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Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello Lovah....

So last Friday, as I confessed to y'all, my girl Diane told me about Bluefly having *THE* Tortoiseshell shoes that I have been lusting after for basically forever - the Stuart Weitzman Fever pumps. Well, not only did Bluefly have them cheaper, but they were over $100 cheaper by the time I was done with coupons and cash back. Oh. My. Holy. Hell.

Saturday I get the email that they had shipped and knowing that I only did standard shipping. I started second guessing my purchase after reading reviews, looking at finances, etc. and was thinking - well, they'll be here in 7 to 10 business days and I'll decide then.

WRONG! OH So Wrong. As I got home tonight from the 9to5, there was a box in front of my apartment - just sittin' there. Normally I would be pissed as all hell for something left in front of my door but not tonight.

SO, behold my new lovelies which have found a new home with yours truly.

Bluefly went First Class!

Even the box had me at hello.

Breathtaking. The picture doesn't do it justice.

My first Carrie Bradshaw-esque shoe purchase. It's gonna take a few days of breaking in and blister block and getting used to the huge pointy toe but I can also justify it as self defense weapons, no?

I'm a SW convert, finally. The other shoes that I wasn't sure about keeping but yet hesitant about returning this morning are going back. That money is going back in the account. While the other shoes are pretty - they are not THESE shoes. And I'm thrilled with this purchase and so thankful to Diane for the heads up.

I'm in love... with my choos.

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Coming Out Swinging...

It was no secret that last week I was highly upset at a few things and, knowing what I would and wouldn't take anymore, I decided to assert myself more while making plans for the future. Obviously, I can't do much to change the situation but I can speak up and say "enough is enough."

Going in this morning, I had my stomach in knots dreading what was to befall us all. I can say, surprisingly, today has passed without major incident but I'm one of those gals that will wait for the other shoe to fall. See, the other thing I don't believe in is rewarding bad behavior. And I won't walk on eggshells. I won't have my spirit broken because someone needs to prove a point.

I'm human and I accept that. If others don't, then they can step.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Can't Go Back...

I just can't stomach the idea of going back to Bloglines anymore.

"Hi. My name is Lys and I'm a GoogleReaderAddict."
*insert "Hi Lys!" here*

Seriously - for the past few weeks I've been reading through Google reader and I love how everything is in one place, easy to navigate and no drama like I would have from time to time with Bloglines and its damn plumber. I love how I can share fun or interesting things I find, star them for later reading or read my GoogleBuds shares. It's got more bells and whistles. I also *heart* iGoogle too but we'll save that for another day.

Bloglines - we're breaking up. It's not you (well it is but I'll be nice), it's me. And I think you and I need to part ways amicably.

In other news - Limoncello and Lemonade - yeah - quite tasty. Makes the impending drama set to befall this week seem so minuscule right now.

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Sum It Up In One... Only One...

From the fabulous KimmyK, the rules are:







Not as easy as you might think.

Remember: one word answers.

1.Where is your mobile phone? Charging
2.Your significant other?
3.Your hair?
4.Your mother? Fashionable
5.Your father?
6.Your favorite thing?
7.Your dream last night?
8.Your favorite drink? Starbucks
9.Your dream/goal?
10.The room you're in?
11.Your ex?
12.Your fear?
13.Where do you want to be in 6 years? Philadelphia
14.Where were you last night? Home
15.What you're not?
16.Muffins? Cranberry
17.One of your wish list items?
18.Where you grew up?
19.The last thing you did?
20.What are you wearing?
21.Your TV?
22.Your pets?
23.Your computer? Connecting
24.Your life?
25.Your mood?
26.Missing someone?
27.Your car?
28.Something you're not wearing?
29.Favorite Store?
30.Your summer?
31.Like someone?
Clooney :)
32.Your favorite color?
33.When is the last time you laughed?
34.Last time you cried? Friday

Thanks Kimmy - I needed to make my brain think!! Anyone else game - let me know in the comments.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fate For The Win...

Its no secret that I *heart* USAA. Not only do they have superior benefits and excellent customer service, but they also make my paycheck available a day prior to payday. Love that.

Well, as we USED to (used to because this is our last 15th & 31st paycheck) get paid twice a month, the 9to5 is now changing to a bi-weekly pay period*and, with that - they are now not paying us until the 18th. Knowing that and how I have bills due, I turned around and changed my bank allotments. I tuned into my bank and saw a huge increase in what's in my USAA (hence my SW purchase). I thought some overtime and sickday cashouts took place and we were told our other changes wouldn't happen til the 18th on payday.

Aren't I the dunce. I logged into my other bank account and found them to have my changes - I didn't get paid my "bonuses", just my changes. Guess that means I have to rework the budget this weekend.

Lys = Dunce!

*Don't even GET me started about how we were told to call our banks/landlords/creditors and change our due dates. Ummm.. yeah - I'll shut up about that.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

This Too Shall Pass...(Or Will It?)

These past couple weeks, things have been moving crazy fast and, along the way, when the stress has gotten to the breaking point - something has diverted my attention from the elephant that has been looming - situations at the day to day.

Sure, my bag popped up and I was distracted. Then my glasses - I said "Hmmm..the Universe heard my request". This morning was the kicker tho - I got an email from my gal D that THE Weitzmans I wanted - the Tortoise Fever ones were in MY SIZE FOR DIRT CHEAP at Bluefly - now I'm excited and think "Hmm... great day today!" (They should be here in a week)

If I only knew that the Universe was about to pull the rug out from under me. See - it's been placating me with little "bribes" to make me not face the inevitable - bad behavior cannot be tolerated and y'all know, I cannot suffer BS lightly. As of 7:54 tonight - the old Lys returns. The one who WILL talk back. The one who WILL say what's wrong with you. The one who WILL say the only person that will be the best person might be Rosie the Robot - I'm human. I can only stand so much.

And, even better is what it took for me to really say "ENOUGH" is something that I haven't had to deal with for a year and a half - an attack on my side. See, throughout my teens and early 20s, I would suffer from frequent diabolical attacks on my side and flare-ups of diverticulitis. It would feel like someone would stab me repeatedly, twist the knife, wait a second and do it again. I would avoid tomatoes, acid and things that would send me to the ER. Since I moved to Orlando they still happened but not as severe. I know how to take care of it - normally Advil, rest and an aversion to any and all tomatoes (tho sauce and ketchup are no problems).

Since I started eating healthy, I haven't had a problem in the past year and a half AND I can eat tomatoes. Sure I get sick sometimes but when I crave it - I indulge - because when I get sick, it's not the attacks. It's manageable. Today - I got walloped - and, like a trooper (or fool) that I am, I soldiered on. Because no matter HOW livid I was, dammit I would NOT let anyone's antics get the best of me. There is a reason WHY I always keep Advil nearby.

