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Just Because...

Friday, January 04, 2008

Heard 'Round The Web..

What - I'm early on the weekly round up? Count this as the bonus question if, and when, I should slip up and not be able to post a weekly summary of some posts that made the tally. So, let's get on with the festivities shall we?

Here are a few posts that I found this week which made me think, giggle, cry, laugh, get angry, click and shop or go "hmmmmmmmmm". Enjoy!

Chic and Charming wrote a post on
10 Ways To Tell You Are Not Yet A Grown-Up.

Kalisah weighs in on earlier Britney exploits... She is absolutely correct - Toxic need not apply.

Quiche Creativity abounds over at Erin Cooks! Have you ever had leftovers in your fridge of veggie goodness (like I do with asparagus right now) and nowhere to use it? Well, Erin's got you covered. Check out her recipe for Quiche and you can improvise. One thing about her recipes is that you have some creative room should you care to play around with it.

Dana over at
Daily Fashionista chimes in with *the* calendar that a gal must take a look at..."Getting In Touch With Your Inner B*tch"

Now onto the dating side, you MUST check out
A Martini Always Helps' exploits at a fabulous abode...

AND, finally - drum roll please:

Valley Girl's Top 10 Lessons Learned About The Opposite Sex..

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

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