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Monday, February 27, 2006

So Loving This...

So very Carrie, don't you think? I'm not too fond of the price, but it's OH so cute!

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Old School Strikes...

Many of my friends know that I *adore* old school freestyle, dance, and latin hip hop. What can I say, I'm an 80's dance child. I fell in love with Freestyle when I heard Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam's "Can You Feel The Beat". Through the years, I could often be found dancin' around to George Lamond, TKA, Corina, Sweet Sensation, The Cover Girls, etc. and still, to this day, crave the music. What can I say, its in my blood. I often laugh when I hear people tell me that such and such a song is freestyle, but rarely do some of today's current hits have a strong freestyle beat. The only ones that come to mind recently were Missy Elliott with "Lose Control", Ying Yang Twins w/ Pitbull "Shake That" and XScape with "What's Up". I will say Gwen Stefani's track "Crash" is NOT freestyle. It has a few elements, but not enough to make it a freestyle based track. Plus - if you want to scare an A&R guy from a label, tell him that you have a track for him and that it's Freestyle. Watch him run for the hills and stammer while telling you "Thanks but no thanks". The major labels prefer the term, "Dance". They don't want visions of Beat Street or Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo *LOL* Anywayz - I digress.. back to the story at hand...

I often hear about new tracks, and was very apprehensive to check out the new J.Lo/LL Cool J song, Control Myself. I'm not really fond of J.Lo's studio vocals, having heard the pre-scrubbed versions of some of her earlier tracks *ouch* but I do love listening to LL. So this morning as I'm getting ready for work I hear this strong old school freestyle beat and, much to my surprise, I see the video for Control Myself on MTV.

Hold Up. Wait a Minute. What. The. ?!?!?!??! The video is what one of my friends would call "the Hotness!" Now, LL Cool J is crazy talented. The man is just amazing. Great actor, fabulous hip hop artist , a tad easy on the eyes (ladies, I know you might agree with me) and he's just so damn humble. Jermaine Dupri produced the track and while he does mostly hip hop & R&B, Jermaine knows his freestyle.

Needless to say I wound up getting a copy of the song today from a friend and I'm in love. Absolute love. I'm a happy, happy girl. This track is in the iPod permanently.

You can check out the video here. If you don't start dancin', I'll be surprised ;)

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4 Things...

Thanks to Grown-Up Girlie, here's an interesting little Meme...

4 Jobs in my Life
- Publicist
- Paralegal
- Cable Theft Coordinator (Don't ask - just remember, next time you want to fiddle with the box for some free Pay Per View & channels, remember this phrase - FEDERAL OFFENSE! So if the cable guy knocks, much like the movie The Ring, bad things willllll happen)
- Waitress

4 Films I could see a million times
- I Capture the Castle
- One Fine Day
- The First Wives Club
- My Best Friend's Wedding

4 Places I lived at
- Orlando, Florida
- Derry, New Hampshire
- Lawrence, Massachusetts
- Chicopee, Massachusetts

4 TV Series I really like to watch
- C.S.I.
- Boston Legal
- Grey's Anatomy
- What Not To Wear

4 Places I've spent my holidays (I'm guessing Holidays = vacations because if it's a holiday, wouldn't one normally be home or with family?)
- Las Vegas, Nevada
- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
- Los Angeles, California
- Nassau, Bahamas

4 Favorite Foods
- Ice Coffee, Ice Coffee, Ice Coffee Ice Coffee (wait - I have to have 4 different things.. Well then.. They should ask 4 Different types of Starbucks ;) )
- Cobb Salad
- Arroz Con Pollo (Gringa Style *LOL*)
- Panang Duck/Chicken (Thai)

4 Websites I visit every day
- My Bank Websites ( & - Need to keep an eye on where my money is
- Various blogs on my Bloglines (too many to mention, but I can think of 10 off the bat that I read daily!)
- The News up north ( and Need to make sure my friends and family are not in the papers.
- before any online shopping may occur - (again - money theme. Show Me The $$$).

