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Friday, November 30, 2007

And The Tide Slowly Turned....

I'll type more tomorrow (when Fuzzy aka Shadow gets groomed) but today was a bit better than Sun - Thurs. Looks like another week of hell is before me but strangely I'm blase about it. I pulled close to 70 hours this week. Eeks.

The best news for me is I have 6-7 hours of sleep ahead. After this week, I need it. Plus the end of NaBloPoMo is here. If you expect me to think, can I get a raincheck?

Hope you all have a great weekend. I might just take tomorrow off.


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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Now THIS I Like...

Normally I'm not a fan of the designer that mostly everyone seems to adore, Marc Jacobs. The same for Michael Kors (too long to explain why). In true Carrie Bradshaw fashion, I like the usual shoe suspects, Jimmy (Choo), Manolo (Blahnik), Christian (Louboutin), and Stuart (Weitzman).

So for me to fall for this Marc Jacobs lovely - it's unheard of. (I blame Valley Girl - she had a link, I clicked and then saw the neon light that said SALE).

Since I must replace a pair of shoes :::sniffle::: after today's tumble and they have one that is just my size (I think - does MJ run small?), I am intrigued. I'm sure I'll get back to my senses tomorrow but for now, these are lovely!

(I wonder if I can get cash back... hmmmm.)


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Opine Please...

Here's one thing that's perplexing me...

Let me ask you all: would you sacrifice quality of life for a paycheck (a eeeh okay paycheck but still, it's better than most around here in the land of the Rat)? Or, would you sacrifice a bigger paycheck for a better quality of life? Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


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A Tale Of A Broken Heel...

It's been a day, and not in a good way either. The thing that bothers me the most is what happened to something totally irrelevant to the Project Hell, but something VITALLY important to me.

My Steve Madden Black & White Spectator Shoes that I lusted after for so long and adored - one of the shoes is in critical condition. No, I didn't do anything stupid to it. No, I haven't walked THAT much where it would be damaged already.

Due to drama at the 9to5 there was a bit of a disconnect this morning and I had to race downstairs to have a copy job done ASAP of a piece of the Project needed first thing this morning. Somehow in my "have to hurry - DAMN we're already late (to something that I CANT be late to)" go-go-go attitude - I fell down the stairs. No, there was no alcohol of any sort *LOL* involved. No, A was not nearby (nice try Meowmix). I just fell down a flight of concrete stairs. Thankfully, my butt had enough padding wherein I didn't break anything but my knee and my butt hurt like mad and I scraped the side of my foot on the concrete during the fall. I was already hobbling like Igor from pulling a muscle the other night.
However, my Steve Maddens were not so lucky. The heel on the right one broke and the back of the shoe caved in during my attempt to scramble and get some sort of balance. Sadly, I don't think the shoe can recover from its critical condition. So, I'll be sitting on the sidelines waiting for the cobbler to perform emergency surgery on those puppies. Those were one of my must have go to shoes :::sigh:::

If the Right Steve Madden Shoe doesn't pull through, I'm hunting down a new pair on EBay. Or better yet - I'm gonna tell said individual who caused said drama - they owe me a pair of shoes!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mourning The Blinker...

My friends, we are in a state of sadness over here at Just Because... Why, because sadly, I am under the impression that the Blinker (Perhaps you know it by its more formal name: the Turn Signal) friend to many a driver, has passed. He has left behind his family of "Quick Blinker", "AfterLaneChange Blinker", and "ForgotToUse Blinker". In lieu of flowers (and road markers), donations may be made to the "Accident Preparation Fund".

OK - enough with the silliness (but boy was it needed in Day 3, I mean Day 2 if you don't count weekends of project hell). Here's what occurred to me today while driving to the 9to5 at the crack of dawn this morning: "Do People Know How To Use A Damn Blinker". Perhaps its just a Florida driver thing. Perhaps I'm just being nitpicky. Perhaps I'm just annoyed. But when you add it all up, seriously it

Maybe the Blinker has become unfashionable, like Last Year's IT Bag. Perhaps people would rather wear the Farrah flip than use the Blinker. Perhaps it takes too much effort to turn on that little light and indicate (or SIGNAL) what Idjiot Driver is about to do with that massive hunk o' steel (or plastic) that he/she rides in to go from Point "A" to Point "B". Perhaps I'm just missing that supposed "mind reading skill" that Idjiot Driver must assume I possess wherein I should automatically KNOW that Idjiot Driver is cutting into my lane as he/she barrels on through like a bull in a china shop. Let's not even get me started on Pedestrian Mind Reading that I should possess as I go to cross the street on my sojurn to 'Bucks much to the annoyance of Idjiot Driver. Apparently, the Pedestrian Right Of Way is also uncool to the Idjiot Driver who won't use the Blinker.

Let me ask you this:

Are we, as a society, too lazy to turn on the blinker light before we make a turn or even merge into a new lane of the street/highway?

Are we, as drivers, too distracted by our surroundings, passengers, and various other devices i.e. the radio, iPod, cell phones, blackberries, sidekicks, etc. to have a bit of consideration for our fellow motorists?

Are we, as individuals, too negligent and full of our own self importance to even care if, by our actions (or negligence of actions), we cause an accident by not using the Blinker?

As it's well documented, driving, much like cable, is not a right -- it's a privilege. We have to have a license in order to drive. They don't say "Well, upon your 16th birthday, you automatically get a license". No. Life is NOT that simple. In order to get our learner's permits and driver's licenses, we all had to take a written exam. We had to take an actual ROAD test in order to get our first piece of plastic aka the Driver's License. Plus, many people had to take Driver's Ed (My dad had my friend teach me how to drive since my mother took me out on Suffield Street in Agawam in traffic on my FIRST TIME driving. Did I mention that Suffield Street (much like Main Street in Agawam) was a VERY busy roadway. That bothered me for some time, end result was that I didn't get my license until I was 18. Did I say that the friend who taught me how to drive was a horrible driver. I took the opportunity to learn what NOT to do and apply that. So what if I drive like Granny. I'm here, right?)

Here's how I see it. Everyone is in such a rush to get from Point A to Point B that consideration for fellow motorists appears to be in short supply. Why not, in the spirit of the holiday season and beyond, let us all start making an effort to use the Blinker (or Turn Signal). It's just good karma. Or, if you need to look at is as a protective measure, just think, let's just use the Blinker (or Turn Signal) to avoid pissing off that driver prone to fits of road rage or an angry driver flipping you off, cursing you out, etc. It's just the right thing to do.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyber WHA?

