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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Did you SEE the new Magic player, J.J. Reddick - I'm thinking that I might develop a liking for basketball and maybe, just maybe, root for the hometown team..

As Reese would say, *Swoon*

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ever Have One of those Days...

Where you KNOW you should have damn well stayed in bed because you would be like Wil. E. Coyote with the rock rolling after your butt?

Hence today…

ENOUGH! Where's that friggin' Calgon…

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And in the Backyard..

And if a gator isn't enough - in NJ, apparently Goldilock's friend got a tad sleepy...

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Anyone for Avon?

The 6-foot alligator that showed up at this front door in Hilton Head, South Carolina, last week appears to be trying to ring the doorbell, which is a few inches from its left front leg.

Roslyn and Robert Loretta were home eating a teriyaki chicken dinner at the time. This photo was snapped by a neighbor with a telephoto lens

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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Dreaded Wedding Section....

Being that my mother is a wedding planner (on top of her many other hats that she intermittently changes), I always have to face the inevitable, "Look who got married". Lately, she's even taken to emailing and sending me the newspaper clippings just to, I guess, keep me in the loop. How thoughtful of her, right?

Now, I'm all for keeping up on the hometown news and even check the newspaper myself from time to time (mostly to make sure that my friends are NOT in any sort of scandalous behavior). However, when it comes to clicking on the engagement/wedding photo link, that knot in my stomach always seems to emerge as I hope and pray fervently that noone I know is featured on those pages. It's in no way a jab at the happy couples, however, I really try to avoid seeing anyone that my mom might think I went to school with.

With her eagle eyes, she can pinpoint one of my old classmates (both high school and grade school), dance class members, former members of our old church, even a neighbor from 3 blocks over who might have had a child my age, and that photo/announcement will be sent to me with a little biting note to remind me that I have yet failed again to marry anyone (even that loser ex of mine, Mark) so that she can plan my wedding in the way she sees fit. (She's not dealing well with my, "If I do - Vegas - $500.00" rant). Not to mention, she's still demanding the required grandchild offering.

I think someone should start a "Rent a Hubby" service - at least to help those in need to keep their mothers like mine at bay.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ya Know...

That a weekend (just 2 days) isn't really long enough? I seriously think a weekend should be 3 days. Who do we contact to get that rule into effect?

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This Week's S&TC Musing...

Samantha: From my experience, honey, if he seems too good to be true—he probably is.


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Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm on the Hunt...

In driving home last night, it hit me. My new cute outfit in the making...

I have these killer brown suede style pants that fit perfectly and are so cute with my lovely Steve Madden shoes... but what's missing. A teal blouse. Not just ANY teal blouse but *THE* teal blouse.

So I'm searching endlessly through my normal online hot spots - Nordy's, Dillards, Bloomies, Lane Bryant, etc. and am finding NOTHING! I had one before but, with all the weight I lost, the old blouse just doesn't look right at all. Too big and this gal does NOT want to be featured as a Fashion Don't in Glamour, ya know. The Black Line over my eyes just is so not appealing.

Why do I think I will find the holy grail before I find this final finishing touch. *sigh*

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Wallet Hurts...

One of the benefits of being a recovering entertainment publicist is the perks. However, many of those "perks" are paid for. One perk of belonging to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) is I get to go the Grammys. However, I have to PAY for those tickets. Unless you are a nominee, presenter or one of those really A++ listers, you need to pay. And those tix are NOT cheap, nor are the tix for the parties (yes, those are separate too). However, I love the charity work that the Grammy foundation does and will always support that. We also get other benefits which is always a plus (like discounts on anything from insurance to music related & promotional items to even People Magazine).

But, once you are accepted into the fold, you need to keep up your membership or you have to reapply and go through this whole screening process. So today, I got an email that my dues are due. Can you say "OUCH!". My wallet is screaming. Two pairs of shoes that needed a loving home will have to be adopted by some other shopper so my little Grammy card can be active.

