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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Obsessed With: Elizabeth & James Jean Envelope Bootie...

I detest falling for celebrity "branded" lines, mainly because I've learned that often the celebs themselves really don't do anything but sign their name on the dotted line and collect a check.  Hey, I don't want to fault them for hustling, I just choose to not contribute to their "non-design" and participation - that's all.  For example, I REFUSE to wear Jessica Simpson anything.  I mean, seriously, what the hell does Jessica Simpson know about Plus Size clothing - NADA.  And I refused to shop at Avenue for 2 years until they got rid of her line.  The same goes with her shoes - hell to the no.

However, when I saw these booties, I started salivating.  The gorgeous gray color.  The fabulous ostrich detail and that heel.  Much to my chagrin, I learned that they were an Olsen twin line - Elizabeth & James.  And, sadly, they passed my true test - would I buy them at full price.  Yup, I would and am already plotting to allocate funds after the move for my "Welcome to Philly Booties".

Let's just hope I find coupons and cash back plus sale to alleviate the painful screams of my poor abused wallet.


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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Big News...

Y'all know that news that I said I couldn't share - at least out in BloggyLand? Well - I can now.

I'm moving...

There - I said it. Granted y'all knew that when I told you I was giving the apartment complex now known as Golf Dorm Central the old heave-ho. However, that was only the tip of the iceberg.


I'm moving to all points Philadelphia (or at least the outskirts) come September. I had to break the news to the 9to9 hence why I didn't disclose it here for y'all. I'm still working out the logistics but that's my big news. A few of you knew that on the d/l but now - well - it's just out there and, as per the terms of The Secret - Put It Out There and it will happen.

However - it's a system of trade offs. I'll still have to deal with tourists but they won't be Disney tourists. Philly is having economic troubles but their salary rates are quite high and the cost of living is about on par with what we pay here. The Rat controls the Orlando economy and, yes, I have to say a big F/U to all things Disney for making people think it's okay to work for peanuts around here while everything costs an arm and a leg.

Sure, there's snow and my friends will razz me horribly for all the times I said "Yo - it's 70 degrees out there - what's it up north - 20 below?" but I'll take the 4 seasons any day. Plus - Fall IS my favorite season. Speaking of fall - I can wear BOOTS! You know I had to get a shoe plug in somewhere. Whenever I wear boots in Orlando, people look at me like I lost my daggone mind.

In the summer, there will be weekends at the shore to look forward to. Ocean City anyone?

Philly's huge and all and, yes, there IS crime but you know what - their crime level is on par with Orlando and Orlando has HALF the amount of people. Go figure. Philly cops are no joke either - that's a comforting thing. There are no sheriffs to be found (thank god - the sheriffs down here drive me batty).

Their mayor is 20x better than Orlando's in my opinion. Granted his name is Mayor Nutter - but he's better than Mayor Weeble Wobble - aka Buddy Dyer. And I don't think Nutter has a mug shot. (That's a joke - so pipe down Orlando City Hall and stop stalking my blog).

Sure the traffic is going to suck but hey - I can deal with traffic. Also, I'll be three to 4 hours away from my family (like when I lived in New Hampshire - yes Mom I'll be late to dinner - and with the pug too). I'm a couple hours from all points NYC. I'll be living not only near my favorite malls (King of Prussia, Cherry Hill) but also near my favorite restaurants, nightclubs and, of course the Italian Market. I can take cooking classes at Sur La Table in Marlton or at Fosters in Center City.

Philly has a better climate for my dear pug who just can't handle the humidity and the heat (yes he'll get snowboots and a sweater).

There will be NO PALMETTO BUGS! (Yay to the end of the buggy car dance). God I hate those sons of bs... ughhhh.

There is so much that I can't detail it all but in a nutshell, Philly will provide a gal with room to thrive and grow.

Now - organizing everything for this move is going to be chaos. There will be LOTS of ebaying, decluttering and packing going on at Casa Lys. However, I'm up for the challenge... Bring it!

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Sometimes You Just Have to Pay Attention...

I've had so much going on in the day to day that I've just been caught up like a working drone - work; home; pug; chores - over and over again. This weekend was the first time in a while I really chilled out after the chaos and really relaxed.

Well, somehow last night I had the weirdest dream about A. The dream involved him needing to talk to me about something important and he couldn't since Meowmix was blocking him from contacting me. Somehow, he and I chatted and all was fine. I can't remember the specifics of the conversation but all and all, it was one of those types of dreams that I woke up thinking "Da Hell?!?!?!" Not to mention that it is quite rare to even have a dream with A. in it plus remember it the next morning. When that happens, my instinct kicks in and I know that something is up.

Well, totally random - this morning I get the news that he's getting married in a couple months. He's marrying someone who also works for the same PD as him and understands his lifestyle (totally different than his last wife who would beg me to try to convince him to work a office 9-5. The man wanted to be a police officer ever since we first met so no, he'd never trade in his badge for a desk.)

In chatting with Meowmix, she also agreed that the timing of the dream and the info was peculiar to say the least but it showed me one thing - not only has he moved on but so have I. It goes without saying that I am beyond happy for the cat and his new bride. If she makes him happy, then all is right in my book. He has been through hell.

It also shows me that yet another chapter of my past is finished and only the best is ahead.

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