Day One (well technically Day Two) of the work thingy is done and over... 5 more days... (or perhaps more - I'll know more on Friday. Developments were happening like mad this morning and my head was spinning more than Britney on a dance floor.

But in my whole flurry of activity this morning and yesterday, I completely spaced out that today is Cyber Monday. And, of course, Ebates is doubling the cash back on EVERYTHING. Dammit - the one day I can't really shop. However, I did save about $30 on the CSI dvds and, perhaps I might pick up a little Principessa for a giveaway to some blog readers for the holidays. We're talking creme of the crop here store wise: Nordys, Bloomies, Macys, Sur, the whole shebang. And you get paid to shop - well, its a bit but still - every bit helps right.

Anyways - get started on your shopping early, won't ya. Check out Ebates here and, if you are interested sign up. You get a bonus, I get a bonus - it's all good :) And, like I've said before coupons and sales are good. Cash Back is even better!

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The weather is going to be a record high today - 84•and humid as hell. That means that the fully lined suit is NOT an option and I need to find a more appropriate suit substitute. Couple that with 30 min. sleep last night and world watch out. Your gal is cranky today.

Riveting stuff for a NaBloPoMo Monday. Off to the races and the sun is JUST coming out. Ugh! I don't think I can be a morning person at all.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Delirium Must Be Setting In...

After a long day at the 9to5, with the impending chaos to begin tomorrow on or before 7:00 a.m. til whenever, I decided that since I got home late tonight, a night on the couch was in order. I was cleaning off the Tivo and started to watch Iron Chef America: Holiday Dessert Battle and I've been in a fit of giggles from the get go.

I don't know what is worse:
  • The Chairman in a Santa Suit;

  • Paula Dean mixing processed cheese with chocolate to make fudge (Cheese Fudge Balls - are you kiddin' me);

  • Cat Cora's sous chef in an elf costume;

  • The Sous Chef telling Tyler Florence to "BITE ME!"

  • Paula Dean's talking smack;

  • Robert Irvine's talking smack;

  • Paula Dean trying to bite Roger Irvine's finger off;

  • Tyler Florence's sneaking a smooch from Ms. Paula during the heat of battle (and at the end too - kissing bandit, I guess);

  • Tyler Florence's desecration of the Bush de Noel (Yule Log);

  • Paula's incorporation of butter into EVERY food item she's making;

  • Red Hot Marshmallows;

  • Cat Cora and Paula Dean trying to get their Sandra Lee on and prepping cocktails;

  • Tina Fey's commentary;

  • Robert Irvine's panic at the beginning and at the final plating; or

  • Robert Irvine stripping off the chef's coat hoping to distract the judges with those mammoth arms of his.

The fact that I find Robert Irvine somewhat attractive is now telling me that I need to start hitting the social scene once this project is over. (Hey - I'm a sucker for great arms, 'k)

As much as I watch Iron Chef, I have NEVER seen the chefs have so much fun with each other. Mario was close but this was hilarious - Paula Dean is totally over the top and add her with the other crew, even Cat Cora gets into the mix.
If you love the Food Network, you must see this if it repeats.

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Poll Time: Holiday Color Schemes...

First, thanks to Single Ma for having this cool widget on her site. Loves It!

So, what do you think:

Get your own Poll!

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If I'm A Really Good Girl...

And I get through the upcoming week...

I'm soooo treating myself to a virtual shopping spree at Sur La Table and dropping by Crate & Barrel. I'll even brave the #@*@*@*# Millenia Mall if I survive the chaos that's about to befall me. In a classic avoidance of blame, I will point the finger at Sarah on the impending shopping spree since she peaked my curiosity about some trumpet glasses that she featured on her site. Plus, while flipping through the C&B catalog, my eyes fell on a few lovely things like:

These Copper Chargers

This Gorgeous Copper Footed Compote bowl

The Kira Stemless Flutes and Kira Martini Glasses, both in teal, of course

And, knowing me - whatever else hits my fancy. Because, if anything, I'm prepared for the onslaught of the holiday season. And, trusting how things are about to go this week, I will need some retail therapy mixed with perhaps a Peppermint Martini or, if I feel adventurous, a Chocolate Pomegranate Martini.

Also, I think I'm going to do the tree in shades of teal, cobalt blue, silver and bronze, to reflect the living room. That, of course, could change as my mind drifts during the week - or perhaps I'll have a 3:00 a.m. Eureka Moment. When I'm in these project modes, one never knows. I will, however, be looking for a few things to decorate my "quasi mantel" and this is the first year I'm really hitting the holiday mojo, moreso than any other year. Heck, even the Christmas Tree I bought has fake snow on it (just a touch, nothing too tacky).

In other news, I have tix to Joel Osteen Thursday Night. Guess who CAN'T GO Thursday night and has to work late. Yup - moi. This is the second time that I've had tix to go see Pastor Osteen that was waylaid due to work stuff. I tried to do a little investigative work to see if everything is going to go straight through to Friday at 5/6 p.m. and yes. We'll be here working late Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and hopefully out at a reasonable hour on Friday. Holiday party is Saturday. I'll be imbibing on Sunday and I'm taking off on Monday. Sounds fair, right?


I wish I could be a tad more positive, but I got this weird feeling that something is just not right. However, thankfully I think quick on my feet so I'll try to stay as upbeat as I can.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chef Lys Strikes Again...

I decided that I would rebel for Thanksgiving because, really, outside of stuffing ourselves on Turkey day and being with family and friends, it's all about the leftovers, right? So, while I had Mexican on Turkey day (because I'm really rebellious *LOL*), I decided to make a turkey breast myself last night. However, I forgot to look up a recipe :::sigh::: I also didn't want to break out the cookbooks either, because, well, I got this.

Well, I whipped out my Le Creuset, looked at the instructions on the package for cooking times and figured "What the hell - I Got This!". I channeled my inner Barefoot Contessa and can I say a year or so of watching the Food Network really helped. When I start cooking, I get into a zone where I just forget about my workload and focus on the cooking. So, out came the cutting board and the knives and I went to town.

I cubed up 4 Yukon Gold potatoes and a yellow onion. I seasoned them with EVOO, Salt, Pepper and a touch of Herbs de Provence. Then, rather than use a rack and a big pan which I'd have to clean, I decided to put the Turkey Breast on the vegetables at the bottom of my LC Braiser. I doused the turkey breast with more EVOO, Herbs de Provence, Salt & Pepper and into the oven it went for 1 3/4 hours. I made stuffing (OK it was from a box but I added some apples to it and more Herbs de Provence - sue me), made an Eggnog Cocktail (SoCo w/ Low Fat Eggnog) and waited for the final result.

