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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Yellow or Blue....

I'm contemplating getting these for fall... but I love both colors.. the Sapphire blue with the Pewter base and the Yellow with the Gold base. Striking yet elegant. My question is - which first:

And yes, I have a coupon...


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22 Ways That Show You Are From Philadelphia...

22. You hate Dallas. [Eagles baybee!]

21. You Realize your favorite dessert is "wooter ice."

20. You find yourself using "yo" and "youse guys" when talking long distance to your family. [Reese - CK or WHAT??]

19. You can spell Schuykill.

18. You pronounce Acme as "ACK-A-ME."

17. You think that $2,500 a year for insurance on a 1977 Toyota Corolla is a bargain.

16. You find yourself in a nice restaurant thinking "I wonder if they have cheese steaks?" [Not in O-Town I don't *LOL*]

15. You sleep soundly through gunfire and ambulances.

14. You visit New York and are impressed by how clean it is.

13. You believe the car on your left (with turn signal flashing and the driver pointing at your lane) wants you to close the gap with the car in front of you.

12. You can't eat french fries without Cheese Whiz.

11. You call sprinkles on top of your ice cream cone "jimmies."

10. You don't think Wawa sounds funny.

9. You snub a cheese steak that is not on an Amoroso roll.

8. Your parents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles all live on the same block.

7. You know who Jim O'brien is and how he died.

6. You can't imagine lunch without a Tastykake. [Can I tell you how excited I was when I saw that we get Tastykakes here in Orlando - jus' a little bit of home - and thankfully it was in the only place that makes authentic Philly Cheesesteaks because these guys are actually from South Philly]

5. You're still not sure about Jerry Penacolli. [Is anyone sure about Jerry Penacolli??]

4. A vacation down at the Jersey Shore (pronounced "shoore") is better than going to an island because there is more stuff to do and you know everyone.

3. You know where to find the Rocky statue.

2. You know that only tourists go to Geno's, Pat's and Jim's for authentic cheese steaks. You only go there if you are drunk and it's 3:00 a.m. [or if we actually want to see Geno - that guy is a doll! Let's just say Pat's is touristy. I like Jim's as well, plus a picture of one of my former clients is on the wall from when they toured there]


1. You buy a soft pretzel at a traffic light without wondering where the guy goes to wash his hands. And you know what? You don't even care!


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Happy Saturday!!!

I think I'm actually going to work around the apartment this weekend. There's still some stuff that I need to do around this place (like put up curtains in the bedroom - finally). I've got some errands to run (like stop by the farmers market, groceries, etc.) because, frankly, I have not been very good about cooking home lately. I stopped at Costco last night (still having flashbacks to Saturday hell & Costco karaoke!) and, while picking up a few staples that I needed, I decided there that I need to get my crap together and start bringing my lunch, cooking at home, etc. I'm spending a fortune on dining out.

Finance wise, I've been a bit bad lately (Blackberry purchase, Nordys visit [but the shoes were on sale - Bobbi Brown, however, wasn't], Borders visits, and more Starbucks runs than I can count), but I do have a $100 rebate card coming from Cingular, a $250 bonus card coming from a company I work with, and I need to get aggressive with paying down the credit cards.

Philly is a little under 2 months away and I'd like to have some extra cash to have fun at the King of Prussia (9 West AND Nordys - oh my!) and South Street (my fave costume jewelry vendor - I always have fabulous earrings for clubs!). For all my time spent in Philly during the years, I always discover something new. My dad asked me the other day if I was thinking about moving there - not yet but perhaps one day. I love my little apartment and I don't think I can find something like that in Philly. I'm also very anti-snow lately and Florida weather seems to agree with me.

So, I'm going to start whippin' my butt into gear, renew my SparkPeople pledge (Starbucks can really kick one's butt on that!), get my finances in order, and just bite that procrastination monster in the butt!

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Thursday, June 28, 2007


Now THIS is hilarious.. (Reese - how long before Big Brother finds is my question... *LOL*)

2 months (well a little under) until I see some of these crazy people in Philly :)

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OK - Now I'm Calmer....

What a week! It's tough to really get motivated on stuff I *have* to do, because I don't always have the motivation to do it, you know? Stuff I want to do, hell, I'm off like a shot and running. I'm destined for positive things. I'm going to keep saying that and as Blogger is my witness, one day, those CLS will be mine!

As for the PR side of things: Update... things are moving along VERY well. My Grammy/NARAS dues are due on Saturday (try sayin' that three times fast - eeks)... It's not something I am relishing paying because its pretty much the price of a pair of shoes, and then some and the Oh Deer! Wedge Sandals I want for Philly could be in my hot little hand if only I didn't have to cough up my yearly dues. Speaking of dues, my Barnes & Noble membership is up on Saturday too. I'm still on the fence of "do or don't renew" because I haven't been doing a ton of reading lately. Actually, I know I will renew, just gripin' because I have to and I have bills that take priority.

JZ's album will be out on 7/17. We're in the midst of planning for that. The week before, another client of ours is releasing a single to radio so I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. Some of my friends heard their album and they are ones who have no hesitation to tell me if something sux or it doesn't. So far, I've heard a ton of positive feedback (and one of them is super tough so for her to go "When are they coming to Orlando" really jazzed me up a bit). MB jumped on board and is helping when he can and next on my list is military bases. I always find that when artists perform for our soldiers, it's a great thing. (Having to donate a ton of product once when an ex-boyfriend said something stupid to the press while he was in Iraq [Damn A.] was worth it but still.. Damn A.!!! Only he would equate MP duty to coming out of a hole like a rabbit. He never was good at thinking and speaking at the same time.. Meowmix - stop laughing!!!!).

The Blackberry (hereinafter "BB") is taking some getting used to. I've gotten the hang of typing semi quickly with a small amount of spelling errors. It's also made getting back to the clients pretty quick. And, next on my list - learn to shop on the BB. Hmmm... I was able to view shoes on there today from an email... in time, people, in time.

