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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

23 Days...and a 'Bucks Testimonial...

And the hotel is booked. After a few attempts, finally I wore Priceline down and we're staying at the super swanky Westin Philadelphia in Center City, Philly and yes, I know - even got some cash back!! Thanks It's near the Italian Market (hello - maybe I can grab some fresh spices on Monday to take home), 1/2 a mile from South Street and the King of Prussia Mall is only right down the highway (about 20/30 min).

called with a discount code and they told me for the dates we were going that they could only book us at $289; online Reese found it at $266 and Priceline was oh so kind - $100 a night! William Shatner's not kiddin' - no mamby pamby request for this gal.

The only thing that sucks is that parking is $39 a day, valet or $28 self park - basically, I can get a valet day pass and come and go as needed or pay $28 each time I get a whim to wander. Umm.. Valet seems more economical. Now to map out the nearby Starbucks in proximity to the hotel.

In Starbucks news - has anyone tried the Blueberry White Tea - Delish! Yes, I know - tea. Unheard of for moi - but after you see what my coffee day was like this morning (pics are on the other computer), you'll see why I needed to switch it up a bit. It's light, refreshing and just has that added zing.

I should have gotten one for tonight - another long night ahead. These days of waking up at 5:00 and falling asleep at 12:30/1:00 a.m. is drivin' me batty. However, tomorrow, this time I'll be armed with my Venti Iced Blueberry White Tea instead of my normal latte whatever. Perhaps that will kickstart my day in the right direction...

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Monday, July 30, 2007

24 Days... The Countdown Begins...

Well, 24 days from now, this gal will be winging it out to Philly. While some of the plans have changed a bit, it dawned on me - what the heck will I WEAR? Time is of the essence here and I'm a gal who needs to plan (and not have pizza until then...)

So - with that, I have 24 days to get my act together. This means finances, wardrobe, eBay some stuff for some extra spending funds when I get there, get my work caught up, get a great deal on the hotel, find a cat sitter, get a quasi itinerary planned - and that's just the beginning... I've already booked the car and the plane and got amazing deals on both. The Hotel - well, part of the problem is trying to figure out where we're all hanging out, who is driving, etc.

Like I said before, the Philly crew is a blast to hang out with, so catching up is main priority. Photos will be on the agenda, and, shocker of all shockers, I might not be hiding when a camera breaks out. JoeZ will be there as well so Reese and I can hang out with him and get some client stuff done. (Not to mention the other band we're working with is also on the schedule - and I know Reese has the initials GG on the mind - my mind will be way too scattered). Sadly, our friend Chris is flying out when we're flying in, but that's okay - he can fly out to Orlando like he's been saying for how long?? *cough cough* Meowmix also can't fly in, but next time. Plus - I'm going to be enlisting her help with a new goal of mine, but I can't really disclose it yet. All in due time, all in due time.

Shopping wise, I plan on visiting not only my fave stores on South Street, but also King of Prussia Mall. The last time I was at that mall was for dinner with Meowmix and her friend. Prior to that, I was about 18 at a teen club and yeah - let's not flashback that far *LOL*. Let's just say, I was not as nice as I am now. (And THAT'S a stretch - but I was young and stupid so eeeh).

Anywayz 24 days from now, the real fun starts. Added bonus: I haven't seen Reese in AGES! So, I'm super excited! Speaking of Reese, in other news: should you wish to direct a little good mojo Reese's way, please do - she's trying out for The Singing Bee on Thursday and they would be crazed not to pick her!!

Have a good evening all...


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Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm Loving This Track...

This song is beyond stuck in my head... I am really looking forward to Philly now -

Rihanna - Don't Stop the Music...


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Who Rests on a Sunday...

Today, while it's still Sunday, I've been going full steam ahead on the PR thing. No time off for moi. This week is set to be crazed at the 9to5, but with the deadlines I have upcoming on the PR front, this gal is up for lots of coffee, less sleep than my already low 4-5 hrs, etc. Seriously, I need a clone.

I met with the new client on Friday - great group of guys - really jazzed about that side of things. The band is VERY talented, great look, etc. and their management/label is top notch. So, yesterday, I went to take care of the mundane things I really hadn't had time to focus on (Mailbox, banking, corporate stuff) and first on the agenda was a stop at the Mailboxes, Etc. we have in town...

Well, first things first - the reason I liked them is so that I can get my demos/promos, etc. right away - they can sign for everything and I have 24 hr. access to my mailbox. Makes life ALOT easier for me. I spoke with this fabulous lady late Thursday night and she told me that they had a box available and I could come in Saturday and take care of it.

Saturday I go to the local MBE and there is quite the questionable group of characters both in front of it and milling about the lobby. Perhaps its my legal background, perhaps its knowing what I know about some of those establishments, but already I wasn't ready to mess around. Plus the older *ahem* gentleman at the counter really pissed me off. Why - because not only did I get the up and down sizing up look from him, but I also got an attitude when I inquired about the box. I was dressed nicely - sorry - no daisy dukes, messy hair, look like I rolled out of bed look like the rest of the characters that were hanging out there. Perhaps that's why he felt to talk to me like I was a 2 year old child. I asked him about the box that was available. His response "Honey - I don't HAVE a box available. We have virtual mailboxes".

My alarm went up and said "Hell no!". First of all - virtual box where I have to deal with this person during THEIR hours and I don't have 24 hr. access. I. Don't. Think. So. Also - does it say Stupid on my forehead -VIRTUAL MAIL BOX. Yeah - try to tell that to the Court, legal entities, etc - No, that's my virtual mailbox. WTF people. Who the hell is HE kidding? Yeah, so the MBE in Altamonte - not my fave place. I think I'll just stick with the local post office. Much easier than dealing with that crowd of "characters".

