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Monday, November 28, 2005

Half Empty or Half Full

How do you look at life - is the glass half empty or half full? That's the question that seems to be sending my brain into overdrive today...

Monday - after a 4 day holiday is bound to be crazy, right? Well, today was WAY beyond that. This morning I'm all chipper because I'm heading into work early to work on a couple big projects, and as I start to go into work the dreaded "Check Engine" light goes on. I'm not your average girly girl. I can read the car manual and even know how to *gasp* jump start a car AND check my oil (Two gold stars please!). However I know well enough that when that stupid light comes on, the car needs to go into the shop.

Now before you ask, I'm due for an oil change, but I'm not 10k miles over, only a couple hundred and there *is* oil in the car. However, the car decided it wanted to sputter and buck so this girl hightailed it over to the dealer, all while having a service rep on the phone going "Okay sweetie pie, bring it in and we'll take a look at yo' problem". Maybe I'm *too* northern, and the sweetie pie and honey just kind of grates my nerves but, in talking with my father who knows car issues, he told me to realize that I now live in the South, do my best Jessica Simpson impression and see what happens.

WHAT HAPPENS? Ughhh.. I hate having to pull the Jessica routine. So, when I arrive, I informed the service man that because my car stalled a couple weeks ago, I did research and said proudly "I think its the fuel filter!" Boy did my proud balloon burst when he said "Honey, that engine light don't come on for no fuel filter. That's a problem with emissions or ignition". Now color me blonde, but let me do some thinking here. Emissions is associated with fuel and gas right? Emissions *could* be the fuel filter? But rather than go my normal, "Excuse me what did you say", I smiled ever so sweetly and said "Really? Ohhhhhh".

What was wrong with my car - For one - the Fuel Pump was recalled on the Mercury Cougar so that was free, saving me $600 +. However the coil system, computer and the EGRs (??) were not included, and apparently my fuel *cough* Emissions system was out of wack. All to the tune of $613.19 which included *insert drum roll here* A NEW FUEL FILTER!

Better than a bill for $1213.19, right? So I will go with the half full theory. Bonus - I can rest knowing that I can *actually* be nice - what a change, right? Even better bonus - Cingular credited my cell phone bill $60.00 for the international calls from the Bahamas!

See - Monday's aren't so bad after all!

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

New Favorite Song....

Thanks to this blog, I have a new favorite song - Sorry 30 Seconds to Mars. I got a copy of Pussycat Dolls new track, "FLIRT" which is now on my top list on the IPod. Its a great workout song. As a matter of fact, I think that a trip to the gym might be warranted after Turkey Day.

Check it out if you can!

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Invitation...

TO the Non-Ex's wedding has arrived along with a photo of the engaged couple. I had hoped that my "no, I'm not coming" would have clued him in not to send it. However, I wasn't so lucky. I should have realized he's still missing a few marbles.

Not wanting to open it, I held it out like it had anthrax and handed it to Roomie. Roomie immediately sliced open the envelope, only to find a photo of a person that she called "Grizzly Adams" and his new bride-to-be, who somewhat resembles me, however, she looks young and impressionable. Do you know that H. couldn't even get his glasses fixed and they are still taped up on the side, from three years ago! Never mind that its the same prescription from 1989, but that's another story for another day.

To make things even more confusing is that according to MB, the bride's father is none too happy about the wedding and their receptions are being held in the LDS Wards which are basically free. It's not at all like I'm sure H.'s mother would like - lots of pomp and circumstance, as one of her favored children is getting hitched at last.

It's all so surreal and the bride wasted no time in telling me where to send a gift. Why a Mormon registered for this and this, I don't know, however be being Non-LDS, I'd be more than happy to oblige.

To quote Roomie, I have alot to be thankful for, because that could have been me in that situation years ago but I got wise. She also remarked that I would never let H. out of the house looking like that. Hard to believe he was once adored by teenage girls eons ago. *shudders*

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Reflections...

There are so many things to be thankful for on this holiday, but where I often say cooking makes me think, people I ain't kiddin....

I started to think and reflect on the past year, and the ups and downs, and throughout it all, they say if you can count your true friends on one hand, you are truly blessed. Honey - they are not lyin' on that....

Throughout life, I've kept a close circle of friends who really helped shape the person I am now. They are people I look up to, people who know the true me, and who, by knowing them, I am a much better person. Some of the ones I want to highlight are:

Meowmix - one of my partners in crime - she brings out the imp in me, has shown me to have a voice and speak up when I just do not agree with the situation at hand and always has my back, even when I'm smuggling booze over the border *LOL* j/k.

