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Monday, December 31, 2007

Doing It All In 5" Stilettos...

Sunday is the premiere of ABC's new show "Cashmere Mafia"

I know I know - it's a knock off of S&TC, but still - a Darren Star creation? Now, would I rather watch this or Lipstick Jungle... ummm.. I'll go with this. Plus - Brooke Shields tends to get on my nerves. I've read the book Lipstick Jungle and this is along the same lines. Yeah, I know there's drama between Darren Star and Candace Bushnell, but my vote is with Darren. He did, after all, work on Melrose Place and was at the helm of Sex & The City.

Plus -any show that tells someone to "be good to [her] or we'll break every bone in your body" is a show after my own heart, as my friends will attest, I've uttered a similar line upon meeting a few shady characters that were dating my friends and it's worked. They treated the gals like gold.

For a longer clip of the show, check this out.

Tell me this - will you be watching Cashmere Mafia? Do you think it's worth checking out?


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A Soiree on 2 Days Notice...

First of all, take it from me - do not plan a "It's Not A Holiday Soiree" Soiree on 2 days notice AFTER the holidays. You will drive yourself nuts.

One good thing that came out of my impulsiveness was that I hope to plan a soiree every few months based on schedules and such, as I have all these entertaining goodies from Southern Living, Crate & Barrel, Colin Cowie, etc. Plus, I adore having people over. The prep (outside of the cooking) - notsomuch.

There's the obsessive housecleaning. There's sending Fuzzy to the groomers (you know because she sheds - everywhere). There's the hunting through various stores to find the *right* ingredients. Plus - there are recipes that I either see on Food Network or on two of my favorite foodie blogs, Erin Cooks! and Pink Shoe Cookbook so, of course, I must try - and who better to be guinea pigs but my friends, right?

This little get together had recipes courtesy of Food Network (Giada - Everyday Italian - of course), Erin Cooks! and a few others. Plus, as MB can attest, when I have a soiree or someone over, I tend to cook for an army. It's a H.'s family thing, I guess. So, without further ado - here's the menu of the "It's Not A Holiday Soiree"

What I did not make were a crudites platter, a shrimp cocktail platter, bruschetta, etc. Why try to recreate the wheel when Bertoli and Publix do it so much better, right?
However, on the appetizer side of things were: Erin's Fabulous Artichoke Dip (oh. my. god - this is permanently in the arsenal!),a cheese plate including Erin's Starry Night Baked Brie, fruit, asiago and cheddar cheeses. I thought Reese was going to shoot me when I called asking her "OK - cheeses - what should I get?" Yes, I know that anything with the name Cabot or Cracker Barrel is NOT an option. (Hey - it was my first cheese plate, 'k?). Reese is the sommelier in training so I figured she was well versed in all things wine-y.

Also I made Marinated Spanish Olives. I must say, I am the gal who picks the olives off the pizza, asks for everything without olives but has them on hand just in case my friends want them. Ever since I was a child, I detested olives. I made these the night before because they suggest an 8 hour marinate time. Plus - improvisation was needed. I couldn't find Sherry Vinegar at Publix or Fresh Market so my happy behind decided Sherry is a product of wine, right - therefore Red Wine Vinegar it was. Plus I couldn't find coriander in the house, but the next morning I added it in after and still - it was fine. Now, like I said - Me + olives = not good. I was pickin' at these olives repeatedly and I. Love. Them! Such a fabulous recipe.

A southern tradition I have learned is that Crock Pot Meatballs must be served. And they are simmered in a super simple sauce of dijon mustard, chili sauce and grape jelly. Now I know it sounds gross, but let me tell you - these are sooooo good. I also Sandra Lee'd it with some pre-made frozen meatballs from the freezer which saved some time. My house smelled fabulous.

Dessert treat was a decadent Panettone Bread Pudding with Warm Cinnamon Syrup. Now this - this my friends, is the piece de resistance... much like the olives, I'm not a fan of the bread pudding. But made with panettone bread?? I was skeptical at best. However, during the Food Network special, Bobby Flay said that this was delicious. Couple that with D from Chic and Charming/Shopaholics Anonymous' review on her blog of one of Giada's bread puddings which was a hit. Not one to shirk from a challenge, off I went in search of panettone. As you may be aware - panettone is mostly available during the holidays so this dish is seasonal. But if anything, you must try it - at least once. You'll thank me - swear. I have extra of the cinnamon syrup which I could eat with a spoon if I was that greedy. However - I'd like to fit into my jeans so that's not an option *LOL*.

For cocktails... you know I had to go all out - and all out I did. I decided that in addition to wine, beer, soda and normal cocktails, a Pomegranate Champagne Punch would be the specialty cocktail. I decided that it should be served out of the lovely Colin Cowie cocktail dispenser which I procured during a late night insomnia spell

... and served in teal stemless flutes courtesy of Crate & Barrel.

Now - I didn't get the memo re: Citrus vodka, but I tossed in a lemon and that was fine. I also didn't have Seltzer water - but a small bottle of ginger ale substituted finely. The punch - that sucker can knock someone on their butt. It also doesn't help that I added extra "spirit" to the mix. Let's say that cocktail is one of my favorites...

All in all, a good time was had by all - and I have leftovers for days...

(My first guest arrived before I could take a picture of the rest of the spread - but can you see the copper/red/too much serving platter theme. Yeah, I know - I need Southern Living Rehab)

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Under The Tree...

There was a plethora of goodies under the tree this year, and, as my brain is actually hurting from having to think during this @*@*#*@ week of work, I figured I'd play pictionary and show you some of the goodies that were unwrapped during the holiday...

I've recently developed a love for copper. My Mixer and Blender are copper. The toaster I want is copper. The pots I fondle in Williams Sonoma are also copper. The platters that I am dying to pick up at Crate and Barrel are trimmed in copper. Copper looks good against the red and brown scheme in my kitchen. It also looks good with the bronze and teal scheme throughout the house. So, I can deal with that.

So, without further ado, please meet the new additions to my household.

The New Copper Wine Fridge...

I'm still learning about wine. As I told Reese yesterday, if it was up to me, I get all confused when it comes to buying wines. I buy brands I know but if I'm stuck in a huge wine version of Costco *cough* Total Wine *cough* I get all anxious and next thing you know I'll wind up purchasing Manachevitz or something. Hopefully the wine fridge will start me on my path of knowing which wine is which. And yes, I know - I'm somewhat tacky. I prefer my red chilled, thankyouverymush!

The new Krups Coffee/Espresso Machine.