So - now I feel like my head is spinning. I've got 400+ things to do and not enough hours in the day to do it - where to begin. On top of all the normal stuff we need to do for our clients, we also need new business cards, logo, new website, revisions to a business plan etc. Today we had a conference call with another client and was so into getting my to-do list done, I lost track of time. I had planned on going out after the call to get my yellow shoes from 9West. Oh well... not that I NEED more shoes, but I really really really really want these. And with Philly in 3 weeks, I'd like to have them for my client meetings. *sigh* Perhaps 9West will send out another coupon and soon.

So now, I'm off to go back to my to-do list and will catch up the pod-casts, delete stuff off the TiVo, etc. And perhaps I will do a little cooking, just to clear out the head. It's a good thing that I'm finally taking action on this PR thing... I'm just going to have to find the time...


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Saturday, July 28, 2007

This is Why I Shouldn't Read Cooking Magazines...

On the cover of this month's Bon Apetit is a BLT. Now, I don't normally eat BLTs. This one was special and so I trotted to Fresh Market to pick up the secret ingredient - pancetta. I also don't eat tomatoes. I like tomatoes, but I'm always afraid of a diverticulitis flare-up (was really bad when I was younger) so I choose not to eat tomatoes. But the cover was sooo appetizing I figured what the hell. And I had to pick up arugula, which I've grown to love. (Arugula mayonnaise is also on the agenda this week).

So, tonight, for dinner I had a P/A/T (Pancetta, arugula and tomato) on rye. Yeah, I know *yawn* real interesting Lys - but stay with me. Sadly I only got to enjoy half of it - why you ask - well when I wasn't looking, tragedy struck - THE CAT RAN OFF WITH THE PANCETTA.

My cat has now gotten fancy schmancy (or else she just likes $9.99/lb Italian bacon).

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Friday, July 27, 2007

I've Got Some Straightening Up To Do...

Kick Azz performance... (I know I know - I'm biased but if you have EVER heard this gal sing live, you'd see what I mean...) I LOVE this song and it's true.. everyone has some straightening up to do in their own life...

Fergie - "Big Girls Don't Cry" (Live on GMA)


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Thursday, July 26, 2007

What a Day...

I love being busy, but dayum! I sat on a conference call for the past hour and a half for the PR side of things. It was a teleseminar which was well worth it but so much information at such such a short amount of time, my notes are definitely all over the place. I really feel it was well worth it as I feel like sometimes my skills need a bit of polishing but that, coupled with the stuff from the day to day, egads. Where is the time seems to be my major question.

I did, however, want to pick up those NineWest shoes tonight but figured that I'll just wait til the weekend. It's only one day. Nine West - you need to open a store in the Altamonte Mall! I'll be its BFF for life Nine West does - swear!

I will also be returning that clutch this weekend because that gal left that ink tag in the clutch and I so desperately wanted to use it for tomorrow's meeting. Oh well. I'll save it for another day. I went through Macy*s last night and, although I have a $25 card I earned through MyPoints (if you want a referral, let me know), I saw pretty much nothing I wanted. Their 9West selection is weak, at best, their other stuff is blah, the store smelled like wet cellar, and, if they sold Bobbi Brown, I'd be using the card quicker than you can say ---- so I can start getting my brushes (Yes, I know - stop being obsessed Lys!)...

Don't worry - I'll get back to my normal shoppy self soon enough...


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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Point of No Return...

Remember that old Expose song... well that's how I think life has taken me...craziness ensues. Here are a few quick updates as I've been pretty much m.i.a. for a couple of days while my dad was in town...
  1. Got yet another new client; meeting on Friday to sign on the dotted line.
  2. Rewarded self with something REALLY pretty (pictures forthcoming) to celebrate.
  3. Joe Z.'s album is out for sale and sold out online within a few hours of its release. To my gals who hopefully ordered, thankyouverymush! Those who are interested in finding out more, shoot me an email and I'll give you the links should you want to take a listen.
  4. I've pretty much od'd on Starbucks (who would have thought... so need a break - if even just for a day - but double-check with me tomorrow)
  5. Some "wanna be publicist" tried to poach a client of ours... this same individual actually had the nerve to talk smack about moi and should be careful because he/she screwed another client of mine on coverage of an event that I was the door biatche for. Ummm.. yeah - guess he/she forgot about that. What made it even funnier was that I JUST talked to this person on Monday and he/she was all smiles, trying to pump me for information about my client accounts, asking the same stupid he/she always asks whenever they see me (you would think this person would remember what I told them the prior ten instances that a certain someone doesn't live in Florida anymore). Even funnier was that he/she did all this smiley face buttkissing knowing that they were already trying to poach. Amateurs I tell ya, amateurs.
  6. Finally explored the Altamonte Mall and got a really pretty clutch today to go with my something REALLY pretty reward. I'm a sucker for an unusual bag and this caught my eye. (I also got the clutch at 20% off which made me very happy - very happy indeed).
  7. During my exploration of the Altamonte Mall, I did a bit of damage at Lane Bryant in advance of my Philly trip (less than a month, people!) I will be the epitome of cuteness tho.
  8. Found a gorgeous pair of sandals at Nordys that I want, but I'm going to wait and see. In person they are stunning (and I love them in a cream color - just they aren't on sale *sob*).
  9. Fell in love with the Bobbi Brown "Beach" perfume. And did anyone know that Sarah Jessica Parker had a new perfume out - "Covet". It's pretty daggone good. Perhaps when I go to Philly I'll pick it up but for now I'm all about Beach
  10. Saw Oceans 13, FINALLY - George Clooney - delish. Story line - LOVED it. Seeing the strip of Vegas again made me want to go back... MGM I miss my favorite room!