So, if you happen to go to a concert/club/show and you see a gal standing on the side of the stage trying to furiously fiddle with her BB, that just might be me, shopping for shoes. Priorities, right?? Hey - a gal can kid!


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Sometimes It's Beyond Frustrating...

You ever watch something on TV and know that there's a problem with the Crew for a said "Reality Show" and get so annoyed you want to rip the soundguy through the screen?? Jus' sayin'..

To the crew guy on "So You Think You Can Dance" - learn to turn the mike up during the chorus. I know Stacey/Fergie was singin' on top of the normal tracked chorus but hot damn - you didn't learn to turn that mike up until Luda got on stage....



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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just One Little Thing Can Change A Mood...

The day was crazy (and most was NOT in a good way), but one thing kept my sanity - Meet Starbucks new version of heaven "Iced Venti Raspberry Mocha". I tried one yesterday for the first time and this morning I woke up craving one. I guess, I'd have to attribute the lifting of my writer's block to this as well. I even found out that if you really are nice, they could even do a white chocolate one. It's utter bliss!! I'm willing to cheat on the diet a bit for some sanity... You have GOT to try this. Much better than that orange stuff they were trying to push earlier this season.


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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sad, So Sad...

I've been pretty much in shock today. Hearing about that horrible murder of Chris Benoit's family jarred me in a way that I just didn't understand... What would ever drive a person into that sort of rage to do that to one's family?

Now, I'm not a wrestling fan, but my friend was an avid devotee. So much so, she would drag me to the matches in Western Mass so she could see Bret Hart. Thankfully, H.'s cousin was a wrestler and I often would spend time backstage chatting it up with him and his cousin always kept an eye out for me so I didn't get wrapped up with any of the "interesting ones". So, I rarely was ever surprised to hear about the substance abuse or the steroids that would float around backstage or befall these athletes. Nor was I surprised to hear about the pressure that corporate puts on them to put on a good show.

Throughout my dealings with them, I found that many of the wrestlers were genuinely nice and some were downright umm.. yeah, let's not name it. But all in all, was a fun part of my late teens. Chris was one of the nice ones, at least the times I had spoke with him.

Like my friend Malika said earlier, one just never really knows someone or what is going on with them. My heart goes out to his poor family - both surviving and past. Seeing clips of him with his son on the news just broke my heart. Such a promising young life cut down by tragedy with no explanation.

Sad, so sad...


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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Secret...

I'm SOOO tired, however, its a tired feeling that was well worth it. I spent the evening finally watching the DVD of The Secret. I know, I know - the hype, the hoopla, but is it worth it. Well, while everything it said is common sense, it's a common sense head pounding that I think every person should experience at least once. While I was hoping to fall asleep and experience it ala osmosis or something, I got so into it, I was even writing down notes - at 2 o'clock in the morning. Reese & BR both advised that I should watch it, and I should have watched it sooner. I found myself more conscious of my thought processes and watched how some of my thoughts materialized into action. There is something to be said about this. (the thought of "I hope my coffee doesn't tip over tho - I should have not let that thought manifest *LOL* - ALL over the car seat. *sigh*).

While some may think it's a load of malarkey (as my Bampa might say), it really does make sense - what you put out, comes back to you; what you think, you attract and if you think and feel negativity, you get negativity. I, for one, refuse to accept anything else but the best and I will work hard (and smartly) to achieve it. The only one holding me back is me.

If you haven't checked it out yet - seriously, just give it a chance... it's a Secret that everyone really should know.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

With a Wave of the Plastic...

It's official - quicker than I can flash my card, they are ordered. In 5 - 8 days, The Shoes will be here... I can't wait... And, cash back. AND I got my lipgloss - Hmph!!!
I should have just bit the bullet and bought online. DOH!


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Reporting from the Florida Mall...

I did the thing I swore I would never do - visit the Florida Mall on a weekend. See, today I was dying to pick up these shoes at Nordys. The only Nordys is in the Florida Mall. (Note: The Florida Mall is located off Orange Blossom Trail, affectionately referred to in Orlando as "OBT" or "The Trail" - commonly frequented by hookers looking to get their hustle on [mornin' noon & nite] and other "savory" characters - feel free to let your imagination wander). Well, since Nordy's is there, what's a gal to do, right? So, with that, I embarked on my quest to get my Steve Maddens. I've been eyeing them long enough and at that price, I was willing to break out the plastic before I missed it.

So, I wander down to the Florida Mall, and upon walking in, it hit me - UGH! WEEKEND CROWD! It's like a club exploded in the mall. So, here are some random musings. (Get your coffee - I'm on a tirade)...