4 Places I'd love to be right now (instead of *here*)
Anywhere? Wait an actual place.. Hmmmm.
- Philly
- Los Angeles (need some good shopping!)
- Ireland
- Egypt (always wanted to go there)

Ok - who's next?!?!?!

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Damn You Food Network...

I have about had it with the Food Network. I'm finding myself now, when grocery shopping, buying whole nutmeg, various cheeses, reading labels, and planning meals for the week. I'm actually *gasp* looking forward to getting various kitchen tools from Linens 'N Things or Bed, Bath and Beyond and actually taking the time to cook, not just microwave. I've learned how to finally make a steak (and, in my 34 years, that's hard to believe. A. always made the steaks but to make it at home, the horrah!)

Just my cooking over the weekend has driven my roommate over the edge. From the Portabello Tortellini with a garlic butter cream sauce, to homemade Jambalaya with shrimp and sausage, finally culminating tonight with a steak cooked perfectly medium well with a blue cheese/onion butter. I'm beginning to scare myself.

I know what a friend of mine would say, "About time you got domesticated". I'm thinking, "God its cheaper to eat home than order take out" *LOL*

I don't know whether to curse or thank Food Network!

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National Pancake Day...

I just read that February 28th is National Pancake Day and that IHOP is celebrating this "holiday" by giving everyone pancakes. I swear, I just broke out in a cold sweat. I. Hate. Pancakes.

I rarely, stress RARELY, ever eat pancakes and have refused to since I was a child. Now, my grandfather's corn fritters are a totally different story, but pancakes, YUCK!

In 1st Grade, at St. Helwig's school in I think Waterbury, CT, they would serve Pancakes for lunch every flippin' Wednesday. I would beg and plead with my mother to actually do her motherly duty and make a brown bag lunch (which, if you had ever had my mother's cooking is like asking for a game of russian roulette) but I was willing to put my stomach at risk if only to avoid those damn pancakes. I was grateful to go to Holy Cross in New Britain the next year and they did not believe in serving pancakes, ever. Not even on Wednesdays.

To this day I cannot have them. I will not have them. I do not want them.

I'd rather have green eggs and ham or my mother's cooking!

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Have you ever...

Have you ever come across a person, know they are utterly wrong for you but the "what if" thought always remains? Then, when you least expect it, something totally reminds you of them, whether it's a picture, song, whatever and you find yourself thinking about that person again.

Uggghhh.. I hate when that happens...

Posted by Lys :: 3:44 AM :: 3 comments

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S&TC Quote of the Week....

Carrie: I do not pick the wrong guys. They pick me.

Miranda: So what, you're like a flystrip for dysfunctional men?

Carrie: Yeah, but one of those really pretty floral scented ones.


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Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's Finally Over...

And with a sigh of relief, those idiots from the NSM ("Nazi") party are leaving Orlando. Over 300 Orlando residents showed up to protest them even COMING here in the first place... and every time I hear one of Orlando's PD saying "It was a success" my response is, "You got lucky!". They arrested 17 Orlando residents and they had to "protect" the Nazis. They should have NEVER been allowed to march down a primarily residential African American neighborhood in the FIRST PLACE.

Fact is - Orlando's citizens have made it clear that these idiots were NOT welcome and they can go back to the rock where they crawled out from. I spoke with some of the PD and they were NOT happy about having to deal with this in the first place. Buddy mad a serious lapse in judgment and he best show the same "equality" that he preached to all other groups that want to march, protest, etc.

I can't wait for the first "town" meeting, etc. As mentioned by one of my friends, the only way to get rid of Buddy and his skewed politics is to start speaking up.

And, I'm about to.

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Meet Pinky..

Please meet Pinky!

I *heart* this phone. It was tough getting it home, but I will go more into detail tomorrow...

I know I know - hate this picture quality but it was taken with my old, now retired camera phone. The new phone is splendid. It was on sale at Cingular for $199.99 with a $50.00 rebate PLUS I also got a $20.00 cash back bonus from - gives me just enough $$$ to go get a travel charger and MAYBE, just maybe, the pink bluetooth ;)

This is SO NOT Paris Hilton's phone. Thank. God. I would have sent it right back if it was that bright 80s neon fuschia color. *shudders*

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Friday, February 24, 2006

It's a Small, Small World...

