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Friday, March 30, 2007

So Adorable...

After yesterday's day from hell (and there was much more on the way home from work but I won't air it out here... let's just say that when one hears the backstory BEHIND what one sees, it's a whole 'nother ballgame), I went to work today going "Oy vey!".

And then I found this lovely in black. And I got it for 50% off WITH a coupon thanks to my gal Amy B. I guess keeping my head up was well worth it!!!! There is something about eyelet in the summer time that just reminds me of summers on the shore...

Coupon Info is over at Fashionista+ Enjoy!


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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Elevator Etiquette...

Is there an etiquette protocol when one is stuck in an elevator? Seriously... I mean - if you ring the alarm and no one comes and you know you are stuck between floors, what is a gal to do? There is no "If you are stuck" manual or laminated card on the walls. And, the phone in the elevator - yeah, that was of great use *cough* if a gal could FIND it. Thank god for cell phones.

One thing a gal doesn't want to hear is something along the lines of "I've been meaning to fix that" DOH! Well, thanks for the insight, Mr. Otis Man! Thank god we got fabu security guards here who knew NOT to make me attempt to climb out of the elevator in 3" heels. One little push of the button and VOOSH! I was on the next floor and changed elevators right quick. There is a sickening lurch when one gets stuck as well to where I NEVER want to feel that again...

Needless to say, it hasn't been that great of a day... but at least I'm *trying* to find the humor. I should have gotten coffee before I came in...that would have started the day off a bit better, I think.


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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sharpen Those Claws and Get Out The Feather Boas...

Is anyone watching “Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll”? I hate to admit it, but that show is on my Tivo list. Having heard about the Pussycat Dolls for years, I was curious about this show when it came out – not to mention the possibility that Jonathan is going to show up and cry. Pure amuzement. And, Ron Fair just is an icon in the industry. The man knows his stuff so what he says to these gals is more like a nicer Simon Cowell. Never thought I'd say this either, but Lil' Kim actually gives some sage advice. Maybe Paula Abdul might want to have a sit down with Ron & Kim from all I hear about her comments lately during her judging of "AI". (Why I don't watch that is a whole other blog for a different day).

Well, I’ve been watching it and there is one gal on this show who I wish I could reach through the screen and smack upside her head. The whiny, b*tchy, needs her sleep, can't take constructive criticism, "its all about me" Sisely. Honestly, I’m hoping that I’ll get a nice surprise and she will get voted off soon. But her drama makes for good TV so I don’t think the producers will be so kind.

For someone who used to be so anti-reality shows, I don’t know what happened. Maybe I just need to watch a marathon of CSI or something...

UPDATE: THE PRODUCERS WERE SO SO SO KIND!!! SISELY IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!! She can hang up her boa and go back to her punk band. And, for once I'm glad I didn't read the spoiler on OK - back to my shopping talk...


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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Beauty Challenge: The Beauty Spectrum

Sarah at Pink Shoes Diaries has hit with another challenge - one that I find to be more daunting than the first. See, I'm the type of gal who, when faced with a beauty love, I stay with that product until it just doesn't work for me no mo'. And when I leave a product, I rarely revisit it once I've found something that works. Hey - if it isn't broke, don't fix it, right?

Prime Example - Jonathan Product. Long time readers, friends & family know that I am NEVER to be separated from my Jonathan product. I wouldn't be surprised if my family buries me with my trusty bottle of DIRT. Seriously, I've had great hair (well - I need a hair cut but that's another blog for another day) and haven't used anything BUT Jonathan Product since my discovery. Yes he cries alot. Yes, he's a whiny one. But, you can't deny - the man gives great hair! And, by extension of that, his product line does too.

In my hair care arsenal:

Total splurge:

On those days when a gal needs some va-va-voom hair:

For those days when you either A) Mess up or B) Running Short on time:

Now - again, I need to remind you - If you do get these - make sure to get cash back (Recommend Sephora or!!! And - you only need a little bit - I'm STILL on my same jar of DIRT that I bought 2 years ago and only 1/2 of it is gone. Also - if you want to just try it out first - why not the travel sizes.

  • Bargain: Pre-Jonathan days and on the budget end, I used Pantene Pro-V products and Suave's professional Humectress type conditioner (something about that smell!) I apologize that I can't remember the names of the products. I did, once, dabble with some Prell but we will block that out, right?

Beauty go-tos:


  • There is no option for me - Bare Escentuals or bust. I will never do the liquid stuff ever again if I can help it. Don't have a bargain comparison for that as I think BE's quality is superior to most and have worn it for about 3 years and going now.


Eye Shadows

  • Indulgence: I must Must MUST have MAC Eye Shadow in Paradisco ($14.00). Its one of those shades that make blue eyes pop! But, most of MAC's eyeshadows has me at hello.
  • Bargain: I'm a fan of Rimmel London eye products as well when I want something fun and non-committal (and I won't kick myself for paying $14.00 for a color I don't like). Their liquid eye shadow is divine!


  • Indulgence: Right now I'm wearing MAC Lipglass in BodyMind from the Raquel Welch collection ($14.00) LOVE It - but hate the sticky. Thanks to Sarah, I will check out Paula Dorf's line. Hair in lipgloss - notsoglamorous
  • Bargain: Again - Rimmel London Lipgloss in East End Snob ($5.39) I'm a fan of the light colors when it comes to the lips. Dramatic Eye/Light Lip is my motto


  • Indulgence: While I rarely wear lipstick - I love the packaging of the Raquel Welch collection by Mac and adore the Screenqueen lipstick ($14.00). I also keep MAC's XPosed in my makeup bag (which, after checking the site today seems to be discontinued).
  • Bargain: It's a bargain lipstick that has my heart: Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Lipstick in Birthday Suit ($5.89)

For the Bath...