  • If you work in Nordstrom, please, please, please appear interested. I happened to get the same guy I dealt with on my Michael Kors conquest (hmm.. where did I put those shoes now that I think of it - they'd be perfect for tomorrow). Well, I digress -he's an idiot. I got a 'Are you sure we carry those - I haven't seen them'. I told him they were on the website and he told me 'The stuff on the website isn't always in the store'. Already at my threshold of annoyance with stupidity and people who are too haughty, I informed him I'd just check out Steve Madden but thanks anyways. Realizing that he just lost the sale, he said 'You look familiar - have we met before'. DOH - yes, and I told him he sold me the Kors shoes. He then asked if I saw the new Jessi-ho Simpsons. It was then I cut him off and left the shoe dept. DOH! What a way to piss me off. Reese would slaughter me if I *ever* bought Jessica Simpson Shoes.
  • Still at Nordys. Found notsomuch at the purse counter (well, wouldn't let myself find anything -putting me with Cole Haan is like asking my credit card to have a heart attack. Love. Them!). So, I stopped at the Bobbi Brown counter - fell in love with the new Stonewashed Nudes collection, but told the gal (because she was not my normal gal, Jenny) that I'd think about it and be back.
  • Steve Madden: Please hire salespeople who will put the customer service back in customer service. I got this gal who was like "HUH, WHA?" when I asked her about the shoes. First - she's all interested in gossiping with the other gal and had to be asked for help. I guess her social was more important than making a sale. Whatever. The gal asked me if I was sure that they carried them and was I sure they were Steve Madden. I told her they were Steven by Steven Madden and that they did have them - THAT WAS WHERE I SAW THEM!. I then gave her a quick history - they were originally $150 and they marked it down to $99 and they were spectator. And I got a "What's that? Are you SURE?" Enough - obviously she doesn't know her product lines and I didn't see them anywhere so I was out of there and quick.
  • I then made my plan of attack - no leisurely browsing for me as I'm not one for crowds and the mall was more packed than a State Fair. So, I figured that since I only had an hour before close (hey - I had work to do first *LOL*), I would trot to the end of mall and start with Torrid & Bakers, hit Starbucks, visit 9 West divert to Sephora & Williams Sonoma and then I would leave through Nordys. Every good shopping general has a plan, right? (I did cheat and stopped in Lane Bryant & Aldo - found nada *sob).
  • Bakers: MUST YOU seriously outfit the OBT Gals (and those from Orlando will understand what I mean) with those clear Lucite hookah heels? Seriously - all the shoes I saw in there I was not feelin' - regardless of the Buy one, get one 50% off promotion. I'm not that crazy. And some were cute, but not what I was willing to invest in right now. And please, don't put big huge tacky gem stones on a wedge -they are cute without it.
  • Torrid: For the plus size gal that I am, I was looking to check out some clothes for Philly. Instead, I was greeted with a vacant stare from 3 sales gals who were more interested in gossiping (much like the Steve Madden chickaroos) than helping me find my black & white top and Black & White skirt. GRRRR. Reese has excellent luck in there. Me, notsomuch.
  • Starbucks seemed to calm the inner wench, until I had some tourist in front of me. Listen, if you are in Starbucks and know enough to order a tall drip with a shot of espresso, you SHOULD know what is the bakery items that you stared at while waiting for the 4 people in front of you to order. You don't have to make everyone wait while whining "Are you sure there is nothing else with cream cheese, like a cream cheese cake" and then proceed to count out the $10.16 of your order in $1 dollar bills AND CHANGE!! UGH! and for that she should have tipped the poor barista. And she wouldn't move out of the way so people behind her could order. Wait - it gets better. The wench then pushed me aside at the counter when she realized that she can't wait at the order station for her drinks. I then proceeded to comment to the gal next to me who stood there horrified at the wench's display of rudeness - "And then people wonder why us locals hate the tourists so damn much! Obviously only the British monarchy know their manners or she just never learned any from her mother". I was greeted with a cold stare from wench-a-roonie (who had her mother with her - and her mother was just as rude!) Bring it!! I was ready to drop kick her quicker than Stone Cold Austin. (Sorry - violent moment.) I do have to say the gal next to me had the most lovely drop gold earrings that reminded me of my fave jewelry store in Philly. She even told me they were at Aldo. Mental note for next time.
  • Iced Venti Nonfat Caramel Macchiato in hand, I proceeded to depart for 9 West - my version of Heaven. You all know that 9 West is like crack to me and boy did I need a fix. Well, upon my journey I was greeted by a swarm of hoochie mamas (NY Kat's term) who were hangin' in the mall. It's like they all got a memo: "Hair Done: Check; 5" Stiletto Heels That One Can't Walk In: Check; Spray On Jeans: Check; Blouses cut to there or tube tops that are barely on: Check; Belly Ring: Check; Makeup applied with a spackle tool: Check; loud jewelry: Check". GIVE. ME. A. Break. And sure 'nuff - they were trollin' like an OBT gal lookin' for a john. I heard more squealin' from those gals chasin' guys like there was no tomorrow. Needless to say, I prayed to God that I never acted like that back in the day and boy did I feel 35 then. Sad, so sad.
  • On to better things - 9 West: I didn't have many problems this time. Normally I stay away from the Florida Mall 9 West store because of their staff but it was all new people and it went well. I had a coupon for 20% off a purchase of $75.00 or more and I found 3 pairs of shoes that I wanted - Black knotted wedges (but I really wanted the blue); Red Wedges and a pair of tortoise pumps. All they had for me was the blue knotted wedges (which she found for me - how sweet) and they were $39.99. They had the red wedges and the tortoise pumps in a 9 1/2 but I didn't want to get all Cinderella on them because they were patent and patent doesn't stretch that well for me. And then I saw a pair of pumps that had me at hello (they aren't on the site yet). Oh they were lovely. The fall line - a mustard peep toe suede shoe with a gold platform. Never mind that I have similar styles in red, blue, black (with red) and a sling in rose. Who cares - they were gorgeous. The fall line. I. Had. To. Have. Forget about the $89.99 price tag - I had a damn coupon! Well, the universe basically said "Back off biatche!" and they didn't have them in my size. *sobbing*. I gave the coupon to the next gal in line and just got the blue wedges. The blue wedges are super cute and will be perfect for Philly. And casual Fridays. And movies with the gals next week. But I WILL get those mustard pumps - mark my word.
  • Sephora: Found nada. Well, not that I looked much because Bobbi Brown was still weighing heavy on my mind. I have no complaints - everyone was super attentive, but I was on a time schedule. Mall closes at 6:00 and it was already 5:40.
  • Williams Sonoma: Found an Coffee Spice Steak Rub. Dunno why I wanted it (well perhaps the espresso??) but that was in my hot little hand quicker than you can say "Stick 'em up". And, then I saw my cherry pitter. Not that I pit cherries, but I might. For the next claufuti. And they didn't have any. But that's okay, David, their clerk, found me one in the drawer and it was the last one. Mine, all mine. 5:46 - I better hustle. After I grabbed a catalog & put back the Herbs de Provence (I have a full Costco size one in my cabinet - I don't need a new one for the pretty jar. Bad Lys Bad!), I grabbed a cooking class schedule and was walking briskly back to Nordys.
  • Nordstrom: Back at the Bobbi Brown counter and vapid gal is still there. I'm guessing she doesn't work the Bobbi Brown counter often. I told her I wanted the Stonewashed Nudes Palette (so cute) and the Stonewashed Mauve Lipgloss. She then dashes my hopes and dreams and tells me that the mauve lipgloss is sold out. WHAT? The collection just launched and you are breaking my heart? WTH? Fine then. I asked her if she could call another store and have it sent and she said "Well - " and then hesitated. It's not rocket science. Jenny does that for me. And she's having the Sunkissed palette sent so I could pick it up at the same time. Like a lightbulb in my head I said "Forget it - I'll order everything online" (DOH - Cash back!! - FatWallet 3.3%) but then I felt bad, and bought the Stonewashed Nudes collection (I mean, what if they break during shipment - then I'd be pissed, ya know).

