who wore the red cup in the Word Up video and, secondly, if he is, indeed, your brother, can you ask him to buy you some teeth. You're lookin' kinda rough there buddy!
Obviously, I did not drink enough. Photos forthcoming... Right now I need to burn the above mental images out of my mind...


I promised pics and here they are (with captions...)
This is what we encountered when we arrived. I think if you look hard enough you might see DaBrat in there...

The Banquette Girls...

The guy in the red shirt on the far left was the one who had the best view and went home with all his money...

On the left was "Tramp Stamp" and next to her is Chick Without a Pole. If that gal channelled her inner Sofie B. Hawkin "I Touch Myself" ONE more time, I swear one of us would have knocked her the hell off that banquette. She was also very adept at the Rafter Dance, grinding up against the banquette and shooting down Deptford Gotti and Suit Boy...

Here's the Hyena Pack circlin' for the night...

Note the boy in the suit next to the checkered shirt guy - that was the babyfaced guy of above who ended up with a gal that had to be around 40ish...

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Everything Happens For a Reason...

Y'all know that I have little to no tact. I also don't suffer fools lightly. Some may see me as assertive. Some may see me as aggressive. And, there are some who see me as an attitude waiting to erupt. I know this. I'm working on it - a work in progress I like to think.

Today was a crazy day and I kept thinking must not miss the flight. Must get there early... Blah blah blah. However it all started with me crashing on the couch and falling asleep until 7 AM!!! I still had to finish packing. I still had to go to the 9to5. I still had to prep the cat and spiff up the house for my gal who is watching Shadow.

I get to leave work early, go back home and I'm only running about 20 minutes behind. Then I get stuck in traffic. Then the driver in the long term parking lot was a trainee and stopped at EVERY STOP and waited for about 5 min at each even though noone was there. Then I arrived at the AirTran terminal.

Let me say I *heart* AirTran. I rarely have a problem and they are a good bunch of folks. Well that was until I met the skycab from hell who (1) was a fool; (2) needed a woman to kick his napoleon compex behind and (3) made me want to, as one of my mother's friends would say, rip his heart out through the throat. The man ooozed vile dog 'tude. I don't like chauvanistic men at all.

I asked him where do I check the bags since I already checked in online. He responded by screaming "You're LATE. Go inside and do it there!!" First of all I waited 4 min for him to tell me that which, in turn, made me LATE. Secondly, I was gonna rip into him but instead said in front of everyone that he wasn't even worth the time to acknowledge and the hand went up and I sailed inside redder than red. I was heated. How DARE he talk to anyone like that.

The gals* inside knew who I was talking about and the supervisor kindly put me on a later direct flight to Philly (the one I originally wanted but didn't want to pay big bucks for. I got this tix at $49 each way + tax). I am still getting there at the same time. No Atlanta for me. I got lucky and next time I will be early.

Perhaps I should thank the vile one. Nah. I'll just get a coffee and relax while reading Instyle. That man will meet karma one day, hopefully sooner than later.

*One of the girls told me that the vile one says very inappropriate things to her. I told her to report it because AirTran doesn't need an employee like that. Another girl called him a pig. Karma needs to **tchslap him soon!!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This is Why It Pays to Modify Car Rental Reservations...

Traveling 101... know that the companies will always drop prices when it comes to rental cars.

When I first planned the Philly trip - I did a reserve on a car it it came to $364.00. I have a fabulous plan through Hertz so I really won't go anywhere else. I get a discount, my car's ready and under a special canopy and everyone is always super nice - love the Hertz Gold.

Well, a few weeks ago, I ran the scenario again and it was $257 for the Toyota Corolla for the 4+ days I'm there. OK - that's fine.

Last week, something told me to run it AGAIN - like a slot machine the price dropped to $201.

Today, driving into the 9to5, a thought came out of nowhere with "Check the Hertz reservation again & modify". Today's price of the car - $159. Yeah ummm... I'll take it! That's a savings of $205 from the original quote!!!

And who said that The Secret doesn't work ... put it out there and it will come back to you...

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Measurement of Class...

OK. I'm ranting so be prepared. Tonight I hit up TarJay for some needed supplies like cat litter, a new cat scratching box (cuz furball is now sharpening her claws on the CARPET) fabulous flats on sale and some Blister Block. I'm going through the long line and, mind you its packed already with parents buying last minute school supplies, and this woman and her younger daughter were in front of me with perhaps 3 items. The woman was in her late 30s/40s and the daughter appeared to be at least 18/20. (She could have been younger but with the amount of caked on Wet 'n Wild makeup and clothes better suited for the club on BOTH of them, the jury's still out.)