I still can't make coffee and I've ruined two stovetop espresso makers (I keep sticking them in the dishwasher. Oops!) However, my goal for 2008 is to make non-swill coffee. It's a start, right.

This gorgeous steel Hanging Pot Rack from Southern Living At Home.

I've been lusting after this for 2 catalogs already and adore it. Well, it was under the tree and now I just need to brave Home Depot to get a stud finder and hang this puppy up.

And to hang on the Pot Rack... my Ruffoni Polenta Pot.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ruffoni pots over at Williams Sonoma. It's all about the acorn detailing for me. It's unusual and striking in my opinion. Outside of my Le Creuset, this is my other "coveted Must Have Will Give Up Choos" item. However, some little elf at WS swiped my spoon that goes with. So after a little chat with the manager who realized her staff's oops , a new spoon is waiting for me this afternoon. Polenta anyone?

I also received some lovely goodies from Joel Osteen, gorgeous handcrafted jewelry, gift cards to 'Bucks and Williams Sonoma, ornaments and books that I wanted. Now add to that my presents from me to me such as my lovely Tastebook Cookbook (which arrived before Christmas - surprisingly. LOVE that company), some more ornaments for next year (Sale baybeee...), clothes and the new book from Colin Cowie (bought with a 40% off coupon - hello!), your gal is VERY very pleased.

Twas a blessed holiday, indeed.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yeah Yeah Yeah...

I know, I know - I took down the Christmas Blog Decorations early. But seriously - it's one of those days where some change is warranted. Plus I love this template *LOL*..

Perhaps it will give me the kick in the pants that is needed for me to go reorganize the kitchen to allow for the new holiday loot...

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Martha Stewart Need Not Be Worried...

Like I said in a post earlier, I'm horrible to buy gifts for. One of the reasons I signed up with Kaboodle is to give friends and family an idea into what I'm coveting at the moment. I'm pretty good about keeping the list up to date and also the things on my list is what I'm planning on either purchasing or really thinking hard about before investing in. Basically, it's stuff I'd buy if I was going to buy it. Does that make sense?

Anyways - I also am fully cognizant of the fact that I am very blessed. I enjoy the giving more than the receiving, and while this year was a bit tight on the finances for moi, I decided to make a run for the role of Martha Stewart of Altamonte Springs and created little gift bags for my co-workers. They were filled with such goodies as Sarah's famous Cookies & Cream Truffles, Cooking Light's Zesty Spice Rub packaged in ceramic and glass jars, and Erin Cook's Orange Cranberry Dark Chocolate Cookies. Add in some fabu coffee from Fresh Market and I was off and running.

Now MAKING all of the above was a comedy of errors... Let's start with the truffles. I milled the Oreos to a fine powder, added in the cream cheese and whirrrrrrr - talk about stress relief. I had the brilliant idea to use the small cookie scoop to scoop out the truffles. Yeah ummm.. hello - three truffles might be too rich for Peg Bundy, they were that big. Rather than redo them, I figured I'd reduce the disbursement to two super truffles per person and started to swirl them in the chocolate. Now I, much like Sarah, got a bit risky and decided "who NEEDS a double boiler"... you know, because your gal doesn't HAVE one, but shhhh. Martha Stewart would flog me for not only that, but also for the fact that I don't have metal bowls to wisk. I know, I know. I'm workin' on it, I'm workin' on it. Remembering all that I learned from watching Ina Garten aka the Barefoot Contessa, I got the chocolate chips all melty, added in a teaspoon of vanilla and some brewed coffee and voila. But the fuggin' chocolate was TOO thick. GRRRRRRRR. So that needed to be thinned out. Once it was all the right texture, the truffles were in the pool of chocolate and it was a messy job. Not to mention the chocolate would cool quickly. So that was my first truffle experiment...

Well, onto the spice rub. Simple enough - measure out the spices, put them in a bowl and mix, mix, mix, - and do it again five times. Well - I can tell you that one helping of the Zesty Spice Rub by Cooking Light's measurements yielded more than one cup. As I'm pouring the rubs into the nice little glass and ceramic canisters, I got the brilliant idea to not spoon it anymore and pour it. Add a cat jostling around one's feet and a notsosteady hand and BOOM. Spice. Rub. Everywhere. My counter and floor were a brilliant shade of orange and that chili powder whaps a punch. Not to mention I had spice rub down the front of me. I smelled like Eau De Spice Rack.

Next were Erin's fabulous cookies which were, indeed, fabulous. As a matter of fact they were the hit of the goody bags. However, because you know there's always a however with moi. My oven is not as fabulous as Erin's and it took many trips of double checking the oven and making sure it was ON (because I turned it OFF during the pumpkin bread debacle, but let's forget about that shall we?) The first batch was "just right", the second batch - notsomuch. I left them in too long where they were a bit crisp, but still yummy nevertheless. Also, the dreaded cookie scoop made them too big but since I supersized the goody bags, it all worked out. Until I went to package them and chocolate began to melt all over the plastic gift bag. Oops - guess I forgot to let them cool. I leave them out to cool overnight and then I go to package them up at the crack of dawn and TWO ARE MISSING! I guess I also didn't get the memo that my kitchen has a cookie thief. Who, of course, will be dealt with accordingly when I locate 'em. I will be whipping up a new batch of cookies again for a soiree on Saturday by request.

After Saturday, I'm ordering takeout and my kitchen is taking a vacation, at least until next year.


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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I'm taking the day after Christmas off. Yes, you read that right. Yours truly will NOT be at the 9to5 and basically it will take an act of God for me to work from home. I've got a day and a half to use up before 12/31 and I rarely take time off.

My father is flying back up to the cold north and I'm going to be rearranging my kitchen to allow for the new goodies that were left under the tree, beside the tree, in front of the tree. It was a very copper and kitchen oriented Christmas for your gal! (And the main thing I wanted was a new back tire - go figure *LOL* I was so practical this holiday.)

Hope you had a wonderful holiday... What did Santa leave under YOUR tree, I wonder. Do tell. Do tell.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Enjoy your holiday season and may 2008 bring you all everything that you desire - health, joy, prosperity and, in true Lys fashion - choos!!


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Monday, December 24, 2007

Somehow It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas Eve...

It's Monday, and I really am NOT feelin' Christmasy.

Perhaps it was my Martha Stewart Meets Larry Mo & Curly debacle yesterday (more on that later);

Perhaps it was the nasty, mean, holiday cranky shopping bunch (and THAT WASN'T ME! I'm innocent - swear!);

Perhaps it was just the Grinch in me resurfacing when I got some pretty annoying news - but eeh - whatever. I'm over it. Other people, notsomuch.