And then, as a brief "It's OK, Lys - hang in there", the Universe gave me a little distraction when I was in Costco tonight picking up a couple things - Sur La Table's cookbook that I spotlighted on Cooking In Stilettos yesterday. I was going to order it this weekend but it was cheaper at Costco and, while I can't get it autographed, that's fine. I want to use the book and if it's signed, I might freak out. So I'll be perusing the pages at some point trying to clear my head before Monday.

But this weekend is MY weekend and dammit, if work calls, I'm not available. I'll be too busy cooking, resting, planning my buddy's birthday surprise, returning some shoes I don't need (that money is better in my bank account) and making room in my closet for the new Weitzman pumps.

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I've Been Bad - So Very Bad...

I've gone on a bit of a "shopping" frenzy this week. Besides the shoe fest that I had at DSW and Marshalls, I hit some major goals I said I was going to do and a few things crossed my path that I just couldn't pass up. Both of these will get major use and I don't foresee me getting too crazy.

For the past 10 months, I've wanted a Cole Haan bag but wouldn't pay the full price for it. Well, Smart Bargains has its rewards for members - I got a crack at a bag of theirs with coupons and cash back and, can I say I paid only a FRACTION of what its selling for in the stores. Yes, it's big but it's GORGEOUS. The leather is rich. There's room for everything. It's so very chic. The web pic doesn't do it justice - definitely fondle worthy (and it's been getting its share of fondling from the gals at work!) And, my other confession - it's the first real designer bag that I bought ON my own - and it's REAL - REAL! No fakes for me. I gave that up a long time ago.

The other thing was basically consolation score after my excursion to the outlets yesterday. Dreaming of all things Weitzman, I went to Saks Off Fifth looking for any and all SWs in my clodhopper size. I found a few pairs but I wasn't all za za zoo over until I saw them - the Red Delgadis Ombre pumps from my post yesterday. Like the Secret says - put it out there and it will come to you, right? Better yet - THEY WERE IN MY SIZE!! MY SIZE!!! After I wandered up and down the aisle in my sassy SWs, I noticed there was no tag - NOOOOOO. So, I looked on the box and saw $93 but it wasn't even the right shoe for the box. So I wandered up and down the aisles looking for a similar shoe to find the price. And no go. So here is MY shoes, MY color (well one of them) and in MY SIZE. But what's the price? :::sigh:::

Finally, a manager reads me off a price of a shoe that is NOT the same and said it was $179. I told her that no, I couldn't purchase them because with cash back and coupons - I could probably get them MUCH less. My guess is there will be more at the Saks Off Fifth opening on the 16th at the Prime Outlets (which I scored an invite to!) and, with that, I departed the store.

So, I went to Neimans Last Call looking for any SW that might be on the shelf and only found Beverly Feldman, Kate Spade and Juicy Couture - and Sam Edleman flats that I already have and am returning.

Then I saw them - my Sunglasses. And my sunglasses were 60%+ off retail. These were the sunglasses I have lusted after since I first saw them in Naples/Ft. Myers and have wanted them ever since. I would try them on and put them back so many times. That was my consolation score as I was also trying them on in Saks Off Fifth (and they were $30 higher there!) so I was more than willing to give up the SWs for the glasses.

For now - anyways - because my goal now is that I will have my SWs by June/July. And yes - I paid cash - no charge. I know better ;) Larry Winget might show up on my doorstep if I didn't behave.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Ultimate Smackdown Approacheth...

Sunday will be a day that I decide to hole up like a hermit in Altamonte and not even venture NEAR Orlando. Why, you ask - because Orlando is the home of Wrestlemania XXXXXXIZ-Whatever. We are going to have wrestlers, fans and the ever present groupies around the city and it will, indeed, wreck havoc.

I stopped watching wrestling years ago but - in my defense, my friend had a severe crush on a wrestler and often would watch the matches, etc. Yes, I have attended a Wrestlemania and it's a madhouse. Granted I was a guest of a wrestler - we'll call him "M" and he watched out for me like a little sister of sorts. Back in the day when I was friends with H., his cousin M. was part of the WWF and many shows I'd hear "Lys - there's tix for you at the window". As my gal V. had the hots for Bret Hart pretty severely, we would go to the matches and we'd have a good time. Then after the match we'd go out to dinner/cocktails whatever with M. and his buds. Some of the groupies' antics were definitely memorable. Looking back, there were quite a few where I'd say "WTH?" and "What the heck are they wearing". Now, looking back, I remember MY outfits and think "WTH" and "What the heck was I wearing??". I remember seeing some of the various wrestlers backstage - pissed and upset over some of the stupidest things but getting pumped up for a match. I remember Vince McMahon when he was "much skinnier" and not as "pumped up". I remember some of the wrestlers' kids and their moms - again, good people. Lots of memories and lots of good times.

However - Wrestlemania was the big event every year. V. and I headed down to Atlantic City to hang out and when we were at the hotel - it was gorgeous. I remember EJ's cousin had a favorite wrestler and all he wanted was an autograph. I was determined to get that autograph. Often, the wrestlers knew to not even step to me as M. wouldn't let some of the vile ones within 10 feet of us. So, here we are, having "cocktails" (they had cocktails - M. made sure I had diet coke - I was only 18 at the time) and I'm sitting on the couches laughin' with some of the big "bad guys" who, in all reality, were some of the NICEST guys -very down to earth, genuine and just straight up real. Well - I see this big mammoth guy walkin' by and remembered EJ's cousin's wish for the autograph so, sweet little Lys went up to him to ask nicely. His response to my simple request was so rude and vulgar, I basically told him to jump in the ocean off a short pier and was in a huff. That, my friends, was my most vivid memory of Wrestlemania. (I later saw this wrestler one night in LA with MB when we went to dinner - again, yeah - remembered what a slimebag he was and he still hasn't changed.)

A few years later, Wrestlemania was in Hartford and Mark wanted to go. He had seen the pictures, heard the stories but was upset that I had never taken him to a match or show. Fine, okay. So I made a few calls and we hung out with the guys pre and post show. As we are all hanging out, one wrestler came up to me (some unknown idjiot), ripped open my jacket - looked at the *ahem* cleavage and asked Mark "Are these real?" DOH! Again, this unknown idjiot should have known not to step to me. Of course Mark didn't do a damn thing, but the wrestlers who knew M. did. Again, more groupies, again chaos. Such is the life of Wrestlemania.