There's more, I'm sure but for now, I'm just going to veg out as the apartment complex sent out another letter stating that inspections are happening tomorrow (again). I'm expecting Colonel Klink (sp?) from Hogans Heros at this rate. Inspection, inspection, inspection.

The most important question is - How are YOU doing?

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Can You Feel It...

Let me state for the record, I'm not one to post my clients on my blog... and this was done with permission from JZ himself... This blog is my personal space, and I don't want it to turn into a promo spot for my firm (and I don't think I have yet posted a Press Release here nor will I)...

First of all, I got JZ's cd today and the word was "wow". Seriously, it was just so awe-inspiring that 2+ years of work, late nights, phone calls, studio sessions, constant emails, files being sent because I would always whine that I couldn't "hear" the track through the phone, moi crashin' on the studio couch when he recorded here in Orlando, etc. - all of that was captured in a little plastic case. If you love freestyle music, or just really enjoy some good dance music, feel free to hit up his MySpace and hear some of the album...

And, as it's Friday - here's a little jam to kick off the weekend. This was taken at the show in February where I couldn't get it streamed online and was not in NJ like I should have been (and boy was I cranky)...

May I present, JZ himself, Joe Zangie, and here's his track, "Can You Feel the Love"... It's freestyle, but with a twist!


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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Obsessed With: Philosophy's The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

Let me tell you about my new find. As you know, I went to Sephora and found a bottle of Philosophy's The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash. As I use their Purity Made Simple face wash, their Hope in a Jar moisturizer and their Supernatural SPF Tinted moisturizer, you can kinda tell that I swear by Philosophy's products. However, for my exfoliation, I actually used something I got eons ago on a lark - that Susan Lucci system. (In my defense, it was at Linens 'n Things & I had a coupon!) I only use it once every couple of weeks or so, but I'm down to the very end of my jar and was looking for something a little more "current".

Can I say this product is di-vine. My face is sooo soft and it glows - seriously, glows. I look like I have gotten way more sleep than I actually do and when your skin looks great, your makeup can only look even more flawless. Sadly, it doesn't exfoliate the freckles, but a gal can dream.

Just use a little bit and follow the instructions. I don't use it every day, more like every couple of days and you can definitely see the progress. I wouldn't steer you wrong, nor would Philosophy. It's definitely Makeup Optional at best.

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Randomness: 8 Things...

Denise and Single Ma both did the 8 random facts so here we go...
  1. As I said before, I'm a history buff. One of my favorite family vacations was Colonial Williamsburg and it was there I decided that I would go to college at William & Mary. Sadly, I never did and, instead went to a girls college in Longmeadow, MA. I wonder if William & Mary does online classes...
  2. As a child I had the biggest crush on Randy Mantooth from Emergency and Eric Estrada from Chips. Perhaps it was the uniform or perhaps it was the dark hair, but I find it funny now having dated both a firefighter and a cop, I'd take the cop any day. Dark haired of course. Don't really like blond men (well 'cept Damian but that's another story for another day)...
  3. I don't have a passport. I've got to do that.
  4. My favorite nighttime soap of all time is Savannah with CSI's George Eads as a cad. IMO, it's better than Footballers Wives. I was lucky to get a copy of the DVD set from eBay which, thankfully, crossed my path a year or so ago.
  5. I'm Catholic but left the church when I was about to be confirmed in high school. I'm still angry about that but in time I'll go back. The priest I had words with turned out to be crooked. Shocker there. Anyways, it kinda soured me on the whole religion thing.
  6. I have a stuffed dog named "Le Mutt". My great grandmother gave him to me and no matter how ratty he is, he stays. She died shortly after I got him. The company also manufactured a Fifi le Mutt and a Baby le Mutt - don't know where those went to but I always kept the original Le Mutt - his leg is hanging off as is part of his neck and is in desperate need of surgery (and a bath) but I can't bear to part with him. It reminds me of her and she was one hell of a lady!
  7. I have an Egyptian ankh tattooed at the base of my spine. In it, I have the initials of my childhood friend Justine who passed from Neuroblastoma in 1990 at the age of 19 as well as my dear friend Nick's initials (he passed in 1998 from complications of injuries sustained in a fire). As its the symbol for eternal life it was my way of remembering them and they both were strong influences in my life. It was the most painful thing I did and the idea to get a tattoo was originally part of a bet with A. that I, of course, lost. I didn't cry during the tat session - you can ask Bec. I pretty much came close to breaking her hands during the process though. That sucker HURT!
  8. I rarely can turn down a bet and can be an evil mischievous minx. Its not always in my best interest to always take on bets. See above.
Now I'd tag, but in the spirit of fun, surprise me and let me know if you play along.

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I'm So Excited...

And I just can't hide it. Please forgive the Pointer Sisters reference but I just got a call that made my day ... JZ called to tell me THE ALBUM IS IN! Not that it's done in the studio and sent to the manufacturer, but it's arrived, shrinkwrapped with bar codes and everything - and he's overnighting my copy so I will have it in my hot little hand tomorrow. It should be for sale in the next two weeks or so depending on the retailers' schedules.

Ahhh.. 2 years of hard work and now the ride really starts!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Finally, Some Sanity In This 80's Retro Fashion Culture...