Perhaps it was the woman who was wrapping a gift for for me going into IN DEPTH detail about her dog's c-section and how much it cost her, how her dog almost lost her intestine, how she only had ONE puppy at the cost of $900 and that's why her kids will have a light Christmas. (TMI TMI TMI);

Perhaps its just the whole bah-humbug mentality I've been feeling lately;

Perhaps its because I, along with many of my buddies, have to work today;

Perhaps its because I just really am watching the shopping and my bank account before it goes into cardiac arrest.

All in all - still - not feelin' Christmasy.

My dad and I will have our annual tradition of shopping on Christmas Eve. As a child, I always remember going to the mall as he would take me out to shop for my mother and the tradition of shopping on Christmas Eve stuck. Nowadays, I still go shopping with him, however the bulk of my shopping is done online and with cash back. This year, thanks to the student loan monster, my shopping had to be scaled back and I had to pay off a few things first. It's all good tho.

So, I'm sure I'll be more in the holiday spirit later but for now - blah!!!!!!

~The Grinch of Altamonte Springs...

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Santa = Torture??

A visit to Santa equals torture, well, at least in the Cat's mind. We went last weekend for the annual torture Christmas photo for grandpa and Shadow was well behaved, for the most part - until the dogs in front of her thought she was "friendly". Doh - umm... where does cat staring at dog = friendly? Obviously the dog didn't get that piece of advice. Shadow doesn't consort with the enemy, last I heard.

Well when it was her turn, Shadow decided that she was done with waiting and, after being placed in Santa's lap, she decided that Santa was the enemy and a couple bouts of hissing was had. That was until Shadow realized that Santa = Presents. (Not that I sharply reminded the cat of who brought her presents in front of everyone). Not to mention that the vain one was told how pretty she was and then that was it. (Not that I told Santa to say the secret word "pretty"). At the time of the third photo, Santa was Shadow's favorite person.

Of course her visit to the aquarium and the parakeet cages sated her until her picture was printed. And, here for your giggling pleasure is this year's torture photo...

Santa survived. Shadow's still pissed off at moi.


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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Definition of Assorted...

This morning I was put in charge of the very important task of obtaining the Panera Bagels for our friend SL's birthday. I mean, the pressure of making sure that we had JUST enough Asiago Cheese bagels to sate the office combined with picking out the right spreads, etc. - it's daunting, let me tell you. The Asiagos are the first to go, and then we have some stragglers that pick other varied delights like the Cranberry Walnut or the French Toast or the Dutch Apple Raisin. Of course, yours truly wants to be the perfect hostess and pick just the right amount and keep everyone on an even keel. Plus, my co-worker and I were a tad evil last night and SL's cubicle has been decorated to the umpth degree (he's always the one to paper our cubicles so it's only fair that we reciprocate in kind - even if we go over the top a bit). So you can understand the pressure, right.

This morning both my father and I depart for Panera so that he can get his coffee and I can get the bagels and then off to work I go. (My father flew in for the holidays last night. He's a snowbird in training I say.) I get to the Panera Bread on 436 in Altamonte and let me preface it by saying that when I go there at night - it's great. Everyone is super nice. Everyone works together well. No issues. No drama. No attitude. Couple that with my conscious effort to be nicer this year and have more patience. There's no need for me to play Preying Mantis and bite someone's head off - unless it's warranted. Today was one of those days.

See in the morning at this particular store, they have two girls that, every time I deal with them, have an attitude problem. Every time I have to encounter either of them, they (A) act like you are bothering them; (B) don't like to be corrected when they screw up something; and (C) don't really know how to listen. [Note: I'm convinced that listening is a lost art.] And, I'm not even going to be nice and change their names or their store location to protect the guilty. Why should I? If you screw up, I'll tell you (and your manager). If you do great, I'll tell you (and your manager). Good service deserves commendation and crappy service deserves correction - that's my stance. And it's not to be nasty, per se. It's so that they will think before they act for the next customer down the line.

It's my opinion that these two are toxic; together - downright lethal. I've dealt with girls like this before - and I don't. like. it. one. bit. These are the same type of girls who I will toss out of a club at a moment's notice or attempt to give me attitude when I tell them their name is not on the list. The two characters, Iris and Kristine both need to realize that they are not at a club, they are not at a mall with their friends, and they are not hanging out. They are at work. Their place of employment. Their job. Perhaps its a concept that some individuals have trouble dealing with. I, however, won't put up with it. (Someone needs to give them Larry Winget's book "It's Called Work For A Reason")

Back to today's adventure... I go in for the bagels and am in a pretty decent mood. I ask for the "Bagel Pack" which is 13 bagels and 2 spreads and that should be enough to go around for my department with some left over. Kristine is taking my order and, from the minute she saw me, had attitude. Now mind you I've been silent before about the morning treatment figuring she was having a bad day or something, however silence was not an option - not today. Kristine asks "You want assorted or one kind". I tell her Assorted which means, by normal standards - I get to pick my bagels. What does Kristine do - picks some bag that is closed tightly shut and plops it into a bag with two spreads which she has picked and goes to ring me up.

Whoa - hold up. First of all, I don't know if the bagels in that bag are fresh or they are left over from yesterday. I don't know what else is in that bag or even if it's correct. Who the hell is this girl to choose for my office what she deems "assorted". So I question her and again she fires back with unwarranted and unnecessary attitude. She tells me that the closed bag is what "ASSORTED" means. I tell her that normally that the customer gets to choose the bagels and the amounts of each kind which is "Assorted". Again, Ms. Kristine snarls "That's NOT ASSORTED". OK - umm.. I'm done.

I shot her The Look and said "There's no need to argue over the definition of Assorted. They need to be selected". So, Ms. Drama Queen sighs, puts back the closed bag and spreads for the next victim and puts on gloves. Bonus points for not picking them out with her bare hands. But the attitude is there with a vengeance, with the snapping of her gloves and a curt "Yes". Ms. Drama Queen starts slamming the selected bagels on the counter as she picks them out of the bin. Are. You. Kidding. Me. She even has the audacity to ask "Do you want these sliced?" all with a series of dramatic sighs. "No, let's have you rip them apart with your hands" is what I wanted to say, but I behave and say "Yes please. Thank you." I've learned that sometimes after dealing with dumb attitude, politeness can grate. (OK OK Shoot me)

May I mention that during this whole tirade, one of her little co-workers went RUNNING to the back (more than likely to gossip) and her "supervisor" Iris comes out and starts speaking to her in a stage whisper with "Girl, we were just talking about you" all dramatic, quickly followed with a turn of their backs to the front line, talking in low tones and gesturing. Whatever - note to Iris and Kristine: Leave that behind at the playground. I don't have time for that. Thankfully one of her co-workers, I think his name was Jaime, came over to our area and that seemed to give signal to Iris to cut the crap and that she might actually have to *ahem* work. Case closed.

