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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well, today is the appointment with the cardiologist. I can tell I'm anxious because I woke up with pains yet again - but I have to remember that after last week, I might have done more damage than good by letting the family drama get me beyond stressed.

Plus - get this, my apartment complex, upon getting my letter/written notice of my intent to move January 31, 2007 decides to tell me that it isn't "sufficient" and that I have to fill out their special form and that I couldn't have it faxed to me for review, had to come in and they had to supervise me reading it. What the blankity blank blank *LOL*. I think they finally saw the wenchy side of me as I informed them that my 60 days starts running on SUNDAY, not tomorrow - dumbbutts that they are and that they are to fax the form for review, period. Bump that.

They want to know why I'm leaving... hmmm... let's see - the crime (constant robberies, rapes, etc. - but no murders yet - thank god), the dealer 2 buildings down, the fact that we have at least a 2 police car visit nightly to our little complex, the crazy neighbor downstairs with his gun, shall I go on... I don't think they really want me to detail all of that because, if I have to, I'd have to send a copy to the head of the new property management corporation just so he's aware. These guys are running it into the ground and I want no part of it. Roomie went down to the office after I got into a heated discussion with their rep yesterday and they again tried to tell her to just "sign the form" and her and I can read it later. How dumb do we all look. DOH!

So yeah - the stress is running rampant, but I'm looking forward to seeing what the doctor has to say. I do know I'm going to get the lecture to take better care of myself, but hopefully, *knock wood* that's all that is going on.


3 hrs without coffee and I called the cardiologist's office - they told me that today was not a battery of tests like my primary doc had told me, but an intitial office visit, meet & greet if you will. I'm telling them, "You got me paranoid... what the - I'm having anxiety attacks over here" the receiptionist laughed and told me to calm down and then they would schedule the tests as needed, but they don't bite. (I despise doctors - too many quacks I dealt with eons ago). Now - here's the kicker, I read my heart doc's bio - he didn't get his degree in the states (a big flag for me immediately thanks to too many warnings on tv & legal stuff); he's only been in practice here for a year (ummm.. newbie) AND, as Roomie was giggling about - he's mormon. Talk about an interesting meet and greet, ya think...

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rebates on Purchasing A Home??

I'm big on Rebates, Cash Back, Couponing, etc. - as you all have heard me yip time and time again - and, as I'm moving in the next two months, something on PayPerPost caught my eye - this Dallas Real Estate firm offers a 1.5% cash back rebate at closing - are you KIDDING ME??? Now that is a novel idea. Unfortunately, Orlando has yet to catch on. I'm big on firms that build brand loyalty and something like this would make me seriously consider purchasing any real estate through them as well as considering them for future recommendations/purchases. As you all know, purchasing a home is an expensive proposition so anything to offset that wallet shock would be fabulous…

Now - you think AlCan Realty Partners might open a satellite office in Orlando? Just putting it out there. If you are looking for property in the Texas area - drop by and check it out - you just never know.

Dallas Real Estate

**This post has been brought to you by PayPerPost. My opinions, as always, are my own**

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Isn't This a Beauty... is not a site that I have bookmarked to check on the daily. However, as I am a BzzAgent, Bzz sent out an email today about their new campaign. So - I decided to browse around and see what I could find. They gave me some friends & family codes to send out (let me know if you want one - first come, first serve) and invited me to check it out with a 15% discount... alrighty. You said the magic word - DISCOUNT. Well, after first seeing if it was on one of my normal cash-back sites (Mr. Rebates & FatWallet both give 5% back on this), I browsed through the kitchen section as that's my new obsession as of late.

I have a list of things in my head (and on my wishlists) that I want to get for the new place. I always loved Nigella Lawson's pots and fell in love with this lovely. It's both a steamer and a pot. (Jambalaya anyone?) I was planning to buy it at full price (with cash back tho - hello) after I moved, however, lo and behold - ITS ON SMARTBARGAINS at 49% off - you are kidding, right? Well, combined with the coupon - this gal got it for 64% off and, as of December 11, 2006, this gorgeous pot will be sitting on my stove. Next step - I guess I need to find a rack next to hold all my lovely pots and pans, ya think?

Anywayz - check it out. If you are interested in becoming a buzz agent, let me know - either shoot me an email or comment and I'll hook ya up.


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In my "Obsessed With Shopping" spotlight, I'm about to start (*wink* - nooo, I'm NOT obsessed)... you have got to try...

Donna Karan "Gold"

OMG it smells d-i-v-i-n-e!! I tried a bit of it this weekend while going out and, if Bec and I had stayed long enough at any of the clubs/local bars we visited, this scent might have gotten yo' gal in a bit of trouble...

Thank you Sephora for sending me that sample - I'll be dropping by the Florida Mall this week to pick up my very own bottle...


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Still In Shock...

With Turkey comes the drama, ya know?

Well - I've had the request to "edit" my blog concerning my mother after she found it. After having a few days to think about it, hell no. I'd say "I've been dooced", but you know what, doesn't bother me. I've been upfront and to censor myself now, nope.

As for my mother - during our discussion, she decided to reveal a bit of family history that I'm not ready to hash out here just yet. What I will say is that I'm still in a state of shock, disqust and annoyance. I'm going to have to fly to Boston to pull the records from Archives, but you know what - what goes around comes around.

My friends and my dad have been amazing and beyond supportive. My friends truly are family to me and I am eternally grateful. As for the family drama - this was something I should have heard years ago, not with dramatics, and the full story from BOTH my parents. It does, however, explain alot about how I am, how I interact with people and how my life was shaped at such an early age.

I'm proud to be who I am - and I embrace that wholly. I'm not hiding behind a screen of "happy family" crap, nor have I ever professed to have a perfect life. I am, however, cutting the negative stuff out of my life, (esp. now with doctor's orders) and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Sometimes You Just Need a Shot in the Arm...

After the drama of last week, I'm finding myself looking to take it a bit easy. After all, I'm on the go 24/7 so for me to take a few minutes, kick back and breathe - hell, I'm all for it now.

This morning, I had an appointment for my hair. I would get my hair cut short, but to quote BR, "Not all women look good with short hair" (or along those lines). Well, on Wednesday, my mother - in her wise mom mode - took me to her stylist who is in this little tiny building of sorts which looks like a cross between Pretty In Pink Meets the Outsiders and I'm supposed to trust my hair to that? I ask for suggestions from various peeps - BR informs me that he's of no help (I should have guessed but considering that he's networking king extrodinare - I figured he might know a friend of a friend of a friend - then again - he's a man... point taken), Sarah's recommendations would have been peeps in Boston or South Shore, I'm not going to NH to my old hairdresser and I'm lost. Am I going to go looking like Shaggy from Scooby Doo or am I going to bit the bullet and walk in to some place that I feel has "it"?

I used to babysit for this woman years ago when I lived in Western Mass. After much searching, I found her salon. Let me tell you - first of all, seeing her and her kids again was like coming home. I needed that. Maryann is a kick azz stylist and a fabulous woman. This woman was there for me at times when my mom could not be there and, through my parents messy divorce, she showed me that moms are not really like that. So, to see her again was amazing. Her staff treated me like gold, Lindsay over there did a fabulous cut & style and, when I'm home, that's the ONLY place I will go for my hair. So - if you are in Western Mass, check out Salon Tres Chic & Day Spa in Agawam. Well worth the time and very reasonable prices.

I spent some time with the family today - my mother is determined to have me become a born again catholic (so not happening), is on my case to get married and have kids (again - so not), etc. My dad, well he's been pretty cool about everything, but I've decided - next trip, I'm NOT staying with my mother. I'll visit, but I need to be away.

