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Monday, June 30, 2008

Germs + Me = Hell...

Let's face it, I don't think anyone I know particularly likes germs. I don't think anyone really relishes the thought of getting sick or feeling like you are standing with your face perpendicular to a donkey's behind and he's kickin' his little heart out into your sinus cavity.

When my friends are here at work and they are sick, I gently remind them - "Get Thee Germy Ass Home! I DON'T Need to get sick." I know I know - I'm a heartless wench but, really, I am concerned for them [and me].

I woke up yesterday feeling like crap but knew that if I did a shot (or two) of Nyquil, that all would be well. Yeah, ummm... not. At 4:53 this morning, I felt it - the weight of what felt like a hoof hitting my right cheekbone over, and over - and, for good measure, over again. However, with my workload, sick is not an option so don't mind me if I don't take my own advice and haul my germy behind into work all while wondering "Crap - I forgot to pack my Sudafed; where the hell is my Dayquil; ugh! I should have had wine or something last night - wine heals everything, right?" all while pouring a Diet Coke in lieu of my normal coffee going "Hmmm... dammit. I wish I could have this with a touch of Captain."

Of course I think the stress of late has really not helped my immune system at. all. Oh well. However, one good thing - lack of appetite = looks great in hot dress for Philly. That's me - trying to find the rainbow in a bucketful of muck.

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