So here's my issue. Obviously there was no need for the attitude, head swagger, etc. from Kristine and no need for the commenting and "nosiness" of Iris. I mean, yes she may be a supervisor or whatnot but if she thought for one MOMENT I'd deal with her rather than an actual MANAGER - she's nuts. Because seriously, they both need retraining.

My father watched everything with amazement and I explained to him how I occasionally run across this attitude when I work at certain clubs and it's standard. But you have to stand up or else girls like that will take a mile from that one inch. And if you don't shut them down quickly, they will run right over you. I refuse to do that. And if it made Kristine or Iris more miserable, that's not my problem. If they want to get stupid with me, I'll get stupid right back. However, I'm a bit smarter about it.

Yes, I'm calling Iris and Kristine's manager today - they both need retraining stat. Or else they might not like me on the next go-round. Because when it comes to attitude, mine will trump theirs every. time.


Called Iris and Kristine's manager and, let me say, he's a nice guy. Even though he's new to this store, he's aware of one, notsomuch on the other but he will definitely correct them both. Sadly, I think he's getting trial by fire in dealing with these two. Karma wise, they will get theirs in the end - without me having to pull one over the counter. Though the thought is strangely comforting. I know I know - I need a kickboxing class. :::sigh:::

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yay or Nay: Automatic Martini Maker...

While browsing through my kitchen "Vogue" aka Sur La Table catalog, my eyes rested upon this interesting little device - an automatic martini maker. So, with the push of a button, you can get your martinis shaken or stirred. Cost for this nifty little item - a mere $99.99

What's YOUR verdict: Yay or Nay...

*BTW: Sur's site seems to be down today so I resorted to the next link that I knew had it. GRRRRRRRRRRRR.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Meet The New Additions...

There's a new addition to the household.

To explain, the other night I was doing a bit of shopping for the office Secret Santa (let's NOT go there shall we?) Don't get me wrong. I'm thankful that the one who has me is spoiling me to no end. I didn't get a chance to choose MY giftee which sucks because it was during Project Hell and, ummm, yeah. Basically, I got the last of the bunch and it's like last year all over again, but with a different person. Oh well. Like my friend said, it's a lesson that I must learn. I'll survive.

So I'm trotting through the Altamonte Mall doing a little shopping and what do I see in the BAKERS window... The BUDGET version of my Chanel-esque shoes. The Abbey. Yes, they are a camel and black version, but I don't care. They don't look super hookah ish like the Guess version and the BCBG version in Burgundy that I coveted is now sold out. (And I'm NOT Paying $110 bux for a pair of BCBG shoes that will hurt worse than the Kors shoes I have in the closet already). I'd rather bind my feet and walk on my toes.

Even better, these shoes are comfy, look scrumptious and I'm not tripping over my damn self. AND they were on sale at 25% off. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I got them for about $49. Much better than the $695 Neimans price for the Chanels, right?

My closet needs to make room and a shoe inventory needs to be taken. Not to mention that a trip to IKEA is in order for my shoe boxes. Now that would be a great way to start off the new year with a perfectly organized (or quasi perfect) closet.

A gal can dream.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Sharebuilder, You Got Some 'Splainin' To Do....

I get this lovely email from Sharebuilder today asking me ever so nicely to put them back on the "NICE" list and not leave them in limbo on the "NAUGHTY" list. I've been with them for over a year and every month, like clockwork, I invest some $$$ into my stock of choice: Starbucks. Yes, I have over 12 shares. Does that get me a discount at the local 'Bucks. Surely you jest. I also invest in a couple other stocks and that works out fine for me. However, last month during my financial drama with the ghosts from the past and my desire to break up with the student loan monster, I suspended any draws from my bank account and figured I'd resume in January/February.

Well today, here comes Sharebuilder whining in an email to take them back. So, I consider it and figure "Eeeh. I do have some OT moolah left" and then saw my account. It dropped over $73. So, here's my question:

Sharebuilder - in the words of Ms. Janet - what have you done for me lately? I mean, besides lose my money. Besides nagging me. Besides driving me to the poor house. I am giving you 2 months suspension. After that, I hope you have my $73 back WITH interest. Because seeing my money drop that low is enough to piss me off.

And I didn't get any shoes out of the deal either.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Twas The Week Before Christmas...

And all throughout the home
The activity level was high as I start to roam.

Ornament boxes are strewn among wrapping paper and bows.
How to make sense of this mess, no one knows.

The stockings were hung on the entertainment center mantle with care.
The garland strung behind them, balancing precariously on air.

The tree skirt is careful laid around the base of the tree,
However all is not peaceful, at least not for me.

You see, the evil cat is waiting under the tree
All set to pounce on the next thing she sees.
A foot -
A wire -
A loose or sparkly ornament in her path.
All is not safe from the grey one's wrath.

And bite she shall until blood is had
Because really, revenge is her objective and it's better to be bad.

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I woke up this morning to the sound of raging HAIL against my windows - HAIL. I live in FLORIDA. We're not supposed to get HAIL!

Today Shadow and I have to brave the cold (well it's cold by Central Florida's standards, 'k), hail and crappy weather to go see Santa Claws at PetSmart for her annual torture photo for my father. The Altamonte Mall Santa just wasn't the right one. Too many dogs, a 2 hour wait and I told Shaddy, it was Santa's 4th cousin twice removed. She can wait for the real thing. Which, of course, she was fine with because there was too many big dogs everywhere. Shadow detests big dogs. I'm also convinced that either during her fall at the airport she knocked her head or she was switched at birth because she does not like malls. How can my cat NOT like the mall? Doesn't make sense.

So pray for me please because she's gonna be howling the whole way to PetSmart and, after torture photo, she's going to want to buy every cat toy she can get her paws on (she rubs up against them marking her territory) and then she's going to attempt to face off against the parrot for her Sunday dinner. My money is on the parrot winning that fight.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Seriously, I Don't KNOW What I Want...

I'm of NO use today... let me preface that with I had ONE job to do - ONE - and that was to tell my boss what I wanted for Christmas. Well, outside of telling her that all I wanted was my brain back, in all actuality - I dunno. I'm horrible like that.