In good news, Grammys are February 11, 2007. Therefore, not only am I saving for a house, but I definitely plan on visiting Reese and heading to the awards. Now to find "the dress". I got time.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

And, to Offset the Cranky..

The Roomie calls today all in a panic, upset and frantic. Why - because apparently Shadow, the cat, decided that she was going to investigate Roomie's cooking prowess and jumped on the stove as Roomie was cooking a hot dog.

Now, Shadow didn't yowl, cry or get pissy - she just wanted to take a looksee. Roomie was visibly shaken, thinking that Shadow had burnt her paws or something and lightly spanked the cat telling her to stay off the stove. What does Shadow do - hits Roomie back and run off to go play with something on the carpet.

Now, I about lost it in a fit of giggles. Shadow is one of those cats with personality - if she doesn't like something, you'll hear it. If she doesn't feel like she's getting enough attention, you'll hear it. If she wants to watch TV, she'll headbutt the TV button until it pops on. And if she doesn't get to see her Lord of the Rings movies when she wants it, she knows how to headbutt the DVD off the shelf to prove her point. (Should I be concerned that she's watching too much TV?).

Well - Lesson learned: Offer Shadow some food and show her some manners and Shadow will gladly stay off the stove. Not to mention, I had to remind Roomie - in Shadow's mind, this is her apartment - she just lets us live here and, if you don't Mafia style it and offer her a little treat now and then, she will take what she thinks is owed to her...

Roomie will think twice now. Wonder if I should tell her about how Bizkit, my friend's chihuahua pup, tried to choke D the other day... nah - think I'll save it for the next time Roomie pisses off the cat.

The face of innocence (Yeah, right)

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Warning - grab that coffee cuz this gal is heated.

When growing up, when I got punished, my parents were old fashioned. My dad is an ex-marine and I was more afraid of his "in your face" soldier talk than my mom whuppin' me. When I got older and my mom had "issues" shall we say *cough cough* Baileys/Drambuie/any other type of firewater *cough cough*, I did get my azz beat. My mom was far from a saint, but we already worked through that - Anywayz. That's really not the issue here.

I'm a firm believer that punishment is a parent's option and spanking is not "abuse" and time outs are not "neglect". When I do have children, I will follow my dad's example (and not my mom's) and not get all "mamsy-pansie" as my grandfather would call it. Now - mind you, this is my opinion - so keep the hate mail to a minimum por favor. In my opinion, kids today are too disrespectful of their elders and I'm amazed daily at stories of how kids are behaving. Kids are great at manipulation (I should know - I used to be one of those kids). Kids are good at really knowing who to work to get what they want. Kids are growing up at a MUCH younger age and drinking/smoking/having sex, etc. before they even hit sophomore year in high school. I didn't grow up in some Midwestern town - I grew up in a suburb of a city up north and I always say, "My parents would have KILLED me if I did that".

I've noticed recently that kids today, when they get punished and have a toy taken away or spanked or told "NO", they scream "abuse". When they are told "NO" or told to have a "Time Out" they scream "neglect" or, in some cases, (like my friend's case), the kids stories are blown out of proportion by teachers or other people with no supporting evidence. I'm all for teachers or doctors reporting the legit cases, but people, seriously - do some sort of Nancy Drew type investigation before ya get all Chicken Little. Make sure you have evidence. And, for God's sake, if you have an axe to grind, do NOT call DSS for a non-legit case. Our system is already overstretched as it is.

Now - the basis for my rant - One of my good friends heard from the state that they are "investigating" her for "neglect". NEGLECT? This woman is one of the best mothers I have ever known. Hell, my mom should have taken lessons from her. She's not neglectful of her children at all. What happened was, her son was told "NO", got in trouble and the next day, to get back at his mom, he told his teacher "My mom beat me". I've stayed with this woman and I know, for a fact, she doesn't beat her children. This son is in his early teens, having a hard time adjusting to a new school and concocted this cockamamie story for a little attention from the teacher that wasn't negative. This teacher, without calling my friend or finding out the facts, just immediately went to DSS with this crock.

