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Friday, December 28, 2007

Under The Tree...

There was a plethora of goodies under the tree this year, and, as my brain is actually hurting from having to think during this @*@*#*@ week of work, I figured I'd play pictionary and show you some of the goodies that were unwrapped during the holiday...

I've recently developed a love for copper. My Mixer and Blender are copper. The toaster I want is copper. The pots I fondle in Williams Sonoma are also copper. The platters that I am dying to pick up at Crate and Barrel are trimmed in copper. Copper looks good against the red and brown scheme in my kitchen. It also looks good with the bronze and teal scheme throughout the house. So, I can deal with that.

So, without further ado, please meet the new additions to my household.

The New Copper Wine Fridge...

I'm still learning about wine. As I told Reese yesterday, if it was up to me, I get all confused when it comes to buying wines. I buy brands I know but if I'm stuck in a huge wine version of Costco *cough* Total Wine *cough* I get all anxious and next thing you know I'll wind up purchasing Manachevitz or something. Hopefully the wine fridge will start me on my path of knowing which wine is which. And yes, I know - I'm somewhat tacky. I prefer my red chilled, thankyouverymush!

The new Krups Coffee/Espresso Machine.

I still can't make coffee and I've ruined two stovetop espresso makers (I keep sticking them in the dishwasher. Oops!) However, my goal for 2008 is to make non-swill coffee. It's a start, right.

This gorgeous steel Hanging Pot Rack from Southern Living At Home.

I've been lusting after this for 2 catalogs already and adore it. Well, it was under the tree and now I just need to brave Home Depot to get a stud finder and hang this puppy up.

And to hang on the Pot Rack... my Ruffoni Polenta Pot.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ruffoni pots over at Williams Sonoma. It's all about the acorn detailing for me. It's unusual and striking in my opinion. Outside of my Le Creuset, this is my other "coveted Must Have Will Give Up Choos" item. However, some little elf at WS swiped my spoon that goes with. So after a little chat with the manager who realized her staff's oops , a new spoon is waiting for me this afternoon. Polenta anyone?

I also received some lovely goodies from Joel Osteen, gorgeous handcrafted jewelry, gift cards to 'Bucks and Williams Sonoma, ornaments and books that I wanted. Now add to that my presents from me to me such as my lovely Tastebook Cookbook (which arrived before Christmas - surprisingly. LOVE that company), some more ornaments for next year (Sale baybeee...), clothes and the new book from Colin Cowie (bought with a 40% off coupon - hello!), your gal is VERY very pleased.

Twas a blessed holiday, indeed.

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