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Monday, December 24, 2007

Somehow It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas Eve...

It's Monday, and I really am NOT feelin' Christmasy.

Perhaps it was my Martha Stewart Meets Larry Mo & Curly debacle yesterday (more on that later);

Perhaps it was the nasty, mean, holiday cranky shopping bunch (and THAT WASN'T ME! I'm innocent - swear!);

Perhaps it was just the Grinch in me resurfacing when I got some pretty annoying news - but eeh - whatever. I'm over it. Other people, notsomuch.

Perhaps it was the woman who was wrapping a gift for for me going into IN DEPTH detail about her dog's c-section and how much it cost her, how her dog almost lost her intestine, how she only had ONE puppy at the cost of $900 and that's why her kids will have a light Christmas. (TMI TMI TMI);

Perhaps its just the whole bah-humbug mentality I've been feeling lately;

Perhaps its because I, along with many of my buddies, have to work today;

Perhaps its because I just really am watching the shopping and my bank account before it goes into cardiac arrest.

All in all - still - not feelin' Christmasy.

My dad and I will have our annual tradition of shopping on Christmas Eve. As a child, I always remember going to the mall as he would take me out to shop for my mother and the tradition of shopping on Christmas Eve stuck. Nowadays, I still go shopping with him, however the bulk of my shopping is done online and with cash back. This year, thanks to the student loan monster, my shopping had to be scaled back and I had to pay off a few things first. It's all good tho.

So, I'm sure I'll be more in the holiday spirit later but for now - blah!!!!!!

~The Grinch of Altamonte Springs...

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