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Friday, June 27, 2008

Leader of the Pack...

Let me state for the record, that I have NEVER been a fan of the pack mentality. I've always been one for independent thought and think for yourself. The term "lemming" and I have nothing - NOTHING - in common. I think that people, as individuals, can bring SO much to a situation and really have to smile when I see people moving ahead. Positive begets positive, people.

However, when I see grown women being followers (and not leaders), I wonder where their mindset is. I'm all for supporting one another but I am also for everyone having their own opinions and thoughts. There's a few people that I have to deal with on the daily that take the Pack mentality to a whole other level; that pack being either this



You get the picture. These women are grown but yet act like they are still in high school with whispers, nasty azz gossip, cold shoulder, ostracizing, "severe embellishment" of the truth (and heaven forbid if you even tell them they are wrong), and they can't seem to go a WEEK without being pissed off at their "hot seat of choice". And when someone is in the hot seat, life is VERY rough for that person and these individuals seem to revel in it. The next week - it's someone else's turn.

I have seen people I care about get hurt and, while sometimes it's my turn in the hot seat, I can deal with the heat just fine because I'm just as fiery and have a very low tolerance for bull*** (especially lately). However, in my concern for others, I worry about if other people that are in the hot seat can handle the searing hell that these characters have a tendency to dish out. Any way you look at it, it's abuse. Plain and simple.

There's going to come a time, very soon when a snark will beget a snark in return - and my snark will definitely set at least one on their ass. I just have to have my ducks in a row before I fire the return volley. But, with all the drama that has been circling this spot for the past 2 months, I had a deep thought this weekend.

I wonder - are we back in high school? Are our adult lives just a regurgitation of the junior high and high school mentality, just with better bags and shoes? Or are some people just regressing back to childish behaviors due to the stress that they bring on themselves.

I just don't get it.

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