Every gal has her weaknesses for the bath and lotions & potions are one of mine...

Hand Crème:

Facial Soap:

Facial Moisturizer

Shower Gel


  • Indulgence: Who can forget about Fragrance. While I have many I love, I'm going to select the top of all tops - the one I need and go to when I need to feel divine. Lollia's Breathe ($44.00). The bottle is gorgeous, the scent - fresh and feminine and worth every penny.
  • Bargain: I don't know if it is much of a bargain, but I did get Philosophy's travel size "Falling In Love" for about $15.00 in Vegas. This is one that I'll use in a small bag or when I want to switch it up a bit. Or, even better - get a small atomizer and fill it with your favorite scent. For $8.00 you have a travel size go anywhere vial of your favorite "get him on his knees" scent.

Now looking at this list, I've come to the determination that I'm not only an utter shoe junkie, but beauty products as well. There are definitely some things I don't scrimp on, and beauty products are one of them. (Along with my Achilles heel of shoes, Williams Sonoma, Pier1, etc. etc. etc.) While my friends joke and call my bathroom a fusion of Sephora & WalGreens/CVS, these items have built up over time - a little bit here, a little bit there. Also, most have been bought JusAnothaGal's way (online, coupons & cash back) and the wallet isn't screaming in horror, as much. If I bought it in one whole swoop - the wallet would immediately go into shock.

Wonder what challenge Sarah will think of next!!!

NOTE: Links have been provided when available. ENJOY!

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Where Oh Where Has Customer Service Gone

Lately, I've noticed a decline in the customer service industry - moreso than normal. Prime example - I got this email from someone who I've had relatively normal business dealings with before, however their remark just hit me over the head with some form language that looks like it was inserted. Talk about setting my alarm whistles off.

  • If I'm a long-standing customer/supporter - do not, and I stress, DO NOT use form language basically telling the customer "The reason why is because your computer or you is at fault" when I know everything was done by the book.
  • Know that your dealings, words, actions, etc. are a reflection not only of yourself, but the company within which you work.
  • Most of the time, with me at least, it's more the principle than the money. I could care less about the $.48 cash back, but I do care about how customers are treated. If anything, learn by example and grow from it.

So - with that, FatWallet and I are not playing nicely in the sandbox at the moment. However, Ebates and Mr. Rebates are moving along nicely (and give a bit more $$ as well, hint hint).

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Week 3: AeroGarden Update...

Back Row (L to R.): Mint, Basil, Dill, Cilantro
Front Row (L to R.): Italian Flat Leaf Parsley, Red Leaf Basil & Chives

Ok... well we've got plant growth on 6 of the 7 pods. My guess is that the Cilantro is being either stubborn or just out and out rude and deciding that it does NOT want to grow. Whatever - I rarely use cilantro so that doesn't phase me. However, somehow I can't help but be reminded of the plants in the Little Shop of Horrors. I wonder what is in those nutrient packages that comes with it.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

This Week's Fabulous S&TC Musing...

Carrie: Maybe I can't leave New York. I don't know how I'd do someplace else.

Samantha: Believe me, your fabulousness would translate.


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Sometimes the Best Laid Plans...

Sometimes the best laid plans go to hell in a Chanel knockoff. Today I was in total chef mode, using my new Global knives and having a blast. Something about cutting a bagel with the correct knife made me very happy (or the fact I'm actually USING the investment). All weekend I've been picking up things here and there for my plan to start cooking at home more often. I even braved Costco on a Saturday. That, in itself, took courage. People there can be crazy!!! It's kill or be killed there with some of those ladies with carts. Lately, the last thing I want to do is stand over a hot stove after a work day from Hades. However, there's something about watching the Food Network or Everyday Italian and going "I can do that!! That looks easy" so that's exactly what I did.

Today - I decided to Robin Miller the fridge and split up meals for during the week. I shredded leftover Costco chicken for my favorite Southwestern Chicken Soup, made the easiest onion soup EVER, cut up some of a whole grain baguette for croutons and actually topped the soup with the homemade croutons and fontina cheese making it Italian Soup Au Gratin... can we say "Delish!". The leftovers will be for work next week for a quick ham & provolone panini & soup night. Also on the menu this week - spinach, pancetta & warm goat cheese salad, roasted butternut squash with grilled chicken with spinach & pine nut pesto, steak with smashed parmesan potatoes and jambalya with turkey sausage. Leftover squash will turn into curried butternut squash soup for the weekend. I even froze some fresh blueberries for dessert. Too often, I'll buy them with the full intention of using them and they stay in the fridge til they are a science experiement. We'll see if I can follow this through.

Also - I need to stop going out to lunch at work. P. just has to say "Cafe Ritzy" and this gal is running down to Cafe Rittazza for their Green Chile & Corn Chowder or their Turkey w/ Cranberry Mayo sandwich. My budget is ready to start going on strike. Starbucks - it is used to; going out 4/5 times a week - notsomuch. So, I'm limiting it to 1-2 a week. Tomorrow we have to take a friend out for his birthday so I'm determined to start that goal on Tuesday.

Also - I wound up getting a Cuisinart Panini/Grill from Linens & Things (gotta love the 20% off coupon). However, also I went a little stir crazy in the interest of full disclosure. I got these lovely onion soup gratin bowls, a cooling rack, a few odds & ends and towels for the bathroom (pink as I got the taupe ones last week). Then I discovered the Pier1 Dining event ended today so I completed the last of my stemware purchases and I'm d.o.n.e. Pier1 is really my kryptonite sometimes.

