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Just Because...
Just Because...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Blogolutions for '08.

To use a term coined by The Hotfessional, I've decided to make some Blogolutions for Just Because... Things can only get better in 2008 and one of my goals is to focus a bit more on my blogging both here and Fashionista+. So this is a few ideas milling around my little blond brain.

One of my Blogolutions this year is to post a weekly (or bi-weekly) round up of posts and articles noticed around the 'Net which have caught my eye. The weekly round up should hit Friday/Saturday and, due to the short week - will start next Friday.

Blogolution # 2 is for me to commit to post on the regular, but have I committed to NaBlaBla 365 - not yet. Ask me after I've had a few cocktails... I just don't know if I can swing it with the Grammys and all and, after all - how much blog fodder do I really have?? That's a question I need to ask myself.

Blogolution #3 involves getting a REAL blog designer to design something a bit more permanent for moi both here and at Fashionista+. Caz does not do custom work and, while I tried to do it myself, HTML coding and I are far from friendly. I'm still learning... baby steps, people, baby steps. However, as that costs $$$, it will take a bit of time :) If anyone knows of any good blog designers, please shoot me an email at justanothagal [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you!

Finally, one other Blogolution is to feature more content. We're talking more "fluff" and shopping (virtual and real) posts as well as reviews, recipes, giveaways, swag (if I can procure) etc. I won't get as cranky on the Orlando political rant front.. but still.

So the goals are S.M.A.R.T. (Small, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound - breakin' it down with thanks to Single Ma). Let's see how it pans out...

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