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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Art of the Tag...

Seriously, while I love Facebook, sometimes I loathe it as well.  Case in point, today I get an email that one of my old friends, Nyk, tagged a photo of H. and I back in the day.  Not only was that photo when I was twice my size, it was one of the most unflattering pics of me as well - we're talking chins to China here.  Just absolutely horrid.  Now, since the tag shows up, you know that photo is in everyone's feed.  I never logged onto Facebook so quick in my life to remove that daggone tag. 

Could you imagine the crap that would be posted under that photo - between my family who has NO love for H. at all, my friends who really detest him and don't even get me started with A. who I've recently reconnected with thanks to Facebook.  I could only imagine his colorful language such as "Doorknob" "Loser" "Deadbeat" and so on and so on.  Seriously, there is no love remaining *LOL*  Not to mention, H.'s wife doesn't need to see that mess - it's not fair to her.  To be honest, I like her -- just can't stand him.

Thankfully Nyk deleted that photo.  The wonders of Facebook - it's not always good.

How do you handle photo tags?

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