So - during my Chef Mode, after making the soup, I decided to make a carrot cake for our co-worker's birthday. Well - everything was going great. My boss lent me her stadium mold (I was going to make a poker table cake) and all was smooth - my mixer worked like a dream, I chopped some walnuts to stir into the mix, the cake cooked evenly and I got my decorating kit out ready to go to town. I let the cake cool as instructed and then flipped it out of the pan and look what happened.

Carrot Cake Catastrophe.

Now it resembles some ancient roman ruins. Needless to say, P. is a doll and is picking up a carrot cake tonight. Next time I think I'll try something easier - like brownies. It's the thought that counts, right?

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Seriously, What Every Gal Needs...

After this week, I've come to realize that when a gal gets her first vehicle she needs jumper cables, learn how to put in oil & where the dipstick is (no not the latest boytoy - the thing in the car that tells you "oops - there is no oil"), where the jack is should some knight not change her tire, an AAA Membership AND "Auto Repairs for Dummies".

When I was 18, my dad gave me a set of jumper cables and I had them up until recently when I went looking for them in the trunk and they were not there. My friend needed a jump start to her car and the cables were M.I.A. Also - on Friday, my check engine light came on so I called the service dept. and the stupid tech tells me "Is it red" (Doh - it doesn't TURN red) and "Is it blinking" (Doh - noooo). Needless to say, I was a bit "cranky" and yesterday, his boss and I had a lovely discussion about what should have been said, etc.

First of all - the reason I go to the dealer is because I've had such a bad time years ago with service shops where I know my legal rights with a dealer and they can't pull that crap on me that a normal service station might do (like the one when I was in college where they would break something else just to jack up the costs and I'd have to come back).

So - today, I go into the dealer and who's there to greet me but the Saturday idiot (we'll call him J.) AND J. proceeded to fight with me about what was said on Saturday. What I wanted to tell him was to cut it out because if I'm willing to put what someone said into an affidavit, the individual best learn not to mess with me. And then he had the nerve to talk carspeak and arrogant. Whatever, I zinged him back and told him to get the shuttle please so I can go to work - 45 minutes later they FINALLY find someone. The same person who's been drinkin' coffee for the past, oh, 45 minutes. So now I'm really late for work and pissed off.

Well, he calls me and rattles off a HUGE list of stuff (again in Carspeak - PVCElbow Something-Rear Vaccuum Valve Replacement-Induction -Injection-Serpentine Belt-Transmission Fluid Flush-Tune Up-Oil Gasket Pan Leak-etc.-etc.-etc.) and I had to stop him when he brought up I needed two tires. Boy, I was on to him then! I told him I was already aware and getting them somewhere else (Doh - Costco). His response "Well then I won't tell you about your alignment problems". Mind you, when I was totaling up everything he told me, already I was well over $1,100.00 and much of that was not necessary. SO, after weighing my options, I told him he was going to do only the three most vital things - the others were NOT necessary at this time and I was going to examine my options. J. then told me that they might not "have the parts" and would have to order them. Oh that was it. It was on and poppin'. AND I was wearing my "Don't get b*tchy with me" Red Platforms. I. Don't. Think. So.

After some sage advice from family and friends, I called J.'s boss "G" and told "G" that we (the dealer and I) might have to break up our formerly happy relationship. I also told him that I am seriously considering taking my car to another shop because J. and I were not EVER going to get along. I also told G. that I didn't appreciate J's idea of fighting with me when J's verbal banter on Saturday opened the dealer up for liability and, in turn, quite possibly the manufacturer. I told G. to print out everything that I've done with them for 5 years for my records and I'm going to marinate on it and we'll see what happens. Needless to say, they are not my favorite puppies right now.

Apparently, what I said worked - 10 minutes later they miraculously found the parts and LaLa will be back to new. Granted its the price of my couch and then some but still. Thank GOD for emergency fund. Good news is, I called H.'s cousin's job and they are more than willing to take my car from now on even though they are not a Mercury Dealer. Remind me to hug David Maus Toyota. At least there I will NOT have to worry about b.s. and padding the bill. AND - they won't make me wait 45 minutes for a shuttle while the driver gets a coffee. And, the piece de resistance - they are next to the Town Center Mall. Shopping while waiting - that's something I can fully support. J. however, notsomuch!


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fashion Challenge - Breakfast At Tiffanys, Anyone..

The fabulous Ms. Sarah of Pink Shoe Diaries challenged her budding Fashionista readers to come up with a suitable party outfit for under $50.00. Let me tell you - that was a challenge and a half - especially since I normally consider myself pretty good fashion shopping wise and even this had me questioning my shopping moxie.

So - I drew on the inspiration of all inspirations - Holly Golightly of Breakfast at Tiffanys fame and this is what I came up with....

Dress by Isaac Mizrahi for Target: $23.99

Slides by Payless: $9.99

Clutch by Target: $7.49

and the finishing touch - there is no Breakfast at Tiffanys without pearls..

Pearls by Claires: $4.50

Total Price: $45.97

Now - just to add my own spin on it, if there is online shopping, one must get cash back, non? SOOO...

  • Cash back through FatWallet on the Dress: (4.4% x $23.99 = $1.06)

  • Cash back through FatWallet on the Clutch: (4.4% x $7.49 = $0.33)

  • Cash back through FatWallet on the Slides: (8% x $9.99 = $0.80)

Total Cash Back = $2.19
Final Price: $43.78

Now - with that, I'm off to grab an ice coffee! Too much thinkin' for this gal's brain...