The cashier rings up the 3 or so small items in their shopping cart and what do these two characters do. Walk off LEAVING the cart behind blocking everyone. We're near the cart stand so it would be RIGHT ON THEIR WAY OUT. The poor cashier looked at them, looked at the car, looked at the line that was snaked behind me and then I opened my big mouth. I told the mother that she forgot her cart and could be so kind as to not make Jose return HER cart.

The #*!#* had the nerve to suck her teeth in and roll her eyes at me. Bad move. As she's begrudgingly moving her cart while her kid talks wildly in spanish calling me a puta, my response to Jose "Some people don't have an iota of manners and class. Before her club kid calls me a whore again, both of them better check themselves first"

Important lessons for these two:

1) You never know who speaks or understands what language you might be cursing in.

2) Laziness gets you nowhere.

3) If you are going to talk crap, be prepared to back it up.

Obviously the daughter learned her behavior from her mother and her mother should know that behavior is unacceptable.
The mother's response to above: more eyeballing and mega attitude. She moved quickly out of the store when I didn't back down and gave it right back

Takes all kinds I guess.


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Your Call: Bootylicious or Fugalicious...

Here's the new fashion line by Ms. Tina Knowles aka Beyonce's Mom on


Your Call: Bootlylicious or Fugalicious...

Personally, I'm leaning towards the latter. But that's just me.


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Sunday, August 19, 2007

4 Days...

As Philly is quickly approaching (Thursday!) here are a few things which I'm super excited about...

  • The Hotel - The Westin Philadelphia. Super Swanky. Super Cheap (remind me to send a thank you card to Priceline). My days of staying in hellhole hotels in Cherry Hill, NJ are OVER! Yeah, I have to pay for parking. Yeah, we're downtown in Philly, but what a place to stay! Love it. Will take pictures.

  • The Shopping. Not only will we be visiting all things that are South Street, but also we will be hitting the King of Prussia Mall. Look at these stores. Where else can you browse through Nordys, Neimans (where I hope to just lay my eyes on the Manolo Mary Jane and also the CLs), Nine West (Yellow Pump is on SALE!), Lane Bryant and Sephora. There are so many stores I'd like to hit - you know I will be packing the flats for this day. Heels will not be an option. Philly also gets their fashion well before Orlando so I'm hoping for a little fall fashion inspiration.

  • High Tea. Reese loves High Tea, so we're gonna go check out high tea at one of the other swanky hotels in Center City.

  • Philly Cheese Steaks. Yeah, I know - totally blows any diet, but you CANNOT go to Philly and not have a cheesesteak. I love Jim's Steaks & Geno's Steaks equally. Geno is one of the biggest sweethearts on the planet and the last time I was there, we got the ultra VIP booth INSIDE the joint. Unheard of. Jim's - well, nothing like having a cheesesteak on South Street and seeing a client's pic on the wall of fame! Where else can you get a decent cheesesteak BUT Philadelphia?? All in the moderation though. I will not be having anything else but salad the rest of the day.

  • The Friends. Some of my closest friends are in Philly and seeing them is always a blast. They are some crazy folks (in a good way). Sadly, one of them will be going to the west coast for a wedding but we're probably going to see him on Thursday night before he flies out.

  • Business matters. We get to see two of our top clients while we are there. JoeZ.'s album has taken off and his single was played Friday night on a MAJOR radio station. As for the other client, they are recording right now and it will be good to catch up, work on their PR stuff and have a couple cocktails. Don't worry - it's a balance of work and play.

  • The Weather. While the humidity is Central Florida is downright suffocating, I'm excited for the cooler air. With cooler air and lower humidity - I get to experience two exciting phenomena - Fabulous Frizz Free Hair and Non-Melting Bare Escentuals Makeup aka Flawless Makeup. All of which translates into GREAT PHOTOS!

  • The Cocktails. Okay, at risk of sounding like a lush, I really don't get to drink as much as I could. I'm always the designated driver but having a margarita with the gals, a glass of wine with the friends and some dancing, possibly.

There's lots more to do, but I think we're pretty much going there without much of a schedule and just having fun! That is, after all, what vacation's all about (well in my case - a working vacation).

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hollywood Hair...