I can't tell you how I was happy to read this: DEATH to the bubble skirt. In my defense, the ONLY bubble skirt I had was a black skirt I wore in 1988 with a small, read small, black & white checked bubble on top of it. Yes, I wore it on national TV. Yes, I regret it. However, that has NOT surfaced on YouTube as of yet (and Reese - don't go drumming up support please - the bubble skirt does NOT need an audience j/k tho you know that other one will post it if possible)...

I'd blog more today, swear, but I'm beat tired, sick of mac & cheese (yes, this means ordering out), sick of blogging on my blackberry and I will give you guys an update tomorrow as to the new beauty find that has turned my skin around! And only 2 days til the Nordy Anniversary Sale - warm up that plastic ladies!

For now, I need to go home, rest up, drink some good ice coffee, resist the urge to slap someone through a phone and chill.

(And why, when typing the word "chill" all I can think about is that stupid hedgehog from that sleeping pill commercial telling Abe Lincoln, "Did you just say chill?". The power of advertising)...

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Word To The Wise...

Watching Food Network while quasi napping will cause you to crave weird things at the most off times.

Tonight, came home, did a few things and hopped on the couch only to doze off to Alton Brown making dulce de leche. Tomorrow, guess what I'm getting at 'Bucks. I digress.
I wake up to Bobby Flay's Throwdown and he's facing off agaist Oprah's fave mac & cheese in my fave city - Philly. Guess who is stirring up her version of Mac & Cheese at 9:45 at night. Yup. Moi.

Thankfully it was a small plate and the cat had her own tiny bit (don't ask). I will be having leftovers for a few days tho. Damn Throwdown!


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Monday, July 16, 2007

Hatshepsut, Is It Really Her?

So, last night I was trying to watch some reality show with Scott Baio. I couldn't sleep - it's 1:00 - c'mon. I figured Chachi/Charles' dating quandaries would be enough to send me to snoozeville. Then, during a commercial I hit the guide button and *boom* on the Discovery Channel was one of those Egyptian discovery shows. You know the ones with the guy with the funky accent as he climbs through pyramids and gets all happy over finding a piece of clay?

Let me preface this with a little known fact. I LOVE anything that has to do with Egypt. It's been one of my lifelong dreams since I was little to go see the land of the Pharaohs. Even in 2nd/3rd grade I would read anything I could find in the library about the Egyptian queens, Nefertiti, Cleopatra and, of course, my absolute favorite - Hatshepsut. See, everyone always like Nefertiti because she's pretty, Cleopatra because well, really, c'mon - how can you not forget a gal who presents herself to Cesar rolled up in a rug and drives a country to war. However, I liked Hatshepsut for what she stood for. This woman ruled Egypt for YEARS and had the gall to call herself king and didn't take any crap from anyone. She was an independent soul. I can identify - even in 3rd grade (hell - I'd rather be on the playground reading than dealing with anything Karen Frangine/Frankinwhateverhername had to say). Then you got some guy who ruled after her who basically tried to write her out of history after 20 years of ruling. GRRR. That's a man that needed a smack upside his head or had a massive insecurity complex (or both).

My parents took me to the Met in NYC to see the Egypt exhibit - I wouldn't understand til I was older that it was HER exhibit that I was looking at. In Vegas, I stayed at the Luxor and wandered aimlessly through the Tut replicas. In W. Mass they had a bunch of mummies and I drove my parents nuts to have them take me there to see it. Yup - I'm gonna say it - I'm a history buff; ancient history buff that is. (But one with a heck of a lot of fashion sense).

So, last night as I'm watching this Hawass guy, he's looking at a mummy and I hear the announcer commenting "Is this mummy Hatshepsut?" I about bounced around in my room going "NOOO!", jaw dropping and thinking "I'm watching history - this woman has been lost for decades". Can I tell you how excited I was. (Shut up - I know.. I'm a geek).

  • At 1:30 a.m., watching intently.
  • At 2:00 a.m., still watching. Have to be at work for 9:00 and up at 6:00. Whatever - I'll go to bed early.
  • At 2:20 a.m., still watching. Still fighting the urge to crash.
  • At 3:00 a.m. - dunno - I, like a dumb *** fell asleep.

(And yes, according to Discovery - it's Hatshepsut with the bad gum disease and all. And I Tivo'd it and it's repeating tonight so I'm gonna go home, be a geek and watch!).

**Picture courtesy of the MetExhibit...


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Yay or Nay: Croc Belt...

OK fellow Fashionistas....

What are your thoughts re: this Belt. While I have a bit of an 80s throwback, I saw it in a commercial for HSN and thought it was kinda cute.
I'm curious to see how truly off the mark I am here...


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PR Hits The Next Food Network Star

I've been following the NFNS pretty regularly. I'm loving the series so far (am torn between Rory & Jag) but they brought out the big challenge tonight - facing the media. Can I say I'm loving this ep? The Food Network publicists are no joke. Much respect to them.

However, I'm a little surprised that they had a tabloid (The Star) interview and critique the finalists. Couldn't they have gotten at least US or People instead? Jus' sayin'


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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Finally - Some Justice...

As I've said on the blog before, my younger years were spent in Western Mass in a pretty smallish town. Most people knew each other or of each other. When I was working off my phone bill, I worked a part time job at the local McD's and the kids of the town would hang out in the parking lot. I, however, could care less who was who and when one of the sons of the local mafia muscle would hang out and come in and cause drama, I didn't care who he was, I lipped off anyways.