See, I rarely tell my friends, family and co-workers what I want because when I want something, I normally just buy it myself. I have the patience of a gnat. Plus, this is the first year I really feel like I have everything I want or need (outside of Loubous or a few other high end items but I want to, yes, buy those myself). My family is fine, my health is good, my bills are paid, I have a roof over my head, my car works well, my friends are great. I'm grateful. I'm content. I'm good. So, really I don't know what to put on that wishlist.

  • Do I need clothes, nope. Do I want clothes - eeh - depends. I'm pretty set for this season.

  • Do I need shoes? You are kidding, right - me? C'mon - Imelda Marcos ain't got nothin' on this gal (I keeed I keeed)

  • Do I need something for the house? Curtains but I need to pick those out myself. Anything else, I'm pretty picky.

  • Do I need anything for the kitchen? Need is a relative term. Want, yes. Need, no. Just don't ask me to specify. My brain can't handle that overload.

  • Do I need anything from, oh lets say, Gucci? Well, now that you ask... (again, I keeed, I keeed).

But I got caught up with a couple other things today with helping out some people here, lunch with a buddy and then I decided to log into my and there, right on the front page, courtesy of one Ms. Bobbi Thomas, was a listing of hot gifts for the holidays and - what do I do - order them my damn self. My gifts to me from me. See - that's how I roll.

I don't have patience. I don't ever want to tell someone "I want this, this or that" because I feel greedy. Seriously, I do. I prefer people give from the heart and put thought into things. I mean, that's what I try to do.

My friends and family know me well enough by now to know my haunts. Yeah, people say gift cards are cheesy, but you know what - if someone gets me a gift card to, lets say, Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma, hell - I say "YIPPEE!" because that person knows me well enough to know that I haunt those places. Plus, knowing my picky nature, I get to choose what I might want, need or feel inspired by. I *heart* that. Now, don't get me wrong - if the same person sees my knife set and notices I don't have a Global Cheese Knife or a Electric Sharpener - I'm all over that too. That's paying attention. Or if they see me fondle the Ruffoni Hammered Copper Pots at Williams Sonoma, they know I'll adore it.

But if someone gets me a gift card to, let's say, Bealls or Kohl's, then that person doesn't know my inner shopping demon. If they find a gift IN Kohl's that they think is totally me - then that's perfect. But if they get me anything Rachel Ray branded (outside of one of her NON ORANGY POTS!) or some Christina (Spanish Talk Show host) flatware, I'm curious. I'm thankful but also aware that they don't know what I really like or prefer. D
on't get me wrong. I do appreciate the thought and sentiment tho and I'm far from nasty about it. Again, I don't want to come off spoiled, just I am what I am. Does that make sense?

JZ once got me this cute little frame that, to this day, sits on my desk and I get compliments galore. One of the more, shall we say, rude people I know told me "Do you know that was only $X.XX at [whatever store]". "So what? And, your point?" is what I wanted to say to her but I just dismissed it. What I wanted to say was that JZ KNOWS I love photos and put some thought into the gift. I could care less the cost, coupons, or even if it was a re-gift. That doesn't matter. He knew it would be something I would like.

H. and his family once made me a huge Christmas card and they all signed it with messages, etc. in it. I still have that card to this day. It always makes me smile. They put time and love into it. That speaks volumes.

Reese made me a huge comfy blanket that I love to snuggle in (when Shadow doesn't try to pilfer it to her hiding spot). She took an amazing amount of time to make that and it just is so tailored for me. I adore it.

So, again, to reiterate the above - it's not the cost - it's really about the thought put into something that means alot to me. I mean, hey - if Reese can kidnap the Clooney and send him to my house this year, I'd be great with that too (ahem - hint hint. Again, I keeeed, I keeeed).

So now that I'm done waxing poetic on my theory of gifts (and NO I haven't done my wishlist yet - will do over the weekend *LOL*), you've got to see these lovely stockings from HoHoHeel that I covet which Ms. Bobbi pointed out are adorable. My gal Maria calls them hookah stockings, I just say "Have you SEEN the height of my heels - Hello!"

I also wound up customizing a cookbook over at When I'm finished adding all of my favorite recipes to it. Well, a good portion of them because I MUST have my chicken soup recipe in it (well Real Simple's), my favorite Cable Car Martini recipe and this perfect potato recipe from Jacques Pepin. When I get the book in, I will take pics. Trust me you will love it - it screams me.

So - I'm sure I'll post over the weekend (with tree photos, promise), but enjoy yourselves and be safe out there! I'll just be having a Cable Car martini and think of y'all :)

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Purse Is Dangerous To One's Health...

I'm mortified. During my shopping excursion tonight to look at (aka buy) more teal ornaments, I trotted over to my neighborhood 'Bucks to pick up an iced coffee for later and a delish Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha to savor for the ride home. On the way out and chatting with the baristas and cute boytoy in the store, my purse decided it was going to inflict some damage on a display of holiday mugs. 4 mugs perished in the fall.

Can't take me anywhere I guess.


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Tickets, Get Your Tickets...

In my email was a little gem reminding me that the 2008 Grammy tickets are now available and that our hard copy invitations are in the mail. The show is just around the corner - it's February 10, 2008. So, there goes my shopping budget. The only thing I really want to do this coming year is go to the ceremony with some friends and have a blast. It's the 50th Annual Grammy Awards so it should be a good time.

The one thing about the Grammys is while the awards are cool - the party is 200x better. Not to mention I want to visit Clooney's office Reese and the lot, network with some publicists I know and drag one my fave mentors out for lunch. I also want to go to my pre-Grammy dinner at the Ivy, visit some friends and maybe take in a bit of shopping. That, my friends, will be my big vacation of 2008. (Sorry Meowmix - I know I know). But after the developments here, I really need to put myself out there network wise and get back into the entertainment swing of things.

With a plan formulating and an aggressive savings push, I log into the member section of the website and lo and behold, I can pull my ticket order form online. Well, I need to prep the budget right? Therefore I need to see the costs. I mean I'm not ordering til January but still.

I see that the prices have gone up and there's new options. We can get 2 tix at Platinum, Gold or Silver level and an additional 4 tix at the cheap seats aka Bronze level. So this is the first piece of the puzzle we get to start with. Ticket prices are:

  • $1000 ea. for the VIP Platinum ticket (No, you're not on the floor - you are on the side but in a special VIP section, I presume);
  • $400 ea. for the Gold ticket (On the first level on the side);
  • $300 ea. for the Silver ticket (On the second level);
  • $150 ea. for the Bronze ticket (Upper level but guess where your gal will be sitting).