And, with that, I departed Florida Mall - only to remember I have to return next week to pick up my Bobbi Brown kit - but I'd ratther go on a weeknight. And this time, I'd be prepared with my shopping battle plan as Saks Christian Louboutin section will be on my list.

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Gotta Love Sundays...

You know what's nice - waking up (later) on a sunny, bright Sunday morning to absolute quiet. No workers, no painting, neighbors are being all super quiet and peaceful..

I didn't even freak when I walked out to my living room to see that Shadow gakked (for lack of a better term) all over the white carpet. You know that lovely "Spray, Rub Groom & Gone" rug tool (can't remember the name of it). I got a free sample to try and finally put it to use. It works.

Now I will be off to check out Nordy's today. Perhaps a little Williams-Sonoma & Sephora browsing is on the menu....followed by errands at Costco & the Fresh Market, finalized by coming home and drafting two press releases.



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Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Handbag....

I promised that I would divulge my handbag score and finally, thanks to my unholy early wake up, I can finally compose my thoughts (and the fact that I have had my ice coffee helps too!)

So - for the past year, I've lusted after the Kooba Bags. I referenced the clutch on my blog as it was the more economical of the two. However, I wanted the shoulder bag as well - Kooba Ginger. However, I didn't want to pay over $600.00 for a bag that was trendy and wouldn't really last me for more than a couple seasons.
This is it in black.

Reese found a Ginger-esque bag at ShopSuey for about $45.00, but I still was holding out hope for one cheaper as I could have sworn I saw it somewhere else and, like the holy grail, I found this:

I found it at Spiegel. And it was $14.00. And I had a coupon for 20% off. Total cost - about $11.00. And it's the *perfect summer bag* for me this year! Wait til you see my next find.. *evil giggle*


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Morning Interruption...

Let me preface everything with the fact that things have been hella crazed for the past few weeks (as y'all know). So, last night, I finally go to sleep and this morning I was having the most *amazing* dream and *BOOM* I hear someone on patio. It was one of those dreams where you wake up and go "what the ????". Have you ever tried to go back to a really good dream - yeah, it's not happening.

So I look at the TV and notice that it's not working. I go to change a channel and find that there is "no satellite signal". Oh hell to the no! I quickly get dressed, trying to not look so crazed, grab the phone and go out on the porch. Everything is taped and I guess that the painting company who was supposed to be done in 2 weeks decided that on my first real Saturday that I had to relax, they were going to PAINT MY DAMN APARTMENT EXTERIOR. And, you know what - they were on break when I happened to go out there (really it seems like they are perpetually "on a break"). So, I pace back and forth, go back inside - call the office - no answer, go back outside and the ladder is still there resting against my balcony with no painter guy.

Then I spot Mr. Where's Waldo looking at the landscape and it goes a bit like this:

Lys: Excuse Me? Hello. Sir??
Waldo (Ignores)
Lys: HELLO - SIR!!!
Waldo: (Ignores still)
Waldo: YES?? (with a touch of annoyance)
Lys: You are NOT painting on my porch today
Waldo: Yes I am
Lys: NO, you are not. Oh - did you move my satellite?
Waldo: Yes

Waldo: Yes

I stomp off the porch, slam the door and have a 20 minute conversation with the apartment complex manager who told me a few things about the painting subcontractor and her and I ironed out a few things. I even told her about the crappy job that the subcontractor is doing on all our buildings. If I'm paying almost $1000 in rent, they best do it right the first time, IMO. I told her that they are NOT to come near my apartment today, at all. And, if they even try to paint up here today, I'm letting the cat attack.



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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Technology Impaired...

Well, I did it. I made friends (well sort of) with the Blackberry and, as of today, I'm still confused by all the bells and whistles of the Blackberry Curve. I do have a few gripes - AT&T Wireless/Cingular or whatever the hell they are calling themselves do NOT have alot of ringtones for the Blackberry 8300 aka "Curve". So, last night, I had to go and upload a song to and generate a ringtone. Great, right? Well, Mobile17 DOESN'T have this model listed - so with that, I was beyond stressed! I finally was able to get that to work, but then I had the lovely task of importing my contacts.

Can I say, "HUH". I'm normally pretty self sufficient with the computer stuff, but this had me downing an ice coffee like it was a shot of Cuervo. It. Stressed. Me. Out. I had the speaker thing going for the phone but I don't know how the hell I did that. I had the synch thing working finally, but couldn't transfer music or files. I made the mistake of falling asleep with it on the bed and every. 10. minutes from 4:30 a.m. on, the damn thing would BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ - I guess that's when the junkmail is sent. In my sleep, I booted it off the bed quicker than when Shadow is snoring (yes, the cat can snore!). Then I had to get updated contact info from a bunch of people because my Razr had an old SIM card so I lost many of my contacts. What. The. @*@*#$. And, that will be an never-ending process.

So, I guess we're going to have a bit rocky road ahead, but let me tell you - I felt like quite the little PR rep when I was able to answer a question for a contact quickly. No logging into my mail and having clients/contacts, etc. on delay. I guess this means I really am on call 24/7. But, to quote one of my new favorite songs - "Is it better to burn out than to fade away".

**Note: while the Treo had the better rebate of $200, for what I need, I needed the Blackberry for function. *sigh* so I will only get back $100 from AT&T/Cingular/whatever. However, I did have a bit of extra money I have coming in so it all evens out in the wash, I guess. It still cost about the same as those Gucci Sandals I wanted. *sigh* one day...

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?

