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Sunday, September 25, 2005


So I've decided for my first goal, should I use my new gym membership for 3 times in one week, I am going to reward myself with a "milestone" present. See, for me and my workaholic self to leave my office to actually GET to the gym is a BIG thing. Never mind the new gym clothes I bought today. Never mind the spiffy gym bag that I have or my beautiful iPod shuffle that will play my favorite dance tunes while I walk "1,000" miles like that stupid song from the 90's. I need something that will spur me to use the gym more than ONCE a week.

I am not a J.Lo fan by any means, but on seeing this necklace, I did the requisite, "I Want" "I Need" "I have to HAVE"... and I will have before I set sail on my cruise in November. In order to get it in time I will have to accomplish my goal by Oct. 3, by my timeline.

I still have yet to see the movie (I hear its good) but I can't bring myself to see another "Gigli" mess. I just don't like her. But I LOVE the necklace!!!

Then, after the necklace I can figure out my next goal.. like the new Guess purse or a cute pair of NineWest shoes. :)

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Don't Get Stuck On Stupid...

I'm reading one of my daily emails from a PR list I belong to and there is this email describing a press conference where the Mayor of New Orleans started to lose control of the media (yet again)... and Lt. General Honore decided to take matters into his own hands with the media. Now you all know the military and their penchant for not tolerating any b.s. so, after telling them a number of times to get to the important stuff and not "sweat the small stuff", Gen. Honore finally burst out with "Don't Get Stuck On Stupid"... I LOVE IT! Finally - someone addresses the media in a fashion I can appreciate. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for the journalists here in the country, but there are some that seem to think that they work for a London tabloid and are always looking for the "seedy underbelly" of even a sports score - C'mon people... lets move on - that's why the Star & National Enquirer are "light reading" and you save the important stories for Time & Newsweek.

In one of my previous jobs as a "cable wench" aka working in the "Cable Theft Division" (Yes - there is such a thing as cable theft... and it is a federal crime!!), I realized that basically I was a "paid bully" trying to settle cases and get to the heart of the problem and often, in getting one of the calls, I would have every name, phrase, Spanish cuss word, etc. tossed at me and I'd have to retort with something witty. It was great phone training for my dealings with telemarketers, Cingular, and the occasional bill collector, but I wish I had that phrase in my arsenal.

So my new phrase when I get someone who just doesn't seem to get a clue - "C'mon now, don't get stuck on stupid". It will definitely replace my overused "It's Not Rocket Science" phrase (for now at least". I will not lose, however, my trademarked "Let me speak and I'll let you speak." which I have found I have had to use many a time in dealing with my cell phone company when one of their untrained phone "representatives" decides to speak without thinking. Of course it has to be said in a low, menacing tone. Then I find that after that call I have to go buy a pair of shoes. (Didn't you get the memo - shoe shopping is relaxing for the soul. )

Ahhhhh.. now that felt good....

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Not meaning to be Insensitive...

In looking at the date, I realized that today is the anniversary of 9/11 and I realized what a space cadet I have been - so lets take a moment of silence for our dear departed fellow Americans and remember we are a UNITED country, even today, regardless of the media's intent on "divide and conquer".

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Ever Have “One of those Days”…

This week, maybe due to the drama at work, or my lack of not wanting to deal with said drama, I decided that my weekend was going to be one of utter relaxation – a “ME ME ME” weekend… and I resolved NO voicemails, no power tools and no building of anything.

So here it is Sunday and what do I have in front of me – memos that I have to edit for work. What happened to the idea of a lazy weekend?

Uggghhh.. now where is my red pen?

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Someone call Bob Villa...

I refuse to put together ONE MORE PIECE OF FURNITURE. This weekend I decided to put together the chaise, as well as a new vacuum cleaner AND a television cart, all of which have been sitting in their boxes waiting for me to have a few days to put it all together. Putting together that chaise was a nightmare, coupled with the fact that I had to rearrange the room on top of it. What does my kitten do? She jumps on the chaise like the Queen of Sheba and promptly goes to sleep.

Next time I decide to put together any sort of furniture, I'm calling Bob Villa first! Roomie on the other hand is threatening to hide the drill and screwdriver.

However, I am thrilled with the new vacuum, which is telling me I'm working too much if I'm excited over how a Eureka picks up dirt. What's scary is not having a clue just how much dirt was left on the rug with the old vacuum, whereas the new one just picks up everything, C.S.I. style. Money well invested! Dirt be damned!

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Hurricane Aftermath

Its hard to really write anything witty right now, when all the attention I have is on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I keep flipping into CNN and its like watching a bad horror movie with too many people doing too much "fingerpointing". After 9/11 we should be able to pull together, not turn this into a political arena.

My heart goes out to all of those affected by this hurricane, and their families and friends. Right now we all need to worry about working together as a NATION and less on the "coulda, shoulda woulda". The hurricanes Florida faced last year, (and my first to experience) were bad, yes ... however we were prepared. Those poor people were not given enough of a warning and remember, Mother Nature can toss a curve ball pretty quick.

All in all - if you have a moment, please contribute to the Red Cross who, along with our brave soldiers, are working to restore order and help those people affected. Even if its only $1.00, heck - that is $1.00 more than they would have had should you not donate. I heard on the radio the other day, this 6 year old girl opened up her piggy bank and asked her mom to bring her to a radio station fundraiser so she could please give it to the "hurt people". Can I tell you I about burst into tears. That child will be blessed, as will all who help in any sort of way, even if its just saying a quick prayer for those poor souls trapped in this hell.

Lets all work together and remind everyone that we are ONE NATION under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

One final thanks, to all the churches in Houston who are taking care of the refugees. I was so happy to hear that Pastor Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church were lending a hand.

Have a good night.

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