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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lots to Yip About... Little Can I Talk About...

Lots of stuff going on in the Lys household - namely, some decisions were made and your gal went forth and starting making things happen. However, as I can't really talk about it here at JB, just send lotsa good thoughts my way and I will disclose when the time is right ;) (Some of you might know exactly what's going on but shhhhh - our secret, 'k).

Also, I had some wake up and get with it moments - namely I stepped on the scale. Those that knew me from way back when know how I lost 70 lbs and busted my butt - well thanks to Easter cookin', I gained back 5 of it. So now I have a goal to lose 10lbs by May 9th - Rome's b'day soiree. If more, fabulous, if less - I'm suspended from coffee. And my coffee order is going to change. I order Nonfat 'bucks for everything but now no more caramel macchiatos. NONE, NADA, NIL! Sugar Free Hazelnut Nonfat Iced Latte please.

It also means that I need to rejuvenate my SparkPeople membership and start countin' those calories. Sure - some of the stuff I cook tastes fabulous - but not if it's 20lbs straight to my butt, right? NO MORE. As with my work with the 9to5, I rarely have time to get in a little exercise outside of my trysts to Starbucks but I'm going to have to have a "talk" with Shadow and tell her "On the leash chickadee - we need to go for a walk". Shadow likes being outside - just not always on her leash & harness. And trying to get out of the 9to5 when it's daylight is virtually impossible. So some changes need to be made (again). I say I'm going to do things and somehow I've become a doormat of sorts (or at least it feels like it) so no more.

And there's other stuff but my brain is pretty much non-existent. I had a bit of a shopping excursion to Palm Beach yesterday - will disclose more tomorrow. Here's a hint - Sur La Table - YAY! Stuart Weitzman/Williams Sonoma-BOO!

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter!!!

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