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Just Because...

Monday, December 31, 2007

Doing It All In 5" Stilettos...

Sunday is the premiere of ABC's new show "Cashmere Mafia"

I know I know - it's a knock off of S&TC, but still - a Darren Star creation? Now, would I rather watch this or Lipstick Jungle... ummm.. I'll go with this. Plus - Brooke Shields tends to get on my nerves. I've read the book Lipstick Jungle and this is along the same lines. Yeah, I know there's drama between Darren Star and Candace Bushnell, but my vote is with Darren. He did, after all, work on Melrose Place and was at the helm of Sex & The City.

Plus -any show that tells someone to "be good to [her] or we'll break every bone in your body" is a show after my own heart, as my friends will attest, I've uttered a similar line upon meeting a few shady characters that were dating my friends and it's worked. They treated the gals like gold.

For a longer clip of the show, check this out.

Tell me this - will you be watching Cashmere Mafia? Do you think it's worth checking out?


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