As I got older, I worked in the various nightclubs doing promotions, etc. and would just party through college. Who's on the scene, said son of the local alleged mafia guy. (We'll call him "VITO"). However, Vito was ALWAYS nice to me, never had any drama and always had my back. I don't judge people on their families nor do I expect people to judge me on mine. When my ex-fiance' threw me through a window, Vito told me in no uncertain terms he would make sure that never happened again (for the record - it didn't - Mark was too scared at the thought of this guy let alone to actually have something happen). Vito just talked to him - dunno what was said, but hey - whatever. Vito was a decent club owner from what I could see and we never had any issues. Occasionally when I would fly home, I'd run into Vito and we'd chat.

When I started working my day job in 2003, I got a call from my dad saying that Vito's dad got gunned down on a Sunday night while leaving a card game. That just threw me for a loop. I mean I had seen his dad around town and you never got the idea that this guy was this malicious mafioso that the papers portrayed him to be. He was just this nice ol' Italian guy. Well, I heard that Vito got into some trouble for his "establishments" (again - none of my business) and was on the hunt for his dad's killer and relocated to S. Florida. Occasionally, I would wonder how he was, but that was that...

Until today - my dad just called to tell me that they finally got the guy who shot Vito's dad in custody and the people behind the plot. Seriously, that bothers me that someone would even do that. So my dad told me its online in the W. Mass paper. I go to read it and I bust out laughing - why - because Vito taunted the guy in the courtroom - now that's the wisemouth one that we all know. Seriously, I hope the state does RIGHT and doesn't mess up this case. Vito's family deserves justice and I'm happy to hear that they are doing as good as they can be.


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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wisdom from the Food Network...

Watching Food Network CAN be good for one's culinary knowledge... or so I think. Today I learned a couple things I had no idea about, i.e.

From Tyler Florence:
  • 100% Maple syrup is the ONLY way to go. Most other syrups are corn syrup with flavoring. (I will be checking this out when I hit up the grocery store later)
  • To save the bubbles in a bottle of champagne, turn a spoon upside down and leave it in the bottle while you prep the other drinks. Hmmmm...
  • When making pancakes, separate the eggs and whip the whites into stiff peaks. Fold the whipped egg whites into the batter to get a light and fluffy pancake.

If I find any more, I'll update!


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Adventures in Shopping...

Well, last night I went and met with Cal at the Nordy's counter at the Florida Mall Nordstrom. Can I say - LOVE Him! Can you believe he's actually taking classes with Ms. Bobbi herself in preparation for the new line coming out. Anyways, he was beyond apologetic about the whole drama with the other gal that I dealt with before and can I say that this guy knows his product line. After showing me some of the Nordys' exclusives (Gorgeous btw! - July 20th is fast approaching), I departed with my Sunkissed Palette, a pot of the Chocolate Shimmer Ink Gel Liner (stunning) and a generous size sample of her Crystal Lip Gloss. Most importantly, not feeling angry when going to one of my favorite stores was the kicker. I'm a loyal shopper and, if I could only shop in one store when given a choice of Bloomies, Macy*s and Nordstrom, I would choose Nordstrom EVERY time. (Someone put the Nordstrom at the King of Prussia Mall on alert for the Philly trip).

After that, I decided that I had time to wander. I did find a pair of sandals in the Nordy's shoe department that were VERY similar to the Gucci ones I've lusted over, but the $79.95 price tag made me hesitant (because the other CLS arrived yesterday along with the Oh Deer! Wedges I bought for Philly...). I looked for a pic of the sandals at the Nordy's site but no luck yet. I'll think about it.

Went to Steve Madden and looked at that tortoiseshell clutch I wanted before - it was on sale for $29.99 but I did NOT like it once I saw it in person. Onsite it's gorgeous, in person - notsomuch. Browsed through a few other stores (Can you believe that Coach didn't have a decent lookin' wallet - well in my opinion and walked out of NineWest without ONE pair of shoes - even though I had a coupon). I decided to go to Saks and look at the real CLs. Guess what - they didn't have it. They had ONE pair of CLs and it was just a pair of white pumps.

One of the things that the Podcast I referenced earlier for The Secret for Fashionistas was to go try on, look, touch the item, envision having it and then you will get it in time. Why not, right? I went then to the Gucci counter to look for wallets and found one that I kinda liked. But it was silver and I'm looking for more of a maroon one. Not that I can buy it JUST yet, but one day. I also tried on the sunglasses I've been coveting, and you know what, at $275, I don't think its wise. However the same one is on AND and I'll seriously consider it in the future. At 50%+ off, that's more of my price range with cash back. I went and looked at the iPod that I was coveting (the one with 80gb Video), but all in due time. Don't worry - still got the wishlist working.

I also decided to visit Williams-Sonoma and will be taking an Italian class there in August. While I was there, I decided to pick up some Red Velvet Sprinkles Cupcakes to make for a friend's birthday. Finally, Sephora and I connected and I picked up a couple things, one of which is a Microdelivery Wash from Philosophy. Figured I'd try it for a change.

Oh - and before I get a PF lecture *LOL*, let me state for the record, I got a nice little gift card yesterday and after I paid the DirecTV with it (couldn't pay the cell phone - go figure - should have worked like a Credit Card), and I used the remainder to go shopping. I still have some left over, but that's going to next month's DirecTV Bill.

Now, it's back to the aggressive saving and preparing for Philadelphia. I will be going through the closet & stuff here trying to see what's going on Ebay...

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Take a Minute and Read Please...

I have some friends who, I think, are ready to put me into a barrel Jimmy Hoffa style if I keep yippin' about being positive.. but there's a reason for it.

I just read THIS POST at Dayngr's site, and you know what - She's Absolutely RIGHT! Seriously - that gal has said it plain as day and, just take a minute, drop by her site and please read.