Ree - one of my divas in the land of the stars - she's a trip, that girl, but she is one of those people who is genuinely nice, a true lady and a wicked sense of humor. She is regal in every sense of the word, and I think somehow she is a younger version of Oprah. Plus - she has great taste in wines!

Roomie - what can I say about Roomie that hasn't been said before. She's hilarious. She's very thoughtful, is always there in a pinch, and is a true friend. She's assertive, an awesome determined woman and is a go-getter! Plus - her stories of Tigger getting chased on Grad nite tossed into a river cannot be beat.

J - oh lord - that's my boy - J is a kick a$$ singer, great friend, and always makes me laugh. He's been a rock these past few years and never hesitates to amaze me. I can say, touring with him, we didn't stop laughing ONCE! Oh boy - and over the silliest stuff. Can't wait to see what the next trip will bring.

BR. - This man has been there for me through some of the roughest points of my life, has dished out tough love when needed and, through it all, is still here. He's always there with a kind word, even when sitting on my feet while I'm doing sit ups with no expression while I'm proceeding to tell him how much I detest him for torturing me.

The divas, M., D., K., L., M.R., & Rosie! These girls are cuckoo crazy and I love each and every one of them - There are so many memories that I have with these ladies, from cosmos, to concerts, to watching Rosie get doused with water by my crazy ex fiancee and do you know the girl just sat there and LAUGHED??? She had just gotten her hair 'did' right before but they all have such a sense of humor, its contagious!

M.B. - What can I say about one of my fave co-horts without saying, boy is evil when mad *LOL*. He's been a good friend through the WG saga, and for that, I am grateful. Knowing that I wasn't the only one there in that situation was a huge comfort!

B & A. Oh lord - these two will dare me to be the worst little devil, but through it all they have been there for over 10 years and we still laugh and laugh and laugh. These guys are truly family. Now if only B. would take the blame for being the instigator, life would be perfect, but he turns on that angelic charm and I swear he's Eddie Haskall.

F. - Girl is hilarious!! AND SMART! Note: Do Not get her mad - trust me on that one. She's been through so much this year, but being down here in Florida, meeting her and her family has been a blessing. Her family has always welcomed me with open arms, and knowing that I have a family of sorts down here is always comforting when I can't always fly home.

Finally - my gals at work, P., M., V. and A. - those girls keep me laughing through the day, and definitely inspire me to love my work. Working with these girls makes the day fly by.

So with that - those are just some of my thanksgiving thanks as I often have said, friends are family too. I'm thankful for my family of course, but especially thankful for my extended family - my crew :) You know who u are!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!! While this has been a trying year, I'm thankful that every day brings new challenges, adventures and silver linings... and, of course, Ice Coffee. No matter how bad things can seem, I always say "God only throws at you what He KNOWS you can handle". Somewhat comforting when trying times hit.

Relatively low key day today. Being that we are near Disney, Roomie has to work, however, I get to cook this afternoon - so start praying that I don't burn down the kitchen, ala the peeps who burned down their apartment last night using a heat lamp covered by a blanket to keep their iguana warm. That was heartbreaking to hear of the displaced families right before the holidays.

And, in the holiday spirit - I plan on making these this week to kick off the Holiday festivities. In the words of Rachel Ray - Yumm-O! Thanks Oprah!!!

Have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Sometimes there is a silver lining...

Believe me when I say that last night, I was determined to just toss my hat and say **** it to entertainment. I've been dealing with some major b.s. over the past few years and I'm a tad too blunt to do the requisite butt smoochin'. I've had one client in particular that has been the source of many a headache, and last night I just said "Enough!". I wish them luck on their merry way, but personally I want nothing to do with it anymore. Drama + me, in the words of Buffy are not "mixy things".

However, I got this email today from a college student wanting to interview ME about my career in PR. Apparently she wants to go the entertainment PR route and did her homework. I was dumbfounded and wouldn't even think of saying "No". I'm beyond flattered. She was just so polite and I hope that someone takes her under their wing, much like my mentor did to me when I was that age.

Thank god Meowmix & JZ both told me to cool my jets before I even cancelled L.A. I just think I need to relax during the holidays and take some good old time to myself. Maybe that might just revive the batteries.