My days of dealin' with wrasslin' are long over. Many are still in the WWE/WWF whatever but we don't keep in touch. I've learned that many live around these parts and that's cool - one even is in Altamonte (haven't seen him yet but as I need a personal trainer, I think I'm going to have to give him a call). M. still lives here with his family and the last time I saw him was back when H. & I were close. H.'s cuz, Fus, keeps me up to date with the latest with M. and crew.

Today, as I'm walking back from my 'Bucks retreat, I see this big honkin' sign advertising the imminent arrival of Wrestlemania. :::sigh:::. WWE will be in Orlando and the big show is on Sunday. That means, starting tomorrow my haven will no longer be MY haven. I'm going to run into these big honkin' mammoth men and groupies galore as I'm running to get my 'Bucks. Fans will descend on Orlando invigorating its economy, clogging the roadways and the news will showcase all the stupidity that ultimately follows a wrestling event. Inevitably, during my travels I know I will happen to see men with hairweaves *cough* SM *cough* and other individuals that will bring back the memories of so many "interesting" times. Times when I would see them more as individuals and less as a character on a screen. Times when I would hear whispers of what they would do on the d/l. Times when I would see them acting *ahem* intrastin'. And, I'll be the same sweet not so little Lys who will be "Hey - how ya been" all while keepin' it at a distance.

Because that world and I really don't need to collide again.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stuart Weitzman: A Case Study in Shoe Lust...

I went to Palm Beach Monday determined to get my shop on. On the agenda, Sur La Table (of course!), Saks, Nordys, Williams Sonoma and *holds heart* Stuart Weitzman. Now - I have to admit my idiocy prior - until Kalisa started spotlighting SW on her blog, I had seen them but not really *seen* them. I was distracted by all things Manolo, Loubou and Chanel.

Now - when I happened to pick up a little pamphlet on the ride down the 'pike towards Palm Beach, I saw the words "STUART WEITZMAN" and I about squealed with glee. Reese chastised me a bit for callin' 'em Stewies (hey - I know I know) but having tried on SW's while shopping and realizing how well they fit my big clodhoppers (size up OR go wide - wide is really standard as SW runs narrow), I was excited about going to an actual Stuart Weitzman boutique. I figured "Ahhh - this is the life".

Here's my take on the SW boutique - don't bother. During my "perusal", I found most of the salespeople to be rude, the selection is lacking and I've seen better amounts in Orlando at Nordys, Macys & Bloomies. I found one pair I was ready to buy outright but the saleswench wouldn't even acknowledge anyone's existence, let alone mine. Am I pissed - yes and no. I'd rather just have a "Come to Jesus" meeting with their district manager and call it a day. I don't think I'll be frequenting SW's boutique doors any time soon. However that did not diminish my love for the brand.
SO - with that - here's my shoe lust list of the week shall we:

LOVE anything Tortoise (like y'all don't know - pshaww!) and this pair is no different. It's definitely fondle worthy.

Can we say "Come to Mama?" Oh I *heart* these to the umpth degree - still seeing where I can wrangle the funds.

More Ombre love in a sassy "come hither" red.

And THIS one - while I could never ever wear it - it was gorgeous in person. (Plus - outside of Tortoise, I have this obsession with all things Teal)

I still have to take photos of all the shoes that have found their way to their new home (aka my closet) in the past two weeks (*shaking fist at Hotfessional for shoe idea*) and decide what gets returned (so far we're at 3 pairs going back with big "REJECTED" stamps) but it's quite the shoe season for moi.
Is there a ShoeAddicts Anonymous I wonder?

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One of My Favorite Flashbacks...

I should, technically, be in Miami for the Freestyle Music Awards, Grammy reception and WMC. However, such was not the case this year. There are so many soirees and showcases that I couldn't be at thanks to "business needs" but whatevs. Even JoeZ is performing and is nominated for an award. Last week, I about popped a vein when I was told that I couldn't shoot down to Miami to see him - and he's in MY state. It's not like I'm up north going to a gig in NYC or Philly - it's in Miami - the biggest dance events of the year. Ugh! If anything, I should be there. Thankfully, JoeZ understands, but I don't. Again, whatevs - stay positive, right?

Anywhoo - besides the usual suspects (JoeZ., George Lamond, Brenda K. Starr), this is one of the BEST Freestyle artists that I have ever dealt with - consummate professional, sparkling personality and just a down to earth gal. Besides my father, Cori was also one of the ones to tell me "Entertainment doesn't always pay, Lys - find something to fall back on" (which I did - and now - I can't - well let me shush)...

I was online looking for some show vids to post on the MySpace and ran across this gem. I've often found that when some people hear "Corina", they don't have any clue who she is - until they hear this track. She's still performing, has done some off Broadway, movies, tv and the fanbase is still strong.


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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lots to Yip About... Little Can I Talk About...

Lots of stuff going on in the Lys household - namely, some decisions were made and your gal went forth and starting making things happen. However, as I can't really talk about it here at JB, just send lotsa good thoughts my way and I will disclose when the time is right ;) (Some of you might know exactly what's going on but shhhhh - our secret, 'k).

Also, I had some wake up and get with it moments - namely I stepped on the scale. Those that knew me from way back when know how I lost 70 lbs and busted my butt - well thanks to Easter cookin', I gained back 5 of it. So now I have a goal to lose 10lbs by May 9th - Rome's b'day soiree. If more, fabulous, if less - I'm suspended from coffee. And my coffee order is going to change. I order Nonfat 'bucks for everything but now no more caramel macchiatos. NONE, NADA, NIL! Sugar Free Hazelnut Nonfat Iced Latte please.

It also means that I need to rejuvenate my SparkPeople membership and start countin' those calories. Sure - some of the stuff I cook tastes fabulous - but not if it's 20lbs straight to my butt, right? NO MORE. As with my work with the 9to5, I rarely have time to get in a little exercise outside of my trysts to Starbucks but I'm going to have to have a "talk" with Shadow and tell her "On the leash chickadee - we need to go for a walk". Shadow likes being outside - just not always on her leash & harness. And trying to get out of the 9to5 when it's daylight is virtually impossible. So some changes need to be made (again). I say I'm going to do things and somehow I've become a doormat of sorts (or at least it feels like it) so no more.

And there's other stuff but my brain is pretty much non-existent. I had a bit of a shopping excursion to Palm Beach yesterday - will disclose more tomorrow. Here's a hint - Sur La Table - YAY! Stuart Weitzman/Williams Sonoma-BOO!

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter!!!

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Ok - Who's Game? S&TC Movie Preview...

You MUST watch this. Much thanks to The Diva's Thoughts for the heads up. Who else is going to see the new Sex & The City movie? I, personally, cannot wait - Now where's my cosmo...