And then, give thanks for the abundance you all have - you're breathing, right? You have freedom, right? You have free will, right? USE IT! Make life ALL it can be - life's too short to sweat the small, stupid and/or insignificant things. If you face some negative challenges, remember this - nothing is put in front of you that you CAN'T handle. Seriously.

You can find Dayngr's post, HERE.

*jumps off soapbox*

*Much appreciation to Dayngr for vocalizing something we all need to think about every so often!


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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Other CLs...

Remember These lovely "Must Have, Have to Have, My Shoe Collection Would Not Be Complete Without.. " (Well - this week's version anyways).

As they are Christian Louboutins, my wallet is saying "Hell NO! You need to get your inner PF Wench on and SAVE money - not blow part of the rent on damn shoes".

However, my inner fashionista was at war saying "But they are so PRETTY! You Must Have". Basically, one of my many internal struggles.

Well, with the ever so diligent Sarah of Pink Shoes Diaries fame on the case, my wallet is eternally grateful because had "the other CL" aka Chinese Laundry pumps which were along the same style. Classy, elegant and oh so pretty. Take a look, aren't they nice?

Guess how much... seriously...

ON SALE for $29.89 marked down from $69.00. And's shipping is a -$5.00. Yes, that's right - they PAY you to ship as they say. So, now it's $24.89. AND Mr. Rebates offers an 8% cash back, so really, I got them for about $22.90.

That's a savings of $667.10 from the original CL cost. Sometimes it's best for one's finances to go with "the other one".

Thanks again Sarah!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How Bad Is It...

That my face registers just how tired I am. I must look haggard. One of my friends looked at me today at work and told me I looked exhausted... Yeah.. ummm... just a little bit. I'd be passin' out early today, but my lovely complex decided that they are doing full inspections tomorrow so I need to do my weekend cleaning TONIGHT (but here I am blogging putting it off.. go figure *LOL*). Oh well, nothing that I can't do with the FoodNetwork in the background and finishing just in time to watch Footballers' Wives tonight (Joan Collins v. Tanya Turner... SOOO evil it's good).

In other news, Nordys called. My Sunkissed makeup palette is in (decided to give Jenny a chance after I talked to the manager and Jenny herself called me to tell me to come over to her counter and she also has a little somethin' for me for waiting so long). So I think I'm going to meet up with Jenny and, perhaps, going to pick up a couple other Bobbi Brown things. Yes, I'm picking up an addiction - fully aware *sigh* but it looks pretty and, perhaps, I won't look so "tired".


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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Round 1...

So, the release went out. With server issues and everything, it still got out and, even better, someone responded within 10 minutes of receipt. 10 minutes!! New record for this gal. To say the client is pleased is pretty much on the money. I'm beyond drained but it's all part of the process. I can deal. This is the good version of burn out, in my opinion (not that I'm NEAR burn out, but I'm stayin' positive).

There's still a ton more work that has to be done and we're undertaking the next part of the project, but the rooftop is coming more into focus!!

When this first round is entirely done, I'm getting those yellow pumps!


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Monday, July 09, 2007

Sometimes You Just Gotta See It...

I've been driving myself bat**** crazy today second guessing myself, second guessing important life decisions that I've been pondering for a couple weeks, second guessing a release we have going out this week, second guessing even an email to a valued mentor of mine. I'm surprised Reese didn't slap me upside the head today from blowing up her phone.

But, while I sit here prior to passing out into oblivion aka sleep - I think I'm onto something. That was reinforced when I opened up my mail a little while ago. In one of my packages was a CD from the band we're working with. Now I know this CD by heart from the iTunes version is on my computer, the iPod in the car and the CD on the desktop. Hell, even my cell phone ringtone has my favorite lyric by them, but seeing the *actual* CD today made it all that more real. And while it's a bit terrifying, I've been on this ride and I know that only good will come out of it. Everything led to this road for a reason.

Don't worry - I won't bore you guys with posting any press releases here *LOL* but you know damn well if these guys get big, I'm screaming from the roof! Thankfully, I have a good set of lungs!

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Flashback: Sweet Sensation...

A little weekend flashback....


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Interesting Podcast...

I was on my iTunes yesterday browsing for some 80s classics (am on a kick lately in preparation for Philly) and encountered Podcasts.

Well, I went looking for some Personal Finance ones and encountered's popular podcasts and this woman, Mel Robbins, is amazing. I loved this podcast on the Law of Attraction for Fashionistas utilizing principles of The Secret (since, of course, I believe that its true). And knowing how Reese loves Chloe, she might enjoy as well.

You can check it out HERE. I'm about to start applying those principles to some things I'm in lust with. Let me know if it works for you...


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Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Lovely Day to Walk.... The Cat?

A little background: When Shadow was born 9 years ago, she was an indoor kitty for the first 2 years of her life. When she turned 2, we moved to New Hampshire and she became an indoor/outdoor cat. When she moved to Florida a few years ago, she became an indoor kitty again, much to her dismay. Now she lives a pampered life, don't worry about that, but she loves to look outdoors and, in her own vain way, she likes to have people tell her how gorgeous she is. So, today, I decided to break out the old leash & harness and bygone it, we were going for a walk.

Surprisingly, she was pretty well behaved at putting on the harness (which, in itself is surprising since the last time we tried it 3 years ago, she about tried to put me in the hospital). The leash again, no problems. It wasn't until we hit the elevator that I started to realize that this wasn't going to be a piece of cake. Howl, howl and howl came from the throat of the cat as we descended to the first floor followed by a sharp slap across my face. Then, hilarity ensued.