I know. I know - I've gotten all ranty the past couple of days, so I'm trying to be whimsical, light-hearted and gleeful. So back onto Lys' adventures in shopping. There is a store I *heart*, Ashley Stewart. The closest Ashley Stewart is in Tampa and it broke my heart that it wasn't in Orlando. Whenever I would be in Philly or New Jersey, I would shop to my heart's content picking up their super cute, yet super affordable fashions. They were always cut great and were stylish!

Orlando however doesn't believe in that type of store and I was regulated to the Avenue & Lane Bryant. Having lost some serious weight and going down a size or two since I moved, I've been able to make do however, whenever I would travel I would leave room in the suitcase for my Ashley Stewart finds.

Last night, I was finally able to go to the store that they just opened here in Orlando. As I'm perusing through the racks, I see a familiar face working there but I can't place her. As her and I start to talk, she asks me if I ever shopped in the Cherry Hill, NJ store. That's where she's from - she was the manager there on my last trip. She remembered me from my countless visits on vacation and the fact that I would "spend some serious $$$". How nice, right? Well, I walked out of there with 2 cute new sweaters and a number of items on layaway in my new size that were WAY cheaper than Lane Bryant and just as cute. Not to mention, my new buddy, Nicole, is keeping this gal apprised of any new clothes/stock on the horizon.

Time to clear out the closet for the new stuff!!!

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Paging Jerry Springer...

I feel like Orlando has transformed into an episode of "Jerry Springer".

From the flurry of activity around Orlando today, and the lovely "characters" milling around Disney the past two days, there's bound to be some serious rumblings arising from tomorrow's rally. No Steve to keep the idiots off the stage (or, in our case, out of our city limits). We've got a Senator (appropriately nicknamed "Huggie Bear") who is trying to strike down the Nazi rally with a "Prayerful Protest" and I'm sure Buddy has been whisked ala the Vice President to an undisclosed location before someone turns a Cheney on the little weeble wooble. AND, the police have now said that they have beefed up their security to protect the protestors (read "the Nazis") and arrest the Orlando residents. AND they have the help of the Orlando/Osceola Sheriffs (which one of my friends appropriately nicknamed "Boss Hogg and Crew")..

Nice, huh? I just hope and pray that nobody gets hurt and that this craziness will be over!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Buddy is NOT my buddy.

Warning - I'm going to rant today (its a long one) so grab a cup of coffee and read on...

I am LIVID… stress LIVID with our mayor, Buddy Dyer. He calls this the "city beautiful" and, just recently, I have come to appreciate living here in Orlando. I may not like that stupid rat they call Mickey, but other than that, I enjoy the sunshine and 80 degree weather in the Winter. I like the fact that I can drive 3 hours and go to Miami should I choose to and I love the Millenia Mall, my second home. So, when I hear the stupid things this man does, it shouldn't come as a surprise to me because, as I always said, he's an idiot. I've met Mr. Mayor around town, seen him going from place to place and now, should I run into him again, we're going to have a nice little discussion. Yes, I voted for his opposition, Mr. Mulvaney. I voted for Mulvaney for a number of different reasons, but most of all because I agreed with his vision for Orlando's future.

Of course, Mr. Dyer won the election but then there was some whole scandal re: election fraud or something where I remember the morning show guys joking that they had his mugshot as a screensaver. Okay - eventually he was returned to power and life goes on…

THEN he gives Paris Hilton a key to the city. Wait.. Correction… HE didn't give the key - one of his Councilwomen (against his advice, supposedly) gave a key to the city to Ms. Hilton - why - because Paris decided to "open a club" here called, of course, Club Paris. Paris wasn't even HERE on TIME to get her key - her SISTER had to pick it up. Paris showed up 6 hours late. Whatever. Now Paris, as we were all told, is supposed to be here every few months to support her club, however, as learned from her recent deposition, she basically uses the club to route her phone calls and we've only seen her around town once. Glad the Orlando phone system could help! But that's not the reason for my rant.