In addition, there is a $200 ticket per person for the swanky afterparty but you can't go to the party without going to the ceremony. Let's add that up - I'm going to be shelling out $350 per ticket package, plus plane fare, plus hotel, plus car rental, plus all other expenses. EEKS! Let's not even get INTO wardrobe. :::sigh::: I don't even WANT to think about that whole other debacle.

Over the next month, I'll be doing my research. I can get a room at the swanky Grammy endorsed hotel at a reduced rate but I'm going to see my options. As it's $189 a night, maybe I should just book the swanky hotel the night of the show as it's right nearby and that way we really don't have to drive much. As it is, I plan on flying in on the Friday before and leaving on the Monday after the ceremony. Or should I leave Tuesday - because more than likely, I'm going to be a tad exhausted from the party. See - TOO much to worry about. My head is going to be spinning worse than the exorcist!

I do know one thing. This time I'm NOT dying my hair brown before the show (Nor am I dying it at all, period). I don't want a Zebra stripe running down my head from a missed spot like I had 3 years ago. They can just realize I'm a blond with a brain.*

*Yes, that's really why I dyed my hair brown. Long story short - in the music genre I worked with, I found that many of the music executives are mainly men. And much of these male execs that I had to deal with tend to think that a blond with a brain is just not the norm. Therefore, I dyed it brown before the Grammys and also before a big music conference I had to go to - reasoning - to be taken seriously. Now that I look back at that, I have to laugh. If they can't take me seriously, that's THEIR problem, not mine.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Apartment Complex Has Gone MAD...

Last month, I got a letter reminding me that it's "Lease Renewal Time." (Insert smiley face after signature) Basically, if I use the "Early Bird Special" (their words not mine) and renewed my lease super early, I could save a nice chunk of change.

If you remember, I moved here in February 2007 (how time flies), and my lease is up January 31, 2008. Let me preface that with saying that the new management of the apartment complex is really upgrading this place and investing alot of money into the complex after the fire. We've got new breezeways, new parking lot, lots of improvements, clearer signage (you know, in case Pizza hut can't find the right building number), new security gates, etc. We've had quitea few bumps in the road, but it's an adjustment - kinda like when you get a new teacher in grade school mid-term or a new boss. You learn to work with each other, but there will be conflict. Now, things are better. I don't yell get cranky with the office every time I have to deal with them. I've made a conscious effort to give them a chance. Hell, I'm even nice and wave to the maintenance crew every morning. Keep in mind that while to those I'm friendly with, I'm more standoffish with people I don't know (some say I just look mean or crotchety). All in all, it's been an adjustment but we're at the stage where we are learning to play nice in the sandbox.

This gal at the office, M., has been amazing. She's the one who helped me get my lovely abode and took pity on approved me to move in. She sent me the letter and I see that if I renew by December 15th, I can get over $100 a month knocked off my rent. Because, yes, you know they are raising my rent to $1075 if I don't get off my ass and renew by December 15th. That's a pair of shoes, people. SHOES! And you know that your gal loves her some shoes. So to dip into my shoe allowance and I'd be spending an extra $1200+ a year for being lazy procrastinating. I. Think. Not. Bring on the new rent amount of $965. (I pay $955 now). Not to mention I now have to pay separately for water, sewer and trash. $37.50 in addition to the rent. And there's no meters so the crew packed into the one bedroom apartment below me will be paying the same. One bedrooms pay $37.50. Somehow I'd like to protest more but that's a losing battle. So, water for everyone! It's only fair that I use what I pay for, right?

M. assigned one of her worker bees on THURSDAY to draw up my lease and, as of Tuesday, I still did not get the lease to review. Because, you know I need to use my pre-law degree somehow and actually READ the lease. My lease last year was 2 pages, pretty much standard. In addition, there were a few addendums like Satellite TV, the Pet Addendum, the Rental Insurance you are responsible, the complex is not - even for an act of God addendum, etc. That was last year's packet.

Well, since time is a-tickin', I called M. for a little assistance and told her I needed the lease ASAP. M. saw that her worker bee didn't get the work done (surprise surprise - it's the one I always curse out in my head for being stupid) and M. stayed late, drafted my lease and left it for me to pick up yesterday.

No joke - this Apartment Lease Contract is fuggin' 25 pages long. Yes, you read that right - 25 pages of small print, like 9 pt. font. Basically I need a magnifying glass to read it. Here's a picture for you - I'm sitting at my desk, reading my working copy, highlighter in hand, with my nose basically on top of the paper. That's how bad it was. It's all standard stuff (read: cover their azz language) interspersed with various legal jargon, however they aren't slick. They attempted to pull few fast balls - which, of course, I caught.

Thank god I did reserve the right to review because last night the manager told me "Lys, you know you can just sign it now" like I wouldn't read it or anything. Ummm.. hello. Do you see "STUPID" in flashing neon lights on my forehead? I know I'm blond but geeze!! I'm not THAT much of an airhead. I was polite, laughed it off and said "[Manager], you're kidding, right? You know where I work. The attorneys are going to want to see this book now that it's an 'Apartment Association'."

M. and I need to have a "Come to Jesus" meeting re: a couple clauses and then I'll sign off on it. (Hello - they better not try PET RENT?? Shadow needs a job!) But seriously - I'm going to need a cocktail after this. Now I remember why I don't like real estate law. It makes my brain hurt!

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Aren't These Lovely...

FLAIR had a pic of these gorgeous Davis White Mary-Janes on her site which prompted me to go insane looking for them... INSANE I say. I mean, you see so many black, red, brown mary-janes, but WHITE... and with that wedgey-cfm heel. And you know I'm a sucker for shoes that just garner a wee bit more attention than the average pump...

And then I saw the price. :::sigh:::

But they are pretty, no?


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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Branded Baby...

I was joking around with some co-workers about my normal refrain as to why I can't go to Salt Lake City. I understand that it's a beautiful state and its not that I don't WANT to visit my friends there, I just can't. My response to every time I'm asked to fly to Utah: "The minute I step out of the airport or in Temple Square, I'll go up in flames".

KimmyK talked about the Scarlet Letter the other day and that, coupled with the above, reminded me of a fight I had with H. back in the day. Let me tell you about H. - imo, that boy is very ummm ... judgmental and very "holier than thou". H., during that fight, decided that I needed to be informed that I was a "Whore." Why, - because I had sex before marriage and, in his eyes, I was painted as quite the harlot. This, of course, was after he called me every curse word in the book and displayed his arrogance, reminding me of how he often acted superior to everyone. Yet I'm the whore and evil. Ummm.. Yeah. Ok buddy - whatevs.