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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Are You Intrigued?

How many people watched Dancin' With the Stars last night? I, for one, did not and cannot until Heather Mills is voted off. Honestly, I don't like her. Never did and never will. IMO, she epitomizes what would be termed a Media Ho - someone who manipulates the media time and time again to get her name in the press. There are others like her that I cannot stomach (Nicole, P*ris, LiLo, Britney to name a few) and I just can't deal with it. She says she isn't seeking publicity, yet she breaks into a pig farm for a photo op with perfect makeup. Let me get off my soap box tangent on that now...

However - I am an Orlando gal now and I have some loyalty to Joey Fatone. Joey and his family are always in town doing stuff for the community and the Fatones are genuinely nice people. No complaints on my end. Any dealings I have had with them have been pleasant and, while I'm not an N*Sync fan, I think Joey's got alot of talent and has my support. So, I have to break down and vote for mah boy. However, I'm still not watching DWTS til the PR Ebola virus gets voted off.

So - I'm curious - who's watching the show, who's got your vote and, if so, why?
Instead of watching the result show tonight, I'll be watching the Season Finale of Real Housewives of Orange County and Search for the Next Doll. Damn this reality TV!

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Random Observations...

  • What is up with all these musical remakes? I was listening to this song and was thinking how god awful it was and turns out Lumidee remade the classic "SHE'S LIKE THE WIND". Ok - granted it's Patrick Swayze and cheesy, but hot d*mn people. It's an 80s classic. And when you try to turn it into a rap song, Universal - What Were You Thinking? UGH! Guess they didn't learn "You Don't Put Baby In A Corner". I'd much rather listen to Brooke Hogan whine first.

  • Johnny from Doc & Johnny fame at XL here was talking about how there is a decline in dating. You know what - I think there is a decline in the amount of gentlemen and chivalry. I think he may be on to something. He was remarking how people are prone to hook up first than date. Yeah ummm.. if you are lookin' in a club that's what one is going to get .

  • What is up with these pumped up trucks? Yesterday, while driving in the Target parking lot, I almost got hit by this big azz truck that looked like it was going to a truck show. No - this idiot was going to find a parking space and his truck was so big it took up most of the damn aisle. Trucks don't need double tires, more chrome than Paul Wall's mouth and tricked out to the max. Well - dummy parked almost opposite of me and had the nerve to glare my way. Well, not being one to shirk away from drama I figured it was either some ball player with an attitude or some Polk County idiot - nope - it was a guy who was about 5'4 with tattoos and pumped up more than Ahnald on Steroids. Can we say Napoleon Complex anyone. All I could think of was "awww.. how cute - a miniature idiot". Needless to say, he didn't say a word. Maybe it was the stilettos that could remind him I would take him out of the game in an instant. Either that or I just looked especially b*tchy.

  • What is with Dunkin Donuts not mixing the ice coffee? Fernando in Altamonte Springs told me customers don't want him to mix it. What I wanted to say is "you just didn't want to do it - doh!". I just told him the customers are stupid if that is the case. DD is NOT Starbucks.

  • Icy Hot is neither Icy nor Hot. It did nada for my leg last night. The heels seem to be helping it. I'm not walkin' like Igor anymore.

OK venting session over... what's new in your world?


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Monday, March 19, 2007

The Stepladder is NOT My Friend...

Remember that episode of Sex & The City where Samantha was sick and pulled the curtains off the windows while lamenting the benefits of having a man in the house. Well, let me tell ya - this gal feels her pain right now.

I did the dumbest thing yesterday. I still hadn’t hung up the artwork in the apartment and decided to pick up some picture hangers and a hammer and go to town. Well, the stepladder and I - we had a falling out, with me being the one doing the falling. This gal fell right into the bedpost and somehow twisted her left calf muscle to where I have renamed myself “Igette” and had to drag my left foot behind me around the house last evening, careful to not put any weight on it or, if I was hopping, I was very careful to watch where I was going. Of course Shadow thought it was playtime and repeatedly tried to trip me, headbutt my bad leg, etc. etc. etc.

Today, however, I couldn’t bear the pain in flats and while deciding whether or not to take a sick day, I saw my lovely teal platforms, tried them on and while it was painful, I could walk in it. My friend, Ms. M. said it was because flats make the muscles stretch, heels don’t make it stretch. As I always say - Give me heels or Give Me Death !!!

What lesson have I learned - let my male friends do all the hanging stuff. I, however, will be getting a taller step ladder, try not to multitask as much and remember that Rome was not built in a day (and my apartment won’t be decorated in a day either)…

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Week 2: Aerogarden Update...

Houston - we have plant growth...

So far 4 of the 7 have sprouted enough and it's rather interesting to watch. At least things are starting to move along..

Mon A.M. Update:
Correction: now 5 of 7- the Mint made its debut this morning and the chives are growing like crazy... egads!

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S&TC Might Be On To Something...

Carrie: I got to thinking about relationships and partial lobotomies: two seemingly different ideas that might just be perfect together - like chocolate and peanut butter.


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Mark Your Calendars: March 21 - Free Iced Coffee..

Big sign walkin' into Dunkin' Donuts today- FREE SMALL ICE COFFEE on March 21 to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Now THATS a way to jump start the day...


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Where Oh Where Did One's Confidence Go...

Being that today was St. Patrick's day, I decided to take some time and just think about what's been going on. See, now that things are starting to slow down at work, I'm able to start dealing with one's internal demons - one of which that is plaguing me is the loss of confidence.