I learned Monday morning that Orlando is hosting a "Neo-Nazi" rally. Better yet, Orlando is going to let these guys be armed AND march in one of the bad sections of the city. AND here's the kicker. These Nazis don't even LIVE here. They are here to protest crime in OUR city, but they don't reside here. They have no connection to Orlando. They are flying in this week and Saturday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Downtown Orlando is their stomping ground.

The Mayor's office says that 20 - 30 Nazis will be here - my guess is much more than that will show up. This is the same group of idiots that started drama in Toledo last year. So they want to come here to the land of Disney, protest OUR crime on OUR streets in a section of the city where they will most assuredly get a negative response and, judging by this group's previous efforts, more than likely, residents of Orlando will be injured? Wow - how does that make SENSE?

So, yesterday, when I called the mayor's office to find out what the HELL was he going to do, what am I told? "There is nothing he can or will do about it". His assistant then tells me that they refuse to take a position on the matter AND, in a show of blatant arrogance, I'm told that Orlando citizens are to "stay in our homes". What. The. FUCK!

I'm to stay in MY home because Buddy Dyer is going to let a bunch of idiotic racist pigs in our city to protest OUR CRIME RATE, idiots that don't even live here in Our City Beautiful? And even funnier - the day before this story REALLY breaks, here's Buddy talking about how he hopes that the businesses on Parramore Street will be revitalized. Sure Buddy, send in the Nazis, you idiot.

I politely told the dingbat assistant that she better put her PR team on watch because with our mayor's stupid actions, this takes the cake. He could have done something. Rather than pointing fingers and saying "Well, I didn't sign the permit" or taking that position, he's still our MAYOR. He, or someone in his office, most assuredly could have challenged it in Court. He could have fought for them to pass through a metal detector rather than backing down. Most of all, Buddy Dyer COULD HAVE TAKEN A STAND!

He didn't let Orlando have a gay pride parade, but sure, he'll let the Nazis march. I see. And, just to boost our tourism rate, I'm sure the Nazis will love a great family day at DisneyWorld. Hell, they might even go to SeaWorld or Universal Studios. More tourism dollars for Orlando. Sure, Buddy, go for it. While you're at it, Buddy, why don't you just tell them to move on in. *rolls eyes* When the first citizen of Orlando is hurt, injured or, god forbid, dies, in relation to this Neo-Nazi rally, that blood is on BUDDY's hands.

Personally, I'm all for Freedom of Speech, but when I see discrimination, I GET LIVID! I have friends of all races and orientation and I don't think it's fair that because our mayor doesn't appear to have a spine, people could be hurt. My friends and I have to see this crap on the news. Our citizens could be put in possible harms way from a bunch of punks whose parents were IMMIGRANTS themselves. Yes, you heard me right. Mostly everyone in America is an immigrant. Think about it. Everyone has a right to reside here. America is the home of the free and the land of the brave. EVERYONE is equal. People DIE trying to immigrate here, but these dingbats with this whole "white power" bullshit are trying to speak for ME and insinuate that all white people think like this. I'm offended.

My great grandparents emigrated here from Ireland. They came here and were so grateful to have a chance at a brand new life. My great grandfather is a full blooded Blackfoot Indian and NEVER did he ever say that it was HIS land. He was a very peaceful man and welcomed everyone. If anyone has the right to bitch, IMO, it is the Indians, but that's a story for another day. But these Nazis come into MY town and try to speak for me and others about crime in OUR streets and our Mayor won't do a damn thing!

Sorry if I am taking too much time on my soapbox, but I feel very strongly about this. This is my opinion and I am entitled to it. Basically, by his actions, Buddy Dyer will NEVER get my vote, EVER, and I will gladly support whoever runs against him, that is unless they are a certain rat (Mickey) or a Nazi. Other than that, we need new blood.

Buddy is NOT my buddy!


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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Paging Dr. McDreamy ....

I've come to the realization that I need a new Doctor and that my current doctor is a quack. This Donald Duck crap is NOT going to do. My shoulder and the left side of my neck is in massive pain and I'm not going to spend $561.00 to hear the term "muscle spasms", no matter how cute the lab tech guy is...