BR provided a welcome respite this evening - went over to his house, chilled a bit, opened a couple of coronas, watched a fire and just caught up. Can I tell you, sometimes you just need to relax and watching a fire - c'mon - how can one not find that relaxing. His house is amazing. He's got an eye for what looks sharp and it is very "him". Now, after that, I want to buy a house. He lives near my old college so I got lost around the area and saw some familiar haunts. Mory's Pub is now PADDY's, Sophia's Sports Bar is still intact (how many nights at either of those places do I remember), seeing Brian & A's door at Gateway as I drove past was weird and so many places and memories hit me all at once. Now they have a Dunkin' Donuts there. Do you know how many mornings that would have saved me in the Crim. Law 101 class where I could have grabbed a coffee rather than swipe A.'s soda only to find out it was Captain and Coke at 8:00 in the morning? Ugh!

Tomorrow on the agenda, Bec and I are going to hit the town (or what little of a town there is here *LOL*) - We're still workin' on trying to drag BR out (I'm only in town HOW often?) Will there be pictures, dunno yet. Don't know if it's wise or not *LOL* but then again, I'm sure there will be wine involved. Or Captain Morgan. Or, knowing me - both.

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The Travisty...

As I'm in Western Mass today, my mother keeps telling me that "oh we have so and so store" or "I saw that at so and so store". I should know better than to take her word at face value by now... because, I've learned that there is no Crate and Barrel within a 50 mile radius of Western Mass - it's out near Boston. There is no ULTA within Massachusetts OR Connecticut and, if I want to go to any of my normal haunts (like 9 West to replace the shoes that her damn dog chewed), I'm going to do some serious traveling.

Guess this means I will shop when I get back in Orlando - I'm realizing that Florida really isn't too bad.

Now - if only I can find the time to go to the Burlington Mall..

(Excuse the typos in the posts please - her version of IE doesn't allow me to spell check and I'm typing without my contacts ;) - Hey - just tryin' to be upfront)...

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Family Holidays - Feast or Famine...

The longer I am here in Western Mass, the more I realize that family holidays are beyond chaotic. From when I was a child, I knew that we'd have to go to my grandparents on my mom's side then have dinner on my grandparents on my dad's side. Neither the two shall deal.

Today - over 20 years later, still the same deal. Dinner at my grandmother's at 1:00 followed by dinner with my dad and my aunt at some fancy schmancy restaurant at 5:00. I've become the master of "small portions" and "move food around the plate" in anticipation of the later meal.

We won't get into the momma drama now, of course, however, I will say this - the ability to look at my aunt and my father and say "Dammit I'm 35 and would you two PLEASE, for ONCE, let me pick up the flippin' CHECK??" and have them BOTH sit there in stunned silence. That was my grandfather's argument continuously when we would go out (except he would never say "35")... when I get the check, I think my grandfather had the last laugh - the most expensive thing on the menu that my aunt ordered - the prime rib at $29.95 - was rung up as the kids portion at $16.95. Server did that on purpose because of the drama to get us seated with authorization from the manager. The extra $$ for the prime rib - well that went to the tip. Still have a bit of that catholic guilt after all ...

I am very thankful, for my friends, my family and, most of all, my sanity - because, for now, it's still intact. See, miracles do happen. Here's hoping that your holiday was a time of giving thanks...

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Random Airport Musings...

One good thing about traveling, I can always find a @*@*$??? type situation that makes one toss their hands up and go "HUH"

Last night, I flew from Orlando to JFK, JFK to Hartford. Seems pretty normal, right? The people I encountered, however, were quite "memorable".

For example - the airline steward who, on my Orlando to JFK leg said to the 12 people seated in the exit row, "Now, I have to inform you that you are in the exit row - it's FAA regulations. Do you understand what that means? You have to be able to help in a situation, not open the doors until we tell you, be over the age of 15 - you ARE all over the age of 15 and speak PERFECT ENGLISH. You do all speak perfect english, right or do any of you have english as your second language? IF you do not speak perfect english, I'm going to have to ask you to move your seat". I sat there in shock going "What the HELL is Delta thinking????" Not to mention, the action for a lawsuit if they keep up that line of questioning. I speak perfect english and I found myself somewhat offended for those others that had to listen to Mr. Hand On His Hips and can't make a decent martini.

Another one was the guy on my left who kept KICKING his father's seat. The guy next to me had to be in his early 20s (but I thought he was about 4 mentally!). Also - to his mom, 20 lbs of stinky casserole is not a good idea to send with the boy. The cabin did not smell too pleasant. 3 hours of that, I've determined that casseroles are not travel-worthy. Thanks, but no thanks.

Now - in JFK, I had one Delta rep who was more interested in getting passengers' phone numbers for his cell rather than do his job. His co-worker/conspirator was checking out the male population for the same reason. They both forgot to tell the Hartford passengers that the plane gate was changed. DOH! That might help, ya think...

At the new gate, they were boarding 3 planes. Pretty much it was you were either going to Boston, Rochester or Hartford - pick one. When we boarded the plane, the stewardess started out with the wrong flight number, and kept saying the wrong numbers to where a businessman called out "Screw the flight number, just make sure we go to Hartford, OKAY??"

Then we got stuck on the runway for 30 minutes.. we were the 20th plane in line. DOH! So the stewardess on this small tiny puddlejumper tells us "You can use your cell phones to tell people of the delay but make it quick. If I tell you to shut that phone off, you have to shut it off - immediately". She was patrolling those aisles like a mad wench - I thought for sure that we were going to airport jail if we didn't conform to her "do it or else" rules.

Ahhh.. but Hartford isn't spared either - news to Bradley Airport - please update your baggage claim computers. It's not that hard. Don't tell me that the bags are from Orlando and Boston when they are all from Ohio and JFK? DOH!!! It's a few letters on a computer - would it strain you all that much?

There were more that I'm sure that I forgot, but I'm sure that I'll encounter more on the ride home. This time, I'm taking notes *LOL*

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Snowing in Orlando??

Well, I departed today for the lovely brisk air of Western Mass, only to get a call from Roomie upon landing that all hell broke out upon my departure. Remembering my doctor's orders to breathe and not to "sweat the small stuff" (for now anywayz), I inquired as to what was up. I hear that the internet is not working (modem needs a 10 second off break), my cat is running from door to door acting nuts (nothing new) and it's SNOWING IN ORLANDO. Yes, you heard me right - apparently, according to Roomie there were snow flurries in Orlando. I'm sure Buddy will shut down the city in a panic (I kid, I kid!!) but it's rather hilarious. I'm up here in Massachusetts and it's snow flurrying down there - what. the. blankity blank blank???

In other news...

Saw the doctor yesterday re: the chest pains - after he hooked me up for an EKG (which - btw - it's like being attached to jumper cables... again - what the blankity blank blank), he took some blood (and, in my normal stress day to day mode, didn't drink water and they had trouble getting a vein, let alone getting enough blood for my testing), decided that they needed to "give me clearance to fly". Yes, say it with me now - what the blankity blank blank.

They set up an appointment for me with a cardiologist - sooner rather than later to quote the nurse - and it's scheduled for next Thursday. Not only that, but I was told I had to pick up a prescription for some nitrosomething that I was to take with me "just in case". Now tell me THAT'S not alarming. I know he's erring on the side of caution, but hot damn people. He also alerted my old doctor up here (a school chum of his) that I was going to be in town and, if I was to get stressed out or deal with drama in any way and experience said chest pains again, I was to go see my old doctor, stat. Obviously, he doesn't know that me dealing with my mom is drama to the 100th degree.