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Note to Self...

Note to Self:

Not ALL plugs are interchangeable. Sure - perhaps the Power Adaptor for the camera charger and the drill adapter work. Perhaps the video camera adaptor can be substituted for the drill adaptor. However, should you take the computer power plug and use that in place of the drill power plug that you happened to misplace - oh - well before you moved a year and a half ago - well, then - Houston we have a problem.

RIP my dear Black & Decker. You served this household well and I'm so sorry I contributed to the demise of your rechargeable power pack. I had no idea that the power pack would liquefy from the inside from the intense heat. And may I say that the power pack melting from the inside makes the most horrifying smell. I promise that the new fate will not befall your cousin when it moves into your room in the toolkit tomorrow.

Black & Decker Drill - 2001-2008

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Finally An LOL Kitteh...

Shadow finally got her wish - she's an LOLKitteh. The cat decided to get a bit "possessive" of a water bottle before she went for her "spa appointment" with AussiePetMobile. Of course it was prime for a photo op.


I haven't thought how to caption the other photo.


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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shadow Soprano Strikes Again...

If only I could take the HitKitteh to the 9to5...

[Photo courtesy of ICanHasCheezeburger]

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I Have Nowhere To Wear These...

But aren't they stunning. Gotta love NineWest. And if I could pair 'em with a Khaki colored jacket or something, I think I might be onto something.
I am on a bright color kick. I have to say I've bought some gorgeous ombre copper flats that are on their way to yours truly and I'm obsessed with kicky shoes.

Not like I need to buy any more shoes tho...

[Photo courtesy of NineWest]

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Oh For The Love Of God...

Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell the networks to stop running the NutriSystem commercials - especially the Marie Osmond one.

Oh. My. Holy. Hell - it's so annoying!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

A Moment of Silence...

It is with great *ahem* sadness that I say that Mr.Wiggles has passed.

Chased into the one spot HitKitteh Shadow Soprano could not reach him - the shower, Mr. Wiggles let down his guard and relaxed until he was spotted by yours truly at 5:30 this morning.

Apparently he underestimated this blond.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh Hai Mr. Wiggles...

Dear Mr. Wiggles (aka Mr. Palmetto Bug as big as my security badge):

I know you only meant to say "HAI" this morning as you wiggled your antennae at me as I was in the bathroom getting ready for work. I honestly didn't mean to let out that bloodcurdling scream, but you startled me. See, we don't really see you or your extended family around my apartment because, in all seriousness, you are not welcome here. See - it has to do with the fact that you are much like your cousin, the cockyroach. Yes, I know you think you are all pretty with your amber colored shell and your flying ability - but your shenanigans were not (and are not) neighborly at all.

I thought I saw you the other night by the water heater but it was 4:30 in the morning and I was going on some serious lack of sleep. I thought I was seeing things. When I flipped on the light in the laundry room, you scurried about hiding from all the brightness you so despise. Now, I know you are all happy - there's lots of rain and construction in our complex - and lots of pipes for you to scurry up and visit the neighbors.

Last night, I saw my kitten look under the dark washer but I assured her that you were gone. Just to be safe, she had received her marching orders that, should she see you - to gut you like a pig. Yes, brutal, but that's what my Shadow does. She tortures. Because you, my non-friend, are not welcome in our house. Shadow was hesitating going to her litterbox but I assured her that you would NEVER step one of your many feetsies into her stinky haven.

This morning, however, was the last straw. You scurrying at rapid speed IN THE DAYLIGHT after your ambush "HAI" along the walls and my 12ft. ceilings knowing I couldn't reach you with the broom was not nice. Not nice at all. And I didn't appreciate your hiding maneuver behind the mirror behind THE BATHTUB knowing that we couldn't send your amber antennae butt packing.

What even horrified me more was your stealth maneuver into my beloved kitchen attacking my father. Sadly, my favorite espresso dishtowel perished in the defense against your scary scurry. And the maneuver under the fridge was not neighborly either. What's up with that? Not to mention, you directly threatened me by pulling your shenanigans alarmingly close to my ice coffee. What are you - mental? Do you not know I will hairspray your butt so quick your antennae will spin? Wait - that's right. You think you can do that in my house. Well no more.

So here's what's going to happen. The building is going to come in and exterminate your ass - but should you show yourself prior to them coming in, I'm packing an arsenal. I've got the broom, hairspray and RAID ready for you - and not just any RAID - EXTRA STRENGTH KILL YOU IN YOUR TRACKS RAID.

To be safe, I have to be upfront. There's a contract hit put out on you. Shadow, the HitKitty, will be paid handsomely for your demise. If she annihilates you, she receives a week of special pricey dinners (mussels and duck!) along with all the cookies she can handle, extra toys, a new collar and a bath (well - she's got the bath scheduled on Saturday but with a manicure too for good measure). When it comes to bribes, Shadow will listen - and she will gut to kill.

Because, I have to be honest - I don't appreciate your "HAI" attack first thing in the morning. I'm not a morning person.


~The Wench in Altamonte

PS: Tell your cuzzos that they are worth the same fate should I ever see them around these parts too!

[Photo courtesy of - and this is MUCH cuter than what presented itself to me this morning]

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Consideration - A Lost Art Form?

Don't mind me - I'm a bit heated.

What ever happened to consideration? If someone is not going to do something, just tell them. That's how I am. However, I am fully aware that not everyone is like me. I tend to consider other people's feelings before I consider my own. However, there are individuals that assume one is a mindreader or one just "knows". Well, I am neither. Apparently that skillset was NOT distributed to me and, if it should have been, please let me know who I need to contact to curse the hell out. And no, I don't show up late to soirees - to me that's just rude. If I had gotten the memo of the change of plans, surely I would have made the appropriate arrangements, especially since I had cancelled plans to attend the hastily put together soiree. And, surely, you understand that I felt like a heel for promising to attend and then having to renege on my promise, right. Wait - I should have KNOWN that the plan changes would have been in effect. OOPs - that falls under mind reading. Sorry - again, I need to curse out the individual who forgot to give me the mindreading skill. It won't happen again, I'm sure.

Also, while I am in rant mode, it appears that daily, one keeps trying and trying and trying to see just how much I can take before I reach my breaking point. Or, if that's not the case, then they are just pushing their limits time and time again. And now apparently I also need to inherit the skillset of policing the world and just anticipating that everyone is going to screw up and, if they do - well, indirectly it's my fault because, clearly, I should have anticipated that they would screw up and I should have implemented preventative measures to avoid it.