ARG! So, with that - I'm off to enjoy a lovely muscle relaxer with dinner. Can someone recommend a decent doctor in the Orlando area for a second opinion *sigh* Now, where is McDreamy when a gal needs him...

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This Week's S&TC Quote...

Charlotte: I've been dating since I was 15. Where is he?


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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Is it me or...

Has Desperate Housewives lost its flair and uumph?

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Costco is Evil...

Why is it that when a person goes to Costco, they never spend less than $100? I forgot what having a membership was like until today where, after I perused the isles looking for some good deals, walked out of there with a big azz bottle of Cabernet Sauvingon, some of my normal grocery items, water, a DVD of Breakfast at Tiffanys ($11.99 for the special edition -thankyouverymush) and some oversized boxes of Wheat Thins, 100 calorie snacks and other fun items. I even got a huge wedge of Pecorino Romano cheese (Thank you Everyday Italian.. grrrrr).

Now, I get to find where to put all this stuff *LOL* Hey - at least I didn't buy the oversized TV, the hallway light fixture or the granite top & cherry wood bathroom sink. Well, not yet anyways...

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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Let me preface this with a brief explanation of the title. When I'm normally out and about with my friends or at a club, I have been told on more than one occasion that I appear "unapproachable". Maybe that's because I have worked in nightclubs for a good portion of my existence, but I'm actually nice when people speak to me.

So why is it that store clerks feel the need to tell me their whole life story? I have one grocery clerk I keep winding up with, and now I know her baby's got his shots, she lives with her boyfriend's mom, she has other kids not by said boyfriend and the boyfriend runs around on her but she "accepts it".

Tonight, while shopping in Macy*s to use up some gift certificates I had left over, I found a Nine West bag that I almost bought 2 weeks ago for $42.00 at the Nine West store. Today, it was marked down at Macy*s from $72.00 to $36.00 with 40% off of that. So after the gift certificates, said bag was $8.01. During this whole transaction I learned that the saleswoman's stepsister works for some "prestigious" firm downtown (never heard of it) and that she has a snake who "played dead" today only to emerge and stick its tongue out at her and that it was her son's snake but her son doesn't take care of anything and he's 15.

At Claires, while purchasing some hair clips & cute earrings, I got to hear how the assistant manager is fighting with her bank over some charges her stupid boyfriend made and she's looking for a new bank and wanted to know if I would recommend any.

Is there something about my face when shopping that says "please - tell me your life troubles". Does my face mirror a version of the Orlando Statute of Liberty with "give me your woes and heartaches"? I feel out of place because I know if I give the same advice that I would give my friends, I might hurt their feelings. My friends understand me and know that my bluntness is out of love and friendship. They know I have no tact. Well, I do, but sometimes.

Me - I'm too nice to be a bitch when caught in these situations. Go figure.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

An Open Apology Letter to My Friends.. In Advance...

Yes, it's official - the six weeks of hell is scheduled to begin tomorrow promptly at 6:30 a.m. So, as I said earlier to a few of y'all, I'm apologizing in advance for my imminent exorcist behavior. No amount of coffee, Xanax or retail therapy will help calm this blonde beast... unless we win of course. Then, I've got first round ;)

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Carrie: If I don't stop shopping, I'll end up a bag lady; a Fendi bag lady, but a bag lady.....

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Ain't This the Truth...

You Don't Have a Boyfriend Because You are Too Busy
While a relationship sounds nice, you're strapped for timeWhether you're legitimately busy or just making excuses...... You don't give men enough of your time.As nice as "instant love" would be, there's just no such thing.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Long Week = Retail Therapy...

I know I know - I shouldn't be shopping, however, after this week I've decided that I need to add to the new wardrobe. So today, I'm taking a much needed "me-me" day and going out and about to actually relax, have some fun and enjoy life.

It's long overdue, don't you think?

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Grammys...