Lately, I've had pretty decent hair days thanks to my Jonathan volumizer spray, but in honor of the impending Philly visit (5 days people, 5 days!!), I decided the time had come to get a haircut. The last haircut was right before the housewarming party in April so it's been some time. My hair had gotten long and, while I have a habit of snipping at the bangs, I knew I had to get my look together before I head up north.

Today I had an eyebrow wax & hair cut scheduled at my favorite place, Fringe Salon in Altamonte. Karrie over there is THE BEST. This gal is so down to earth, does what looks good for the client and LISTENS to the client's input. It's rare for me to find a hairdresser like that. I'm very picky. The same about my eyebrow person.

Normally for my brows, I just go to the Regis place at the mall and $15 later I'm out of there looking less like an overgrown Brooke Shields. However, this time I decided to one stop shop today and got my brows done at Fringe as well. Val over there is an artist. She told me that an arch (you know the sharp Model-esque brow arch) is not supposed to look right on me. She actually played around with them and I love it.

Now with the hair - can I tell you it is much shorter than when I went in and I don't look like a beach ball. I have to look good for photos, right?? Tonight, Karrie put some curls in there to spice it up - not something I normally do with the flat iron but I LOVE it!! She kept calling it "Hollywood Hair". I joked that it was "publicist hair".

Hope Philly's ready for it!!! Now to start packing...

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Fashion Fanatic...

Mr. Tivo deserves a raise - it gave me a little surprise this evening - the new special - Fashion Fanatic with Stacy London of What Not To Wear fame. Tonight's episode - SHOES AND BAGS. This program was clearly meant for moi.

So - I have a new appreciation for all things Manolo, Choo and Christian Louboutin. Many of these chic lovelies are made mostly by hand and are timeless and classic, hence the higher price tag. There is a HUGE difference between an $800 shoe and it's $80 "copy", especially with how long it lasts, the fit and the feel. Quality over quantity, right? I still love my Nine West though, even more than Steve Madden in terms of comfort, at least for me.

Also, can you believe there is plastic surgery for feet - OUCH! Injections of "pillows" under the balls of the foot - are you flippin' kidding me??? I don't know if I'd EVER get that.

While I'm no Carrie Bradshaw and I am not able afford those CLs JUST yet, you know I'm determined now.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

For Those That Love Heels...

And for those Carrie Bradshaws of the world. There's an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal. You can read it here. I know I'm one of those gals who wear heels on the daily and it's rare you will see me in flats. Then again, I've been wearing heels since I was a mere 15 year old gal, so it's become habit for me. But I do know that for a big meeting, I will rock a fabulous pair of high heels and I know it's more of a confidence thing because I know I look good.

How about you - what's your stance on heels?


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Sometimes You Just Have To Say Whatever...

I've got this friend that's really grating my last nerve. Mind you, I've been friends with this person for years and I trust this individual with pretty much my life. However, there's one thing that really bothers the hell out of me and I'm about to put this out there...

How can one be friends with someone and drop their friends for a girlfriend/boyfriend? I know everyone's guilty of this at some point or another but seriously - you are supposed to grow out of that.

You know how I can always tell when this person is dating or into someone seriously - because this person drops out of sight/contact/etc. only to re-emerge after the break up. AND, to make it even funnier - this person won't talk with friends of the opposite sex because they don't want their partner to think that the friendship might be inappropriate. Seriously - when I'm with someone, they know my friends, both male and female. If my partner doesn't like my friends, they can deal. I'm not giving up my friends for a guy - and the people I date know this.

So yeah - I think that this "friend" and I are going to have a little "Come to Jesus" talk... because after years of this crap, my eyes are sick of rolling. Either that or I might just cut them out completely. There comes a point when you have to recognize your own behaviors.

Bec, Meowmix & Reese: Y'all know who I'm about to put on blast, right *LOL*


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Jus’ A Little Something To Get You Over the Hump..

Gotta love Wednesdays and, in my case, YouTube! Here’s a couple jems that I’ve been goin’ nuts over lately.

This song’s lyrics hit on so many different levels. Take a listen and I can guarantee that mostly everyone can identify with some of these feelings on one level or another.

P!nk – “Who Knew

And – if you are into more of a rock mood, check out this video from this new band Rooney. Quite the 80s vibe, but I can’t get the track out of my head…

Rooney – “When Did Your Heart Go Missing”.


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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Obsessed With: Gucci Sunglasses...