This woman has given up so much for these kids and is always there for them 150%. So how DARE the state say she's "neglectful". Not to mention, this is the same state where a friggin' governor closes public transportation to and from Logan Airport at midnight. UGH! Again, I digress but my blood is boiling. Seriously, how can a state just made an allegation like that and say it's supported but how?
  • Is it because she has a career and is not living off the state?
  • Is it because she went to school and made something of herself?
  • Is it because she had the NERVE to challenge the school board for someone beating up her child on the bus and the bus driver (and school) did nothing?
  • Is it because she put this teacher on blast for what happened to her son and the teacher dismissing her son saying that by the boy having a ball, he provoked the other kid to beat the crap out of him?
  • Is it because she isn't afraid to stand up for herself or her children and put someone on blast? (With much more class than I could ever muster, if I may say so myself).
I just don't understand it.

What about the state being neglectful and not getting child support for her children. What about the state dropping the ball when it comes to finding this deadbeat dad and making him pay. Wait - I'm sorry - is it different agencies? Are they suffering from communication issues?

When does DSS draw the line and figure out what are real charges and what are unsupported? Til they decide to right their wrong, my friend is branded with a scarlet letter while they "investigate". However, this is the same agency that has let many children remain in abusive households and fall through the cracks. So, the time they are using to investigate these false allegations, they could be focusing on children who really do need help i.e. Haleigh Poutre, the girl in Westfield, MA who was severely beaten by her adoptive mother. Note - in that case, DSS is being investigated for "lack of communication" which could have kept poor little Haleigh "out of harms way". Not to mention DSS is being put on blast for trying to pull Haleigh off life support. It's just so sad.

Seriously - Massachusetts - get your priorities straight!! And I really hope that after my friend is vindicated, that the teacher AND DSS is put on blast in Western Massachusetts. I want a front row seat to see that one!

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I SO Did not need to know *THAT*

Is anyone else traumatized by Saved By The Bell's Screech's recent revelations - no, not about him possibly losing his house, but the remark, he's "All Nose and Hose". I so did not need THAT VISUAL. His size is not something I'd ever remotely want to know about. EW!

Damn Howard Stern!!!

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I've Been Slackin'...

I know, I know - but seriously - I've been sick. This blonde decided to flip a mattress by herself and next thing you know, I popped that shoulder outta whack, yet again. The poor roomie just was about to toss me out a window. SO, that combined with a bout of a virus thanks to those lovely sick kids on a plane, I was out for the count. I knew I should have taken some Airborne before flying on a damn plane!

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Parmesan Tortilla Crisps...

I've gotten a little bored with the snacks available and, after Vegas, I vowed to cook at home more, eat less pre-packaged "convenient" foods (read - preservative central... blah!) and work towards eating a bit more healthy...

So today, in trying to replicate these amazing tortilla/pita thingys we had before dinner, I stumbled onto a gold mine.
  • Preheat the Oven to about 350 degrees
  • Take about 4/5 small tortillas and cut into small strips
  • Spray cookie sheet with a non-fat cooking spray or line with foil (or both - easy cleanup)
  • Line up the strips on the cookie sheet
  • Brush the tortilla strips lightly with extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt lightly
  • Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese
  • Bake for about 10-12 minutes until golden brown and cheese is melted
  • Cool & enjoy!

Sometimes it's just so much better when it's not prepackaged or out of a bag.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Alrighty - Vegas Update...

