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Friday, December 21, 2007

Santa = Torture??

A visit to Santa equals torture, well, at least in the Cat's mind. We went last weekend for the annual torture Christmas photo for grandpa and Shadow was well behaved, for the most part - until the dogs in front of her thought she was "friendly". Doh - umm... where does cat staring at dog = friendly? Obviously the dog didn't get that piece of advice. Shadow doesn't consort with the enemy, last I heard.

Well when it was her turn, Shadow decided that she was done with waiting and, after being placed in Santa's lap, she decided that Santa was the enemy and a couple bouts of hissing was had. That was until Shadow realized that Santa = Presents. (Not that I sharply reminded the cat of who brought her presents in front of everyone). Not to mention that the vain one was told how pretty she was and then that was it. (Not that I told Santa to say the secret word "pretty"). At the time of the third photo, Santa was Shadow's favorite person.

Of course her visit to the aquarium and the parakeet cages sated her until her picture was printed. And, here for your giggling pleasure is this year's torture photo...

Santa survived. Shadow's still pissed off at moi.


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