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Obsessed With: Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Mauve Face Pallette

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Obsessed With: Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Mauve Face Pallette

I've been in a cosmetics quandary for a while. When I was a teenager, I used to raid my mother's beauty products all the damn time. Eventually, she took me to Estee Lauder for my own cosmetics and that's what started my love affair with all things color. In college I headed the makeup department for all the theatrical productions and learned more about the brands and how certain things worked with other products.

Over the years, I would vary between brands - not loyal to any specific brand - just what looked good and I liked. I experimented. I tried to "narrow" down my "beauty" point of view (sorry - cheap jab at the Next Food Network Star and their overuse of "Culinary Point of View".) My friends would ask me to do their makeup before we'd head out and I rarely have an off day makeup wise. It's a talent, one that's definitely inherited from my mom.

So, when I moved to Orlando, after working with a brilliant M.A.C. makeup artist for a few client shoots, I really started to use their products. Their eyeshadow, Paradisco, makes my eyes look so brilliantly blue it's crazy. I used to use M.A.C. all the time with a spattering of Benefit and Maybelline (Shhhhh - don't judge. Their mascara rocked). Then I met Bare Escentuals and jumped into that pool with only my beloved M.A.C Paradisco remaining.

Last year, I became enamored with all things Bobbi Brown when I got her Stonewashed Nudes collection. I adored her limited edition kits and the product's staying power. However, recently thanks to some fabulous YouTube tutorial videos, I again started messin' around with M.A.C. and rebuilt my M.A.C. arsenal - tossing out all the old makeup from my early years.

Well, apparently my two fave brands must learn to co-exist because Bobbi Brown released a Limited Edition Mauve collection which will be mine by month end. I'm a sucker for all things mauve and this is no exception. Plus - I love how everything is so compact which makes my makeup choices for travel that much more simple. And then I hear that they might have a gloss that is like my beloved Chanel Metallic Vamp (which I can ONLY get on EBay - grrrr) and they have one of the gel liners that goes with. I'm so done.

I guess I will never narrow down my beauty brand point of view, but at least I can play nice in the sandbox with most brands. Each one brings something different to a table - but I'm enjoying playing makeup artist once again.

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