Well, first of all, if anything Vegas was great to get away. There really are few words to describe all that you can do in this city. From the clubbing to the shopping to the great shows and did you SEE My room. My lord. Not only that, they put me upstairs from the STARBUCKS! I take it they got the memo re: me and my coffee. While Meowmix & W. were partaking of the interesting frozen drinks, this gal was loving her Starbuckkys. I was taking it easy on the drinking. I also decided to venture out to the Fashion Show mall and scored a hot pair of $100 shoes for $38.00. Love Nordys! Love Love Love Nordys!

Now, while I know I was not supposed to work, I wound up meeting some great people. Thanks to Mario aka Perez, I wound up chatting it up with Michael from TAO (adore him!) and Mr. Carson Daly. Also, I reconnected one of the original guys from Earth Wind & Fire (as one of my clients used to open for them) and chatted with a great VIP host from Jet. Plus, I met a fabu choreographer who just happened to be sitting next to us at Centrifuge. One discussion led to another and next thing you know, we're discussing the new shows & clubs going into the hotels, my company, and he found a dancer for my client's stage show. All in a 2 hour span. Only in Vegas, people - only in Vegas.

Great times were had even though it was hotter than hell and I learned one thing. Flats/Me - SO NOT an option.

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S&TC Waxes Poetic on Casinos...

Carrie: People go to casinos for the same reason they go on blind dates: hoping to hit the jackpot. But mostly, you just wind up broke or alone in a bar.


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Meet Ms. Chai Martini...

Yes, I've broken up with my brief, yet satisfying, love affair with the Cable Car Martini and have moved on to my new "martini du jour" - the Chai Martini. I discovered this lovely libation in Centrifuge at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas which is SO easy to make. Basically it's Starbucks Chai Latte, Stoli Vanil and some cream (or milk for those watching the figure). Careful tho - It packs a hell of a wallop later on.

But isn't that half the fun?

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I've Returned....

Vegas was too much! I'll post more about it in a bit - much thanks to the MGM Grand who nicely upgraded me to a swanky West Wing Suite/Room - Check out this bed. AHHHHHHHH.

I, most definitely, will be returning...

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

2 days and counting...

And I haven't packed a THING yet. Before the Bahamas, I was pretty much in order. Vegas - fuhgetabotit. Maybe its because I used to go there a few times a year on tour. Maybe because I stress out so much over crap here that I'm not going to stress out there. Maybe because I'm starting to feel the effects of burnout. Maybe, just maybe, because I know that a good time will be had.

Some items on the Agenda:
  • Shopping, shopping and, oh yeah - SHOPPING;
  • Checking out the Pussycat Dolls in Ceasars Palace;
  • Checking out some hot night clubs (*winks at Mario - Thx honey!*)
  • Celeb sighting (Oh Clooney / CSI Guys - where r u?)
  • Resting by the pool;
  • Having a CABLE CAR MARTINI; and
  • Having a cute pool boy bring me said martini.

What's NOT on the agenda:

  • Getting hitched ala Britney - (not going to be there for 55 hrs me thinks)
  • Going to the Monte Carlo (MB - REMEMBER those days - ugh!)
  • Listening to 80s bands now playing in the pub lounge;
  • Going to the - Excalibur, Hilton OR Flamingo
  • Work;
  • Work;
  • Work; and
  • WORK!
And - of course, the mantra - What happens in Vegas - STAYS in Vegas! So - to those select few - no details for chu! Get it. Got it. Good! :)

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Macho, Macho Man...

Once again… driving into work this morning and VOOSH! To my right I see the Village People cop wandering, yet again, through the traffic. All because of this. Didn't his mother tell him, Don't PLAY in traffic.

He REALLY needs to stop before someone hits him or, god forbid, he causes a really bad accident.

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The Devil Must Wear Steve Maddens...

This morning… I'm running late for work, having a hell of a time getting myself together and I decided - forget that today is 6/06/06 and just focus on the positive aspects of life. My file clerk calls me re: a project and wants to know why I'm so nice this morning (because, as y'all know, I'm not a morning person at all)… My response is that I have two choices in life - I can either be bitchy OR I can choose to stay positive, even if it is today.

