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80 Days or, in the alternative, What Do You Mean I Have To Pack My Suitcase - Again...

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Monday, May 19, 2008

80 Days or, in the alternative, What Do You Mean I Have To Pack My Suitcase - Again...

According to my nifty little Date Calculator, I have 80 days until I depart for the chaos that is my favorite city again.

This time, I'll be headed back to the City of Brotherly Love for yet another party, this time for who I affectionately deem my big brother (hereinafter - "BigBro" or "Ty"). He wants a party, he gets a party. Done and done. Guess the last party went well that we're ready to do it again. Yes, that's my wallet you hear screaming in the distance... 'Sarit. I can go without new shoes for a bit, no?

I get to play Door Biatche, again. This time with a list, clipboard and azzkickin' stilettos, flanked by two (or more) hopefully cute MPs from the base. This is in addition to the typical club security. (In the fairness of full disclosure, after being told about the MP security, I suggested to BigBro "C'mon, can you get a gal some eye candy please? I need something to play with when I'm at the door." I don't think he found that amusing. Hey - he's military. He knows how I am about MPs. I've dated a couple back in my time. That's all that will need to be said.)

We'll officially know if the location is a go on Wednesday, but it brings up a myriad of questions, tracking more people down from back in the day, compiling the guest lists, hunting down DJs and industry contacts, finding proper hotels (possibly for those out of towners (like moi) who would like a nice discount if possible? I'm just putting that out there). He's working on the sponsors as he knows I'm crazy busy down here. But it's fun and its a deviation from the norm. The party will be on a Saturday which is cool because that gives me some me-me time on Friday to do a few things that I have on the agenda. Friday night, I plan on having a quiet evening with some close friends just chillin' out at my favorite spot.

Seriously, I'm excited yet a bundle of nerves at the same time. Some reasons I can state, some I can't and I'm sure you'll understand. However, it brings up a whole new aspect that's been thrilling yet terrifying at the same time - branching out of my comfort zone. I started to do so on my last trip - making my own way, wandering around my streets, meeting new people out of my core group and just loving every minute of it. Also, I just hope this club can make a decent espresso or egyptian martini.

Not that I don't love the last venue we worked with (because I do and they are amazing), but the distance was the primary issue I heard. It was more Northeast than in the city. As I had to drive, I also made sure to take it easy on the libations but if I'm staying in Center City, I can imbibe a little and take a cab. Of course, all drinking is AFTER the Door Biatche has commenced her duties.

Now, I've got some heavy hitting work ahead of me - namely, I need to find one heck of an azzkickin' outfit that photographs well.

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