Mary over at Debt Proof Living posed an interesting question and, in light of recent events and things that have been holding me back, she wanted to know: "What would you do if you weren't afraid?".

Wow - now that question is deep. Seriously, I think the only thing that is holding me back from true success is "What if". I mean, yes, we all have the same struggles and day to day drama that eats away at one's positivity, however, looking at the past year, I have to list the number of successes that I have achieved and see where I can go to bigger and better things:

Con: Money was tight and credit - notsogood.
Upgrade: Got a raise, learned about my 401(k) to maximize, started reading PF blogs and applying principles so I can get my finances in check. I don't really need yet another pair of shoes or a bag every pay check, ya know.

Con: Living in Tourist Hell aka Buena Vista Point with crime rampant and not loving Orlando Politics and the drama that came with living in that area.
Upgrade: Moved out of BVP Hell and moved into a gorgeous 3rd Floor Apartment in gorgeous Uptown Altamonte Springs. Granted the rent is $400 more than I'm used to and utilities are a bit more, but it's well worth it.

Con: Became more of a "hermit" and didn't empower myself.
Upgrade: Renewed relationships with my Philly crew that have been "out of touch". Also have started to get to know people within the Altamonte Area and stopped being so damn shy! I'm fabulous, (or so I'm told), I just need to accept it and have a bit more confidence.

Con: Not kosher with how things have gone with things at the day job - it was more of a me being uninspired and feeling stagnant & hitting the "glass ceiling" of sorts.
Upgrade: Jumped back into the PR game with my feet first - granted there is always the pesky matter of the Day Job, but still - in time in time.

Con: Not sure where things are going with the PR stuff. Have not found many of the PR stuff in Orlando very umm.. inspiring.
Upgrade: Renewed the motto that I will not promote or endorse anything I don't firmly believe in. Will refuse to sell myself out for a "paying" client when the product is not what I feel it could be. So, with that, JZ finished his album, renewed contacts with the Philly crew sprang a new client which Reese & I both love and, while we might have to undergo a firm name change, this time we're going to do it right. Thankfully the legal background is a plus.

So, what I am afraid of - clearly and plainly - SUCCESS. I have this nagging thing called Self Doubt and you know, I really need to let that go. I know I'm a great entertainment publicist, have fabulous mentors that have always been there for me to cheer me on and I really am great at what I do. Now, I need to start valuing that and start acting like a big girl, ya know? Not to mention, how long am I going to have to keep hitting the "ceiling" until I really get the courage and drive to do what I love (and get paid for it).

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

S&TC Quote of the Week...

Miranda: I said no white, no ivory, no nothing that says virgin. I have a child. The jig is up.


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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Benefits of "Me" Time...

Last night, I went out with the fabulous Ms. F. and one of her friends and what a joy it was to reconnect over some seriously great munchies. Sometimes life is just so busy for me where it takes a strong effort for me to put the brakes on and just breathe. I am truly a workaholic by nature. My friends are so dear to me, so just spending time chatting over fabulous espresso martinis (yum!) and gossiping about the usual suspects was rather refreshing... (I won't even gripe about the calories from said martinis, fish tacos and all that is Houlihans.. but so well worth it). After dinner, I also spent a bit of time catching up with Reese and Rom. I can't wait to see everyone in August.

Today, I might be going to pick up the Treo as things are so crazed (and I need to have access to my emails while out and about). Plus - there is a $200 rebate so I need to get that by Sunday should I decide to upgrade. (The Crackberry only had a $100 rebate and you know how I am on maximizing my cash back - both seem to be about the same productivity wise). I also might be wandering a bit around my city and enjoying the lovely weather, the people and the sights.

Work will still be there tomorrow, (and Monday, and Tuesday)... Why not take a little "me" time, right?


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Friday, June 15, 2007

Obsessed With: Bobbi Brown's Sunkissed Face Palette

Now this is something that will be on my "must have" list for August's Philly excursion... now if only I can tan and get rid of this Casper White glow...


I'm so sad!!! It's sold out EVERYWHERE, however, Jenny at Nordstrom at the Florida Mall (Love Her!) ordered me one from North Carolina - should be here in a week or two. If I wasn't so animated about it, I probably would have forgot about this lovely. However, its time for the Big Girl Makeup, I guess. And Bobbi Brown is amazing!!! Expensive but amazing.

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Weekend Video Kick-Off: TKA's "CRASH"...

I *LOVED* this video back in the 90s... One of those great weekend flashbacks...


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Thursday, June 14, 2007

When One Door Closes...

Two windows fly open...

A few months ago, I was in discussions with a potential client and, unfortunately, things happened where it just didn't pan out. No big deal - resigned myself to eehhh.. whatever, ya know. Whatever happens, happens.

So, all is quiet, the door was closed (for now) and BOOM - windows fly open everywhere.
  • I get an email from an old friend up north on MySpace - we reconnect and next thing you know, he wants to talk to Former Roomie about some possible work.
  • I hear from a past client that they need some PR help (seriously) and their new single is blowing up everywhere.
  • JZ tells me that the album is done and should be in my hot lil' hands in July. JULY PEOPLE JULY! This album has been 2 years in the making - I feel a case of stage fright - but it will be sooo worth it (wait 'til you hear it - love, love, LOVE it!)
  • Vacation has turned into a "btw - can you meet with so and so re: so and so". Sure! Well, for a short period of time anywayz - this gal plans on having a little bit of fun now.
  • Plus, thanks to Reese, I get wind that a blast from the past is now in a new project, I check out their MySpace, hear one song, download the whole album immediately off iTunes, exchange a flurry of emails with said blast from past, and its been a whirlwind ever since.
It's been a bit since I've really immersed myself in the music end of things that now it's like being tossed in a pool head first. And so many changes have happened since I did music PR full time - so now I'm reviewing and updating everything. *phew* Needless to say, this weekend I'm going to be catching up. I'm behind in emails, blogs, work, shopping, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g! I haven't even been able to tell y'all about my super handbag score. Nada.

But you know what, it's what I was born to do - I love doing stuff behind the scenes entertainment wise. (Just wish it paid a bit more - I do have some CLs to get!!).