And here it was. The Turkey had to be cooked with its net on, but it came out PERFECTLY and needed no basting. I think my cooking mojo is about to resurface after the work project. Now I'm off to make a Turkey panini with provolone, pancetta and tomato. Again, because it's all about the leftovers (with the added bonus of saving me from takeout.)

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Today is My Sunday...

Well, tomorrow starts the big work project where my life will not be my own until Dec. 1st. (Well Dec. 2nd but shhhh). The only thing I'm looking forward to is catching up on the sleep I am to miss. How sad, right?

So today, I'm going to be doing all my Sunday tasks, i.e., Laundry, Errands, Cleaning the House, Lugging the Tree upstairs, etc. I even woke up this morning disoriented thinking that it was Sunday and finally realizing as I got up to get ready for the 9to5, "Dummy, it's SATURDAY." :::sigh::: And to start things off in true "Fate is Messing With Me" fashion, I feel the beginnings of a sinus infection coming on so I'll also have to factor in a CVS stop for some Sudafed to head this off at the pass. Because sick days are NOT an option. I could be on death's door and calling out is a no no.

Am I looking forward to it - ummm.. the jury's still out on that one. Do I know I can do this: of course! However, I'm going to have to start examining my options as I know I need to start making some choices, and soon. As my family has reminded me, this is interfering with the day to day life and that's not really what I should be focused on at this moment.

But if my posts are short and sweet for the remainder of NaBloPoMo, be kind please. I'll be posting off the Blackberry throughout the week when I can get to it. So, that means I won't be able to visit everyone's blogs daily but know that I will be catching up when I can. And I might be commenting a few days back and hope that Bloglines can hold down the fort.

Tonight I plan on opening up a bottle of 2007 Beajoulais Nouveau and watching the Godfather, Parts I and II, because who can resist the DeNiro/Pachino combo. Both of those movies are ones that I have to watch whenever they are on (Don't ask). Couple that with some Thanksgiving leftovers from yesterday's experiment and your gal will be relaxing.

However, in the words of Ah-Nold: I'll Be Back.

Miss You! Mean It!

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Friday, November 23, 2007

New Show Alert: Fashionably Late With Stacy London...

Today's the day Fashionistas!

Stacy London of What Not To Wear has her own talkshow, "Fashionably Late" so make sure to set the Tivo to record tonight at 10PM.

As they say, its "A Girls Night Out Worth Staying In For"...

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Christmas Rage Fast Approaching...

Well, today I had to depart the house today to handle a few errands and during my excursion, I had a better understanding of a few things:

  • Maybe I should NOT have moved to an apartment which is directly across the street from a Mall. Makes for getting out of my complex a bit harrowing.
  • Realize that people cannot drive during the holiday season. They will pull their car 3/4 of the way OUT of the row to get into traffic, regardless of whether or not they will hit a car.
  • The same goes for parking: They will park in such a fashion that it will take up 2 spots or awkwardly where you have to get out of your car like you are doing an interpretive dance.
  • Don't Car Stalk me. If you do, I will make my displeasure known. Who wants to be followed with a car on their heels. Not I. So, I might put my bags in my car and get in my car to check the blackberry and drive you nuts. OR, if I'm feeling especially evil and I'm not on a time crunch, I'll put my bags in the car and walk back to the store. Or, even better, I'll tell you "Nothing to see here - move on people, move on!"
  • I've come to the realization that people, in a store, cannot drive their carts either. Case in point today: Had to go to Target to pick up a Christmas tree ($100 off - hell yeah I was willing to brave the crowds). The row around the trees was small enough, couple that with trying to manage a cart among the couple debating about "Honey should we get a gold star or a silver star for the tree" and you sense my frustration. While I'm maneuvering the big azz box containing my tree into my cart and these two numb skulls still cooing and mushy debating, I noticed an elderly woman was trying to get through the aisle. That then prompted me to whip out the "glare of death", move my cart to the side as far as I can go and looked at the arguing couple going "Excuse me do you MIND?" Blondie boy was all ready to start something with moi in defense of his blondie wife, until he saw me allowing the elderly lady a pathway through. I apologized for the aisle being taken up and wished her to have a nice holiday, again all while fixating my glare of death on the couple. Newsflash - both the gold and silver stars are both tacky - pick one and get the fug out of my way. Thankyoumoveon.
  • Also, in driving your carts, don't leave them angled halfway across the aisle blocking the flow of traffic.
  • Speaking of flow of traffic - keep to the appropriate side of the aisle when walking and go with the flow of traffic.
  • When it comes to shopping, apply the man technique: "Keep a list, go in with an idea of what to buy and, for the love of shoppers everywhere, don't lallygag or linger". In and out, that's my motto.
  • It's bad when I'd rather go to COSTCO during the holiday season than the mall.
  • It's also bad when I find back roads to get around the drama, however still on the back road - the Mall. :::sigh:::

I'm sure I'll keep amending the list as I go along. What are some things that drive YOU nuts during the holidays?

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Black Friday Is Here...

I was watching the news today (BTW Happy Thanksgivin' Y'all), while the cat was munching on some pancetta and saw something that kinda had me going "HUH".

Do you know that people started lining up YESTERDAY to catch the "early bird sales" here in Altamonte? Even the Altamonte Mall is opening up at 1:00 a.m. to catch the Black Friday shoppers and my happy butt wants to tell every. single. one of those idjiots camping out since YESTERDAY that they looked a fool waiting for Best Buy to open TOMORROW. Yeah - you save $50 but you know what - you can get the same stuff ONLINE. DOH! Buy it online and pick it up or have it shipped. SPEND that time with your families. Is time so in abundance for you that you can just forego that time and sit in a stupid line with a "line keeper" to save a dollar or two? Is anyone taking into account the markup that is enjoyed by the stores? Are you REALLY saving $$$. Hmmm....

Also people get crazed tomorrow. I think I might either buy a couple things online (Christmas Tree - blah - need to get one though) or just take a chance later. I'm not going to stress the hell out if I don't get a sale price. I know I'm trying to save money but peace of mind is a little more important and, even though I have a black belt in shopping skills, sadly my psyche won't allow me to deal with super crowded stores. It annoys me to no end and I will tell someone off right quick if they are acting stupid. I also don't appreciate those people who bully those older than them to get that stupid ugly sweater in that clearance bin.