For the past 6 months, I've been lusting after these sunglasses by Gucci. While my normal PF cautious side says "Are You Freakin' Kidding Me", I adore these sunglasses. But I won't pay the Gucci price of $275. Not to mention I tried them on in Saks and va-va-voom! Definitely screams "Lys".

However, I did notice them on for much less than the retail price. As Philly is only 10 days away, I have to behave and, who knows, I might find a very well done copy while shopping up there. The ones that I've seen in Orlando pale by comparison...

One Day...

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Dammit - I Got Sucked In!!!

OK - so this weekend I had succumbed to a 7 hour The Hills marathon to see where a client's song got placed and, after watching all 7 hours of the show, of course I got caught up in the storyline (instead I heard the client's song on the other tv show - NEXT). So, of course you know I wound up Tivo'ing the Season 3 premiere. It was interesting to say the least. I've got a whole newfound respect for the level of class that Lauren has shown for not responding to all the crap that has been in the tabloids. Even dealing with Booker at Q102 in Philly who is tough cookie.

Then last night I watched Mission: Man Band (which was filmed here in Orlando) and, knowing some of the individuals featured, again, let's add this show to my rapidly decreasing willpower of resisting "reality" shows. Of course I'll be tuning in next week to see who's at one of Chris Kirpatrick's "famous" parties. (The man seriously should have an event hosting business instead of a real estate mogul in training and former N*Syncer).

I think that sometimes the PR gig might be detrimental to my brain cells.


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Monday, August 13, 2007

Fashion Challenge - Do You Dare...

OK - here's the skinny. Those that know their S&TC trivia know that the Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane is like the holy grail of shoes. How can one ever forget the scene of Carrie in Vogue's famous closet commenting on how she thought they were an urban myth.

Look at these lovelies...

Aren't they spectacular? The price, however, is not.

I was reading a blog this morning about this shoe for fall, and thought "I sooo love those but I can't have anything high up close to the ankle". Why you ask - because on a plus size fashionista, the higher the strap, the closer you come to making the leg look stumpy and this gal cannot rock a stumpy leg. Nosirrree!

Now I know Steven by Steven Madden has the Mary Jane, but their version has the high strap.

SO - here's my challenge fashionistas - can you help a gal out with finding a Mary Jane with a HIGH heel with a low thin strap ala the Manolo beauty?

Many many thanks and good karma coming your way!

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

My New Catch Phrase...

To Quote BJ from Kimora Lee Simmons' new show Life in the Fab Lane...

"I don't want to come across as the pushy publicist. That's not me. That's not my style but..."

I'm so keeping that line in my arsenal!!!! Love him!!

His other kick ass line "Don't play me. Play Lotto."


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Shadow's Adventure...

I've been meaning to blog about this. Last week, Shadow had a grooming appointment with this new service (well, new to me anyway) - Aussie PetMobile. These groomers come to YOU and groom your pet and - considering what I went through with PetSmart - love Love LOVE this service.

Quick backstory: Shadow went to PetSmart since we moved to Orlando and for the past couple of years she hated it. She used to have two groomers and both of them left - leaving a bunch of "characters" left to groom her. They would leave her in her bag for hours, groom her around dogs, roughly handle her and then they shaved her a couple times when I told them NOT to - she was to get a teddy bear cut and they wound up giving her a lion cut with a full face and full legs and naked every where else. Shadow hid for two days under the bed after that one. And I would pay $60 for this every few months - plus Shadow would soak me for about $30 in toys, not to mention bugging me for cookies and a plain cheeseburger no bun on the way back.

So when I found this service a couple weeks ago, it was like The Secret at work because I knew Shadow needed grooming but I didn't want to have to bring her back to PetSmart and upset her again. I was commenting to my dad that I saw on a tv show on the Fine Living Network that there were groomers that came to you but I didn't think to find a cat groomer like that in Orlando. There are tons of dog groomers but not cat groomers :::sigh::: Finding these guys was amazing as it was completely random - it was on S.R. 436 in Altamonte as they drove past me. I quickly wrote down their website & phone number on a notecard at the stoplight and the next day, I went to their website and booked an appointment.

Can I tell you that Dave & DeDe at Aussie PetMobile are FABULOUS!!! They came here last week and their grooming was top notch. Shadow was a bit scared in the beginning and PetMobile had already given me a heads up as to what would happen. They did a 15 step bathing process, clipped the nails, cleaned her ears and eyes and gave her a PERFECT haircut. She is BEYOND adorable (and petite!!). The clincher - when DeDe came up to bring Shadow back upstairs, Shadow actually ran up to her and headbutted her - Shadow's sign of affection.