Yes - I said it - my confidence is m.i.a. What's funny is if you put me in a club, I'm the one that is talking to the staff, d.j., etc. and my friends will often joke that I will walk in a club like I own it and, in my mind, I do. I know that in entertainment, the wolves are always nearby and its best for my clients to walk the walk and talk the talk. When it comes to my personal life - notsomuch.

I'm trying to narrow it down to the confidence erosion is due in part thanks to Mark and H. With A., I had NO problems with that relationship and, when Mark and I split, A. was one of the primary reasons I regained some of my confidence. However, with H., and having spent so much time engulfed in family drama, work stuff, etc., my demon of self doubt took over and that little nagging imp won't go away. Confidence was also missing.

Thursday night when I was out with friends, I decided that I needed to let go of the past and move forward - which included possibly leaving one's hopes and dreams behind and start to make my life here in Florida. And, in true karmic "OOPS", life threw me a curve ball on Friday and the confusion came back - and quick. I was far from "Over It". I also need to quash my habit of caring about emotionally unavailable men. Perhaps its because I keep myself emotionally unavailable and that's what I attract. Or, perhaps, its the coulda shoulda woulda.

Any way I look at it - some changes need to be made. Just the question of where to begin. Perhaps by regaining my confidence...


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Saturday, March 17, 2007

May I Recommend...

On Thursday one of my dear friends, Ms. M. planned an evening out for some people from work and let me tell you - how refreshing. We checked out this Chinese restaurant called Kim Wu's on Kirkman Road and let me tell you - the place was di-vine! It was like going to NYC and getting REALLY GOOD Chinese food. If you could try the stuff I've had here in O-Town, you'd see why last night I was pleasantly surprised. Normally, with Chinese food it feels very heavy and "blah" and I'm not normally a fan. However, after last night, I've found my Chinese Cuisine "Hot Spot". The duck sauce is homemade. The service - impeccable. The ambiance & restaurant - top notch. The prices - well worth it. The company - PERFECTION! We all got different dishes and they got passed around and oy vey! May I recommend the house fried rice and the curry chicken. YUM! Also, Ms. M. got a shrimp dish that was also divine and Ms. P. got the honey chicken. All in all - a slice of heaven.

And speaking of a slice of heaven - two doors down was a dessert bar called The Dessert Lady. We stopped in briefly because Ms. P. & Crew had the Millennia Mall on the agenda (hello - Nine West People!) and made plans to revisit this little spot shortly. However, I think I might have to do a little reconnaissance work myself and visit prior - just to make sure ;) It's got a wine bar and the desserts look appropriately sinful. Great for some relaxing with friends or with that special someone.

For those in Orlando - you need to check out
Kim Wu's and The Dessert Lady. Easy to find. Easy on the wallet. Easy To Love....

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Finds...

Some things this gal is checkin' out (just lookin' - no plastic has been harmed - yet)

Jonathan's JetSet Hairstyling Set...

Limited edition and everything a gal needs for perfect hair. I can't stress how great his products are enough. God knows i use it daily and my hair has been in great shape for the past 2 years I've been using his stuff. I'm thrilled they have a travel size of everything. Makes my packing so much easier.

I love this dress.... It's so chic for the gorgeous weather we are having...

Isn't THIS adorable?

I might want to have that for the housewarming brunch. Too cute!

Ahhh... temptation, temptation...

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Orange County Sheriffs Think They Have the Luck O' The Irish...

Don't You Think Orange County's Tax Dollars are being put to great use. Costumes to nab speeding drivers. Too bad Village People Cop didn't do this. Note: I saw that fool yesterday walkin' on the OTHER side of I-4 (my side) which pissed me off to NO end. But the fact remains, Orange County has questionable priorities, imo, much like OPD.

Now - lets see - crime v. speeding. Orlando's finest obviously appear to be way more concerned with driving infractions such as speeding, tailgating, improper signals/lane changes, and seatbelts over, I dunno, let's say the murder, rape, assault, robbery which are growing in leaps and bounds. Great job!! *insert sarcastic eye roll here*

Photo courtesy of WESH.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pretty In Pink...

Only a small handful of my friends know that I'm a fan of musicals and theatre, but it's a love that started from my first days in 2nd grade starring as a nun in "Sound of Music". After that, it was all downhill. Now, I don't like acting and find myself to be shy at times so for me - the stage was NOT my friend, however through high school and college, I would help out with all the behind the scenes fun stuff and still love going to live shows.

From time to time, I find myself wanting to check out the local theatre scene or the touring musicals, but just never can find the time (or the $$ to go), until I heard the radio yesterday. They did an interview with Molly Ringwald who is starring in the Orlando version of "Sweet Charity" and let me tell you - it opened last night and I'm hearing quite the buzz.

So now I'm on the fence - to go or not to go...
Here's a great article here on the event. Also - she has some great thoughts re: the starlets of today. Back then, it wasn't as bad as it is now with the tabloid frenzy. For someone who gets asked about the 80s' film genre, she handled the questions with class.


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Ice To Meet You"...

I absolutely love this show - as corny as it may be - and, thanks to YouTube, here's the clip of one of my fave parodies...

George Clooney & The Gubonator...


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AEROGarden: Day 1...

Well, I finally set up the AEROGarden Saturday evening. The lights stay on for 16 hrs to simulate sunlight and it is a nifty little toy. If it saves me from killing the herbs/plants in the house, hey - it's for the benefit of the herbs, right? God knows, I cook with a ton of them.