Finally, some inner peace is achieved in the midst of the chaos and, you know what, I'm loving every minute of it.


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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Someone Pass A Tissue...

This afternoon, I finally learned the meaning of the phrase "Bored to Tears"...

'Nuff said.


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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

30 Things On The List...

Thanks to NYKat, I've got a bit of inspiration to list 30 things on my "To Do List" for this Summer/Early fall (in no particular order)

  1. Finish unpacking all the boxes of CDs (how many years of promos do I have, eeks).

  2. Drop 2 dress sizes.

  3. Re-organize my work station and set up my home office. (My Couch doesn't count - while comfy - its not very "work conducive").

  4. Finally purchase that damn Black "Crack"berry.

  5. List some of the "clutter" on eBay.

  6. Go through the closet and get rid of anything I don't adore, love or will wear again. No what ifs this time.

  7. Same for the shoes.

  8. Take a trip to the Jersey Shore.

  9. Have an authentic Philly Cheesesteak (Jim's or Genos... hmmmm..) and do a little South Street shopping!

  10. Take a trip up to Mass/Ct. to visit my grandmom, father, aunt & friends.

  11. Go to the family cottage for a day or so when I'm up north.

  12. Get Shadow to the Vet and to the groomer (she looks like a little lion).

  13. Possibly pick up that DVR Recorder to transfer all the tapes.

  14. Organize the August "Get together" for the Philly Crew.

  15. Learn how to make decent, stress DECENT, coffee.

  16. See Oceans 13 while it is IN the theaters (No H. issues will keep me away from seein' the Clooney).

  17. Start an aggressive saving plan for February's festivities and Italy.

  18. Pay down 3 credit cards.

  19. Open up a ROTH

  20. Finally finish reading my PF books from Suze Orman, Glinda Bridgeworth & Jean Chatzky. Plus - finish Nice Girl Don't Get Rich & Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office.

  21. Make a decision on where to go in my career path.

  22. Update my resume.

  23. Finish decorating the bathroom, bedroom & living room.

  24. Whittle down the "chaos" in the laundry room.

  25. Find that perfect comfy chair for the Living Room.

  26. Work on expanding the PR side of things.


  28. Take a couple cooking classes.

  29. Get to really know Altamonte - get out more and explore my new city.

  30. Host a fabulous dinner party (or two).

**Update: Looks like the PR end of things heated up in just a couple days from drafting this originally - thanks to Reese, there is one heck of a find on the horizon. That gal's got a golden ear, let me tell ya! And my coffee last weekend didn't totally suck. Yay moi! Finally, I succumbed and picked up the DVD Recorder - and got a deal on it - for once I turned away Cash Back for an even lower price in store! So would that leave 27.5 things to do?

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Magnavox=Phillips ... Who Knew??

Obviously I did not get that memo. See, last night, I decided not to use my remote to turn off the TV and actually turned it off myself. Well, today I come home and my picture is all wonky - so wonky, in fact, that I can see the pores of the actress on Chiller's show, Good v. Evil. Not a pretty sight, my friends, not pretty at all. So, I grab the remote, play with the menu and the picture gets EVEN bigger (and now looks way funkier). I flip the tv around, nada. No magic button to turn it to normal from super-magnified. Well then, being the self sufficient intelligent blonde that I am, I go to the Magnavox website, download the instruction book and it comes from Phillips, NOT Magavox. OK.. umm.. well, it is the right model no., it's the right menu, everything and still NADA. It goes from 4:3 to Expanded 4:3, still massive pore alert. So, with a heavy sigh, I call Magnavox. And boy do I regret it....

See, I lost 20 minutes of my life to first their lovely automated receptionist and, after howling "Representative" multiple times I was finally to some girl named "Angela" who was constantly interrupting me, asking for my personal info (ummm.. no) and then just READ ME WHAT I SAW IN THE MANUAL. Did I ask for a script? Noooo. Did I ask for assistance - YES! Did I get assistance - from myself perhaps but not her. She then proceeded to tell me my problem was with DirecTV and not the TV Set. I asked for her supervisor because the minute I went to DirecTV they would tell me the problem is with Magnavox/Phillips. Her supervisor "Mike" couldn't speak a word of English, let alone tell me anything outside of the script. Oh. Brother. Turns out I spent 20 min. of my life talking to the Philippines. I got beyond frustrated and decided to deal with DirecTV.

Prior to calling DirecTV I decided to reset the tuner, just because... and guess what - no more super enlarged pore shots. Perhaps they did know something after all. I still want my 20 min. back though.


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Sunday, June 10, 2007

S&TC Reflection of the Week...

Miranda: Samantha, I have to say, you are amazing.

Samantha: I am. And if you love me in chemo, wait till you see me at Smith's movie premiere. I'm getting a hot dress, fantastic shoes... I'm going to kick cancer and that red carpet's ass!


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No Crust Please...

I feel like I'm on withdrawal from my lovely cooking bliss lately. Everything I seem to cook goes over the recommended count or something (however, did you know raspberries are 1 calorie apiece??)

Today, I was craving apple pie in the WORST way ... so, I improvised. I whipped out my lovely knives, got to chopping up a small apple into a gratin dish, sprinkled it with a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg & demara sugar and popped it in the micro for 2 1/2 minutes. *Viola* apple pie without the crust. And, at about 80 calories.YUMMY!

They say its all about life changes - I just need to toss out any Barefoot Contessa or Paula Deen (not that I cook her stuff) recipes. And I'm going to have to start adapting my recipes to my new goals.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone...

Let's just say, last night going out, there was a definite change in the air - perhaps it was my "seize the day" attitude, perhaps it was the new eyelet blouse that I found at LB, perhaps it was one of my favorite necklaces found on South Street in Philly (love my jewelry store there), perhaps it was the pep-talk from Reese - anyway I look at it, I didn't act like a total dunce at the wine bar. However, I did notice that any time I'm in a crowded bar/club/etc., I feel like I need to work. Plus - there were a number of people I didn't know yet (but they were utterly fabulous) and I tend to get a bit shy in those situations. I did realize that I was so used to H.'s family around, that last night was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. I also realized how I am a bit older and my choices are different sometimes. Then again, that's just me - I'm the cautious one. I tend to hold people at bay until I get to know them.