And - for a good giggle - get this. My dad has this friend, a female friend, but strictly platonic. They've been friends for a couple years and she's engaged to this guy. Anywhoo - see, my parents have been divorced for what, almost 20 years now, but still, my mother has issues. Well, my mother decides that it's mother/daughter time this trip - (the last time I caught hell upon leaving) and makes a hair appointment for me with her stylist tomorrow afternoon. Now, after I told my dad that I was going to be with my mother, he tells me that he had already scheduled a dinner with his "friend" and really wants me to meet her and didn't realize that my mom was already in scheduling mode. Apparently, his friend would rather meet me before the drama with my mom starts (which, if pattern is correct, will start on the 3rd day or so - BEC/Meowmix - I might be coming to visit sooner then!!). Thus, warranting me having to "poke the bear" and telling my mother that the appointment had to be changed, whereby prompting a barrage of interrogation and a sharp, curtly toned "Fine then" from her. Here we go again... Whatever - we won't go down that road again. Deep breaths... breathe in - breathe out - breathe in - breathe out...

Yeah - so basically, I'm up north, it's snowing in Orlando and, if all goes like I think it will - hell might actually freeze over...

Happy Holidays!!!

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Time for a Wake Up Call...

If any of my friends can agree on one thing, it is this - I sometimes forget that I need to take some downtime and rest and relax. Friday morning I had a bit of a wakeup call. We had a big business thing that's been going on all week and the stress finally kicked me in the butt by it's own wake up call - chest pains.

This wasn't the first time I had them - I had them Tuesday morning as well, but brushed them off. Friday, though, it was worse. It felt like something had bruised my ribs and it hurt like a wench. However, I had no shooting pains on my left hand side, no numbing and no dizziness. I still had to deal with this work thing and immediately that morning walked into drama - "Find this - Get That - Hurry Hurry" you get the picture. When I finally was able to get a bit of time to take a breath and have my morning coffee at 12:30 that afternoon, I called my doctor. After a bit of a verbal tussle with his nurse, I'm happy to say that I'm scheduled for Monday afternoon for a one on one discussion about why things have gotten to this level. I love what the nurse said - "If you called this morning he could have seen you, but if something happens over the weekend, get to the Emergency Room". I'm 35 - I'm NOT going to have a heart attack at 35. Hell to the NO!

So, I cleared the boards, any plans I did have were scrapped and I've laid low. The cell phone is turned off. Drama is not welcome. I even started to cook again - the past week I haven't had the time to do so, and remembered how cooking calms me. When I start to find myself getting stressed out, I step back and breathe.

I know BR, Meowmix and Bec are going to slap me in the head, and rightfully so - this is the first vacation that I will not be calling and checking in to work and instead, will spend time with family and friends. My girl, Am, hit things on the head with advice about anxiety attacks and the type of work we all do and how it interacts. If anything, she shared some experiences she went through which were really helpful. I just have to learn how to adapt. And her suggestion of decaf also helped.

Roomie has been a huge help all weekend. Wench even pulled one over on me - I was going to grab my mixer yestserday from the office and, when I left my room to go down there *boom* in front of my door was my mixer. Roomie's friend and her lugged that huge contraption up the stairs and suprised the living crap out of me.

I just need to really take my time and evaluate everything. I was going to do a ton of stuff today, but you know what - if I get to it - fine. If I don't - that's fine too. The world is not going to end. And I'm not going to let life kick me in the butt again.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Where Were YOU 25 Years Ago Today…

Where were YOU 25 Years Ago Today...

That was the question poised to many a television viewer over the incessant press tour of General Hospital’s Luke & Laura.

Being in Orlando, they had Super Soap Weekend last week and, let me tell ya, out of respect for these greats, I didn’t gripe ONCE about the tourists – actually welcomed it. Luke & Laura were here in town and one must show the proper respect. They are, after all, one of Daytime’s Most Popular Couples.

25 years ago, I remember I was in 4th grade and home watching the marriage of Luke & Laura. I first got into GH when my babysitter would watch the show in 1st grade. I shocked my parents often when I would ask “Mom – why did Luke rape Laura?”. (That went over like a ton of bricks, let me tell ya).

I have it TiVo’d, but I rarely have time to watch a full episode. I normally fast forward to the storylines I want to see and have been intrigued by the whole Luke, Laura & Tracy Quartermaine triangle. Especially since Luke is married to Tracy and, now that Laura awakened from her coma, he has to marry her too. (Isn’t Anthony Geary Mormon or ex-mormon – he should be fully versed in plural marriage) (I KID I KID!) GH has so many complex characters from Sonny to Jax (who, btw, looks so much like my boy BR it’s a tad freaky) and then they have Dancing With The Stars alum, Kelly Monaco. GH gave breaks to such actors/artists as John Stamos, Demi Moore, Eva Longoria, Antonio Sabato, Jr., Vanessa Marcil and, even, Ricky “Shake Your Bon Bon” Martin (after Menudo before multi-platinum sensational success)…

Anywhoo… they’ve been doing so much press lately, and much like that other famous wedding of Princess Diana & Prince Charles, one must raise their glass and toast the everlasting soap couple – Luke & Laura…

GH just never ages….

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A Basket Even Toto Might Steal...

You ever wonder what to get someone and you are fresh out of ideas? I know, corporate wise, gift baskets are the choice du jour - a little something for everyone, but sometimes you just need to find someone who does them differently.

I send gift baskets for many different reasons - whether it's at the holidays, as a thank you for a job well done, to an artist after a big gig or interview, etc. So, when PayPerPost asked us to check out this gift basket site, I was pleasantly surprised. They have many different varieties and aren't the standard "blah blah blah" gift basket. These guys go the extra mile. Everything from Thanksgiving baskets to New Baby baskets to Thanks for the Hard Work basket. You name it - they might have it.

Remember the episode of Sex & the City where they were going to the Baby Shower and Charlotte went all wonky over *that perfect gift* Check this one out:

They also had something very unusual - the Rishi Tea Ceremony Gift Basket - Talk about unique. It even comes with its own bamboo TABLE. Now tell me this, who would ever forget that gift.

This basket, above everything, is my absolute favorite…

Delightful Deliveries even handles Fresh Flowers and cookie bouquest. This is one stop gift shopping at its best. So, with the holidays fast approaching, you might want to drop by and check them out. And, if you feel like hookin' yo' gal up, one of those wine baskets looks soooo delish! ;) I'm just sayin…

America's #1 Gift Basket Website

**This Post has been brought to you by PayPerPost. My opinions, and basket choices, are entirely my own**

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My Definition of Torture...

You want to know what my definition of torture was today?

Being "trapped" in a 3 hour mandatory computer training session sitting in the front of the conference room near the windows - outside said window, lots of little people with red cups in hand from their excursion to Starbucks. I, however, am operating on NO Starbucks today and, throughout the computer training, kept drifting off to happy coffee land trying to plot a "mission impossible" of sorts just to get my iced pumpkin spice latte.

It's not pretty, people - not pretty at all.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Looking for Some Speed...

Driving That Is…

Well - I know here in Florida, Drag Racing is a big thing - not that I condone it, but was a bit curious to watch after an ep of CSI: Miami a couple weeks that Mr. TiVo decided would be good for me to check out.

As for PayPerPost, they wanted to alert those that might also be a bit curious about this "sport" and SpeedTV is having an all day marathon of PINKS along with the premiere of PINKS All Out on SpeedTV on November 23, 2006. So, if you're a bit fed up with the Thanksgiving Television fare, check it out.

For some of my male friends that happen to drop by, check out a vid clip here.

And the race is on….

This post has been sponsored by

Drag Racing Clips

**While this has been brought to you in part by PayPerPost, my opinions, as always, are my own**

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I'm In Love... With A Skirt...

I'm trying to hold off with wardrobe additions, but with having to head to some important business stuff this week, I decided to peruse the racks yesterday at Macy*s Preview Day for their One Day Sale and found this lovely skirt.

I've been looking at this skirt since they put it out 4 months ago. It's beyond gorgeous with the chiffon/silk look to it and that lovely rich fall tones of brown interspersed with red, teal and other colors found in the paisley print. Plus - I'm normally a sucker for clothes that are made well and last a long time. However, the price tag put me off and I would repeatedly look at it to see if it was on sale, put it back, look at it on another trip, put it back - you get the picture.

