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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Amusing.. I Think...

So last night, after a chaotic week (hence me being away from the Google Reader and visiting y'all ), I went out for a couple cocktails with my gals K. and J. Now, I didn't get out til late so the ladies already started having cocktails before I arrived.

We went to this swanky hotel bar that was right next to the 9to5 and I was not amused with the bar's version of the Espresso Martini. I'm particular and the bartender just didn't know how to mix everything right. Sure, it had a kick but it really didn't need the Frangelico - at all. I like Heather's version at the BB instead. However, there was a bonus (and not just the lounge manager).

These shot gals were millin' about the bar with some promo of a cherry vodka cocktail which was slightly reminicent of some cherry stuff that Rifleman was trying to get us to try in Philly but I was too enamored of the Blueberi Stoli lemonade that Ant was mixing to even try the cherry stuff then. I should have trusted Rifleman's opinion (when will I learn -eeh) because the cherry cocktail ROCKED and I could tell at first sip that it would definitely mess up a gal. I didn't need that this week.

When I have a rough week, I watch what I drink because I don't need any issues. Plus, they were having some art show with some gal painting in the corner, a wanna be paparazzo milling about the bar, some hard core drinkers from MeetUp, Geraldo Rivera around the corner (yes, THAT Geraldo and per K., his nose was intact. The man is hella shorter than he appears on TV) and then a fashion show. One thing that was fun, the lounge manager who came over to chat with me about a few things. One constant - when I'm in a bar, lounge or club, I always wind up talking with the managers or staff about something, esp. in Orlando.

The fashion show was amusing to say the least because my boy D. throws those on the regular and this was just sooo not there. A bunch of girls in bikinis that couldn't walk in heels, heavy heavy makeup and over teased hair from 2 seasons ago. It just was like a trainwreck. I applaud the girls for trying but the MC was the worst of all. Don't even get me started on the DJ. One guy asked me "What is that guy's job up there - he's not announcing anything" My response: "He's trying to get a piece. And one of those models will give it up because they think it's their big break. Sadly, they are mistaken." I don't mince my words and I can recognize a bad event when I see it.

What really amused me was the crowd milling at our table. Now we were right at the front of the stage and people were pushing from the bar to see the girls - not men pushing, but other women. And there were these TWO drunk girls pushing our table into J. So I told one of them to knock it off. And when I was hit with a alcohol fumed "Immmmmmmmmmmm sssssssoooooooooooooooo sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssorrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy" slurred from this girl who was wearing a flower in her hair, ala La Isla Bonita. Well, I cut my eyes and let her know that her behavior was very unacceptable. Her bitchy bad highlighted bobbed socialite friend, looking for a fight, remarked "You must be a tourist and didn't expect this event. I'm sorry but this is what we do here."

Excuse me? Did she just call ME a tourist - me, the champion of the locals live here philosophy? I didn't know whether to curse her out or laugh at her. I laughed and told her "No, I live here. I work downtown and I'm far from a tourist. I am, however annoyed at your rudeness in slamming the table into my friend."

La Isla Bonita slurred "Well I'm a local producer and this event is soooooooo disappointing. We came here for it and it was just horrible." I concurred with their opinion but left her with a thought as I do events. I told her that she should think twice before telling people that she's a local producer of these events while totally hammered because you never know who you will meet. And, of course, should I see her at an event that I'm working, I can assure you that La Isla Chick and her little "tourist branding" friend will NOT be on the list.

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