Back to today's shenanigans - during our whole discussion about my reservations about going to Salt Lake, I told my co-workers that it was more than the liquor issue (or lack thereof). It was more than the coffee issue (or lack thereof). Basically, it boiled down to: I can't go because I'm a whore and, by Utah's standards, I'm persona non grata. After the initial shock on their faces, I explained H.'s branding me with the big "W" which, coming from him was laughable as best. Because, if you knew H., you'd know he shouldn't be ever calling ANYONE anything let alone judging them and on a superiority complex.

It was then that no wiser words were spoken. A co-worker reminded me "Well he's an asshole. I'd rather be a whore than an asshole". And the more I thought about that comment, I'm still giggling. Because being a whore is so much more forgivable (and fun) than being a class-a asshat. And H., most definitely, has that scarlet letter to contend with.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Asked and Answered...

I didn't post this on Friday, frankly, because I was wearing sweats as it was my well earned much needed day off. Also, sending Clinton & Stacey to my humble abode to scream at me for wearing sweats while lounging - umm.. no thanks. OK - enough kidding around.

When Sarah poses a question, well I I answer. I'm late but hell - it was completed (unlike one of her memes which totally slipped my mind due to Project Hell but I am sincerely sorry for my forgetfulness). Reese even was timely. I'm late. Duly noted.

So, without further ado, today's outfit du jour...

Red Keyhole Turtleneck top

Black & White tweed-esque wide leg trousers with Red Bow Hookah Heels that I just so happened to come upon in the closet...

My new Betsey Johnson drop earrings to round out the outfit and...

My best friend - Mr. Blister Block because now I KNOW why those adorable Red bow Hookah Heels were hidden back in the recesses of the closet.

Clearly I should have remembered the pain they can instill. I'll be wearing my ratty flats as I run to 'Bucks.

Don't mean to toot my own horn but today is def. a cute day... Can't go wrong with that on a Monday. Even with a new blister forming...

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Clearly, I Have No Sense of Restraint...

This past weekend I've been doing something I didn't get to in the weeks preceding and the time during Project Hell. (BTW - there's an offshoot I'll call Project Hell II in the works but eeh - no 70 hour weeks tho). I turned into my weekend hermit self Friday and yesterday, emerging today to finally brave the Millenia and Altamonte malls.

The object of my affection - some bronzy ornaments in Crate & Barrel. However, while I was in C&B, I also decided that I needed to trot to Neimans, Bloomies, Williams Sonoma and Anthropologie. For what: holiday ornaments and cooking goodies. Originally, I was just going to rush into C&B for those bronze ornaments, but then I got waylaid by Bloomies ornaments on sale. I'm a sucker for those lovely little shopping bags with the store and the year on it. In my defense, I did NOT buy the Neimans $175 gemstone cross ornament that had me salivating at hello nor did I purchase the Neimans shopping bag ornament at $35. However, the latter one did not come home with me because I didn't have any cash nor my checkbook on me and y'all know I am not a Neimans cardholder or Amex member.

Then it was off to the Altamonte mall to find a gift for someone (I had a coupon that expired tonight). Upon finding the intended gift, I heard the interesting news that the mall was open til 10 which prompted me to trot around. Then I wound up finding two delish ruby sweaters at Lane Bryant, Betsey Johnson earrings at Macy*s, various magazines at Barnes & Noble and then it was off to Target - for what, you ask? More Teal and Bronzy ornaments. Well, I did find them, but after a stern talk from Reese, I decided to put them back until I get the tree up and then evaluate what I need. I did buy a small box of blue ornaments for the hurricane lamps, garland for the entertainment mantle, beaded garland for the tree and electric candles for the window. My wallet wants to kill me right now. In my defense, I also put back the teal mini tinsel tree that I wanted for the bedroom. I figure if I really want it, I'll get it on Friday for my "shoe tree" aka the tree with the fun ornaments like shoes, martini glasses, bags, purses and whatnot. For now I need to see what I have on hand.

Here are the earrings and turtleneck keyhole sweater to go with. Aren't they to die for? Love them! If you think this is cute, you should see the shoes that I have to go with the outfit for tomorrow which was recently unearthed in my closet. Red 4" stilettos with bows on the back of the heel. Gotta love the holidays. Fabu reason to wear ruby red.

In other news, my artificial Christmas tree is still in the back seat of my car. Reason being that for the past 2 weeks, I have to park so damn far away from the apartment lately. (These new apartment people and their overnight guests - what. the. hell!) Not wanting to pop my shoulder out and the fact that my little wheelie cart is in my cubicle attached to a stack of boxes that I have to go through tomorrow and unpack before I can bring wheelie cart back home means that the tree will stay in there one more day. But that's okay because I cleaned and got the house ready for the comedy that will be known as tree assembly. I predict that it will go something like this:
  • Pour glass of Baileys on the rocks.

  • Pull boxes of ornaments out of laundry room.

  • Unpack tree box box.

  • Shoo Shadow out of tree box.

  • Read instructions to assemble tree.

  • Realize tree instructions are upside down.

  • Again tell Shadow to get out of the box.

  • Take another sip of the Baileys as I try to assemble the tree.

  • Realize that Shadow is back in the box.

  • Try to put the lights on the tree.

  • Realize it would be easier to put the lights on the patio.

  • Find Shadow in the ornament bags sniffing around.

  • Shoo Shadow out of shopping bags and try to figure out how to put together the rest of the tree.

  • Realize Shadow is back in the tree box, again.

  • Pour another Baileys and try to salvage my sanity.

I'm sure that once I evaluate the ornaments I have vs. the ones I just bought, I will more than likely figure out what needs to be returned. For now, I'll just sob silently and know I will have one heck of a decorated abode.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Channeling One's Inner Martha...

The holidays are really driving me batty this year. I feel like I have too many people to buy for and not enough fundage to do so. Between friends, family and co-workers, it's enough to make my head spin.

So today it hit me. I've decided to channel my inner Martha Stewart and, while watching the Food Network and leafing through some magazines, I stumbled upon a great idea in this month's issue of Cooking Light. Homemade Spice Rubs. Erin Cooks! also had some great cookie recipes and Sarah has a fast and fabulous truffle recipe. Plus, Giada de Laurentiis had some good ideas during her holiday entertainment episode today. Feeling inspired, I think it's time to give all the goodies I bought at Sur la Table a workout.

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to start beginning the process of making spice rubs, various cookies and other lovely items in lieu of breaking the bank for holiday shopping. After all, I still have the February trip to worry about and I need to start saving like a mad woman. And, if I have time, I will brave all that is Michaels and pick up some lovely ribbon, favor bags, tins for the spice rub and other goodies to package up the treats. And if I really want to make it festive, I might try to make myself a cable car martini while I'm impersonating a culinary diva.