His response: "It's YOUR holiday today - aren't you supposed to be celebrated?"

So, apparently, I must be the Devil Who Wears Steve Maddens.. Now - where is that daggone pitchfork...

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

S&TC Quote for the Week...

Carrie: I think I'm missing the marriage gene; they should put me in a test tube and study me.


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Adventures in Shopping...

Well, I had to pick up some must have items (well, in my book anywayz) for my Las Vegas adventure. I know this week is going to be hella crazy. So, after a lovely facial at Orlando Euro Day Spa & Salon (Xmas gift certificate from my boss), I was off to the Florida Mall.

First stop - JCPenny - I was in search of the perfect Black & White skirt, and found a gorgeous one with a hint of chocolate in it. I almost picked up this one as well, but thought twice. Bonus - Thanks to their sale today and a gift certificate from Visa Extras, said skirt was hardly a dent in my wallet. I am really impressed by some of the fashions that JCPenny has lately.

Sephora was on my radar, for the lovely limited edition Jonathan Create/Finish (Dirt, ReDo & Volume Foam - all in small travel sizes) set, along with his travel hair spray. They also had some gorgeous waterproof eye shadows by Bourjois, but since I'm staying next to the Sephora in Vegas, I'll just hop downstairs and try it out.

Macy*s was on the agenda, on the hunt for the perfect sleeveless blouse. Now that I'm down a size, I can button up the blouse and not worry about the boobs making it look all crazy. However, I'm really disturbed by Macy*s now. They refused to process my card as a credit (USAA gives us $$ back for using it like a credit rather than debit.) Not to mention, this idiot decided to tell me that Macy*s has a new policy. Starting January 1, 2007, ALL credit cards & debit cards are to have a pin. No more signatures. Oh HELL no - didn't they hear what happened to Office Depot who stored all the pins and then those idiots got hacked into? So, needless to say, Macy*s has lost my business from herein out. I'll be at Dillards.

Nordstrom's supplied me with the last tube of my now discontinued *tear* Smashbox gloss, Evoke, as well as my favorite Foot Petals (those Steve Maddens are too much after the *list* incident.). The salespeople there always go above and beyond. Also, yours truly was invited to a front row event from DuWop makeup in a couple weeks which includes *clap clap* a gift bag. I really can't rave enough about Nordys. They always go that extra mile. They even told me where they are in LV AND told me that the Vegas stores has a better selection than the Orlando store. (Note to Meowmix - Fashion Show Mall *is* on the agenda, right?)

Also, did you know Bath & Body Works carries Jonathan? I was talked into trying the Glossing Creme/Leave In Conditioner so we'll see.

One other disturbing item - I found some gorgeous Steve Madden pumps in turquoise (I know I know - they are the same as my black ones). However, in perusing the shoe stores, I noticed that Aldo has the same ones, as does Bakers, Guess, AND Jessica Simpson *blah*. They are all a knockoff of Christian Louboutin however, Aldo's is the ballsiest - they actually did their soles red. It will be a COLD day in hell before I EVER buy shoes or any other item of clothing, makeup, hair, etc. by Jessica *marketing overkill* Simpson. Anyhow - I resisted purchasing ANY shoes. I'll wait til Vegas for that. I've decided, shoes are my drug of choice.

Also, since WHEN does Juicy Couture and Guess think they are in the ranks of the big name bag places i.e. Gucci, Coach, Dooney & Burke, etc. The prices for their bags are OUTRAGEOUS. I saw a cheaply made Guess bag for the price of a great Coach bag. RE: Juicy - forget it - they had a bag for 850 bux that, up close, YUCK! Baby Fluffy is one thing - this monstrosity - I can SO do without, ever.

All in all, adventures in shopping were quite successful. Now I just have to go through the closet and make room for the new finds. Losing weight - its rather costly sometimes :) Not that I'm complaining or anything. 4 days and counting....