We walked around to the back of the apartment building and encountered people viewing the complex for the first time. Yes, there were funny looks like "She's NOT walking the cat, is she" but c'mon. I know how Shadow is and she'll run into a car, climb a palm tree, fight a lizard - you just never know with this scrapper. She must be leashed and, if they don't like it - we don't need them here anyways. Well, Shadow decided that she was large and in charge and she pretty much walked ME. Here, there and everywhere did we traipse and she refused to walk in dirt - heaven forbid if princess gets dirty. (She's VERY vain). She visited the maintenence building, peeking in all the low ground windows in case she could find someone to tell her how pretty she was.

She then went to the mailbox and wouldn't let me get the mail out of the box - she was too busy trying to find the lizard that escaped and pretty much caused me to drop the blackberry while trying to untangle myself from the leash that she tried to kill me with. Then the cat wanted to circle the mailbox kiosk 5, count 'em 5 times. Again, we went to the back of the building and then she did the funniest thing. She kept trying to go to the first floor apartment by the elevator and howled at me to let her go to her "house". Sadly - she was on the wrong floor - she headbutted the door repeatedly to show her annoyance that I wouldn't unlock the door - but it wasn't our apartment. She didn't understand that fact.

Then, back to the elevator we went and when we got on our floor she trotted briskly to the apartment door looking to get in again. Lucky for her, we had the key. All in all, it's pretty good for her to get out occasionally - don't know if I can survive another ring around the mailbox kiosk/assassinate momma attempt though.


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Friday, July 06, 2007

Fashion Assistance: Help A Gal Out Please.

I *love* the look of these. I don't, however, love the price. $690 for WHA? OK - Red Sole, check, but the style also looks like Steve Madden, BCBG, Charlotte Russe et al. However, the color is too lovely for me not to stand up and go "Hello!". My plastic & my bank accounts will both tell me the same thing "OH HELL TO THE NO!" and promptly go on strike.

So, unlike the beloved Carrie in S&TC, I would NOT want to be a woman who lived in her shoes, investing $40k to look like the fabulous wench I am. SO, I ask you, my fellow bloggers to keep an eye out and if you see a gorgeous light tan/beige/nude - esque closed toe platform pump, can you give me a heads up? It would be *perfect*. And, I promise to list some of my unworn, don't really like 'em much lovelies over the next two weeks on eBay to offset the future costs!

Thanks in advance!



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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Am I The Only One...

Who felt like today is Monday??


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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th Everyone...

Last night Uptown Altamonte went all out with Red, Hot & Boom, their annual 4th of July celebration. In town at Crane's Roost Park were a number of recording artists including Elliott Yamin & Katharine McPhee (sp?). I don't watch American Idol so I really wasn't up for the chaos that is part of that - just content to watch the fireworks from my front porch with Shadow and a nice cocktail.

Well - the dayjob let us out early which was fabulous and it was POURING! So, I thought the chaos that would befall Rte. 436 (by where I live) would be non-existent. Nope Parking Lot. Thankfully for the 250,000 people in attendance, they weren't zapped by the rain, however getting down my street was a nightmare.

Get home - they painted my FRONT porch door. Sticky Sticky. (and a crappy job the subcontractor did, but I'm being nice (or attempting to). They painted the entrance to the apartment again as well (this time they forgot to put the WET PAINT sign - ugh!).

The fireworks were gorgeous (what of it that I could see over the building roof), but Shadow did NOT enjoy it. Rather, she freaked out like I have rarely seen her do. I haven't seen her that bad since when she got dropped in her bag in the airport on her flight here. That cat was pissed. She even refused her cookies.

So, now that I'm painted in the apartment, I just enjoyed my day off and gave thanks for the freedom that we all enjoy and caught up on one of my former fave shows - Single In The City: The Hamptons. Then WEtv got into all of these wedding shows like Bridezillas and this show, Platinum Weddings - and one person spent $400,000 ON A WEDDING for her young husband and her. I about dropped in shock and thought, wow - that's enough for a house (or a very substantial downpayment). Seeing that just reinforced my theory of when I get married, it's Vegas for me. I just can't imagine spending $10,000 let alone $400,000. EGADS!

Hope you all had a relaxing day!!


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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nordstrom's Beauty Exclusives Sale: Are You Ready?

I know I said I was going to break up with the local Nordys - but online, I think I can forgive (for now) (and the cash back doesn't hurt either!). They are getting amped up for their big Beauty Exclusives sale, so I'm thinking of stocking up on my Philosophy everyday must haves:

Philosophy: Purity Made Simple facial cleanser and it's 32 oz. should last a while.

Philosophy: Hope in a Jar moisturizer (love this stuff and I'm out already)... The 2 oz. is normally around $35 so I'm getting an extra jar for $10 more.

and I am torn between:

This MAC Brush Set

or this Bobbi Brown Brush Set. I am a sucker for makeup brushes - and I need some good ones!! Both MAC & Bobbi Brown have professional quality products so we'll see.

Not to mention I'm eyeing this Bobbi Brown makeup collection (I'm sensing a new obsession but the stuff looks amazing on - trust me!) I haven't tried their cream eyeshadow but I'm tempted!!

or my Bare Escentuals standby (adore this stuff - tinted mineral veil.. to go and at that size for THAT price?? You are kidding, right??)

You can check out more of the deals HERE. I'm hoping they offer some sort of Beauty incentive so if you dont' get the emails, sign up now. The sale, I'm guessing, starts July 20th.

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Inspiration Hits...