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Found this on Badger's site:

8 Firsts.
First Best Friend: Dana M. when I was living in Connecticut. Her brother would TERRORIZE ME.
First Kiss: Oh boy – this kid Mike M. in high school – I remember our first date with my dad sitting in a rocking chair, holding a baseball bat – boy that kid was nervous. The kiss I got from Dana’s bro, Kenny did NOT count!
First Screen Name: Lysa257
First Pet: A saint Bernard named Heidi when I was three.
First Piercing: I got my ears pierced in Junior high.
First Crush: Oh lord – Cliff McLaughlin – all the girls swooned over him. Dana’s bro, Kenny does NOT count!!

First CD: CD? That’s way back – I’m thinking more than likely it was a Freestyle/Dance CD in a long box.
First Car: 1989 Burgundy Lebaron – I loved that car – lasted me three years until I slipped on an ice patch and *bam* my first accident that WASN’T a fence post or involved my mirrors.

7 Lasts.
Last alcoholic beverage: A glass of Chianti :)
Last Car Ride: Today – went shopping and braved the pre-Xmas rush shoppers. Scary thought.
Last Kiss: Hmmm…
Last Movie Seen: Don't remember.
Last Phone Call: Today - was able to catch up with Reese which is something I rarely get to do :(
Last CD played: The Pussycat Dolls

6 Have You Evers.
Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: Guilty as charged – That would be A.
Have You Ever Broken the Law: Yes – but have I been caught – nope.
Have You Ever Been Arrested: Nope.
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Yup.
Have You Ever Been in love: Yup.

5 Things.
5 Things You're Wearing: Brown Sweatshirt, Brown sweatpants, black tank, socks and my sneakers.
5 Things You Did Yesterday: Slept in, relaxed – talked with roomie, cleaned off the TiVo, Watched Oprah! Non-Drunk Dialed JZ.
5 Things You Can't Live Without: Ice Coffee, Lip Gloss, my cell phone, my ipod and my favorite purse.
5 places You've Been: Las Vegas, Nassau, Allison Iowa *DON’T ASK*, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

3 People You Can Tell *Almost* Anything To (in no particular order).
1. Meowmix
2. Reese
3. A.

2 Choices.
1. Black or White: black
2. Hot or Cold: Depends - Coffee = Cold, Weather - that would have to be hot.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

In the words of Destiny's Child...


I learned my lesson - there is NO CELL PHONE COVERAGE IN the Bahamas.. something made me check my Cingular bill and I see $234.60 greeting me which is $130.00 over the normal bill. Yeah - my karma smack for calling my coworkers, checking in from the beach, text messaging friends AND having that late night "discussion" with my safety drunk dial partner was at the tune of $130.00. Nice - I better start working a second job to pay for it (or stop buying shoes)....

To make things even funnier, I get an email from my mother telling me to come home the weekend of the 14th because my sister is home from Korea along with my brother. Yeah - ummm.. who do I have to bribe to buy my plane ticket? I'll see how she reacts to my lovely "Can't afford it - bills are outrageous" email and how much guilt I'll get.

And on my final bitch rant - WHY Is it that Florida INSISTS on charging high "fuel" prices on the electricity bills, when the normal fuel rates have gone down again. Our bill is over 50% of what it is last year due to "fuel" surcharges - who do I call to whine to. So with a $200 + cell bill AND a $150 + electric bill right before Xmas - there goes my Xmas bonus *sigh*

But, the fun of text messaging my friends from the beach with a beautiful pic of the ocean - priceless. I'm such a little imp sometimes ;)

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Check the Caller ID...

Picture this ... its early evening, a great bottle of Cabernet, new wine glasses and all is quiet... that is until this girl doesn't pay attention to her caller id and answers the phone only to find her non-ex (as I prefer to call him) on the other line. While the conversation was peculiar (he's getting married in 2 weeks), due to the wine's influence, I decided to be pleasant. As I told him when he commented "you sound good", "And that's only the first glass of wine!". Go figure - anywayz... I figured no need for me to put any nasty karma vibes, congratulated him on his impending nuptials, etc. only to hear "You need to meet her - she's just like you!".

Why is it men seem to compare their latest partners to their past? Is that supposed to be a complement? If she WAS like me, she would have drop kicked him into next year for his behavior, unless, of course, he hasn't shown his true self to her and she's living an illusion of thinking he's the "perfect" man. Honey - NO MAN with enough brains wears black socks & sandals!