Shopping online means a few bonuses for me:
  • No crowds
  • Better selection
  • Coupons
  • Cash Back
  • Comparison shop all from my couch.

How can you beat that? Plus I found out that ING is offering 1% cash back on those that use their Electric Orange debit cards (Whoot Whooot) and between that card and my USAA card (.5% cash back) makes the holiday shopping well worth it...

So to those people camping out - I hope you enjoyed your day sitting on the sidewalks to be there when the stores open at 5:00 a.m.. To those that had to work today, my heart goes out to you. You should have had the day off. To those that are just in it for the bargain and have no respect for their fellow man and try to bully them tomorrow morning: Think about the rule: "How would you like it if it happened to you". And to corporate retail in America: Seriously - don't make your workers work on Thanksgiving day and at 1:00 in the morning for that extra few hours of shopping craziness. Have some respect for your people. You better pay them holiday pay! And, finally, to the Altamonte Mall: Tacky - just tacky! I hope people get soused at the Ale House & Bahama Breeze and walk into the mall and drive management crazy.

I'm going to need a cocktail to deal with the amount of traffic about to hit my street. (What possessed me to live across the street from a MALL?? ARG!). Well, at least I can be on my balcony at 1:00 a.m. with cocktail in hand giggling at those that are shopping like the world is ending. Or, perhaps, I might just go investigate, ya know - for blog fodder (and that Christmas tree but shhhhhhh).

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Gratitude is one of the Best Things to Have - Ever... I'm Grateful for:

  • Being alive;
  • A family who I adore;
  • A cat who, most of the time, behaves and attempts to leave Momma's choos alone;
  • Friends who are like family;
  • Coworkers who I admire & respect;
  • A brain in my blond head (tho the short term memory could use some improvement);
  • My education (tho one of my schools can bite me - Learn To Spell My Name when you write me asking for money.... doh!);
  • My health;
  • A fabulous roof over my head;
  • A job that pays the bills;
  • A career that I love which I plan on doing full time;
  • Couple that with the drive to succeed;
  • Clothing on my back;
  • A well stocked pantry & fridge;
  • A Kitchen I love pittering around in;
  • My Bampa's cookbooks! I hope to carry on his tradition...
  • Shoes - lots and lots of shoes;
  • The ability to know reality from b.s.;
  • Finally knowing the truth about my past;
  • The ability to travel;
  • Freedom of speech, religion, etc.;
  • Freedom to vote;
  • Of course, Mr. Tivo - he's got to be on this list along with the Food Network;
  • Sur La Table (You thought I'd forget huh?);
  • This outlet to share my hopes, dreams, rants & raves; and, most of all
  • I'm grateful for all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and yours enjoy this holiday and, as BR would say: Be Safe Out There!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Williams Sonoma, It's Over... I've Got A New Store Now...

Let me state for the record that I had WAY too much fun at Sur La Table!

For those that don't know anything about Sur La Table, it's like Williams Sonoma but 10 times better. Many professional chefs have been known to frequent its doors. If you watch the Food Network like I do, most of the stuff that you see the chefs use during their shows, chances are that they got it at Sur La Table. Want to see Giada, Paula Dean or Tyler Florence sign their latest book - again, Sur La Table might be your best bet (that is, if Tyler doesn't defect for Macy*s, but I'll shush on that subject). I discovered the power of Sur through Grown Up Girlie's blog when she talked about a salt box that she was coveting. I ordered a catalog as I had never heard of the store and hence was the beginning love affair with this store.

As I said before, when I get their catalog, I yip gleefully while pouring over the pages like its this month's Vogue. I'm obsessed with many of the brands they showcase and, if you look at my kitchen, you will see why. For my apartment, I have a gorgeous kitchen and it's not what I normally have been dealt. This is the first apartment where I adore my kitchen. I'd like a new fridge, but eeh - it's an apartment. I won't be able to do that unless it turns condo. My last kitchen at LBV was small. Very small. More like an L shape. In NH, I had a combo dining room/kitchen but no dishwasher and again with the L format for the counter, sink, etc. blah. In Lawrence, I had a galley kitchen. In Chicopee, I also had an eat in kitchen that had no dishwasher. You get the picture.

Before I moved I because obsessed with Global cutlery and Le Creuset, and bought my first Le Creuset at Home Goods. Can I say I adore that line. While I was talked to about possibly investing in some Staub pieces, I sat there going "nope - I love my LC!". Global came next after I did that business trip to Naples/Ft. Myers and bought my first set of knives. It all went chaotic after then.

So this weekend, you can imagine my surprise as I wandered up and down aisle after aisle of products I only gazed longingly at and never really was able to see up close and personal. And, after I left Saturday, I was pretty pleased with my purchases.

  • The Naughty or Nice glass (even though its the bigger one for "beer" I figured, I can use it for Captain & Diet, right? Or perhaps Wine? The other glass was too small for my versions of cocktails)

  • A Gnocchi board & some Gnocchi flour mix (you know, just in case I decide to morph into Martha Stewart/Giada de Laurentiis and make homemade gnocchi instead of my usual purchasing it from Publix)

  • Le Creuset Pinch Prep Bowls in Red (Hey - G. Garvin says to have all your ingredients prepped and ready. You wouldn't do a chemistry experiment without all your chemicals or fix your sink without all the tools, right?)

  • Grey Fleur de Sol (Sea Salt)

  • A parsley bag to keep parsley crisp (because your gal hates slimy parsley)

  • A few things for my kitchen cleaning (i.e. Copper Polish & Plink disposal cleaner) and other doo dads.
All in all, I spent about $90. I was pleased with that and figured "Lys, that's good enough - you behaved and there's lots more to pick up later!". I also thought because I wouldn't be going to Sur La Table that often, I'd be fine. Sadly they did not have my Global tomato knife which I discovered and the uber-fabulous John offered to sell me the store copy but I get kinda wiggy about that stuff and said I'd order it online. I got sick of cutting my tomatoes with a bread knife. It's a pain in the butt, IMO, to use such a huge serrated knife for a little tomato.

Well, when I got done with the event on Sunday, I made a fateful decision that "eehh - its just on the way home" and hence is when it got crazy. I originally went in for a salt cellar for my Fleur de Sol because, of course, I can't mix it with the kosher salt in my Nigella salt pig. All bets were off when I encountered my other fave sales guy, Gerardo, who checked and told me that they did, indeed, have a Global tomato knife for me and did I want it. Do birds fly - hell yes I wanted it!