So, I've made the decision that I'm going to reward myself with little milestones for my goals - short term and long term... Whether it's a Starbucks goodie one week, a new blouse in a smaller size another week (which I'm going to bust my ass to get into - tho I hope it will fit over the boobs. I hate that. Plus sized with a bosom. Notsogood -plus whenever I lose weight - it shifts up first! GRRRR).

I've got Philly in about 7 weeks, so I'm going to give myself a little license to reward. However, one of my goals if I pull off something big for a client is THESE. I figure they look great, the price is just right, and I won't have to stick my face on the glass at the Gucci store like I did in Vegas when I saw a pair of shoes that I loved. (I literally would go to the window at the Gucci store in the Bellagio in Vegas and drool over these gorgeous black ankle wrap shoes but I never ever got them. Sad considering that I was in Vegas every 3 months. I wouldn't even DARE go into Chanel - something about being afraid that Karl himself would shoo me out - you know - you heathen - you don't have an Amex - Begone! Stupid, I know). Plus, yet again - reasonably priced, cash back and coupons. Gucci with coupons - who knew.

Someone asked me if something was going on because they noticed that I was dressing up a bit more, actually wearing makeup (my new Bobbi Brown stuff), revamping the wardrobe and not living at the day job. My remark: "I actually started to give a **it." I figure if I want to dive back into the PR role, I need to actually start carrying myself like a publicist. And, since I've got stuff to do when I get to the home office for the guys, I have to really start organizing myself. And, I'd like to have a life. And, I have an apartment I love (even though they painted the door and it STILL hasn't fully dried - sticky sticky! Blue paint on your hand from the door handle is NOT cute). I refuse to settle for the mundane.

Anywayz - the point is, motivation is key. I'm off and running!

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes...

Well, the Spectator Pumps came in from Nordys today and they are *fabulous* beyond compare. Again, very classy, yet another peep toe, but whatever. I've lusted after them and they are mine, mine, mine - all mine. And they were over 50% off from Steve Madden's original price tag. (And will be rocked tomorrow with this uber cute top I got from Lane Bryant which will be packed for the Philly Trip!).

One of the things that The Secret advises is to visualize the things you want - the things you want to achieve, whether its a new house, new car, toaster (that's totally mine but you see my point) and either put it together in a collage, book, something. Well, I did a Word document (because I figured I'd be nifty like that) and went through some of my lust items on the blog - just to try it out. (Yes, the CLs are on there but I need to start small, right?).

One of the things I ADORED were the Oh Deer! Wedges from I thought they were so unique and perfect for summer - just not at the $110 price tag. They would be perfect for one of my outfits in Philly and I could even wear them to work. Well, this weekend I noticed that they were on for $75. Urban Outfitters doesn't have cash back nor a coupon but I'm thinking - perhaps in a week or two - I really want those but not now. Then as I'm browsing around the 'net this weekend I decided to check two of my go-to sites for shoes on the cheap: SmartBargains & Guess what - we have a winner (well - Overstock had the winner). And they were $49.99. - That's well over 50% off. Now, with Mr. Rebates you get 5% back but I still was hedging..

Today, I just happened to check and there was a special promotion - 10% off Women's Shoes until 7/3 which would then bring the price down to $44.99. Plus, Mr. Rebates also offered an additional 7% off ($3.15) AND I get cash back ($2.90). Not a bad bargain at ALL. Basically, it's about $39.00. (minus tax & 2.95 for shipping)

All in all - it goes to show that if you envision, you will eventually come across. Sometimes Sooner. Sometimes Later. But you just have to be eagle-eyed about it because you NEVER know when it crosses your path - you might get it.

Wonder if it works for that BMW Convertible *LOL*

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Just on a lark I was seeing if I could access Blogger on the BB and don't you know, a gal can blog from the BB.

What's worse is the damn BlackBerry woke me up from its perch on the nighttable with its incessant buzzing and here I am trying this little experiment.

Intervention might be needed. I'll keep you posted.


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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nordstrom: You're on Notice...

Well, I hate to do it because I'm a Nordys gal, but the one in the Florida Mall seriously needs an attitude adjustment - or, at the very least, the chick at the Bobbi Brown counter. Last week she came up with a hard sell and I basically blasted her because I am used to dealing with Jenny (who now works at Laura Mercier). However, this chick got smart with me yesterday when I called about the status of the Sunkissed Palette that Jenny ordered for me from North Carolina. This chick, Anne or Amy or whatever her name was, decided to cop an attitude telling me "It's sold out EVERYWHERE - you should have gotten it when it came out". DOH - it's not sold out EVERYWHERE chickadee - it's at Saks. I told her to double check with Jenny because she ordered it from the North Carolina store and she commented "Well - she's at Laura Mercier - NOT Bobbi Brown". Doesn't matter - check with her.

Then, Amy/Anne's tone changes when she gets back on the phone and tells me - "Well, it should be here any day because you ordered it about 5 days ago." No, it was almost 2 weeks ago but whatever. Recognizing the shrill tone of her voice, I then I asked her "Did you work last Sunday?" and she told me that it was her tat the counter . I then remarked, "Ahhhh yes, I remember you" and internally I'm thinking "You're the idiot!". Needless to say, I'm calling her manager because the last couple of times I've been in Nordys, it's been beyond disappointing and she's in definite need of retraining. I expect that of Macy*s, NOT Nordstrom.

Guess who's getting the sale - Saks!!

***UPDATE: I spoke with the manager and Amy/Anne whoever is getting crosstraining. My quote was "She needs to be more like Jenny and more aware of her product line". However, I'm still loving Saks (3% cash back!) and I told the manager that Saks does, indeed, have the palette - that way they can go get it for another customer should they want it. That's what one expects of Nordys.

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