Also - I don't tolerate bullshit well - never have and never will. I see through facades too - it's a nifty little skill they taught us at the Cable Company. We had to know when cable thieves were pulling the wool over our eyes and I can only hear "No, Ms. Lys - I didn't tamper with the cable box and open it to all those nudie channels. My kid put birthday cake in the box and *poof* it opened to the Spice Channel. I swear!" So, enough stories like that and our boss was stressing the fact that we all "need to read people - our team must have specialized training" and *poof* after a fabulous law enforcement group came into the Cable Company, we were taught how to read people - which translates to the day to day even now. I am great at reading jurors. It's a nice little skill to have. Even better is when I can read people either on the phone or in my face. So when one is all up in my face all friendly, I see through that. When one is in their office mumbling, I see through the prior friendly facade - and I can hear some things. All those gigs back in the day didn't totally wreck my hearing.

Let's just say "I'm aware" and call it a day. And I'm aware that, clearly, some people just don't think of others at all.

*jumps off soapbox*

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Have A Confession To Make...

If you go through my iPod, you will find a bunch of diverse tracks. Besides client tracks, let's see, I have some Staind (Hometown boys - gotta show my support - even if they did drive me nuts before they made it big - many nights working at Geraldines for Selectrocution. And my initials were "FU", so that really put in firing range.), Godsmack (still one of the few celebs that renders me speechless), Musiq Soulchild (LOOOVE him), some Mary J. [Blige], some freestyle - George Lamond, Corina, K7, TKA, Rockell, Sweet Sensation, some remixes, Chrisette Michele, Fergie, some dance tracks, some rock tracks i.e. Billy Idol, Gym Class Heros, - even some Frank Sinatra and some Broadway tunes. So, you take all that diversity and one point will drive everything to a grinding halt. I have to confess, I added a Miley Cyrus track. Listen - I know it's not me and I'm super ashamed but dammit her new single had that hook that sideswiped me before I heard it was her. I even screamed out in the car "NOOO - NOT HANNA MONTANA! Ugh! I love this song - but not tweeny teeny bop. NOOOOO". (I'm sure the other drivers on the road thought I was totally sane screaming my protests to a dashboard.) And, when I got home tonight, it was on the radio again and then was telling my dad "Why do I have to like a song made by MILEY CYRUS! What am I twelve? Am I regressing?"

Yeah - so that's my confession. My name is Lys and Miley Cyrus' track "See You Again" is on my iPod.

Go ahead - throw the bricks.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Post Where I Fall Asleep...

Well, insomnia is an evil, evil friend and, dear blogosphere, I have to say that I got nary a wink of sleep last night.

From the worries about today (tame), the plans I put into motion (score - will tell you all later - pinky swear) and the insane amounts of coffee I imbibed has me crashing quicker than LiLo chasing her assistant's momma. And no, we are not done yet kiddos because I am still trapped and the first thing on my mind is not the corned beef I've been looking forward to today. (St Pattys tradition). Nor is it the eppies of whatever is playing tonight (New CSI:Miami? No [insert dramatic pause] you don't say). No, the only thing on my mind is driving home, feeding the furball and falling into blissful, dreamless slumber.

Tomorrow is a big day and I will need all the good vibes y'all can direct my way.


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My Theme Song: Be Okay by Chrisette Michele..

I adore this song and have had it on repeat since I bought the album. (Which, btw is totally hot -if you like R&B, this album is the hotness!)

Chrisette Michele "Be Okay"

In my case I'm relating it to the events I'm dealin' with but it's definitely one of those songs that bears to be put on repeat!

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Obsessed With: Christian Louboutin Mini Bout Pumps...

Aren't these delish? One day, my pretties, one day...
[Photo courtesy of]

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shoot To Kill...

As bad as this week has been, I was all prepared to watch the dvr'd cooking shows and Lipstick Jungle. After some VERY peculiar dreams last night, I'm a tad shaken up.

Then Mr. DVR decides to treat me to a marathon of Cold Case, Criminal Minds, and 48 Hours. Something about these shows calms me. I've become quite the Criminal Minds fan and watching Cold Case always reminds me of my beloved Philly. Add some real life whatzit with 48 Hours and my mind is racing, not even thinking about the 9to5.

I'm finally relaxing - something I haven't been able to do since I got back from Philly.

And the laptop stays off til tomorrow. Have a good weekend everyone!


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Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Funny...

Yes, it was another *ahem* day, but I won't let things bring me down. I refuse to cow-tow to someone's will and while one person appears intent on breaking my will, I am resolving to relax all weekend and leave the 9to5 at the 9to5. Tomorrow is another day and your gal is going to enjoy her weekend, shop a bit and chill out. Hell, I'm even going to try to figure out the DVD recorder. I'll deal with the drama at the ofc. on Monday.

SO, like I do when I'm really stressed, I looked at the LOLCats.. and this one is hilar.

[Photo courtesy of ICanHasCheezburger]

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Call To Action...

I have a mission for you. No seriously, I do.

I was going to write a big fluffy piece on my shoe scores today (dammit Hotfessional - you basically twisted my arm on your DSW post and... lemme shut up) but that post (and pics) will have to wait til tomorrow.

OK - listen up. Meowmix, MB, Bec, Reese, Michelle, Kat, Erin, Dayngr, Prep (even tho she's on vaca), Lesli, Amber, KimmyK, Bren, and everyone else who reads this blog (there are too many to name - sorry!), all lurkers, friends, my mom, everyone. I need a favor.

I need you to go over to Hotfessional's blog and read her post today. This one. Right here. Click Here.

Then please go and read the posts she's referencing. If there is ANYTHING - and I mean ANYTHING you can do to help, that would be fabulous. Even if it's a post about the situation(s) or cause(es). Every little bit helps.

One thing about blogging is that blogging is a community. A community that is there for each other when the times are good, bad and eeh. A community that lifts each other up when life attempts to tear you apart. A escape from the craziness even to just read a post by a fellow blogger that will make you smile or act on something.

As I mentioned on Hot's site, I came home fully prepared to post the fluffy post and wallow in my doldrums from this week and lick my wounds. I was prepared to just be miserable, annoyed and pissy. Yet something happened. After reading all three of these posts, I can say that this week is a cakewalk compared to what I read. And truly, all the issues I'm pissed about are NOTHING compared to what these women face on the day to day - the situations they are in - the causes they are championing. And these women are FABULOUS people - just our kinda peeps - smart, funny, witty, entertaining (and KristaBella even hangs out with BACON - lucky duck!).