Some other lovely things that are making a new home in Altamonte along with my knife are:

  • My salt box in va-va-voom red
  • My Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven and, here's the kicker, I didn't get it in red but I did, however, go with the nifty Caribbean (teal) blue. Who needs a matchy matchy kitchen. I got the small one.

  • An Ebelskiver Pan you know, in case I really want to make pancake puffs (total impulse purchase)

  • And in a fit of domestication, I also picked up the Apple Cinnamon Bundt/Ebelskiver mix

  • A wok skimmer (in case I make donuts at home one day) - only the skimmer tho - not the rest of the crap they show in the pic.

  • Chopsticks (I don't KNOW how to use them - why the hell I bought them is beyond me besides I want to learn and they were $1.95)

And I'm sure I bought a whole other bunch of stuff that I haven't unpacked yet but is escaping me. I had a habit of throwing some stuff that was $1.95 or $2.95 in the basket. If they had a cart I'd be in a WHOLE lot of trouble.

Don't ask me the cost of everything I bought - let's just say I exceeded the Saturday total rather substantially and, last night as I looked at the bags in the hallway, I felt a slight twinge of regret. Then I remembered that I will have to use it and it's what I wanted. Did I spend more than a pair of choos, no, but still - it was enough to say "No Holiday Gifts for moi!"

Now I'm spoiled. I don't think I can ever go back to the Williams Sonoma way of thinking. The customer service I experienced at Sur La Table WAY exceeded anything I've experienced at Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel - even Nordstrom. These people were knowledgeable about their lines. They didn't stalk you around the store. They were there if you had a question. If they didn't carry something, they would tell you WHERE to go to get it. They enjoyed their jobs and you could tell.

Lately I've noticed that at Williams Sonoma - you either exist or you don't. They stalk you the minute you are looking at knives or copper cookware. They don't always know their lines. They try to sell you on the most expensive thing rather than what you need. The store is also small and the variety is lacking. And their price points are a bit higher than Sur La Table.

Thankfully, I heard the rumor that Sur might possibly be coming to Orlando and, when and if they do - I know a ton of people that will flock to their doors. The minute I hear a date, you know I'll have a countdown going and, won't have to make the 184 mile trek to Palm Beach to indulge my obsession.

Many thanks to the EXCELLENT staff of the Sur La Table for such an eye opening experience. And John and Gerardo should be commended. They were amazing sales people and, should you care to drop by Palm Beach Gardens Sur La Table, ask for them specifically. Just tell them the gal who thinks the Sur catalog is better than Vogue sent ya!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

What You Don't Know...

While I was away this weekend, I had ALOT of time to think - especially during the 3 hour drive to and 3 hour drive back. I also had alot of time to play my iPod but that's not the reason for this post.

One thing that's weighing heavily on my mind is my future - and what is about to happen. Also, I remembered my past and how I have some amazing friends that have been with me through the years. I miss them terribly, however, I'm not willing to brave the snow just yet for another Philly excursion. I was ecstatic when I caught this today on YouTube.

I love Expose - seeing them perform with some VERY familiar faces on the sidelines (EJ - NICE shorts - Alvin - What the???), prompted me to email a few suspects immediately. Those were the days. Enjoy!

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A Picturesque Weekend In Review...

Well, only armed with my Blackberry camera, I was able to snap a few shots of my excursion this weekend as I was around Palm Beach and its vicinity...

First of all - what a way to start a Sunday... Ice Coffee by the ocean. EVERY morning should start this way. I will say it did wonders for my mood. If Florida wasn't so hurricane prone, I'd seriously think about living by the ocean.

Secondly - the place I stayed, Palm Beach Oceanfront Inn is my new little hideaway. My friends had me paranoid about West Palm Beach and Palm Beach and the area. From what I heard you can go into a nice area and then, boom - you can be at the gateway to hell. and I got to be fast friends while I read review after review and on, and on, and on. I had some pretty tight budget constraints (because, y'all know I wanted to hit up Sur la Table!). And I wanted cash back as well.
One thing I'm paranoid about with Florida hotels is the Palmetto bug syndrome. You know the type - they come scurrying out and then you bring them home inadvertently. I know Shadow wants friends but they are not going to be of the bug variety. I freak out over those suckers. They are a fact of life when living here in Florida, but if I don't have to encounter those suckers, even better! When I heard they have tiled floors instead of carpet - cool. I *love* that. Yeah - your feet are cold - whatever. No buggie eggs in the carpet which could lead to even more Palmetto nonsense. Here are a few snaps of the room. It's very Florida chic, but works for me.

They have a pool with a deck that overseas the ocean. However, as I wanted to give my credit card a workout, I decided that I'd go shopping in Palm Beach Gardens instead, wander around, grab some dinner, etc. As I had to get up pretty early (5:30) and I had already been up since 4:00 a.m., no cocktails for this gal.

I returned back to the hotel and crashed. Boy was I tired. Apparently I was so tired I even watched the Bionic Woman - and y'all KNOW me and Isaiah Washington are non-mixy things. I stopped watching Grey's due to his drama so when I saw him on this show I groaned and went looking for the remote - then I got sucked in. I finally fell asleep to the sweet sounds of CSI.

The next morning, I was packed and ready to go. But, courtesy of the hotel - they provided breakfast. Upon check in I got a voucher for a free Sunrise Breakfast at the Tides Restaurant. However, I was just not in the mood for eggs. As I was on a time crunch, I figured - lets go against the grain and not get the usual. I had to forgo the plan of the Crab Cake Benedict (don't THINK I won't try to make it at home - sounds rather interesting for a brunch, no?), I decided for something more "comforting". In foodie fashion, here's a shot. Notice the catalog placed nearby - I told you I loved Sur more than Vogue.

A well done breakfast coupled with my ice coffee allowed me to enjoy the view. I asked the waiter "How do you work here" and he was a bit baffled. I again said "Seriously, how do you work HERE" and looked out at the view. His response "It's a million dollar view - how could I not?". :::sigh::: If I had more time, I would have stayed longer and relaxed but it was off to the races for me.

Or more like here. But obviously, I can't really yip about that. Let's just say it was a fun experience.

This, IMO, was tacky. Who sponsors a watch tower...

But this was breathtaking - well the whole grounds were amazing. I just thought the clubhouse was too opulent for my tastes - gold trash baskets in the bathrooms? I thought I was in Lou Pearlman's house for a second.