Here's a pic from Day 1. Let's see if there's any action by Saturday...though sometimes it feels like waiting for a phone to ring...

(Yes - I'm still working on decorating the living room - baby steps... baby steps...)

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This is So Sad...

I used to love the band BOSTON in the day. How sad is it that their lead singer passed away Friday. He will be missed. Check out VH-1's profile here.


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Monday, March 12, 2007

Yet Another Riddle Me This...

Why is it
  • when one is sleep deprived, one finally gets a 4th wind only to be caught in by, Bloglines, Perez, Gmail, SoapNet, and mind racing - I can't sleep and I'm heading towards 36 hours and counting;
  • Erica Kane WON'T STOP MEDDLING! Never fails - I can stop watching All My Children for eons and guaranteed, she's STILL meddling and is about as dramatic as David Caruso in CSI:Miami;
  • I'm starting to believe that people don't live in my building - it's too damn quiet and I rarely see anyone in the hallways;
  • when I think I'm so over something - I get reeled back in. UGH!
  • being homesick is never a good thing.


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Riddle Me This...

Who the @(#*@ had the bright idea to switch Daylight Savings Time? I swear - my whole schedule is seriously off thanks to the time switch and I got slapped with a massive case of insomnia. No amount of coffee can help this gal!

However, I think in my sleep deprived state, I fell prey to a Maggy London Dress... we'll see on 3/22 when I get it if it is cute or being sent back! Reese is always recommending this line so we'll see...

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

S&TC Thought of the Week...

Carrie: Damn! Why is that girl still bothering me?

Samantha: Honey, you have to let it go. If I worried what every bitch in New York was saying about me, I'd never leave the house.


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Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Mailman Must Hate Me...

Today I went to visit the complex office, knowing that I had two packages waiting for me. Well, turns out I had 3 at the office and two in my mailbox. Fina-flippin-ly.

So - in my non-holiday binge, I received my:

Principessa Urban Beauty Box;
AEROGarden (pics forthcoming);
Aveeno Positively Ageless Bzz Agent Kit;
The Secret DVD from Barnes & Noble; and
A gorgeous black wrap dress (in a smaller size!!!)

What can I say - most of this was ordered a month ago... Now - to get this all unpacked and onto selecting my curtains & bar stools for the breakfast bar.


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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ahhhhhh the Weekend Approaches...

Last night, after a very very long day at work, I got home late and had to pick up the mail. It was then I decided that the time had come for me to show my neighbors my true colors. Upon getting the mail, I saw a package with the name "Sur La Table" on it, realizing it was The Knives. I sat there clapping my hands in glee all excited and it was over KITCHEN KNIVES. Not shoes, not clothes, not the impending arrival of my package of Principessa products. Nope - it was over my Global knives that I have lusted after like Aubrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's in front of the window. I knew then I needed an intervention....

Wait - it gets better.

So today, after work my boss told me to leave work early and I decided to return the original Global knife and Magnetic Knife Strip I bought in Ft. Myers at the Florida Mall Williams-Sonoma and get my knife block to house my new lovely set of knives. I wandered through Sephora and picked up nothing. I found my black spectator shoes at Steve Madden - marked down $50 bux at that - and said "Nope" - intent on just spending what I needed and I'd revisit the shoe idea next week.

So - I tootled into Williams-Sonoma and returned everything for my knife block. And, with that, I picked up my bread knife and got it marked down. Granted it was $3.00 but hell - why not. Every little bit counts. I had already a credit for my return and I go to get my wallet. I reach in my purse and look around and Its. Not. There. Oh crap. Now how am I going to pay the tab remaining?

I guess my resistance to the shoes & the lure of Sephora heaven paid off karma wise because, as I reached into my pocket I found my bankcard. Hallelujah! And, with that, I have my new culinary baby. Viola!

And - just because I haven't really exposed much of my decorating (because it's far from finished), I took a couple cell phone shots and now you can see one of my favorite escapes in my new abode.

Also to add to my relaxing evening - decided that it was going to show my favorite movie of all time (well one of them) - ONE FINE DAY. Now how can one stay tense and thinking about things to do tomorrow with a fabulous ice coffee and George Clooney on the t.v. screen. Ahhhh.... Nirvana indeed...

**Did you know there was a ONE FINE DAY Drinking Game***

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Food For Thought....

If one moves their cube for work, would it be appropriate to hold a "Cubewarming soiree" and, if so - does one register and where - OfficeDepot - Staples - See Jane Work... Jus' Thinkin....

After moving my cubicle last night - I've vowed "NO MORE MOVING!"


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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Newscolumnist Breaks The Cold Hard Truth...

Now - it's no secret that thanks to the lovely show "Blow Out", I got sucked into the reality web that is Bravo and, by saying so, I will also admit that a guilty tv pleasure of mine is watching the foolishness that is the "Real Housewives of Orange County". Knowing that most of reality tv is far from "reality", I find it hard to believe that all of the residents of Coto de Caza behave like these women. I get a kick out of the insane amounts of money these women toss around and give to their kids with no accountability. Hello - BMWs for 16 year olds? Are you kiddin' me? My father would shoot me if I EVER, stress EVER behaved like this.

So, one night while tootling around on the 'net, I stumbled on this writer's column and found out the real deal with these housewives. You have to go to the right hand side of his column to catch it and that, in itself, is more astonishing than what we see played out on the tv screen.

Much props to Frank Mickadeit for going out on a limb and reporting the reality about what goes on behind the gates. After all - what was a "reality" series is about as real life as an episode of "Days of Our Lives". As a matter of fact, I wonder if Lauri can play the possessed Marlena.. Jus' sayin....