So last night, as I'm looking around, I noticed that the skirt is on a SALE rack - not in it's normal display. The sale sign says 50% off, however, at $149, I was very hesitant to pay $75 bux for it, even though it was Ralph Lauren. Money's a tad tight right now, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it was marked down to $55.00. You are kidding right? So - needless to say, I wasted no time and, ala Stacey & Clinton from What Not To Wear, can we say "Purchase"

I wore it today and it's a dream - well worth the investment and it's in a smaller size. Now that's love!!!

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To Go Back or Not Go Back - That Is The Question...

I'm not one to be all preachy, but when asked my religion, I state "I'm Catholic". After all, I was born and raised catholic with 12 years of catholic school under my belt. (Where else did I learn to swear, get in trouble, smoke – I kid, I kid) However, due to differences in opinion with one *interesting* priest (we’ll call him Father H.), I departed without thinking twice. I was in High School at the time and Father H. felt that he should tell me the night before Confirmation that I was not going to be confirmed. His reasoning was that my parents "didn't use the envelopes and contribute enough to the church". However, should my parents WISH to contribute more, he'd make sure I was all set for confirmation the next day. In my opinion, it was a shakedown of sorts – a version of Sopranos - Western Mass style *LOL*. See, my father was a Catholic but my mother was not. However, she went religiously, she was the head of the Catholic Women's Club, taught Sunday school, helped with the Youth Group, ran the Craft & Holiday fairs, etc. However, per Father H. – my parents did not give enough. My father refused to use the envelopes and would only put cash in the basket. Every week, he put a good amount of money in that basket and gave much of his time and my mother's time, but still - my parents did not give enough.

Needless to say, that night, I told that priest my opinion of him and the PTB at the parish. Normally my parents would have put me on blast for it, but they stepped back and let me start fighting my good fight. I guess this priest wanted a new Caddy to go with his other one. So yeah, the Catholic Church and I have had some issues. Father H. has since passed, but his parishioners remember him, and not always so fondly.

PayPerPost asked Catholics and former Catholics to review a site - I listened to a show of theirs, giggled at the term "holiday Catholics" (those who only go on Christmas & Easter) and thought the host, Bill Fitzpatrick made some valid points. I will be honest and say that in the beginning, I wasn’t too pleased with the Church's choice of Popes, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about going back. I feel that I have to have faith in the Pope's leadership and remember the good that John Paul II did. As I'm originally from Massachusetts, I know that a lot of the priests there have had "issues" so to speak (including the priest referenced above) and really choose to not discuss that. However, I also cannot penalize myself (or the Church) from returning due to the actions and words of a man of the cloth without the Church's best intentions. Last time I was home, I was able to get my church records from my old parish and talked with some great people who acknowledged Father H.'s errant ways. So, I've been thinking about two churches here in Orlando that I might call home, and am currently thinking about going back. For now, I just think that it's gonna take baby steps. But I can tell you, I'm not going to be a Holiday Catholic. Maybe, this show might fire me up enough to really start actively seeking getting involved.

Catholic Show

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Now THIS is What I Need...

Ahhh.. The excitement… I give notice to my complex on Monday - now I have to find a new home/apartment before February - it's ON!

You can get this here.

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Monday, November 13, 2006


I've made the decision that, if work allows, I'm going to try to head home for a few days R&R. My grandmother is not doing well and, as my mother so pointedly mentioned in a family email, I must set priorities. Problem is, work doesn't always allow for priorities - nor does bills, expenses, etc. It's not cheap to fly home, especially at the holidays for 4 days of guilt fests galore, issues of "Why do you talk to your father more than me" or "Why are you going to see so and so" or the normal family question of "Why don't you just settle down?". The last time she pulled that crap, she followed with telling me that she gave my phone number to some guy in her INTERNET BIBLE STUDY. Yes - you heard me right - my mother doesn't even know the wackjob but because he's in her bible study, well then - that's perfectly fine in her book. Notsofine in my book, however - I told y'all. I'm picky and for good reason.

I've done a lot of reflection lately concerning patterns, friendships and interactions with other people in my life. After a lot of thought, a couple weeks ago I made a solid commitment to myself that I was going to scale down on various people/negativity that I want no part of and that includes some exes & old friends. While it's been a bit weird, I think its for the best. There are a few who know my door is always open but, for a couple of the people from the past, Godspeed and good luck. I just don't want to get involved with that stuff.

However, I cannot do the same with my mother because family is not part of that deal - I know it sounds rotten to say but those who know my mom can understand how I feel that way. I'm torn between the drama and stuff that are still simmering from the divorce (20 + years ago but she still flips out if my dad dates OR if I don't pay her enough attention.) Fact is - she doesn't deserve half of that because you can't come back and say "Oh - let me play a "mom role" now because when I was 12 - 20, she wasn't really a mom but an irrational drunken mess and my dad had to step up. I've told her this before but she is of the impression that if she doesn't acknowledge the past, it never happened and she can rewrite all previous history to her liking. Her friends sit there and act like she's supermom of the year (and it takes the UTMOST strength to not giggle and just respond "Uh huh" because I would rather avoid the drama than bring up the same crap over and over again). What I didn't like was the guilt-trippy email I got from her addressed to me and my stepbrother & stepsister. Not to mention, she told my stepbrother that he could bring his fiancee as an afterthought. Tony's a good egg - he couldn't really care less, but she sucks up to my stepsister who, much like my mom, is nuttier than a fruitcake at times. That's a whole entry in itself. My stepbrother finally found a woman he adores and my mom detests her because she had a child from a previous relationship as does my stepsister. Again - see my point? Fruitcake people - fruitcake.

Anywayz - before I get all whiny on this post - the original point of my rant is that I am going to try to go home and visit. But, be warned - I will need a couple nights out to get my head straight and I think a night of cocktails is in order (Bec/Meowmix?). I'll allot my mom a day and a half, but staying with her is going to emotionally drain me beyond belief. My question is, am I ready to handle dealing with that again or will it drive me over the edge.

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Saving Money, Yet Again...

One more day until I get my two new lovely kitchen additions. PayPerPost & CouponChief asked if I got any good coupon deals and the main one that comes to mind is the one I used at to purchase my new blender & mixer. CouponChief had a 10% off coupon for Overstock which came in very handy when it was combined with my cash back rebates and I was able to cross two big things off my "Want, Need & Have to Have list". Now, if only I can find that toaster. You know I'll be going to CouponChief when I finally find my toaster to see if they can help me cross one more thing off my list. They have coupons for everything there so, if you feel like saving a bit more money - CouponChief is the hotspot!

coupon codes

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

S&TC Thoughts to Start the Week...

Charlotte: [After the wedding] I finally get to sleep with Trey.

Carrie: Excuse me?

Miranda: You haven't slept with him yet?

Samantha: Honey, before you buy the car you take it for a test drive!


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The Fates Have Spoken...

The Fates, most likely annoyed with my ever growing "I Can Cook Ego" have dealt me a swift blow.

See, a few weeks ago, my boss recommended that I add this espresso maker to my cooking arsenal. In my quest to reorganize my kitchen over the weekend, I decided that I needed to break this out of the box and try it out yesterday morning as I made breakfast. My boss suggested to put milk in the upper section and I'd have my own version of a latte with a little pumpkin spice creamer… Well, 2 pots into it and I was hooked, crowing about how I saved myself $12.00 or so by doing this at home.

This morning, coffee was a necessity as I had to work today. Well, in going to the kitchen, I assembled the pot for the makings of my version of a Pumpkin Spice Latte and noticed that the top was leaking a bit on the burner. I wrapped a bit of paper towel around the leak and went back to slicing a piece of homemade pumpkin bread (hey - I got adventurous yesterday!) and noticed that the latte was ready. Noticing that the handle was hot, instead of grabbing a pot holder or mitt, I did the stupidest thing - I grabbed a paper towel, and not a small piece of paper towel either. Next thing I know, I feel heat and a bright light as the paper towel CAUGHT on fire as I'm moving the pot over to the plate rest. What do I do - try to salvage the damn coffee before realizing my HAND IS ON FIRE! Ugh!