But then, at the end of the day yesterday - I decided since it was on my way home anyway - another trip to The Sur was in order. And, that's a whole separate blog post unto itself and trust me when I say I went a bit loopy. So loopy that I wound up buying a couple bigger than planned items.

This sign, to me, is the gateway to heaven.

I loved meandering around Palm Beach, but sadly, I don't have the funds to become a resident. Oh well - I can visit and play tourist. And, if I'm really up for the challenge, I can visit heaven as it's only 3 hours away (and $21.60 in tolls, but shhhhhh).

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Reporting From The Shores of Palm Beach...

There is nothing better, IMO, than having breakfast on the terrace overlooking the ocean. What a way to start the day!

I will post pics tomorrow of my excursion, promise. As an added bonus, I have found my excursion spot in Florida. So, if I need to get away, I will head down to my little Palm Beach hideaway, shop at my favorite store, Sur La Table, and stare at the ocean with a cocktail or ice coffee.

Even though this was more of a business trip, the detox away from the drama was GREATLY needed and my head is finally clear of any negative chatter. Now, I say to the project awaiting me upon my return to OTown - bring it on!

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ahhhhh... the Wonders of Sea Air...

As I'm blogging via Blackberry, be kind please. I have to keep it short because I've been up since 4 am, drove 3 hours to here and worked like crazy. Also, I did make an excursion to Sur La Table and, don't worry my credit card didn't get too much of a workout. More on that when I get back.

The hotel is like a gem in a field of rocks. The ocean is next door to the hotel (breakfast overlooking the ocean...hell yes) and what do I want to do --- sleep and do this tango again tomorrow...

Then its back to Orlando. Fun Fun.

I'll leave you with this one amusing tale. I haven't gotten my oil changed in, like, forever. So, being that I'm traveling, I picked up a quart of my oil (5W-30 which means I have to go into an auto store/Pep Boys - thankfully they saw my fish out of water look) and a tire gauge because I have a slow leak in my right rear tire. This morning at 5 am I decided to check my oil but it was still dark out. So it was checked and oil was added via blackberry light. Your gal has skills LOL.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Off Traveling...

I'm headed down to S. Florida (West Palm Beach to be exact) tomorrow. I'm helping a buddy out with an event and I'm excited. Now I know nothing about sports, but that's okay - I got this! So, while I'll still be blogging for NaBloPoMo, it will be via the Blackberry because this gal doesn't appear to have much of a wireless signal at her hotel.

I leave at the crack (stress CRACK) of dawn tomorrow - hell I don't even think the sun will be UP before I leave Orlando for the 3 hr. trek, but it should be fun. If anything, this week solidified one thing for me: I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to. And, oh yeah, I can get by on 3 hrs sleep a night (if I don't make it a habit). I've juggled this thing, the 9to5, client stuff with the PRBiz, some personal drama and, in addition, being a support system for my buddies during their drama. Yeah - me, sleep - we're estranged I tell you. Estranged. Last night I went to bed at 2:30 and I'm up at 6 a.m. Again, solidifying my other revelation - a gal doesn't need sleep as much as she needs adrenaline.

I'm just working on the countdown to Dec. 1st - not for NaBloPomo's sake, but because I would like to keep up with my social life (what little one I seem to have - HA!), catch up on my blogs (I've been negligent - I know - sorry!) and just SLEEP. Also, on Dec. 1st, the 9to5 is having their holiday party and yours truly is going to have a little cocktail soiree prior to the party for those nearest and dearest to her (one must have liquor prior to company functions, right - I keeeed I keeeeed). Plus, also that morning, Ms. Fuzzy aka Shadow will have her Christmas Furcut. Can you believe they wanted to schedule her around 8:00 in the morning - after how many hours lack of sleep I have endured this month - I. Think. Not. 12:30 please. Plus - if I'm cranky when woken up, you should see her.

So, if my blogs are not spellchecked this weekend -it will be because your gal is blogging from the event during my downtime. And if they are wordy, its because I'm having a glass of wine (if its after hours). If they are boring, I apologize now. And, I will attempt to take pictures of the hotel by the ocean (really Motor Inn but whatever - even a MOTOR INN is $150 bux a night - what gives???) for posting next week.

Some fresh sea air, a stroll through the sand with the iPod, new surroundings, perhaps a cute cop (or two) and a new mall (or two), and exploration of a 'Bucks (or three - I must map out the Starbucks), I should be fabulous. I'll be sleep deprived with raccoon eyes, but who cares - I'm doing what I love and what I was born to do.

Here's another discovery - they have a Sur La Table only 30 min. from everything. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to that store and have resigned myself to the fact pigs might fly first before I'd be able to enter through its doors but, hey, now I can! Don't shoot me - I'm excited. If I get the Sur La Table catalog, I pore over it like its the new Vogue. I'd forego SHOES for Sur La Table, such is the depth of my devotion - I even got some of my Global knives there last year (via online & cash back but still - Sur La Table doesn't discriminate - it loves me regardless of the fact I live in O'Town). I just got their catalog yesterday and you better believe that its already packed for my trip - how was I to know that I'd be blessed with a Sur La Table excursion. Favor is mine, I say!

Come Monday - I'll be drained and working on overdrive at the 9to5 straight through. We'll be stopping for just a short break for Turkey Day & Black Friday and then it's nose to the grindstone through November 30th. November 30th your gal will be having a cocktail, hopefully victorious, (Secret - don't fail me now) and December 1st, I get to sleep. Yeah... now that sounds like heaven to me right now. Screw the holiday party - I just want 8 - 10 hours of uninterrupted blissful sleep.

Hope you all have a safe weekend and I'll be blogging on the fly!!! (And shopping but shhhhh.. don't tell anyone - it will be our little secret!)

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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Is there anything worse than standing is a loooooong line at Fedex behind a bunch of people with eBay shipping?



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Check Your Calendars...

You know what today is, right? I'm sure you do - You must. (Well REESE MUST know, right??)

If you still don't know what the 3rd Thursday of November stands for, please - for the love of all things wine, check out Sarah's post over at Pink Shoe Diaries and get thee to the store!

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Yay or Nay: IKEA

It's been quite the crazy day today (more on that later) but I would like your opinions on something.

Orlando just had an IKEA open up by the Millenia Mall (my 2nd - or is it 3rd home) and it was quite the to do. They actually had people waiting since MONDAY to be there when the doors opened yesterday. To me that's utter craziness. However, I'm debating on going there the weekend of Dec. 1st (after the 9to5 chaos is over) and, having NEVER shopped there before I ask for your advice.