Did you see the Grammy awards tonight. I decided to watch and crack open a bottle of wine while lamenting that I should have gone into debt and went. And, made some jambalaya to go with the wine. It was a laid back, relaxed evening, and performances were amazing. From Madonna & Gorillaz, to Mariah (who I normally don't like but she did a great job), to the Sly Stone Tribute w/ Joss Stone, Will.I.Am, Fantasia, and Aerosmith to Christina Aguilera & Herbie Hancock and Kelly Clarkson. Two performances that really blew my mind were Jay-Z, Linkin' Park & PAUL MCCARTNEY and Kanye West & Jaime Foxx.

So during the whole night, I'm scanning the audience and see a number of familiar faces, including Jimmy Jam and once again was still dumbfounded. Last year I stood next to him and couldn't speak and tonight I see him on tv and pointed going "Oh My God - Jimmy JAM". What is it about that musical genius that strikes me starstruck. I've met a number of people over the years, but Jimmy Jam still strikes a cord of fear and awe.

Concluding with a amazing performance honoring New Orleans and inspiring words from Neil Portnow, NARAS President, I was just amazed at how fabulous the awards were this year.

So, it's a definite. Next year I WILL go. I just need to get my mojo back and get on the ball.

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How nice it is to sit here, look out at the pond (swamp) off my balcony on a Wednesday and remember this is what it's like to take a day off. Never mind that I got out of the office at 10:30 last night. Never mind the fact that I printed out a huge file for my roommate and LEFT IT ON THE PRINTER. Never mind the fact that I realized said OOPS at 1:30 in the morning and called a friend to pull it off before someone else who shares said printer sees it. Never mind the fact that I've already called into the office twice this morning and checked my work email compulsively.

None of that matters, why? Because I'm sitting on my porch, sipping a cup of coffee that I brewed myself (yay me!) and happy because I remember how I used to love being able to see sunlight. I miss the tour life. I miss the travel and I miss making my own hours. Most of all, I miss the excitement.

I have plans with a friend of mine who works for an entertainment management firm today so besides catching up, she wants to talk about "opportunities". I'm open to suggestions.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

This Week's S&TC Quote...

Miranda: I'm sorry, if a man is over thirty and single, there's something wrong with him. It's Darwinian. They're being weeded out or propogating the species.
Carrie: Okay, well, what about us?
Miranda: We're just choosy.


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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Urge to Redecorate....

Please be patient - I've had this urge to redecorate this blog so, bear with me, will ya?

I'm not sure if the overabundance of pink screams "ME"...

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Shopping Time...

In all the chaos from the last week, and in anticipation of the upcoming 6 weeks, I decided a little retail therapy was in order. No, not anything super fantabulous, but just really nice clothes that fit the new skinnier butt me. Having gotten compliments galore and the "Oh my god, you look great" remarks on my new jeans/outfit I wore yesterday, I decided to indulge my inner vanity mongrel and go shopping for appropriate work clothes.

I wound up getting 3 pairs of dress pants in my new size, pointy toed flats and a new blazer and I felt like a proud "What Not To Wear" graduate and found myself looking at clothes going "this passes the test". I did nothing but pirouette in the dreaded 3 way mirror in shock at how I really am down a size and even those are fitting a little loose. Don't worry - all three pairs of pants AND the blazer were on sale and this girl walked away with over $185.00 worth of clothing for.... $71.00. These are all quality items that are well made and will last for some time.

Not only that, but my feet are down a half size (could that be possible?) I have worn a 10 since I was a teen and Nine West had a gorgeous pair of flats in a 9.5 and they fit like a glove. I was shocked. I figured that the flats are necessary since I'm going to be running around like a banshee so they'd be good to alternate with my stillettos. And the flats were also on sale for $39.99 marked down from $130.00. Not bad for a little retail therapy, right?

SO today, this girl will ALSO be cleaning out my closet of the clothes that I have (and haven't) worn for years that are at the bigger sizes. Maybe someone else will love them as much as I did. Last week I conducted an initial experiment and as of today, I sold 6 of my seven auctions on Ebay and will be listing a bunch of other finds. And that money will fund some of my new smaller work wardrobe ;)

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Confession Time...