But seriously, I know I've been a somber sally for the past week, but no more. Instead I am looking forward to helping a fellow soul in their situation any way I can and, Sarcastic Mom - trust me when I say if you need someone to whip that landlord into line with a nasty-gram, I am TOTALLY your gal and I can assist in the media situation too. That's when you put the Law and the PR side together - win win, I say. Liz - don't stress, everything will work out. I'm sure of it!! KristaBella, as I said earlier, it's a good thing you are doing and I don't see why the community can't help you way surpass your goal! Every little bit counts!

Thank you for anything you can do. It's all about spreading the luck - and right now these ladies need a little luck o' the Irish cast their way.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cutting Loose The Dead Weight...

"I'm About To Give You Away For Someone Else To Take"... No Doubt

I love No Doubt -sometimes their lyrics really hit home. Anyways, in the period of reflection, both on the trip home from all points north and over the past week or so, I've decided to pretty much fade a couple friendships into obscurity. Obviously I'm not going to name who here, but it's pretty much evident to those closest to me.

One of them - s/he pretty much comes out of obscurity whenever s/he needs something - or I start to lay roots and make a life for myself. I just can't seem to figure out the justification. And whenever s/he is in a relationship - friendships are where? It's been a constant for over 10 years with this person off and on and personally, I just need to cut him/her loose. And it seems that when I start to move forward with my life in a new direction, this person pops up like "HI, I miss you. Come home." blah blah blah. I don't have time for his/her shenanigans. Yeah, it was the whole coulda should woulda back in the day - I screwed it up, but part of me wonders if I subconsciously knew that there was no need to further anything beyond a certain point. I'm grateful for the role s/he played in my life, the support they did give when I needed it most but I just can't be bothered with the day to day.

Another one of them - this one is tough. I've been cool with this cat for over 20 years. We've had our spats over the years, but there's always been this bond. Over the past couple of years, this person has been quite the donald downer. I'm all about being there for people and have no issue with that, but it seems like this person is all about attracting negative energy. I've tried to address it with the person - it's not happening. There is no change. And, sadly, while I love this person dearly, I'm going to have to say "Best of luck to you" and call it a day. I'll be civil - there's no need to not be with this person, but I don't need to further a friendship with them. And watching them make life choices that are bad over, and over, and over again is killing me. Their insecurity is breeding a whole mess of problems and personally, I just can't sit idly by when they are setting themselves up for repeated failure. I guess this is the tough love stance, but when some stuff came to light - I just sat there and went "You know what - I don't need any part of that. I wish him/her the best, but hot damn. I'm done."

So, yes - there are changes in all aspects of my life at the moment. It's a bit confusing, but I think in the long run it will pay off for my peace of mind. I just can't and won't be someone's doormat. That's not a role I will ever play again. I also recognized the fact that I often attract wounded birds and I feel the urge to help/fix. But if I can help/fix them - who's helping/fixing me. I need to focus on the important first and that is getting my life together first. I'm no good to anyone if I'm wounded myself, right?

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Because Everyone Needs A Good Giggle...

And I especially do - Thanks to Hotfessional and - this one should be a screensaver...

Check out the rest of the post here.

[Photo Credit:]

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How Long Does It Take...

How Long Does It Take

  • Before you reach your breaking point?
  • Before you finally set someone on their azz?
  • Before you decide you can't take it anymore and you make that decision that enough is enough?
  • Before you have had it with the existing situation and decide that change is in order?
  • Before you put a halt to the drama that seems to exist 24/7?
  • Before you say those dreaded words - "Bite Me"?
  • Before you find your voice which lately has been strangely silent?
  • Before you stop walking on eggshells so as not to offend or upset?
  • Before you wake up from your haze of conformity and finally say "I'm Done!"

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Disappointed. Aldos, How Could You?

I'd do a guilty of idiocy but since this is their first offense, I'll be nice..

I went shopping tonight at The Florida Mall, just pretty much to alleviate a bit of stress and to get some inspiration before I go shopping in my closet. I was dyin' to pick up the Ombre shoes that I gave myself a pass to get at Aldos.

I trot into the store and immediately I'm drawn like a moth to the flame to examine some butt oogly shoes all the while thinking "who in their right mind thought these were chic?!?!?" and then I saw my lovelies out of the corner of my eye. I made a beeline for them and started to fondle - all the while trying to appear not too interested. It's like buying a car - I don't want to make it easy for the salesperson. Only in extreme "gotta have it" emergencies will I pick up a shoe, bark "Size 9.5/10 (depending on the store) please" and then pay immediately. Not today - after having a few things on my mind, much like a game of cat and mouse, this gal was going to enjoy the whole shoe buying process.

So I picked up the brown ombre platform pumps and looked at them. I noticed the side seaming but saw that the color flowed effortlessly - they looked Euro which means I'd have to order a 10.5 and have my paris hilton big foot moment from some tiny petite skinnyminny who probably never saw anything bigger than a size 7. That's okay, I'd made the sacrifice for the black/gray ombre platforms. They were 4"+ so I knew that I'd have to go to Nordys for some Foot Petals during the break in stage. Then the red ombre caught my eye. Nothing wrong with a covert once-over right? I pick up the shoes all the while thinking "Red/Black/Brown - well I did want the black but the red is so rich" and then I saw it. Like a big zit glaring like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was a side panel that was NOT the same rich red as the rest of the shoe. No, it was more of a muddled orange red that did not flow with the ombre shading. What the hell.

Then I picked up the black shoe and looked at that side panel - same thing, but not as drastic. I sighed, disappointed in the fact that Aldo had failed me. They were going to charge me $110 for a pair of Prada wanna bes that were so cheaply made, I think I could get a better pair on Canal Street or a local discount store. Hell even Bakers shoes had better shading.

It was then I was spotted. Perhaps it was my sigh. Perhaps it was my face fallen like a child who learned that Santa was not real and it was just her parents making footprints with baby powder [ahem, not that mine ever did that, right?]. Either way, the game was up.

"How are you today?" skinnyminny petite salesgirl asked. Not one to mince my words, I replied "Truthfully, disappointed". She acted surprised and asked why I was disappointed. I then told her that if Aldos was going to charge $110 for a Prada knock off because, in all reality, that's really what they were, they should make them better. She sputtered a bit protesting to which I showed her the glaringly obvious red tacky platform. I showed her how cheaply made it was, how it was not fluid and, while that might be okay for some Joan Schmoe in Timbuktu, I however can't rock a shoe like that without feeling self conscious. And it wasn't even the interior side panel - it was the EXTERIOR side panel. Like a child caught in a lie, SkinnyMinny salesgirl then confirmed my fear - it was like that on ALL of the shoes. One by one I kept picking up the regular pumps and the platforms to see if it was like that and indeed, it was confirmed - all except the brown platform had the horrid side panel error. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

We parted ways and I told her that Aldos, while once a favorite shoe store of mine, sadly fell down the food chain a bit. I'm sure not everyone is as anal retentive as me when it comes to the shoes, but I have an addiction and it can't be sated with something I'm so self conscious over.