Needless to say, this haircut cost me only a bit above what I spent at PetSmart but it was WELL worth it. I don't foresee Shadow going to any other groomer. They were done in an hour, did it outside of the apartment in a customized van and prompt and so nice! Definitely top notch!

If you are looking for a pet groomer - make sure to check out You won't be disappointed - I Promise!!!

**Pictures are coming soon -promise!**


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I'm Melting...

99 degrees here in Orlando today and its like shopping in a freakin' sauna. Let's not even go into the heat index.

I'm about to start praying for snow!!!


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Relaxing Sundays...

So it's Lazy Sunday and I'm taking full advantage. Yesterday I wound up watching The Hills marathon to see where our client's song was placed and I feel like I've underwent a television lobotomy of sorts (I couldn't find the track and more than likely will have to pick up the DVDs...grrr). This is the first day where I don't feel like my sinuses are taking a sledge hammer to my face. I've had a case of writer's block, yet again, but part of me wonders if its a bit of nerves from the 9to5, biz overload and stuff from home (or perhaps its an after effect of The Hills marathon ??).

One of the things I need to do is create a "home office". As it is now, I have my desk (which is falling to shreds thanks to the move) and the filing cabinet. The desk, however, is not used for what it's original intent was. Right now it's in the bedroom housing my jewelry as my bureau is now my television stand (I really need an armoire but don't want to purchase just yet).

When I originally moved in here, I was going to put the dining room table by the kitchen but, after the move, based on the space allotted from the kitchen counter, the table would not fit in there with my dining room hutch. So now the dining room table is where I was going to put the desk originally in the sunroom. I have a feeling that some "rearranging" will be in order this week. I think the minute I get things a bit more put together, that might erase some of the brain clutter.

So, today, I think I'm going to take a few hours and "wander" - with one of the goals is to look at desks. While I can't really afford it yet (due to Philly coming in 2 weeks), it will be good to see what's out there and perhaps I can get some ideas of what to do with my existing space. I'm one for clean lines, not too high and I love dark wood.

In addition, I need to return that clutch I bought (they left the ink tag on it and I've been thinking that I really won't use it - more $$$ I can save), pick up that new Sarah Jessica Parker perfume (gift card from MyPoints) and possibly take advantage of the Lane Bryant 40% off sale. I tried on a pair of their new jeans (down a size and they fit PERFECTLY - will detail over at Fashionista+ tonight). I'm also debating purchasing a blouse for Philly. Pretty much nothing too super interesting...

Here's hoping you're enjoying a relaxing Sunday!

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Give Me a Break...

I'm in a state of disqust. I'm watching a "pop star" who will go unnamed who is documenting her promo tour for her new album and the amount of bs she's spouting is hilar (MB & Reese - you know who I'm talking about). Any way you look at it, she's still insecure and has the same phony act. But boy does she know how to manipulate the machine.

I WON'T be buying her album to say the least.


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Friday, August 10, 2007

No More Teachers, No More Books...

No more teachers' dirty looks (or will there be)...

As some may know, I went to school for Pre-Law, opting to take the hardest course possible rather than a "cream puff" course at my school in Western Mass. They didn't have public relations at the time or even communications, however, I figured I would "make a difference" in law. Most of that thinking was based on my naivete as a very good friend of mine got screwed by the system based on someone's "misinterpretation" of the law. I wanted to go criminal and perhaps join the FBI. Based on my credit/school issues years ago, that dream had to be discarded. (Much props to my gal Susie and Meowmix who are working in law enforcement).

When I was 15, I fell in love with PR. I learned from one of the best mentors at the time, Yvette, as I hated to be on camera and would try to run into the control room as much as possible to see the behind the scenes stuff. Plus growing up I worked on a Junior Achievement Newspaper, created my own "newsletter" whatever (hey - I was young, 'k?) and took journalism in high school. I knew that somehow I wanted to work in entertainment, just not in FRONT of the scenes (or cameras, as it was). I learned entertainment PR the best way possible - on the job, doing PR for various local acts and worked with an 80s band for quite a few years. That life experience is not something you can plan for (or buy a degree in).