Thank god there was a BIG bowl of water in the sink where the paper towel inferno fell into and, the coffee was *sigh* far from salvageable. My right hand though, per WebMD, was hit with a case of second degree burns on two fingers and the side of the hand. To compound matters further, I could hear my grandmother going "put butter on the burn" so I did - not understanding why it still hurt after rinsing and putting butter on it.

Per WebMD:
Put on an antibiotic ointment. Ointments such as Bacitracin, Polysporin, or Silvadene can be used. Do not put sprays or butter on burns, because this traps the heat inside the burn.

Ummm.. notsogood for this blonde. Needless to say, I've had to type like a mad woman today, all with a fiery burnt right hand, wrapped mummystyle with Neosporin & bandaids galore.

I think I'll value Starbucks much more now and trust that lattes, sometimes, need to be prepared by the professionals because, after today, the Fates have obviously decided that I don't qualify as such!

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My Next Big Goal...

Now that I've gotten the blender and the mixer on it's way from, I'm determined to find my Jenn-Air Toaster in the same copper color/etched glass base and it's proving to be a bit more "challenging". As I've decided to go with a Copper/Red theme for my new kitchen (and current hell hole that we call a kitchen), I'm sifting through the cabinets and finding what needs new homes, what needs to be trashed and what needs to go to charity. Normally I would think - eehh - toasters are toasters, but I've fallen for the hype of the toasting, defrosting, bagel, multiple levels and it's made by Jenn Air/Maytag which means, as my father would point out, less repairs. Considering the abuse I put my $20.00 toaster through the past 4 years, I think it's on it's last legs and a new one is warrented.

So, by the end of the year, I plan on finding and obtaining this lovely. And I refuse, stress REFUSE to pay full price for it. Wish me luck.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sometimes, It Just Takes 60 Seconds...

Being the recovering publicist I am, hearing the first 30 seconds of JZ's new track, I thought "Oh Shit" and starting immediately jumping into crisis mode. At 1:30, Roomie was hopping around the room kicking in the air. At 3:26, I'm calling JZ's phone to say "How Many Frickin' Singles are you going to put on this joint?"

Yes - it takes about 60 seconds for me to realize that JZ has yet another hit. I'm starting to get psyched for January. He's even got a show booked and now I'm going to be heading up north to torture him and his crew because it's about damn time that boy got back on stage. He's lucky I will face the cold, even in stilettos.

Here we go!

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Friday, November 10, 2006

On The Bookshelf...

I am an avid reader, all starting with my reading Little House on the Prairie books when I was just a wee lass with my flashlight because my parents would insist I had to go to bed early but I had other plans. I would often find myself reading during recess prompting one nun to punish me and call my parents because I felt that the life of Cleopatra or St. Therese was way more interesting than some of the kids in my class.

Nowadays, I love to read and use my Barnes & Noble membership well - I just don't have time to read. I'm notorious for going into Barnes & Noble every couple of weeks, stocking up on my magazines that I refuse to subscribe to (Billboard, a few tabloids, etc.) and perusing the tables and finding books that interest me.

Here are a few books that are on my bookshelf/reading list for when I have a few moments here and there.

How to Be a Budget Fashionista: The Ultimate Guide to Looking Fabulous for Less by Kathryn Finney

IF YOU DON'T HAVE THIS BOOK - What Are You Waiting For!?!?!? Seriously - fabulous read and I'm sure as soon as I'm through, I'll be not only implementing the tips, but using this as a reference book. It's not that expensive - so hurry up, click, buy and visit Kathryn's site at

Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life: A Kick-Butt Approach to a Better Life by Larry Winget

This guy is hilarious on A&E's Big Spender. After I'm done with this book, I might think about sending a couple of these to people on my list. Names not mentioned to protect the guilty. He takes grief from no one and I can see why.

Make Money, Not Excuses: Wake Up, Take Charge, and Overcome Your Financial Fears Forever by Jean Chatzky

Did you see her on Oprah's Debt Diet - this chick is relentless. I'm thinking if I actually pay attention, I might get my savings account back into action again and have less shoe boxes clogging up my chaise. To me, finances/numbers = headache. She actually writes where I can understand the issues at hand. I’m a quarter of the way through and so far, I'm catching on.

Marie Antoinette, The Journey by Antonia Fraser

I'm a history buff so for me to get a book that a movie is based upon, I'm shocked at myself. I've always been curious about this chick so we'll see how it goes. I'm sure this will be one of those books for the plane or when I'm not in the mood to get serious re: finances, etc. or, as I term "Fluff book".

Way too many books on my to-do list. Watch, I'll probably add more this weekend…

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

VIMO Has the Hook-Up…

Remember that website that I told you about, Vimo?

PayPerPost turned me onto this site and I’ve been using that as a tool to research doctors for my father when he finally moves down here. Get this – if you review your doctor they will give you 5, yes you heard me right, 5 FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS through And, here’s the best part – there’s no catch - no credit card needed or automatic billing gimmics - NADA. This is abso-positive-tootly F.R.E.E. All it takes is 5 minutes…

In the words of Gwen Stefani – What Are You Waitin’ For?


**This Post has been brought to you by PayPerPost. My opinions, as always, are my own**

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This Week's Belated S&TC Musing...

Miranda: They're starting to die on us.
Charlotte: Oh my god.
Samantha: Well, at least you weren't stood up.
Miranda: 35 and they're dying! We should just give up now.
Carrie: Well, on the bright side this could explain why they don't call back.
Charlotte: How did he...
Miranda: Heart attack. At the gym.
Carrie: See? This is why I don't work out.


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CSRs, Be Warned…

Meowmix can tell you – I’m not the nicest person when it comes to dealing with CSRs. I used to work for a cable company so I’m privy to some of the twists and turns with dealing with customers. The fact that I keep running into reps with little to no customer retention skills is frustrating at best.

CallMiner wanted to know about the last time I threatened to switch providers. My thought was “which one” and, in wracking my blonde brain, I finally thought of my favorite “manager – no let me speak to a manager” and the manager was as stupid as the CSR and guess what industry – CABLE!

When I first moved to Orlando, we had Time Warner cable. I make no secret about it – I never liked Time Warner – they were our direct competitor in Massachusetts so, having worked in the cable industry, I had a habit of checking things out and pointing out to them when they were wrong about things. On one of my last calls, I had a knock down, calm tone “You will listen to me” match with a CSR who seemed to think she was God’s gift to the cable industry. She kept telling me on my account that I ordered High Speed Data and it was activated – HOWEVER, it was not - why – because the dumb subcontractor had broken my laptop installing the card. Time Warner (now Brighthouse) was on my hitlist and this CSR thought that my High Speed Data (HSD) was active and running and was insisting on charging me. I kept telling her to credit my account and asked her what operating system they were running – when she told me she couldn’t tell me, I asked her if she was running CableData and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to issue a credit for services that were not working. It was a fight, I’ll tell you – with me threatening to cancel my service and blast the subcontractor AND Time Warner for their screw up and if this CSR kept it up, I’d have her head on a block too. When I realized she just couldn’t get the big picture that my HSD was not working, I got her manager (which also was a struggle) and that manager was also clueless. So – the outcome – I cancelled my account. They tried to fight me to pay the bill for the non-working HSD, but forget that. It took quite a few phone calls and screaming matches for that to be finally erased from my record, but they still left on the cable boxes though a subcontractor showed up at our house at 10:30 at night to threaten my roommates to get them. Conveniently – that subcontractor lost them and Time Warner because Brighthouse. I’m still fighting Brighthouse on that deal.