Let's just hope I don't mix up the sugar and the salt... That would not be chic!


Clearly I was too excited by the Kooba bag where I decided to post THAT link in place of the spice rub link. So sorry. The recipe for the spice rub is as follows:

Zesty Spice Rub*

2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons onion powder
2 tablespoons garlic powder
2 tablespoons paprika
3 tablespoons cumin
1 tablespoon coriander
2 tablespoons chili powder
1 tablespoon salt

Yield: 1 cup

*Recipe courtesy of Cooking Light, December 2007

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Wishlist Item: Kooba's Carly Tote...

I adore this bag... I normally love all things Kooba but this Kooba Carly Tote is gorgeous. :::sigh:::
One day...


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Friday, December 07, 2007

Paying Homage to Yesteryear...

I'm sitting here tonight enjoying my much earned day off, watching Movies Rock on CBS instead of my normal Women's Murder Club. (Rob Estes - :::sigh:::) The fiery Rita Moreno just talked about her work in West Side Story, one of my favorite movies of all time. An appreciation for movies of yesteryear I can credit to one of my favorite professors, Mr. Norton. He had a class where we watched various films and it was there that I was engrossed in in the magic that is Old Hollywood. So to see such films as West Side Story, Casablanca, The Sound of Music, Singin' In The Rain and The Wizard of Oz honored tonight, it just reminds me of that particular class where I would sit in the college theater and just be transfixed by the screen and Hollywood Legends and the many conversations I would have with Paul about what we had seen. Paul has since passed but to see this brings back many happy hours I had with him and how much I learned from him. They also profiled some movies that I remember from my childhood like Grease, Footloose and Flashdance profiled, reminds me how times have changed.

This special, for me, is the culmination of a fabulous day off - regardless of the fact that I was too lazy to change The Unholy on Chiller earlier. To see such talent of today* paying homage to all that is past reminds me that movies are more than special effects. To a young mind, they can be magical and give you that creative spark. For me, this was a break from Project Hell that is absolutely needed.
What's your favorite classic movie (or movie you can watch over and over and over again and it never gets old)?

(*Yes, I'm totally biased, but I thought Stacey (Fergie's) performance of Live and Let Die was kick ass! That Nicole chick from the Pussycat Dolls sounded a little flat but eeh. It can happen when you are touring like crazy. I can go without yet another Beyonce performance and Jennifer Hudson - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!)

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Feels Like The Holiday Season Has Officially Begun...

Thinking about fave christmas songs sent me to YouTube. Universal doesn't allow embedding, but y'all might enjoy this video from one of my favorite holiday albums.

@ Reese & MB - I KNOW! *LOL* BTW - MB - I'm STILL not going to UTAH!

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MeMes for Christmas...

ShoeAddict had a great MeMe so I "borrowed". Should you care to get into the holiday spirit and play along - let me know in the comments...

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Depends on the time constraints. Plus - much of the time I love the bags with the tissue paper mixed with wrapped boxes.

2. Real tree or Artificial? Artificial. A Real Tree means Shadow will have to climb and then I might have a Hotfessional moment...(You must read both links!!!) Unfortunately if I throw a real tree off the balcony - it falls three stories and who knows what I'll hit. Then Lawsuit and then drama. Let's stick with the artificial. The world will thank me for it. Trust!

3. When do you put up the tree? I'm hoping this weekend if it all goes well.

4. When do you take the tree down? Around mid to late January. I'm one of those. If I have a Project Hell moment, try late January.

5. Do you like eggnog? Yup - but if so, can I have lowfat eggnog with a shot of Southern Comfort & lots of nutmeg. Thankyouverymuch!

6. Favorite gift received as a child? Barbie Dolls - my grandfather once got me a Barbie townhouse. I never forgot that.

7. Do you have a nativity scene? Nope. I should but I haven't gotten around to it. Most of the ones I've seen have been cheesy and you know this gal does NOT do cheesy.

8. Hardest person to buy for? My father - he's a tough one. Also BR is difficult to buy for.

9. Easiest person to buy for? Me! j/k. (One for you, two for me, One for this one, umm.. one for me). In all seriousness - I'd have to say my boss (wine) and a few friends (also wine!). See the wine theme - pick a bottle and tailor it for whoever. Chardonnay for the boss, Beaujolais for another, Cabernet for another and so on and so on. Just call me Boozy Claus...

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Depends on my mail phobia ;) More like a combo of both.

11 .Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Hmmmm. It must have been so horrible I blocked it out ;)

12 . Favorite Christmas Movie? Nightmare Before Christmas (Shut up! I know its Halloween but still!), Rudolph and those cheesy quasi cartoons I loved as a child.

13 . Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Yes, but I think before I recycle. I don't do it often.

14. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Pumpkin Pie - tho my Bampa made a killer chocolate pie for the holidays. :::sigh:::

15 . Clear lights or colored on the tree? Clear. If I had to go with colored, I'd probably do a teal-y blue, but I prefer clear. Looks more elegant in my opinion.

16 . Favorite Christmas song? "Christmas Is My Favorite Time Of Year" by The Jets. Yeah, I know - I'm biased. But still - their Christmas album is a favorite.

17. Travel at Christmas or stay home? I'm staying at home this year. My open toed shoes are too chicken for braving the snow.

18. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? I think I can. Rudolph, Dasher, Donner, Blitzen, Cupid, Sleepy, Grumpy oh man - maybe not. Next thing you know, Santa will have the 7 dwarfs leading his sleigh.

19. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Morning. I don't like opening them on Christmas Eve - I'd rather just wait til Christmas Day.

20. Most annoying thing about this time of year? People who carstalk you while you are walking back to your parking spot.

21 . Favorite ornament theme or color? I'm still on the Teal kick. So this year it will be teal, bronze and perhaps a touch of silver and gunmetal.

22. When do you start shopping for Christmas? I prefer to shop ahead of time and online with cash back. Due to some unexpected bills & expenses this year - I'm moving on the fly for this.

23. What, do you want for Christmas this year? A brain? Actually, Santa can bring me a gift card for Sur La Table if he so chooses this year. Or perhaps a gift certificate to Saks so I can apply it to my LouBous... Or perhaps...

24. Angel or Star on top of tree? I need a new tree top - I think I might go with a star.

25. What do/did you leave for Santa? As a child, it was cookies & milk, which always seemed to be my dad's favorite cookies. Hmmmmm. I should have caught on then! DOH!


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