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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tis A Sad Day...

in the Lys household today.

I went to pick up three pairs of my favorite shoes that I dropped off at the local shoe repair shop here in Altamonte. I had dropped them earlier in the week and was excited to have my babies home. They've been in intensive care for some time - mostly because I wear the hell out of my shoes. There's no easier way to say it. Two pairs I wore all the time, my burgundy and teal peep toe NineWest pumps and one pair, my black and white spectator pumps from Steve Madden, was injured in a fall down the stairs during Project Hell Part III a few months ago.

When I dropped the shoes off the other day, I said plain and simple "I need the heel caps replaced, they need to be polished/shined and please make them look pretty". I think that was pretty simple, no? I told the gal about the heel issue with the spectator pumps and she assured me that they would find out what happened and could handle everything else with no problem and they'd be ready Saturday after 12.

Well, late yesterday afternoon, I guess they called my house but I didn't get a message today - namely because when I woke up, I went, did some errands and ran to pick up my babies. I get to the store and, after she wastes 10 min. looking around for the shoes with my ticket, she then went looking by last name and couldn't find them. As each pair of shoes was nestled in CLEAR bags, I told her simply, "They are red, teal and black & white STILETTO PUMPS", she would then pick up rhinestony gold sandals, black shoes, brown shoes with a "Are these it?"- all the while I'm ready to go "What part do you NOT understand" but I bit my tongue. Turns out, after 10 minutes and 3 times going up and down the shelves again and again, she saw them in the window of the shop and said "Oh we called you. He needed to know what you wanted to do and he needs to talk to you."

Obviously they aren't done. I told her I didn't get the message, she goes "Why not?" I got home from work and the movie and crashed - what the hell business is it of hers what the hell I did with my day? Then she had the nerve to ask why I didn't answer the phone yesterday AT MY HOUSE and I basically blasted her with a "Hey - I'm working during the day at XYZ. Do you think I have time to hold your guy's HAND and tell him how to do his job?"

See, he couldn't use common sense. Part of one sole was starting to detach - GLUE IT, DOH! He didn't replace the heel caps - they were the same. They were not polished. HE DID NOTHING. Not. A. Damn. Thing. So now I've wasted over 30 minutes of time on this idiot - and for what. Then she made a vital mistake - she told me that the brand of shoes that they are crap for shoes and they really weren't worth it to fix anyways. Mind you, I paid over $90 per pair for each shoe. But they are cheap crap shoes.

Wait a minute - I'm going to take this fashion tip from some girl wearing 4.99 platform flip flops, shorty boooty terry shorts, and her flashing underwear with some frog on her butt? (Excuse the judgement but this time I am mad). She tells me that patent can't be polished (OK, understandable, I guess) and that they are just crappily made.

I looked at her and then let it loose. I told her that I would gladly then take them to the Florida mall or bury them, I didn't know yet and, basically - I wouldn't be coming back. Her response "Well I could have him look at them again and you can call him at YOUR convenience. We're here 8-3." Now, I'm mad - really really mad.

Here's the REAL reason I am not going back - if I give a job to someone that is considered an expert in their field - they should be able to answer the most basic of questions, do the work and follow simple instructions. This guy waited until Friday afternoon to do so (they were there since Wednesday) and then was out Saturday so he couldn't have even DONE his work. They aren't doing a huge volume of business so I question who the hell needs their hand held and do I really want to give my business to such a shop. And I won't.

I spoke with my drycleaner after and asked them for a recommendation -their response "Wow - we send our stuff there for our customers." I told my drycleaner that knowing that, I obviously would not be having them handle my shoe repairs and thanked them for their honesty.

I haven't decided what I am going to do with the shoes and, while I'm frustrated, the gals at NineWest are trying to find me another pair of teal pumps. And, obviously, I'm not going to name the shoe repair guy but I won't be going back, nor will I recommend them either.

Thing with being the only "repair" spot in town or one of the few, it is not bad for business for someone not to listen to simple instructions. They are apparently too comfy in their niche and, if they want to continue doing so, fine. They just won't have my business. I have made more of an effort to be more understanding, but this really pissed me off. I shouldn't have to talk him through how to do his job and she shouldn't be running the shop because she, also, doesn't listen to instructions.

So that, my friends, is the shoe saga of the day. I was going to channel my inner Carrie Bradshow and rejoice over my old friends coming home. However, I have to either put the shoes down or get a second opinion.

And, perhaps, I just need to go to DSW and call it a day.

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