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Just Because...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lord Forgive Me...

For I have bought new shoes, again.*

Specifically, I have procured the Report Signature Newbury Platform Sandal in Fuschia. I saw them in an ad and on The Shoe Goddess, remembered that post where I whined incessantly about that daggone Kelly Ripa dictating shoe choices, reverted back to my teen years and made the plunge.

However, in my defense, I got them online with coupons, cash back, free shipping & free returns.

I'm sure that Philly in Nov. might be too cold for these lovelies, but for the sake of fashion, I will take one for the team. Because, for one's birthday, one must be the belle of the ball and how can I not be with these gorgeous stilettos.

A gal has to note that these new beauties now catapults me into the 5" Stiletto club. That, in of itself, brings a whole new wealth of knowledge. Specifically, to my male friends who INSIST on saying they are 5'10, with these stilettos there is the disclosure I will be 5'10 so there will be no lyin' to this blond! I know a bunch of y'all are 5'8/5'9.

To quote Ms. Hotfessional, Oh My Holy Hell Y'all!

*Yes, I will have to sacrifice an additional 3 pairs of shoes to the eBay/Charity bin as a form of penance.

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