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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ahhh - More Flashbacks...

I was checking out YouTube and found a few amusing "blackmail" vids to send to friends and then I saw this one. Of course I was giggling because my gal Suz is in it (white outfit) but then I was thinking "wow - some of this looks familiar".

Yeah - it was familiar alright - it was filmed the day I was ummm.. sippin' a wine cooler beverage under the boardwalk when I was "pulled" in trouble because I was ahhhh.. fighting with a certain someone being a bitch to my then boyfriend and wound up with sun poisoning, a severe headache the next day and some amusing pictures.

Like this one after the fight. Behold the frosted hair that I cut off only to piss off my then boyfriend which got NO reaction - whatsoever.

Even better was OurBuddy finally figuring out 18 years later exactly why I was a bit *ahem* loopy that day finding out what I really was drinkin' out of that McD's cup. Guess I really was a better actress than I thought.

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