Yes, I know - I have issues. But we won't even go into my shock and horror over $400 shoes from Gwen Stefani at Nordys. I just can't process that one yet.

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Obsessed With: Benefit Cosmetics...

When I was shopping at my favorite mall, The Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey, I was craving the new Bobbi Brown Nudes collection. However, since I couldn't flag down a salesperson to help me that wasn't more interested in gossiping, I decided a coffee was in order. Reese was getting the full beauty treatment from a gal at Benefit and me being my nosy curious self, I had to peruse the display.

That's when I caught these two lovely things that have changed my beauty life.

Justine Case:

In here are the best products that one might need "Just In Case". Now, I had to giggle because of course it is named Justine (to quote one of our gals - our angel always saves our butts - in this case it was a beauty save) but the products in here are essential. It has Benetint for that "glow", California Kissin' lip gloss for a gleaming grin and minty fresh breath and Eyecon to get rid of my raccoon eyes from my lack of sleep. It also has their new "foundation faker" Some Kind-A Gorgeous and let me tell you - it is some kinda wonderful. Now I know I say I'm a Bare Escentuals gal but this has a little somethin' somethin' that might work in the humidity known as Orlando. My problem is I have alot of red/pink undertones in my skin that can only be corrected with a good yellow foundation. Anything with pink undertones makes it look funky.

Cupid's Bow:

I love the look of a full lip (while mine are slightly recovering from their case of chapped-itis from the cold arctic winds) and this set really helps me set it off. And add that with the California Kissin' - I'm ready to regain my title as the Kissin' Bandit.

I also picked up their SMOOOCH which has also assisted with my chapped-itis lips. Sometimes I think that works better than Blistex. When it comes to smoochable lips, I swear by both Smooch and Benefit's Lip Plump.

When you can, drop by the Benefit display at either Sephora or Macy*s. You won't be sorry.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Countdown Begins Again...

So today I get a text from the ever so suave Rome announcing his b'day party on May 9th. Guess what that means - yup, vacation planning again - except this time it's full force. I'm hearing from a few people that they are already saving the date, travel plans are beginning to be made and I have to implement a savings plan because the 9to5 is moving to a new payroll system and I don't want to be caught with my virtual emergency fund pants down.

Fun times, people - fun times. I just hope there's a hotel next to his party spot because I don't think driving will be on my agenda with this crew. This time tho, better pictures is my resolution - even if a certain someone half heartedly protests getting in the shot *cough cough* J *cough cough*

One bright spot - it won't be brutally cold in May!

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Aren't These Divine...

I know I know -what the hell do I need these for but they were too cute to pass up.
Gotta love Sur La Table and my impulse buys ...

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Let Me State For The Record...

And this is for MB - I am NOT GOING TO UTAH!

Lys out!

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Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm Not Happy...

I get an email from JoeZ. that a troll that once posted Joe's whole ALBUM for download has struck again. Seriously - what the hell gives people the right to just upload and post a full album/remixes, whatever for download? I don't like Limewire or any of that other mess either but I really don't get all up on a soapbox about it. Now when you upload a full album to a blog to download via RapidShare and cost an artist his money - oh hell no. And, this troll just uploaded Joe's stuff again and is all "lalala" after I've had his azz disabled two times before - what the hell. This is the third time I'm having to tango with this cat and you know what - I don't like the role of Legally Blond Wench, but I will do it if I have to. I'm slapping this S.O.B. with a Cease and Desist that would make my attorney's head spin. Don't mess with this wench, I say.

And then they wonder why the freestyle community has so many damn issues - namely because of idjiots like this.


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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bookmark This: Cooking In Stilettos...

For those that love all things cooking, entertaining and culinary I decided to build a home where I can house recipes, all my Sur/Cooking obsessions and the like. I'll still do some of that here from time to time, don't worry. I just figured that I'd house and spotlight all things cooking related there and it's not part of the Nah Blah Blah stuff. This blog is more personal to me and runs in tangents from fashion to finance to gossip to politics to photos etc. The other is more "focused" if you will.

So if you can, mosey on over - I figured I'd put that kitchen design to good use.

C'mon - did you expect anything less than that of me? There's got to be a shoe reference somewhere...

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Obsessed With: Ombre Pumps...

I know I know - I swore off all things Bakers since I found out that they were guilty of putting out the Jessica Simpson shoe line, but I might have to make an exception for these Zoe Ombre Pumps.
I adore all things Ombre and they not only come in this divine Pink, but also a delish Yellow and soft Blue. Oh my lord - I might have to splurge on two pair at this rate.

What a way to usher in Spring, right?

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner...

That is perhaps one of the best lines uttered by Patrick Swayze.

Say what you will, but I still check the gossip reports every so often - kinda like watching the news. You know you don't WANT to know but a part of you can't HELP but know. It's just one of those things.

And today, on PerezHilton it remarks about the sad state of affairs affecting Patrick Swayze and his bout with pancreatic cancer. Normally, I treat stories originally broken by the National Enquirer with a raised eyebrow and a "mmmm-hmmmmm", however when Perez posted the confirmation by Swayze's rep, that about floored me. Wow - just wow. My heart goes out to him.

I can't picture my 80s movies without the usual suspects - and that includes Patrick Swayze. I mean, besides the movies Ghost and Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze was often one of those actors who many people go "Oh yeah - he WAS in that". Remember him in The Outsiders? What about his performance in Road House (one of my personal favorites - his portrayal of the tough yet sensitive lead bouncer reminded me of BR in his Annies days)? And even in TV - North & South was one of those mini-series I remember my parents watching (and I wound up buying but sadly I haven't found the time to watch just yet). He's a fabulous actor, imo and I hope that he does indeed have more time than the doctors are saying he has.

And, yes, much like I do every year on Justine's anniversary, I will be watching Dirty Dancing as it was her favorite movie. However, when I watch it this time, I'm praying that cancer won't take one of her favorite actors as a casualty.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Back To The Daily Grind...

It felt so good to crawl into my bed the other night and sink into the covers after traveling. However, rousing myself OUT of those covers this morning was a fight to the finish. I did not want to leave the house.

I really need a vacation from my vacation - and one day off isn't gonna cut it.