However, one thing always bugged me - my degree was in pre-law, NOT communications. I somehow always felt a step behind other PR professionals because I didn't have the formal training in corporate PR. I always rationalized it as Entertainment PR sometimes can be a whole different animal. While some of the fundamentals may be the same, the approach can be different.

Today, I did a bit of research and hopefully, if all goes well, I will take a few online classes in the next year through UCLA Extension. UCLA has an online course study in Entertainment PR and I guess we'll see what sparks flare up. Does this mean I'll go for my masters - perhaps in time. Getting back into the school swing of things is terrifying enough for me - even if it is online. I figure any knowledge is good and yeah, much of it might be just reinforcement, but nothing wrong with that, right?

Who knows, perhaps there is a hope for this cobwebbed brain o' mine.

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My New Baby...

I've been meaning to blog about this but seriously between the 9to5, client issues, starting the new biz and being sick, I am so sorry - it slipped my mind...

So, a couple weeks ago, I paid a visit to the Millenia Mall and this is my new baby..

Not to mention, the wrapping was beyond words...

I've been lusting after the Guccisima line for 2 years (and yes, there's a bag that I'm saving up for). Now - here's the funnier part of it. After I got my lovely "business owner" wallet, I trotted through the mall with my father (he was visiting) and we stopped in Cole Haan and Jimmy Choo. Can I tell you the attention I got once they saw the Gucci shopping bag? I even had one sales lady fawn over me asking me if she could show me the new fall line and eve asked if she could hold my Starbucks. What. The. @*$#*@*@??? She probably thought I would spill the coffee on the shoes *LOL* anywayz - in talking with my friends, it really made me think. I highly doubt I would get the same treatment for a Tar-Jay bag... interesting scientific experiment, methinks....

Somehow that kind of bothers me. A couple years ago, I really really really wanted to buy a Chanel wallet - I wanted to buy one for years and at the time I was in the store I had the funds to do so. I went into the store, waited at the counter to look at the wallets, but some dumb young saleswoman kept chasing after the tourists milling about the store. I waited there for about 15 minutes watching her chase after these people who, by the way, just left the store and didn't buy a damn thing. Granted I had my 9West Bronze Bag that I LOVE and wore jeans, but hot damn people. Needless to say, I didn't get buy the wallet and left in annoyance. Gucci never gives me the same treatment (well the one salesclerk we go to is amazing! Love her!). They've always been attentive and nice and don't drive you insane. Well except for one clerk but he's no longer there. I have had problems at the Coach store as well. Either they follow you like puppydogs and don't let you shop OR you can't get a salesclerk's attention for anything outside of an act of God.

Let me state for the record, while I love the designer lines and such, if I can't afford it at the time, I don't buy it. Period. I'm a stickler for quality over quantity and if a pair of shoes will last me forever and a day or a wallet & bag will last me for years, I'll make the investment. I've had way too many cheapy wallets & bags disintegrate because I give them a work out. But I also take care of what I have. I guess it's a trade off.

I must make this point. Salespeople - word to the wise - don't size people up when they walk in a store. Some of us, like my Bampa (and Bill Cosby) use the theory that they don't dress to shop. I also don't go in looking like a scrub. If we can buy it and we want it, we will. But I won't give a salesperson a commission if they are being an azz - period.


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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Blog Day 2007

Sarah over at Pink Shoe Diaries tagged me for Blog Day 2007 and really put me in the hot seat. As y'all know, I adore all the bloglinks on my blogroll, but I'm going to think about some that are Must Reads Daily (besides Sarah's and Jenny's) and try to find some that aren't necessarily on there.

Also - to amp up the game, I'm not going to link to any blogs that they described during their Blog Day 2007 posts either.

Blog Day 2007

Here are the Rules:

1. List five Blogs that you find interesting and if you can tell, include the city/country where they are from.

2. Identify five Bloggers to tag to join in this game with you. I recommend emailing the bloggers you tag to give them a heads up of you tagging them.

3. Use the tag: BlogDay2007 in your blog post.

4. (Optionally): Contact the owners of the blogs you shared as your “blogs to take a look at.”

SO, here are my choices:

1) For my daily "gossip", I cannot live without Crazy Days & Nights. This is written by an entertainment lawyer in, where else, LA baby, and let me tell you - has he got the scoop on everything! While we all love (or loathe - your call) Perez Hilton, CD&N is an awesome blog if you are looking for something a bit "different".