So what are your thoughts, helpful hints, warnings about IKEA and it's products? Thanks in advance!

Photo courtesy of You can read the article about the opening HERE. They also have some nifty slideshows and videos about it.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Soapbox Moment: Pay it Forward...

I saw something today that really irritated me. This morning I was walking into the 9to5 from the parking garage and went about my usual routine. When I got to the third floor walkway, both me and a woman in the elevator (we'll call her "Elevator Wench") encountered a woman laden down with a bunch of grocery bags trying to get in the door (hereinafter "Grocery Gal"). We're talking 2-3 bags on each arm which were chock full of groceries obviously meant for the food drive they are holding in the building.

Well, the Grocery Gal had hit the handicapped button for the doors to open and do you think Elevator Wench took ONE inkling to, perhaps, open the door for this gal? No - Elevator Wench decided to stand BEHIND Grocery Gal and huff and puff ala the big bad wolf as if she was being held up.

Well, you know me - can't shut me the hell up. I got heated. Narrow dagger eyes were shot at Elevator Wench and I rushed in front of Grocery Gal and said "Here - let me get the door for you". It was the RIGHT thing to do, IMO. Grocery Gal thanks me and heads into the walkway. Traipsing behind her like the Queen of Sheba was Elevator Wench and do you think she said "Thank You" or anything. Nope. Just attitude - absolute attitude. I should have shut the daggone door on her azz. I have finally come to accept the fact that there are are some people in this world that appear to have a sense of entitlement like the world should bend to their every whim. However I try, seriously try to ignore those type of people and not really care what they think, say or do because I truly believe that karma will bite them in the butt.

However, today, I wanted to kick Elevator Wench's butt for her rudeness, not to me - her rudeness to Grocery Gal. Here was this woman donating to a charity to feed the homeless (which, btw - Orlando seems to frown on - WTH) and this other woman acts like SHE'S bothered because the door won't open for her like she's royalty and, god forbid, a woman with an exorbitant amount of packages is in front of her.

Of course, all questions about the attitude of Elevator Wench were answered when I saw that she worked in City Hall. Here in Orange County - its been my experience that it is rare that you find a decent government employee in either City Hall or the Courthouse. Her attitude made her a perfect fit for her job. Rude, crude and no sense of manners or paying it forward. I DARE government employees here in Orlando to prove me wrong - c'mon - shock me - let's start with Buddy Dyer and his security geek, I mean guard!

My goal for not only this season but 2008 (besides the $$$ thing) is to pay it forward. If the door needs to be open, open it. Smile at your neighbor for no reason other than just because. If someone can't reach for something in the grocery store, grab it for them. If someone drops something, pick it up and return it to them. Just pay it forward. It's the least we can do as human beings because, god knows, some people Just Don't Get It.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Peter & Paul: We Need To Chat...

I've been guilty, my friends - I've been robbing Peter to pay Paul, doing the bill juggle and, as of 2:07 this afternoon - I. Gave. Up.

"Enough with the finance juggle, Lys - you are going to drop more than one ball and break EVERYTHING" - I screamed internally. Some choices have to be made and soon. Now, the apartment fits and that's cool - I'm not moving again and can handle my rent costs alone but some of the other bills I need to get under control and quick. (Note to self: Explore VONAGE). Also, knowing that I'm about to deal with someone or something head on is better than drawing it out and procrastinating. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely a rehabbing procrastinator. However, I've come to learn through life experience that procrastinating is just delaying the inevitable. If you know the band-aid is gonna hurt, just pull it off quick and deal with the sudden onslaught of pain - not wait, pull the band-aid slllloooowwwwlllyyy prolonging the agony and making it worse. Something like that was how it took me 6.5 years to dump Mark for good and look where THAT got me - bad credit, drama and the whole shebang. Don't even get me started on H. and his daggone Cell Bill.

So, last month I paid off one of the credit cards and, I'm slightly reassured by the fact that I filed away the card in my accordion bill folder which means I cannot use it. I won't however, just close the card account because it's my oldest card since the whole Mark & H. debacle and I refuse to ding my credit score by closing it. I'll just leave it where it is. I have another credit card that will be paid off December 1st and that will join it's brother in the folder. After that, its tackling the remaining CC debt while I build up my score and you better believe that it's ON now.

I've accepted the fact that I'm more than likely going to have to get a second 9to5 to just build up the e-fund and pay down the cards. I won't be able to do so until after December 1st, but hey - I can totally do retail. Retail and I are JUST fine - and it would be nice to get paid to help people shop rather than intruding on their space with my opinions (yes, I'm one of those types that will tell you if something looks great and, if it doesn't suggest an alternative). Plus the PRBiz is good but not bringing in that much $$$ right now. I'm over scheduled as it is. Is there a cloning machine somewhere? Basically I need a temporary influx of cash that selling plasma won't help at the moment. As an added bonus, I'm hoping to be DEBT FREE by the end of 2008. Let's hope, right?

The above drama combined with my February trip means an aggressive Debt Reduction/Savings Plan is in order. So, I'm warnin' y'all - I'm joining the Personal Finance bandwagon again. Seeing Valley Girl's list today inspired me a bit to re-evaluate a few things and lay out a plan. Because life is no good without a plan, right?

First Order of Business: Put down Nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style and crack open the new Suze Orman - Women & Money.

Second Order of Business: Cut out the eating out and limit the Starbucks intake to 2-3 times a week while I'm at work (shouldn't be that hard now that I have quasi learned to make coffee). Ditto on the pre-work morning java. Also I need to start grocery shopping smarter (lists! Must have Lists!) and planning meals for the week. (Added bonus - hello weight loss wagon - we meet again!)

Third Order of Business: Clear out the clutter! What clutter can be sold is going on eBay. What clutter that needs to be donated is being donated. What clutter is taking up space is going in the trash or returned to where it needs to be.

Fourth Order of Business: Holiday shopping: 90% of my holiday shopping will be online and with cash back and whatever coupon codes there are. That with the addition of a list shall keep me in check. Lists and I need to get reacquainted again.

Fifth Order of Business: Limit the personal shopping. Any and all shopping in the immediate future has to be necessary and either with coupon, cash back or something. (Val - I don't think I'm strong enough tho to give up the Net-A-Porter or Bluefly virtual shopping visits tho! I just won't click the checkout button)

Sixth Order of Business: Re-watch The Secret - Re-watch it TWICE if I have to. Because, obviously I haven't been paying it much attention lately.