In other news, Rome is hitting the big 40 20 *cough cough* in May and we're trying to figure out all the necessary balls to put into play to make sure he has one hell of a fabu birthday bash. As there are a bunch of other May babies in our group, well - cocktails are needed [I'll just not drink til May then - that sounds good right about now]. Now that means starting to do a guest list, pricing out airline tix, hotel info, car rental, savings galore, an OUTFIT, finding talent, did I mention OUTFIT - yeah - I have a one track mind. Thankfully it won't be arctic conditions in May (or at least I hope not). That could put a damper on the shoe situation.

I promised you photos and here's one that sums up our weekend perfectly:

This was ALL Rome's doing - all of it. Shots anyone?

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Monday, March 03, 2008

The Philadelphia Report…

[Note: This was written prior to today’s posting]

Well, the weekend is over and, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m testing a new Word program so I’m writing this on the plane from my lovely Business Class seat, sipping on a free Diet Coke all the while I’m kissing the ground that AirTran walks on. You know I *heart* this airline, right? Sure I could have cocktails on the plane, but after yesterday – I’m cocktailed out until, oh, at least next month. Yeah – it was that bad [more on that in a moment].

First of all, I have to say that seeing Reese is always a blast! She’s definitely one of those gals who I admire and learn from – confident, strong character and sparkling personality. We pretty much are hitting up Philadelphia about a couple times a year if all goes right. We had some business to take care of and, once that was over, fun was to be had. And the shopping – oh the shopping.

A lesson I learned this week: There ARE No Coincidences. None – nada. Everything happens for a reason. Get your coffee – this is going to be a long one.

First instance:

Thursday, Jas couldn’t go with us to the show however our boy Rome did. We had a fabulous time, I finally understand any and all of Reese’s discussions of characters at an English Beat Show, met the band (fabulous fabulous people!) and upon walking into the show there is a guy who, upon hearing his name, Rome promptly stopped and talked with – why, because we have been trying to get in touch with this guy for well over 6 months for something for a client of ours. How weird that the exact person we needed to talk to was just there right as we were walking in. Definitely not a coincidence.

Second instance:

Saturday we were going to lunch with the ever so charming CK and decide to go to a spot on South Street called Copa Banana. It’s right next to Jim’s Steaks and they have the best cocktails – the mojitos, the Sangria (my favorite), the margaritas, and more. You really must stop by if you ever go to Philly. Their food was amazing and we just had a good time. When you get Reese, CK and I in a room, cocktails will be imbibed, much laughter will be had and we always spend longer than allotted (let’s say we planned an hour and a half – it was much longer) Well, while we were hanging out at Copa, our boy Jas calls to find out the schedule. He isn’t going to let Reese and I leave town without saying hello – he’s cool like that. Upon hearing that CK was with us, the next thing I know - Jas is saying “I’m on my way.

There are always random get-togethers when I go to Philly as I’m friends with a number of people from back in the show days. I love for everyone to get along and my friends are always cool people. Those that aren’t – aren’t my friends. Plain and simple.

First, I have to say that CK and Jas haven’t seen each other in 19 years. 19 years people – 19 YEARS. In strolls Jas through the door and it was just good vibes. More cocktails are ordered, hugs, back pounds (guy thing, I know), and all is good. Now it’s about 5:00, Jas is finagling his way out of working that night as we were all due to go out later. So, as we are all drinkin’ and talking and laughing and catching up, my heart about stops. I had looked up to see this guy staring me down as he’s being seated in the table NEXT TO OURS and it is our old floor producer, RH. Oh. My. God. All they heard me say was “RH?????” and I’m in shock – man I wouldn’t let him go if I could! The last I saw him was I want to say in 1991.

RH was the guy who kicked our butts into line. I think I mentioned before that during my time on that show, I’d hear “LYS, You’re PULLED” which meant dance my happy butt into the corner. He was like an older brother to us, stern but loving. I was a brat – plain and simple. I chewed gum, I got into “tifts” with girls who were looking at the guy I was dating as well as the dumb azzhat guy for messin’ around. I wore all black on camera if I could. And we won’t go into the time that some people told me some bad news and I about had a meltdown in the bathroom. Yeah – looking back I was a brat. There’s no other term for it. In a weird way, I think I was also acting out because of drama going on at home. The set was my haven away from a lot of mess and helped me deal with all the changes. RH’s gal Yvette was the one who was so patient with me and taught me about publicity and always encouraged me to go for whatever I wanted to do in life.

So seeing RH unplanned, totally random after all my times asking about him and wondering how the hell he was, I just about lost it. I got teary. So now you have both CK and I who haven’t seen RH in about 18 years; Reese who had not seen RH in 2 years, and Jas (who sees RH often). As Reese said, there was a lot of healing going on.

No party would be complete without Rome, so with that Jas and I are whipping out our cell phones to text him to get his happy butt to the Copa to see RH. Man, Rome booked it and that provided the hilarity later in the night. Funny sidenote: There’s parking on the side streets, and Rome was so excited and in a rush he left his keys IN THE CAR. We later discovered that during the duration of our time with RH and the crew, the car was RUNNING! Yeah he was excited – just a bit.

We also met RH’s friend GG and she is just a phenomenal woman. Straight up real. Loves her! See the random doesn’t always happen to us, it also zapped her. As GG is sitting there laughing at all the stories being flown around the joint about show days, her friends walk in. She had no idea they were coming and, with them, is her friend from LA who is the sis to an A List celeb and GG had not seen her in a while. Man – there was so much laughter, memories and phone numbers being exchanged. Lots of reconnecting, positive energy and I’m still flabbergasted.

So let’s see, we went to the Copa at 12:30 and we left around 8:30 p.m. We were at the Copa for 8 hours people. 8 HOURS! Oh my lord. Our waitress was the shnizit and she kept the cocktails flowing. Don’t worry – I was the responsible driver and I cut myself off early and was alternating water and cocktails earlier on too. It was just one of those things that could not be planned. All my trying to organize everyone to come together couldn’t compare to what went on Saturday night.

As we are leaving the Copa, a decision was made to go back to the hotel and hang out at the hotel bar. We were supposed to go to a club but we didn’t want to deal with dress code drama and that stuff so, instead we were swiping a table and the party came over to our spot. It was now Reese, CK, Jas, myself and Rome and we shut that place DOWN!. More cocktails. To quote Reese “Christmas in a glass”, I decided since I wasn’t driving anymore that Baileys was my poison of choice, Jas and his Goose, and Rome and his Coors Light ;) (Sorry – had to say it). As we’re having a blast and more stories are being traded, we hear BB King was in our hotel. BB KING? Are you flippin’ kidding me. No I didn’t meet him, but still. BB KING? That man is a legend.

Now – this is what I love about Philly. You can find anything you are looking for and you never know WHO might cross your path.

There are no coincidences. Of that, I’m positive.

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