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Saturday, June 03, 2006

My New Drink...

Well, I'm a sucker for anything with Captain Morgan, thanks to those lovely days back in college thanks to A. always sneaking it in the Coke for our 8 a.m. Criminal Justice classes as well as my lovely Captain & Diet Coke staples for social occasions. I always joke that I have a high immunity to Captain.

So last night, I'm out with the girls having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory after a particularly stressful week and discover a new gem of a martini (because, of course, y'all know I'm a sucker for those) - The Cable Car Martini.

Well, tonight after trying to make it unsuccessfully here at the house, I find the receipe online. And, delightfully enough, its one of the signature drinks at Nobhill at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where I will be residing for 4 blissful days starting Thursday with Meowmix & friends.

Enjoy! I have a feeling Sarah over at the Pink Shoe Diaries might give this one a whirl!

Cable Car Martini

1½ ounces Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
¾ ounces orange curacao
1½ ounces sour mix
½ ounce Bacardi 151 rum
¼ ounce cinnamon
¼ ounce sugar
Orange rind spiral
Mix rum, curacao and sour mix in cocktail shaker filled with ice.
Shake until chilled.
Dip rim of chilled martini glass in 151-proof rum.
Coat rim of glass with 50-50 mix of cinnamon and sugar.
Strain contents of shaker into glass and garnish with orange spiral

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June 30th, the Devil Premieres...

Am I the only one that can't wait for this movie?? Hello - Anna Wintour *cough* I mean Devil Wears Prada? I adored the book - Hopefully the movie will live up to it. I'm hearing that Sephora has a few product tie-ins, so we'll see.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Click It or Ticket...

Well - Florida has a new seatbelt incentive, "Click it or Ticket". 'Sall well and good, except for Thursday when the Orlando Police Department took it too far. I was stuck in traffic on I-4 Eastbound, headed towards Downtown Orlando and, while there normally is traffic, that morning it was beyond normal - it was utter gridlock which, in normal terms, can lead one to believe there is a pretty bad accident.

Inch by Inch the cars move and I get to the OBT Exit - okay - no accident. Right AFTER the OBT exit, I see the problem. 5 Orlando Police Officers (and one of them, I swear, looked like the Cop from the Village People) were walking through the traffic on an interstate highway checking cars for seatbelts. In Morning Rush Hour, no less What. The. Hell.

I had my seatbelt, so I had no worries, but Mr. Village People decided to check all IN my car windows in case I was harboring someone who didn't wear a seatbelt like a bad scene from the Fugitive. I rolled my eyes at the idiot and he caught the taxi driver on the OTHER side of me (middle lane) and decided to pull him over THROUGH traffic to ticket him. Morning rush hour traffic and you are going to have a car go in front of me to get your fee? What idiocy (insert another eye roll here).

SO, now I'm beyond exasperated, 30 minutes late for work AND I see flashing lights ahead. Wait - there's an ambulance and fire truck - so there IS an accident. It's before the Kaley exit - about 50 ft. or so from the wandering cops and traffic starts to clear after we all pass inspection. Traffic is flowing like a breeze through the accident scene (which, for Orlando - no rubbernecking? Wow - that's a first)

Well, to my right, sure enough, there is an accident - 3 cars that are pretty bad off, ONE COP processing the ENTIRE scene, and there is an ambulance and fire truck. DO you think this one cop having to deal with 3 vehicles could use some help? My guess is his partner was 50 ft. behind over by OBT wandering through traffic trying to make that "elusive" quota that Florida so often denies having.

I guess Doc Holliday is right when he says that Click It or Ticket is really a fundraiser. However, I expect this idiocy of wandering through traffic from the Orange County Sheriffs, not the Orlando Police Department.

OPD - GET IT TOGETHER and, don't endanger your guys by making them walk through rush hour traffic to get your stupid $80 ticket! Don't you have a rash of crime to worry about?

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