I switched to DirecTV and have been virtually hassle-free ever since. I just hope my new place has DirecTV. If I had to go back to cable, I’d be a raving lunatic!


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Open Letter to a Few Men...

I won't say names to protect the guilty, but we gotta talk. When you see that a water cooler is empty (more than likely because you drained the water bottle to the very last drop), be a gem and change the bottle. Don't just stare at it like it's going to change itself or, better yet, act like it still has a couple drops left when that bottle is dryer than the Sahara Desert…

Today, I found myself playing the role of Rosie the Riveter because one *ahem* man decided that water was not needed in our office. This seems to happen often. The men will act like "la di dah" and not change the damn bottle. Even though I have that shoulder from hell, I decided enough was enough and hoisted that heavy as hell bottle and changed the machine and what did he do, kept reading his paper - not even a "Hey - Lys, need some help". I did pretty good, if I can say so myself, only soaking part of my jacket and watch in the process. I just wonder - Where the hell is chivalry anymore??

So, men - wanna keep a girl happy - change the damn water bottle. If not, we might drop it and you might not like where.

PHoto courtesy of here.

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Navigating Through the Wonders of VOIP…

I’m still working on the idea of switching over to Vonage & VOIP. Hearing both ravings and horrors from friends and family has me a bit confused. With the move coming in a couple months, I’ve decided that I will be going VOIP at the new apartment – this apartment doesn’t seem so VOIP friendly (it’s a Disney Conspiracy, I tell you)…

Vonage Forum have been a huge help to calming my fears. The users are so friendly where they help you out with any questions regarding installation, ways to navigate the system and so much more.

Vonage-Forum will be one of those welcome respites when I’m dealing with enough craziness from the move – it’s reassuring to know that the people here won’t look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I’m technologically challenged. Just don’t tell them I’m blonde, will ya ;)


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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

OPRAH Strikes Again...

Did y'all SEE these shoes on Oprah? I mean - seriously - are these not hot??? While they were waxing poetic on the beauty and function of Cole Haan shoes, I had a slight panic attack at the price and wonder if these shoes might jump up in price due to their PR exposure.

I'm not sure if I can invest $275 in a pair of shoes. $90 as it is now at NineWest is still hitting me over the head sometimes. But, if form = function and it means less painful footsies, maybe after I get the new apartment, I'll make the investment.

Now what to do with the other 2 bizillion pairs of painful shoes in my closet…

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To Do Lists, Only A Cell Phone Call Away...

PayPerPost asked me to review Braincast, a new voicemail memo service. You ever find yourself driving around or doing errands and think - "I should really write this down" and then you forget?

I do that constantly. I find some of my best ideas or thinking about my to-do list happens either when driving or, as of lately, around 2 or 3 in the morning with me waking up suddenly going "Did I do …" and it all goes downhill from there. Lately I've been feeling like I'm a hamster running on a wheel in a cage with no end in site. I have over a bizillion things to do and a short time to do it in and they mostly are Priority 1. So - finding out there is a free service that will cater to the workaholic tendencies in this gal, I'm thrilled and that my to-do list is only a phone call away. I've tested it a couple times and it's not too shabby. I think PayPerPost and Braincast found a winner…

Now, if only they could to find a few extra hours in a day…


**This post has been brought to you by PayPerPost. My opinions & thoughts are my own**

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Bordering On Redneck...

Now - I mean that in a joking manner - please don't get all huffy.

I'm a northerner at heart - Philly girl with an attitude and sass to match. So, being down here in Florida for 5 years, I've noticed that I've adopted a few southern "charms/idiosyncrasies" i.e. "Y'all", takin' my sweet time to get to something and starting to enjoy the warm weather. But, as my friends know, I always joke that Polk County is led by Boss Hogg & Crew and they are beyond redneck. I don't consider Florida "south" really - technically, it's a bunch of transplants, rednecks and "Floridian" peeps whose ancestors/family were from the north or south. It's glorified touristville. Plus, Orlando is the home of Larry the Cable Guy - need I say more???

Last night, I went to the Le Creuset sale at the store, Tuesday Morning. If you haven't checked out this store, you really should. I called ahead and talked to a very nice lady, Shirley who asked me what the "La Crewt" stuff was. I said "Le Creu-set". Again she responded "Le Crewt?" so I said "Stockpots - really expensive stock pots" and she told that they were selling out like mad. So last night, I called Reese and asked her "Am I hittin' redneck - how the HELL is Le Creuset pronounced?". Reese giggled, did some research and said that it sounds like "La Cruz-ay". (Or, as I will forever remember - the damn Tom Cruise pots). Yeah - I really sounded like a dumbass in Williams Sonoma last week - no wonder they looked at me like I was mad.

For the record - I indulged a bit more. I got this saucepan and this stockpot. And, this store even had my blender & mixer (20 bux more than what I paid for it but still - fabulous bargains).

If you have a Tuesday Morning, I highly recommend checkin' it out - if you are looking for Le Creuset - just ask for the really expensive pots & pans. They can't pronounce it either.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

May I Recommend: Tarte's Celebutante Dy Oil Shimmer Spray...

I'm going to start a little feature - May I Recommend - highlighting some great buy, find or wonder something that came across my path...

Today's lovely recommendation: Tarte's Celebutante Dry Oil Shimmer Spray.

I've been tossing around the idea of investing in the NARS Bronzing oil but, on a trip to Sephora I caught a fragrant whiff of Tarte's coconut shimmer oil and thought.. Which way to the Bahama and, with a $28.00 price tag - MUCH better than the $59 I would have to shell out for NARS, right? Plus - with the fact I'm wearing skirts & dresses more, I'd like to shimmer up the legs a bit.

The other day, shipped my own bottle of "I'm ready for the Tropical drinks and beach" spray (hello - 9% back - Mr. Rebates) and hot damn - if this doesn't give a little va-va-voom to the legs, arm & decollette - I don't know what does. So, should you care to sample a bottle, you can pick it up at or at Sephora.

Now, can someone please pass me the SPF?

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Meet the Two New Additions to My Kitchen...

I've been looking at this blender & mixer for over 2 years now. I would occasionally see it while flipping through the channels and go "hmmm". Then, I'd find myself going to, put it in my basket and "think about it". I even would watch it on Ebay - but would I buy it - nope. It was one of those decisions of "eeeh.. one day". I made the decision last week to purchase the blender and mixer when I moved into my new place. There's something about the clean lines of it and how the bowls look like artwork.

You can imagine my surprise when it crossed my path today at Thinking swift on my feet, I compared rebate cash back at Ebates & Mr. Rebates (I forgot FatWallet who had 6% back - oh well) and got, in addition, 10% OFF! Oh. My. God. So, the mixer that I was willing to get at $359, with the 10% off coupon was $105.29 and the Blender that was originally $209.99 was $73.80. Now - here's an even better twist - the shipping for both is just $1.00. Yes, you heard me right - $1.00 shipping!! That's a total savings of almost $390 and I won't even THINK what the shipping would be…

Now THAT is a birthday gift, if I may say so myself ;)


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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Can You Feel It In The Air...

Election day is fast approaching. The candidates have all unleashed their negative campaigns and are inuendating the airwaves/television. I, for one, am sick of it. I'm ready to cast my vote this week with the childlike hope that something is going to change in Florida. Having been here 5 years, I'm not sure what's going to happen but something has got to give.

Let's just hope it's for the better.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

That's It... I'm Officially Old...

Well, perhaps not, but still - as of 8:19 this morning, I have turned the big "35". I held off long enough but time to embrace my new milestone and move onwards and upwards. With that, I'm going to set a few goals for this year - I just need to marinate on it a bit and I'll get back to you.