2) For all things PR related, I must read PRDifferently written by Peter Shankman in NYC. This is one of the top publicists in the industry, imo, and his witty off beat humor and poignant views on topics related to the public relations industry make it a must read. Plus - I can never leave that site without a smile. Commenting that Lizzie Grubman's new client must be the sun, too much *LOL*

3) I know I've mentioned her before and she is on my blogroll, but when it comes to PF - one of the best is
Single Ma's Fabulous Financials! Based around Washington, DC, this blogger knows her stuff when it comes to the Finance game. I've learned more from her blog re: personal finance and she is definitely an inspiration. Thanks to her I have been inspired to take my personal finance goals by the throat, shake them a little and get going on getting my money end of things together. And I also don't feel too guilty when I indulge in some shopping.

The Food Diva: Alex Lopez. This gal is a shoo-in for the Next Food Network Star (Food Network - are you listening??). This San Francisco based Chef/caterer/food stylist has such a witty blog and her pictures - di-vine. Reading her blog makes me want to start cooking again (when the humidity clears a bit here in Overly Sunny Florida).

5) You know I'm all about the fashion/beauty side of things - and I must have a fashion blog on the list. So when celebrity stylist Dana Prigge from NYC started her blog,
Daily Fashionista, I was curious and it's worked its way onto my "must read" list. Dana's one of those stylists who knows how to get "the look for less" and throws in some great beauty finds as well. Check her out!

Now on to the fun part (and for what someone might want to shoot me for). Let's tag 5 writers of some of my other "daily must reads" and see what they can stir up -

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Musings of a Sick Gal...

You know that virus that has been passed around the office more times than a batch of cookies - yeah - well, I got struck with it. It started Monday at the 9to5 with a series of light headed episodes, fever, bouts of nausea and then *bam* Monday night I got it full force. You mix a stomach virus with the beginnings of a sinus infection* and this gal is far from a happy camper. A stop at CVS (still no blister block), a package of Nyquil liquicaps and some heartburn medicine (don't ask) and I'm down for the count.

I learned a few things and without getting into gross detail, here we go:
  • Nyquil Liquicaps are not good for this gal - while it's supposed to promote sleep & cold medicine, not for me - I stayed up an extra 4 hours til it took its effect. Liquid works MUCH better
  • I need the Tivo in the bedroom - not living room.
  • Cable is just not so great during the day - I wound up watching shows like "A Baby Story", old 50s movies, "10 Years Younger" and even "Beverly Hills 90210" (I must have been suffering from delirium.) My bright spot - "Friday the 13th - the Series" was on TWICE. Who cares that I've seen the eps before - loved it!
  • Dairy & stomach virus - non mixy things
  • Blackberry email works only when I DON'T have my outlook up and running in the other room.
  • I need to move my laptop into the bedroom should I care to be productive while sick.
  • While I say I will be productive and actually clean or something while I'm around the house - yeah ummm.. so not happening. While fighting off the dizzy spells and nausea, I was lucky enough to get a couple loads of laundry done.
  • Pizza & stomach virus - non mixy things
  • But, the pizza was free (Pizza Hut was beyond late). Thank god I can save it for later. Hey - I didn't feel like cooking.
  • I hate Jello. - Well, not hate, but strong distaste right now.
  • My neighbors below seem to be loony. Or I'm just hearing things.
  • I'm probably hearing things - again - see delirium above.
  • I can, however, have a great jean day and they fit fabulously.
  • Stomach Virus = Forced Diet. Remind me to send Mr. Virus a thank you card.

I will be glad to go back to the 9to5 - I'm beyond bored!! (But I'm feeling a bit better - guess the Nyquil does work after all).

*I can always sense the beginnings of a sinus infection thanks to a dear gal named Kathy who hit me full force on my cheekbone with a Heineken bottle, slightly fracturing it. Basically I caught her messin' around with my ex fiance and went to talk to her about it - before I could even say a word, she hit me full in the face with the beer bottle. BR & Bec can testify that I didn't kick her butt (but should have), but now whenever I feel a sinus infection coming on, I feel it in that spot. I should send her a thank you card too because that way I always take care of it early.


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Monday, August 06, 2007

Some Things I'm Excited About...