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Fluffy Bunny Clouds - I Don't Think So!

Anyone who knows me knows that tact and I - yeah we don't get along too well. I won't sugar coat anything or mince my words. I do think about what I say but I'm matter of fact when I have something to say and don't like to waste time. When I hear about people saying that I'm "harsh" or "cold", give. me. a. break. If I was cold or truly harsh - I really wouldn't speak and would call it a day. If I'm taking the time to weigh my opinion, why am I going to tell you what you want to hear, right? I'll tell you the truth and if you can't handle the truth - well you know the Jack Nicholson phrase.

So, twice today I heard I was a bit too "blunt" for people's taste. Ummm... do you want me to give you a fuzzy bunny to go with the ego pillow? Apparently I'm supposed to be sweet and tell people what they want to hear or fawn over whatever they say. I remember the first time I told JZ "no" on something, he was taken aback but he saw what I meant. I won't wrap everything up in a big fluffy bunny cloud to soothe an ego. I could care less about jobs, status, whatever -if you approach me with an attitude, I will shoot back and quick. I hate wasting time and for people to want me to soothe their precious egos - yeah ummm.. no. If I can tell an executive or an artist "no" and can back it up, what makes some people think that I won't treat them the same way?

This isn't kindergarten or high school. If people can't deal with the heat - step to the doorway, please.


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Monday, March 05, 2007

Songs I Can’t Get Out of My Head…

New track from P!nk:

And, while I’m no AI fan nor profess to be, the lyrics to this track by Katharine McFee are echoing my mood towards a particular individual… So “Over It”…

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Things to Be Grateful For When Sick...

Just a few of the things I'm grateful for when under the weather...
  • Nyquil;
  • Alleve;
  • Comfy New Mattress & bedding (zzzzzzzzzzzzzz);
  • DirecTV with bitchy Reality Shows i.e. "The Agency", Food Network & the Style Network;
  • Oprah, Cooking Light, O At Home, Glamour, and Domino Magazines;
  • Quiet neighborhood (it's amazing how quiet this place is considering it's down the street from the hospital);
  • Fabulous co-workers who basically are putting the cabash on me working from home;
  • Perez Hilton on MTV's TRL. Glad to see Damian still on there.. can do without Ciara tho...

Things I'm not kosher with:

  • DOC from Doc & Johnny resigning - while I love Johnny, my boy Alex & Grace, mornings without Doc are not going to be the same. Clear Channel - we have an issue!!! .
  • the need for Pepto (blah!);
  • nausea;
  • lack of ice coffee;
  • flu shots that don't seem to work....
  • being a workaholic and my body not seeming to cooperate!


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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sex & The City Wisdom to Kick Off the Week...

Mr. Big: What would you come back as?

Carrie: Someone who knows better.


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Saturday, March 03, 2007

More Nigella Finds...

While I felt like crap this morning (nasty flu and being run down from working in overdrive mode the past couple of months)... I still decided that I needed to run to Maters & Taters (the local fresh produce store in Apopka) and on the way back, the bright lights of Tuesday Morning beckoned. And, what a glorious time did I spend in there... While they were getting ready for the big huge sale this upcoming Tuesday (can I say - Cuisinart & Henkels, anyone), I decided to take a looksee around and boy did I find some fun stuff. While I was being conservative, I did, however, purchase these Nigella Mixing Bowls in Cream for $29.99 rather than the original price of $79.00 that I saw in Celebration 6 months ago. I saw the serving platters for $19.99 which I thought was nice and have that in the back of my head for next paycheck (or the expense check - whichever comes first) along with a kitty condo for Shadow.

All in all, very productive and I'm now subsisting on ice coffee and Nyquil til tomorrow. Tomorrow this gal has some coupons to use for Pier1 & a visit to Williams Sonoma to return the Global Santuku knife as well as unpacking and sorting on the agenda. Fun Fun!

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Forgiveness is Not Needed...

Well, it's a multi-post day, but there's a lot goin' on in this head of mine....

First of all - this weekend is nothin' but smooth shoppin' for this gal. I got one of my expense checks in and, after putting a bit in the bank, I'm also going to go searching for a few things for the house. It's my first full weekend uninterrupted by work, etc. and I plan on enjoying it. I'd enjoy it better with my Global knives but they won't come in until the 10th. *sigh*

Now - on the homefront... I'd like to say things are moving smoothly with my family, but my mother insisted on playing the drama card this week sending me an email "forgiving me" for the drama on Thanksgiving weekend. Wait a minute - did I read that right - FORGIVING ME? If I remember correctly (and I am pretty sure that I do).. when one makes allegations about my dad and his side of the family, I'm going to double-check my sources and make my decision accordingly. Since I told her "no contact", she's intent on emailing me, sending me nasty letters to my house (hello Mr. Shredder), to my job (one of my close friends at work has now offered to open my mail if it comes from her), and just basically won't give me time to deal. I didn't want to hash it out on the blog but, since she is reading it - perhaps now she can get a clue.

The fact is - forgiveness is not needed. Forgive me for putting everything on the blog and standing by my words - I don't think so. It's my opinion and I'm entitled to it. And, I don't think she can "forgive me" for her leaving me and my father since I was only 6 months old at the time.