I am, however, treating myself this month to this gorgeous lamp for my new home. Isn't it stunning (and Pier 1 even sent me a coupon - told you I was on a teal kick). I'm also going to see if I can wander around the Millenia mall and get a few ideas at Crate & Barrel & Williams-Sonoma.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Sam Sneads - Consider Yourself "On Notice"...

I'm not one to call out a restaurant dead on after having an "experience" there but today, I'm mad - fighting fighting mad. When service is great - I'll tell you. And when it sucks, you know I'll tell you.

A group of friends & coworkers asked me out to lunch today - being that it's my "non-Birthday" (it's really tomorrow) I said "SURE". When asked for restaurant suggestions, I said "Hey - what about Sam Sneads? They are really good". The previous times I had been there, I was really impressed. Their wait staff - impeccable. Their food - fabulous. The drinks.. Well you get the drift.

Keep in mind we had a limited time to go to lunch - it was Friday - we all have to get back to the daily grind and one of the guys made a reservation - figured we'd be out of there by 1/1:15 tops. When an additional person was going, I called and got this guy who said "Oh - you have a reservation under what name". I give the name and I hear "Oh - yeah if you have a reservation that's fine". You would think I would have gotten a "Hmmm.. Something's not right" but I figured the guy was a tad inexperienced. (Later I found out through the voice recognition that it was Mark - the operations manager - someone quick - buy him a clue).

We sit down at 12:05, order our food at 12:15. When did we get our order - 1:12 p.m. ALMOST AN HOUR. 45 minutes into this waiting game, not one time did the server, Katie H., EVER come by to tell us "oh the kitchen's a bit backed up" or "I'm sorry it's running a little late". I'll give her this - she kept filling up our iced tea glasses, but she did give one of the girls a bit of a "ten heads" look when she asked for water. At 1:05 (I looked at the watch), I had to talk to another server and ask him to check on our order and find out what's up. During this whole episode, our server was playing with a baby, yippin' and no show of "follow through". Now, I try to take it easy on servers - I used to be one and I remember bitchy customers. I also was a restaurant manager in college and, I also remember bitchy customers. But this was beyond unacceptable.

Not more than 2 minutes after talking to the other server (who was a doll by the way), Katie comes over to our table with some bread going "I heard there were complaints. I want you to know for a 7 top (there were 7 at the table) it takes a bit longer but it should be right out". What. The. OH NO SHE DIDN'T! If she thinks she is going to swagger to our table with a little attitude, she don't know any of us. That immediately set the tone for the rest of the meal. At 1:12, there should have been a processional because out comes Katie H. with Mr. Doll Server with the food. The orders were - 2 hamburgers, 2 chicken sandwiches, 1 tuna sandwich (2-3 minutes to grill a piece of ahi tuna - HELLO), one quesadilla and a salad with filet tips.

As she's going around with her little defensive mechanism shield up, she hands one of my friends her salad with steak filet. My friend had requested that the Cesar salad be substituted in place of the spinach salad. A Cesar salad is lettuce, a bit of parmesan, some croutons and Cesar dressing. Not rocket science - hell my cat can make that. It should have been super simple. Well, P. got lettuce & croutons tossed with a bit of the fruity vinaigrette for the SPINACH salad. She brought the fact up to Katie who promptly tried to argue with her and tell her what she ordered. Rather than swapping out a new Cesar salad made correctly (which would take 4 minutes - tops) she told her she could redo it but it might "take a bit". And, on a totally different not, but still disturbing - Katie took it upon herself to address P. with the term "Babe". Ummm.. Hello?!?!?! She also reiterated the point that it took, and I quote - "28 minutes for a 7 top", as was evidenced by her timestamp on the order. So - tell me this Ms. Katie - where was the order from 12:15 - 12:42? Ahhh.. Now - even Sherlock would deduce that it was with HER doing nothing. Granted they were a tad busy, but NOT slammed. She had about 4 tables. Her other server in her section had more than that and not one of his customers seemed to be cranky. As a matter of fact, he had a rather large party about double our size and he didn't even crack a sweat.

We finished our lunch but blood pressure was up. When Katie decided to come around to "see if everything was okay", it took every ounce of restraint I had to not rip her a new one. Then, Katie made a big mistake - she decided to "apologize" to us about our "friend's salad not being right" WHEN P. WAS NOT AT THE TABLE. P and another friend had already gone to get their parking validated (and to talk to the manager). That set it off. I cut that wench off with "That is between YOU and HER and we don't need to hear it!" Katie's damn lucky I was not at that particular end of the table because I would have caused a scene. Don't EVER treat my friends with such disrespect. My gal, M. told me that my expression was far from nice and, I'm sure it was because I was calm. I'm sure I'm still red about the issue. Katie: you might want to learn some sincerity when apologizing.

It gets better - I promise. While waiting for P. to finish with the manager, Katie addressed another couple with the phrase "Lets start with what we DO know" with the same bitchy tone that she tried to address us with after she heard our complaint. The couple was an older woman and a man. No need for attitude.

Shortly thereafter, Mark, the manager came over with a whole bunch of "I'm sorry" blah blah blah. I was later informed that he did comp. out P.'s meal, however he did not discount the remainder of the bill as he had promised. A number of us were former servers and all of us tip generously. This time, I felt that Katie did not deserve anything for her attitude, tone, and trying to start an argument with a CUSTOMER. When I was a manager, if one of my staff ever did that, they'd get a stern talking to - if I heard that phrase after that, they would be out the door so quick their apron would hit them in the nose. Same goes for me - if I EVER treated ANY customer like that, I'd be out of a job - so where does she get off thinking she can feed us a line of excuses?

AGAIN - there's more to this rant… after we left, being that I deal well with fellow publicists, I decided to find out who did their PR. Don't you know Mark answered and told me that I could call Candy after 9:00 on Monday. Great. She's on my call list - Don't worry about that. Still angry about the issue, I figured I'd deal with Mr. Mark directly - I called back and got Andrew who, with a beyond bitchy tone told me "Can you call back in 30 minutes?". "No Andrew", I promptly told him "Here's what YOU are going to do - you are going to take a message, get a pen and paper". I was beyond pissed and seeing red. After fighting with him over his question of "Well who ARE YOU?" and "Does Mark KNOW you" and "What is this REGARDING?" Yeah, little one - Andrew you are beyond on my list - you and Katie - so not welcome. I told him that Mark could call me in 30 minutes. Well, that was at 1:45. It's 3:50 and STILL No call. So, here's what I'm going to do:

1) Mark and I are going to have a "Come to Jesus" meeting. We're going to talk this out. Not hug it out - I'm not Ari from Entourage, but we'll have a "meeting of the minds" whereby he will apologize with some sincerity - comp my friends (all 6 of them) or reverse their charges;

2) Candy and I are going to have a talk about future events to be scheduled at Sam Sneads as I have a few clients who do, indeed, work with them. Should they EVER have my clients treated the way I was, it's on;

3) I'm going to notify Patrick Casey at the Pike Corporation who is the owner of Sam Sneads of the behavior of Katie H. (Server), Andrew (Phone Guard) and Mark - Operations Manager and give him the friendly suggestion that he might want to have someone "drop by" for their section around 12:00;

4) I'm going to encourage every person who I know that goes there in Orlando to really "think twice". If we had 2 servers and one manager who can't control them, that scares me about the rest of the people that go there;

5) I'm going to make sure that my review is posted in a few outlets because seriously - this was ridiculous, uncalled for and disappointing. As I really enjoyed going there before - the fact they were so horrid today (and at my birthday lunch no less), we've definitely got a big problem.

As my friend Amy said so eloquently - Always be nice to others, especially those you don't know, because you never know who you might be dealing with!

On another note - Mark: There's nothing wrong with working for Applebees - I just hope your behavior there was MUCH better when you were a manager then when you were here. You just have to embrace it and stop denying the fact that you worked there - see above statement.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lemons are Not For Cars...

