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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Case of the Toasty Marshmallow...

Picture this - we've been driving since 10 a.m. the day prior; it's 6 a.m. on Saturday and I finally arrive at the new abode. Come into the house, the dog promptly christens the new hallway, I lose my mind for a second, then it's off to crash for a few hours.

Once I woke up, it was time to unload the UHaul from hell. However, one [un]pleasant surprise when I awoke - it was CHILLY! And by chilly I mean just straight up cold. Wiggy, we're not in Florida anymore. So, this gal remembers that her new landlord turned on the AC to get the apartment ready. I decide that the only smart thing to do is turn on the heat and warm up the place.

Well, a couple hours into the heat working, I smelled the faint whiff of something burning. I didn't think much of it until it came along again, off and on as I would go in and out of the house, reminding me of the smell of smores on a campfire. I thought, perhaps, it was just the heating system getting some use after being dormant for a while. Maybe it was a crisp new filter in the vent getting broken in. Or, as my over active imagination was racing with the idea that perhaps the wiring was sparking and me, by turning on the heat in the new apartment, I could have started a fire in the vents and now the apartment would burn down.

The toasty marshmallow smell was quite strong in my bedroom by the vent which was next to the window. I finally panicked and called my new landlord K. and told him my fears. Turns out they were leaving early and maintenance had already left for the day. However, K. paged the maintenance supervisor and then the game of phone tag began. See, I have a plethora of radio towers outside my apartment and I wasn't hearing ONE phone call and things were just driving me nuts. The smell kept getting stronger and now my mind went into overdrive. Finally, upon connecting with John from Maintenance, we discussed the situation as I started to wander the apartment to see where the smell was originating from. I had already turned the heat off prior so now the fact that the smell was VERY strong, the panic was starting to surface. The smell was strong in my bedroom and as I went to the back porch to discuss it quietly with John, I noticed the smell was very strong out on the back porch - where there was no vents. Confused, I looked around and then I spotted it - my neighbors in the building next door were using a charcoal grill with some foil packages on it - most likely containing something with marshmallows.

I laughed and told John that the case was solved. You can imagine my shock when he said "Oh - neighbor XYZ. They aren't supposed to have that type of grill - we'll send out a letter on Monday".

Yeah, that's how this gal started off her new life in her new apartment inadvertently ratting out her new neighbor (who has since moved out due to other issues).

I just will never look at smores the same way again...

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Emerging From The Chaos of Boxes...

Can I say this was the move from hell?  Seriously - Move. From. Hell.  Y'all know I had that last final work project which continued on and on and on, burning me out to the point of no return.  I was exhausted only to have to pack up 7 years of my life in Florida into a 17' UHaul.  Thank god for my family and friends who saved my butt and pitched in with helping me pack up the apartment.  Looking back, perhaps we should have gotten the 24' however somehow we got everything SQUEEZED into the truck & the Cougar and drove up the east coast to my lovely new neighborhood of Manayunk in my favorite city of Philadelphia.

I know, I've been a horrid blogger as I'm still drained - however, I do have some funny moving stories which I'll try to rehash as I get my feet wet getting back into the blogging world. 

To paint a pic of the chaos I'm facing - my kitchen is only 1/2 done.  I JUST found my coffee maker and I've been here a week.  My clothes are still in boxes - I think I've unpacked 7 boxes of my 13 closet boxes.  Go figure.  My first meal I could cook here on my schmancy new gas stove - yeah, it was a batch of rice and hamburger for the dog & cat who are having their own issues "adjusting" to the water up here.  Quite mortifying to meet my new landlord face to face when I'm looking like a hot mess and my dog has quite the need for a little Pepto. (yeah, I know - TMI!)  But I'm relaxed more than I've been in a long time and quite calm in my city.  I haven't had the chance to slap Ant or Rifleman upside their heads yet but give me time.

So bear with me and I promise to tell y'all the story of the Toasty Marshmallow on Moving Day and the Vet who Overdosed my Dog... both of which were ummm.. not fun.  Thankfully the dog is fine and no marshmallows were harmed.  The Vet, however, the jury is still out on that one.

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ahhhh - The Joys of Home...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah - I know I should be packing like a fiend but the day to day has gotten in the way.  Working crazy mad hours had me about passin' out yesterday.  I just had no idea I was so exhausted.  The best thing Friday was seeing Wiggs & Shadow and Wiggy's reaction to me picking him up.  It was like he was doubtful that I'd pick him up.  Being without those two was a hard adjustment for me when I was traveling.  I've gotten use to the furbrats and their snoring.

So Tuesday (or Wednesday) is the last day at the 9to9.  I'm sad to be leaving some fabulous people behind but excited to see what is on the horizon.  The moving truck is here on Sunday and I should be Philly bound Monday if all goes well.

Ahhh - another milestone - those slimy rat bastid palmetto bugs in the car have been vanquished (or the lone survivor is hiding in fear).  I found them in the trunk and just ditched EVERYTHING I could, including some press kits from back in the day.  Oh my lord, I was so upset with myself - and even more upset when the slew of them attacked me like "Bitch, how dare you upset our home".  Mind you they crawled up through the Fred Flinstone Stiletto hole and just populated in the trunk.  I was terrified of going in there but once I started cleaning it out, it was like a madwoman took over and I just pushed on.  I know that sometimes I put off the hard stuff and I need to stop doing that and just face it head on.

Thursday, the car goes into the shop for a tune-up, oil change and H.'s uncle is going to make sure it gets detailed.  I'm sure I'll get a lecture but I owned up to the drama and I Found out that palmetto car attacks are quite common around here.

Now, I have 30 boxes that I have to get packed before tomorrow afternoon so if you don't mind, Let's just hope Wiggs doesn't try to "mark" the boxes. 

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Technology Today

So while I was out of town for the last work project, I was forced to learn this daggone phone and I discovered that the iPhone battery is crap, the apps are addicting and the fact that I can watch The Rachel Zoe Project on my phone cuz the hotel is sans Bravo is genius. Now I'm headed back to Tampa on tuesday which throws off my timeline a bit so I'll be incommunicado for a bit longer. Talk about living on the edge.

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