Monday, I have a cooking class which should be interesting. Tomorrow, I'm going to help a friend pack up for his move. This week should also be quiet as my boss is on vacation. I just need to figure out how to get out of my "life rut". I have to keep remembering, baby steps, Lys, baby steps.


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Friday, June 08, 2007

Have You Pledged?

Something I saw last night at Costco and, after getting another electric bill at around $113 (what the @*#*$#*), I've joined up and pledged to change the lightbulbs in the house to something more "energy efficient. You can check out more here at the GE Site, but it seems like a really good idea. And, Costco has a bunch of these bulbs in a package for $10. Not bad - let's hope it pays off.


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Now This is Classic..

Because I'm home today, I just saw the most hilarious thing. My apartment complex gave us notice that they would start pressure washing our buildings (I guess to get rid of the ash and stuff from the fire) and doing repair work. While I was pissed we got notice to clear off our balconies 12 HRS BEFORE they were to start, I thankfully only had a folding chair, Shadow's dry food bin & the DirecTV satellite & tripod.

Well, today, as I'm sitting here on the couch I hear a flurry of activity in the dining room corner and see that the guy is washing the window. While it's weird to see a guy peeping in through the 3rd Floor Window, even funnier was to see Shadow's reaction. That cat about lost her damn mind. She went from scared and running to me to hold her while she cried to jumping off the couch and scurrying over to the table to confront the water demon. She would alternate between looking away and bunching up in fear from the water coming through the window to drench her to growling at him and even a couple times she would hiss because he was "blocking her sunlight".

I'm still crackin' up over here.

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Wine, anyone?

Check out this place where I'm headed tonight with some friends for a friend's birthday party... The Wine Room. Sounds tres chic! Let's just hope I don't make an ass out of myself and order something insane. Not to mention, I have to be careful re: the calories in the wine. I better check out the calories in a Merlot!


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80s Flashback: Perfect Weekend Kickoff...

One song that would always kick off the weekend back in the day was Mel & Kim's "Showing Out". Sadly, one of them passed some time ago, but their album is one of my "must haves" when it comes to 80s' music.

Enjoy the flashback!


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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Baby Steps.. Baby Steps...

Well, one more step towards my shoe goal has started today. I signed up for While I was going to go the Weight Watchers route to track my calories, online, etc., money wise, that could go to the CL Shoe Fund. Every penny counts. However, part of my goal was to get healthier and drop a size (or two, or three - hey I've woken up too many times to that infomercial of Greer Childers hawking Shapely Secrets, okay? )... I need to hold myself accountable, and how can I see the progress if I don't have the proper information, right?

I remembered that my friend Malika endorses SparkPeople. She's raved about them for some time and so I signed up. And, its inspiring. Even though I went out to lunch today with SL, I tracked the foods I ate and still hit calorie count (and that's WITH the Starbucks). I've also made the switch from my normal "Iced Venti Nonfat Caramel Macchiato" to a "Iced Nonfat Hazelnut Latte". And, considering that over the span of the entire week I've had a total of 2 Starbucks runs - that's progress (with more change in the CL Shoe Fund!)

It's baby steps, people - baby steps.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

She's Back: Joan Collins hits U.S. TV again..

I'm so excited - tonight is the season opener to the fifth and final season of BBC America's Footballers' Wives. Can I say this show is absolutely true camp!!! I'm excited to see what happens - didn't expect to get hooked on this show but one night of late night channel surfing led me to see this over the top soap opera which is too much! I wonder who the characters are based on this year - I know they have one based on Jordan, one on Posh Spice and I'm guessing that the new gal on the show is based on Naomi Campbell - high fashion model with a temper issue.
Gotta say - BBC America has some great shows this year. If you get a chance to catch the show, I highly suggest it.


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Obsessed With: Christian Louboutin's Tortoise Peep Toe Shoes

And, I'm going to work my tail off for these. Yes, I know they are outrageous. Yes, I know they look like they hurt. Yes, I know and saw the price. Yes, I have sticker shock. HOWEVER, loving all things tortoise and seeing that the Shoe Master, Christian Louboutin makes them, the other "issues" do not dissuade me from my goal.

So - with my goals in place re: the credit score, weight loss, and other personal goals that I have set for myself, those lovelies will be mine at some point. Plus - I rationalized it - with the goal of only having 2 starbucks runs at work a week (saving myself $15 per week/$60 a month), learning how to make my own ice coffee (saving another $30/$40 a month), and bringing my lunch most days at work ($32 a week/$128 a month) and eating home most nights (another $40 a week/$160 a month), I can totally justify this purchase for fall.

However, you know I will have to first SEE them in person and try them on. I distinctly remember when I fell in love with these Burgundy Gucci pumps and, upon seeing them to the horror of the sales clerk, I proclaimed them to be "Oh so TACKY!". If these suckers are too uncomfortable or just not "me" when I see them in person, then I will find an appropriate substitution. For me,
the reward is a decent pair of shoes that will last me eons or a bag - and I will obtain that reward. In the words of Madonna, "You'll see!"

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

On The Hunt...

Well, no use beating myself up over my stupidity - right, however, in thinking - that little expensive blunder could have put an impressive dent in my lust o' the moment - These Gucci Sandals. Before Meowmix smacks me for being totally impulsive, I must say, I won't pay $400 for a pair of Sandals - NO MATTER how cute (Well - unless they were Christian Louboutins -but my salary would have to be way higher *cough cough* JZ *cough cough* but I digress)

However, in thinking - if I'm joining NYKat on her weight loss quest - my goal is to be 3 dress sizes smaller by ummm.. let's say my birthday (November), and, if so, I will treat myself to a Gorgeous bag or shoes. She's going for a Coach bag - I haven't really made my mind up yet as to my reward - however, I DO still want some sandals kinda like these - at least for August...