For the record - she chose to leave me for 6 months (not 3 days as she first alleged - now changed to 1 month as her email of yesterday alleged) to run off with the guy she was messing with behind my dad's back. The court gave custody to my dad due to her repeated threats of taking me away from my family, never to see me again. My dad reacted the legal way and his lawyers filed papers with the court, during which she still chose to leave with her boyfriend and the court gave him custody. Before she even tries to allege a J.R. Ewing scenario with my grandfather or my dad co-ercing a judge - bullshit! Fact is fact - and the judge made his decision accordingly on the face of the situation.

For two years, I lived with my father and my grandparents and that explains why I'm so close to his side of the family. So - to answer her question - yes I am entitled and WILL review the court file. Knowing a bit about the legal system, the court will not take custody of a child away from its mother unless there is a damn good reason - especially in 1972/73. She wound up living with us again through my high school graduation and of course this entire debacle wasn't disclosed until I was 35. Fun Fun Fun. But during those years, she did her dirt and memories have been flooding back over and over and over again. Basically - the first 2 years of my life were kinda tumultuous at best and it is a classic case for therapy as to why things just are never kosher between me and her. JZ termed it the nature/nurture effect where a mother forms a bond with her child the first years of a child's life. By her actions, I was deprived of that. Oh well - a gal can punt.

My mother and I have always had a strained relationship and I always felt the need for her approval and seriously, until she fixes what's goin' on with her, our relationship will never be a-ok. I accept that and am in the process of moving on. Will my children be subject to her drama - highly doubtful unless they ask me to get to know her. I just don't feel like putting my friends and family into that mess. One of her venom-filled comments on Thanksgiving was "I see the hardness of your grandmother but the softness of your grandfather in you". Damn right there is and I'm proud of my family history. I'm Irish through and through - I'll be hard when needed but those close to me know that I am very loyal and loving to my friends and family - unless they do wrong by me. I don't see a problem with that. I don't have to forgive people for what they do - I just think twice about what's going on and remember that for next time. I try to not harbor grudges, however, I am a guarded person - that's just me. Do I need to apologize for that - no. Do I need to be forgiven for that - no again.

She's made allegations of my "addiction to shopping" - ummm. that's no secret - however I do not spend what I DON'T have and wouldn't call it an addiction unless it's laughingly. Her shopping, however, drove my dad near bankruptcy. Needless to say - I've spent too much time dealing on her drama and honestly - I'm so over all of it. What it did was force my hand and with that, I've made the decision to cut all future contact with her. Is it harsh. Yes. However, I need to break the cycle of abuse before it gets put on those that I love and care about. For her to say she learned it from my father was laughable at best. Whatever.

Hopefully this is the last time I'll air this ugly mess on here, but I know she's got her family of the man she married and his kids and that's fine. She's deemed them "[her] family" and that's good. I can rest easy with that. However, she just won't have my audience or my father's side to even deal with any more and I can also rest easy with that.

Ok - I'm done with my rant now - where were we.. oh yeah - shopping ;)


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One of the things I used to love as a teenager was watching "Friday the 13th: The Series". It was campy at best, but both my dad and I would watch it and discuss the plotlines. I adored Jack Marchack (the older guy) and thought he was so wise. Not to mention the cousin was very cute (John D. LeMay) (at least to me back then). So, you can imagine my surprise this morning when my TV Tunes to "Friday the 13th: The Series" on the new DirecTV - Chiller Network. I immediately clapped my hands in glee and set Mr. Tivo to season pass and, part of my weekend will be catching up with old friends - this time with either wine or ice coffee as I watch the series from the beginning. Never mind the fact I found the DVDS on eBay some time ago and never mind the fact that the SciFi channel used to play it - This is what I might term "me me time" and use this time to relax and not think about anything...

But the lights will be on!

Photos courtesy of The 13th Hour...


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New Finds...

Now this is a phrase I can totally support:

This is the almost perfect painting that needs to be on the wall in my "dressing area/closet walkway". The price, however, notsomuch! If anyone has suggestions for art finds, please let a gal know. Thanks in advance!!!

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Interesting New Show...

Designer to the Stars: Kari Whitman starts on WE this Saturday... sounds interesting (or at least I'll get some good design ideas)...

And - you might want to catch her "High End Design Ideas on a Budget". I've got the cat though - no adopting doggies for this gal (at least now):

Both videos courtesy of WETv...

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm Mortified...

You know things are bad when you come across an 80s clip of yourself on YouTube. Granted it's a Kelly feature but still. God I hated that purple shirt... It's hilar to see some of the same people I hang out with whenever I go home to Philly and the fashions we wore, but still... ugh - that SHIRT! I'll go hide now.

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Isn't This Gorgeous...

I'm on a bit of an apartment overhaul lately. While I will be getting a couch in a few weeks, I've got the "official" housewarming soiree to plan, along with a follow-up housewarming cocktail hour the week after. See, one of my fave Southern Living At Home consultants and I had lunch today and, after much consideration, I'm determined to show off the new abode. With that, of course, comes the registering. Pier1, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn - you name it, I'll find something to register for and, as my old boss showed me, once you register, after the completion of that date, they'll send you a coupon for $$ off things on your registry that you perhaps didn't get.

Well - first things first - I need good china. I got a great set from Linens and Things but I want the "good" stuff. The stuff that is picked out by me - passed down to my kids, cats, whatever. So - with that, I found

I love the lines on this dinnerware. Also - I've gotten very Colin Cowie and have transferred my "choo luv" to various stemware, tabletop, etc. How scary is that?

So - between my Le Creuset addiction, my Pier1 "visits", etc. - my home will need a plaque that says: "Decorated by: Pier1, Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table, Pottery Barn, zGallerie, Tar-Jay, Macy*s, etc. etc. etc."

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