PayPerPost asked for those who have bought a lemon to stand up and be counted. They have found a new service for finding a "Lemon Law Attorney" I am one of those folks. Now, the car I have now is amazing - love it love it love it - but I've had my share of lemons. Let's see... Lets go back to when I would by a car because it "looked pretty" or had "lots of gadgets". We won't even get into when I told off a car dealer because I didn't have a cup holder for my ice coffee.

One of the lemons I'm thinking of is my Chrysler LeBaron. It was black, sleek and the interior dash was ALL computerized. Me, not thinking about function, didn't even put into the equation what happens if the computer blows. Not like I was buying it new with a warranty. I was buying it from a used car dealer in Springfield, Mass. DOH! Yeah - I learned quick. That car dealer, after dealing with my dad, would up fixing alot of stuff for free - and I learned that when dealing with a used car dealer - check EVERYTHING out, know your rights and Be Aggressive. Be Be Aggressive. And - know your rights.

The LeBaron met its end in an accident in front of my ex-fiancee's mother's house. A drunk driver in Holyoke thought it should be taken out of it's misery. The car after that was another lemon, a white Nissan Sentra that met a short end in my best friend's graveyard (long story for another day). So - when the insurance money came in - I bought a Pontiac Grand Am with the most memorable thing about it - it was the color of my favorite lipstick - Chanel's Metallic Vamp. And, it had a cupholder for my ice coffee.

Find local lemon law code and law firms here

**This post has been brought to you by PayPerPost. My opinions, and musings, are entirely my own**

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... And to think we survived...

Shadow, after much fighting and tossing of her little paw cuffs, consented to being photographed in her "Pretty Witch" gear for Halloween 2006. That's what her punishment was for slapping me in the face last week with her claw. One thing about Shadow - if you tell her how pretty she is, she's putty!! That cat is more vain than Paris Hilton in front of a mirror.

I know I know - a tad peculiar, but a cute as hell photo, non?

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Presenting... Proactiv?

I have to admit, I do not use the stuff. Don't think I haven't been tempted late at night to grab that lovely piece of plastic, dial up the number on the cell and say "Send it!". I'm fortunate where I don't break out alot, however, I can say, I have a great friend who swears by the stuff. He actually is one to endorse it to everyone and anyone - why - because it works.

Now - I can do without Lindsay Lohan, Jessica "I'll Hawk Anything for PR" Simpson, P. Diddy, Daddy - whatever he's called now and Brooke Shields endorsing this product but, if you can tell me how the hell Vanessa Williams does her makeup and that my skin will be that clear, I might just think about it.

Just don't tell philosophy - they might get mad at me for cheating.

acne'>">acne medicine

**This post has been brought to you by PayPerPost. My opinion, and shopping craving, is my own**

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Dating In The Workplace - Yay or Nay...

This morning on the radio, the morning show DJ's, Doc & Johnny, were talking about "dating on the job" and, apparently, its more common than it used to be. In Florida, they were saying that there are law firms that make their staff sign releases when they start dating a co-worker (in case of a messy breakup/sexual harassment suit), and in construction companies it's very common because there are more men then women on the sites, etc. Let's not even get into the dating in the airlines.

It got me thinkin', when did it become commonplace to find romance in the workplace? Is it because we're working more and more hours? Is it because we're sick of the bar scene? Is it because really, we're just not able to go out and meet the man/woman of our dreams and are willing to settle? Or is it just because we're bored?

I've made the choice to not date in the workplace. Been there, done that and when the breakup came, let's just say I like my life drama-free please. Just like I won't date clients, client affiliates or anyone in entertainment, the same goes for co-workers. I just have to think of the bigger picture. Doesn't mean I won't look though.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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Feel Like Tryin' PayPerPost...

PayPerPost is having a little promo - Refer a Friend and get $$.

As I've said before, I'm pretty cool with PayPerPost. I don’t have any arguments. They've worked with me on a few things and their customer service is pretty quick, fast and you've got lots of topics to talk about. You can pick and choose and you are in control. A few of my friends who normally read my blog have been bit by the PPP monster and they are enjoying it. I mean, c'mon a couple bucks to talk about a service you might actually use and enjoy? There is so much diversity on this internet that new opportunities cross my path daily.

So - if you are interested, give it a shot. And, if you use me as a referral, I'll shoot a little somethin' your way. Just tell them that JustAnothaGal [at] referred ya!!

make money

**This post has been brought to you by PayPerPost. My opinions, as always, are my own**

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This is WHY Kiyonna Rocks...

Three days ago, I got this dress that I ordered from Kiyonna. I tried it on last night and it's absolute heaven. It fits where it should, accentuates the positive and glides over all those parts I don't want revealed to the world. I ain't LiLo ya know. And, it has this jersey-type fabric in such a deep chocolate that, paired with my Burgundy Non Kelly Ripa/Christian Louboutin 9West Pumps, be warned…

Should I wear it tomorrow is my new question - there is Happy Hour and various celebrations due to my impending 35. Why the hell not.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Every Little Bit Helps...

In today's day and age, every little bit helps. I participate in a few things on the 'net that earn me a few bucks here and there i.e. Instant Profitz, Cash Back for Shopping through Mr. Rebates, Ebates & Fat Wallet, My Points, Pinecone Research (thanks Single Ma!) and, of course, PayPerPost.

PayPerPost is surrounded by whispering from the blogging community - honestly, I don't care. I don’t blog about opportunities I don't think look interesting, I don't blog about opportunities that the companies looking for the PR ask to "cloak and not disclose it's a paid post" and PayPerPost is totally cool with that. They've been fabulous through their customer service, are there for their advertisers and bloggers and it's been a fun ride. I haven't made a mint (well, over the past six months or so, about the price of a pair of Nine West shoes (and not the designer ones)) but I enjoy it. I love the freedom they give me, the opportunities they present and am learning about a lot of sites I might not normally come across but are spectacular (hello - martini glasses, a Shoe blog AND an Online Safe Deposit Box) They let me express my opinion and it's beyond simple. And, for the record, I'm starting to work on my emergency/new apartment fund with whatever I make and that's been going straight to my ING account.

So thanks PayPerPost - you got one happy blogger on this end!


**This post is brought to you by PayPerPost. My opinions, as always, are my own**


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The Second Shot Heard 'Round the Cash Back Community...

Mr. Rebates has seen Fat Wallet's holiday promotion and raised THEIR percentages… They want us all to have a Cash Back Christmas.. Now that's a promotion I fully support…

With that being said - Hey Ebates - consider yourself challenged. As How I Met Your Mother/Doogie Houser's Neil Patrick Harris would say - "Man Up!"


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Where Have All The Drive-In Movies Gone...

SPEEDtv and PayPerPost asked what was one of my favorite "Drive In Movie" memories. Well - as it's been forever and a day since I've seen one, I had to clean out the cobwebs and really think back. I remember being about 7 or so (maybe a bit younger) and my parents taking me to see "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" at a drive in theater. I was absolutely horrified and distraught about Snow White and the Evil Queen, but even back then thought the Evil Queen rocked a mean eyeliner. I guess I should have known then I would be a makeup addict, huh?

SPEEDtv will be featuring their own "Lost Drive-In Marathon" on November 25 at 3pm EST and they got two great movies - Grand Prix and Rebel Without a Cause (mmmm… James Dean). You might want to check it out.

This post has been sponsored by SPEEDtv. As I always say, my thoughts and opinions are my own….

Street Racing

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We Are The Champions...

Remember the pumpkin contest that I said we were having at work. Well, we won. It was entitled "Osama Bin Lantern" and the face came out realistic. And, for the record, said pumpkin was killed appropriately. I'd post a pic of the whole landscape, etc that accompanied said pumpkin, but then I'd be shot for violating security measures, me thinks. So - if you want to see a pic, let me know.

The prize - a catered lunch of our choice. I, however, probably would have been happy with Free Starbuckys.

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