To kick off the week right and start off on an optimistic note (rather than the crap I dealt with last week), here are a few things I'm kinda jazzed about...
  • Fall Fashion is around the Corner!! One of the favorite things I would do with my mom growing up was back to school shopping. Those that know my mom are fully aware that she's a fashion plate. I remember always absorbing everything I could from her copies of Vogue, Glamour, Spiegel and whatever fashion magazine/catalog that would be around the house. As I hit my teens, I would love to read Teen & Seventeen to prep me for the coming school year. This year, while looking at my closet and lamenting about how I have *nothing* to wear, it dawned on me. Yes, I'm between sizes, but I need more *updated* clothing to fit my new persona of "entrepreneur" or whatever. I know I rock the shoes like one, but my clothes are lacking. They are a bit too casual in my opinion and I need to amp it up a bit. So this fall, I'm on the look out for some great tweeds, herringbones, rich jewel tones like amethyst, sapphire and ruby, and a *great* bag to really go with everything. One more thing to look forward to in Philly - shopping!! And I better find a good tailor!! Clinton & Stacey would be so proud.
  • Speaking of fashion - there's gonna be a revamp of We're going to go with a new look, new feel and just rockin' a whole new fashion vibe over there for the plus size fashionista.
  • There's something invigorating about networking that really gets me going. I found some podcasts on iTunes this weekend for PR stuff and it's a whole other world. Not only do I get to check out What Not To Wear, but also hear some business related stuff that is rather refreshing.
  • Also on the PR front, I took part in a conference call today about a retreat scheduled for next year and found myself getting into the mix rather than standing on the sidelines. For a quasi-shy gal like me, I guess I had a bit of what would they say - chutzpah?
  • Finances - yes, I know I keep saying that I will get to the finances and put stuff on eBay, but honestly, time is scarce. I've got way too many irons in the fire and I need to strike a balance. However, I was able to get my first *official* check from the new PR company this week and, while it was only for a small amount of billing, still - nice to have. It will pay for part of those yellow shoes.
  • I can't wait to try the new Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance, Covet. I loved "Lovely" and I am intrigued by the new commercials re: Covet. I've got a gift card to Macy*s so that should alleviate some of the cost.

Here's hoping you all have a fabulous week!!!

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bookmark This!: Allure Free Stuff Giveaway..

Every year I'm told Allure Magazine gives away a ton of free stuff and, this month, much like last year, you can get lots of goodies if you try!

For example: Today at 1:00 p.m. Allure is giving away the new Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance (sooo nice) to the first 100 to enter. Seriously, if you are a beauty junkie, like moi, what's the harm, right.

So you can check out the page here, bookmark it and, throughout the month of August check it on the daily! Good Luck!


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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Refresher Course Needed...

With all the hustle and bustle between the new clients, the PR thing, the 9to5, still getting comfy in the new apartment, plans for the future and a renewed commitment to upping my FICO score and improving my finances, I really haven't taken any "down" time. It seems that with the Crackberry came the "always on alert" and "have to do it now now NOW" syndrome. So not kosher. The past three days (even now), I feel like I've waged battle. Waged battle with people who just don't "get it". Waged battle with superiors. Waged battle with the people at the apartment. Even waged battle with myself. And I'm tired. Seriously, mentally, really need a SUPER good nap tired. The 4 hrs of sleep a night are gonna take its toll and, to boot, I'm fighting off a nasty flu bug.

SO, tonight this gal is shutting off the Crackberry (it will be tough but it wants a vacation anywayz), shutting down the laptop and not answering the phone after 7 p.m. I'd like to be able to just veg out, do laundry, hell, pop a REALLY good DVD in and zone out. I'd even like to fall asleep by 10 after the Footballers Wives Series finale. Now that would be fabulous!

So, why am I baring it all, you ask. Because if you get an email from me this evening, feel free to put me on blast. While I am a workaholic, I have new responsibilities and I'm no good to my team if I'm out of commission, right? And my friends know that I'm addicted to the computer lately so I need some intervention.

Oh - and if you care to watch The SECRET for free, a friend of mine sent me THIS LINK. You might enjoy it. Heck, I even need a refresher course right now. However, I think I'm going to watch it on DVD with a nice glass of blueberry iced tea.

Have a great night!


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Just an Indication...

Excuse the mess. This is pretty much what was in the arsenal yesterday morning... It was so crazed that at 8:40 I hit an annoyance level and trotted across the street to Starbucks where not only was I tempted with my normal Venti Iced Cinnamon Dolce Nonfat Latte, but also with the new Iced Blueberry White Tea.

Today - well, today it was a two coffee morning. Hopefully tomorrow will be a "just one".


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