As I've said before, this gal is a coffee addict. Ice coffee is a must for me to get through my harrowing days at work. Hell, even when I would tour I would tell my clients that even when we were in east butt Iowa/Ohio, I MUST have some sort of Ice Coffee.

So, with all that being said, I have a confession.

I. Cant. Make. Coffee.

There, I've said it. In all my 34 years, I have NEVER been able to make a decent cup of coffee to save my life. It's always been swill. Even my ex fiancee was known to spit out the dregs while exclaiming "What the **** is this ****!!".

My coffee maker has always been more for "decoration" much like my coffee grinder. You know, in case someone who CAN make coffee wants to? So, you can imagine my surprise this morning when I felt this overwhelming desire to try and make some coffee. No, not buy coffee. Actually MAKE a pot of coffee.

Cautiously, while making breakfast this morning, I cracked open my shipment of Gevalia coffee (hey - I got points and a free coffee maker for ordering!!). 10 minutes later, I'm drinking this fabulous hazelnut coffee and amazed. Its not swill. It tastes divine, like I got a cup at Dunkin' Donuts. AND my house smells amazing!

I'm. In. Heaven. AND, here's the kicker, it's not ICED.

So, I've passed my first hurdle. I'll be trying to replicate my experiment to make some ice coffee for the fridge. It doesn't mean that I'm cheating on Starhell, just might save it for when I need to get out of the office. Til then, I'll be making coffee myself.

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Friday, February 03, 2006

It Happened...

The inevitable - the "I can't take it any longer or I'm going to go crazy breakdown" at work. I about lost my mind. While my boss was out and about, yet another ball was lobbied at my head with "Oh, Lys can do it". Well, that was it. I'm beyond fed up with the incompetence of co-counsel's staff and I made it known. We've got six weeks of hell ahead of us and to be told "Well, you're a smart cookie - you figure it out!" irked me beyond belief.. What I want to say is FIGURE THIS! all while conveniently flippin' the idiots off, however, in the interest of NOT losing my job, I will not (for now)...

Instead, I marched into my boss' office when she returned from yet another deposition (she's had a total of 10 in a 2 week span) and greeted her with, "You're out of town on Monday & Tuesday, right? Well, I'm taking Tuesday as a Mental Health Day because if I don't, hell will be a vacation compared to me". She agreed and my day off was granted, up UNTIL my other boss did a "oh - I need you to do such and such". When I protested saying that one of the other assistants could cover, I was told, 'Well, YOU know the case. She does not."

When we finally were able to leave at 7:30, I was I informed that my presence WILL be needed Sunday at 10:00 at the office. *sigh* and I had to bring home exhibits to review. Fun way to spend a Saturday, huh?

Thank god my team is not in the Superbowl. Then again, it can be asked when WILL the Eagles hit the SuperBowl- will hell freeze over first?You know, all that OT money is going straight to the bank because, come St. Patty's Day when this case gets put to bed, this gal is hopping a plane and headed back up north. So, BR & Meowmix, plan accordingly.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006


I got this lovely little gem in my press releases today...


Someone pass the popcorn...

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I'm in a Quandry...

Tomorrow, at work, we have a whole "wear red" theme going on - for some charity which also means - we can wear JEANS! We have a whole "casual friday" thing going on, but jeans are just frowned upon UNLESS its for charity. So, with that being said, I remembered one important thing on the way home - I've lost so much weight over the past 6 months, that yeah - my old jeans are falling off me. With the pics from the bahamas, it looks like I have saggy a$$ syndrome.

So, after purchasing my jeans in my new size, I get them home and my roommate tells me "those look big on you". Remind me that I need to cut her a check.

Oh - and I don't have a RED thing to wear tomorrow - guess its' the garnet earrings... That counts, right?

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Shoulder Update....

After badgering my doctor's office all day for an update, and have nurses tell me that one scan was fine but the other had "problems" (their exact words)... I got my diagnosis... *drum roll please*

My shoulder/arm is having muscle spasms... I guess that's been SINCE NOVEMBER!

Needless to say - second opinion is necessary. If he's wrong - hell hath no fury like this girl when cranky...

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