So, my fellow fashionistas - please help a gal out, will ya - I need to find totally tres chic shoes for August! My criteria - heels must be high (this one is around 4.5 on the sandals - eeks), must be cute, and must be well made. Any ideas??
My shoe collection will be forever grateful!


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Monday, June 04, 2007

Can I Hear - "Lowest Level of Stupid" Please?

Yes, I've hit the all time low - the level where I can shake my head and go "SNAP THE **** outta it, LYS! Where is your head at?". When I do most of my finances, I'm multi-tasking - multi-tasking to where my wallet is now screaming in dire agony..why...

BECAUSE I PAID MY FORMER ROOMATE'S ELECTRIC BILL! See - I used to do everything electronically and didn't really think much about it. Well, when I moved, I got an account, she closed out hers and all is perfect with the world -well, until today when I got a disconnect notice for $204.34. I knew that wasn't right because I paid it on USAA Bill Pay last month for $77 and this month for about $127. Both were paid. Both came out of my account - yet it showed up as no payment.

Then it dawned on me - let me log into G's old account and, yup! There it was -- Payments applied. What a stupid @#*@*# costly mistake. So, with that, I'm calling the electric company and going "What part of "Don't you get it" don't you get?" and praying that they will see that yes, I am blond, yes I tried to screw in my own lightbulb and they will take pity on my idiot self. However, just in case, my emergency fund is now down $204.34. Thank god I had it. *grumble grumble grumble* but its scheduled to go to the RIGHT account out of USAA. I got the screen prints and everything.

You know when this mess is over, my happy ass is telling USAA to delete that old account AND QUICK!

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Vacation Time...

So, this weekend I did a side trip down memory lane and, in a flurry of emails, it's been decided - August 17 - 21, this gal is visiting the City of Brotherly Love - good friends, good cocktails, good shopping and did I mention the food... It will be nice to be in Philly again - it's been WAY too long. I'm hoping that Reese & Meowmix are up for some travelling. I'm working on the finance portion of everything. Who knew that a car rental would cost more than my plane tix. Go figure. And that's WITH my discount.

Anywayz - it will be great to see everyone and I need to remember - grab a bottle of Chianti for Christopher, smack JZ up the head (just kidding Joe - JUST kidding), margaritas with Heather, big hugs for Immy and, most definitely, driving EJ and Ty up the wall should be on the agenda. Can you imagine the pics. I have one on my desk where Reese is covering up EJ's face and no matter HOW BAD my day is, that always makes me giggle. Plus - it was her birthday weekend - how many years ago was that Reese?

Also, I'm thinking - perhaps a couple days at the Shore* might be in order - sun, surf, sand, eye candy - what's not to love. Plus, one of the people I know offered me the use of his shore house - let's hope that (a) he's not using it the weekend I'm there; (b) he remembers offering it for my use should I fly up north and (c) that none of my crazy buddies trash the place.

Now - NYKat - consider my signup at the WeightLoss challenge. This gal has some wardrobe planning to do!

**Philly-ites flock to the Jersey shore in the summer (For me that's Ocean City, baby!)


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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Next Food Network Star...

Is anyone else watching this show? Personally, I'm rooting for JAG - not because he kinda looks like a shorter version of my Nicky, not because he's a former marine, not because his food is Latino/Italian Fusion - honestly, I don't know why I'm rooting for him - but, as he says he's a "bad ass in the kitchen". Let's see if it's true.
Also - I've got to say, this Nikki chick - she's like Vogue meets Bon Appetit. What is up this season???

On an unrelated food note: I've NEVER met a creme brulee I didn't like - until now. I went to Fresh Market to pick one up (along with a couple other things) and can I say, blah - blah - BLAH!

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Sex & The City Humor for the Week...

Carrie: I'm drunk .. in Vogue!


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Weekend's Over, Now What?

And as quickly as it arrived, it departed - poof! However, I didn't feel one iota of guilt for not doing a thing today as I worked yesterday and plan on taking off on Friday. Instead, I cooked (Egg Crepes - more on that later), watched the Next Food Network Star (love JAG & Nikki!) and caught up on the season premiere of HEX. Yesterday I dropped by Borders on the way home and picked up CSI's Season Five for $35.00. Hot damn! I keep finding it online around $73. I also picked up the book "The Starter Wife" and, when I'm done, I'll let y'all know and pass it along to a willing reader.

Also, I browsed around the grocery store, however, I have a question. I went in there with a budget of $30/$35 however, I wound up spending $48 (that's after a $5.00 coupon). However, while I know I didn't need to buy the $7.00 Orzo pasta, in the long run it will last me a while. Damn that Food Network for giving a fabulous orzo pasta dish that is on my "Must Try" list. Back to the question - Why is it that one can ALWAYS go over budget when it comes to the grocery store? For someone who is big on couponing, I have yet to get into the couponing bug re: groceries. I also don't read the Sunday paper - perhaps that is the problem. I use the Publix coupons when I see them and take advantage of the buy one/get one sales, but still.

So, all in all uneventful weekend - but next week I have a birthday soiree on Friday, a brunch on Sunday (maybe) and a cooking class next Monday (Tiramisu - YUM!). So, taking a little me me time, not checking my work email and just vegging on the couch isn't gonna shoot me in the foot today, hopefully.


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Friday, June 01, 2007

Your Friday is My Thursday...

Every ounce of energy has been zapped from me like a bug zapper attacks a mosquito. It's been THAT kind of week, month, quarter, year... blah. It's already June 1 and where does the time go is my next question.

So, with that, I'm finally planning on going to sleep BEFORE 2:00 a.m., getting up and repeating my hell tomorrow as well - why - because this gal has to work tomorrow - and Sunday is my weekend. Every day this week I fell asleep around 2:00 in the morning - last night was my own damn fault because I watched "The Starter Wife". (SO GOOD - if you haven't watched it yet, you MUST!)

I am sooo taking a day off next week if possible. Burning the candle at both ends is going to drive me to stop drinking coffee, stop shopping and any chance at an inkling of a life will be eclipsed by the ever growing mountain of work..

Sad huh?


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