Its not the first time I've heard the phrase, so I've had practice with the requisite polite response "Mmmm-hmmmm...really, that's nice". Most men take that as a hint to end the conversation, however this one proceeded to wax poetic about how "independent" she is, (she doesn't talk back), how he's trying to make sure they "live within their means" (he's still not working), and how we should all meet up.

Yeah - ummm.. I'd much rather go jump off a bridge, thankuverymuch! I'm sure I'll run into them in February when I go to the LA because, of course, its unavoidable to run into him at industry events which has made me more determined to not date industry!

To make things even more peculiar, apparently he has taken license to continue to call me. This time I'm wiser - I check the Caller ID!

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I *LOVE* This Song...

This song is amazing. I'm going to try to forget that its Jared Leto on the vocals or, perhaps, he and his band are getting tons of press from his "alleged relationship" with LiLo, but the song "ATTACK" by 30 Seconds to Mars is stuck in my head!

Gotta love iTunes - its there for you at 2:48 in the morning when you just want, need and have to have that song....

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Why is it...

That one gets to a point in life where a gal just has to do a Carrie Bradshaw ala Sex & The City, say **** it! and realize that she should just buy the damn wine glasses, a decent bottle of wine and call it a day???

Guilty as charged!!!

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Its "Limbo Time"

Our steward was getting into the "party" mood and utilized one of Meowmix's drink umbrellas to use it as a prop for our Towel Animals. I can only think that the towel "party dude" as Meowmix appropriate named him, probably would dance to that old 80's track, "Hot Hot Hot". Downright Scary, IMO.

In the background, you will see the lovely purse that I wanted, needed and HAD to have. Can I say, I LOVE this purse. Mind you, said purse is guilty of putting me into this bronze/topaz mood that will more than likely influence the wardrobe selections for LA's February trip, the next countdown on the agenda well, once the Grammy noms are announced ;) )

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Monday, November 14, 2005

House of Dereon...

When celebrities come out with clothing lines, I am one to normally yawn, say "uh-huh" and go about my merry way. However, while cleaning out the TiVo this weekend, I got sucked into watching an Oprah episode that Mr. TiVo just FELT I had to see..

House of Dereon, a line by Beyonce and her mom, Tina Knowles, has clothing that just floored me. I have decided that I want, I need, and I have to have this top, modeled by Michelle of "Destiny's Child". It is absolutely stunning!!! The quality of the line is just amazing, well designed and appear to be worth every penny. Many of the designs are timeless and you can check them out
here and here.

So now I have Season Passed "OPRAH" and am on the search for this top which will get me into oh so much trouble ;) It would look so cute for my LA trip in February, dontcha think?

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Why Is It That...

Karmic Retribution seems to take forever to zap some people? Maybe its me. Maybe I'm not the world's most patient person, but sometimes it seems like some of the parasites of the world that seem to constantly skid through life without a care in the world, sucking energy and whatever else from their victims of the moment, while others just seem to wonder "Will Karma EVER Zap them??"
What's the addage - "What you put out into the world shall come back threefold?" By my calculations, the above mentioned parasite should have been zapped WAY before this...

Oh well - time will tell, right?

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

So The Bahamas...

Was Gorgeous - I know I know - I'm a tad late posting about it, but with all that's gone on this week, I'm finally starting to get my bearings. This pic (courtesy of Meowmix because this blonde forgot her camera in all her determination to get booze for the trip [which - mind you - she barely touched and bought drinks at the bar?]) was stunning - if I could tell you how beautiful the water was, how pleasant the people were and just how enjoyable it was to sit on a beach, call into the office with a coconut filled with some rum punch in one hand, "checking in" only to hear later that I tortured my fellow co-workers who were stuck working on a Friday.

However, since I DID take a couple days off, I learned that there could be a light problem when I returned. It appears that while I was only gone for a few days, it feels like I was gone for THREE weeks with the amount of crap I have to work on. So this girl might be a little M.I.A. while I catch up. I did however win a diamond necklace on the cruise which was, mind you, ON MY BIRTHDAY! Now That was a BEAUTIFUL gift and I will always be reminded of my 4 days of learning to relax, a skill I have yet to master...

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Why Is It...

When you "put it out there", fate just HAS to godsmack ya??? Does Fate have anything better to do, or torture?

I'm still shaking my head in disbelief.. never fails....

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

I've Returned....

And I'm beyond tired. Relaxation, when one's body is not used to it, has some side effects...

I will post some highlights and "Lessons Learned" this week, but it was a fabulous vacation. I just now need a vacation from my vacation....


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