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Saturday, May 05, 2007

100 Things...

I guess it's finally time for me to get around to posting 100 things, huh? Granted it's a bit late but hey - it was on my "I'll Get To It" list...

  1. I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts on November 4th.
  2. I'm mostly Irish with a bit of Blackfoot Indian.
  3. My mom's family lives in Yakima, Washington.
  4. My dad's side lives in LA, CT and the distant relatives are in Ireland.
  5. Before I die, I want to visit Italy, Ireland and Egypt.
  6. I went to Catholic school from K - 12.
  7. It was there I learned to cuss worse than a sailor.
  8. I got disciplined in 2nd grade for reading on the playground.
  9. I guess it didn't work - I still am shy but I love a good book.
  10. We moved back to Western Mass from Connecticut when I was about 12. I hated it.
  11. I was closer to my dad's side of the family.
  12. I learned this year I had lived with them for about 1 1/2 years when my mother left my father as a child.
  13. I miss my Nana & Bampa. They were great people.
  14. I inherited my love of cooking from my Bampa. Unfortunately, it didn't make itself known until after he died.
  15. I consider myself a Philly girl however because of the time I spent there during my high school years. It was there I learned to look "outside the box", found my love of PR, embraced the chance to "get out" (because, those who live in W. Mass know that W. Mass is like a bubble and many don't escape) and Philadelphia is the ONE place I feel at home.
  16. I danced on a TV show, however I despised the camera and loved working behind the scenes instead. Yes, it was on "that show". Hey - my mother watched it first...
  17. Due to my early years in Philly, I discovered my love for stilettos and rarely wear flats.
  18. I'll probably regret it when I get older but hell, I have some seriously toned calves.
  19. I also met my first love when I was in Philly. We're still good friends to this day.
  20. Philadelphia & the Jersey Shore are two of my absolute favorite places. Las Vegas is one of the others.
  21. I always loved entertainment. When I was 4, my dad told me that I ran backstage at the Tony Orlando & Dawn concert. Apparently, even at a young age I thought I was entitled to watch shows from the best seats.
  22. At 12, I got to go to a concert and meet a pop 80s group. I became close with their family and lost contact with them around 92.
  23. Our paths crossed again around '98 and I handled their PR for quite a few years.
  24. I moved to Orlando to work with their record label.
  25. They moved back to Cali about 2 years later; I stayed in Orlando.
  26. IMO, entertainment doesn't really pay unless you are in the hub cities i.e. LA, NY or Nashville.
  27. I love my new city (Altamonte Spring) too much to relocate.
  28. I have little to no patience for the b.s. that entertainment can bring sometimes.
  29. According to my father, I also have no tact.
  30. I am trying to work on it. However, I'm not one to sugar coat something and will be open and honest about my thoughts.
  31. Some people just don't like that.
  32. I'm an avid shoe aficionado.
  33. Nine West and Steve Madden, to me, is my major addiction right now.
  34. Christian Louboutin, for me, is the holy grail.
  35. Yes, I watched too much Sex & The City. Is that a bad thing?
  36. I was engaged for about 6 1/2 years.
  37. I wizened up before it became a common law marriage.
  38. I didn't wisen up when he threw me through a window.
  39. The other love of my life died in 98 from complications due to burns received in a fire.
  40. He was 28.
  41. I regret fighting with him before he died. We didn't speak for about 6 months.
  42. I'm very cautious with relationships.
  43. Maybe it's that whole Catholic guilt again?
  44. Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite fashion icons. Hello - BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS - if you haven't seen, you must!
  45. I have a thing for DVDS, especially TV Series on DVD.
  46. Hey - its one of the things that I inherited from my ex-fiancee.
  47. Credit issues is the other thing I inherited from him.
  48. I'm working on getting my life back in order.
  49. I'm also working on learning to say "NO".
  50. That's how I wound up with finance issues.
  51. In college, I had one of the best drama teachers - Paul Norton.
  52. It was through work on the plays in college that I headed up the makeup department.
  53. Through that, I became a total beauty junkie.
  54. Sephora is one of my favorite stores.
  55. So are Williams-Sonoma and Pier1.
  56. At least I'll look great while cooking and my table will look fabulous.
  57. While plus sized, I still believe that a gal can be fashionable.
  58. I get that from my mother.
  59. She is a fashion diva, in a good way.
  60. We don't have such a great relationship. I'm closer to my father. Now, I know why.
  61. My father advocated that I get a college degree in something non-entertainment related.
  62. I opted for the most "non-cream puff course" at my college.
  63. That was pre-law.
  64. I do not ever want to become a lawyer.
  65. Nor will I date one.
  66. I probably just cursed myself.
  67. I purposely failed my LSATS by clubbing the night before.
  68. It wasn't a career path I did not want for myself. My family felt otherwise.
  69. I worked in cable in the security department working on investigating those who stole cable.
  70. However, I really wanted to work in the FBI. Somehow that dream got lost in the shuffle.
  71. Dating a military cop reinforced my preference for dating military or law enforcement.
  72. It has nothing to do with the uniform - for me its all about the honor/honesty of the person.
  73. And a good pair of biceps and great eyes doesn't hurt either
  74. My friends are like my family.
  75. Some of my close friends are in LA, Utah, Philly & the Northeast.
  76. Thank god for emails and cell phones.
  77. Only Reese and MB have visited Orlando so far.
  78. Bren, Bec, Meowmix, Chris & Ed need to get their hustle on down here. Yes, I'm callin' y'all out.
  79. I now live in Altamonte Springs, specifically, Uptown Altamonte.
  80. If my apartment goes condo, I'm sooo buying it, hence more working on my credit score.
  81. I have a gorgeous apartment with a big kitchen.
  82. The kitchen is what sold me on this place.
  83. So did the location - it's behind the mall. Hey - I'm a shopping diva at heart, albeit a frugal one.
  84. I have a cat - Shadow - who doesn't have a tail.
  85. She is, however, very vain. She loves the mirror.
  86. And my shoes. She will sleep with her paws in them.
  87. I'm a perfectionist.
  88. I also am a workaholic.
  89. I'm careful on my drinking. My mom's side has a predisposition to loving the firewater.
  90. I'm much fonder of ice coffee, esp. Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts.
  91. I'm guessing that this is due, in part, to my mom's drinking of ice coffee while she was pregnant with me.
  92. Or else it sounds like a great justification.
  93. I can't make coffee to save my life.
  94. I do as much of my shopping online and am a huge fan of cash back.
  95. Just read the blog and you will see why.
  96. However, if I keep it up - the mailman will go on strike.
  97. I'm at 97 and am at a loss for words.
  98. I am not such a fan of seeing movies in the movie theaters.
  99. I'm guessing that's because H. wanted to go to the movies CONSTANTLY.
  100. However, I will make an exception for George Clooney - have you seen that man. Va Va Voom.

OK - that's enough rambling for this gal for a week! Phew - that was exhausting.

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