Well, I think that's a good start. Now excuse me please while I begin my second coffee making experiment...

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Monday, November 12, 2007

This is Me Right Now...

I want to know who the heck turned up the freakin' AIR CONDITIONING! It's not warm here in OTown right now - the cold air blowing in the office just compounds the matter. And when I'm wearing a TURTLENECK and still shivering, there are issues, my friends. ISSUES!!! When I find the culprit who turned this place into the Artic, I'm turning up that thermometer - stat!

I'm going to 'bucks to get some hot coffee (and y'all KNOW I never drink hot coffee!)

Photo courtesy of ChillyWillyFan

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All Across The Board...

Blame the lack of sleep please...

Yesterday, well this weekend really, was pretty unproductive but I justified it by taking my time to chill up, play hermit and rest up because for the next 2/3 weeks, I'm going to be working straight through with little to no time off (sans Thanksgiving, but that's a given and, knowing me, I'll find a way to work doing something). All will back to a state of relative normalcy on or about Dec. 1st, but still.

During my chill out day yesterday, I made the fateful decision that naps were good. Well, to reinforce that decision, I crashed during Law & Order Criminal Intent only to wake up feeling like someone was watching me (cue Rockwell song). Well, someone was - in the form of the Cat. Why was Shadow staring me down so intently with daggers of death shooting from her eyeballs you might ask. Because, as I noted on my alarm clock, it was 8:37 and she knows dinner time is at 8:30 sharp. God forbid I forget, fall asleep or work late. Kitty must have her wet food at night or else it's death to us all (in Shadow's warped mind). She has dry food to nibble on and, if she's lucky, she gets cookies in the morning and at night. So today, your gal is on the hunt for an automatic pet feeder. Because, clearly, her feeding habits are way more important than me getting another pair of shoes. If she breaks this thing like she did the automatic litter box, I swear I'll send her packing.

So, not only did I delay the cat's mealtime by 7 minutes, but by my dozing off, I was up for pretty much all of last night, tossing and turning - only to doze off for 20 min. before my alarm went off. :::sigh::: so right now I'm in dire need of toothpicks to prop up my eyelids, extra coffee from 'bucks with a double shot, etc. I did, however, get to see who won the Next Iron Chef (Yea Chef Symon but really I didn't care if it was him or John Besh - Why is Mario no longer with the Food Network?!?!?!?) and rewatch the Battle Cranberry where I realized that Giada really did act like a snot during the competition. I may not like Rachel Ray but still. I watched 48 Hours: Hard Evidence (I'm really starting to like that show), learned that CourtTV is going to become TRUTV because, obviously, the American public needs YET ANOTHER reality channel :::roll eyes::: and glazed over various infomercials galore. Master Channel Flipper right here!

On another note, because I know you are all on the edge of your chairs waiting to find this out, I was able to salvage the swill coffee in the fridge. With the simple syrup, it was rather tasty - I discovered I was using two splenda when I should use one. Either way, it was working out just fine - and if I was wasn't dilly-dallying watching some infomercial on airbrush foundation this morning, plus the news, plus videos, plus some stupid Sweet 16 show on MTV, I might have had time to make myself a glass to go. Alas, I did not - stalling, dragging my feet as I protested the unfairness of me having to go to work while all my friends up north have the day off.

And, in true Lys fashion - I'm late again. I seriously thought TODAY was Veteran's Day - not yesterday :( My sincerest apologies to all those serving in the military, those that have served in the military, etc. Thank you so much for all that you give to our country. Our military is one of the primary reasons we all enjoy such freedoms that we have today.

Including a gal's freedom to stay up all night watching bad TV because she took a lazy nap earlier in the day.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

More Adventures in Coffee Making and Other Random Mess....

So I attempted to make a pot of coffee last night. I took my pricy Kona coffee that I got from Fresh Market (the sample size - no way in h-e-double hockey sticks I was going to spend $9.99 a lb. on an experiment - $2.50, sure.)

Let me say for the record, I adore Kona coffee. Perhaps its due to the discovery of all things Kona & Polynesian when I was working with my past client (which - btw - hearing their song in the middle of Bed, Bath & Beyond - surreal). It's got this amazing taste that even trumps 'Bucks and Dunkin' Donuts - doesn't even compare. Thankfully, while my coffee wasn't as bad as prior attempts, it still was a cross between strong and weak which, when paired with Splenda & skim, wasn't too good. Wasn't too bad, but still. So today, while I still have a pitcher of the experiment in the fridge, I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and use *gasp* sugar. I haven't really had sugar in my coffee for eons. Perhaps it's the splenda that is putting the bite on the coffee. I have a thing of simple syrup that I bought at Williams Sonoma for cocktails that I might try as well... Riveting stuff huh ;)


In other news, I might be headed down to South Florida next weekend. I'm on the hunt for a good hotel. I'll be working an event for a colleague so that should be fun. If it gets me out of this **** known as O-Town, sounds good to me. I've got a hellacious couple weeks ahead for me at the 9to5 where Linda Blair won't have anything on me when it comes to head-turning possession.


Speaking of heading down to S. Florida, now this means I have to find an automatic feeder for Shadow. While I'll be gone only two nights, it's not enough to have a friend come and watch her. Shadow's pretty self sufficient, but she insists on wet food every night in addition to her dry. So I'll be visiting the local Petco to see what I can find today. I do, however, have to cancel her hair appointment next weekend. I completely spaced about it but it would be better financially to have it near the holidays.


Colin Cowie's on HSN again this week. Pray for me to resist because, while I got the bowls & other items, it was commented on the boards that many of his items are cheap. The bowls are very lightweight, but I think they would be fine for a panna cotta or ice cream - nothing too heavy. But after reading the remarks, I'm hesitant to order anything else from him. I adore Colin (and he's got a new book coming out!), but to see people turn like rabid dogs on the HSN reviews tells me something is up. Sorry Colin!


I need to also look into securing my wireless signal. I've had nothing but problems where my wireless goes in and out in 20 min. intervals. It has NEVER done this at my old place which leads me to believe that either Embarq needs to step up their game or there is someone nearby pirating my signal. All well and good, but when I'm paying $40 a month for just the wireless alone, someone needs to chip in on that mess because it messed up my music uploading to my NaBlahBlah page - TWICE!

And that about rounds up all the random mess in my head right now - stay tuned for shopping exploits and mall reports all this week as I search for good flats that will stand up to my tough standards.

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